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Found 13 results

  1. Yo! So... I recently decided to start drawing dragons. No idea why, just started it on a whim, and have continued it on a whim. I drew these all with a mouse base sketch, and coloured with a touch screen and pen because I was lazy XD It's only practise, so please forgive the messy lines and terrible cell-shading. Maybe when I'm a bit better I might draw one on some paper with colour pencils. Until then, these will have to do ^^' WITH REFERENCE Head basics: WITHOUT REFERENCE: Body shape practise [cause I didn't want to draw legs or wings] Full body dragon [wings and everything]
  2. we all know the scene They all line up to blast discord. And the elements are starting to work, now i've seen the suggestion from Tommy oliver aka broney curious "Of course discord knew they wouldn't work." their not in their right minds, even twilight. And that head canon is awesome. accept it's not what i see, the other 5 are powering up and what appears to fail is simply the fact spike isn't rain bow dash. that's kind of a bummer. Cause honestly spike isn't a bad substitute for the element of loyalty. I mean when you think about it, he's been with twilight the longest. Who could possibly be more loyal? Not just that but he never gets discorded. Of all the reasons for the spell to brick out that strikes me as a weak one when their are much better ones, but that's just my view point. I also liked discord's shock when he looks up "Oh crap it's working." cause you can tell he was banking on "their not in their right minds i got this in the bag,"
  3. Now with out thinking about it the all time raining champ would have to be Pinkie. but i mean she's only ever snapped once (unless you count the last round up LOL) I'm picking twilight sparkle as my pony to win the insanity race.
  4. You know if the first time they used them they crumbled and disappeared or disappeared for a year like the dragon balls, i might been able to ignore them lol. They serve no other purpose than "Mary sue nuclear button!" I honestly don't see how any one could dream about whining about Alicorn twilight being O.P. when these things are still floating around. Here let me lay out a theoretical scene. Twilight Sparkle (talking with Cthulu) "we're all great fans and thanks for coming to do a scene for the show mr squid elder god thing." Cthulu "think nothing off it, all the deep ones love your show, kids these days." (Hides his i'm a bucking alicorn princess t shirt under his trench coat). "Oh and by the way we're not all that different you and I." Twilight Sparkle "How do you fig?" Cthulu "My fans bitched to when they found out i had wings." Twilight Sparkle "HA! That's awesome oh and here's the script!" Cthulu (Busts out his reading glasses.) "Nice, good, elements of harmony, oooo i bet i'm in big trouple when those show up? What happens i get zapped and severally weakened and you all rise to the challenge? Surely it comes at some great cost, that power is precious, Twilight Sparkle "Erm no we shoot you with them your face melts off and than pinkie throws a party." Cthulu "...... Excuse me for a moment i need to speak to my agent." (Pulls out his blackberry). "Murry you fucked me again! This is worse than that time you put me on Freekzoid!" I mean does anyone like the elements of harmony? Just the other day i saw the first episode, and i kinda get there this journey of the main cast going on a lesson of self discovering, even in the return of harmony over coming being discorded, or sun set shimmer when they all learned to be best friends again (vomits all spike like) for the third time. You know, it would be funny if they failed like suppose theirs a major argument early in the episodes and later one one of them lets say "rarity." pretends like it's all cool but she's still mad. So they fizzle. like you have to be in this perfenct mind set of Harmony. Hell pinkie pie would likely have them crap out all the time "Oups i was thinking about oatmeal my bad? Can we do that over?" You know what? It would be awesome if their gonna be so lame they just give in and use them as a catch all LOL. Apple bloom "Apple jack Diamond tiara is making fun of scootloe for being disabled can you zap her, silver spoons an snips and snails just for the hell of it? those things fix everything!" Apple Jack "Aw shucks sugar cube I don't see why not!" and Snips and snails gets shattered right after words so they can never be heard from again do to a mysterious strong wind blowing them over.
