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Found 85 results

  1. Here you can discuss your favorite maps, characters, guns from Zombies. You can even get people together if you want to play them on Xbox Live or PSN. XBL GT: Mr N0MN0MN0M (the 0 are zeros) Feel free to add me or message me if you are interested in playing zombies. Have fun! My favorite map has tobe Der Riese. It's an easy place to rape train and loads of fun. The MP40 is my favorite wall gun because when it gets pack a punched, it will last for 30 rounds. Ballistic knife and Bowie knife combination with it pack a punched is amazing. Revive from distance and 2 hit knife kill. It's pretty BA.
  2. What Weapons Can You Imagne Pack-A-Punched? Or Any Pony?
  3. These aren't real games of course, but if they were wouldn't it be great?!
  4. Hey folks, I'm looking for some pre-readers and or editors for a fan fic I am in the process of writing. I've got the first chapter done, and since I'm in a good writing mood, as soon as I finish this post, I'm liable to start working on the next one. So, is anyone interested? It will help to an extent if your also a fan of Resident Evil (and or Parasite Eve, as I intend to throw some references from that game in as well) If your interested, state whether you just want to be a pre-reader, or editor, and then give me your email account, as I'm going to be putting it up on Goggle Docs in a few minutes and will need that to let you have a look at it.
  5. Now that zombies have become a rather hot topic thanks to the Florida zombie, I wanna start a topic about what if you HAD to fight them off, you had no other choice. List what weapons, vehicles, armour, you'd use. One realistic list and one fantasy list: Weapons: Crowbar, 24in machete, 12in parang, silenced Ruger .22, longbow, grappling hook (not as a weapon but to ger to places where they can't reach me/my group) Vehicles: Armoured Mystery Machine (something I've always wanted) with my sister's Honda motorbike on top Armour: Tight leather outfit (normal humans can't' bite through leather, so regular zombies shouldn't either, unless they're super) Themesong: Zombienation by Kernkraft 400 or Zombie by The Cranberries Fantasy Weapons: GOW Hammer of Dawn, Nazi Zombies Wunderwaffle (mmm... waffles are important too), Winter's Howl, Thnder Gun, all Perk-A-Colas Vehicles: Bitch please, I want Rainbow Dash! Armour: DJ Skully or Commando Chicken outfits from Killing Floor
  6. In Equestria gone mad, loving and tolerating is no longer an option. Hi there everypony. I wanted to share the 1st chapter of my first fan fic with you. As you can see in the thread's title, it's about zombies... and ponies... and zombified ponies. There's a bit of gore in the story, but it's not "gore for gore", not Cupcakes style, without disgusting details. Feel warned though. The first chapter isn't that long so I hope everypony can spare a moment to read it and comment. If you see any language mistakes, please let me know - English isn't my native language, but I did my best.
  7. So, for everypony who HAS been reading up on the story i'm writing, i pose a question! What will happen? You decide.
  8. Hello everypony! I have a treat for those fans of the zombie survival genre! While i realize it is NOT pony based, i could not find a better place to post it. This story follows the adventures of Eric Riddle, Ex cop, as he adventures through the torn city of Paulatim. I have 5 (short) chapters written, but i will continue writing if i get some positive feedback. ALSO, if anypony enjoys it enough, i may be swayed to include a character in the story of their choosing! I enjoy writing in that style, regardless. So here is the prolouge. I hope you enjoy! Well, since everyone is writing stories, figured i'd pitch in. Prologue ~ Written in blood and guilt The door slammed shut behind Eric, the gust of wind blowing his tattered clothing forward on his frame. He was a lightweight, 6' 2'', about 180 pounds. His hair was short, falling flat on his head, ending before his eyes, which were a pristine emerald green. His face was splattered with blood, his mouth locked shut as to prevent its entry. He wiped the red liquid from his face, making sure to get it all off of the entirety of his skin. This was it. The horde would be here soon, no doubt he alerted them to his presence. He went to far, he should have stopped before the butcher shop, but the promise of meat was too strong. He waded across the street, and drew the attention of a small group of infected, their unwavering eyes locked in, seeing promises of the same food Eric so craved. He sprinted to the door, wasting no time kicking it in, as he needed a place to board up. "They" would soon be upon him. The DECMS (Degradation of Emotion Control and Mental Stability) Virus, Is a mutated form of rabies, A common disease among animals. Beginning as an injected cure to the common cold, it soon mutated within months. People began become increasingly insane, losing control of their emotions. A simple stubbed toe, or a hug, anything that brings forth an emotion, can cause an infected individual to fly into a frothing frenzy. Over time the frenzies would become longer and longer, until one slipped into a constant frenzy, driven by primal instinct. A monster. The smashing began. He could hear, nay feel, every twisted, outgrown nail scraping and clawing around on the wood panels of the office door. He needed a way out. Windows? None. An air vent. Yes! Above him was an air duct, it offered the only hope in the desolate, burned out room. He used his crowbar to beat out the ends of the metal cage, and began to hoist himself up. BAM! The door splintered down, into pieces, and the infected flooded the room as if water flooding out of a dam. He had been dreading that sound. He cringed as he pulled himself up as fast as he could. A claw lacerated his