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Found 85 results

  1. Yes, I know this is a bit of a strange and perhaps odd question, but I was playing Fallout 3 earlier, after watching The Walking Dead (Which is amazing). This question popped into my head, which would be better for chances of survival? Zombie Apocalypse: While you may initially be safe, if most of the population becomes infected, there's no going back. Maybe a cure would be found, maybe not. Plus, being eaten doesn't sound nice. Nuclear Fallout: While yes, most of the population would probably be killed, those who survive may have a chance to rebuild. That's if radiation doesn't affect anything, and the world would be a much harsher place. Personally, I find it difficult to choose. If I had to, I'd probably go for Zombie Apocalypse. At least the world doesn't blow up...
  2. Oh Johnny, you unfortunately ironic sonnuvahgun. It's about time we got around to the granddaddy of all modern zombie fiction, and shortly after its 45th anniversary, too. This is another one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites, you see. - The movie was almost about an alien pathogen that infected living people and called Night of the Flesh Eaters (remember that piece of information, we'll get back to it in a second), but they decided on the whole "dead coming back to life" thing, with some radiation from Venus thrown in. After this was decided, the filmmakers tried to figure out the most shocking and horrific thing for the living dead to do, and they eventually settled on eating people alive. And thus, the Romero zombie was born. Or died, or, I dunno... - The first horror movie with a African American protagonist. - Made on a $114,000 budget, made around $42 million upon its initial release. Has currently racked up something close to $256 million as of 2009. - Was not shot in color due to a lack of funds. Black and white film was cheaper to develop. On the plus-side, it actually makes the movie much creepier, and the filmmakers were able to use Bosco chocolate syrup for the blood (the same brand used in the shower scene from Psycho). - The meat the zombies rip from their victims and eat was ham donated to the production by a local butcher. Chocolate syrup and ham: the breakfast of champions. - You can blame this movie for characters in a zombie story never calling them the zed-word. Instead, they're all referred to as "those things" or "ghouls". - Like most of George A. Romero's movies, his debut flick was filmed in Pittsburgh, where around 200 extras volunteered to play the living dead. Obviously, some of them were pretty cool about doing some nude stuff for the sake of art. - The boards nailed across the windows and doors were numbered so they could be put together in the right order after they were taken down for another shot. Continuity for the win. - The corpse in that gif up there was made by George A. Romero, who used ping-pong balls for the eyes. - Bill HInzman, who played the zombie who attacks Barbara in the opening scene, recently passed away. According to his daughter, he wanted to be cremated so he wouldn't rise from the dead. - Screenwriter John A. Russo volunteered to play the zombie lit on fire because no one else was comfortable with that. - In the grand tradition of horror directors trying to get authentic performances through disturbing their actors, Romero killed a butterfly in front of the cast before the shooting of a particularly tense scene. Otherwise, thought, it was actually a very pleasant production. No Texas Chainsaw-style clusterbuck here. - Supposedly, the moment editing and dubbing was finished, George A Romero and John A. Russo threw the film in the trunk of a car and drove through the night to New York in search of theaters that would show the movie. On the way there, they heard about Martian Luther King Jr's assassination. - Despite being one of the most poular horror movies of all time and one of the most successful indie films ever, George A. Romero saw very little money. As it turns out, back then, a movie had to have a tittle card that showed a little copyright notice so it wouldn't enter public domain. Unfortunately, when the title of the movie was changed to Night of the Living Dead, the title card with this notice was removed from the film and never replaced. So the movie can be posted anywhere or viewed by anyone with no legal action taken against them. In fact, here's the full movie right here. Ya'll kids better educate yourself and watch this masterpiece, but be warned: there be some mostly-tame-by-today's-standards gore and a naked lady butt. Well, you know what they say: When there's no more room in this forum post, the dead will walk the earth. So tune in tomorrow for some trivia on Night's two sequels, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead!
  3. okay you'll see sergeant firebolts point of view ill do chapters each night Me and some kind of pony named Twilight Sparkle has been sent to her world. Twilight was not lavender colored anymore she was snow white colored. We woke up in a castle. I was still a human thank god. I grabbed my handgun from the ground and saw nothing but bloody bodies and bloody hoofprints on the wall. "Oh my gosh, my home ..Princess Celestia could still be alive,'' said Twilight. '' Your princess cant be alive after thi..'' ''HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT,'' Twilight screamed at me. she had tears down her cheeks . '' Celestia was my teacher my best friend. She has to still be alive. I lost all the ponies I care about and she was the only the pony I had left.''
