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  1. Here's the jist of it: War, generals, soldiers, Chrysalis, Sombra, enemy gryphons and dragons, group of five alicorn colts that are soldiers and a boy band. Good or not. I've already written out the three trilogies of fan fictions related to this overall plot with the finale in two parts (Just like the series, I just realized). I've had this written out on a journal ever since high school and jsut to warn you, there are a few questionable scene that made the guys laugh and shocked girls, jsut a heads up. Should I post it or not? Be as honest as possible. If given the green light, I'll post the first story of the arc that I've already typed up months ago. I;m just looking for a place to publish this. thank you for your feedback. Disclaimer: This fan fiction has nothing to do with my current OC. In fact, this fan fiction is about my previous OC, General Arcane. I'm currrently writing a fan fic about Kronos.
  2. Hello, all! I know I haven't been on here in a long time, but I would like to take the time to post my comic. Long Live the Frontier takes place far in the future, much longer after the show. While I can't tell much without spoiling the next few pages that are in the works, I can say it's going to be good! The main character is Deadwood, somepony I haven't even brought out to dust off in a long time. As this is only the first page, it's a style I have not used in so long, it's alien to me, but not so alien that I cannot use it. So, what do you think?
  3. The Bravest Souls are Those With the Most to Fear (A Them's Fightin' Herds Crossover) The prison on Fœnum is weakening and evil predators are once again on the hunt with more being sure to come as the barrier continues to weaken. The call has gone out to request the peaceful herbivore races of Fœnum to send champions to find the key, and reseal the prison. But Fœnum has a sister world, Equestria. Equestria has chosen to intercede on behalf of their sister planet, and have sent six of their most accomplished champions to help six of the heroes of Fœnum. Due to Formatting issues I am just going to link each FIMFiction chapter as it comes out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: An Awkward Hello
  4. Idris

    Adventure Tigger Tank

    Chapter 1. Grundel Because my mind is out of of step with reality and the thoughts from tomorrow haunt my dreams as sharply as those from yesterday, I shall start this tale part way through it's journey..... _____________ . ______________ Falling forward she landed hard flat on her belly. Winded she stood up, pirouetted on her front hooves and clocked him in the side of the head with a rear. He snorted briefly, rolled his eyes and went down like a sack of potatoes. Then came the icy tones of Colonel Raven. Oh hell, she was in for it now! Even if he had seen everything that led to that kick she would likely be up on a charge. "Tigger, you and Delta move to forward defence. You, what crew are you?" Before anypony could reply, "Pick that up, put him in your ship and follow them," he balled, pointing at Grundel. "We'll talk about consequences 'if' you come back!" Delta, Hatty and Tigger ran for their tank before anything else could happen. Hatty hung up the charge cable on it's post and closed the door before jumping into the engineers seat. "Main Batt is full, aux is full, main gun shows green," she called out. Everything appeared to be working fine, which was of some concern? They had called the old tank 'grundel', because of it's lack of interest in doing anything properly. It was just grumpy and reluctant to trundle and should have been destroyed ten times over! The previous crew of Unicorns had done things to it and no one was quite sure what? If nothing else it could take one hell of a beating. And 'hell' was where it was happy. Tigger watched as Hatty threw the main breakers and smiled as the machine began to hum and tick. Sounding the siren she steered the giant tracked gun out of the parking area and onto the road. Forward defence wasn't a big task, so she decided to burn some power on a fast run. It would be interesting to see if Rotors crew could keep up? All was going well until they came to a fallen tree. Tigger slowed down to climb over the obstacle, which passed with nothing more exciting than the sound of splintering wood. Hatty was just getting up to check something as tigger put her hoof down. There was huge bang and the tank stopped dead. Hatty hit the panel in front of her hard and slumped back in her seat. Delta sprang to her aid and pulled the silver mare to the floor. "Oh hell she's out cold," he said. "We need to get her back". Tigger looked around her for signs of ambush and attempted to reverse up. Checking behind she could see Rotors tank coming up fast behind them. Giving the tank full drive power she felt it dig in. "Tank trap!" she called out. "I thought ours were supposed to be marked on the map?" "Must be a new one?" called out Delta. "How many fingers am i holding up?" he asked Hatty. "Pony's don't have fingers," she half grinned back, "But when did you get eight legs?" Then she passed out again. Tigger looked down at her friend and scowled. "Get Rotors crew to take her back. At least they are moving. I'll call for recovery when she's safe." Delta dragged the incapacitated mare to the rear door, kicked it open and pulled her through. It wasn't safe outside, but the obstacle they were stuck in might be dialled into an enemy firing position. Right now it was a juicy stationary target. Ten minutes later she heard the other machine move off, followed by Delta shutting the door. If it was a trap laid by their ponies then forward was probably the only way out. It would have been dug to slam fast moving machines into the vertical wall of earth she had just driven over. Self recovery was worth a shot before she called for help. This time she was gentle with the controls as they moved forward. At first Grundel wouldn't climb the exit slope, but with a turn this way and that they began to climb out. It was all looking feasible until; "You rust bucket!" she shouted as the track just exiting the ditch began to smoke. It must have been holding them back because a sharp jab on the stirrups had the huge machine leaping from the trap. The exit wasn't quite as graceful as it needed to be and another track motor took the harsh landing badly. Tigger jumped from her station and made for the door carrying something. "You lousy rotten..." Delta couldn't make out the really bad words because she was holding some heavy object in her teeth, but he could hear the ringing blows as Tigger struck the free wheeling links with a hammer. It was more 'tiger' than sweet little mare today! A metallic twang suggested both front drive motors were now disconnected. Delta stepped up to the command panel and set them both to 'Isolate' as Tigger was shutting the door. This was all turning out badly and he was glad they would be going back despite the repercussions. "It'll be an easy run to the front," she said. Then seeing Delta's surprised face; "It's a steady downhill road. We'll take it it turns to nap tonight, then grab a tow in the morning." Chapter 2. Time to Leave Tigger opened the rear door and sprang out into the roar of gun fire. There wasn't time to be messing about removing covers and seeing which power relay was sticking. Instead she span around and bucked the general vicinity of the power cell as hard as she could before diving back into the relative safety of the tank. Jabbing her hooves back into the shifter stirrups she punched the auxiliary power button again and waited for the indicator bar to creep up. It hadn't been the quiet evening she had hoped for. Her arrival seemed to motivate the enemy and they were pretty keen to get rid of them before she could report their positions. They were in luck, because the initial firing of the tank's rail gun showed the main battery was indeed lying about its condition. "One, two, three, come on! I'm not going out like this! Not with a flat battery!" she shouted at the info panel as another projectile clanged off the front armour. If this carried on she would be lucky to back up let alone fire the rail gun again. It might have been the kick or the impact of the incoming fire that shook the whole machine, but either way the indicator shot into the green and the cooling fans started up. Delta looked up from the communication station. "Incoming!" he shouted, adding; "Right now, while we were down, they got on top of us." Setting the auto-target system to 'metallic' Tigger scanned the battle field ahead for Robot Horses and found no shortage of targets. There was even a command tank coming into view far off in the distance. The combination of both types of weaponry was bad news. If she used the main gun on the heavy target she would run the risk of a power outage that would leave her unable to fight the hoof soldiers. But if she didn't fire she risked its main weaponry hitting her. There was no option really but to remove the immediate threat a mere stone's throw in front of her. "Missile, set dead ahead, shrapnel, 300 steps!" she barked. Delta looked up with surprise at the very short fuse delay, but seeing her face he immediately cranked it in and slid the explosive rocket into its launcher. Tigger put the cross hairs onto a mech in the middle of the group ahead, selected 'missile' on the ordinance panel and pressed send. Everypony held their breath as the launch tube showed green and then orange before the whole tank shook to Tigger's touch of the fire button. Almost instantly the second explosion hit them. The leading mech soldiers' disintegration was followed by a rain of debris on the roof. "That should hide us for a second or two," She said out loud to herself. "Ready the rail gun. I want those capacitors charged and ready to go as soon as their heavy shows through the dust." Hopefully the opposing force believed that it was her blowing up? "Yes Sir," shouted back Delta as he threw the auxiliary power switch to the main gun. This wasn't exactly in the training manual, but nor was fighting with half the travel motors out. He held his breath as the power hummed into the rapid release storage batteries. "Come on, come on," he said as the indicator on his panel rose. Tigger looked down and smiled. "This is going to work. We should raise a full shot just before we see them." Turning back to the viewer she added, "Or at least, just before they can see us?" Ideally she would use technology to scan the horizon for the large metal threat coming toward her, but this would have to be done by sight. Hopefully the metal of battle machine parts strewn around them would hide their radar profile. Right now the debris was the only thing hiding her and she needed to keep it that way by not emitting energy waves. Delta's eyes were upon her as she stared into the periscope. The only noise came from the circulation fans and the super-coolant running through the gun coils. He held his breath and waited. There was no doubting she had found her quarry when her ears went back. With a grin she took the distance. "Ten thousand steps, ten steps compensation, full charge rail gun!" "Rail gun at ninety eight percent," replied Delta. As the front of the tank lifted slightly to aim the main weapon