leg. Then another. Slash after slash butchered his leg before he could haul it up. He looked down upon the infected. Their bloody visages betrayed no compassion. No caring. Only bloodlust and hunger. They grimaced as he pulled his battered lag out of reach. Time to examine the wound. Good, no broken bones, just bad cuts. The blood drained from his body, he felt the pull of death on his door. He's been through worse though. He dragged his leg behind him as he spelunked through the vents. Alone. Chapter 1 - 3 months ago "What a day...", Eric exclaims, donning his coat while leaving the revolving door to the local police HQ. The day had been full of riots and disorderly conduct. Eric walked outside into the rain, it drizzled lightly, dripping in small dots all over his body. Before long he made it to his car, an old Bentley, with a beat up fender and a missing side mirror. I was painted with a rust brown paint, which hid the multiple real rust spots on the body. He looked it down, and sighed heavily. "I need a new car...". The door slammed behind him as he entered the drivers seat of his car. He fumbled in his coat for his keys. Into the ignition they went, and turned. Click click click. "Oh no.". Click click click. "God Damn it!" He shouted as he slammed his hands into the steering wheel. The rain was heavier now, as Eric made his way down the twisting blocks of Paulatim, heading towards his home. One block, than another, than another passed on his way to a proverbial promised land. 20 minutes pass and finally Eric reaches the door step of his house. As he is just now noticing, he has been followed for quite a few people, more compiling as time went on. Trying to ignore them, he grabs his keys out of his coat and puts them into the lock. Just then, and ear piercing screech rings out. This is not uncommon on the streets of Paulatim, except it didn't come from the steets. It came from inside. Eric kicks the door open as fast as he can, his tomcat drawn, ready to fire a shot at the intruder. He slowly inches through the house, tactically, ready to fire at a moments notice. Suddenly he is aware of a slow, sticky munching sound. That's it, its just another bum broken in, eating our food, Eric tells himself, although he is hesitant to accept that idea. When he turns the corner, his eyes catch a sight that causes his gun the drop limply to his hip. There was a small person here, perhaps a midget or a child, with a torn off arm in his hand. Eric looked down upon the body it came from. His wife. Her lifeless corpse laid out, and has been munched upon by this sick freak. Eric reflexively throws up all over the ground, the puke splattering on his pants and boots, gaining the attention of the monster over his wives corpse. As the creature bounds towards him, many thoughts flash through his mind. Was her death painless? How did he get in? Is this linked to the riots? What did i do to deserve this? Then the ultimate pain crosses his mind. His son. He has been sick the last few days, he would not be able to run from this... thing. He has something minor, but he is still of course in no condition to run and fight. "I have to get to him!". Eric instantly springs into action. His arm is up just in time to hold back the ravenous beast from biting him. The little thing claws frantically at Eric, trying to get a grip on anything he can. "How old is this thing?" Eric thinks, "It couldn't be older than my son, It has a lot of similar features, the same frame, and build. I wonder whose child this is? It would be sad to meet the parents of such a sicko. He looks a lot like my son, they would have gotten along I'm sure." Then, like lightning cracking clearly through the sky, the most gruesome realization comes to light. "It cant be, there is no way!" the phrase passes his mind repeatedly. "JAMES!" Eric shouts out, trying to shake him back. The creature bites and claws, unerring to Eric's pleas. It foams at the mouth, its eyes shot blood red, his body covered in gashes and cuts. The beast is surely not a human. Eric tries to push the idea from his head, but inevitable he knows its true. "JAMES!" He repeats, trying to shake the beast from his step, but the unrelenting monster continues his assault. "Is there no other choice?" His hand shakes as he glances down at the .32 pistol in his hand. "No," He blasts through his mind. "There is no other way.". He weakly raises the pistol up into sight, and lines up a shot through the head. He takes once last glance at the beast. A dull, lifeless grin is across its face now, still foaming, still gibbering. Still un-human. The shot rings out across the house, the block, the city it seems. It was a clean shot. Bits of brain matter exit through the back of the monsters head, as it slowly slumps to the ground, quivering in place. Eric seemed to view the whole thing in slow motion, Most likely the result of his police training. Or perhaps it was the result of emotion, at any rate, two un-recognizable things lay sprawled on the floor. He grips the limp corpse of his wife tightly. He notices now the tears streaming down his face. The first tear surfaced as the fateful bullet entered its head. Why did he shed a tear for a monstrous abomination? He turned his attention over to the beast, laid dead, peaceful on his floor. It was less twisted now. Its face so peaceful. His eyes shut now, the foam gone from the boys mouth. Eric could now recognize the poor human being slumped on the floor. He leans down and gives him a kiss, and two new tears fall in almost synchronous motion onto its face. He stands, wiping the useless saline drops emotionlessly from his face. He shoots a longing look back at the two mangled corpses, and began out towards the door, unsure about what he should do next. Unsure if there is anywhere to go. He peers out the window, and what he glimpses brings unending dread to his