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Found 152 results

  1. General Discussion Thread for all things pertaining to FINAL FANTASY XIV, both version 1.0 and late 2012's 2.0. I will also answer any questions anypony may have about the game, if they've played it in the past and gave it up or has become interested after reading about the major changes to come. FFXIV News and Updates: The LodestoneFFXIV_2.0_Outline_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Roadmap_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Specs_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Systems_and_Content_EN.pdf
  2. Well this isn't really a fanfic but an idea thread for a MLP/Pokemon video game crossover. My Little Pony: Friendship is a Snap Spending all your childhood learning about the beauty and brilliance of photography and earning your camera cutie mark, you are enthralled when one day a royal letter arrives to your home. It is from Princess Celestia! The Princess needs your help in her quest to compile Equestria’s largest photo album. However, as to not disrupt the natural order and to make the pictures as candid as possible, you will be magically concealed within a self-navigational vehicle with a variety of items to aid in your assignment. It is your duty to travel through various cities, towns, and terrains to take as many unique photos of ponies and creatures as possible. At the end of each photo session, you will select your best photos (out of 60 maximum) and Princess Celestia will grade your results. Your first location: Ponyville! Items: Apples (unlocked after 50,000 points) Cupcakes (unlocked after 100,000 points) Books (unlocked after 150,000 points) Stuffed Animals (unlocked after 200,000 points) Fake Gems (unlocked after 250,000 points) Pester Ball (unlocked after 300,000 points) Pony Flute (unlocked after 500,000 points) Ponyville Stage --- Track: Sweet Apple Acres -> Twilight’s Treehouse -> Sugarcube Corner -> Carousel Boutique -> Fluttershy’s Cottage -> Exit Applejack Winona (unveiled when Applejack is hit with an apple or pester ball) Granny Smith Big Macintosh (unveiled from the barn when both Applejack and Granny Smith are hit with an apple or pester ball) Lyra (Special Bonus #1 - lure Lyra to the bench with apples for “Sitting Lyra” bonus) Bon-Bon Twilight Sparkle Spike (unveiled from the treehouse when fake gems are thrown near the door) Owlowiscious (unveiled when books are thrown to Twilight and Spike has been unveiled – Special Bonus #2 - Owlowiscious and Spike fight for “Jealous Spike” bonus) Pinkie Pie Mr. and Mrs. Cake (unveiled from the shop when Pinkie is lured away from the entrance with cupcakes) Rainbow Dash (unveiled when Pony Flute is played near a cloud with “sleeping Z’s” emanating out from it - Special Bonus #3 – hit awake Rainbow Dash with a pester ball for “Angry Dash” bonus) Mayor Mare Rarity Opalescence Fluttershy Angel Cutie Mark Crusaders (appear playing in the field near the exit only if Applejack was hit by an apple, Rainbow Dash was awakened, and Rarity was hit with fake gems) Will post Cloudsdale stage next