  4. Tonight, I'm gonna have my self a real good time, so just sit back, hole up, crack out those Cornettos, and wait for all this to blow over. - The movie came about when Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright realized they both loved zombie movies while making As such, several cameos by characters from the sitcom (who are all now zombies, of course) seems to imply that this movie takes place within the same universe. - Shaun used to be a DJ before the movie's events, as evidenced by the promotional poster in his flat (which also reveals his last name to be Riley). - Every extra seen in the first third of the movie reappear as zombies later. - The song that the kid on the bus is listening to is "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation. Get it? - When Shaun is leading Liz and her mates of her flat, he's the only one who actually fights any zombies on the way to the car. This is because the cricket bat was the only weapon in that scene that was safe to use; the blunt objects the others were carrying were real and would have hurt the extras. - Simon Pegg dubbed over the zombie in the robe that attacks them in the backyard. - The name of the Italian place Shaun was planning on taking Liz, "Fulci's", is a reference to Italian horror director Lucio Fulci. Alternatively, the place that does all the fish that Shaun mentions is, if you look in the phone book in the scene, literally called "The Place that Does All the Fish". - Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg held a special screening for George Romero, who absolutely loved the movie, though they were surprised he didn't get this reference the first time: Either way, he enjoyed the movie enough that - This movie, along with Hot Fuzz and The World's End form the spiritual Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy, which all explore themes of maturity and unlikely heroes rising to the occasion using genre tropes. Each movie contains a scene where a character eats a flavor of Cornetto Ice Cream, with that flavor's color pertaining to the movie's subject matter. Shaun is strawberry red for blood, Fuzz is original blue for the police, and World's End is mint chocolate chip green for aliens. - The filmmakers created a "safe for TV" version that replaces "f***" with "funk" and "p****" with "prink". - Speaking of which, the f-word is used 77 times. - Chris Martin of Coldplay appears both as a zombie and as himself on TV. - Shaun's discomfort with saying "the zed-word" is reference to the fact that nobody in zombie movies ever call the monsters "zombies". - Nick Frost apparently shaved his nether-regions, so as to keep the inappropriate scratching Ed does throughout the movie authentic. - This movie features a legendary level of foreshadowing, and that never becomes more apparent then when you realize that Ed's plan to get Shaun wasted is a summary of everything that's about to happen. - It was this movie that introduced me to zombie movies, which helped make me the nerd I am today. So thank you, Shaun of the Dead.
  5. Let's play the zombie apocalypse game. You can pick anyone from any one fictional TV series (doesn't have to be from MLP) to fill in one position, so that means that you can't choose two characters from the same series to play two different roles. Here's mine! Your list can feature a combo of animated characters and "real world" characters if you want. Leader - Simon (Gurren Lagann) Brawler - Kyouko Sakura (Madoka Magica) Weapons expert - Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats) Brains - Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Medic - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek into Darkness) Speed fighter - Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura) Mascot - Terriermon (Digimon Tamers) Guy who dies first - Akihisa Yoshii (Baka and Test) You don't have to submit a template here if you don't want - a list is just fine. But I put up mine anyway: Template:
  6. I love zombies! I was looking at a review for a zombie game the other day though....and said it was overdone. I go to another site, and another and another....apparently I missed this? Because I haven't seen any cool zombies games apparently...what are some cool ones then?
  7. With Origins only recently coming out with yet another easter egg song, I've been thinking about which ones I enjoyed the most. It doesn't matter if you don't like Call of Duty, the songs that were made for zombies are fantastic. I'm not even the biggest zombies fan myself. So I went on YouTube and listened to all of the easter egg songs that we've gotten over time. (A good place to find them is Kevin Sherwood's channel: It used to be hands down 'Beauty of Annihilation' from Der Reise, but right now I'm seriously leaning towards 'Abracadavre' from Ascension. Now I'm not saying that the one in Origins (Archangel) is sub-par... its actually brilliant. I just like some of the others more. Now, obviously, I'm posting this on the forums to hear YOUR opinion!
  8. To tell you the truth i kinda only get cod for the z's. so i think they should make a cod zombies with all the zombies map and maybe even make a map creator so console players get to experience the custom zombies.
  9. Alright, I've had this question for a while now. What famous zombie franchise did it best? Or in other words, what franchise's zombies did you like the most? For me personaly, I like the evil dead zombies the most. They're terrifying and funny! But what do you guys think?