attempt at lack of emotion. A mob of creatures have stacked upon his door, clawing and bashing at it fiercely. The dread overcomes Eric, and he turns on his heels and clambers up the stair case, hoping for an exit higher up in what was his home, stained with death. No longer livable. Chapter 2 - The Meeting Eric crested the top of the stairs now, quickly turning, sprinting down the hallway. He tries to cut a corner, but trips, sliding on the ground. He clambers back to his feet, on all fours pawing into his bedroom. He assaults the closet, tearing it apart, finally setting his hands upon what he was searching for. A Mossberg super 700 pump action twelve gauge shotgun with a modified choke and a composite stock, the love of his life. Well, it is now. He grabs his box of clips and stuffs it in his backpack, along with all his other survival necessities, when he hears the door to the building crack, and finally shatter from pressure. He hears moans and the quick shuffling of feet enter the building, but only a few of the footsteps ascend the stair. No doubt the others were distracted by the two bodies in the kitchen. Eric loads a shell, cocks, and fires just in time to catch two crazed individuals in the chest, they go down immediately, as Eric rushes out the window onto the roof, into the night air. "Shit!" Eric exclaimed, as he realized it has been raining, and he immediately slips from the roof, barely catching his hand onto the storm gutter. Hanging barely, he feels hands bash hungrily at his legs and feet as he nearly unable to muster the strength to pull himself up unto the slick metal roof. "HEY!" Eric shakes his head in disbelief at the sane human voice. "HEY! COME ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE!" He scans the horizon searching for the source, and he notices it to his right. He peers across the wet roofs to see a large, shadowy figure waving at him too come closer. Against his better judgment, Eric approaches the figure, slowly, gripping the roof with all fours. The large man guides him into another window, further down the row of houses. When he gets inside the man closes the window behind them. He is a fairly well built man, about 6'5'' with no hair, but a large bushy jet black beard. His eyes are warm and welcoming, he holds an axe in one hand, and is dressed in suspenders, and a black t shirt, stained with some liquid, presumably blood. "Your lucky you didn't die out there son." He grimaces, with a hollow tone. "Are you ok? You weren't bitten kid?" "I'm not a kid, i'm 29!" Eric blurts out, glaring at the man. "Well well well, aren't we just in a bad mood? Is that really how to treat someone who just saved your life?" A big, ridiculous smile crosses his face, and he thrusts his hand out expectingly. "I'm Jakk, thats with two k's, and you?" Eric pauses for a moment. "I'm no-one, Jakk, just a hollow man." he says, as the crushing reality begins to dawn on him. Dead. Both of them. Everything he has ever known. Gone in the blink of an eye. More tears begin streaming down his face. "Kid? You alright?" He stares up at Jakk for a moment. "No Jakk, everything's gone. My house, my car, my kid, my wife. My life Jakk." Jakk sits down next to Eric, putting an arm across his shoulder. "Kid, I've spent my life, well, saving lives. I've seen alot of people's loved ones die, i know what your feeling." Eric slaps Jakk's arm off coldly, standing and walking across the room staring at the floor. "Kid." Jakk says, much more serious now, his eyes becoming lost in thought. "I've lost loved ones. My wife died of cancer 3 years ago, i never had any kids." He has a blank expression on his face. Eric turns his head towards Jakk. "Eric." He said "My name is Eric." Jakk stands up, letting a false smile cross his cheeks. "Well, I'm glad we could break down some barriers." Jakk pats Eric roughly on the back, and Eric lets a shrewd smile form. Chapter 2.5 - What has been done is done. Around the same time... The numbers flipped through the screen over and over. The figures where there, all the equations were right. What the hell happened. The city camera's zoomed from corner to corner, watching the carnage. "What happened?". The man spoke to himself in the desolate room, high in the protection of the glass tower. "WHAT HAPPENED!" He slammed his fists into the metal panel, denting the 16 gauge steel. He snarled as a monster, his eyes dilating and turning yellow, as per the symptoms. Quickly, he pulled a syringe out of his pocket, stabbing it into his forearm, breathing a sigh of relief as his muscles relax and veins unswelled. The syringe empties out, and the man flings it aside. "No no no NO NO NO!" The man flings papers aside. He'd been pouring over books for hours now. If only he could find it. What it was? He didn't know. What happened? It was supposed to kill the test subject. Why didn't it? Rabies is supposed to kill within 168 hours. Its been three months. But they didn't die. Like the rabies progressed slowly. The only way to find a cure is to find someone immune to the disease, but its a one and a million chance, and the mutation is ridiculous. Increased endurance, speed, strength, like a superhuman. The door slams open. "GARY! YOU'RE CRAZY! