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Found 154 results

  1. Well here's another MSX game for you to enjoy. This time you will see just how bad is my math when stressed against time and one unpredictable enemy. Enjoy!
  2. Join me in this fast-paced parkour game where I have to run for my life. Also I will try to find out why the game suddenly started to lag at one point and try to fix it. I truly haven't play this game since I installed Windows 7 and that was about 5 years ago I think. That's why I seem to play like a newbie here. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Run... Run!!
  3. I'm trying to get a review show going on Youtube and I don't know how to start. The idea of the show is that I review the games story campain. Analyzing the story, pointing out plot holes, choice of voice actors (performance matters), stuff like that. Not the controls, graphics or things stupid publishers do. I just don't know what game to start off with. I suppose I'm hesitant because I'm worried that theres someone else who did it first. Angry Joe supports story modes and well thought out stories in campains but he goes over the controls and graphics too. Picture it like Nostalgia Critic reviewing a movie but more nice and well thought out like Chris Stuckman. So what do you guys think? What should I start out with? What advice can you give?
  4. Join me in this old and classic game where I try to save 7 children from kidnappers. Man this game brings back so many good memories. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Rescuing the children
  5. Anypony out there playing Warframe? I got it ages ago but didn't think much of it but Digital Extremes have certainly improved it in the last year or so. I heartily recommend people play it. Anyhoo, Me and some other bronies have started a clan on Xbox One, Clan Fett of Mandalore. We're looking for active members who want to enjoy a laugh in a friendly environment and help a small clan grow. If anypony is interested, don't hesitate to message Rolo Tomasi.
  6. Game Website: Hello, everyone! In this thread, we'll discuss the popular loot-focused Action RPG, Diablo 3. I'd also encourage forming clans, or we could all form one gigantic clan! Currently, I'm leveling my crusader in Season 4, but I'm willing to start from scratch to play co-op with a beginner or someone starting over. All players are welcome, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all about adventures and loot! Edit: I forgot to mention that I play the PC version.
  7. You like writing? You like video games? You like Fallout Equestria? I've been on this forum long enough to know that the answer to all three of those questions is a resounding yes. And you're all in luck, because The Overmare Studios is on the lookout for new writers to fill its ranks. We're looking for new blood with talent, gusto, and an eye for the demented. What is The Overmare? We're the Equestrian Wasteland's own Budget Bethesda. An enormous community of writers, programmers, artists, designers, and musicians united in producing a video game adaptation of the fanfiction Fallout Equestra, as we have been for years now. We want to make massive, open world Role Playing Game completely faithful to the Fallout we all know and love, to be released for free upon completion. To apply, simply fill out an application on our site and wait for an admin to contact you. Applicants must be 18 or older, must already have an established and growing body of work, must have Skype, and must be familiar with the writing styles of at least the current Fallout titles. We want the best that the community has to offer, and that's why we're turning to you! And one more thing. To any wiseapples who want to try to get around the application process: Don't. Seriously, just don't. This isn't an audition. We need to keep things organized, and we need all of the information that the application provides. If you want to include a piece that you specifically wrote for the game, then that's dandy, but please put it in your application. Apply today! And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Hey I have this cool idea of a turn based strategy video game starring MLP, GI Joe, and Transformers. Any thoughts on how this could work?
  9. I should start playing Silent Hill 2 in the near future, and I am doing a poll so I will only see the requirement and not the results. I'm hoping to prevent major spoilers this way, and any and all votes will be appreciated. P.S. Please don't post spoilers in the comments.
  10. Well, if you were a movie maker, and were given the opportunity to direct a film adaptation of your most favorite video game, how would you handle things? Which actors would you hire? If it were to have special effects, which company would you pick up? Would it be animated of live-action? Which writers do you believe would be the most appropriate? And what kind of changes would you make to the story to better fit the movie format while staying as faithful as possible to the source material? You can discuss these and other questions in this topic.