  10. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the intellectual property of Hasbro, Inc and Lauren Faust. I make no claims of ownership. This is a not-for-profit fan fiction.) Chapter 1-Coming to terms (For added effect, play this video while you read the fanfic) It was a dark, murky day in Ponyville, with barely a soul out on the streets, or rather a living soul. The town was currently in the aftermath stage of a panic attack; every street was tarnished with debris, corpses and blood. Some few houses were still smouldering. Smoke slowly billowed into the sky from what remained of a few buildings in the town. Most of Ponyville's most notable locations had been heavily boarded up and fortified. These included Town Hall, in which Mayor Mare, Bon-Bon, Lyra and a few other ponies were hiding, Sugarcube Corner, in which the Cakes, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle had holed up in, Sweet Apple Acres, which housed Applejack, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith and Apple Bloom, as well as the majority of ponies who had managed to escape Ponyville and the Ponyville Library, which Twilight, Spike and Owlowiscious had hidden in. Fluttershy had also boarded up her home nearby the Everfree Forest, despite being the most at risk of the Mane 6. Rainbow Dash was in Cloudsdale at the time. Just like the rest of the pegasi, she was aware of the infection below. As was typical of Rainbow, she wanted to help the ponies below, however all of Cloudsdale had received strict orders from Princess Celestia not to go down to the surface unless survivors had been detected. Speaking of which, it wouldn't be long before that happened. In the Ponyville Library, Twilight was going about her rounds (which she had put in place due to recent events). With the aid of Spike and Owlowiscious, she had gone through how much provisions she had remaining, as well as the condition of the boards she had nailed to her windows. At the present moment, she was going through her water supply. "Ok, waters looking good so far. Tick water off Spike, and that's today's checkup complete". "Consider it done Twilight!" Spike replied happily, checking off the water supply on Twilight's checklist. "Ok Spike, I'll be heading upstairs. There's some more books I need to study. Remember now, don't look out the windows, ok?" Understanding the firm words intertwining with Twilight's firm tone of voice, Spike nodded. And so, Twilight headed upstairs. Once Twilight reached the upper floor, she used her magic to levitate a book named "Diseases and Infections-An analysis by Prophetic Bastion", before proceeding to her balcony, which had been boarded up, to read it. She went to the contents page first, looking through the "Viruses" index until she came across the pandemic that had taken Equestria by storm, "Rage". At once, she flipped through the pages until she came across the page dedicated to the Rage virus, and proceeded to read it. "The Rage virus is a deadly virus that is contained within an exclusive plant found only in the Everfree Forest, and can gain access to an individual's bloodstream and saliva if exposed. Upon infection, the victim turns wild with feral fury and murderous anger. Symptoms of infection include dehydrated gasping, flailing of arms, stamping of feet, blood visible in the eyes and the sufferer will continue to advance upon his target until it is cornered or until he gets a grip on the victim, before wrestling it to the ground and proceeding to brutally kick, stamp and bite the victim in several places on its body until it either dies or ends up ingesting the blood from the sufferer, infecting it as well. Occasionally, the sufferer will also vomit blood, as if parts of the brain's cognitive functions are still alive and are working to eject the virus from the sufferer's body. If ever one should witness an individual being infected, they will have between ten to twenty seconds to put them down. It does not matter who becomes infected; a loved one, a close friend or even a family member, upon infection the victim must be killed. If the infected is not put down, then the whole of ponydom is at stake. Whoever is reading this, take that last bit of advice into great heed. If ever this virus should break out, the situation may come where you become the last of your species.............still alive". Those last words shook Twilight to her very core. And yet, she could've stopped it right there at Canterlot, if only she did not panic and flee the scene on a dime. Oh yes, she remembers that scene very well, very well indeed.................
  11. Since I have officially dubbed Mutiplayer total BS, I have dedicated my time to simply playing zombies instead. And since the Black Ops 2 thread is full of MP discussion, I have made a thread for the epicness that is zombies. Discuss anything related to CoD Zombies. If you want to play Zombies with me, my PSN name is HeLlZrEtRiVeR.
  12. the game is simple the user above you will be your partner in a zombie apocalypse you must choose a plan choose the closest thing to your left as your weapon and choose your object to your right as your source of entertainment during the apocalypse
  13. eyup! I drew this at school one day. this is my first successful pony I'd drawn. I am new here, but I have seen every MLPFIM episode out there. *brohoof*
  14. How's it going everypony! My name is Nero, and I'm trying to make my idea a reality. The other day, I watched Ponies Anthology II and saw The Trotting Dead short. After that, I read some fanfictions spawned by it, and looked for some sort of animation but there were none to be found! So here's what I need: > Skilled, experienced, and committed Animator > Co-Writer/Editor to help write screenplay > Voice Actors If you want to be a part of something big, here's your chance. Now, I'm no big shot producer, or some sort of writing genius, but I think we have something here. Email me for more info: Auditions for voices begin ASAP, just email me if you want a part, wait for my conformation, and email me the audio clip! Animators, if you want the job, also email me with some of your other projects or art, and I'll confirm! Co-Writer, if you would like to help, email me with some of your fanfictions or stories and I'll confirm also. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below of your thoughts on the project! Please leave suggestions!
