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Found 153 results

  1. So I used to edit Call of Duty clips back when I had a laptop and I can't wait to get a new laptop to continue because I've got a lot of higher quality edits I'll be uploading to my other channel. But this is my favourite that I uploaded to my old channel, I'm self taught so I think I'm decent.
  2. Okay, some of you have watched, read, or played something in The Walking Dead franchise. I wanted to know which of the following is your favorite: the comic, TV show, or the video game (Telltale.) Vote above, and put reasons below. I'll have to go with the video game on this one. I like the characters more, the ability to choose dialogue in interesting, and really puts in you in the position of the characters. I find the video game story to be much better, and I like the music more. More interesting things happen in that game to me, and I actually care about the characters and their relationships with others. As for the show, it got boring to me after the first season, and as for the comic; I just don't really read too many comics (almost none.)
  3. Those of us who play Destiny (I play on PS4) know that there's no matchmaking for raids. Destiny raid parties consist of up to six players, and you're actually expected to go out and FIND five other people with: 1. The same console. 2. A copy of Destiny for that console. 3. A high level, more or less raid-ready character. 4. Some time to kill. SoooOooo... I thought I'd at least make a topic devoted specifically to getting together Destiny raid parties here on MLPF. Pony fans unite!!1! Aid thy brethren who want to enjoy the high level game content of Destiny without chatting up strangers on seedy gaming websites.
  4. I'm going to be honest. I created this thread with the specific purpose of showing off this trailer right here: Enjoy~
  5. The idea is that (like the title says) you have to suggest a video game the character above you may want to play/plays. Once you've done this, just mention another character for the person below you to suggest a game for. The characters can be anyone from FiM, and if you have any OCs for this series, then feel free to use them. HOWEVER- if you ever use an OC, please give the person below you enough to work on. Linking to/giving a description of your OC, including an image of him/her; any method is fine so long as you're informative enough AND provide this information every time you mention your OC (for people who haven't seen your original post about them ). I'll start with... Fluttershy, I guess. What game would you suggest?
  6. One aspect of certain games that I love, if this is done right, is immersion, the concept of absorbing the player into its world and making us get lost in it. This is a hard thing to do from what I have seen, but there are games that have easily done this for me. So we can discuss this! What are some games that have engrossed you deeply? Games that you think have great immersion? How did they immerse you? Discuss away! Here are some for me: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The ice cave level in particular is one of the best ever in gaming for me) Child of Light (Everything, the music, the art, all of it) Any of the Metal Gear Solid games (The dialogue in particular gets me intrigued all the time) Any of the Telltale games (Most recently Game of Thrones) Minecraft (Yeah, I get really deep in that game. It's relaxing!) Those are just some that have done this for me. What about all of you?
  7. Have any of you played Plants vs. Zombies before? I love it. I was introduced to it at a friend's house several years ago and finally got it for myself a month or so ago. I've already played through story mode and I've made it a little over halfway through the survival mode levels. I've been doing a bit with other things in the game, too, like the Zen Garden and the Tree of Wisdom. I'm not sure yet whether I consider this one of my favorite games, but it's certainly a lot of fun. It's hilarious, too. If you've played it, what do you think of it?
  8. This is the most relaxing that I know of!
  9. Would you mind seeing a non-smartphone game based off Friendship is Magic with effort, polish, and adult appeal just like the show? The whimsical nature of the cartoon makes it perfect for a Klonoa style 2D Platformer, or a Paper Mario-esque RPG. The only question, who is competent enough to give FiM in game form proper justice? Likely canidates include WayFoward, and any of the major Japanese developers (Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, Bamco, Konami). WayFoward has expressed interest in making a FiM game before, and considering their track record with licensed games, I think they can do something decent. Then there's the big 6 J-devs. Nintendo is the most likely as a game about cute candy colored ponies would be right up their ally. They could even get Intelligent Systems to develop it. The least likely would be Square, as they have almost no experience with working on western properties or 2D Platformers. As for who I want to develop it, Sega. I know a company who was once about "cool kids" making a game based of a children's cartoon, which is based off a little girls toy line is silly. But I feel their style would be the best fit for FiM than any of the other canadates. Likewise, Hasbro is likely going to select an American publisher like Activision to adapt FiM into a game. But WayFoward and the Japanese developers are far more competent to work on licensed material. And besides, little girls deserve something other than some cheap cash-in shovelware title.