  11. Hello everyone! I recently discovered the Zelda Starter Kit for RPG Maker XP ( and I really wanted to use it, so now I am in the middle of making a MLP/Zelda game. How the game works is that the LoZ characters will be replaced by ponies. The game will still work like an actual Legend of Zelda game, but with ponies. The story/ plot will be much different from regular LoZ games, and Navi is to be replaced by a parasprite Oh, and Rainbow Dash is Link, Fluttershy is Zelda Here are some screenshots! There's even a day/night cycle in-game. Afternoon: Evening: Here is the inventory: In the original LoZ games, Link does not talk, but in this game RD does And a character graphic is shown above the dialogue box. Kinda like a visual novel. Here's a gif; sorry about the poor colour quality And yes, I made the sprites myself... I'm thinking of redoing them because sometimes the sprites don't match the perspective of the LoZ tileset..
  12. If anyone does not know, but Fallout 4 is getting some big hype for the (technically) working real life pip boy. It connects to PC, PS4 and XBONE and has the same internal OS as the pip boy in the game. You stick your smart phone inside it to make it work. "Perfect for cosplaying" as they say. I followed it up with getting a text message reminder from for when Amazon will get more of them in. Bethesda might be the next best place to buy a legit $120 Pip-boy edition when it comes out. Ebay has a bunch of disgusting vile resellers selling the pre-orders at an inflated price. So I do not know if I was a fool for not pre-ordering Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition. It is true that I can just use my smart phone to access the Pip-boy interface, but the immersion man! The immersion! What do you guys think? Sorry if there was something like this, I google searched it.
  13. You know, when I start playing through a game, my internet activity goes low, mostly because I'm so focused on the game. And I've been gaming quite a bit lately, mostly due to the boredom that is the summer. That's kind of why I haven't done a cartoon cartoon review in a bit. And I'm not even sure if I can even do that one Poniverse fanfic anymore due to how much gaming distracted me. Oh well, time to focus on this. So, licensed games or games based of TV shows or movies tend to be known for being mediocre at best. At least most of the ones I've played. The reason for this is because they tend to be only be used as cash-ins for advertisement. They also tend to borrow elements from other games. For example, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion is basically Super Smash Bros: Brawl with Cartoon Network characters. However, one licensed game that seems to be popular among the gaming crowd is Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom. As someone who was a big Spongebob fan as a game, and having only playing the game based off the first movie as a kid, I've decided to go in and check it out. So the story of this game is that Plankton has built an army of robots to take over Bikini Bottom and steal the krabby patty formula and blah blah. However, he forgets to set the switch to obey, leading to the robots to have a mind of their own and kick him out of the Chum Bucket. It's up to Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy to save Bikini Bottom. This game was released on the Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, and PC. I personally have the Gamecube version so I don't know what the others are like. This game however, plays like a collect-a-thon platformer, sort of like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. The main thing you collect in the game are golden spatulas. They are similar to power stars or jiggys. You get them by completing hard tasks. Well the gamplay might not be the most original thing in the world, it's still enough material to have a fun time. Since this game was released when Spongebob was still good, the classic humor of early Spongebob is in this game. This game has a lot of dialogue banter during cutscenes. There's also a lot of visual humor in this game, mostly callbacks to episodes. For example, when you fall off a cliff, the live action hand comes out and puts you back on the platform. The areas you visit are also great callbacks, like Rock Bottom, Sand Mountain and the Kelp Forest (unfortunately, no magic conch). The game itself is pretty easy. Most of your levels are your basic 3D platformer challenge. There are however, those few challenging levels which bring frustration, specifically the final boss. The final boss is pretty easy to understand, but the issue is it's long and you only have a maximum of 6 units of health. On a side note, the healing item is Spongebob's underwear. Don't ask me how that works. Other hard levels include confusing missions involving putting tikis on switches well switching between Spongebob and Patrick, and beating people's times on the slide missions. The models of this game look kind of off at some points. Maybe it's the CGI but some characters just don't look right in CGI. Mr. Krabs always looks so tired when you have to talk to him for example. Overall, well it bothers quite a few elements from other 3D platformers, it's still a pretty fun game to play. Try not to expect anything new or innovative from it, just expect your fun, addictive 3D platformer. I would however, only recommend this game for people who are fans of Spongebob because getting all the references to the show really helps with the enjoyment of the game. Final Score: 8/10 Next MLP Review: Slice of Life Next Cartoon Network review: The Powerpuff Girls Next Game review: Splatoon (maybe)