  15. Has anypony downloaded Mob of the Dead? I know it's been out for a few days now, but I'm curious what people think about the new map. I, personally, enjoyed it, but my favorite BO 2 zombie map has to be Nuketown Zombies.
  16. Ever since I saw YouTube videos of the Team Fortress 2 classes being ponified, such as the Pinkie Pyro, or the Flutter Medic, and so on, I started thinking about other games and doing the same thing with those characters, recently I've been thinking about the zombies story line from Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2. There's something about the zombies story line I love so much, unlike the campaign, which I find rather dull to play through. It might be the characters, and their quotes that make them so enjoyable to listen to, or it might be the fact that there's a lot of mystery in the story that isn't too apparent in the game, and you kind of need to make your own theories. For the past few days I've been making a list in my head of which ponies closely fit which of the characters/survivors. Like the TF2 classes the list was made paying no attention to gender. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt(WaW): Marine #1: Lyra Heartstrings Marine #2: Bon Bon Marine #3: Carrot Top Marine #4: Berry Punch I chose background ponies for the marines on Nacht der Untoten because the marines are nameless and I don't think they have voices(I started playing zombies in Black Ops 1, just going off the wiki here.) Any background pony would work for these characters, these are just the ones I chose. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon(BO1): Edward Richtofen: Discord Tank Dempsey: Rainbow Dash Nikolai Belinski: Pinkie Pie Takeo Masaki: Fluttershy I see Discord being a lot like Richtofen, as they both want control over the world; Discord with his chaos magic, and Richtofen with his current control over the zombies. Dash is like Dempsey because they're both aggressive and somewhat egotistical. Pinkie is like Nikolai because they're both considered, by me, the comedy relief of both the Mane 6, and the Survivors respectively. Fluttershy is like Takeo because they're both usually the quietest and least obnoxius of the group. Five(BO1): John F. Kennedy: Mayor Mare Robert McNamara: Undecided Fidel Castro: Undecided Richard Nixon: Undecided Mayor Mare is JFK because she's the only pony in politics that I can think of. Call Of The Dead(BO1): Sarah Michelle Gellar: Rarity Danny Trejo: Undecided Robert Englund: Undecided Michael Rooker: Undecided Sarah Michelle Gellar is probably the most lady-like survivor yet, making Rarity a good match. Green Run, Die Rise(BO2): Samuel Stuhlinger: Undecided Marlton Johnson: Twilight Sparkle Abigail "Misty" Briarton: Applejack Russman: Granny Smith Twilight is like Marlton because they're both smart. Applejack is like Misty because of Misty's country-style outfit, and the fact that Misty's voice sounds like a combination of Rainbow and Applejack, anyone else notice this? Granny Smith is like Russman because they're both elderly. Other Characters: Dr. Ludvig Maxis: Princess Celestia Samantha Maxis: Princess Luna Celestia is like Maxis because of the fact, Maxis guides the survivors in Green Run and Die Rise, much like how Celestia will summon the Mane 6 to save the world against evils such as Discord(Part of the reason why he's Richtofen), and King Sombra. Luna is like Samantha because she's the closest relative to Celestia, much like Sam is the closest known relative to Dr. Maxis. I hope my fellow zombie fans found this interesting to read. I apologize if it's a little confusing and a little bit long, but I feel like with more thought from other minds, the two series are more comparable than you might think in terms of characters, again, just like the classes from TF2. Any suggestions for character comparisons would be great, even if it's a zombie character that I've already compared with a pony character. It'd be kind of cool to start seeing art of this popping up on the subject, such as ponies dressed up as the survivors. I'm no good at drawing, but I've been thinking of trying to draw Fluttershy, in Takeo's uniform, holding the Arisaka. I'm actually a little surprised as to how little art I've found on the internet on this subject, proving it's something people haven't really thought of. Only things I managed to find was an OC that looked like Dempsey, and someone who turned what looked to be a G3 pony toy into a Richtofen pony.
