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Found 638 results

  1. Stallionslaughter

    Music Battlefield (Miley Cyrus Parody)

    Battlefield is my favorite game right now. All gameplay is SlaughterPony (that's me) wrecking it on all three Xbox One Battlefield titles. The lyrics were really difficult to write on this one, but I think I nailed it! Download - Stallionslaughter - Battlefield (Miley Cyrus Metal Parody).mp3
  2. The Top Ten Best Games from 2015 You Might Have Heard Of is here. It was a long time coming but I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it. I was trying out a lot of new things with this list such as a new Microphone and some new editing techniques. I hope you find this video enjoyable or at the very least informative. I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback you can toss my way.
  3. RealityPublishing


    Here's an old one. Now for the masses who don't know, I'm a huge 3DS fan. I thought the handheld was great and an amazing adaptation of the successful DS. I bought my own during the first year of its release, and, even though it was called a failure, I sure had a lot of fun with it! Having bought the newly released, remastered editions of my all-time favorite Zelda, I was set! Smash 4 was a hit and Resident Evil: Revelations had me at the edge of my seat. Everything was awesome! At least, it was until... The New 3DS XL Now, I know Nintendo's history with handhelds. First comes the innovation (Nintendo DS), then comes the remastered version (Nintendo DS Lite), and then the one no one cares about (Nintendo DS XL). And don't get me started on the GameBoy Micro. Seriously, what is that? (Rhetorical) So by the time the N3DS came out, I was a bit upset and for a lot of reasons. Firstly, I couldn't play Binding of Isaac on my old one, and secondly, that meant the 3DS was nearing the end of its life. Has that happened yet? No and I hope that never comes to pass. I mean, come on, the Vita? That's literally the second joke I've pulled on that system. Better graphics isn't the world, y'know? Anyway, the problem of today was that I had my heart set on the N3DS. I figured, "Oh, well I might as well get it because I don't have enough money for the Circle Pad." Yeah, that was my reasoning back then. Buy a 200 dollar system to make up for a 10 dollar appliance. Some mathematician I was. The thing was that I was willing to sell my original, aqua blue 3DS on this shady market website and... it didn't go well. I was willing to supply the case, the box, the instructions. It was like new and it was perfect! I... even wiped the disk. OUCH And in the blink of my eye, all 3000 of my Smash 4 trophies were gone. I was so upset when I didn't end up selling my 3DS. I made so many calls to Nintendo that week, and... the only thing I can say is that their customer service is pretty good. No complaints about that. (Oh, fun fact: The "on-hold" music is the Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Field theme. If you're bored, feel free to give 'em all call. Tell 'em I sent you) No, I never did get my trophies back. Probably because the system has some sort of "ultimate algorithm" that (wow, thank you spell-check. Seriously, "algorythim"? What is this?) locks the system. So all that data I had on my SD card was completely useless. So much for reading directions. Lesson of today is to respect your handhelds. Celestia knows what you do to them. -RealityPublishing
  4. OK, so I really need help with this song that is from a mario game but I can't get it out of my head. The first bars go g d c# d f. And it sounds a bit Piratey, I think it's in one of the Mario vs Donkey Kong games and it is used in quite a few of SMG4's videos as well. If anyone can name the song or if anyone thinks this should be a status post instead just let me know.
  5. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  6. I just started a review series called Games Taking Flight and I reviewed a game in video form for the first time Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. RealityPublishing