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU SAID IT WAS SAFE!" A past coworker with armed guards breaks in. "It is a calculated risk to find the cure for the common cold! There is nothing we can do, they will die in a week or so." "No gary, this stops now, no more tests, no more projects." Gary begins to breathe heavily. "NO! I NEED MORE TIME! WE WILL HAVE IT SOON!" His eyes dialate and his muscles tense up. "Gary we know what this is really about, its too late for explanat-" He is cut off as Gary leaps forward, tearing his throat from his neck, growling like a monster. The armed guards open fire upon him, the bullets tearing into his flesh, he leaps back, side to side, when a stray bullet fires him out from the window, and he plummets towards the ground. Chapter 3 - Look what the cat dragged in. It has been 6 hours now. The rain had died down, along with the ravenous scouring of the monstrous abominations. "Jakk?" Eric said, as they creep along a burnout alleyway in a seedier part of Paulatim."Yeah kid?" Eric hesitated a moment. "Do you know what is going on? Because i've been lost for hours." Jakk grumbled, stopping his forward lurch, and spinning on his heels to face Eric. "Well, far as im concerned, its a bunch of damn zombies." Eric chuckled, surely these rioting savages aren't undead zombies, like out of some comic book. "No, really Jakk. Whats up with these riots?" Jakk looked Eric squarely in the eyes, annuncating very clearly. "Zom - bies. Zombies kid, you ever heard of em? Wanna kill ya, and eat ya?" Eric gave Jakk a look of amusement "Your kidding, right?" The look cleared from his face as Jakk's grimace became stern."Your serious. How the hell do zombies happen?" Eric stated, questioning his own before dead set mind."I dunno kid, but they are crazy, and want my brains, so i'm just going to ki-" Jakk is cut off abruptly as a large breaking sounds above them, in a medium height sky scraper, shards of glass raining down upon their heads."Duck for cover kid!" Jakk screamed, and both men darted under the protection of an awning, and glass begun littering the ground, followed by a loud "THUD!" in a nearby dumpster. The two rushed over to the stinking, garbage filled container, and Jakk hoisted Eric up over the side.Inside there was a limp disfigured body of a man. He wore a white lab coat, smeared with blood, his mouth frothing over."SHIT, GET BACK!" Eric shouted, as the figure began to shuffle. Suddenly, the man sat up, quite soundly, rolling his limbs like a runner stretching. "Where... am i?" The man stated bluntly."Your bleeding everywhere, your not one of... them.. are you?" Eric stated, cautiously."Well," The man stated quite matter of factly "If you would tell me where i am, i could help you." "Your in a dumpster, beside a building that you just fell from." Eric squinted his eyes in disbelief. "I remember no such event, but i trust your opinion officer. My name is Dr. Gary Wright, head scientist of Secronum Inc.." Now if you would kindly help me out of this shithole, perhaps i can explain more." Eric careful helped the bleeding man out of the rat infested pile of garbage, and the two wrapped up and tended to his wound. Eric was in the middle of pulling pieces of glass out of his battered leg, when Gary spoke up. "Well, i bet your wondering about what all this hubbub is about, i can-AHH- Careful! I can try to explain. These creatures are affected by a severe form of rabies, know as D.E.C.M.S. syndrome, in whi-GAAAH- In which the -UGHHH- PLEASE, WOULD YOU PAUSE FOR A MOMENT?!" Eric let out a maniacal chuckle, and let down Gary's leg softly."Thank you. Now, the syndrome acts almost mirror to rabies, except that the effects are spread out over a few months, the specimens die in a year or so, rather then a few weeks." Eric blinked a couple of times. "So your saying in a year, all of these things will be dead, and life can go on normally?" "Basically, when the span runs short, they will die. HOWEVER, this 'year' is only a tenative time, as we have not yet been infected for a year, to test the results." "AH." Eric exlaimed, "So we're just guessing now?" "No, the results are based on rabies as a model, scientists do not guess, mister...?" "Riddle, Eric is the name" Jakk, busy wrapping up Gary's arm, chimes up, "Call me Jakk, thats with two k's." "How delightfully... Crude." Gary nonchalantly proclaims. "So, tell me now, what exactly were you doing in that fancy looking sky scraper?" Jakk retorts, snarkly. "You know, i can not remember for the LIFE of me. Perhaps i was on a business meeting?" Gary's dumbfoundedness was obviously not false. Gary threw his hand to his head suddenly, gripping his temples, groaning, wincing in extreme pain, and finally, violently passing out. "He's not doing well." Jakk claimed, "We need to get him to a hospital, they'll know what to do." Eric nodded his head solemnly, and turned his head to the right, where the sign for St. Mary's hospital loomed in the distance, blinking on and off, silent like the chilly night. Chapter 4 - Flat Lined Eric shouldered the ER door open, using the full brunt of his strength. They would need to get Gary to a doctor soon, his bleeding has begun to worsen, and he fades in and out of consciousness repeatedly. "Get this man a doctor now!" Jakk screamed at the top of his lungs, as his trailing voice echoed round the halls. Empty. Not a soul was anyone to be seen. The ground was covered in papers, and phones are left off the hook, still buzzing behind the receptionists desk. "No one?!" Eric contorts, "What the fuck is this?" His question echoes through the halls, and is lost in the churning of sound meandering into the desolate hospital. "Fuck." Jakk plainly states, darting his eyes around looking for any soul to be found. Gary was moving in and out of consciousness now, as the two men quickly drag him through the double doors to the nearest ER room with proper equipment. Carefully, but quickly, they hoist his limp body up onto the table, tearing his clothes off, to get to his wounds. Worse then they thought. His shin is cracked, and can be seen clearly though the gaping hole in his leg. "He's losing blood fast!" Eric desperately flounders. He doesn't know much about medicine, only basic CPR and such. Jakk quickly and decisively begins tearing through his leg, pulling pieces of glass out and tossing them behind him nonchalantly. "Get me some gauze and bandages son!" Jakk orders, and Eric plainly complies. Skillfully, Jakk wraps up the wound, then setting it in a splint. Jakk