  17. Recently, I started playing Dead Island, and I can't decide whether or not it's a good game, or even if I really like it for that matter (believe me, those are two different things). So, I was wondering what everyone else thought about it. Personally, I think they wanted to make a class/level system like borderlands, and they did pretty well in that regard, although from what I've seen, the special abilities are basically all the same thing. I like the weapon creation and upgrade system and the fact that you have to scavenge for parts and any objects that can potentially be used as a weapon, which makes it seem more realistic, I guess (I'm not sure if that's really the right word, but whatever). One thing that annoys me is that throwing weapons doesn't damage them, but swinging them does. It just doesn't make much sense to me, but it's a pretty minor thing really. Also, I think the weapons break down too quickly, to the point that it's unrealistic. But then again, I've never tried beating a zombie to death with a paddle before so what do I know? Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else had any thoughts on it.
  18. It takes a truly special story to have an emotional impact on a player, and a well-crafted journey is the only one worth remembering. The Walking Dead by developer Telltale Games is nothing if not a riveting, expertly designed and, most importantly, immersive adventure. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." This quote by Ursula LeGuin summarizes everything about The Walking Dead, as this is a game finely tuned to react to your decisions, though it all leads to one similar end. The destination is the same for all players, yet the journey itself is something that will be drastically different for every player, and it is this journey which will lend the finale its impact in the first place. Players take the role of Lee Everett, an ex-university professor from Macon, GA, who is just being incarcerated on charges of murder. With no distinct details about him given, the game quickly thrusts him into the harsh new reality of the walkers, or zombies, who now overrun the world. Shortly after his first encounter with the undead, Lee meets up with a young girl who has kept herself safe inside a tree-house. This girl's name is Clementine, and though it isn't directly stated, she is the heart of the game, as well as the one who most closely touches yours. This Clementine, tugger of heartstrings. It doesn't take long for Lee and Clementine to become wrapped up in something more than just a personal endeavor, though. Soon after meeting one another, they are whisked into a situation with more survivors as they desperately try to escape the oncoming walkers. It is in this situation where Lee's morals are first able to be bent to the player's will, and this is the first true glimpse of one of the game's most enthralling features. Each action Lee takes will beget a reaction from other characters, with them taking note of his words and choices for the future, sometimes all the way up through the end of the game. It is Clementine herself who most notes his actions, however, with her young mind being quite impressionable. Lee's choice of words and moral decisions can shape her throughout the entire game, lending for her to become a liar, a coward, or a strong individual. A player with loose morals could end up not only in trouble with other survivors, but also turn her into a poor person, too. Nothing is so black and white as to be simply 'good or evil' in the game, however. Seeing a stranger being attacked by zombies in the street while on a supply run, do you put her out of her misery and alert the walkers with your gun, or leave her as bait and a distraction to buy yourself more time? When two members of your group dispute each other's decisions in a bid for leadership, whose side do you take? They will remember what you say, and it may affect you drastically later on. They're not exactly ones you'd want to piss off, either. It is in this character build-up and interaction that you become completely enthralled with the story, learning to truly care about the fates of everyone involved. Helping one person at one point could lead to them returning the favor, or possibly saving someone else. Chide someone for their cowardice and they may become braver in turn to prove you wrong. These are important factors, as Lee is no superhero, and cannot do everything alone. During what action moments the game has, Lee is often not able to help everyone who needs it at once. Sometimes he simply has to protect himself, other times he has to defend another, and at the worst of times, he has no choice but to save one life over another one. These moments, despite how brief they are, have a level of tension that few other games ever reach, as you have no time to think things over, having to make the decisions in the heat of the moment just as if in reality. You may truly regret actions later in the story, and few games can say such a thing. This ever-evolving story falls into place depending on your every little reaction, and it will be drastically different for one player than it will be for another. However, despite the choices you make on the journey, it is true that the end is always the same, so relish what happens as you go, love the characters you can and do everything to keep them safe as long as you can. And most importantly, stay away from spoilers on the ending! It's hard not to be depressed in the end of times, so keep close those you hold dear. This game is not about action or kicking zombie ass. It is about survival, relationships, and horrifying realities. Despite having moments of intensity and truly thrilling action, the majority of the game is spent in dialogue to create an extraordinarily personal and immersive experience. This is not for everyone, but anyone who loves a good story would be missing out on a golden opportunity to not play this. No other game in 2012, or possibly any other year, really, has created characters who feel so real and generate such true emotions. This is a journey worth taking, and though it may end in tears, it will stick with you forever. Not playing this game is hard to call anything other than ignorant. Find a way to play it, and enjoy it. It doesn't last forever, and that is a good thing in its own right, but it and its characters will be remembered forever to make up for it.
