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Found 447 results

  1. This forum is for the last YouYube video you watched, in case you had not noticed from the title. If the last one you watched is worth sharing, or might apply to others, then go right ahead! Also keep in mind that they should be appropriate for lower age levels, if you know what I mean. Keep it SFW, ponies. Don't make it too heavy on swearing, nothing too inappropriate, you guys know the drill! And the only video that you are certainly not allowed to post: Please, let them not include knitting. OK! We're all set! The last video I watched was the Beatles studio outtakes. I find it to be pretty funny, if you have the same kind for sense of humor as I do. It's 7 minuets long sooo do what you will with it.
  2. Legit101

    Web What browser do you use?

    I use firefox since it's open source, tons of addons, tons of themes. Artemis: Restoring the post to an earlier, more detailed revision.
  3. I was going to have all rambly and long-winded intro to this topic, but it basically boils down to this - Once upon a time, in the distant mid-nineties, in the internet before Google, there were search engines that pulled up pages people searched, but didn't sort them well. Then, Google arrived on the scene with the novel idea of putting pages that were most linked to by other pages to the top, basically ranking them by popularity, and it was such a massive improvement over the current system that everyone and their mother started using it, once said mothers figured out how to get onto the internet in the first place. And now, it seems like we came full circle, where the system has been thoroughly dissected, analyzed and gamed into oblivion that "search engine optimization" - i.e. gimmicking a site or page so it appears closer or at least near the top of the results - is something routinely done as a matter of designing a website to the point that it's not uncommon to have the search results saturated with pages that don't even contain the terms searched for, as long as they contain specific trigger words or phrases. It doesn't seem to be constrained to Google itself either as most, if not all, major search engines seem to suffer from subversion in sites' mad scramble to the first page of results. Are we back to square one, only this time with chaotic, unsorted searches now replaced with results of an ongoing game for perceived relevance? Is there actually not a problem, and the system works just fine as it is? If there is, and searched-for information actually is being gated by chaff, what would the recourse be?
  4. Reecejackox

    Web Last thing you googled?

    The last thing I googled was your first Christmas for some reason.
  5. I have – lots of times throughout the years, like, Pokemon, Disney, and more. What I've also noticed is that most of Nintendo's old pages for older games are still there, even though the main site got redesigned many times. Here's a link to one:
  6. There's a lot of things geared t make you laugh on the internet. What was the last thing that you guys found that made you chuckle, giggle, guffaw, or laugh? I found a pretty funny/ creepy video on my tumblr most recently, that got a few laughs out of me (please watch it all the way through)
  7. So, I have had my gaming channel up for almost a week now and I'm waiting for viewers and subscribers! Link is in the description! Don't forget to leave a like, comment, subscribe, and turn on post notifications to get notified of my next upload! My Gaming YouTube Channel:
  8. I've already uploaded my first video on Sunday this week on Silent Hill 2 and I was wondering to myself. How do I get more viewers and subscribers? If anypony has a youtube channel. Please help me with this I'll also put the link in for my channel later
  9. ERB (Epic Rap Battles) is a youtube channel that puts two figures from history (fictional or not) together, and those figures face off in a rap battle. The newest one they've done is Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield. , so I put up a poll about that one. So, I have to ask: Do you like ERB? Which one is YOUR favorite battle? Also, who won in that one? My favorite is either Steve Jobs V Bill Gates (Steve one that one), Frank Sinatra V Freddie Mercury (Freddie won that one!), or Artists vs Turtles (the Artists won for me!)
  10. Denim&Venom

    Web Article 13

    Surprised nopony else is talking about this. So article 13 pretty much threatens the creative foundations of the internet. And yes, people outside of the EU will be effected. And yes, this effects us bronies. Most likely Hasbro will not want to bother with every review, every parody, every PMV, every fan animation, every convention vlog, and most certainly not every bit of fan art. So a blanket ban would be introduced to every major content platform. This entire fandom will be clipped at the knees if this passes, and that'll be the least of the damage if it does. So what can be done? Well first, take the time to read up here. Knowledge is power. Do sign the petition and spread the word here. And most importantly, discuss.
  11. Joshscorcher TheMysteriousMrEnter FluffyMixer AnimatedJames Jerry Peet IMATOONLINK Silver Quill DRWolf001 Aficionados Chris GoldenFox The Living Tombstone Black Gryph0n Alex Side Mastermax888 Rachetness FiMFlamFilosophy Saberspark
  12. ~Onylex

    web Do you use Reddit?

