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Found 153 results

  1. Battle Gem Ponies is shaping up nicely. The fun little details are being added in now and we're seeing how far we can run with the little things being implemented in this prototype. We've got villain concept art, working data, cutscene scripts, character animations, working menus like the Ponipedia, and calculations for the battle system all done over the holiday break! Come see the nitty-gritty details to kick of this new year of gamedev over on the 1st Ever 2020 DevLog Post!
  2. Should of done this after finishing Spyro Reignited Trilogy, back in January. Start bought it at November last year. There new Spyro game, remake of old Spyro games from Original Playstaion be coming out, I was execting but it be a long wait. During before game come out, see some good pictures, Sheila look different but like it, so did Elora look great and flirty and Bianca is beautiful and does look like character from WB loony toons. When it meant to be release on Spetember but was move to November. When it release, I pre-order should of got but got it next day. Fall in love with game again, mostly play on weekend and Christmas holiday, wanted to play it during the week days, it so that addictive. I fall in love with Red Dress fairy or call her Check point fairy, she does have a voice (Unlike in Spyro 1 back in Original Playstation) but only say ‘Hi Spyro’. Who love about her is when Spyro flame her or jump near her she goes up and does backward somersault with guggle, love Zoe the Fairy as well she does that Backward somersault when you flame or jump near her. Also love Fairy that kiss Spyro and fanus from Fracture Hillls and Sheila the kangaroo. During playing games, some part was hard, though there parts I might not get past and finish game uncomplete like back in old game but manage to get past it. Speedway, and mini games in Spyro 2 and 3 are ones that stress me. Also stress me more is area that diffcult jump/land on when jumping or flying. There level where you supercharge and get to other side most time can’t make it or unable to go near it. Also during playing Spyro 3, waiting to upload to Starting Screen but seem to take it time and fear lost my game, I turn the game off many time until finally got to start screen, it happen few times. Try to tell some people if experience like this but either can’t find any or don’t tell. Spyro 3 sure is hard. Boss didn’t took long (Unlike in Spyro 1). When complete the game felt sad cos I enjoyed playing the game, it been a journey. Even it there some hard parts. Even use cheat 99 Lives cos keep dying and that cheat was useful for me. Heard there might be new game after Reignited games and Spyro be part in Crash Race team, hope there be. Back in days, when all 3 Spyro games were out on Original Playstation and we haven’t got a Playstation yet and when we had did get a Spyro game right away, I remember play a Spyro 2 on Demo (Only had 2 Spyro 2 levels). My first Spyro game I bought was Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, ever since even unable to fully complete the game I play it many times and use cheat to get to extra sceret level. Did bought Spyro 2 and 1, and played it many times. I didn’t know a company left Spyro games and got new company I was new to all these news thing. I join some fansites and sites. When Enter the Dragonfly come out I was excting I bought and play it. People seem to dislike it and fansite closed down or changed, I was sad that it comes to this and Rachet & Clark seem to take over which annoyed me. Then there’s Spyro A hero’s Tail don’t care it change and different I glad to see a Spyro game and enjoy playing. Mostly play games that Spyro, football and wrestling, do play some adventure games. Look back, these two Spyro games (After Year of the dragon) feel bad to me, and Spyro in A hero’s Taill seem too dumb and game seem a kids’ game that adults can’t enjoy. And there Legend of Spyro, most Spyro fans not happy but I did enjoy the games and love the story. Even Sparx is different, so different and so talkavie. In Legend of Spyro 2 there level in Priate ship, really stuck on so many enermies and less check points. Remember stop playing it but able to get past and complete the game. And there dawn of the Dragon, legend of Spyro 3. After finish with it I wonder there be any more Spyro game. Also Spyro in Legend of Spyro been voice bt Elijah Wood (Who starred in Lord of The Ring). Then there Skylanders, shock how different Spyro is. Played Skylander 1 cos it said Spyro’s Adventure but stuggle at final part cos only wanted to play as Spyro. Skylanders being more than Spyro game as Spyro not main character. Forgot to mention did play a Spyro game on Game Boy Advane I borrow from my brother, but accidentley broke GBA. Then there’s Reignited games. Spyro and Sparx been my life, been my Mario and Luigi. Do think Spyro & Sparx being my sidekick me being a hero/superhero. They are my favorite duo. Which Spyro and Sparx I prefer? used to be duo from Legend of Spyro. But since Reignited games out. Original (/ Reignited) always the best. Hope new Spyro game come out hope Original/Reignited Spyro be powerful as Legend of Spyro. Spyro and Sparx always be part of me. And three fairies and fauns from Fracture Hillls are some of my waifus.
