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Found 36 results

  1. Any story that made you so angry you wish the Imperium of Man would pay a visit? Normally, I don't really like the Imperium, I much rather the Democratic Order of Planets from Futurama. But sometimes, in a story the ponies really get me angry. As in a story where the ponies are so elitist, misanthropic, egotistical, always think they are right and in general be jerks to humans? That fan fictions, where I hate the ponies so much and kind of wish the Imperium of Man would pay a visit. I'm sure the Imperium would put those ponies in their place.
  2. A meme thing i made. Its based off somepony else's art work. I don't know the artist unfortunately.
  3. I guess it's not art in the traditional sense, but I paint miniatures for tabletop wargames and have done some MLP-inspired stuff. I try not to make it too obvious with candy colored cartoon horses everywhere, rather, I try to do subtle things like a color scheme that hints at a certain thing from the show. Life is rather busy and tight on money right now, but I hope to become more prolific in the future. In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there are only Ponies Wraithguards 1 Spiritseer Hemlock Wraithfighter Farseer
  4. Not to be a heretic to the Emperor nor a misanthrope. But do you like fan fiction where Humans are jerks? Where unfortunately, when the MLP FIM Ponies came in contact with Humanity through a portal, they met Humanity from one of the Warhammer 40K universes, and thus the Imperium of Man immediately declared exterminatus on Equestria and killed everypony. I find them quite humorous, if it's done to the Ponies from The Conversion Bureau universe (not canon Ponies), where they turned all Humanity on Earth into Ponies, only for the Imperium of Man to arrive from another universe and then declare exterminatus.
  5. What would happen if a massive army of Space Marines and the God Emperor of Mankind himself appeared in Equestria? Just randomly teleported into Equestria. Would they kill everypony, due to Ponies being xenos and abominations unto the God Emperor of Mankind? Or would they be merciful and not kill everypony?
  6. So... I drew a picture for - detailing her OC in a suit of power armor- and colored it. I used just a piece of computer paper, a pencil, and a bunch of crayola colored pencils. Criticism? On deviantART:
  7. So, when I'm not gushing over ponies or beating down other people's fanart on here, I like to throw my money out of the window for tabletop miniatures, specifically Warhammer 40000.One of the factions i own, the Necrons, includes a unit called C'tan, which are essentially space vampires, that can shapeshift into any form. So there was really just one way to go. Unfortunately, using a model significantly smaller than the normal miniature can give one a somewhat unfair atvantage (in terms of hiding behind stuff ect.) So the only logical way was to break out the wire, toothpicks and Greenstuff (higher class putty) and go nuts: Mane and head are pretty much finished, legs, body and tail still need work and smoothing.Also, I made an alicorn, which is gonna be either Luna or Cadence, haven't quite decided yet (vote for your choice). Criticism is most welcome, stay tuned for progress.Update time: Finished painting Luna (it's gonna be a birthday present for my niece and Luna's her favourite, also Season 2 didn't air in Germany yet)Flying Twilight got a tail now and only needs one more thin layer on legs & body.
  8. Since this is a kid's show universe. Wouldn't other Alien Life (If it exists in their universe.) like us Humans be less violent, selfish and insane? And more gentle and peaceful? Therefor, it would be possible in such a universe for Humans and Ponies to get along? Since we're talking the canon universe, which is a kid's show and there would be a lot less violence happening. I doubt any level of the insanity that is Warhammer 40k scale is happening in the canon universe. Interstellar genocidal wars and terrifying monstrous abominations created by Chaos don't belong in a kid's show universe of cute cartoon Ponies. Nor would we see the Reapers from Mass Effect. Unless, it's a non canon fan fiction universe, then everything is passable. XD I'm not saying Humanity in our universe is evil, (Good, Neutral, Good, or misguided, blah blah blah) but we are crazy.
  9. So, I like drawing, ponies and Warhammer 40k/30k lore, so what could be more logical than a 1-month art challenge? For those unfamiliar, in the 40k universe there were originally 18 Space Marine legions, each with a certain trait/theme. I am gonna add a pony for each (plus a few bonus ponies) every day of this month. If you think you have a good suggestion for a pony, feel free to submit it here (there might be request in it for you). So, without any further adieu, lets start off with Knight Fluttershy of the: I. Legion: Dark Angels C&C welcome, see you all tomorrow. EDIT: These will not be in Legion order since I refuse to be limited in my creative expression haven't thought about some yet. Anyway, next is Trixie "Little Luna" Lulamoon of the XVI. Sons of Horus
  10. I did this up as a proof of concept for what I want on my Standard Bearers standard for my Dark Angels Deathwing army. I hope to make many a heretic cower in its fearsome might!
  11. Which one of these factions would win if they went to war. Be sure to consider everything when making your choice. (weapons, armor, tactics, etc)