    I don't know how much of a response this thread will get but hey, it's worth a shot. It's a simple question I suppose, depending on the general context. "Do you use Reddit?" ============== If so, then why? If not, then why not? In general, I'm more asking this out of curiosity rather than to or obtain information about this forums user base. Personally, I think I only ever find myself on Reddit if it's something art or video game related. Sometimes I do tend to find other things there that peak my interest but, Iv never made a post nor do I have an account.
  13. I wasn't completely sure where to put this but I feel I have to ask.., I have been searching across the internet an I have never found this answer to my question, but now I am going to ask it here in hopes of a answer. You all have probably played a flash game or two online. Be it the Pony creator or neopets or even doll divine (though technically all they do is steal other peoples flash games to put them on their site and a lot of them are broken), you all have probably touched upon Flash. Now, the time is upon us when Flash is coming to a end. All I could find on the subject is that Adobe is going to stop updating and distributing Flash Player, the plugin used to play flash when you are doing it online. They also said supporting in there as well. but what does that mean. Does that mean that once it is gone it will stop working as well? Will browsers rip it off once 2020 ends? Will someone ever make a alternative to flash that will still allow us to run old things like some of our favorite games and other programs? Even though sites are being encouraged to change out old flash things with new, non-flash things, old sites will not do the same. Sites that have not been updated in years yet still contain some of the greatest things on the internet and if we lose Flash, then will those things instantly stop working? If this is true, can someone out in this great big internet find a way to still allow us to play our old Flash games in the modern day. i don't really care for C or C++ or JavaScript and even though that is the future, do we really need to update. Flash does have some security issues I guess, sure. But has anyone really said what those are (because I haven't heard of any). And what is the worst that it can do? Make our screen flash in its little tiny confining box or something? There are a bunch of things that I love about the internet that involve Flash (including YouTube, and as far as I know that still hasn't updated yet). I don't think that Adobe can be talked out of killing Flash Player. But we still haven't gotten enough answers as the doomed day nears and we need to learn more about what this could mean. If anyone has an answer to my question, please reply. That is all. Thanks!
  14. so how much do you pay for your internet connection? we pay 45,5eur for 40/4
  15. Mrain901

    Web Webcomic Thread

    Since I was surprised to find nothing of the sort upon search, here's a thread for suggesting and talking about various webcomics! I have 3 in particular that I would suggest, as they're some of my favorites: Order of the Stick - This one is somewhat well know. If you play DnD, you'll love this, and even if you don't it's still a fairly good read. In fact, it's what got me interested in DnD in the first place. It does have over 900 pages and counting, so go in at your own risk. (And yes, the art does get much better.) SUPER EFFECTIVE (VG Cats) - This is an odd but enjoyable one. For all Pokenerds out there, this is for you. It's from VG Cats, so it's sure to be funny, although it does get a bit... questionable in content. It doesn't update often, but it's great when it does. Rain LGBT - I'll admit, half of why I love this so much is because of how much I can relate to it. The main character is an MtF transgender teenager, trying to fit in in her senior year. It's full of drama and slice-of-life, but it's also full of hilarity. I'd suggest this one to anyone. Brawl in the Family - Although it ended last year, it's still a great read for any fan of Smash Bros or Nintendo in general. There's one more I would suggest if it weren't for a few NSFW scenes... oh well. If any of you guys have any favorite webcomics, tell me them! I always love checking out new ones!
  16. OG CHUCK

    Web Dark web

    Do you ever visit or been to the dark web or no people that have been there ? Me no but I been kind of curious lately
  17. So Ive recently seen baby shark I just do not get why it is so popular Reggae shark on the other hand I think is really good. Plus he is in a band with a seal.
  18. Monotone

    Web SCP foundation

    What is your favourite SCP from the SCP foundation website? Gotta be SCP-682 for me, I know It's a bit generic, but I just find it so interesting EDIT: No! wait, what was I thinking, it's gotta be 914(the clockworks), definitely... maybe 294(The coffee machine)? I dunno. (If you don't know what I'm blathering on about, the SCP foundation is a collection of original, and not so original monsters, creatures and supernatural objects created by hundreds, if not thousands of people.)
  19. Milkmare Alexis