  3. What video game(s) that you just cannot get into no matter how hard you try to enjoy it . I got Arma III as a gift from my cousin. I tried getting into that game, it is just way to difficult and tedious just to do something. What are yours?
  4. At BD Studios, we are creating a retro-styled MLP game, and ive been working as a composer for it for 8 months now. However, we'd love the assistance of somebody familiar with the 16-bit style of music! Join us at our development Discord! Here I will fill you in with more details:
  5. was working on Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise / Part Time Job 2 but realized that I did not know how I wanted to make the game. now I'm asking for help for inspiration and some base for the game to build from. Please fill in the form at the end of the post in order to help. ZP has given me permission to make this game and to make it however I want. about me: I'm an educated game and website designer, I also have an education in art/illustrations, 3D modeling and texturing. I have programmed in many languishes as C, C++, C#, Java, Lua, Bath, Python, JavaScript, PHP, LEGOs visual programming language for their Mindstorms robots, a imaged based programming language that i made and a minimum amount of Assembly through games.
  6. This is as obscure as video games get. Just click on stuff, and watch the unbridled madness unfold....
  7. I sketched two Monster Musume characters and Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect.
  8. You may have heard of this game: First of all let me state that this will be a PAID POSITION as a sprite artist for this game. I will pay per sprite sheet finished at a rate of $20 per sheet I will be commissioning 2 per month from you. I expect both done by the 1st of every month. Failure to do so will result in either a partial payment or no payment.** Payment will be sent out on the 1st of every month. If you remain consistent and provide sprite sheets on time, I will eventually offer you a raise from $20 to $30 per sheet.* Knowledge of RPG Maker MV and its sprite layout is helpful but not required. Please reply to this thread if you're interested or have any questions! *To qualify for a raise you must be able to provide good quality sprite sheets that I am happy with. **If you are only able to provide one sheet within a given month you will receive payment for one sheet but it is not advised to make a habit of this.
  9. Do you think a video game based off of Stephen King's The Dark Tower would be possible?
  10. This thread is for discussion of the game Heart of Crown. The great emperor suddenly passed away. There are seven successors! Who will save the empire from chaos? Heart of Crown is a deck-building card game. Each player starts with the same deck, but over the course of the game you will build up your deck with the aim of achieving ultimate victory: getting your princess on the throne. Each player starts with a deck containing meager holdings and unreliable followers. Start raising taxes from your territories to acquire more land and followers to make your deck stronger. When your deck is strong enough, it's time to back a princess! Once you back a princess, she'll come to your aid with her unique ability. However, when it comes to backing princesses, it's first-come, first-served. You've got to act before your rivals claim the princess that you want. Act fast, and aim for the coronation ceremony! The objective is to back one of the princesses and help them ascend to the throne to win the game. There is a physical card game version and Steam came out with a PC version. The profiles of the Princesses if anyone is interested in some lore background.
  11. DDLC is an American-made "anime" dating sim (where anon guy tries to romance cartoon girls), but it's also one of the better ones I've played. The writing is really funny and clever, somewhat MLP-like. In fact, even though there's only four girls, they remind me alot of the Mane Six. The game drags at first, but it gets pretty story heavy later on. Also, there are major spoilers floating around online so it's best to play it flying blind to get the full effect. Even if you're not into anime or dating sims, it's still pretty funny, downright hysterical at times. Also, if you're worried about inappropriate content, it's pretty PG-13. No sex/nudity, etc. You can actually download it for free but I'm not gonna post the link here cause reasons. Minor spoilers below:
  12. Hi. Can you hear me? I spoke with Monika earlier, and she said that I could start a chapter of the Doki Doki Literature Club right here on MLP Forums. We can talk about literature, even manga, and of course swear our alliance to our club president. We can even discuss a certain video game that shares the same name of the club.
