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Found 75 results

  1. I found this small article on the web, I found it very interesting as I love folklore and I can confirm the bit about the italian Befana. So I was wondering, since this is an international forum and all, if somepony has some folkish tale to share about their own winter traditions. Here is the article if you wanna read it: Holiday Traditions from around the world Germany There is so much celebrating that it has to begin on December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. As in many other European countries, on the eve of Dec. 6th children place a shoe or boot by the fireplace. During the night, St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, hops from house to house carrying a book of sins in which all of the misdeeds of the children are written. If they have been good, he fills the shoe or boot with delicious holiday edibles. If they have not been good, their shoe is filled with twigs. Italy On Christmas Eve, Italian children hang their stockings by the chimney where it remains empty until Jan. 6, the Befana day (also known as the Epiphany,) when the befana (during the night) fills it with sweets or coal, depending on whether the children were good or naughty. (The Befana is an old woman (witch) that flies on a broom; she is considered nice and kind.) Spain Christmas dinner is never eaten until after midnight. Christmas Day is spent at church, at feasts and in more merry-making. It is not Santa who comes to Spain bearing gifts, but the Three Wise Men. Mexico On Christmas Eve, small children dressed as shepherds stand on either side of the nativity scene while members of the company kneel and sing a litany, after which the Christ Child is lulled to sleep with the cradle song, "El Rorro" (Babe in Arms). At midnight the birth of Christ is announced with fireworks, ringing bells and blowing whistles. Devout worshipers surge into churches to attend the famous "Misa de Gallo" or "Mass of the Rooster." Following Mass, families return home for a tremendous dinner of traditional Mexican foods. Christmas Day has no special celebration though many have adopted the American style Christmas with a Christmas tree and Santa Claus. France Family celebrations begin with the decoration of the Christmas tree a few days before Christmas; candles and lights, tinsel and many colored stars are attached to it. On Christmas Eve when the children are asleep, little toys, candies and fruits are hung on the branches of the tree as a supplement to the gifts Santa Claus has left in the shoes before the fireplace. Puppet shows are also given every year for Christmas. At midnight everyone attends the Christmas mass. When the family returns home after midnight mass, there is a late supper known as "le réveillon." Ordinarily, young children do not attend midnight mass with their parents, but go to bed early to dream of their Christmas gifts. Before going to bed, they put their shoes by the fireside for a gift from "le père de Noël" or "le petit Jésus." Japan The Nativity scene is given a corner in every Christian house. They also have turkey for Christmas dinner, Christmas trees, evergreens and mistletoe in their stores and homes and even Hoeiosho, the Japanese equivalent of Santa Claus, who is a Buddhist monk bearing gifts for the children. The family members exchange gifts and send cards with the true heart of giving. Japan’s Christmas traditions for Japanese Christians are to spend the day for worship, and charity for the poor and sick. The children perform plays re-enacting the Nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Unique Christmas traditions of Japan are Christmas Cakes, Fried Chicken, and Daiku. China Christians in China celebrate by lighting their houses with beautiful paper lanterns and decorating their Christmas trees, which they call "Trees of Light," with paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns. Chinese children hang muslin stockings and await a visit from Santa Claus, whom they call Dun Che Lao Ren (dwyn-chuh-lau-oh-run) which means "Christmas Old Man."
  2. (I'm not sure if this belongs in the EG section or here) We all know in Equestria Girls, when Twilight went through the portal, we saw that Technology was modern. There were cars and phones and other tech items. What would happen if tech was carried over to the Equestria? Just wondering, In my opinion I like it the way it is right now but maybe for one episode, Maybe tech could be the cause for a plot line
  3. Ok so pretty simple game. Below is a list of countries. Every country starts with 50 points and it is the job of you to decide who wins the next world war. So here's how it works. READ THESE RULES BEFORE YOU PLAY! ---------------------------------COPY FROM HERE--------------------------------- 1) Copy the list and these rules from the person that posted before you. 2) Protect ONE country. (Place an asterisk * next to a country. A country with an asterisk cannot be harmed by yourself or the next person.) 3) Attack ONE country. (Remove one point from a country of your choice that hasn't been protected.) 4) Heal ONE country. (Add one point to a country of your choice.) 5) Remove the asterisk * from the country that was saved by the last person. 6) If a country has 0 points, it has been defeated. Remove the country from the list. 7) The country that wins is the last country standing OR the first country to reach 100 points. So here's the list: [ ] Australia - 50 [ ] Bosnia - 50 [ ] China - 50 [ ] Denmark - 50 [*] Equestria: 50 [ ] France - 50 [ ] Great Britain - 50 [ ] Germany - 50 [ ] Holland - 50 [ ] Iran - 50 [ ] Japan - 50 [ ] Mexico - 50 [ ] North Korea - 50 [ ] Poland - 50 [ ] Russia - 50 [ ] Spain - 50 [ ] Sweden - 50 [ ] USA - 50 ---------------------------------COPY TO HERE--------------------------------- I have saved Equesria! Enjoy!