  14. Much like video games based on movies, games based on cartoons also have had a stigma for having....not so good games, some of which can be legendarily bad. But much like games based on movies, there are still those cartoon-based games that will break the mold and show us that there can also be good ones too. 10) Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness(Gameboy) This game really surprised me when I was a kid. Unlike most others, I actually never got a Pokemon game with my Gameboy until much later. While my top games for the system were Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda A Link's Awakening, but one other game that got as much attention as those was Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness, a surprisingly challenging platformer with various movie themed levels. I adored it, a lot. Early on, both Capcom and Konami actually had their fair share of strong licensed titles and this was one of them. 9) Goof Troop(SNES) One of Capcom's many Disney games back on the SNES, and it is also the first game designed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil franchise and the Father of Survival Horror. Basic premise is that Goofy and Max were trapped on a pirate island and you have to save Pete and PJ. What makes this action-adventure game fun is the co-op mode where one player controls Goofy and Max respectively, and co-op mode can lead to some seriously great times. Playing it alone is a lot of fun too. 8) Sailor Moon: Another Story(SNES) A game that unfortunately is Japan only, Sailor Moon Another Story is a surprisingly good JRPG. Having an original story that takes place between the 3rd and 4th story arcs, the biggest selling point(at least for me) of the game was being able to control the Sailor Senshi as much like the anime, they all have their unique abilities that make them useful depending on the situation. And there's also multiple ending encouraging replayability 7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time(SNES/Arcade) Another game from Konami's Licensed Catalog, Turtles In Time is one of the very, very few SNES arcade ports that didn't get neutered*coughfinalfightcough*. Despite not being able to play up 4-players in the SNES version, it's was actually able to add a lot to the SNES version like a couple more levels and tons of cutscenes and visuals faithful to the cartoon airing at the time. 6) Mickey Mouse's Magical Quest A Capcom platformer starring the Iconic mouse himself, it kept visuals that was some of the best on the system as well as staying true to Mickey Mouse as well as featuring some very fun and solid platforming 5) Ducktales(NES) I think the best way to describe this game is that it's basically a Megaman game if it was produced by Disney(helped by the fact that Keiji Inafune and most of the staff behind the series worked on it). It boast similar visuals, and a soundtrack and difficulty on par with Megaman. Plus Ducktales was the birth of the legendary pogo bounce. If you can there's a remake on the PCPS360U by Wayforward that's fairly faithful to the original game 4) Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube) Another game that took me by surprise. Battle for Bikini Bottom is a strong platformer in vein of Super Mario Games like SM64 or Sunshine, where you collect golden spatulas in order to unlock more levels and defeat Plankton and his robot army. Has a pretty fun physics engine, tons of references to past episodes(back when the show was still good), and excellent use of the 3 characters Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy. The Spongebob Movie game is also pretty similar and just as good 3) South Park: The Stick of Truth(Xbox360/PS3/PC) What makes South Park The Stick of Truth so memorable to fans is that it is a South Park episode in almost every single way. The humor, the visuals, the voice actors are very true to the series. Tons of fanservice and being an overall fun RPG makes this game a favorite for fans as well as being a solid RPG 2) Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 First off, DAT THEME SONG. That said Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 is both a great love letter to fans and a solid fighter. It marks a high point in the Budokai series by getting rid of some of the fluff the first two games had, having a giant roster, and having tons of content that keeps you going. The movesets are much more manageable to make the game more balanced than the past games(though admittedly it's still unbalanced) and the Dragon Universe lets you play through the main story(as well as some movies) with multiple characters(though it's still a step down from Budokai 1's story mode). It also has a fairly large roster(at the time) featuring characters from every saga, as well as the movies and even a couple from GT and the original Dragonball. Also, again, DAT THEME SONG before I get to no.1, here are some honorable mentions, either because I never got to play them(but other people liked them) or because they just missed the mark: Honorable mentions: The Simpsons Arcade game the Sailor Moon