  13. So we've finally hit the milestone of getting our own MLP theatrical movie. We're now up there with The Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon and The Simpsons for TV shows that got movies in theaters. So what's next? How about a video game? Preferably one that wasn't just an educational flash game, but a proper release. It would be the first since Pinkie Pie's party for the DS in 2008 for hand helds and Friendship Gardens for the PC in 1997, and could potentially be the first ever console release for the franchise. Who should make an MLP game? What style or genre should it be? Should it be a console/ PC game or a hand held?
  14. On the 7th of this month, Bohemia Interactive released the sixth premium DLC package for ArmA 3, titled "Laws of War". Renowned as being the most committed military operation simulator, the reaction from the fanbase was mostly positive at the addition of a humanitarian faction whose goal is to clean up the detritus of war and bring some semblance of a normal life back to war-torn regions. On top of that, with an MSRP of $11.99 USD, Bohemia is donating half of all sales to the International Committee of the Red Cross. With everything said, I had to buy it the moment it came out! Although there was a free update that added all the new content to your harddrive, the DLC vehicles, attire, weapons, and campaign were locked behind a paywall. However, Bohemia did at least provide us with two free showcases, one of which was an exposition of all the new content and a background on the new faction, IDAP (the International Development & Aid Project), and the other was a much more action-oriented seminar where players are run through various simulations to impress the laws of war upon you. Some examples of lessons taught in the seminar included not firing on civilians who haven't engaged you in combat or unarmed enemy medical personnel. There was also a demonstration on how mines and cluster bombs can be more trouble than they're worth, staying hidden in the ground for days, months, or even years at a time until someone, anyone, accidentally disturbs it. Of the new content that was added in the DLC, the campaign will be explained later. Several new civilian, press, and IDAP-themed outfits and clothing articles were added, such as a paramedic jumpsuit, hard hat, dust mask, and safety goggles. Decorative items were also added, such as IDAP tents, water bottles, body bags, etc. The new vehicles include an IDAP van, ambulance, new IDAP skins for the formerly AAF-only Mohawk heavy transport helicopter and CSAT-only Zamak transport truck, and a special utility drone capable of dropping leaflets (which can have custom designs overlayed on them) as well as timed charges for safer disposal of mines and UXOs (UneXploded Ordinance). Speaking of mine-clearing, the mine sweeper that was already in the game was reworked, giving you a new display that shows you the direction of mines and UXOs, allowing you to mark them manually rather than the original mechanic, where the mine sweeper did all of that automatically. However, just because this DLC focused on the civilian and humanitarian aspects of war doesn't mean that the military factions didn't get anything. All organized military factions (so everyone but the FIA) get the APERS Mine Dispenser and the cluster bomb air strike utility. The former item is a portable device that deploys dozens of small Anti-PERSonnel mines in a forward-facing cone after either a 40-second timer or a manual touch-off, allowing players to set up minefields in a fraction of the time that it would have taken them to do so manually. The latter allows for Zeus operators (think Game Masters for organized ArmA 3 custom operations) to call in highly-destructive air strikes, with the very-obvious downside that not all of the cluster munitions will explode. As for the campaign, I'll do my best to explain the nuances of it without spoiling it. For those who don't mind the spoilers, I'll be putting them down at the bottom of the page, but keep in mind that there will be some spoilers for the main ArmA 3 campaign, as well. "Laws of War" takes place in the small town of Oreokastro in the mountainous northwest of Altis before, during, and after the events of the vanilla campaign. For most of the mini-campaign, you take on the role of Nathan MacDade, a former US Army engineer now working as an IDAP mine clearer. As you progress through the town, clearing out mines and UXOs, you encounter "memories", which take on the form of visual anomalies that you can interact with. Interacting with them either transports you into a flashback of what you remember the town was like one year ago, or into the shoes of a member of one of the four warring factions (NATO, FIA, CSAT, or AAF), all of whom were present during the battle in one way or another. The take-away message from this mini-campaign is that there is no such thing as black and white in war. From the opening scene, when you watch, helpless, as a civilian who survived the war and returns to his hometown in search of his brother steps on a mine and dies instantly, to the end, when you're put on the spot and asked to tell a reporter who you think is to blame, you're led to the understanding that war is complex and that when you send young men and women off to kill each other, they don't always make the right choice. No matter how good your intentions are, just because you aren't butchering civilians and laughing while doing it doesn't mean that your actions aren't having adverse effects on the non-combatants whose peace of mind is now shattered. If you're looking for honor and glory, you'll find none of it in war. For those of you who are on the fence about buying "Laws of War", I cannot recommend it enough. While about 60% of it can be classified as a walking simulator, it provides a whole new perspective on war that's rarely seen outside of games such as "This War of Mine". To quote one of Nathan MacDade's most profound lines (as well as the slogan for the game, overall): "This is war."