  4. So I had this gnarly dream where we should build a 7500 mile high robot and take over the world! First, we decide on which Pony, in the Dream it was Rainbow Dash, Which may be related to the plushy I got recently. However it will be open for debate! Second, we need Scraps! Its not easy to make a four mile high robot, Let alone the robots length and width, However, If you are going to take over the world, you need a few eccentric scientists finding ways to make you rich, So that should be taken care of! Third, we recruit. Taking of the world requires people! There will be a questionnaire about MLP that people need to fill in before they can board the Giant Ponybot, We cannot just let any riffraff in our robot! Forth, we will also need an Aquatic Robot, This one wasn't in the dream, but if the main Robot is going to have issues with the ocean (Granted the Robots four miles high, but the ocean happens to be deeper than that sometimes) Then I fear we will need two robots! But have no fear, for we will be rich, that's fairly doable. Fifth, we take over the world, Destroying anyone who hates My Little Pony! Making sure to clean the world of their scummy hate! This will take some time, as the world is quite large, But have no fear, as we can do this! In the end I suspect we will have more than two Robots. Finally, we need to repopulate the planet with a society that worships the Robot as a god, afterall, it is the Robot that spared their ancestors for the new world ahead of them! Now, What will need to be done is the robot will need to have an AI, So that it can communicate, there will be a microphone and speakers so we can talk of course, But the robot needs to say things now and then! For instance, If shot in the face with various missiles, The robot should say this.( I do hope you will discuss my plans to take over the world, and perhaps some day the universe, Good day.
  5. So, time for another random question by me. Let's say for whatever reason, you can create your own world and you can make anything possible. You can do whatever you want, and be whatever you want when you are done creating the world. Like for example, you can make an Equestria where it rains almonds that disappear when it hits the ground nonstop, there's nuclear war, Discord is a cat, and potatoes are the dominant species. What world will you create? I don't feel really creative today, so I'll answer my own question later on.
  6. Do they have any kinds of space travel Equestria? It's obvious they know about outer space, because Canterlot has an observatorium while Nightmare Moon has been on the moon, but what about rockets, space shuttles and starships? I assume Nightmare Moon travelled to and from the moon by being transformed into some sort of energy to cross the void between the Moon and Equestrian world or teleportation? Luna Eclipsed features a pony wearing an astronaut-like costume, this means the ponies have some sort of vessel-based space travel or at least know about the concept, too. According to Issue #4 of the comic series, Equestria's planet is a spherical body with one moon circling around it. This moon is habitable and inhabited, with breathable atmosphere, plantlife and some sort of non-organic pony beings. In "Art of the Dress (song)", Twilight mentions Orion, Canis Major and Minor, wth actual pictures shown, zodiac singns visible from the Solar System only. No guess what this means. Why do Celestia and Luna have move Sun and Moon? I assume there is some sort of primitive spaceflight technology in Equestria, too, because of the observatorium to watch the stars and the pony's costume at Luna's party. Rockets are a possibilty or a catapult accelerating Pegasi to shot them into outer space. Twilight Sparkle is able to teleport herself with no time passing, it could be used to cross the empty space between star systems at speeds faster than light.
  7. The OOC Section for the new Equestrian Empire Roleplay section is now open so that all of your planning can be done and any character adjustment you need to make for your characters you'd like to place in the new world as needed. All of the Rules and everything you need to know is already there! Or Alternatively, you can just follow these links and they will tell you exactly how everything in the new section will operate. Equestrian Empire General Roleplay Rules Original Character Rules Cast Character Rules NOTE: Cast Characters will NOT be available to play until August 12th, 2013. This is to let any new members that we pick up from our panel presentation at Bronycon a chance too look over the Cast list and see who they want to apply for. I look forward to seeing everypony in the new section!