    So to clarify, all that stuff I said in the last update about "special surprises concerning upcoming stories", bogus. Yeah, I'm not going to pull those yet; they're in the reserves. Now, to begin today's belated peril. (seriously, me writing this at 9PM is practically a crime) Before I start, I just want to say, I love my Xbox. It's a gaming machine that does it's job a good 40% of the time when compared to my computer (which is still high considering it's dead to the floor. Yeah, I couldn't fix it). So for everything that's happened, I don't hold it against my Xbox. It's all about those puppeteers behind the curtain, Microsoft. Damn, those guys really need to step on it. Windows 10? Seriously? I'm lucky to still have an install disk for Windows 7 Home Prem. Now I'm ranting; continue. I got a text from my friend, a PlayStation fanatic, and he tells me that I could come over for the day. Of course, I'm not going to let an opportunity like that down, so I went! Now, at this time, I was in the middle of my first playthrough of Watch_Dogs and I'm a Microsoft supporter, thus, I wouldn't be able to play my Xbox games at his house even if it killed me. So of course, I had to bring the console. I quickly packed a backpack and ran to his house carrying a 200 hundred dollar gaming console, again, not exactly the smartest idea. Now, I got to play a good 5 minutes before everything went down. My friend was cool about me using his television and everything, but the real problem was that he wanted to show me a meme. Normally, I wouldn't mind a good meme or two, but when I turned around, hell broke loose. My toe, simple and plain as it is, tapped (I'm talking Fluttershy level of tapping) the Xbox as it ran and that's when it happened. My beloved Xbox, ground, I'm talking CHAINSAW LEVEL OF GRINDING, my CD. The sounds it made were only comparable to a blender caught on fire and then melted with the heat created from an overcooked steak. I was in pure shock, whispering to myself as my dear Microsoft companion continued its mighty rage, "Please don't let the rumors be true; please don't." Yes, I really said that and... well... upon my disk was the most beautiful piece of art. It was like my system was trying to show off, expressing itself with a precious circle imprinted upon my 20 dollar copy of Ubisoft's "next-gen" (yes, the parentheses) masterpiece. I walked home knowing I'd just burned money. Now, I wasn't ready to give up. To me, this game was awesome and I'd been drooling over it since its release. So I ran to the library, hoping I could rent a disk resurfacer. Nope. Ran home to drench the disk in toothpaste. (Not exaggerating on that "drenching". I literally dunked my CD in a vat of toothpaste.) NOPE, nothing worked. "Fine," I said, digging around the youtube archives of underage punks dipping their copy of Modern Warfare in oil, lighting it on fire, then putting it out with their prepubescent tears, "I'll just have to try something else." I did the whole process twice, the toothpaste. It wasn't until afterward that I found a video explaining that Car Wax was the answer to all my problems. Did I get that wax? No, I haven't. Five dollars is a lot to a brony who isn't allowed to get a job and spends all his lawn greens on pony dolls. That copy of Watch_Dogs is still sitting under my bed, waiting, wishing, and wanting to be played once more. Still feel bad for my Xbox. Such a beautiful circle... Lesson of today is to not get Windows 10. If you did, then I take my hat off to you; your eulogy will be done by tomorrow afternoon. -RealityPublishing
  8. STUFF... I love STUFF Ok, so this is just a place that I would like to just chat about stuff with people well I'm trying to learn how to make my own video games. I will be on this topic anytime I am at my computer learning the program. so drop by anytime even if I'm not on. I am willing to talk about almost anything, so that is why I don't really have a topic title so here is a list of suggestions. Last video game you played- Favorite video game- New Games coming out- New song you like- Favorite song- New movies- Favorite movies- Art you like- Art you have done- Anime you are/have watched- Favorite Anime- And of course Anything Pony Related
  9. Late Night Ponderings is a series of mini-editorials that covers a wide range of subjects. In this episode I discuss System Shock, The upcoming remake and why it's important to go back and play the originals. Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. Just imagine. You're a simple pony living Ponyville. At each birthday organized by the local party-nimal pink mare, you would like to give a video game to let them discover why they are so great to play. Okay, but what video game to choose? You can give a video game to either multiple ponies or a single one. I'm just curious what you would give to them. If I posted this topic in the wrong place, sincere apologies. ^^' I will begin with the mane 6, but you can go to the birthday of another pony if you want ! ^^ Twilight Sparkle: I think one of the Age of Empires series should do. There are a lot of knowledge about human civilizations in it and you have to be good in strategy to win. Rainbow Dash: I would give her Sonic the Hedgehog (the first, on Megadrive/Genesis). Simple to control, energetic gameplay, fast character, and challenge are on the way! Fluttershy: One of the SingStar series would be good for her! She really like singing and she won't feel any pressure at home. Rarity: My personal choice would be The World Ends With You. The system of this Action-RPG can be entirely customized and the plot takes place at Shibuya, where everything is about fashion. Not entirely sure I would give her this one if it's her very first game, though. ^^' Pinkie Pie: The game that make me laugh every single time I play, especially with my friends, is Super Smash Bros. So why not after all? This game is just as random as her, I'm sure she would like it! ^^ Applejack: Hum... A game that should combine ressources management and a little bit of action? I think Minecraft should fit for her. And you? What would you give? =)
  11. Two cool looking games came out, one is Early Access, one is a final release. Which is better? Which is Equal?
  12. To go against the grain of normal hated character lists, I decided to do a top 5 list of characters I hated but grew to like. Any feedback, comments and such are appreciated.
  13. ChikoritaCheezits

    General Media Clichés you can't stand

    I saw a tread about settings in media you can't stand so I decided to make one of clichés I media you can't stand. The ones that you that or are sick and tired of that to always see. Friends don't believe main character when something ad normal happens: looking at you canterlot wedding Nerd tries to impress girl: it's usually mean spirited and frustrating So discuss away! Nerd getting bullied: still mean spirited. Don't even get me started on the brain dead character cliché
  14. Judge