  19. If you look into the news, you'll notice a lot of News stories that seem to just scream "The world is ending guys!". These can range from Russia trying to create zombies, Scientists predicting meteors and all this, and psychics and such joining in the fun, and not to mention NASA predicting aliens might want to kill us, and internet regulation! So I figured "Hey, why not make a topic about the apocalypse?" And here it is! If you stumble upon an article that contains a subject that might lead to the end of the world, have some predictions on the end of times, or care to toss theories and such on why you think the world will or will not end, feel free to pop those suckers up here! And here is the Wikipedia table on End of Time predictions, think you can survive them all?
  20. Another one of these topics... The rules should be simple enough. I do all the work, and you choose the option you want. ----- You open your eyes to find you are in an unknown room. You look around. It is very dark, but not dark enough to not see anything. You get up from the cold hard floor you were currently on, and look around. There appear to be two doors. One in front of you, and one on the ceiling. Inventory: (Currently empty) What do you do? [A]: Go through the door in front of you. : Go through the door on the ceiling. [C]: Kick the wall in anger. [D]: Scream and go insane.
  21. http://www.fimfictio...questrian-Panic For nearly a millenium, the population of Equestria has slowly been declining. For reasons not understood by Celestia or Luna, their ponies simply are not producing enough children. Twice now Celestia has attempted to solve this problem using a spell that transforms other sentient beings into ponies. Both times, it seemed to help for a generation or three, but after that the numbers would begin to drop again. Another year has come, and the census report brings the annual reminder that the Equestrians are living on borrowed time. With her sisters help, Celestia hopes to find a way to save her ponies from the possibility of extinction within the next five hundred years. With some help from the Elements and her sister, Celestia thinks she has such a way. It is time once again to wield the Amniomorphic spell, and this time the targeted species is one not even of their world... --- Meanwhile, on Earth, the year is 2019. It's been two years since the Zombie War was officially declared over, and humanity is beginning to slowly rebuild itself from the devastation it faced in its conflict with the undead hordes. But the job is not done yet, for there are still white zones across the world, and the seas still hide an untold number of the walking dead. But, as American President Elliot Martinson and the rest of the world is about to learn, zombies might be the least of their troubles... ~-----------------------------------~ TCB Crossover with the World War Z Earth. Leave whatever feelings you may have for TCB at the doorstep. This is not your everyday TCB fanfic. ----------------------- "Here's this year's census report your Majesty." Celestia smiled at Golden Grain. "Thank you Minister, that will be all." Golden Grain bowed and quickly exited her study as Celestia grudgingly hefted the roll of parchment with her magic. After many years of reading such reports, she had come to expect with each new report another reminder of the problem that was facing her little ponies, one that they didn't even realize existed. Sighing to herself, she unrolled the scroll and skimmed past the many trivial bits of information until she found what she was looking for. Down again...what is it Celly, the nine hundred and seventy sixth year of such? She grimaced as she tossed the parchment at her desk, turning and striding towards the spacious balcony that offered her a grand view of Canterlot and the surrounding countryside. She idly watched as her subjects went about their lives, unaware of a dilemma that was beginning to fiercely dominate their rulers mind. “May I assume the news is not good Sister?” Celestia turned her head as the sound of hoofsteps alerted her to the arrival of her sister. She offered her a weak smile as she asked “Good morning Luna. Did you enjoy your nap?” Luna let out a very big and very un-royal like yawn before muttering “It was not long enough for my tastes…but that’s getting away from what I asked you.” Celestia turned her gaze back to the city below, not meeting the eyes of her sister as she asked “How bad is it this year sister?” Knowing that dodging the question any further would only annoy her sister, Celestia pulled the report from her desk and allowed Luna’s magic to take hold of it as she scanned it. She could almost swear she could hear the cogs working in her sister’s mind as she did the math from the last few centuries figures and reached the same conclusion she had already reached four hundred years earlier. “Is there nothing we can do? Is there something we haven’t considered, perhaps some spell…?” Celestia was silent for a moment as she considered, recalling their previous attempts at solving this particular problem. “There is no other species here on our world we can attempt what we’ve done before. The few Griffons and Diamond Dogs left out there are not enough to help boost our growth rate, and even that’s not helped. Doneky’s and Changelings are immune to the spell, there aren’t enough buffalo for it to do any good, the Zebra's wont even let us come near them, and the spell has…unintended side affects with dragons.” Luna looked down at the cityscape below, her own thoughts likely mirroring her own. A moment later though, her head whipped up, a spark of hope beginning to glimmer in her questioning eyes as she said “You said on