  15. Super Metroid is a side-scrolling action adventure game that released for the SNES in 1994. It released and quickly became a fan favorite not only on the SNES, but in general, and is considered by many to be the greatest game ever made. It is a true masterpiece, and my favorite video game. Metroid is my favorite series, and this game perfectly encapsulates everything great about the series. Atmosphere, gameplay, music, bosses, level design, it's all perfect. This is a game I can come back to over and over, and have fun every time, always trying to make a new sequence break, and beat my previous run time. The gameplay is tight, and very satisfying to pull off a hard sequence break, and there's just something about the wall-jumping that's fun. The boss battles are incredible, from the Spooky Phantoon, to the towering Kraid, to the intimidating Ridley, to the terrifying Mother Brain, each fight is amazing and special, all have some challenge and are memorable, even the disturbing Crocomire fight. The music is atmospheric and charming, each is special in their own way, from the low and slow paced Red Soil Brinstar, to the upbeat and catchy overgrown green brinstar, to the haunting and mysterious Rocky Maridia, to the imposing Lower Norfair theme, and the memorable boss tracks, all are great in their own way, and perfectly capture the tone of the game, and each area. Level design is also incredible. visuals are still fantastic, at least in my opinion, for a SNES game 23 years old. It's aged tremendously well, and the level design is some of the best, you can exploit the environment to sequence break, and finish the game faster. It's also a very non-linear game, you aren't told what to do, or where to go, no hints or tips. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Super Metroid is amazing, and the very core of what makes a Metroid game. Sure, Fusion and Zero Mission are technically superior in gameplay and design, but they both lack the charm of Super. Fusion loses points for being way more linear and dialogue heavy, and Zero Mission, while regaining some of the core mechanics of Super, like non-linearity and wall-jumping, it lacks the charm and subtlety of Super. I can't really explain it, but I also feel the controls are somewhat inferior. I also prefer the somber and less alive nature of Super. Super Metroid is a pinnacle of game design, and a true masterpiece. I can't say it enough, but I really like this game.
  16. Video games might not be as big in Equestria as they are here in our world, but have you ever looked at a pony and thought "This pony might like this game..." I thought a pony like Twilight might be into, say, the Civilization series of games. I thought it might be fun to brainstorm what the main cast and even background ponies would play if they had access to our games. Share your thoughts bellow!
  17. Well here here is the Mortal Kombat fight video I just made and stuff and last year's eve bought ps4
  18. So after a little debate, I've decided to open up a thread where I share my custom cars from the PS4 game: The Crew. The Crew is an amazingly unique racing game where the USA is your playground for exploration, racing solo or with three others in four vs four crew battles and other adventures. Dirt Spec 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Performance Spec Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera Drift Spec 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Raid Spec Ruf 3400K Dirt Spec Nissan 370z Performance Spec Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Performance Spec 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10 I'd like some feedback on car design and how I took these photos. This thread will be updated with new stuff once in a while.
  19. Now that I have some sort of experience in sprite hacking NES games, I think I can take some requests. No, I'm not asking for money or anything, Just reply some suggestions and I'll see if I can make it! (Note, I can't do level hacks or anything of that caliber yet, I can only edit sprites right now.)
  20. I know there's a thread about this topic buried somewhere that I could be bumping, but this thread isn't about entire soundtracks. It is about individual scores developed for the soundtracks. For example, I'm currently listening to (as I type this) BrawlBRSTMs3 X's upload of "Grasslands, All the Way" from the soundtrack of one of my favorite games of all time: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. What are your favorites of these, and why? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My List (from quite a few competitors... I did a lot from the same games, couldn't help it...) 1. Anthem of Braves, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Literally, perfect. It's the perfect tune to bring back nostalgia. I also find it encouraging. 2. In the Final, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- Gets everything right for a final boss theme, and the fight didn't disappoint either. 3. Brine Cave, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2- Sounds like a post-rock band came in from the sea. 4. DK Isle, Donkey Kong 64- Even better than Dire, Dire Docks at the same thing. 5. Dark Crater, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2- Sounds like the nuclear apocalypse (that may be incoming...). 6. The Giant, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- So Epic. The battles themselves let the theme down in my opinion... 7. Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars- Captures the spirit of a forest pretty well, of course a dubious one. 8. Pokémon League (Nighttime), Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Extremely sad and extremely musical. 9. Waltz in the Lake (Inside Bowser), Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- Sounds like it ought to be Nautilus' (LoL) theme. HM. Ray of Light Into the Future, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Another inspirational theme from Anime turned into a strategy RPG (Other way around actually...). HM. Fungi Forest (Day and Night), Donkey Kong 64- Both do well to capture each time of day. HM. Witch Hunting, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Sounds like we're burning some folks at the stake today! Most of the links go to times... Whoops. Too lazy to fix it. Oh well.