was busy testing for rigidity when Eric chimed up. "Where did you learn to do that Jakk?" There was a long pause, and Jakk spoke in a low, melancholy voice, "I was a soldier back in Vietnam, and i was pinned down behind enemy lines, just me and Phil. I had to watch him die of infection because of my lack of medical skill." There was another akwardly long pause, and Jakk continued, "You learn from your mistakes, right?" Suddenly, Gary's body began convulsing violently, his eyes shot open, Irises yellow, his muscles bulging and shaking. "Quick! Get him the Morphi-" Jakk was cut off as Gary thrust his head up, emitting a terrible, inhuman screech from his lungs, piercing through the silent night, then shaking back and forth, frothing at the mouth. Gary was able to blurt out two syllables, before begin to ravage around again. "BRIEF - CASE!" Eric darted for the plain brown case, and upon opening it, he found 7 syringes of a strange, yellow substance. Instinctively he stabbed the needle into Gary's arm, and released the substance into his blood stream, his symptoms quickly fading, as he regained consciousness. "What the hell?!" Jakk blurted out, as Gary came too. "The fuck is wrong with you!?" Gary shook his head "What is the meaning of this outburst?" He stated calmly. "Your one to talk!" Eric added, "You just damaged my hearing for christ's sake!" Gary pondered quizzically, "Humans are unable to create that kind of sound from their throats. You must be mistaken." Jakk eye'd Gary, "No, you were-a frothin at the mouth 'n everything!" Gary quickly turned his ear to the door. There was a sound, like running. The sound became louder, and louder, and louder, before Eric realized what was happening. They're here. "RUN!!!" Eric blurts out, the two other men acting quickly in response, Gary propped on Jakk's arm. Eric shot a glance behind him just in time to catch the ER doors bursting open with hordes upon hordes of crazed monsters, frothing at the mouth, clawing over each other hastily to get to their next meal. The group sprints forward as fast as a limping man can muster, straight into the elevator, and Jakk, mortified, slamming the door close button as fast as he possible can. Eric fell two a knee, and pulled his shotgun, and, racking a shell into the chamber, let loose a shot straight into one of the creatures torso's, blood splattering over his body, the door closing, the creatures unable to reach the men now. Eric screeched, "I'm not going to turn into one of them now am I?!" Gary, as if suddenly enlightened, looked up, and spoke. "No. The infection is transferred via saliva, and only saliva. Only a bite can infect you, but it does not always happen." Both of the other men stare dumbfoundedly at Gary. "Explain, now." Eric ordered. Gary shrugged, speaking "That bit just came back to me, but in all seriousness i do not remember anything else. Perhaps i'm more than i think?" The elevator 'dinged', and the men arrived at the roof. Its chilled and windy at the top of the building, and there are several shady places for those 'Things' to hide. "We dont need to stay here long guys. Its a death trap." Eric said, darting his eyes around, looking for escape. The silence was eerie, as the men footstepped towards the edge of the building, towards the fire escape. "Its here, trust me, i know." Jakk stated matter-of-factly. The men arrived at the side of the building, and peered over the edge, and what the saw was not the escape of which they had hoped. Hundreds upon hundreds of zombies stood, pushing themselves into the building that the men had just stepped out of. "Oh no." Jakk said, slowly turning his head towards the door, just as is began to shake around, scraping and banging sounds coming from the opposite side. "Jump!" Eric pointed across the way, to another fire escape, on a building roughly ten feet from the one they were on now. "Are you insane?!" Gary worriedly queried. "No! I just want to live!" Eric shouted as he deftly lept across the gap, snatching the edge of the fire escape, throwing his leg over, and signaling the others to come. Gary was next, Jakk simply lifting and throwing the lean man. He caught the edge of the fire escape, and was aided by Eric to pull him up. Suddenly, the door behind Jakk burst open, as a tidal wave of crazed zombies flooded the roof, hungry for flesh. Jakk's eyes went wide as he looked behind him, and he quickly lept across, missing the top level, catching himself on the next level down, his grip quickly slipping. He said a prayer to himself, as his grip loosened, and he began to plummet towards the horde of pummeling fists. Suddenly a hand reached out the shadows to catch Jakk's hand. It was a middle aged Native American man, fairly well built, wearing a greasy pair of suspenders, and sporting long, jet black hair. "It is not your time to pass friend. I will not allow it." He hoisted Jakk up, and he scrambled over the metal bars to safety. Jakk immediately grabbed the man, giving him a fairly powerful bear hug. "Please, i need no thanks. I did as any man should do to his brothers." The native man gave a warm smile, and started up the stairs towards the top of the safety of the roof top. Chapter 5 - A mysterious stranger "My name is John Adams, but my friends call me Tanto."The native american man said. He was fairly tall, built sturdy, but not large. His eyes were a deep hazel brown, and his hair jet black, straightened, and dirty. He wore suspenders and jeans, all covered in blood and tattered. He carried a large wrench with him, presumably what he used to defend himself from the rioting horde."You saved my life you know, i can never repay you enough."Jakk explained,"I owe you my life now Tanto, just remember that."His smile portrayed his heartfelt honesty. Tanto laughed and smiled slightly."I require no thanks, i did as any man should do for his brother, just as