our world…you’re not…” Celestia was silent, taking her time thinking over the choice she had been contemplating ever since Luna had been redeemed and the Elements of Harmony restored to power. They would certainly have the power necessary to do it…but there were so many risks in trying it that she had wondered for a time if even considering it as an option was a good idea. She could not do it on her own, and she would need the support of her sister if they were to try. Thusly, she decided to offer what insight she had gained from her research. Without realizing it, she began to pace as she spoke. “I have found a world that offers us the possibility of solving that which weighs on our minds. Heavily populated by a species that values survival, and they are very innovative and creative. Using the spell on them might not just solve our current predicament; the contributions they could bring to our species are numerous.” Luna quirked an eyebrow, “There is always a catch though…tell me sister, what is the price we may be for bringing them into our family?” Luna waited with baited breath for the response Celestia would give. With a slow sigh, Celestia said “They are as violent and bloodthirsty as a Griffon, as greedy as a Dragon, and sneakier than a Changeling. And some of them are so stubborn it puts mules to shame. While they can act in harmony and do good, they have had many instances of darkness in their world.” She paused for a moment, seeming reluctant to speak further, but she finally added “I must admit that I have not viewed their world for some time…the last I looked in on them, they were a single mistake away from destroying their world.” “How long ago was this? And how can you be sure they are even still around, if they were so close to oblivion?” Celestia allowed a small smile to grace her muzzle as she replied “I am not as foolish as that dear Luna. I would have been alerted if they had made that final mistake and I have yet to receive such.” Now Luna was silent, and the two sisters returned to watching their subjects for a time. The silence could not last forever though, and it was Luna who broke the silence. “Do you think it is our best option?” Celestia had been thinking about this decision for some time. She had been hoping that it would not come to this, that she would not have to once again place the survival of her species over that of another. But this problem was not going away despite their best efforts. One way or another, they needed to do something drastic soon though, or else it would no longer be easy to hide. The time for decision was now. And Celestia made her choice. “Yes, yes I do.” ~*~ “Set the charge Lt.” Lt. Chris Jameson nodded as he plied the controls, manipulating the robotic arm that was holding a primed depth charge above a swarming mob of Z’s. Their movement churned up a swirling mess of sand and debris from the seabed of the Pacific, obscuring some of them and casting an eerie glow on the rest as the sub’s search light kept them in the crew’s line of vision. Once he had it properly set, Jameson allowed the claw to release the charge, which slowly floated down to settle amongst the clawing arms of the hungry monsters. He was very glad they couldn’t hear the moans and groans of the Z’s beneath them as they scratched futilely at the bomb just that would sent them back to the grave. “Charge set Commander, awaiting orders.” Larry Okeer, commander of the UZH-471 nodded and barked out an order to the helmsman, Ensign Maria Kennington. Soon enough, the small submersible was backing away from the horde that had been gathered, moving as silently as possible as it neared the safety zone for the detonation. A few of the Z’s turned and started to slog after them, but most of them retained their attention on the charge. Oh well, the stragglers will be turned to corpses just as much as the rest. Jameson thought to himself as he waited for the order. The seconds ticked by, until Kennington said “At optimal distance Commander.” “Good. Alright, you know the drill folks, brace yourselves for shockwaves, and keep an eye on the Z’s. Jameson, do it.” Time to visit Lucifer motherfucker, Jameson thought as he flicked the switch. The depth charge went off, sending out a crushing shockwave that crushed the Z’s closest to the center, while it sent some of the others flying. The shockwaves that followed the initial one made certain that those few Z’s that survived the first one wouldn’t ‘live’ for long. “Bring us back in, let’s see if any Z’s are still alive.” They closed back in, taking in the destruction for several minutes as their search lights swept the corpses. The few signs of movement were quickly dealt with by the sub’s robotic claw, or the Squisher as many sub crews had started calling it. Once they were certain that the horde had been dealt with, Commander Okeer sent word topside that the mission was a success. “Good job 471, you can head on back up, we’ve cleaned up this grid. We’ll start with the next grid tomorrow.” “Roger Nixon, we’ll see ya topside.” Okeer replied before closing the channel. He looked at us for a moment and then asked “Well? What are you all waiting for? I want to get outta this tin can asap!” “Aye aye!” The next few minutes were quiet as we brought the sub up. Despite the fact that none of the Z’s could get inside the ship, and none of them had a chance to latch on, it still messed with his head whenever he saw the things. A few good hours of Battletoads on his brothers old GB and some sleep to unwind and forget about the Z’s he had to deal with every day, and he’d be good to go tomorrow morning. “Breaching the surface in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…we’re topside