Tigger turned the trigger selector to 'automatic' and set it to trip at full charge. "Brace!" she shouted. Their whole world shook as the entire battery load was dumped into the coils surrounding the gem tipped projectile. Even at this range the effect was virtually instantaneous, a red trace lighting the ground ahead. A flash indicated it had found something solid in the distance and as the bright light receded the opposing tank could be seen split in two. Tigger hadn't time to be pleased though. Spinning the commander seat around she kicked both stirrups forward and felt the machine lurch under her. The remaining tracks scrabbled for grip on the dirt road before eventually finding their way. "Time to get out out of here," she called out. "Eye's wide open for ambush! They know where we are and they know we're off home." Chapter 3. Home Time Getting home wasn't going to be an easy feat. It wasn't a large distance to the forward operations centre, but the two dragging tracks weren't helping and nor had that last railgun charge. They were very pleased to see a recovery track ahead and radioed its number. "Heavy to 23, require recovery," called Delta. "Recovery 23 to Heavy, taking fire, set your auto tow, ready for syncro." Tigger tapped the recovery icon on the auto pilot and felt the feedback pressure drop on the stirrups. Her tank approached the other machine slowly with the ominous sound of heavy machine gun fire tinkling on the outer armour. There was a stout metallic clack as the tow hitches locked. "I have you Heavy, returning to Base A3." Supply Base A3 would do nicely as she didn't have to face any flack from the earlier incident at Park 6. Alpha Three would be a bit too close to the action to have a comfy lay about and a rest though. A night in her tank was a safe bet. She hoped they had parts? "Is there a fresh battle plan in yet, are we in for a good haul?" she asked Delta. "Long enough for munchies if we are to make a start on the drive motors on arrival," He rummaged around in a side locker before jumping and dropping the entire contents on the floor. "Nuts, what the hell was that one? I thought it was coming through the hull!" Tigger studied the back end and then spun to view the front. "Meh, front light only ever lit up the top of the gun anyway," she shrugged at the wisp of smoke coming from it's mount. "It should be showing a line-short on the third bus. Yes, nice one, lemon hay-bar! Hoof that over over here before it rattles under the floor board." They were soon in a line up of other battered hardware, a power line running into the back of their tank. A heated debate was soon underway; "Just because I only have one drive motor doesn't mean I'm out for good!" shouted a blue stallion. Tigger laughed. "That main gun is done for. Look at the sedate gentle curve along its length. You couldn't hit us with that and we're right in front you! Give it up, you know you want to. Help a filly out. Its half off anyway?" "What the buck? Get the hell away from my tank ya jack ass!" Delta looked a little ashamed. "Well, it sounded like we almost had a deal?" Tigger re-gained the stallions attention. "Hay bar? It's a lemon one," she suggested, waving the bright wrapper in front of the stallion. He eyed it cautiously. "Yeh, go on then. If it had been strawberry you would have been walking home!" Tigger grinned, kissed him on the nose and ripped the power coupling out of Grundle's side with a bright blue flash. "Baby's getting a new track motor," she sang. Half an hour later they were synchronising the drive speeds as tinkling noises came from above. Tigger looked up at the inside of the hull. "Shrap' rains early tonight, how are we doing on charge? Mine says fifty percent?" "Mine says one battery is in the main stores in Neighville and the other says two hundred percent, so i guess we should have took his comms panel as well," replied Delta as he got up to throw the charge cable out of the back door." Soon they were underway in the darkness which was much easier without the gun-light reflecting back at them. Three motors put the odds in their favour and they were making cruising speed. Nopony needed to be loitering around this close to the front and speed was better than armour. Delta kept an ear out for 'chitt chat' on the radio and the secure scribe-net. He could see that some R&R wasn't going to be in his stars this week. Their forces were taking a hammering in the north, while in the south progress was slow. "We are directed to Air 19. I guess it's an emergency air supply depot? Left at the next turn." Tigger made the next turn a little wider than she wished and took out a fair length of roadside fence. Glancing sideways to the rear-view portion of the periscope she saw a post come up over a rear track and snap like a toothpick as the metal belt took a second bite. Her eye lids felt heavy as they pulled onto the side of the air strip next to some other beaten up Heavies. Delta flipped the breakers as they made for the door. Just outside was a young stallion in flying garb. "We're all leaving. They've got ahead of our forces and we're cut off. That's your way out," he said pointing to a plane. "I'll see you onboard." Tigger walked to the plane chatting to Delta, but then suddenly looked confused. She hadn't been more than a thousand steps away from that machine in six moons? "Come on Captain, Hatty left hours ago, Grundels going to be fine!" But Tigger didn't look so sure? "We can catch a plane back with spare parts in an hour or two," he added. As she put a hoof on the first step she heard the hit and felt the betrayal. She knew in that instant what the noise was. The whole of existence slowed as she thought back to the first time she saw that cursed machine. Ever since she had fallen through the roof of that shed and landed on 'her tank' it was obvious to her that they had a journey to make. Only Hatty and Delta would go near it. That's why it was in a shed on it's own. Until it's true Captain sat at it's command station it just crackled and spat at anypony who dared to look at it. She didn't even know why it liked them? They had tried to paint it, but the paint just slid off onto the floor as though it simply rejected it. Enchanted or cursed, Tigger was the only officer who gained a tank command just by being able to drive one about. "She doesn't need to sit an exam if she can drive that thing. If she can get near it without being burned alive then who are you to deny her anything?" had been one overheard argument. As a sound like imploding glass rang out across the airstrip she looked up to see the utter horror across Delta's face. Standing wide mouthed his eyes were huge as he watched Grundel turn a brilliant purple and then begin to crack all over its surface. "That's not right," he mumbled, "That was only a small shell." The cracks thickened and then for a split second he could see every impact it had ever taken. One large round had gone right through his radio station, a tank on the other side easily visible through the hull. But until that moment it hadn't shown as much as a scratch? And then, as though it had simply just had enough of the fight it imploded. All that remained was one rear track set that had somehow been left behind as a memento. "GO!" screamed Tigger as she ran up the steps hurling Delta into the plane. "GO!" she shouted at the pilot, who was thinking the same thing as more missiles rained down. This was going to be another close one and the ground was traveling past them quite quickly as they slammed the door shut. At least they were gaining distance as they crept into the sky. Then it just sort of hit her. Her home was gone? Where would she go now and what would she do next? As she sat on the floor with the other ponies she was strangely all alone. It was like Tigger had died inside Grundel. Now it was just her. She was back to being Tammy, a young mare with a hint of stripes in her soft brown coat. The End Team Idris .
  5. TerribilisScriptor

    Adventure The strange Salespony

    so this is my first submitted fanfic that was written in a different language than german so i hope you guys can get some entertainment out of this ^^ comments and opinions are welcome (even the unpleasant ones) The story itself is about a green stallion and his bookshop that appeared right outside of Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle is going to investigate this strangers secrets. strange link -->
  6. A lot of fanfictions, ones i've seen at least, are mostly 1) Clop, 2)short stories, or 3)going against all things that made the show enjoyable in the first place (a.k.a canon). I set out to create a story that was not any of those things. I wanted to create a story I, myself would enjoy. After reading Her Frontier (a link is provided inside story description, linkception), I realized how good fanfictions could be. I wanted to imitate (not copy, see) those qualities into my own story. So I spent hours, days even, learning grammer, vocabulary, punctuation, slang, and other junk that you need to make good stories, and this is what I have created: "After a freak accident at Fluttershy's cottage, Rainbow Dash and Twilight become much more hostile towards each other than any friendly disagreement, and Applejack gets caught right in the middle of their feud. All the while, the Cutie Map has activated again, sending the mane six to a strange new town in the San Palomino Desert. This community ends up hiding something bigger than anypony could ever imagine. Will the Mane Six be able to save Equestria, or will they tear themselves apart from the inside?" It is unfinished, but is is currently sitting at a nice 20,000 words. I believe it is about a fifth of the way done. So if your looking for more of a book rather than a short story, you got it. I haven't uploaded in a while, but I will start uploading more soon, especially if it picks up from this post. Here's the link: Like it, dislike it, favorite it, comment, whatever you want. Stories are made for sharing.
  7. Almond Blackberry

    Adventure Almond Blackberry's Fanfiction

    don't write many fanfictions that often, but here is my latest and first fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy! (P.S: if link doesn't work, try typing in Almond Blackberry into wattpad, and you may find me)
  8. Afternoon everypony! As promised yesterday, the second of two new chapters for Batmare Begins has been uploaded to Fimfiction. If you're a first time reader and end up enjoying it, likes, favorites, follows, and comments/feedback are always appreciated (as of this point, I'm only 1 like away from 100, let's do this ya'll!!! ). Whether you're a first-time reader or a longtime one of mine, I'd love for any of you to take a look at my fic; I'll take any and all the support I can get, after all, the whole reason I'm writing this thing in the first place is to give my fellow bronies the best story I can. Have a good day ya'll, and if you take a look at my fic, please let me know what you think; you can find it by clicking on the link below, which will take you to it on Fimfiction! Cheers everypony, I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Batmare Begins Oh, also, a big thank you to my BFF DashForever for pre-reading and editing this and the previous chapter, as always. You're awesome, man!
