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Found 640 results

  1. Not to call doom and gloom, but i fear this game is gonna flop, because of 3 reasons. 1. It's a fighting game. If you want to publish a fighting game, you should seriously aim at Console gamers, because not every PC gamer wants to buy a controller and rather play stuff with their Keyboards. 2. The game will cost 40$ and only has 6 or 7 characters. Street Fighter 2 in 1991 had 8 characters in the Arcades and these days, we have fighting games that have 40 or 50 unique characters, so this game dosen't have alot of variety. 3. Only Bronies will care about it and that's not really all bronies, because of the simple fact "it dosen't have ponies in it." And Bronies who do buy it, are just buying it, because it's the closest thing they get to "Fighting is Magic." Maybe i am wrong. Maybe it will be a huge success. But i simply don't see it. I added this, because this theme is awesome. EDIT: I was informed that the normal price tag is 20 $. It won't change my general opinion of the games success, but i think maybe it will make it a bit more interesting.
  2. For those of you who don't know, the Mane Six (People behind Fighting is Magic prior to Hasbro's C&D) got together with Lauren Faust to make a spiritual successor. The new game features 6-7 playable characters, a story, a interactive lobby, and much more that's all on their inddiegogo. Here's the link: Here's to hoping they make that goal because I'm excited. Are you guys? I really liked Fighting is Magic, and with the funding and time their planning to put into it this looks like it's gunna be great. I hope it pans out.
  3. The title explains it all, these are my personal favorites of many things in the Phoenix Wright series! Favorite Music (seperated into different categories) Favorite Game: Dual Destinies Favorite Item-Based Mechanic (Apollo's bracelet, Phoenix's magatama, etc.) The Psyche-Locks Favorite Character: Apollo Justice (AA5)
  4. What is the absolute WORST and BEST way to play a game you've ever experienced? Fill out this form, please. -Name: -Year: -Console: -Why it's the worst/best in your opinion: _________ Me for example. the worst controller i've ever used IMO, is: -the WiiMote. -2006 -The Nintendo Wii -It was uncomfortable and not fun at all to use. i went with the classic controller instead. and my best IMO is: -the Dualshock 3 controller -2007 -PS3 -I only have a PS3 in my room. and to be fair, playing crysis 3 with it feels 100% fluent. it is undeniably the very best controller i've ever played with. It has fluent, responsive controls, a comfortable shape, and its analog sticks are placed on the very bottom, in comparison to the xbox's top-left/down-right or the wiiu's top/top. and drifting with it on Need for speed Most Wanted 2k12 is undeniably amazing. you gotta try it for yourself to believe it!
  5. Well, this was a long time coming and it only seems fitting to discuss it now, considering the current news from the court room involving Bungie. As we all know, Destiny wasn't exactly the game we expected it to be; the sweeping, epic narrative was little more than a dried raisin with a few cutscenes thrown in. The multiplayer was unbalanced and lacked sustenance. The side missions and strikes were horribly grindy and repetitive. And then there's all the DLC and NOW MICROTRANSACTIONS AS WELL... Where is this masterpiece of a game we were once promised? How could such a prized and loved studio like Bungie possibly fail to deliver? For the simple fact, that the Bungie currently creating Destiny is not the same as the one we used to know. ----------- Starting right from the beginning, we know that Destiny was already a thing way back during Halo 3 ODST, with all the little Destiny easter eggs that only were discovered when the game was revealed. Halo 3 ODST was released all the way back in 2009...meaning Destiny was in development for the good amount of 6 YEARS, knowing that 343i and a much smaller percentage of Bungie employees worked on Halo Reach. 6 YEARS and we got...well, a failure of a game. Almost akin to the more recent Duke Nukem installment. All the way up to E3 2013 it's clear that Bungie was still Bungie; that first Destiny reveal left the world in awe, promises of a game that you could sink hundreds of hours into and still have barely scratched the surface...but even in that first trailer, there was a problem. Martin O'Donnell, the genius behind the Halo soundtracks and the man who made the entire Destiny soundtrack as well, had his own work cut from that preliminary trailer and replaced by some of Activision's own music. This...was the beginning of Bungie's downfall. ----------- It's clear that after that trailer, things got progressively worse at Bungie. It's possible Activision continued to play with creative control over the game whenever they saw fit to and our first truly public clue to this was when Joseph Staten, the head writer and one of Bungie's founders, left the studio. Why? Well it's clear that the sci-fi epic that was Destiny's story was gone, cut to pieces. Even now, it's unclear as to how much of the story we have today was Staten's work. Perhaps none of it is and it's been entirely redone. But it's clearly nowhere near the quality we all expected from Destiny upon release. Various other employees also left, most in smaller roles, but all played some crucial part in the games development; cinematographers, writers, animators...all leaving Bungie mysteriously throughout 2014, some even crawling over to 343i to continue working on the Halo franchise. Even now, we know that Joseph Staten is back with Microsoft and is soon to release a new Halo novel. The once great game that Destiny was, slowly descended into the shadows of corruption and mystery, not that anyone knew at the time. Even just before launch, people were blind to all of Bungie's shady moves in the past year or so. Of course, it's easy to point out Activision as the evil guy in all of this but, despite what the Bungie fanboys may tell you, there's one piece of evidence that proves Bungie is just as bad as they are: The Martin O'Donnell court case. ---------------- After