    Gaming No Man's Sky-Hype

    So who's gonna play this and name all the planets and species after ponies?
  15. ZOMBIES! The undead creatures that have been in more games than I can count on one hoof. Well, I can only count one with one hoof, but still! Zombies are everywhere in media, especially video games. From the early days of Survival Horror with Resident Evil to the modern days with games like Zombi and Plants vs. Zombies, there are sooooooooooooo many different games involving these brain hungry miscreants. With such a wide variety of games, one must think, what is our favorite zombie video games? That is what I ask you all today! What are YOUR favorites? It can be any game whatsoever that involves zombies, so have at it! For me, two personal favorites I have always had are Dead Rising (the first one) and Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse. Dead Rising is a simple yet very fun game that just revolves around the fun (video game fun at least) of being trapped in a mall with thousands of undead and it works so very well. The survivor aspect of the first game is garbage though. I always loved the disclaimer on the box art. Stubss the Zombie is a game where you play AS the zombie! It is a game with tons of comedy and tons of violence, it was the most violent game I played at the time it was released. IT is great fun though and I wish it could be remade at least.
  16. I mean character from anything, whether it be game, book, movie, or TV show. For me it's Umbridge in both the Harry Potter books and movie. She's a genuinely terrible person and nothing really bad happened to her because of it. She is easily one of the worst characters out there. The one thing the fifth movie got right was how horrible she was. So, who do you think is the worst character from anything? EDIT: Ok, so a lot of you seem to be misunderstanding what I mean by "worst character". I mean a character that is a genuinely terrible person and has next to nothing redeemable about them. My above example, Umbridge, was just a horrible person and the worst thing that ever happened to her was that she was kidnapped by centaurs. Badly written or too perfect characters aren't the greatest, but they normally aren't meant to be a bad character. So, with that information, what character do you think is the worst?
  17. OK, Massive Spoilers in this post, If you have not played Undertale, do not read on. I Am confused to who is the true villain of Undertale.Is it Chara, Flowey/Asriel, Asgore, W.D Gaster or You? Apparently Chara poisoned herself to get Asriel into massive trouble, the vilagers thought that Asriel killed Chara, so they attacked him and he died from his injuries. However, Asgore wants the Human Souls for himself, and there is W.D Gaster, who is the most mysterious character of the game. So who is the real villain? Chara? Toby Fox, Scott Cawthon and Hideo Kojima are so similar in the fact that they confuse their players.
  18. A Black Circle

    Gaming Best game intros?

    My candidates: Final Fantasy X: Kind of narm, but still well put together. It's kind of weird how it goes through about halfway before you get to the title screen, and then goes through once you start the game. W/e Shenmue: FATHER! NOOOOOOO! Jokes aside, this is probably the most cinematic intro I've seen yet. And in the actually good way, not 30fps garbage. Fallout: Easily the best, by a faaaaaar margin. Excellent music, excellent visuals (I'm a sucker for late 90s pre-rendered 3D), and manages to be short and to-the-point while also giving you plenty of information about the world and its circumstances. Must see:
  19. Nintenboy195