  9. Afternoon everypony! As promised yesterday, the second of two new chapters for Batmare Begins has been uploaded to Fimfiction. If you're a first time reader and end up enjoying it, likes, favorites, follows, and comments/feedback are always appreciated. Whether you're a first-time reader or a longtime one of mine, I'd love for any of you to take a look at my fic; I'll take any and all the support I can get, after all, the whole reason I'm writing this thing in the first place is to give my fellow bronies the best story I can. Have a good day ya'll, and if you take a look at my fic, please let me know what you think; you can find it by clicking on the link below, which will take you to it on Fimfiction! Cheers everypony, I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Batmare Begins Oh, also, a big thank you to my BFF DashForever for pre-reading and editing this and the previous chapter, as always. You're awesome, man!
  10. Good afternoon, citizens of MLP Forums! Do you know what it's time for? It's time... for some shameless self-promotion!!! That's right Kermit, yay indeed. But first, I've got some exciting, super-duper, awesome, stupendous, fabulous, muffinlicious news (for me ). I... finally got featured on Fimfiction!!! Yup, there it is, second to last on the feature page! And let me tell you, it was the most anti-climactic thing ever! No, really, I have no idea how it happened, it was up there about 2 minutes after I uploaded the new chapter. But ya know what, I will take it! This has been something I've been working towards since I first joined Fimfiction in 2013, and even though it was probably the result of long-term statistics on my fic, it's still oh-so-sweet. So to any of my readers from MLP Forums, thank you so much for the support you've given to me that's kept me writing and managed to finally get me a Fimfic feature (special shoutout to my BFF DashForever, my long time editor and pre-reader who continues to give me a ton of help and advice with my fic)! That brings me to my second bit of news. I've just uploaded the first of two new chapters for Batmare Begins! Took me quite awhile to get them written up, but considering I finally managed to get my first feature on Fimfic, totally worth it! To all my old fans and longtime readers, I hope you very much enjoy this chapter and the next one, which will be uploaded tomorrow. To anyone's who's not a reader yet, I'm always happy to have new readers and would very much love it if you gave it a shot. It's been quite well-received so far, so there's a very good chance you'd enjoy it. Anyways, that's all for now. To new and old readers alike, I hope you enjoy the new chapters, and please, comments, feedback, suggestions, and questions are always welcomed (as are likes, favorites, and follows from any new readers). Have a great day ya'll, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic celebratory hot dog eating*
  11. Hello, hello, hello lovely members of MLP Forums! I've got some exciting news (well, at the very least exciting for me ). I have just uploaded the first of two new chapters for my ongoing fanfic, Batmare Begins, starring none other than the lovable Derpy Hooves. This also happens to be the first chapter of Act 2, and the second of these new chapters will be uploaded tomorrow around this time as well. I'm always looking for new readers and if you've never read this fic before, now's a good of time to start as any (if you only want to, of course ). If you're a first time reader and end up enjoying it, likes, favorites, follows, and comments/feedback are always appreciated. Whether you're a first-time reader or a longtime one of mine, I'd love for any of you to take a look at my fic; I'll take any and all the support I can get, after all, the whole reason I'm writing this thing in the first place is to give my fellow bronies the best story I can. Have a good day ya'll, and if you take a look at my fic, please let me know what you think; you can find it by clicking on the link below, which will take you to it on Fimfiction! Cheers everypony, I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Batmare Begins
  12. A dialogue only story) FIMFiction link Sunset Shimmer needs information on a specific mirror, and she knows just the ogre to get it from. "Who goes there? Ah, a tasty little pony.” “Oh! Oh no… a terrifying ogre. What ever should I do.” “Hehe. Nothing. Your flesh won’t fill me, but your bones will add nice flavor to my stew.” “Oh, I don’t think that will be the case.” “What? How… how are you doing this.” “Simple, magic. You see, I know you ogres grow stronger with fear. However, because I know that I do not fear you. You are rather pathetic after all. And without fear even a unicorn far below my abilities would be able to hold you.” “Intriguing. Who are you? What do you want?” “Simple creature. You don’t want to know my name. If I can’t ensure your loyalty, and you knew my name, then I’d have to dispose of you. Which would be a waste. I’d much rather save you for later. As for what I want, that would be information. There is a good chance you know something about a particular ancient magical mirror. As there are so very few who ever knew about it, much less that are alive today, that makes you very valuable.” “A mirror? I know of several magical mirrors that could be of interest to many. How about you let me down and I’ll tell so you can leave. I don’t like it when ponies pin me to walls with cheaty magics.” “Oh, I suppose I could do that. “Very well. I will let you down if you promise to treat me like a guest under the old accords.” “Agreed. Though, it does not seem like I have a choice. Now, let me down.” “Humph. Do you really think I’d fall for such a thing as that. Honestly. Promise me properly or I’ll be forced to use other means to get you to talk.” “Fine. I promise under the old accords that I will treat you as a guest for this visit, with all the protections and expectations that go along with it.” “That’s better. Now, the mirror.” “Very well. Which mirror do you wish to know about?” “One created by Starswirl the Bearded and currently under the protection of Princess Celestia.” “If I tell you do I have your guarantee on your magic that you will leave me in peace?” “I provide that guarantee. Though I may return with other proposals in the distant future. If I do so I will return in peace now that you know of my strength.” “That sounds... agreeable. From your information you would either be speaking of the void mirror or the hearts mirror. The hearts mirror shows one their hearts desire, perfect for developing and testing one's willpower but increasingly dangerous to the viewers mind, especially after prolonged use. It is even capable of destroying some ponies complete-” “Yes, yes. Hearts mirror; no greater weakness than one’s own heart. No greater strength than conquering one’s own demons. I’m much more interested with the void mirror?” “Very well, let me think here. The void mirror was created as a way to banish otherwise unyielding foes to another plane. It has, to my knowledge, only seem limited use. A mage, such as a unicorn of your apparent caliber, would be able to cast a spell on another and they would be banished, unable to return.” “Do you-” “Know the spell? I do not, and before you ask I will voluntarily bind myself by speaking the answer two more times. I do not know the spell. By the nature of my kind to which I am bound, I do not know the spell. I deal in the knowledge and history of powerful artifacts that might someday be of use to me. Not spells that I would be unable to cast. “Now, as I was saying to you, eager young unicorn. The strength of the spell is that it sends the imprisoned to a universe, or other plane of existence, where it is all but impossible to use magic. Some smaller magic is possible but magical reserves cannot easily be charged and those that traverse the portal tend to be drained on arrival. Some more powerful types of magic, not magic with exceptional power behind it but specific types of innately more powerful magics, are feasible and are not drained upon arrival. But again their power would be limited and the magic would not recharge easily if at all. Pure magic is easily corrupted in that world, and to a greater degree. But dark power is also more easily purified and the purification is supposed to be more complete. Though I was never able to confirm that information. “That is the mechanism of the prison. The true usefulness is that it allows those not banished with the associated spell to visit between worlds once every three moons. In the week that the portal is open it allows the user to travel freely, though with drained magic, to and from the other plane for a full week. If the individual that traveled through the portal by means other than the spell does not return before the portal closes, they may again travel freely anytime the portal is opened.” “Perfect. Now if you would be so kind as to swear to not tell anyone about this than I will leave a very happy mare.” “As you insist. I swear to keep your visit a secret. I swear to keep your visit a secret. By the nature of my kind to which I am bound, I swear to keep your visit a secret.” “Excellent. Stay safe my good ogre. I might have other, more equally beneficial reasons to visit with you in the future.” “As you wish. But before you go I am curious. What is your name?” “If you wish to know my name then you will need to swear to keep it a secret as well.” “I have already sworn to keep your visit a secret. Doing so again would only insult my nature.” “Hmmm. Very well then. My name is Sunset Shimmer, you’ll want to remember it.” “Very well, while not the most pleasant visit. It was very... lively meeting you Sunset Shimmer.” “Yes it was. Farewell.” “Farewell.” … “Silly little unicorn. Celestia loves puzzles. I shall enjoy watching her puzzle out an invitation to have tea with me. And I will be most pleased to have her in my debt. “Sunset Shimmer. Hmm. Strong, brash, intelligent but inexperienced. Someday she too might be interesting to watch. She might even have the potential to become… Exceptional? Yes. Perhaps some day.” If you liked this story follow me on FIMFiction!