Destiny was released, many fans were disappointed to not see the soundtrack released to the general public on things like iTunes like the Halo soundtracks were. It was odd knowing Marty's past for it NOT to be released, but this was just the beginning. Almost every time any Destiny trailers were released, Marty would put up tweets specifically telling fans "that's not my music in the trailer". Obviously, no-one seemed to blink an eye as to why these tweets were made but clearly, Bungie did. Only now do we realise that Marty was trying to break free from the machine. Bungie and Activision were taking his creative freedom and crushing it with an iron boot. He tried to reach out to the fans, tell them that his work was not on display like it should have been, and he was punished for it. He was sacked, quite abruptly, and not to mention, Bungie illegally stole money from him through this. Unpaid wages...profit cuts...etc. Despite Bungie's sugar-coating of the matter, Marty had not left on 'good terms'...he was kicked out of a studio that was slowly turning into a developer you love to hate. Not only that, but Marty has said that the ordeal has destroyed his passion for making music. Although, it didn't turn out too bad for Marty in the end. The court was able to give Marty all the money he's rightfully owed, and Marty will still be receiving a cut of Destiny's profits until his contract was meant to expire sometime near the end of the Destiny franchise. And what do we take from this? Bungie is different. Activision may be the boogey man, but Bungie are their lapdogs. The CEO is all about the money and very little concern is given to the community. Bungie Day has practically disappeared, their brave ideals of 'a new world' and 'world domination' are gone. Now, they're just another copy and paste company brainlessly puking out products for the big snobs in their ivory towers (yeah, looking at you Activision) ------------ Don't know why I felt the need to do a rant at 2AM, but hope you enjoyed anyhow. Just trying to spread some truth
  6. So, I've been trying to get into Let's Playing for a while. Due to technical and financial problems, I haven't been able to until recently. I figured with doing a flash game, there shouldn't be any problems with file conversion or mixing the video like I would with console games, so it would just be a quick, simple test run. As opposed to going through a whole long game, realizing "This isnt' working!!" and basically having wasted all my time. So, for my first Let's Play, I play Pico's School. Be forewarned, this game involves a lot of violence, some sexualized content and swearing. In my opinion, this run was a success. Let me know what you think of it. Next, I intend to move onto console gaming. The video editing for that will be a bit more difficult, but I've done it before, so I think I can probably figure out how to do it again. If there are any Let's Players out there, let me know, and I can friend you on the forums and/or add you on YouTube. My name is Zexonyte. Happy playing, all!
  7. Cox n' Crendor Show The Patch Rooster Teeth Podcast Podcast Beyond (before Colin and Greg left) The GameOverGreggy show
  8. I'm trying to get a review show going on Youtube and I don't know how to start. The idea of the show is that I review the games story campain. Analyzing the story, pointing out plot holes, choice of voice actors (performance matters), stuff like that. Not the controls, graphics or things stupid publishers do. I just don't know what game to start off with. I suppose I'm hesitant because I'm worried that theres someone else who did it first. Angry Joe supports story modes and well thought out stories in campains but he goes over the controls and graphics too. Picture it like Nostalgia Critic reviewing a movie but more nice and well thought out like Chris Stuckman. So what do you guys think? What should I start out with? What advice can you give?
  9. So, what are some of your favorite monsters and creatures from the world of video games? What do you like about them the most? Both sentient and non-sentient beasts count. Here are some of mine: *Ridley, Kraid and most creatures Samus meets *Of the Monster Hunter bestiaries, my particular favorites include Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Khezu, Teostra and Lunastra, Qurupeco, Jaggi and Great Jaggi and Tigrex to name a few. *Pretty much all of the monsters of Dragon's Dogma, specially Grigori the Dragon *Reapers. What's not to love about a gargantuan, biomechanical squid? *Behemoth, Marlboro and Cactuar, all from the Final Fantasy franchise *Moon Presence, Amygdala, Ebrietas, Darkbeast Paarl, of Bloodborne fame.
  10. During my breaks from Heroes of the Storm I've been playing through my classic favorite games. It got me to thinking what is the most shocking moment I experienced through my gaming life. I could probably write a damn book explaining my shocking moments. However good or bad I was able to discover it. The first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2. Even though I grew up gaming MGS1 along with FF7 are the titles that made me a gamer for life. I remember starting MGS2 for the first time and I was blown away!! The story left off perfectly from the Shadow Moses incident. I see Russians invading a Marine ship with a Metal Gear on Board, and then the legendary Ocelot taking out a lot of soldiers with his revolvers. Then all of a sudden your evil twin Liquid possesses Ocelots body through his arm , jumps into the Metal Gear and sinks the ship along with everyone in it... ok now shit is getting weird but it is MGS so I roll with it. Now the most shocking surprising moment for me happens and I don't know if it;s good or bad. I hear a familiar voice in Campbell talking to me calling me Snake, but the guy responding doesn't sound nearly as cool as Snake. All of a sudden I'm playing the rest of this game as this Raiden dude I had never heard of. Even though I ended up loving the game after all having to play as this blonde wussy really pissed me off considering I just wanted to play as Snake was the most shocking moment for me. Shout out to the Aerith death in FF7 as a close second.