i said. As flattered as i am by your offer, i cannot see you put your life at risk to save me." His eyes narrowed and he looked down. "Buddy, before all this shit hit the fan, i was fireman. It was my JOB to save people, and i will NOT take no for an answer!"Tanto laughed and nodded his head, motioning for the three to follow him."I'm Eric, by the way, and this is Gary, he is out right now."Eric said trailing the back, carrying Gary on his back. Gary had been fading in and out of consciousness for about a half hour now, as they winded through the halls of an office building."I've set up camp here with a few other survivors i found. Try to get along with them, we don't need more conflict." Round another bend and they arrived. It was a shabby room, made out of an old cafeteria, but they had plentiful food and the means to cook it silently, and the building seemed rather devoid of life other than these 4, and the other 3 in the room. Of them there was a mean looking African american man. He wore dreadlocks, and a leather jacket. His eyes were pure black and his expression grim and trying. He was busy cleaning his rifle, his muscular body flexing with every push of the cleaning rod. The second person was a small girl, she couldn't be older than 15. Her hair was dyed pink, and her eyes the lightest blue, she was covered with black makeup, that was now running down her face. Her body had not yet much developed, and she sat in the corner, listening to her Ipod. The third was a middle aged man, fairly slim, with auburn hair that reached his shoulders. He wore a big pair of aviators, and was chewing on what seemed to be tobacco. The moment Eric saw the third man, he dropped his bag to the floor, his mouth hanging open with incredible surprise. "MACK?!"He exclaimed, the man taking off his sunglasses and standing slowly."Why you sonofa-"He was cut off by Eric quickly rushing in to hug the man."Its good to see you too Eric!"The man jested, patting him awkwardly on the back,"But you GOTTA get off of me, your crampin my style around the ladies.."The girl looked up and scoffed, rolling her eyes and putting her head back between her knees."See..., she digs me!"He gives a joking grin, and shakes his head laughing."So what have you been up to since this crazy shit started?"Eric sat down, realizing his joy was only temporary. A sudden wave of grief washed over him again, and he leaned forward clutching his head with his hands. "They're dead Mack. I saw it with my own eyes."Eric's voice began to crack, and he looked up at Mack with a expression of total melancholy."E-Eric.. I'm sorry buddy. I-I wish there was something i could.. uh.. do. I'm sure that god is taking care of them Eric. I promise you that." Mack patted His back, as Eric began to cry."I-I..- killed him Mack, i had to kill my own son. He was c-crazy, like something out of a horror movie, he c-came at me like a frenzied beast, so i killed him. I had no choice.."He began to contain his sorrow for a moment, when the large black man in the corner spoke up."God damn its like a fuckin' gay bar up in this shit!" He said as he shook his head and scoffed. Mack looked angrily towards him."His god damned wife died you heartless shit. He had to kill his own son!"The black man stood up, and walked towards Mack slowly, getting right into his face. The black man was at least a foot taller than mack, and dwarfed him by comparison."I've killed men for money, and i've killed men for revenge, but until today, i aint never killed a man to survive."He got incredibly close to Mack's face."And i say, what better time to kill for the hell of it, eh? Kill and take what i need, aint no law no more pig, so you stay outta my business, and i'll try not to stomp all over yours. You got that?"Mack grunted angrily and turned away, and the large man laughed in triumph."Hey pussy?!" He was addressing Eric. "They call me Truck, learn to FEAR that name."He pushed through the rest of the people and left the room whistling a cheerful tune. Everyone was silent for a while, until the girl in the corner spoke up."He's just like my dad, thought he was better than anyone, i'm glad he's dead."She sported a maniacal grin and put her head back down, but at that instant Mack Hailed her back up."You CANT mean that?! He was your flesh and blood, you have to at least be somewhat sad?"She scoffed,"No not at all, or my mom either, she was always trying to tell ME what to do! I hated them and i hope their bodies get chewed to bits!"Mack blinked a couple of times, and turned away as she snickered and returned to her music, which was being blasted loud enough to hear from outside her headphones.The room fell silent aside from the blaring deth metal. Eric sat motionless for some time, before Tanto sat next to him."He is what my forefathers liked to call kemosabe, or 'Horses Ass'."He put his arm around Erics shoulder, and rubbed his back."Dont let him get you down Eric, i cant imagine how hard it is to lose your family like that. What was their names?"Tanto questioned softly. Eric sat silent and whispered under his breath. "M-my wife, she was, her name-" He paused for a second, holding back tears before continuing."Jillian. Jillian was her name, a-and m..m-my son.. my son..-"He could no longer hold back his tears, and they streamed down his face, dripping onto his knees as he sobbed, falling off on the crest of his cheek."His name was James!"He screamed, sobbing intensely."Why did my car have to break down?! I could have made it back in time to save you Jillian! I KNOW I COULD! You would have been in my arms right now... FUCK!"He smashed his fist into the container he was sitting upon, and stormed from the room, his fingers gripped around the handle of his Tomcat, his eyes filled with rage and despair."Oh no.."Mack grimaced, god only knows what he will do, being his partner for all these years told him this.