  13. Fimfiction Link Adventure/Human Discord has won. Everyone in the human world is under his dominion, save for Sunset Shimmer whom he saved for last. Today the world, tomorrow Equestria. Big thanks to Winston, Grand_Moff_Pony, and xgfhj18 for edits. (sorry xgfhj18, I don't know your fimfiction name) Discord laughed as Sunset, his final prize, was held to the ground before him by the very friends that she held so dear. “Oh, dearest little Sunset Shimmer. Do you think you can resist me? Do you think that I can’t turn you against your very nature? I’ve already done it to your friends, your teachers, and quite literally every other sentient being in this world. And, may I cut to the chase for a moment here, we both know that you’re nothing without your friends. I mean, seriously, you gave up your soul and turned into a monster in a vain attempt to capture Equestria. If anything, I don’t even need to corrupt you, simply removing your friends would be enough to start your own pathetic spiral of self pity and greed.” Discord danced ever closer to Sunset, tiptoeing through tulips and daisies as Sunset’s five best friends held her down against her will. Rainbow Dash was the first to talk, looking down on Sunset as she straddled her chest and forced Sunset’s hands into the mud. “Look, Sunny, this place sucks. Just accept it.” “For once I agree with this airhead jock.” Applejack muttered while she and Pinkie Pie tightened their grip on Sunset's legs. “Yeah,” said Pinkie. “This party's pooped. Just accept it and we can all go to Equestria and have some real fun for once. Or at least I will once I’ve ditched these losers.” “Bite me!” yelled Sunset as she struggled to try and free her limbs. “Really, darling.” Rarity strode into Sunset’s view. “Such behavior is so uncouth, even for a monster like you. There really is no reason to be uncivilized. I think it’s the thing I most dislike about you.” “Really,” muttered Sunset. She twisted her face into a crude imitation of a classic Southern belle. “Well ain’t that just a cryin’ shame. Why, that was my favorite part.” “Now now girls,” interrupted Discord as he dipped his head between them. “I don’t think this is working very well and, quite frankly, I don’t find this game very interesting anymore.” Discord bent over and smirked at Sunset as she tried again to struggle free. “Now, close your mouth and open your eyes and you will experience a chaotic surprise.” Sunset opened her mouth and screamed in defiance, only for her voice to suddenly cut off as Discord’s eagle talon reached down and poked her directly between the eyes. Her senses immediately faded. Color drained from her world, the distant sounds of birds lost their sweetness, even the freshly cut grass that was being shoved into her face lost its scent. “Good,” came Discord’s voice from within her mind. “Now do you remember what it was like to be by yourself? How strong you were, or how much potential you had before you got distracted by friendship. Do you remember how good it felt?” “Yes,” thought Sunset. Discord smiled as he observed the color drain from her features. Slowly but surely she, like every other toy in his world was becoming... well, not quite his minion, but a pleasantly chaotic ally. The change, however, was slow... She was strong, independent, and full of friendship and metaphorical butterflies. In short, she was the perfect last challenge to his complete but inevitable conquest. And as soon as she was under his influence he would finally be able to return to Equestria. Discord smiled, praising himself for his victory. He heard the screams as Sunset was thrust into memory after memory, nightmare after nightmare of the past. Nobody could resist his power, especially someone who’d fallen on her own so many times before. This was not how Sunset imagined her first Summer Sun Celebration would go. Sunset and her cousin Misty had gotten lost in the Foal Mountain Forest, just outside of Canterlot, playing hide and seek. Now they were cold and tired and everything was dark and scary. Misty couldn’t go on any farther. She sat down next to a tree and began to cry as Sunset desperately tried to get her to stand up. They had to find the adults or they could be lost in the forest forever. Misty was older and bigger than Sunset by a full year, and though Sunset tried to get her up and off the dirty forest floor Misty was just too big for her to move. That was the last straw. Sunset felt herself falling to her haunches on the dirt and tears began to well in her eyes. She was tired and hungry and she wanted to get out of the forest. She wouldn’t even get to see the Princess raise the sun. She just wanted to sit down and cry, but then, nothing would ever get better if she gave up. The thought of not giving up sparked a memory of something her mother had told her on her last birthday. “Sunset, you must never give up on something that matters. You aren’t just anypony; you’re Sunset Shimmer. You’re my daughter. You are smarter, harder working, and better than just about every pony I’ve ever met except for Princess Celestia. Remember that if you ever start to fail, look inside yourself and you will find the strength to go on.” Sunset closed her eyes, letting them tear up, but she didn’t cry. She looked inside herself to try to find an answer to the problem. She didn’t know what she was looking for or how to find it, but she did know it was there because her mother had told her it was. She was Sunset Shimmer, daughter of Glory Shimmer, and she was as smart and as strong as any other pony. It wasn’t that she could save them. She felt something that screamed that she would save both herself and her cousin. It was then that Sunset noticed that Misty had stopped crying. Sunset opened her eyes and found the entire clearing glowing with a slightly golden white light. She looked around for it’s source, causing the light and the shadows to move. It was then that Sunset realized that the light was coming from her own horn. Sunset wasn’t very good at magic, but she was good enough to recognize that this was completely different from anything she had ever done, and it felt right somehow. Sunset closed her eyes again and began to focus magic through her horn until the light was bright enough that she could see it through her eyelids. She focused more and more magic through her horn until it hurt and then she continued until she felt weak. I can do this. The adults will see the light and then they will come. I can do this. I am Sunset Shimmer and I can do this! Sunset suddenly felt the ground beneath her shake slightly as something heavy landed next to her. She opened her eyes and turned to face whatever might be attacking her and her cousin with a defiant growl, still focusing magic to keep the light as bright as she could. “Easy, my little pony,” said the pony that could only be Princess Celestia. “Your family has been looking for you for a few hours. How about I take you to them?” Sunset stopped focusing magic into her horn as she and Misty looked at each other. They both smiled and then rushed to the princess, praising her for saving them. “Oh my!” said Princess Celestia. “I do believe there is something on your flank, my little pony.” Sunset turned to wipe off whatever was on her flank but suddenly stopped. There on her flank was a cutie mark, and not just any cutie mark, but one that matched the colors in her mane. It was the best cutie mark Sunset had ever seen, and it was hers. Misty drew Sunset’s attention as she began dancing around chanting around her. “Sunset got her cutie mark, Sunset got her cutie mark.” Sunset blushed when she noticed the princess smiling at the display. “Misty,” she groaned, “don’t embarrass me in front of the princess.” Celestia chuckled. “It’s something very much worth Celebrating little Sunset. I for one look forward to teasing you in front of your whole family when they see that I’ve returned you minus two blank flanks as they had described.” Sunset groaned but couldn’t help but smile as looked back again. Everyone in her class would be so jealous that she had been the first to get her cutie mark. “Yes.” Discord's voice in the void echoed within Sunset’s mind. “You never could rely on anyone else, could you? Even as a filly you had to look out for your older cousin. It was her responsibility to look after you, but even then you had to do it yourself.” Sunset threw her empty saddle bags on her bed as she jumped after it. She slammed her head into the pillows and began to scream. This was the absolute worst first day in school that Sunset had ever had. Not only was she in a new school with none of her friends, but the ponies in her class hated her for no reason. She had been tripped, her lunch tray had been flipped over, and now her books had been stolen. Oh, she had tried to tell the teachers that she needed an extra day to get her assignments done because someone had stolen her books, but none of them had believed her. After all, all the ponies in the class were from the highest tiers of society, and who would even think about picking on Celestia’s brand new pupil? Obviously the stress was just getting to Sunset. The teachers said she should go talk to the Princess. It was her who had asked for Sunset to be placed in such a high level of schooling after attending one of the lesser public schools. Well, Sunset would do just that. She wouldn’t be able to meet with Princess Celestia until the weekend but she was told that she could still write a letter and have anypony in the royal guard deliver it to her post haste. Sunset pulled her head away from the pillow and turned to her saddlebags. She found her paper, quill, and ink bottle and went to her desk to begin to write. She had to focus for a moment before her magic flared and she picked up the quill, dipped it in the ink and began to write. Dear Princess Celestia, She went slowly because her penship with her horn wasn’t quite perfect yet. She went to dip the quill back in the ink and when she tried to continue she found the page completely blank. Sunset blinked before trying again. Dear Princess Celestia, This time Sunset watched the ink fade into the page. Her pent up anger boiled over all at once, and she flung the ink, paper, and everything else off the desk. She turned and bucked the desk over and over again, screams of rage accompanying every thud against the solid wood surface. “Ah school.” There was the familiar voice that Sunset just couldn’t quite place. “So much fun with all the kiddies learning to work together, helping each other learn. Well, except for you. They never liked you much, did they? If it wasn’t them ruining your homework or your projects, then it was them provoking you, bullying you. The teachers didn’t even seem to have any sympathy. No one liked you. Well, no one but Princess Celestia.” Sunset pulled the plain framed picture out of the bag. The cardboard box was new and she didn’t have to worry about the rain getting her things wet, at least for a few hours, so she indulged herself. Sunset ran an un-shoed hoof over the image of her as a filly on Princess Celestia’s back. It was right after she had gotten her cutie mark and Sunset was proudly showing it off right above Princess Celestia’s. Sunset set the picture aside in its frame and pulled out her dinner. It wasn’t bad, actually. Generally when it rained ponies were less likely to take the time to appease her begging or spit on her. Today had been different. Sunset had been outside a bakery, asking passing ponies if they could spare a bit, or a piece of food. She had long ago learned to not ask if anypony knew about an open job or if they would be willing to pay her to run chores. No one trusted a homeless pony, but some would occasionally play a prank on her. However, the bakery she had been begging next to seemed to take pity on her while she stood in the rain and gave her two whole loaves of two day old bread. It was a pretty good catch, actually, as it was a well respected bakery that Sunset couldn’t afford. She pulled one loaf out of her bag and then out of its brown paper packaging with her magic. She wasted no time eagerly biting into her score. She gagged and spit out the bitter mess. She lit her horn up to inspect the bread more carefully. It wasn’t two day old bread, it was moldy. She quickly pulled out the other loaf from it’s brown paper bag to find that it too was moldy. Sunset swore. The bakery didn’t have to give her moldy bread to go away. If they didn’t want a beggar outside their establishment then all they had to do was ask, it was a Manehatten ordinance for Celestia’s sake. If any business felt that a transient was causing a loss of sales they simply had to ask the transient to leave. If they didn’t then they had grounds to ask a the local royal guard to