Arcade game X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2 Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers The Spongebob Movie Futurama The Simpsons Game Kim Possible What's the Switch Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law a Megas XLR game that'll never happen a decent Friendship is Magic game that'll never happen 1) The Simpson Hit and Run(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube/PC) When I say this is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games ever...I mean it. While it was a blatant GTA clone(much like how Road Rage=Crazy Taxi, and Skateboarding=Tony Hawk), one thing Hit and Run did what the other two failed to do was copy everything that made the original game good. While obviously the gratuitous violence isn't there, it's still a GTA clone, but a very excellent one. The game has it's own charm and fun that makes it stand out. The gameplay and car controls feel surprisingly great, missions are fun and diverse, exploring Springfield is a blast and the fanservice is glorious. If you love the Simpsons, or just GTA-style games, and haven't tried this game yet, you are doing yourself a huge disservice Also the soundtrack is excellent, which is something I don't say to most licensed game's OST EDIT: I'm pretty sure if I remade this list, Transformers Devastation would be no.1. Sorry, I still can't shut up about that game
  15. The title was right; I indeed am. I'm taking lots of requests from anybody, but I have reviews planned for a loooooong time. I'll tell you what games I have planned: Elder Scrolls (All of them) Dark Forces (All of them) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Oddworld (All of them) Zelda (Most of them) Mario (Most of them) Yeah... just about everything. That's what I have planned now, but I'll mix it up. My next review will be out by Friday, possibly earlier. That game is: EARTHWORM JIM (Sega Genesis Version)
  16. ok so I was checking the forums and noticed that there is no thread for this so I made one I swear to god I checked this one useing google if they lied to me and this topic gets locked so what are some of your least favorite or disappointing games you have played recently? for me this title solely belongs to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs I know it was a year and a half ago but it still stands as one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever been though. I had issues from the first moments I started playing, long story short, they took away a lot of things that made the first game so great, I can't remember cause I abolished this game from my mind. it was also the first game I ever pre-ordered very very disappointing also I might as well add Pague Inc: Evolved to that list witch isn't nearly as bas as AAMfP but still failed to impress when I played it and is still underwhelming today
  17. Because I realize my iPod is mainly video game OSTs, I decided to make a list of my personal favorites OSTs. 10) Dynasty Warriors 3 As odd as it sounds to have ancient Chinese warriors fighting each other to loud Japanese rock music, it works very well. The Dynasty Warriors series usually does a good job having the music blend with the intense action of hack-n-slashing swaths of enemies, but Dynasty Warriors 3 is the cream of the crop. My favorite soundtracks here are , , , , and 9) Call of Duty 3 - Joel Goldsmith(RIP) I remember when I first booted up the game on the Wii(yes I got CoD3 for the Wii and enjoyed it, sue me) and just hearing Sometimes I'd just sit at the menu for minutes on end just to listen to it. Made even more epic was when that same theme would come back in the end of the final mission. Of course there are tons of great tunes in this game like , , and . It's still one of my favorite WWII themed soundtracks ever, only beaten by one other game... 8) Medal of Honor Frontline - Michael Giacchino Composed by the same guy responsible for UP, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, Medal of Honor Frontline is another great addition to his work. Stand outs in this one include , , , and 7) Marvel Vs Capcom - Capcom Sound Team The musicians at Capcom were usually geniuses when it came to their older style of music when it came to their arcade fighters. It was disappointing to see the second game set to smooth and slow jazz music(for a fast-paced fighting game '-_-) especially coming off the heels of the first game's OST. It did a great job of finding fitting themes for all the characters whether it'd be based off older games or based off the characters. Favorites include , , , , , and 6) Persona 3 - Shoji Meguro High School, Teenagers, and Pop Music is usually a recipe for disaster but holy shit does Persona 3 subvert and completely curb stomp that trope. Persona 3 has the kind of music you either be walking around school too, driving to, or just use to sit down and chill. Some of my favorite songs here are Mass Destruction, Burn My Dread, I Want to Be Close, Iwatodai Dorm, and 5) No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Akira Yamaoka No More Heroes 2 was really something. The first game's soundtrack was already awesome, but the second game managed to top it in almost every way, while at the same time it manages to be as batshit insane as the game itself. . Other great songs include , , , and 4) Super Smash Bros Series - Various Composers Yes