  10. Who's hyped for this game releasing on steam today? Normally not a fan of early access, but I'll make an exeption for this one. Been watching some streams on Twitch playing it, it looks like a lot of fun. I love roguelikes, and the music by Danny Baranowsky (Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy), amazing from what I've heard so far
  11. I'm just wondering what's your favourite adventure-y music? And what makes good Adventure type music? I've been listening to a few Legend of Zelda themes and they tend to have a soft rhythm in the background whether it be a snare or a tambourine or maracas. Also Brass instruments are used. I don't tend to listen to a lot to music, so I don't know where else to listen to and these two elements may just be specific to Legend of Zelda
  12. Ok everypony (or everykerbal, I guess) time to discuss, and showcase the stuff you've done related to Kerbal Space Program! Here's my flawed Jool Mission.
  13. What music did you find the saddest or most emotional in a video game. For me its almost the entire soundtrack of Journey. So beautiful. And bittersweet.
  14. i want to know what everyponys favorite pokemon is it can be from kanto johto hoenn shinno or even unova here are mine 1 pikachu 2 mew 3 latios and latias 4 zorua and finally zekrom MOD EDIT: Feel free to also include your favorite Pokemon of each type.
  15. Have you ever found any reviews which are just plain dumb? As in, reviews that don't mention the game, reviews that deride the game without reason, reviews that say a game's bad solely because of its DRM, or reviews that say a film's bad solely because it stars Kevin Spacey, etc. etc. This is the thread to talk about such reviews in. Here's an example, a review for the game Postal 2, taken word-for-word from Metacritic: I think this is a particularly bad review because: - They call the game "very bad", but no indication at all is given as to why they believe this - The reviewer goes off topic by mentioning gun violence in America - They don't really mention much about the game itself. So, if you find any particularly dumb reviews for games, films, et cetera, feel free to post 'em here!
  16. What is you're favorite video game? (If you're a staff member and if there's already a topic of this then you may lock it.I looked it up but there was so many topics with different title's on it so i did not want to go through that many numbers). We'll my favorite video games are: The Sims 2,FF7,FF13 (FF means Final Fantasy).
  17. Well, just as the title says this is the official Video Game High School fan club thread! Maybe you've heard of this series, maybe you haven't, if you have it I encourage you to watch it. Here I'll put the first video here if you care to check it out. Anyways, their is two seasons of that and they're having a campaign to help raise money to film season three right now! Here's the update if anyone cares.
  18. Hey everyone! My Little Investigations has just been released! This is one of if not the biggest MLP fan game release ever! You can see the announcement on the game's website here:
  19. SNES Super Star Wars Super Empire Strikes Back Super Return of the Jedi Sim City Wayne's World NES Contra Ghosts N' Goblins NDS Megaman Zero Collection And a RetroDuo console I bought for travel purposes!
  20. OK, So there was this game where you were first person and you controlled a tank around an arena. It was typical FPS controls and the tank was a hovering tank and it was red vs blue. Does anyone know the name of this game?