remove the individual. Of course, this was simpler and probably more satisfying for those degenerate two faced jerks. Sunset threw both loaves of bread out in disgust, immediately regretting the decision as the insides of the loaves were probably edible. Sunset decided that she didn’t care to go looking for them. This was just her luck. She had no food and it was getting too late to go back out and beg. All the ponies with anything worth giving would be locked up warm and dry in their homes. She momentarily thought about dipping into her few bits and going to buy a hayburger but dismissed the idea. She’d had breakfast, her last few packets of instant oatmeal, and needed to save her few remaining bits for a rainy day. Or rather, though Sunset, a rainy day where she didn’t have a fresh box to sleep in. One of the big advantages to buying food was getting someplace dry and warm to eat it in. Sunset looked at the picture of her and Celestia before tipping it picture side down. Despite her falling out with her mentor she had never been able to get rid of that picture of the two of them. Oh sure, Celestia hated her now and Sunset blamed Celestia for ruining her life. But the picture was the only reminder she had of happy times. After all, that was when she’d gotten her cutie mark. My cutie mark, thought Sunset. She looked back at the bright mark and smiled. It was a good mark. She remembered when she got it by looking deep inside herself. Suddenly a thought occurred to Sunset. She had never really done that again, looked inside herself for strength. She remembered the words her mother had spoken to her as a filly. Remember that if you ever start to fail, look inside yourself and you will find the strength to go on. Sunset vaguely felt like chuckling but it really wasn’t a laughing matter. She was, after all, homeless with no friends and was by far too proud to ever go home without having something to her name. Well, she wasn’t tired and it wasn’t like a homeless pony had anything else to do so she decided to give it a try. Sunset closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She still didn’t know what it meant to look inside herself, so she started by blocking out the world around her. The sound of the rain faded and she slowly forgot the chill that had been growing ever since she settled in for the night. Sunset took another breath and let the feeling of sitting leave her awareness. Slowly an image began to form in her mind. The image was of herself, but as an alicorn. It was very similar to the image that a mirror showed her when Princess Celestia had let her look at some old magical items. Celestia had never meant for Sunset to look in that mirror. Or rather, she hadn’t meant for Sunset to look in it yet. Sunset had only caught a glimpse of herself as an alicorn but she remembered how beautiful and strong she had looked. There had been something else in the mirror that Sunset hadn’t seen well but if she had to guess it would have been many ponies watching her, cheering her, Princess Sunset Shimmer. Sunset opened her eyes, recalling the memory of what that image had done to her. She had defied Celestia and had begun researching the mirror against her mentor's wishes. She had even gone so far as to read some forbidden books in an attempt to either figure out what the mirror was or how to become an alicorn. She had succeeded, of course, finding out everything there was to know about the mirror and the other world it connected to. But Celestia had discovered her unapproved extracurricular activities. For defying Celestia’s express wishes and warnings Sunset had been removed as Celestia’s pupil and expelled from her school until such time as Sunset could provide evidence that she had changed for the better Sunset had tried to redeem her image. But she had been close to graduating and the news that Celestia’s prized pupil had been cast out swept across the country far faster than Sunset could travel. It was a humiliating memory, one that plagued her often, and Sunset wondered why trying to reach for inner strength had reminded her of the root of her failure... unless, perhaps, Sunset was destined to become an Alicorn. Maybe there was a way in the universe that existed on the other side of that mirror. Maybe, just maybe, she should not have given in so easily and followed through with her research by going into the mirror. Sunset pulled out a small journal, quill, and ink. They were valuable treasures to her, something she rarely used because she could not afford to replace them. But she had to plan carefully if she were to try and sneak into the castle to use the mirror. “Yes,” came the reassuring voice in her head as Sunset began to open her eyes. “You did plan and you did succeed. You became a goddess yourself, with no help from the Princess or the world that had rejected you. You’re a loner, Sunset Shimmer, and you deserve the respect of others for accomplishing what only a few had done before you. The masses of Equestria should grovel before you and fill you with pride at being their better.” The world began to focus out of a blank haze as Sunset heard Discord laughing. She realized that the voice that had reached her as she remembered her darkest moments was that of Discord, spirit of Chaos. She remembered how he had appeared, broken free on accident from a statue in a museum by two of her friends’ little sisters and their friend Scootaloo. The statue had been identical to one she had seen back in Canterlot, one that had also depicted Discord as the spirit of Chaos. After Discord broke out he went on a rampage and changed virtually everything he could get his magic on. He had even turned her friends against her and that was why she was now pinned beneath them. After Discord had turned her friends, they had revealed to him the existence of Equestria and how to get there. Discord continued to laugh in victory as Sunset felt tears slide down her face. It still hurt to think about all she had gone through in life and how she had failed; her failure as Celestia’s student; her failure to even get along with anypony or anyone else. Sunset’s hate, resentment, pride, and ego had flared at Discord’s corruptive touch but she managed to keep from losing herself in those emotions. She had remembered, even relived what had driven her to make more and more mistakes in her life. But she couldn’t give in to him. Sunset instinctively began to look inside herself. In her heart she found her friends. Each one was attached to memories that seemed just as vivid to her as those Discord had forced her to relive. Scoring her first goal against Rainbow Dash one on one in soccer. Learning to bake with Pinkie Pie. Working at the groomers with Fluttershy. Rarity giving Sunset a practically new cell phone and helping Sunset bedazzle it to have her cutie mark proudly displayed on its back. Beating herself up for letting Applejack Down by missing a barn raising, and Applejack forgiving her and helping her see the true meaning of friendship that had been around her all along. Whatever Discord did to her, she had to help her friends, she had to free them. Sunset kept that feeling inside of herself and in her mind as Discord began to speak. “Oh, goodie. Girls, I do believe Sunset is ready to help us on our way back to Equestria. What do you say, Sunny old girl? How about you tell us where you hid your journal that connects to Equestria?” Sunset breathed heavily for a moment as the girls got off of her. She stood up and wiped the mud off her cloths. However, as she turned to look up at Discord something stood out against her faded yellow skin. “What’s that on your forehead, hmmm?” Discord said while bending forward. Sunset turned toward the glass windows of a nearby classroom and smiled. In the center of her forehead, right where Discord’s finger had touched her, the yellow color of her skin was pushing the grey back. She turned back to Discord and smiled. “That’s me, Discord. The me I’m proud of.” Discord flinched back in surprise at her conviction, filling Sunset with hope. “Let me tell you something about being a bad person, Discord. I lost myself once, I turned into a bad person after years of being unhappy and resentful toward others. I even grew to enjoy inflicting pain on others. When I stole the element of magic, I even stripped people of their souls and imprinted a blank obedience to me upon the empty canvas of their being. But I have also been reformed.” Sunset felt herself placing her hand over her chest. “I was hit by the full power of the the elements of harmony and they didn’t just take my power, they showed me my redemption. In the span of a few seconds, I experienced the love and joy of friendship, and then the disgust for everything I had ever done to hurt another. The elements didn’t scrub my past from me, they gave me the power and experience I needed to overcome myself and be a better person. “I gave up my hate and anger willingly. Yes, sometimes I still feel those things. But there is a big difference between letting angry, jealous, and resentful feelings dictate your life and feeling those emotions for a short period of time. I wasn’t given anything back and nothing was taken from me. I was given a choice, and I chose to be a better person, to stop being evil. And I was rewarded with better friends than I could ever have imagined. Discord gulped as the rest of the girls stood stock still with rapt attention as color slowly seeped into their beings once more. “After I gave up my negative feelings, it took a long time to accept what I had done. It was a long journey, and that journey isn’t over. From time to time, I still wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats, memories of the cries of others playing over and over in my head. It hurts, Discord, and I never want to cause pain to others again.” Discord sneered, “Yet I offer you relief from that pain and you turn it away. Explain that, you cross species failure!” “Perhaps I am a failure,” said Sunset calmly. “But why would I accept that? Quite frankly, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, or rather, I was before you got here. Now I’m fighting for that happiness, for my friends, and for our freedom.” “You speak of freedom,” spat Discord, “but what do you know of it? Freedom – real freedom – is anarchy, chaos.” “No, Discord,” said Sunset. “Your freedom is in chaos. But when you are full of love and surrounded by real friends, even the darkest prison can be a magical place.” A light began forming around Sunset’s forehead and the symbol of her cutie mark snapped into existence in a magnificent golden tiara. Discord frowned as he picked up his right arm and snapped his fingers, fully intending on teleporting himself to the top of the school where he could mock them and their inability to catch him. Nothing happened. He snapped his fingers again and again. There was still no effect. “Oh, phooey.” Sunset looked up at him with renewed confidence. "Magic’s a funny thing, Discord. This world is void of magic, but you’re a god. If you were in Equestria your magic would be limitless, but here it’s not. But the magic of friendship and harmony, that’s universal. It’s already made you helpless." Discord watched as the light flashed in the other girls. They brought their hands to their chests as their five symbols flared into existence as beautifully crafted necklaces. “This is your last chance, Discord,” said Fluttershy. “Yeah!” yelled Rainbow Dash as the light from all six friends began to grow brighter and stronger. “Get turned to stone, you taxidermy reject.” “Quite,” said Rarity with a simple smug grin. “Oh! If you join us, we can have a party!” Pinkie chirped. “Trust me, parties are much better than being turned to stone!” “Nah,” said Applejack. “I don’t think he’ll listen to us, Pinkie. I think this here is Discord’s last rodeo.” Discord flinched away from the light and covered his eyes. “No! This isn’t over!” As soon as the words left his mouth the six girls rose in the air, enveloped by the pure white light as a multicolored rainbow shot straight for Discord. He felt the pain again, as complete and total order encased his body in stone. He contorted and screamed as his body quickly froze in place. When it was over, Discord could only watch as his vision slowly tilted sideways and he felt himself fall over. The pain had dulled but still took up his entire world. He was barely aware of anything until Sunset stepped in front of him, placing a hand on his head. “Now you realize, Discord,” she said as she patted his head, “that you can twist me, corrupt me, exploit my vices and my past. “But,” said Sunset as she stood to look at her smiling friends, “you will never, ever break me, for I have something wonderful to live for.” Freedom, real freedom.