  5. Your now in equistra, and the single most powerful force known to pony kind is around to be used by you, against you and to you. The pinkie promise. Tell me fool, are you 1 dumb enough to make a pinkie promise. 2 dumb enough to make multiple pinkie promises, possibly conflicting in nature. 3 Make a pinkie promise with pinkie. 4 Crazy enough to break said pinkie promise in turn. I'm just imagine pinkie suckering in countless souls into that most dark of pacts, binding no just the mind, and heart, but the very soul of the fool hardy. Don't mind me, i mostly remember the pinkie promise was one of the things that made me break down and watch the show from clips, i'm really hopping this most dark and sacred of oaths makes a come back in season 4.
  6. So your a bad guy making 6 elements of disharmony. what six back ground ponies do you use ^^ to be your minions? (Or trixie lol hell any pony who's not the main six). And for those of you who are to goodie goodie to be bad, Princess celestial has asked you to be a bad guy to test her favorite six students. so not doing it would totally disappoint her, hell it might even drive her bananas. You wouldn't like her when she's bananas.
  7. The phrase "Not that bad" seems to be a re occurring theme more, and more in the mlp fandumb. season 3 not being that bad, Sombre being not that bad discords conversion being not that bad Equitra girls being "not that bad." I'm really hopping for something bad ass LOL. Ah but what would be bad ass? 1 One of the CC goes off on diamond tiara. I think this would be small but very satisfying seeing scootaloo, sweetbell, or apple bloom rip her and or silver spoons verbally to shreds. How might you ask? I know a certain minator that could teach those kids to be more assertive ^^. (And just like that iron will is back in!) 2 Discord un able to create chaos while everyone is watching him, takes an apprentice to do it for him. Again the oc don't have alot friends, and have shown a huge amount of willingness to do just about anything to get a cutie mark. I mean they did let him out in the first place. 3 Using a family member of one of the main characters a re occuring antognist. Now apple jack having a super large family, would be the easiest, and yes they kinda already did this in one bad apple and (i think over the barrel where planting the orcherd created a huge problem) but that's just it, it seems where ever the apple family goes trouble fallows ^^. and that's from an easy going family. Imagine some cousins from pinkie's family. 4 snips and snails....... I got nothing (LOL). No wait snips and snails fallow their new calling as back ground ponies for ever and ever ^^.
  8. You wake up and say your either twilight sparkle, Rainbow dash, pinkie, apple jack, flutter shy, or rarity. Do you 1 Fess up to anyone who will listen immediately. 2 Keep quite at assuming it's a dream, and let things take their course. 3 keep quite cause hell if this isn't a dream this is to golden to pass up. Maybe ride this out till you get bored or busted. Now obviously the "good guy answer" is 1. With 2 to being some what reasonable and 3 being the slippery slope. Could you give away a chance of walking, (or flying), troting, at least one whole day as one of the main six? I'd likely go 2. Until i woke up the next day, lets fast forward for those of you who decided to take a day before fessing up. What if it was utterly bad ass? what if it blew away everything you ever desired? that sunflower sandwhichs kicked ass. That singing goofy pony songs was the bee's knees lol and brought eternal joy to your heart and handling slice of life problems day in and day out was your eternal heaven? the next question would be, how far would you go to keep it? ^^.
  9. I'm gonna skip fluffle puff as I assume everyone has it, for those of you who can't get enough discord, or rather discord driving everyone nuts.
  10. A lil' sketch thing I did. Haha, please forgive my Japanese. I literally know NOTHING about it. Just writing and messing around from Google Translate. :3 Hope you enjoy this sketchy thing. I made their 'breast-plate necklace thingies' extra shiny for you!
  11. Yeah, I didn't feel like writing the entire title so... here's part 2 of the class project gone horrible... Yeah he had a good time filming this...
  12. Give me writing conditions for a short story. Tell me how long it should be written, how many words, what it's about, et cetera. Can be fan fiction or something totally different. I will do everything that isn't clop. So start giving me conditions!
  13. So I was looking around I wint to ask Derp somthing an I see he's banned? Why is that?