I'm putting the entire series into this category as they usually bring back 90% of the soundtracks from the previous games into the next one. In short, if your a Nintendo fan(and Nintendo makes fantastic music), then you better make sure you have this in your music device, as it has a plethora of music from nearly every single Nintendo franchise(including some third parties like Sonic, Pac-Man, Megaman, and Metal Gear). Too many favorites to choose from, but some from the top of my head are Fountain of , , , , , , , Gerudo Valley(Smash 4), and 3) Metal Gear Solid - TAPPY There's something about the heavy sound of MGS's soundtrack that makes it so memorable for me. Every theme fits its scenario to a tee, from the slower sneaking parts to the adrenaline pumping fighting moments. And boy songs like , , , , , , and of course the game's 2) Final Fantasy VIII - Nobou Uematsu It was hard for me to pick which Final Fantasy OST should go over here, but if I had to pick just ONE OST to stick with forever, I would definitely go with Final Fantasy VIII. Seriously it's hard to beat a first impression like . To go along with it, I'd consider the game's boss theme, , to be the best one ever. And lets not forget , , , , , , , , and . Regardless of your feelings towards the game, the game has an amazing soundtrack, and honestly, if your not even gonna give its OST props, then you are, quite frankly, fucking insane. 1) Megaman X - Capcom Sound Team Kinda feels weird to give to the No.1 spot to a 16-bit game after praising the hole bejeebus out of fully orchestrated OSTs. It may be my love for rock music. Megaman X is not only my favorite game OST, it's my favorite OST ever, which is saying a lot considering Juggernauts like Star Wars and Disney movies. Nearly every single song in this game I find memorable and has a place in my heart. , , , , , , , ...Jesus the list goes on. Hell even the . All of the soundtracks above I hold in such high regard, but Megaman X has the biggest spot in my heart
  18. Ice Fox


    Welcome to Prism Studios! This is a blog about the projects of a currently one man company-me-and I'd like to show you the inside scoop of exactly what I am doing and creating. So buckle your seat belts: this may be a crazy ride. Multiverse (name not final) Story: You play the role of a young woman who is down on her luck. With no home and no money, she is in a very difficult position. While walking the streets of a dirty town, she spies a news program for a newly discovered ruin; one that may have boundless riches within. A slow smile creeping across her face, our heroine rushes to the ancient ruin, hoping that she will finally get her life out of the rut it is in. She has everything to gain, and nothing to perhaps her life. Gameplay: Once in a level, gameplay will be in 2D platformer style. Your character can jump, shoot a gun, and move left and right. The screen will often be very zoomed out, giving you awareness of your surroundings. Your character's unique skill is her jetpack. This jetpack will allow you to fly in one of the 4 compass directions at high speed, and direction can be changed while flying. However, it runs off of fuel, which recharges instantly upon touching the ground. So don't get too carried away jetting around! Also, your gun has another feature: a vacuum. This vacuum will allow you to pull certain objects to you and hold them at the front of your gun. How you can use these objects varies-there may be rubber balls you can shoot off at enemies, or dangerous swords that you can swing at foes! Perhaps the vacuum can also be used to move certain parts of a level. Your goal in a level will be to reach the magical key and return with it to the start of the level. However, that is no easy task; once you grab the key, a timer will begin counting down to your doom. If you don't escape quickly enough, you will have to restart. Also, the level will be changed once you grab the key-the kind of change depends on the level you're in. Some levels may have certain parts freeze in place; some may have the entire level flip upside down! Be sure to keep your wits about you. I plan for this game to be quite hard. One hit will kill you. Fortunately, you have no limit of lives. Progression: Within the ruins are numerous crystal shrines. When one ventures too near, he or she will be sucked into the unique but small world the crystal contains. On the game map, you will have access to 4 worlds at once, and may switch between them at any time. Within each world are several levels(crystals), which must be cleared progressively in their specific world. Each world will have a loose theme. For example, one world may have primarily machinery based levels, and once you reach the key, the mechanical parts will lock up. This world would have a more of a puzzle element than other worlds. Atmosphere and Inspiration: I really want this game to have an eerie and supernatural atmosphere. The game is inspired by titles such as Wario Land 4 and 1001 spikes. One last note: I plan for this game to have a long boss fight at the end of each world. I'm thinking it would be a good idea for you to get 3 hits on a boss in place of the usual one. I'll have to see. So what do you think of these ideas? Think this game should be killed at the start line? Would you like to see more of this game? Do you have ideas of your own? Make your voice heard below!