  14. The audio book for this story is on my channel read by Neighrator Pony; A little filly finds a whole new perspective on her world on the back of a pegasus. 1.Air Show The little filly had two hobbies if you will. But the first was more of birthright than a controllable pastime. Nobody was in any doubt that her connection with water was deep and so very often smelly. If it could be fallen or dived into, she was the pony for the task. It was lucky that she could swim! It could be said that her second hobby was adventure and it certainly invaded her life like few others. And I guess with a name like Cloud she was bound to look upward and wonder at the pegasi drifting past. Ordinarily earth ponies understood that what went up must come down, but for little Fish it was just another exciting 'thing' to explore. Maybe it was no coincidence that one afternoon she found herself sitting in front of a billboard, watching a mare with a step ladder stick up a brightly coloured poster which read; "Air Show!" Sam looked some what alarmed as Fish excitedly displayed the flyer held in her teeth. Many things came out of that school saddle bag and some of the really bad ones did indeed come on paper. Those usually involved a trip to the school house which was awkward, but not distressing. Glyn looked up from his seed catalogue with a smirk. "I wonder if there is a balloon big enough to carry me?" the large black earth pony pondered. Sam now looked even more horrified. "What!" she said, spinning to look at Glyn so fast her tail nearly took the mixing bowl off the edge of the table. "How are you helping here? I've heard so many tales about how my errant daughter only just managed to escape some watery tomb by flailing legs and branch in mouth, but at least she floats! Now you both want to defy gravity?" Glyn looked a little taken aback. "Well I can't do magic," he protested "And who wouldn't want to see the land as the birds do?" Sam could tell by the looks on their faces that logic wasn't going to play a big part in any following argument. It seemed hypocritical anyway. She had pretended to be scornful as a young filly watching Glyn swing on a rope as hard as he could, before soaring a few feet into the village pond. It was these antics that had drawn her to the young colt and to wonder at their future. Sam remembered how it was at school and that silly play ground song. "Sam and Glyn, Sam and Glyn, she's got wedding bells for him!" She had got really mad at the time, but it was so obvious looking back. "I guess you can't escape destiny," she said to her now smiling husband as a chicken made best efforts to fly past the kitchen window. The sudden commotion in the yard was undoubtedly Fish playing at pegasi. The few days passed quickly as Fish tried to stay out of trouble everywhere. She couldn't risk doing something silly for fear of punishment. Being grounded this week would mean literally being grounded. Now though it was really happening! She was standing in line with some of her school friends behind a thick rope as they chattered about how high they would go and how they wouldn't be scared at all! Eventually it was time for the little filly to take her turn in the sky. She danced on the spot as Sam anxiously handed over some bit's before Fish was directed to a pegasus of suitable size. Fish wasn't tall for her age, but she was no lightweight either. The stallion got down on his knees so she could climb on. "Legs go there, head there and don't wiggle about," he said. "I presume you will want to go as far as the moon?" he winked. "Erm," said Fish, but hadn't chance to think about it as they shot into the air gaining height with every powerful wing beat. Fish wanted to hang on and snuggle into the stallions mane for safety, but she couldn't miss the view below. Opening her eyes and looking down she was hit by the rest of the sensation of flying. The wind rushed through her mane as the pony body rose and fell as its feathers caught the air and pulled them upward. "I'm Stratus," he called back, "Where do you live?" Fish pointed a hoof in the general direction she thought she might live. Everything looked so different from above, but after a minute it started to look familiar. It wasn't enough to say that their farm below looked like a toy. She could see the animals and the pond and even her favourite scarf on the washing line. It was more that it looked disconnected from her life right now. Different from what she was experiencing high in the sky. She wasn't frightened now and knew she wanted more. "Loop the loop!" she screamed with delight. Stratus turned his head to look at her, "No can do little filly, this is just a cruise around the village sort of thing." He could see the disappointment in her face though and decided that it was worth a spin. This job was getting old anyway. Banking further away from the farm he noticed a tree topped ridge that would hide them nicely. "Didn't you want to go over there and see something you just thought of," he winked. "Do it!" shouted Fish, her mane and tail sticking out horizontally with the new turn of speed. Stratus was careful to keep a very sedate flight plan as he banked around the woodland. As soon as he was out of sight he dived sharply to pick up speed while flapping hard to make that extra bit. As he neared the ground he flexed his wings to their full span and flipped himself upward. The ground dived away below them as Fish flattened against his back. She looked down to all green, then all blue and then back to green, the world turning over with her stomach. "Yes," she shouted, "that was the best thing ever!" Stratus flew lazily to the same height he had started and came back into view as though he had just extended her trip a little. Just as well because Sam would have been furious if she had seen her only offspring hurtling to the ground and then flying upside down before again hurtling to the ground. They landed just in front of Sam and Glyn. "What a lovely filly you have," he said pleasantly as Fish climbed down. "Yes she is sweet isn't she," the salmon coloured mare replied. "Certainly not the sort to encourage folk to high jinx." Fish grinned unaware of just how messed up her mane had become in the aerial antics. The next highlight was Glyn trying to get into a wicker basket along with a mare sporting a leather flying cap and goggles. He was totally over sized for the balloon and there were some gasps from onlookers as he finally managed to front hoof stand his back legs into it, followed by his bottom. Sam tutted at the scene. "Your father has managed to do some deal for winter storage for that thing in return for a ride. They all shook hooves on the deal before anypony had really considered how it was even possible? Now they are looking for pegasi to form an aerial rescue team should it turn out to be as bad an idea as it looks." It took more heat than expected to raise the balloon, which now began to drift slowly upward. Glyn waved a hoof with a huge smile while taking taunts from some of his neighbours. "I'll be sure to crash into your barn," he shouted down to an old friend. As it was a fairly still day the balloon only drifted a short way away before being towed back by the pegasi. After twenty minutes it was safely back on the ground and tied up. There were then another few minutes of fun while they tried to retrieve Glyn from the basket. It should have been an easy task, but with everypony howling with laughter as they failed to lift him free it was a wonder they got it done at all! Once loose he treated his rescuers to an apple juice each from one of the market carts. This was what it was really about. Although the air show folk would leave with some bits in their pockets it was also an excellent time to move some cash around the village. In return the event would be the talk of the area for a good few weeks. It was a welcome break from weeding and all the other tasks a farm needed to keep it working. 