  21. So, does any one on here collect retro video games? If so, what consoles do you collect for? Any specific game genres you like to collect for or do you collect them all?
  22. So I went to PAX South yesterday. I tried out some games, didn't get a chance to try out the Nintendo switch. But the one VR game I tried stood out among the rest. A puzzle box game with PlayStation 4 VR. The controller acts as the characters hands stuck inside a puzzle box. It operates by figuring out what buttons on the controller change the parts on the outside. Some gameplay I recorded on my phone. ↓ So what do you guys think?
  23. Hello everypony! Firstly I would like to apologize for my not so good english. Secondly... I am planning to make some kind of MLP FiM adventure and fighting RPG game, but I faced with some copyright and trademark problems that may happen during this project. I am not sure what could cause problems, so here are my questions: If I create a game with “MLP FiM content” (means I would like to use characters, names and graphics style from MLP FiM) and some part of the game would be commercial (special items, characters, services, etc...) then would Hasbro shut this project down? (I guess yes.) Same question but I would NOT use any “MLP FiM content”, except the graphics style (so the story, the characters’ appearance, the characters’ name, the world and the place names, etc... would be different, but your character is still a pony and the game still contains buildings, trees, sceneries, etc... which is not the same but looks familiar to MLP FiM). I would not copy anything directly from the show but I would like to create something similar. Same, but everything would be different, even the graphics style (retro pixel graphics style, but the game is still about ponies and some part of the game is still commercial). (In this case there should be no problems, I guess.) I create the same game that I mentioned in the first point, but it would be totally free. (In this case Hasbro has the rights to shut down the project but they won’t because of the fandom, I guess) Thanks for your answers!
  24. Hello everypony, i'm currently in the process of making an rpg game and would like to know if anypony would like to see their OC included in the game as an extra (Shop keepers, quest givers, and crowders) if you would like to be included please use the attached base For those of you wondering maple bat is the official artist for the game
  25. We got so far the Gameloft game, the Equestria Girls doll-collecting game, the repetive and pay-to-continue Harmony Quest, and the Backflip game Puzzle Party. Seems like the Puzzle Party game is the most getting-into to play for it's target audience, and it's less pay-to-continue than the others, although the lategame is challenging. What would the next MLP mobile game be like? I want it to be a game that plays like Brave Frontier or Summoners War, where you summon units and train them from 1 star to 6 stars. You would use the powers of the Elements as to give special buffs similar to the Goddesses from Crusaders Quest. I would expect some challenges like something based off Trial of Ascension from Summoners War, or Karna Masta from Brave Frontier. Fun fact: I seem to be the first one to come up with an idea for a MLP game that plays like this mobile genre. Imagine what would MLP: Brave Equestria by Alim and Hasbro be like. There are 5 types of common mobile games I know so far: Candy Crush-like: Mobile puzzle game where you ascend up stages and you see your friends' positions in the game. We got Puzzle Party so far. Clash of Clans-like: A game where you build empires and try to wage war against other empires to compete who's the best empire. Puzzles and Dragons-like: Variant of the Candy Crush-like game except you have monsters on your side and you fight enemies using pieces. This is probably what Alim saw that invented Brave Frontier. Brave Frontier-like: A RPG game where you are summoners and you summon a squad of units and go on quests. My favorite genre so far. Hearthstone-like: A TCG that revolves around cards taking out the enemy, except you are the target, and when you derive the targets' health, you win. You use various cards like attack cards, support cards, etc. What would you want the next MLP mobile game be like? No, I'm not talking about home consoles, I'm talking about the mobile genre.