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Found 87 results

  1. So, time for another random question by me. Let's say for whatever reason, you can create your own world and you can make anything possible. You can do whatever you want, and be whatever you want when you are done creating the world. Like for example, you can make an Equestria where it rains almonds that disappear when it hits the ground nonstop, there's nuclear war, Discord is a cat, and potatoes are the dominant species. What world will you create? I don't feel really creative today, so I'll answer my own question later on.
  2. You all know the sassy, mean filly of the school yard, Diamond Tiara! The Best Friend of another bully. So, what are your opinions of her? Is she Best background pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Do you like her in fanfics? Do you think she is misunderstood? Post your opinions!
  3. You all know who Twilight is! The new princess! So, what are your opinions of her? Is she best pony? Best princess? Does she have a good color scheme? Post your opinions!
  4. So, you all know who Fluttershy is! The Yellow and Pink Mare, the really shy Pegasus. So, what do you think of her? Does she have a good color scheme? Is she Best pony? Do you think she should be less shy in season 4? Post your opinions of this cute mare! yay...
  5. I am interested in getting into some anime, but have no idea where to start. So I ask you, anime fanatics, to recommend me some shows or movies. To give you an idea of my tastes, I really like the Studio Ghibli movies, as well as the Last Airbender...the cartoon, not that crappy movie. So, with that in mind, what do you recommend? Let me know in the comments.
  6. You all know the clumsy, wall-eyed Pegasus! The cute, grey and yellow mare. So, what are your opinions on her? Is she cute? Best Background Pony? Is she offensive? I think she is not, in my opinion. Does she have a good color scheme? Post your opinions of her!
  7. You all know who Doctor Whooves is! A background pony like Derpy, a time traveling pony with a TARDIS, and based off of Doctor Who! So, what are your opinions of him? Is he best Background Pony? Does he have a good color scheme? When you saw him talk, from Sonic Rainboom *And this other episode* Did you like any of his voices? I personally didn't, though I was happy he at least spoke. Post your opinions of Doctor Whooves!
  8. You all know the kind, loving teacher, Cheerlie! The pony who teaches filly's and colts. So, what are your opinions of her? Is she best pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Is she best teacher, or worst teacher? Should she be shown more or less? Post your opinions!
  9. You all know Cadence! Married to Twilights big bro, princess of the Crystal Empire! So, what are your opinions on her? Does she have a good color scheme? Is she best pony? Best Princess? Should she be shown more or less? Comment your opinions of this princess!
  10. You all know the great and powerful Trixie! The pony who did her best to try to act powerful, so, what do you think of her? I personally love her, and hope to see her more, anyway Is she best pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Should she be shown more, or less? Post your opinions!
  11. We all know who Scootaloo is! The little filly who is a huge fan of RainBow Dash, who trys to act cool like her, and cant fly! So, what are your opinions on her? Do you think she needs to be shown more often? Is she best pony? Does she deserve to be shown more? Tell me your opinions!
  12. You all know who Celestia is! The princess of Equestria, the one who rise's the sun! She trained Sunset Shimmer, and then Twilight Sparkle. But let me ask you this: What's your opinions on her? Do you like, Love, or hate her? Do you think she made mistake's? Is she best princess? Tell me your opinions!
  13. Ya'll know Apple Bloom, don't chu? She is Apple Jacks sister, Big Macs Sister, lives with the Apple Family, and is with the CMC! So, what are your opinions on her? Does she have a good color scheme? Does she need to be shown more? Is she best pony? Post ya'll opinions!
  14. So since I had pokemon music on my mind and have been playing alot of pokemon, and I also noticed that this topic apparently from what I can tell, hasn't been created I felt i'd do so myself . So pretty simple question, what is your favorite music from the Pokemon games? Not from the show mind you, just from the games. It can be from any game including ones from the spinoffs and stuff like Mystery dungeon and Pokemon Ranger. So what is your favorite music from the series? I enjoy alot of it, expecially some of the boss themes, but i must say I enjoy Mirror B's theme from pokemon XD a good bit. I also enjoy XD's battle them aswell. So whats your favorite? You can pick more then one if you want, like me, just try and narrow it down.
  15. okay, take your last letter of your first name into this translater to get your first name a-light b-blue c-shy d-hay e-good f-eat g-cupcake h-party i-BOOK j-dragon k-wing l-flyer m-magic n-hoof o-bow p-wub q-unts r-cake s-sonic t-boom u-happy v-cool w-pegasus x-pony y-alli z-horn now I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYPONY! I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE: take how many brothers and or sisters you have and get your last name: 0-bow 1-yeah 2-n00b 3-pwny 4-sweet 5-apple 6-sugar 7-BLUE 8-book 9-PIDGIN MORE-sir.epic
  16. Welcome to 'Your Discorded Self'!!! The idea of this is farly simple. As most people know, when you are discorded, you become the complete oppisite of who you really are. So I ask: Who IS you when you are discorded? What bad things would happen if you were discorded? What GOOD things would happen if you were discorded? Do the good thing make up for the bad things? Would becoming discorded be a good thing to you? P.S: If I should add more questions or answers, tell me what I should add. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who I am when I'm discorded is a brute. I would be the worst video game player in the world, I would love to ruin your day, and I would burp in your face all day, every day! And yet, there would still be some good things to me being discorded. I would have table manners, be able to swim incredibly fast, be built since I exercise every day, and I would be not afraid to share my opinon off-line! In the end though, being discorded would be the end of me.