2. Sam in the clouds One evening in the autumn the air show team turned into the entrance to Black Brook Farm. The various carts and vans rumbling along the cobbled yard held everything from bunks and bunting, plus the famous balloon with its basket. This was the balloon Glyn said he could store for the winter in exchange for a ride. What he hadn't told Sam that it was actually two rides because it would need a final flight before being packed away. He hoped to persuade Sam to take a spin. By the time Fish galloped into the farm from some far off exploration Glyn had most of the convoy parked in the Paddock. All sorts of ponies were milling about and some had started to dig a fire pit in the middle. The little filly didn't have long to say hi to everyone before it was bed time. As long as she was quiet she could pretend to be asleep. Her bed was right by the window so she was able to wrap up in her bed clothes and watch the ponies outside as their faces flickered in the fire light. Soon enough she was fast asleep and dreaming of flying. The next day she was running around getting into everything and chatting to the flyers. Stratus mostly hung around with a mare called Ozone. With a coat that shone like metal she looked quick standing still. Continuing the speed theme her tail was cut short as was her left ear. Feeling a stare upon her she turned to see Fish's fascinated expression. "Nobody's perfect," the mare informed her. "You're safe in the sky and safe on the ground. The bit in-between can be tricky" she smiled. Fish gave a nod of understanding. "You flew with Stratus in the summer?" "Yes," came the reply. And then with a whisper and a cautionary look sideways to make sure mum wasn't around, "We looped the loop, but don't tell anyone." Ozone laughed! "I'm sure we can do better than that this weekend." Fishes eyes widened accordingly. All eyes then turned to the arguing coming from the farm house. Glyn was making chicken impressions toward Sam. "Just because you two are daft doesn't mean I am," said the salmon mare. The air shows director was trying to intervene. "It's completely safe madam, we have a well trained rescue crew and I myself have been elevated to the heavens many times." "I'm only concerned with being elevated to the heavens that one final time and that thing looks like a short cut to eternity! Come on Fish, it's breakfast time." By the time Fish had waited patiently and inhaled a bowl of porridge the balloon was half inflated. Glyn came into the kitchen and stood next to Sam. "I promise this will be one of the most amazing things you will ever do," he said softly. "You are about to see the world in a way you can barely imagine in your dreams." She gave him a loving smile. "If you believe in it that much I guess it can't be that bad?" The two earth ponies walked out into the yard with Fish running around them in excited circles. Glyn helped his mare into the basket and kissed her muzzle. "It'll be okay," he said. As they let go of the mooring ropes Sam was amazed to see the ground fall away beneath her as the balloon slowly rose into the air. There was no sense of movement and even the breeze faded as the balloon began to travel across their farm. Turning to look back at the farm house she could see everypony waving to her. Swallowing hard she returned the wave with shaky hoof. It was hard to be scared when so little was happening though. They gently drifted over the last hedges of their farm and then over a neighbours. Then onto a small holding of a friend and over the farm she grew up on. She could easily recognise the pond she had swam in so often as a filly. Passing directly over it she could see the reflection of a much older mare, looking down wistfully over the side of a wicker basket. "Time to head back," said the pilot waving to the pegasi close by. They grabbed a couple of loose ropes in their teeth and began to slowly tow the flying machine back to Black Brooke farm. In no time at all Sam was back in the yard with a cup of tea, reliving all she had seen. "Well, I'm going inside for a rest after all that excitement," said Sam getting up and heading indoors. Glyn turned to look at Fish with a daft grin on his face. "I suppose you will be wanting another trip into the skies?" Fish turned to look at the now deflated balloon. "Arn't I too late for a ride?" Glyns smile got even bigger as Stratus entered the yard with Ozone who was carrying a spare pair of flying goggles in her mouth. Fish now looked like she was made of rubber as she bounced around them in circles! Status wore a stunt saddle, which he did up extra tight. Fish climbed onto it and was tied in so that they moved as one. He wiggled and stretched his wings to make sure he still had full freedom of movement. "Perfect," He said. "If you fall from the clouds we can catch you easily, but if you fall off at ground level, it's not so good." Fish nodded before Ozone put the goggles on her head. "Are they okay," she said gently. "They're fi...." Fish squeaked as Stratus stood up and took off in one swift motion. She heard Ozone laugh behind them and saw the dust of the yard whipped up as she too made for the open air. They were traveling at a steady pace, the fields and trees passing gently below. What they wanted was a good strong thermal to help them gain height quickly. They weaved this way and that, feeling the air with their feathers until a likely hill caught there eye. Making good use of its up draft they began to circle upward to the clouds. Fish had her eyes everywhere as she took in the scale of the land surrounding her village life. "Time to make the ground shake," called Stratus. Ozone grinned and formed up along side him. At this point Fish expected a steep dive, but was quite startled to see them pull their wings tight into their body's . Her stomach felt really weird as gravity became a distant friend and they literally fell from the sky! They hurtled toward the earth like falling rocks. "Now," screamed Stratus as the ground began to get alarming close. Fish bit down on the saddles loop hard to make sure she stayed in place. Both ponies spread their wings and turned a world that was downward into blazing horizontal speed. Keeping up a rapid wing beat they hurtled along a road only a few feet up. The trees flashed past and Fish could see birds behind her breaking cover on either side. As their speed started to fall Ozone led them higher and toward home. Laughing and panting hard they formed up again side by side. "How was that?" She asked Fish. "I didn't know anything could go that fast," came the reply with a massive smile. "I thought my ears would come off!" They travelled back to the farm weaving in and out of the trees to Fish's delight and landed softly in the yard. "Are we happy now?" asked Glyn. But by the look on her face he could tell that she was. Fish just sat there with a daft grin on her face! All too soon it was time for everypony to make their way to their homes for the winter. Wagons were reloaded with the detritus of living on the road and the turf was thrown back into the fire pit. As Glyn shut the gate behind the last wagon he turned to his little filly. "Best not write about that in your memories book incase your mum reads it." said Glyn with a wink. The End Team Idris July 2015
  15. CrestofReliability

    Adventure TEMPEST

    TEMPEST: Trained Equestrian Militarized Pegasi Enforcing Skies and Terrain. After the Wonderbolts bastardized themselves as now just a show team of soft feathered puffballs we at TEMPEST took it on ourselves to keep the military roots of the pegasi alive to protect the skies and the land that we call home. Through our efforts the world is kept safe from the evils of magic meddling and rebellion against our Equestrian royalty. While not totally backed by the princesses themselves we still enforce their policies independently and strictly. Resistance will be quelled and snuffed out like wind to a wick. All hail the princesses their decisions are final and infallible!
  16. CrestofReliability

    Adventure EPIDEMIC

    EPIDEMIC Or Earth Pony Investigation, Diplomacy, Emergency Measures, and International Collective is a earth pony exclusive group that deals with cross boundary disputes as well as local, state and national disputes as well. While some agents are lawyers and diplomats our emergency Measures squad go up against the strongest and even magically proficient crooks and evildoers. Our goal is to show the strength and ability that the earth pony breed can contribute outside our normally agricultural roles. So if you are an earth pony with a heart ready to show your worth and valor as an earth pony feel free to join! Take note that we are an independent agency and is not endorsed by any royal decree or backing. We must stand on our own if we are to be respected and treated with the same dignity as our unicorn and pegasi brethren.
  17. This is an independent agency whose goal is to preserve peace among all creatures in Equestria and beyond. We at the agency see magic is a gift given unto unicorns to preserve, protect, and patch up the world around us. Magically amended means that we use all manner and forms to which our magic is granted to us. For us there is no dark or light magic only magic in all its fullness and entirety. Any unicorn with a sense of justice is free to join.