  9. Ok, I have this idea for a Fan-Fciction about a Pony (Still working on that.) & He/She was supposed to be Banished to the Moon for obvious reasons. Now when the Elements of Harmony & Celestia Banish the pony to the moon. Something goes wrong & it sends the Misguided pony not to their moon but the Nazi Zombies Moon! (If you played Black Ops long enough & played/seen the last Map that came out that was all zombies, Nacht der untoten, Verruct, Shi no numa, Der Riese, & Moon you would know.) & the Stranded Pony has to Survive & fight his/her way through the Zombie horde with some allies & Find a way back to Equestria. What do you think?
  10. Look for the dotted line to skip to the Narrative for those TLDR or cut to the chase Ponies! This topic came up in the Zombie Discussion Thread: PlasmaStorm asked: Which then I wrote a VERY detailed analysis on what would happen to our 6 favorite Ponies! I then wrote a reply... and kept writing it... and STILL KEPT WRITING ! Writing: My Gift and My Curse! Obviously this is WAY too big to reply in the thread for everypony's sanity! I decided to post it as a fanfic (which it is is suppose). Here's a sample of my writing that's rather ponyfied! (I don't really write Pony fanfics since I think the show does a good enough job!) I thought the Analysis part was pretty accurate for each Ponies strengths and weaknesses. And the Narrative part is pretty well done and definitely my style. Also my dark sense of humor tends to show in this as well all in all a splendid spread! Also: Plasma Storm Replied: On with the show... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER Alright before I start I'll remind everypony that this is just an assessment of each pony's skill and personality. PONIES WILL DIE! This is assuming there is in no way a magic cure for the Zombies and the Apocalypse will last forever! Also this thread might be a bit graphic at parts dealing with some dark material that I will apologize in advance for. It's not that I enjoy watching cute ponies suffer it's that the concept material is very dark ironically combined with the bright and happy Ponies of MLP! Reader Discretion is Advised -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How Do You Think the Mane 6 Would React in a Zombie Apocalypse? A Detailed Analysis and Narrative by Dylan "Stachioed" Yocca Fluttershy: I'm sorry to say that Fluttershy doesn't last long! (Poor Fluttershy ) Although she has the ability to fly she is easily and quite literally paralyzed with fear. (See Dragonshy) Although she can stand up and boss around a freakin' Dragon remember that a Dragon is a natural creature that can be reasoned with (in Equestria at least). Zombies are an unnatural phenomenon and aren't known to go to their room when scolded by mom! She's also the Element of Kindness, not a weapon effective on zombies. She'd see the Zombified Ponyville Ponies and be both too scared or feel to guilty to defend herself. (Though if Discord were to change her back to Cruelty-shy she'd be far more effective) The rest of the group ventures forward to Canterlot to seek help from Celestia. Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie laughs in the face of danger... literally! She was raised to! So she isn't going to be paralyzed by fear, she won't be rendered speechless from the new horde of Pony Zombies or the death of their dear friend Fluttershy... and that's her downfall! Pinkie Pie is loud! She will most likely gather the attention of everypony from Ponyville to Canterlot! Zombies in Phillydelphia will probably grunt, "What's that!" Also Pinkie Pie's an Earth Pony so she cannot fly or use magic. She also isn't the best fighter. Eventually her never ending laughter will get her in the end. (Damn Pinkie Pie's my favorite!) Though if she'd be more quite she'd be the first to go insane (if she isn't already there)! Keeping your sanity is very important in a zombie Apocalypse... and so is keeping your mouth shut! Rarity: Though Rarity's constant complaining will be only a step down from Pinkie Pie's laughter, I'm sure after 2 Ponies down she'll shut her mouth. Although she has the Element of Generosity, ironically she can be the greediest of the group! She has a lust for gems (so does Spike, he also has a lust for Rarity, but he doesn't have a mane so we'll ignore him for now) She'll get distracted by things she still finds valuable that every other pony already decided was unneeded luxury! One advantage of hers is that while refusing to wallow through mud and should she be attacked during her protest Spike would probably sacrifice himself. Rarity is also a Unicorn therefore can use Magic. However she didn't really focus her magic study for defensive matters so sewing the zombies to death isn't an option! Also just whining the Zombies into submission (see Diamond Dogs) is probably only slightly more effective than Pinkie's laughter and look where that got her! I guess Zombie's aren't fans of French Couture (Don't bring up Fluttershy again! I'm still in tears! ) Rainbow Dash: 20% Cooler got her this far, but we reached the halfway point that means BOSS BATTLE! As