  17. Ok, most people have seen the human designs for the upcoming "Equestria Girls", and I wanted to ask something. Which of the designs is your favorites and why? Vote above and put reasons below. My favorite is Rarity's. She is so pretty and looks kind of normal. And I like how she looks in a sweater.
  18. Welcome to choose your own Harmonic Adventure, it is just like those Choose your adventure books except those aren't cool, like this. This will span a number of parts that will all be posted here. PART ONE: A beginning __________________________- You stand up, you are in a gray room, there is a dim light coming from a lightbulb dangling in the ceiling, and there is a large metal door on the opposite end of the room. You can feel that the floor below you is some kind of padding, as are the walls. However, the ceiling is concrete. You look around further and notice an airvent, inside there appears to be a mushroom, it almost whispers your name...if your name was whilfred. Turn to page 3 if you eat the mushroom Turn to page 2 if you do not eat the mushroom ________________________- Page 2 You decide that it would be for the best if you did not eat fungus growing out of the air vent of a dimly lit room. You decide to further investigate, and notice that the door appears to be loose on it's hinges. further inspection reveals that the hinges are only aluminum. You start to work on the door as it swings open and the realization strikes you that the door is automated. You walk out, where you are immediately killed by the Giant Enemy Crab found in Japanese history. ________________________- Page 3 You pick up the brightly colored mushroom and decide that shoving it into your talking hole is the best way to escape. No differences seem to have taken effect. A knock is suddenly heard on the door. "Who is there?" you say. "It's Bilgo the Hitchhiking Ninja Giraffe" You think to yourself "far out, MAAAAAAN" He busts the door open, and signals for you to follow. You walk down a hallway, which has violet walls, the ceiling looks like it is a stream running upside down.. You eventually find a fork in the road, one fork says "Dragon's Sleeping Quarters" the other fork says "Free candy". If you chose Dragon's sleeping quarters, go to page 4 If you chose Free candy, use this doll to show me where he touched you TO BE CONTINUED
  20. I hope this hasn't been made already...I looked it up and couldn't find anything. So I know there is the video thing in the non pony art but I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a master thread where people don't need to start a new topic...Maybe it was a bad idea...I dunno. Anyway. Do you have some funny, awesome, interesting youtube videos that you made ? Post em here so we can see I do this thing called Fire Poi and I got a video of it a while ago. At the beginning, I was just trying out a couple tricks I had never done before but it gets better when the music picks up.
  21. I'm writing a fanfiction, and I think it'll be pretty interesting. I just wanted to ask what is an appriopriate length for a fanfiction that'll most likely be medium-sized. Whenever I'm reading fanfic, I usually stick to the 20,00-70,000 word length. If its too long, no one will wanna finish reading it. If it's too short, no one will want to even begin reading it. So opinions? (Oh btw, my fanfic is going to be emotional, shipping, grimdark-ish, and overall a survival-of-the-fittest scenaro)
  22. Here's a remix to that one famous repeating song. I used finale printmusic for, it as you can see in the title. It only took me about 4 hours to get this one done. It was mostly copying and pasting.
  23. So who else here absolutely LOVES the Ratchet & Clank series like me here? I personally cannot get over them and they will always remain my favorite games. I very much enjoyed the newer ps3 ones but the ps2 ones will always remain the best. I was also very dissapointed in the way the handled the HD collection, I love the new HD visuals of it but there are far too many game breaking glitches packed in it that were never in the original games. So post anything R&C related here, your favorite piece of the soundtracks, images, or experiences with these games. And here are my 2 favorite tracks from all of the games together.
  24. It's no secret there were tons upon tons of amazing games released across all platforms in 2012, no mattter what you have there had to be something that you played that was top quality. But the question is, what was the best game released in 2012 that you played? Please make sure it was released this year, in your region at the very least, so any game released between January 1st to December 31st 2012 is acceptable. You can list more that one if you really can't decide- it's between like 5 different games for me, so I might just have to do that. And go!
  25. So it's almost Christmas now and I decided to draw Christmas related pictures of member's OCs. So open the spoilers and enjoy the gifts and magic of the holidays @@Motion Spark's Beat Spark @@ParsoOfEquestria's Parso Incendiare @'s Audio Flash @[member='Feld0's Overlord']'s Vinyl Blade @@PonyEcho's Whirlwind @@Crispy's Pabst Pony @@letterone's Aero @@Chigens and Kay's Kaynan @'s Splinter @'s Pheonix pony @@Ezynell's Ezynell @@Vicke's Vicke @'s Tich pony @'s Sugar Rush @@Jokuc's Cheese @@Motion Spark's Motion Spark @'s Aurora @'s Viscra Maelstrom @@Feather Spiral's Feather Spiral @'s Clarity @'s Dimitri Hammer @@Doctor XFizzle's Wingnut Merry Christmas Folks ~