  8. "Say what?" Yeah, I know what you think. And from a certain point of view I agree with you. Yes, it is good that Hasbro actually does something to please fans worldwide. Yes, something that could have been only limited to a release in the US comes to several countries now. Yes, we bronies can watch and support at the same time. But there is one question that can't be answered. At least not that easy. "Mom, why is Twilight a princess?" In case you follow the news on Equestria Daily, you might have read that the movie will come to Germany, Malaysia and the UK. You see, if someone watches the show only in their language or doesn't draw on sources like Youtube, it comes down to the simple fact that in most countries Twilight "didn't beome an alicorn yet". It is not just about the younger fans. If you follow the best-case scenario that every company wants, you buy what they offer from sources they support. Yes, Hasbro knows that many people watch FiM on Youtube. But those people also buy merch. Bronies buy merch and parents do as well. Equestria Girls may be non-canonical, but it resorts to canon actions that didn't happen in dubbed versions of the show yet. If you don't watch the episodes as they air on the Hub and don't watch them until they air wherever you live on this world, you are suddenly faced with that movie and things you "can't" know. I know. Hasbro is a corporation that can't hesitate when it comes to good chances. But spreading the movie all over the world before "Magical Mystery Cure" aired in those countries... I just can't relate to that. It is a huge fanservice, yes. But only for us bronies. And even then... I don't know. How about you?
  9. Due to an uneasy political situation in Korea, I have decided exactly what the governments of the world should do. The United Nations should have the entire world's supply of mining equipment, cut North Korea out of the Earth, put a atmospheric generator on North Korea so they won't all suffocate in space, then have billions of spacecraft attach ropes, wires and chains to the country and lift North Korea out of the ocean and suspend the entire country into space. Then, we'll have a new planet, Planet North Korea. How does my idea sound?
  10. What a day it's been, So my exam table came out for the summer exams today, and i casually flicked over it taking note of how far away they where and how I wouldn't need to start revising for a while (being an ace student ofc ;P) and then I realized my student disability stuff was not on there. Now I am dyslexic. I get 25% extra time and a computer to help me type and spell check my work (and for a very slow reading speed) when in exams so that i can actually complete them on time. I really really freaked out when I found it was not on there, so much so that I've almost been in a mad panic all morning! Luckily I sent a few emails around (very poor emails might I add seen as my mental state was pretty bad at the time) and I got a lovely response from the student disability team saying they just had not added them yet. I was so relived but also very embarrassed for panicking so much over nothing, when i really didn't need to. So yeah I really want to thank those guys for not ignoring my awful emails that where very panic filled this morning and getting back to me so fast and carming me down, I know they probably had better thing to do with there time. They have also given me the aspiration to try and be more helpful to people even when I'm busy, something that seems small and dumb to me might be really important to someone else . In other news I'm probably going to start playing wow again after getting it to work at uni!
  11. What if Discord had won and the elements of harmony didn't work. Well, here's a piece I composed to represent just that. WARNING: There's a ton of dissonance in this piece, so if you can't handle it, don't listen, otherwise take it like a man.
  12. Greetings Everyone. This is a poem I wrote that took me about two hours to get done. I have to be honest, I'm very proud of myself because despite the fact that I'm a poet my vocabulary is very limited and my grammar isn't the best since I've isolated myself after I lost my friends two years ago. I'll be posting this up on my DeviantART and Tumblr as well. Thank you to anyone who reads my poem and leaves honest comments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a man, a quiet eccentric man. He traveled the world near and far; without a boat, without a car. To moonlit valleys in the inky dark, He journeyed on without a remark. He was in search for a hidden clue What that was, nobody knew. Cloaked he was, with his hood up high. No one bothered to ever ask why. Determined he was to find his way; he would not be sidetracked, he would not stray. The years flew by and I grew older, but he did not, he only grew bolder. To this day as I lay in my bed, I tell the story of the young hooded man who traveled this would with courage in hand.
  13. Here I decided to start a thread for our zombie survival loadout. You must a template For males For females You may also use another template if you prefer. Good luck. Here is mine.
  14. I liked Demon Tomato Dave's song, It Doesn't Make Sense so much, I decided to animate a music video out of it in Flash. Even the original creator of the song liked it. He said Well, here you go http-~~-//
  15. I'm curious where people would go in the world if they had the chance, let us know what continent you would explore! Or even where specifically you would want to go within that continent!
  16. So... If you could live in a video game world/ tv show world... What would it be? For me... Hard to choos between mobius and equestria... Prob mobius because I'm a bigger sonic fan then bronie... (Update) Ok so to make it clear of your choices... Equestria: you can be your OC pony... Mobius: like really lots of Charicters can run almost as fast as sonic... So... Your can be an overlander or mobian Muchroom kingdom: you can't be Mario... Idk why any one would want to be a Muchroom... Pokemon: you can be a trainer... You can go on big adventured... But you can't be like Ash and meat all the legendary Pokemon Starfox: I just put this down because I like starfox... In the future with AR-Wings... Lol Elder scrolls: you can't be dragonborn... Avatar: last air bender: you can be a bender for your choice... Just not the avatar...