    Luna Asteroids

    Hello everypony, this is my first game too ever be released. It is a mlp themed asteroids game. With Princess Luna as the main protagonist. Destroy all of the asteroids and prevent Equestria from meeting with a terrible fate! (If you are havin trouble, try pressing R!) Here is the link! Screenshots: Please enjoy!
  20. I'm pretty sure this goes here. I double checked to see if there's a thread like this already. this is supposed to be a trailor btw, one might need to scrub though the video. I don't know what to think of it as a whole. I won't be surprised if this is cancelled because... Hasbro. The only positive I can think of, is that the animations and movement are ideal for what I imagine a really good MLP game to be. Here's Jim Sterling's reaction video to it. It's cut a lot shorter. So what do you guys think of this?
  21. Just as the title says, name some of your favorite games from Specific consoles. Ones you felt left an impact on the industry as a whole, games that bring back memories from your childhood, etc. I'll start with only one for a couple of consoles Playstation Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! I was young when I first picked up video games, and this was one of my first. That's why it will always be special to me, but also because it's really fun. Another thing about it was that I never had a memory card for the Playstation so every time I would play I would get as far as I could and then I'd restart the next time I got on. I never got bored of this game. Nintendo 64 Tonic Trouble Now of course I loved Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, but this was another game that most people probably never heard of that I really enjoyed. The N64 along with the Playstation were the first consoles I had and this was one of the games I always played. The mutant vegetables were kind of terrifying as a kid but I still loved it. I'll leave it with those two for now. I'd love to hear about some games that are significant to you, so let me know and post your responses below!
  22. In a world where Bethesda seems to be incapable of making anything that isn't id software, Elder Scrolls or Fallout, The Evil Within is unfortunately not an exception to the rule. Now there is talks of a possible sequel for the game and frankly... I don't see why. I sincerely hope they don't waste the time and money on making a follow up to this game, especially not while its rights are in Bethesda's hands. Sequels ultimately is what lead Shinji Mikami to abandon the Resident Evil franchise in the first place feeling that they were milking it too far and originally intended the game to end at Resident Evil 4. Given how much people seem to criticize almost all future installments, maybe they should have listened to the man. Now to explain why this game does not need a sequel, I am going to have to talk a lot about the first game. Not spoiling the story as much as possible, The Evil Within is overwhelmingly mediocre. While it got decent scores, many fans seem to agree that the game isn't really as ground breaking as it lead us to believe. The horror elements are rather weak and it definitely didn't feel that scary, just hard. The game substitutes fear and otherwise interesting enemies for challenge, and it goes so far as to have you unlock insanely harder difficulties that are almost impossible. Playing the game on normal is already an undertaking due to poor mechanics, shoddy technical issues and unfair designs. I got this game originally on the PS3 and was excited for it, but the PS3 version ran so poorly that I actually traded it in to get the PS4 version hoping it would fair better. While the resolution was bumped up to 1080p, the framerate seems to sit at a pathetic 27FPS. While it claims it's 30FPS, the game dips quite often especially at points when enemies appear on screen. This means when combat instances pop up, the game seems to stutter, making actually hitting them a nightmare. It's another prime example of a Bethesda game not being optimized for anything beyond PC which is a damn shame because what's the point of releasing games on platforms that you don't give a damn about? The game's technical issues sadly don't stop there. The engine chosen just doesn't lend itself to realistic gibbing, so a lot of the deaths of both yourself and the enemies look almost cartoonish to the point where it was hard to be immersed. Mechanic wise the game focuses too hard on trying to be difficult and not in the best possible ways. Enemies seldom go down from a single headshot even with a shotgun, and they purposely limit your ammo carrying capacity to almost laughable amounts. When you first start the game your pistol can only hold like... 6 extra bullets on reserve. I get you don't have a backpack, but you're a cop... You have no way to carry ammo? None? It's made difficult by handicapping the player to the Nth degree. Enemies often do massive damage and your abilities are limited so much that even after upgrades they are still a joke. For a cop who is supposed to be in shape, Sebastian can only run for 4 seconds... Literally. Fully upgraded: 7 seconds. Unfair mechanics, enemies that take massive amounts of your limited supplies to kill and otherwise very boring story and bland voice acting means you will find yourself having a hard time not only being scared, but even finishing the game. The Evil Within definitely did not deliver on its promise of reviving survival horror, and honestly should just remain a blip that we passed over on the radar. Making a sequel would almost be like just redoing the entire game because there's so much that would need changing that it would need a whole overhaul.
  23. If anyone remembers back in the early 2000's, Acclaim released a pro wrestling video game series called Legends of Wrestling. As the name suggests, it featured a number of wrestlers from the past competing against each other. It's safe to say that they weren't perfect. They had some glitches and such but the whole concept was just fantastic. They made 3 games: Legends of Wrestling I, Legends of Wrestling II, and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. However Acclaim folded just after Showdown was released. Since then, no other gaming company has acquired the rights to the Legends of Wrestling series. So I figured that I would show you a few Word documents that I typed up of stuff I would include in a fourth Legends of Wrestling video game if it were a reality. They include Game Modes, Roster, Arenas, Features and Notes and Disclaimers. I used Word documents because typing it all here would take way too much effort on my part They were done in the Stencil typeface just to let you know. This is only a fantasy, I don't know if they will make one or not. LOWNewFeatures.docx LOWModes.docx LOWRoster.docx LOWArenas.docx LOWNotes.docx Those are just my ideas of what I would use if they ever made a Legends of Wrestling IV. If you have any ideas, don't be afraid to share them.
  24. Twilight Dirac

    Gaming New Paradox Game Stellaris

    So Paradox, the makers of Europa Universalis IV and Cities Skylines has thrown their hat into the Space 4X ring with Stellaris, released earlier this month, a game where you start from a single planet a build a galaxy spanning empire. Its great fun, providing excellent mechanics for exploration, technological development and conquest, and fully supports multiplayer to players can compete to become the best galaxy conquering megalomaniac. I highly recommend it. Has anyone else picked up this game?
  25. For example, Captain N The Game Master Super Mario Bros. Super Show Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World Sonic the Hedgehog Does anyone like to watch these things despite how bad and cheesy they are?