Commander.” The UZH-471 rose out of the water and made an 180 degree turn, pulling their home away from home into sight; The USS Nixon, the third ship of the Yonker’s class submarine carriers, with its pen doors already opening up to accept them. “Alright Ensign, just take her in nice and-” Okeer paused, then scratched his head in confusion, his eyes blinking rapidly. After a moment, he turned and asked “Is it just me, or did it get darker in here?” “Huh, now that you mention it, it does seem a bit dimmer in here…” Jamesone said as he closed his own eyes, opening them to find that the dimness hadn’t faded. “The generator reads full power, nothing wrong there.” Kennington looked as confused as the both of them, but that wasn’t all. “Are either of you feeling dizzy? It almost feels like there’s a buzzing in my head.” “I feel it too.” Okeer stated as he rubbed his temple. “I think we’ve been doing this for too long, its finally getting to our heads. I say a week, no, a month off sub duty, and weekly meetings with the ship’s shrink. Maybe a nice vacation in the Rockies while I’m-” Commander Okeer didn’t get to finish the sentence, as the viewport was suddenly filled with an intense, bright light. The light intensified, and the three of them were forced to shield their eyes to keep from being blinded. “Jesus sweet Christ, did someone set off a nuke?” Commander Okeer yelped in surprise. Jameson had to admit, the thought had briefly crossed his mind, but he didn’t want to be the one to suggest it. Actually, he was too busy saying some final prayers to god, fully expecting to be nothing but a radioactive hunk of metal headed for the ocean floor. Instead, the light slowly began to fade, and when Jameson dared to lower his hands and open his eyes, he was not confronted with the sight of a mushroom cloud rising from the ocean. Instead he was greeted with the sight of what looked like a nearly translucent pink wall, which extended above the water for what looked like six or seven miles into the sky. It was then that he noticed it was less a wall and more part of a dome. He also noticed that they seemed to be sitting almost on top of the thing, and that it even went down into the depths below. “Jameson, please tell me those brownies you made were the ‘special’ kind.” Okeer murmured, drawing Jameson’s attention away from the barrier and towards his CO. “Guh, no, why would you even suggest something like that Larry? You know I don’t do drugs, and I don’t make stoner brownies.” Okeer didn’t even glance at him, his eyes focused on something outside the sub. His only response was to ask “Then do you mind explaining why the hell I'm seeing a six foot tall flying unicorn out there?” Jameson looked in the direction his CO was pointing, and sure enough, there, floating above the water, was a midnight blue unicorn with wings, and a flowing mane that looked like it was made of stars. There was only one thing Jameson could say to that. “Huh, how’d I miss that?” ~*~ At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, amidst a pile of human corpses, a body twitched. Slowly, it pushed itself up from the mess of limbs and other assorted body parts, taking a full minute to right itself. If it had had the ability to, it would have noticed that it was now missing an arm, but the creature did not care for such. It knew only one thing. A craving. A strong, unending hunger for live flesh. The creature turned its malformed and decaying head one way and then another, seeing nothing of interest. It slowly began to move northward, not out of any particular reason, the virus seething inside it simply deciding to go somewhere to find more flesh to infect, more flesh to feed on. Then, a flash of light, and a strange feeling washes over the creature. It knows this is not natural light, and it knows that where unnatural light is there is flesh waiting to be devoured. It raises one arm forward, stretching out as it releases a hungry moan. For a brief moment, the creature feels resistance against its movement. This is something different than the water, but the creature is undeterred. It continues to stagger forward, until finally the resistance fades. Somehow, the virus knows that it has passed an important threshold. It knows that if it goes forward, it will find things that are tasty. It lets out another moan, and soon, all across the southern Pacific, the monsters stir. It is time to feed.
  22. Come on now. We have all thought of a possible zombie apocalypse and what we would do if it happened. A friend of mine and I have had hour long discussions about it BECAUSE IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS! Living in a city I think would be the most dangerous so I would try to get out of Toronto as soon as possible then look for some kind of small town with a grocery store. (Curse Canada for outlawing big guns) So let's hear all your zombie doomsday escape or survival plans.
  23. Hello guy/girl who just saw this and click on it i dont have many friends cause they all think im crazy 4 liking this show and well i could use some new friends cause most of my good friends turned into total assholes when i started high school last year and the ones that are still nice to me and people moved away so im looking 4 some new friends will u be my friend random person
  24. Hello when i get my new computer parts in im looking 4 people to be in my group people i can trust that will be honest to the group
  25. Hello i have been composing music 4 the past month and i need help i dont now what i should focus on dubstep piano, techno or should i complete i do something else or keep doimg what im doing here are some of my videos i could really use the help hear r my most popular ones