  17. It´s been a long while since I last decided to sit and draw and it wasn´t ponies. So, during my psychopath state today (when I had feeling-like-a-shit moments and dull-euphory moments), listening to the soundtrack of my life, I sit and drew the Princess. It´s not an usual princess. It´s THE Princess! Yeah, it´s The Princess of the Sun. She realised her kingdom ran out of love, and since she donated all of her love to the Prince of the Moon, who suddenly left her (and she didn´t expect it), there are two events about to happen: Her heart´s going to get cold and freeze. The other thing is that her kingdom won´t survive, will be destroyed and will fall upon slowly. So, she´s going to die and her kingdom with her. Nothing to be happy about. And yeah, the giant dandelion... I use it kinda often. I don´t even know why. Maybe because czech word for dandelion contains my name (It´s like if my name was ELION-> DandELION).
  18. How to Change the World: *I did not make this, just wanted to share!* Image below by Deviant-Art member MattWheeliebin
  19. I took the original video by SwomSwom and replaced the music from Dead Island with the song by Gary Jules called Mad World. I did this for a friend of mine, who was a pegasister and died of brain cancer, called Tina. She was an admin of a page on Facebook called Pinkamena Maniac Pie. R.I.P. Tina.
  20. I left my computer alone to get a drink of water, and THIS happened DERPY!
  21. Recently I been reading about this a lot that a lot of people from all over the world have been hearing weird sounds that's been coming from the atmosphere and do not know what could be the cause of this strange event. And I was wondering if any of you guys have heard these weird sounds before and if so how did you react to them.
  22. So as the song goes "It's the End of the World as we Know it, and I feel fine." In your post try to outdo the last posters end of the world scenario, I'll start: Discord comes and drowns the world in chocolate rain.
  23. Hi, This topic is simple. What sort of place is Equestria in a geometric sense? By this I mean to ask if Equestria lies on a plane, or a sphere, or whatever, as the show leaves it rather unclear and has at times hinted in more than one direction. I would like to discuss evidence and arguments that might help solve this question, and also to promote my own view that Equestria must lie on a flat plane. Thus, I feel that we may as well jump right in. First I'll give reasons to think that Equestria is flat, and then some counter-evidence that rebuts my claim. For a flat Equestria: Celestia and Luna are said to "raise the sun" and "raise the moon" respectively, and we have even seen Celestia do so in the show on one occasion. Furthermore, we also witnessed the sun and moon rapidly moving across the sky when Discord was playing around with everything. Think about what that would mean for a spherical Equestria. The first implication is that by "raising the sun" over one part of the globe, you'd be lowering it for the opposite side, which while possible, runs contrary to the idea of truly "raising the sun". Furthermore, by raising the sun on a spherical Equestria, that implies that (if heliocentric) the sun is actually rotating about the sphere (and Celestia controls the motion of a massive body at will), or (if geocentric) that Celestia is controlling the rotation of the planet itself, which is a no less improbable proposition. As a final point, we should note that the sun/moon move rapidly when being raised, and even more rapidly when they were under the influence of Discord. As I said before, on a spherical Equestria view, this involves the rapid movement of some really big objects, which seems improbable for a single pony (even an alicorn) to accomplish. For a spherical Equestria: We once saw a model globe in an episode. There is reference to the cardinal directions in the show, which makes a lot more sense with a geocentric sphere model. There we are. Now assuming that this thread is in the right place, and that some of you have thoughts on this issue... Discuss!
  24. Just how small is Equestria? In The Return of Harmony 1 and 2, it appears Canterlot is just a brisk gallop away from Ponyville considering the girls just up and ran there when Celestia needed them and calmly trotted back to Ponyville after getting discorded. Same with Cloudsdale. Fluttershy drops from the sky in the Cutie Mark Chronicles and 20 seconds later she's down on the earth, assuming it's Ponyville. Rainbow's house is kinda halfway between Ponyville and Cloudsdale yet it's very easy to fly up to (as shown in Return of Harmony pt 2). I guess the furthest town is Appleloosa considering they needed a train, but I feel Equestria is a very small world, perhaps equivalent to the size of a US state where the major cities are equivalent to counties.
  25. Just sain. Go to youtube. In the search bar, type in "Manliest Song Ever". Look what comes up first. Hell. Yes.