  19. When thinking about what developer should make an MLP G4 game. There's people who are saying Nintendo or Bethesda but I think WayForward should be the best developer for this type of game. WayForward makes a lot of great cartoon quality games like Shantae and Mighty Switch Force. And they even made a bunch of decent licensed games including Adventure Time Games, Regular show, and Ducktales: Remastered. I think it should be a 2D platformer since a cartoon based game would like this work great that way and there aren't that many 2D platformers these days. Maybe even put some RPG elements but keep the game simple enough. I think it should be made for every platform like PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360, One, etc. I would like it to come out on 3DS too so I can play it on the go.
  20. For example(s): I actually prefer Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to, well... Pokemon. I don't wanna catch 'em all. I wanna inexplicably turn into one and then scour a randomly-generated dungeon floor. While I'm quite fond of Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII, I probably appreciate FF: Crystal Chronicles more than the main series as a whole. And, as much as I enjoy Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (never mind Ghosts n' Goblins lol), I'm more a fan of Firebrand and the Gargoyle's Quest and Demon's Crest titles. I know there are plenty of people out there who prefer Donkey Kong Country to Donkey Kong. It's... Not me in this one case; Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong '94 are near and dear to me.
  21. ATTACK OF THE CHICKENS(ZELDA) Starting with A Link to the Past, attack a chicken as much as you can and an entire army will get their revenge on you METAL GEAR-VANIA Have Castlevania Symphony of the Night on your PS1 memory card and he'll reveal the game on your memory card. This works with other Konami games including Azure Dreams, Suikoden, and Vandal Hearts. The Gamecube remake also brings this back, this time with Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Eternal Darkness CLOUD JOINS THE PARTY(FINAL FANTASY TACTICS) A sidequest that is activated after finding a certain Zodiac Stone, you can get Cloud from Final Fantasy Tactics to join your party, complete with most of his Limit Breaks from the game. The PSP remake of the game follows up on this by re-including Cloud, as well as Luso(FFTA2) and Balthier(FFXII) LINK AND SAMUS IN SUPER MARIO RPG Both Link and Samus make appearances in Super Mario RPG, sleeping in some inns before/after(respectively) facing battles with their foes BATTLE CUTMAN(MEGAMAN X8) If you have a save file of Megaman X Command Mission on your PS2 Memory Card, you can unlock a battle with Cut Man from Megaman 1 STARFOX REPORTING FOR YOUR MASKS A line of masks in your inventory in Majora's Mask will appear to represent the Starfox crew+Pigma SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THE G-DIFFUSER Appearing in F-Zero X, James McCloud in F-Zero is pretty much the same character from F-Zero. Since his appearance in F-Zero X, he's since become a staple ROOM OF GABEN(HALF-LIFE) The God among PC Gamers has his face plastered in a room in Half Life...which is kind of creepy RESIDENT GAMECUBE(RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE) In the Gamecube Remake of the original Resident Evil, the MO Disc Reader was changed to resemble the Gamecube(as a nod to the game's exclusivity). Unfortunately since the recent HD update of the game isn't available on any Nintendo consoles, the GC resemblance has been removed STARTING THE CONSOLE(NINTENDO GAMECUBE) Holding the Z Button with one Controller will make an alternate sound when starting up. Do it with all four controllers and you'll get another start up tune
  22. Basically, my mother is ignorant (not that she did anything wrong) of the different MLP generations. I myself have not watched any of the other gens, but can obviously tell them apart from G4. My mother recently bought me the Nintendo DS video game "Pinkie Pie's Party," which is based on gen 3 or 3.5 I believe. The reviews on Amazon say it's a simple game for a 4 year old. ( If it were of gen 4, I would probably play it just cause of that, but I have no knowledge or emotional attachment of this generation. Does anyone know if it's worth playing at all? It's unopened, so should I just try to return it?