the Mane 6 Mane 3, reach Canterlot they find that Canterlot is in ruins! Zombie Ponies everywhere! The get to the castle and find Celestia who is ill. Celestia was wounded and infected when trying to save the Fillies and Children Ponies of Canterlot! Even the great Celestia isn't immune by the infection and succumbs! Mane 6 vs Zombie Celestia! Applejack can't do much so she takes a defensive stance. Twilight Sparkle holds off Zombie Celestia's with her Magic (Twilight's magic is now stronger than Celestia's due to Zombification Stipulation, and Twilight may actually have the potential to be more powerful than Celestia in her prime! Through years of hard training and studying of course!) Zombie Celestia's magic is enough to cause some form of stalemate between the two parties so it's Rainbow Dash's turn! Rainbow Dash boldly charges Celestia to distract her. Rainbow tells Twilight and Applejack to run! Rainbow then brings down the who goddamn castle with one large Sonic Rainboom! The Final Rainboom! However she was infected a long time ago! Plot twist! She with undying loyalty tried to save Fluttershy a long while back and got bitten in the process! She knew eventually she'd turn and more importantly turn on her friends and try to eat them! She showed her true Element of Loyalty till her very last breath! To make sure she doesn't turn zombie and to make sure Celestia's finished she charges one last time into the castle and causes a giant Atomic Rainboom! (see the scene where Rainbow destroys a barn in Lesson Zero) Applejack: Element of Honesty? I guess she's not going to lie and deceit will be her downfall, or will it? Look back on Apple Buck Season where she lies through her teeth about not needing help Bucking the apple-fields! She has pride in her hard work and determination to help people out, Pride is a very common tragic flaw in stories since the Ancient Greeks! In a world where Celestia's gone things are in mass hysteria. Twilight decides to start running things and recreate the magic Kingdom of Equestria! Applejack gladly takes the role to plant the fields and make a steady food supply for the surviving Ponies! She works harder than she has ever worked in her entire life! She works herself to the bone! Twilight is too busy tending to everything else to try to remind Applejack to calm down! (We're assuming Big Mac is gone)! Applejack lasted a long time! She's one tough Pony! She may be just an Earth Pony, but this Earth Pony outlasted a Unicorn and 2 Pegasuses! Even freakin Rainbow Dash who can fly at mach 10, shatter the visual spectrum, create near nuclear explosions, and apparently kill a Transformer (see Death Battle: Rainbow Dash vs Starscream http://www.screwatta...vs-rainbow-dash ) So who's 20% Cooler now! Well I suppose the Zombies once Applejack works to exhaustion and collapses. Free meal for Zombies. I wonder if she tastes likes Apples? Twilight Sparkle: Well I suppose Feld0 picked the right Pony for his admin account! She has the drive to keep learning. If cures were allowed she'd probably find one. Unfortunately I forbid it! She is the most magical pony in all of Equestria! She may even have the potential to surpass Luna and Celestia combined! With her near limitless Magic potential which includes a "failsafe" spell, telekinesis to an unmatched degree (see Great and Powerful Trixie), teleportation, and (my favorite) the ability to spawn both tuxedos and Mustaches! Okay so that one may not be useful unless we were going for the most stylish Zombie Apocalypse! (Oh wait where did that get Rarity again?) Eventually Twilight Sparkle will see Applejack deceased. Her final friend that she had abandoned because she had "better things to tend to"! Losing all of her friends she cracks (like Lesson Zero, but mix that with Rage-shy from Best Night Ever and a bunch of squishy ponies) Remember that bit on sanity I had earlier. Twas some foreshadowing! See being last in any Apocalypse doesn't mean you win. Certainly it means you held out till the end, but what reward is that! Everyone you cared and loved for are now gone! Now all these stranded Ponies want you to care for them when the world doesn't seem to care for your friends? FUCK THEM! Twilight eventually goes on an insane killing spree using her various abilities! Killing thousands of living and zombie ponies in her way! What difference did it make to her now she's gone off the deep end and there's no going back! I really can't come up with what exactly happened to her because there are millions of different things she could do! Luna could appear and try to stop her, but she defeated her long ago with the elements of Harmony when all she knew was telekinesis! Who really knows what she's capable of after she loses all control, my guess is that Luna was no match for her! My best guess for her death is that one day she has a moment of clarity and realized all that she had done and kills herself or kills everything until she dies of old age (if she doesn't find a way to become immortal). Equestria's best hope has the ultimate fall from grace. The final sign that all of Equestria is doomed!