  11. Are there any games that you really wish you could play, but you are unfortunately terrible at? Either because the game is too difficult, or just because it's a style that you have no idea how to play; these are the games that you've droolingly watched a thousand LPs of, but wouldn't dare pick up yourself. For me, this would be grand strategy games, especially the Paradox titles. I love the idea of conquering the world one historically-accurate nation at a time, but unfortunately I've always sucked at strategy games in general; and every GS game I've tried has just been too complicated, too obtuse, and too unfriendly to new players for me to have any fun with it.
  12. Hello, I've just discovered that some music in some video games sound very similar. ''Reckless Running'' from Sega Rally and ''Waluigi Pinball'' from Mario Kart DS have the same opening riff. And a very common riff that was also in ''Uptown Funk'' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars was in ''Rainbow Road'' and ''Around a Letter'' from Mario Kart and Sega Rally. What do you think? I also think that a lot of game songs are suspiciously similar. I also think that ''Big Chase'' from Virtua Cop sounds similar to the boss music from Diddy Kong Racing. What do you think? The reason why I think it sounds similar to Virtua Cop is that it sounds similar to the Model 2 version. As it is the same Midi as Model 2 games.
  13. Recently, I watched a playthrough of the Outlast DLC, Whistleblower. Then that scene came up. The scene with the groom, AKA Eddie Gluskin. If you've seen it already, then you know what I'm talking about. Are there any video game cutscenes that disturb you?
  14. This guide will show you how to get the best ending, and get certain collectibles and weapon/health upgrades. (this guide will NOT explain the story, because the story explains itself in-game) 1. --Start Point-- You start in a hollow cave with a monitor that has a heart on it, a floppy disk, a door, and some water. The monitor is a Life Refill. Press down when on it to refill your health. The floppy disk is a Save Point. Don't stay in the water too long, because you only have so much air. Save your game, then jump up to the door (enter the door by pressing down). 1a. --First Cave-- You are now outside the hollow area. Going right does no good; there are blocks in the way, and an enemy is there (you currently have no weapon!), so go left (watch out for the spikes, they'll hurt you!). Avoid the bats and grab the Life Capsule (press down when on it). Go southeast, and then enter the tiger's mouth. Press down when on the chest, and you've gotten your first weapon, the -Polar Star-! After a brief cutscene, head back out the door. You can now shoot enemies! Some enemies (depending on your level and weapon) will take more hits to defeat. After defeating an enemy, it can either spawn EXP (orange triangles; bigger ones yield more EXP) or Health (flashing hearts; 3 in a cluster yields more health points). (an explanation on the level up/exp system will be made shortly) Head back to the door you first came out of, and save your game. In part 2, we will continue onwards to the next destination. If you are using Cave Story+, your save file should look like this:
  15. Anypony out there playing Warframe? I got it ages ago but didn't think much of it but Digital Extremes have certainly improved it in the last year or so. I heartily recommend people play it. Anyhoo, Me and some other bronies have started a clan on Xbox One, Clan Fett of Mandalore. We're looking for active members who want to enjoy a laugh in a friendly environment and help a small clan grow. If anypony is interested, don't hesitate to message Rolo Tomasi.
  16. I recently hooked back up my ps1 and popped in Spyro the Dragon, I forgot how much I loved it! What games do you miss playing, or what was your favorite?
  17. Currently, I'm trying to balance League of Legends, osu!, and ARK: Survival Evolved What games are you playing?
  18. There are some video games out there that just hook us. Games that make us love and adore them to the point of playing them for countless hours. This can lead to some very high stats in a game, whether it be a lot of play hours or tons of enemies vanquished or what have you. I love seeing these stats for games I really enjoy. What are some of your highest stats ever in certain games? Share them here!
  19. Any you might prefer that come off at the top of your head? I like Zero (Megaman), Godot (PW:AA T&T) and Chun-Li(Street fighter)
  20. So stevraybro (An artist I follow) recently uploaded this video to his YT channel. Being a big fan of him, I decided to draw something to send to him. Here it is: I already sent it to him, but I wanna see what you guys think of it. It's on deviantart, too:
  21. Happy National Video Games Day! Yup, the 12th of September is National Video Games Day so kick back, relax and play your favourite games
  22. Hello! I haven't played Unity or Rogue yet, but I'm planning on getting one of the two. I need some feedback- which one is better? Or, should I just wait for Syndicate? (I'm on PS3, if that changes anything) Thanks!
  23. I've made a New Lunar Republic faction on my copy of Galactic Civilization 3 (GalCiv3), so my idea/question to you all is this: If I were to livestream a game session, and have chat help me run the game (its turn base so that can be a thing), would anypony be up for that?
  24. So here's a video game review I made. I'm going to see if I can keep doing these on a more regular basis.
  25. I am not afraid to show my face, I also don't care what you say about how I look. My audio quality is terrible, but I will learn to fix it.