  23. I think I've made it pretty clear that I am a big fan of VGM, so here is my TOP 10 VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACKS for no reason! One game per franchise. NUMBER 10: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ah, Zelda. So adventurous. And stuff. Because all Zelda games have good music, I just picked the one with the largest amount of memorable songs. And OoT happened to be that game. But, if there's one flaw here, it's that the soundtrack focuses more on individual songs rather than feeling like one whole piece. Now, some could say that's a good thing, and it is, but what's best is to have a balance. NUMBER 9: Xenoblade Chronicles This soundtrack is weird. Not the songs themselves, just how the music is. It feels like 2 entirely different composers split the songs among themselves, meaning it can be really weird to listen to, jumping inbetween totally different styles. But they're both amazing, so I don't care. Riki's Tenderness, Confrontation with the Enemy, and, (duh) You Will Know Our Names are my favorites of the soundtrack. NUMBER 8: Katamari Damacy NAAAA NANANANANAAAA NANA NA NA NA NANA NAAAAAAAAA NUMBER 7: Banjo-Kazooie It took quite a while for me to appreciate this soundtrack as much as I do. But, this soundtrack is just full of good, and unlike OoT, feels like a complete package. Grunty's Lair is probably my favorite, just because the instruments change depending on where you are in, well, Grunty's Lair. Sadly, I couldn't find any of these variations easily online, so you're gonna have to buy the game yourself to hear them. (Well, you should anyway. S'good.) NUMBER 6: Mega Man X Kicks too much ass to turn down. Really can't say anything more. NUMBER 5: Earthbound Yeah, it's THAT good. First, the Super Nintendo: for its time, it had an AMAZING sound chip, and this is THE GAME one would use to show it off. There were many times when listening that I went, "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS ON A SUPER NINTENDO!?!?!!?". Nothing else sounds anything like it,most likely due to the extremely unique instrumentation. I'd try to say some of my favorite songs, but I love them all. NUMBER 4: Final Fantasy X Wow. For some reason, I can find nothing to say about this soundtrack. Other then "it's really good" a lot. And, I don't have a clever outro either. Dannnnnnnnng. NUMBER 3: Chrono Trigger Almost put this behind Final Fantasy X. But then I didn't. I'm thinking maybe I SHOULD put this lower due to the repetitive soundfont, but, naaaaahhh. Many good songs lie here. Like the Main Theme, which to this day, I still think is the best thing that has ever been composed by a human being. I could probably write a whole blog post dedicated to that song ALONE. NUMBER 2: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion There's NO WAY that I'd be making this list without putting an Elder Scrolls game in the Top 10 5 3, if not higher. After thinking about it very hard*, I decided to ditch Morrowind in favor of Oblivion. (If you're curious, Morrowind would have landed around 5-ish, had it been included.) The instrumentation is much more freeform compared to Morrowind and Skyrim, and it benefits the music a lot. I never would have known that Wings of Kynareth could be performed with real instruments. Or that one interlude from Through the Valleys. Or Dusk at the Market. Definitely deserves the spot, along with your ears. NUMBER 1: Legend of Mana I KNEW this was #1 the day I started thinking about this list. This is the PERFECT soundtrack, and I've no regrets saying that. Every song is amazing, with no exception. It may not seem like it the first few times listening to it, but the direction balances out very well. Title Theme? Amazing. Nostalgic Song? Incredible. World of Mana? Wait a second... Well, there's 24 hours of incredible music. You can thank me later. *Not that hard
  24. When a female character is the main protagonist of a video game, it tends to be the grown, adult woman type like Lara Croft or Bayonetta. But what if there was a female protagonist in a game who wasn't like that? Like a zany, bubbly girl who follows her own logic, and is naive, quirky, random, and optimistic. Someone who's like Pinkie Pie or Mabel Pines only isn't. Can a character like this work in a game?
  25. Chrono Cross is, to this day, my favorite video game. Chrono Cross was my first RPG growing up, I was about 8-9 years old when I got it. This was the game that hooked me on the RPG genre and led me to play the greats like Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon and others. I still own the game but lost the strategy guide, sad days, that book was wonderful! I haven't beaten the game in about a decade, so I'm going through it again and it's very strange! Memories are flooding back like crazy, it feels great. Does anyone else have a love for this classic game like I do? I've never talked to anyone else about it because no one else I've ever known has ever played it. I don't know what anyone else thinks of this game, the boss battles or the characters. Chrono Cross fans, I'm trying to reel you in here.