    Books Story Be Real Theory

    This has happened over the corse of several to multiple months, if you heard of Five Score Divided By Four, you might know what I'm talking about, maybe. So, a few of my friends have been have first person dreams as their ocs, and these dream are on the full blown real life detail down to smallest fur hair. They are like memories, dormant memories, which are possibility triggered by the coming age of 25. Why 25, it's the book and the title is a math problem, ( 5 * 20 ) / 4. Now hears my theory, what if the events of the book happen during the new generation of mlp and the events of the book commence. I have my had some experience with these dreams in the past but right I've been having ghost limbs. I sometimes feel like I have tail, horn or even wings after I feel small pain spikes where these parts are located. Which also possibility support my theory. If you have experienced any of these yourself, please let me know in the comments below.
  20. sometimes,your favorite artists surprise you and collaborate with eachother,and when you have no prior information of it,its the best feeling ever. for me it was when Avantasia and klaus meine(scorpions) made a song togather(dying for an angel) and when i first discovered ayreon albums(which have plenty of my favorite artists) and for books,when i found out that Brandon Sanderson will finish the Wheel of Time series so what was yours? it can be any sort of collaboration not just music
  21. KrystelPurpleStrike

    Web Favorite youtuber

    Have any favorite youtuber? I'm curious to know who everyone watches. Mine's H2ODelirious, he is very mysterious youtuber that hasn't shown his face yet. He has over 9 million subs and people ususally depict him wearing a blue hoodie with a grey shirt under, black pants, black shoes and a Jason hockey mask. Edit: Completly forgot to include Chuggaaconroy, he's like the best Nintendo Let's player. He makes amazing puns, his LPs always detailed, he's so funny
  22. So over the years we've seen a lot of people rise to fame via youtube and other video services such as Twitch. There's been tons of criticisms of "this isn't a real career!" and many thinking they don't deserve anything. Now granted some people got insanely lucky like GradeAUnderA who obviously works on a budget of zero, but I would argue that most YTers actually have to put a lot more work and investment into their careers than people realize. Many will say "they're just playing games!" (for the sake of this topic we'll keep it on Gaming youtubers since they are the ones most people are familiar with) but I don't think people know what kind of investment it takes to get started out. Like I do videos and here is my current set up and keep in mind this is not even "ideal" for videos, this is almost like the bare minimums for if you want to start getting serious about videos: $4,000 iMac (Video editing usually takes a lot of RAM and a good processor, the PC equivalent would be probably around $3000 or so) 8TB hard drive on top of my 3TB internal A crap ton of accessories to optimize work Elgato HD60 Studio Mic All of this together costs well over 5 grand and most serious youtubers spend more than that. With the use of equipment, machines break down and require replacing parts too, so you're always investing. That's also assuming you don't get a team to make videos for you like GameGrumps do which will require buying more machines and paying salaries. Overall, it actually takes a lot of investment that you don't even know you're going to get a return on. Most popular Youtubers record several hours of game footage a day and when they are a one man team like PewDiePie, that means they are editing the same footage almost right after. You get to a point where playing games becomes much more grueling over time and when you're starting out you have to buy all the games yourself.
  23. SithsShadoW

    Web best social network ?

    So from the whole facebook breakout to ware you cant trust them anymore , what is the best social network you use to trust with ? im also looking for suggestions ^^ (besides facebook and twitter)
  24. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Web Is this name really offensive?

    Here's the thing, I love creating names on the internet about being French, stupid and/or salty and liking Derpy. I've created a name, it's "Derpy, The French Faguette" (Baguette + Faggot) I've been warned of this name is offensive in servers and websites and I still don't understand, this name is offensive to other while it's a name describing myself! What do you think? And seriously, it's a creative name, eh?
  25. Rainbow    Dash

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    Sorry in advance if theres already something like this one the forums. I used the search bar and nothing popped up. Anyways, I havent really been paying attention to the whole affair. Mainly because I thought this was a no brainer issue. I also figured by the time voting on it took place, id either be in another country or so busy with work it wouldnt matter. However, i was just informed it failed. Soon everyone will be subjected to insane package deals, and throttling. No longer are you able to stream youtube unless you pay an additional amount of money. So to get connected to the information super highway now we as consumers must: Pay for electricity. Pay for the modem Pay for installation Pay for line activation Pay a fixed rate every month and now| Pay for websites pay for data pay for the ability to download and save onto your PC. Now, I would love to be corrected if im wrong, and please dont be mad if it sounds like I know whats what. I know a little...just enough to form an opinion. I wonder, what does this mean for small websites? What does this mean for foreign countries? Do they get taxed for accessing American ran websites? Why is there not a bigger outcry over this? I often joked that if our government took away the internet it would be the end of the free world....the end of the people obeying the government.