  21. One of the best, legendary, but also forgotten/overlooked action-adventure games of all time, Outcast is at brink of resurrection. This fantastic game was originally released in 1999 for PC (available from and was praised by the critics (GameSpot even awarded it with Adventure Game of the Year), but for one reason or another (high system requirements at that time) the game didnt sell very well, thus the developer Appeal went bankrupt and the sequel Outcast 2 was cancelled. Now the original team who created the game got the rights to Outcast back from Atari and they are now going to bring the game back to modern-age, with entirely new graphics/physics engine, improved gameplay etc. However Outcast is a massive game and they need to rebuiled everything from scratch, thus they need funding from us, the gamer community. Like said, Outcast was overlooked by many and it isnt very well known, thus its most likely that the project is not going achieve its $600 000 funding from us old Outcasts fans alone. It has gotten great start with $126 000 in 3 days, but it needs to find younger generation of people who would be willing to support this project. For me, personally Outcast is one of the best games of all time, one of the few I would give 10/10. It had great storyline, great voiceacting/dialogue, amazing, movie-quality orchestral soundtrack and for its time back in 1999 also amazing visuals and large, open gameworlds. Thus is was extremely bitter to see it overlooked by gamers back then and For me the possible resurrection of Outcast after 15 years since it launch is like dream come true, but it requires the help from us, the gamers. I personally donated $200 for this project, but even the smallest donations could make the difference. For those not familiar with Kickstarter-program or the game Outcast, I'll be happy to answer any questions, but lets just say that if this project doesnt get it's $600 000 goal in 28 days, then you get your money back. Many games have been given life by Kickstarter, for example Torment: Tides of Numenera (spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment) that becamethe most funded video game Kickstarter with a total of $4,188,927 pledged by 74,405 backers. This if anything is proof that we gamers (and bronies alike ;D) can make this happen and I dearly hope that you would atleast take time to look at this game and give your support to it. So if you like great action-adventure games, do yourselves a favor and help this game see the light of day. Lets make it happen my fellow gamers and Bronies! Here is some gameplay from the original Outcast:
  22. A vid of my friend (not a brony and the one on screen) playing and myself (long haired dude, blathering on in the background) playing a heavily MLP modded game of Civilization 5 Complete Edition. My friend is new to the game and I'm new to live streaming stuff (this was recorded live, it shows ), so it's a bit slow to start, so you can skip to minute 4 (and ignore the last 7 minutes really). In future episodes it should move at a more brisk pace and have more witty banter I hope. Hope you enjoy . No Changelings were harmed in the filming of this.
  23. So I sometimes review games, I'm a brony, this an mlp forum, yeah I'll have to tackle this. So you all know about Fighting is Magic's cease and desist last year? Well it turns out people went and finished the game and released it. So I am here to talk about the game. For starters the music and graphics are pretty good actually. They seem to fit each area and the graphics don't seem bad considering it's fan made. It is also fun and ironic to have your favorite ponies from the show about friendship beating the crap out of each other for no reason. Seriously why are they doing that anyway? Could it be the work of Discord? Each move seems to fit the characters well. Pinkie can shoot a party cannon, Rainbow Dash can shot storm clouds at you, Twilight uses magic, Applejack has a lasso, etc. Now lets talk about what a lot of people seem to have problems with when playing, the AI difficulty. Maybe it's because I barely have any experience with these types of fighting games (I was more into smash brothers as a kid, a completely different fighting game style) but these AIs are way too overpowered. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a hit. I can make it passed the first fight in story mode but not the second fight. A difficulty setting or a training mode would be nice. It would also be nice to include AIs in versus mode where you can set their difficulties to your playing level. Also, trying to perform a combo is near impossible. You have to try so many button combinations, it's confusing even when playing on a controller. Then again, a controller is still easier than the actual keyboard. So basically, If you're more of a casual gamer like me, I wouldn't recommend story mode at all unless you really wanna challenge yourself. I would recommend you to play versus mode with your brony friend if you want more of a fun factor. However story mode might be a fun ride if you're experienced with the Street Fighter style fighting. But alas, I'm not. I've only played one Street Fighter game, on a 3ds demo in a Game Stop for like 5 minutes. Overall, the game is a decent game that could use some tweaking. Then again, this is fan made so you can't expect it to be perfect. It just needs to be polished out is all. Final score: 7/10
  24. Hey everybody! Let's get as many Marvel Pinball 3D players as possible and get the highest Team Hero Score! Your score is your total high score divided by 1 million. If you have friends that play, you can also see your team score! There is a leader board for this, but you need to have access to the rankings. That means you must be able to connect to the internet, and you must use the default settings. So whaddya say? If you're in leave your friend code here! Mine: 1977-0681-9458
  25. The new game being made by the creators of Left 4 Dead, what are your thoughts on it? I think it looks pretty cool but if it's only one game mode it might get boring quick but I do like the idea of one playing as a monster and the other 4 have to take the monster down (kind of reminds me of Ultimate Chimera too) but I hope they add more game modes