  18. Prolog: Ten years have pass since “Hell Day” and World War 3 has been a bloody fight for both humans and there equestrians allies. Most of the civilian human race has been moved to Africa and South America to the safe zones and there Inhuman enemies have been kept at bay in the north. Now the war has come to braking point for the Allies. One worldwide attack will decide the fate of the war and if darkness will rule the earth. December 20, 2025 joint forces base Kars, Turkey The Command Chief Master goes to the room of the Lieutenant Colonel to give him the reports of the day and wake him up. She comes in seeing the room is a mess and the Lieutenant Colonel is still sleeping. “Malik, it’s time to rise and shine”, she said and give him a little push. He turns over and goes back to sleep. “Lieutenant Colonel Malik, get your lazy butt out of this bed and go to meet your men! Don’t make me beat your but boy, you’re not too old for it!” she yell at him pulling the covers off the bed and forcefully awakening him. He gets up pissed, cussing and saying he should have never made her an E-9 but, he gets dressed as she reads the reports for the day from a tablet computer. “About time you got up. Your wife has been asking about you and you know my feelings about her. Also Longwei just got in and he started eating a changing in-front of the rookies. You need to talk to him about doing that, the men are already fearful as it is. I really dislike them both but, at least Longwei I know were his loyalties are and I know the story with him. “, She said as she helps him with his gear. “I’m not in the mood today for this! You have been saying the same things since my wedding day and you never have liked her! I love her and she is my wife get used to it! And for Longwei, I will talk to him. He is a vicious relative of the Monstrous sky terrors you know and he is like all dragons, they love showing off how good a hunter they are. But don’t start any mess today! I had a hive mind memory nightmare last night and I have been up with HQ all night! ”, Malik yells with his eyes glowing golden. “I did not know you had those memories. I had heard some people go crazy from them but, I did not know you all of you had them. I am sorry for hating your wife, it just I feel she has change you. You act different and it’s like you are a new person from the little boy I raised. I am very sorry and I will try to be nicer to her.”, his mother said. “I am sorry for yelling at you, it’s just with everything and what HQ told me last night I have not been sleeping well. Come on let go to morning payers, today we all really need It.”, Malik said. They give each other a hug and go to morning payers. As they head there his mother reads off the rest of the reports and he does not like what he is hearing. After prayers all the battle group forces head to the Mission briefing room and Malik goes to the front of the room with his mother beside him and watches the troops come in. He sees his wife Captain fleur de lis come in checking the supplies of her M-5 medical bag and the two Russian Special Forces Officers, Sergeant Major Gedeon and Staff Sergeant Aleksandrina, talking as they walk past. Then he sees his new rookies for the first time. Most of them are dress in a mix of civilian clothing and varies military gear and are green 17 years olds conscriptes and don’t look like they could fight. “It’s worst they you told me. How I am going to follow my orders with this lot? There just high school kids and most of them are scare of their allies” He said to his mother beside him. He sees the rookies try to find places on the far side of the room from their changelings and equestrians allies. After everyone is seated Malik starts the Mission briefing. “I have some order from HQ that need to be readied before we start the briefing. As of today all IASF forces will be combined into one military. The highest rank CO in the area will take over command of units or make new mix forces units. That means I will be taking over command of the brigade and we will become the Air-force 1st joint Special operations brigade. Also, we have been asked to test some new weapons in combat. The FNH scar Heat Adaptive Modular Adaptive Combat weapon system A3 and the HK 416 A3 will be replacing many of the weapons in use now.”, Malik hear groans of discontent after the men hear that and he goes on “I know you like your old stuff but, the new scar is many weapons in one and both the scarA3 and 416A3 have the chemical makeup as dragon skin. They will not over heat and were made for the combat of WW3. Our old weapons will be going to the Civilian Irregular Defense and Civil Guard. Our snipers will be testing 3 new long-range fire support/ anti-materiel rifles.” Malik points at two earth equestrians to sit one down on the table. “They are 30mm sniper weapons and All 3 has a maximum range over 4000+ meters and can even snipe fast moving missiles. Only non-humans can use and move around with this system with relative ease.” he said and sits something down next to it. Malik turns on a 3d hologram that projects a map into midair “Now for the mission, Today is the day people! At 1300 hours we will take part in the world wide attack of all Millennium and Santorio corporation forces. The goal is to push them back to the 60th parallel north and 40th parallel south. If our forces succeed in doing this, the war will be over in south and we will make the push to their arctic circle and Antarctic strong holds and ends this once and for all. Our part we be to attack the Azerbaijan Stone Mining Field Labs in The republic of Georgia code name the mines.” he points at the 3D map. “As you can see these labs are miles underground and have extremely heavy defenses. So, HQ is giving us the use of the satellite weapon Thor to destroy this complex. We will have no air power for this because HQ needed all of our jets and helicopters for a different attack so; we are given some drop ships from the space fleet from Field Marshal king Sombra . There is a rare ore around the labs that blocks radar and they only can see out to 20 miles, so we will land and have to hike 20 miles to the target. So here the plan, because dragons and unicorn’s on their broom’s will not set off the AA guns, Lilija unicorn’s and I will fly over the area to do recon first and to find and target the AA defense. The unicorn’s will use the C-21 Dragon VTOL Assault Ship to tow them with a rope to the combat area and Longwei and I will ride on top of the Albatross heavy-lift drop ship. Sniper squad will take the small C-21 Dragon VTOL Assault Ship land 1st and take up sniper positions to take out the AA guns. After sniper squad is in place, the rookies of good Company will land north of the Mining Field in the Albatross heavy-lift drop ship with Sergeant Major Gedeon leading it and move to edge of the mining fields and wait. Because of our heavy losses, bad company will be made of Aatto squad of earth equestrians , the US Marine rifle platoon and the changeling company with Lieutenant Atherton leading it. Bad will be using the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier and Overlord troop gunship and land south of mining fields. Bad will be carrying the thors hammer laser to paint the target. One small platoon of each company will stay at the LZ for security of the drops ships. The sign to begin the attack will be the song “We're Not Gonna Take It “and it will be on the world wide link. Bad will turn on the laser first to paint the target and then the sniper will take out the AA defenses. Remember it will take thor 10 minutes to link up and lock on so we have to hold out for that long. The 77 and overlord dropship, once the attack starts, will fly in and give us the air cover. After thors has a lock we will have 8 minutes to reach the minimum safe distance before it fires, so move your butt and don’t fall behind. If we fail to get a good lock then, we will have to remove the core of the muon-catalyzed fusion reactor on one of the drop ships and take it inside of the labs and use it as a bomb. This lab has to be taken out! Some of you have not seen a changeling bat so here is what one looks like”, Malik brings two photos. “. Bats come in two sizes. Most are between 5.6–6.5 feet tall and Weigh about 140–240 lbs. and there is the monsters size that are 50 feet high and weight of 4 tons. The smaller ones are take about 5-10 rounds to put down. The monster ones have the ability of a sonic screech that is powerful enough to destroy structures. To kill one of the monsters you need a lot of fire power like air power or anti-tank weapons. At the base there will thousands of the small bats and an unknown number human armed forces on us so, stay together and listen to your CO’s if you want to live. Now anything anyone wants to ask or add before we end this briefing?” Malik looks around for any questions. Every rookie raises their hands like a group of excited school kids. “I am not a changeling if that what you all want to know. I was the first one to get a changeling organ transplant and one of the side effects is that you grow a tapetum lucidum layer of tissue in the eyes. It why my eyes are gold colored.” Half of the rookies put their hands down. “Yes, changelings can look like anyone or thing but only elites can fool most people. Just look them in the eye and you can tell who’s human or changeling.” Most of the rookies put their hands down. One of the older Somali girl soldiers with a Russian Army Afghanistan Chest Rig on stands up. “Dragons enemies yes? How you ride dragon and why be your friend?” she ask. Malik smiles and looks at Longwei lying down in the back. “Back when I was a Captain, my platoon was out on patrol when we saw a dragon was in one of the traps. This one was different than the rest in that it was it was ebony wood colored with jade yellowish-green cat-like eyes and I saw its control collar was knocked off. In the past we have seen dragons runaway when the controller was gone and this one was rare looking and was to pretty to kill so, I told my team to watch my back and I move to cut it loose. I pull my G-10 Espada knife to cut the netting off of it and told it I am letting you go. When I cut it loose he jump back some and looked me in the eyes and asked in English why I did that and I told him why. We talked some and I learned much and because I spare his life he told me i owned it now. As a show of good faith Longwei told me to ride on his back and when we got back to base and after some debate, I got the Colonel to let Longwei into my platoon(the Major General told the Colonel to give me free rein to do as a like) . Longwei spying, recon, and enemy info has saved many lives over the years and he has got other dragons to join our side. They hate Millennium for enslaving there kind and they want the same things us. There extremely aggressive when they have a control collar on but with it off there peaceful and very friendly, but have attitude. Most dragons are very curious creatures and very intelligent. Without a control collar there not our enemies remember that. How I ride him you ask? Well Longwei and I design the dragon saddle from a Western saddle so, someone can ride and fight in the air with a dragon. Now any more questions?” Malik looks around and no one has anything to add. “All right then. Make sure you wear your shemagh, goggles, radio, ammo carriers, camelback and armor if you think you need it, you’re going to be running and hiking. Make sure dress for cold weather and if you need to know anything else ask your CO. dismiss.” Everyone leaves to get ready for battle. Malik sits on the back of Longwei listening to music playing over the radios and watching the display in his HUD goggles. He look to his left and sees the unicorn’s dress only in their light MultiCam ACU being tow behind the C-21 with their GPMG scars and belts of ammo hook onto their brooms. Looking at these super strong 7 foot Amazon equestrians woman he could see were all the legends about witches came from. looking around again all of them looked like the stuff nightmares were made of and the way he was dress with his flight suit on and his shemagh pulled up over his face, they all looked like some Invading demon army. As they get near the border it starts snowing and he gets ready to check the combat area for other aircraft. “This is Lieutenant Colonel Malik call sign pigeon. Is there anyone mining today?” he sees aircraft KC-10 call sign goat come up and his HUD goggles. “It’s been a long time pigeon! I have not heard from you since we both were fighter ace pilots in the 99nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. We should meet some time and have some tea and talk about old time. ”, he said with others talking in the back ground over the radio. “I would like that man, you can meet my wife and we can catch up. What are you doing here?” Malik said and hears more talking in the back ground over the radio. “Well we were making our run from Tehran to Odessa pumping gas, when we got some birds. We can out run them but, there is a big bird and about 500 little birds our tail. We should be long gone by the time you get here. What are you in man? I not seeing anything on my HUD beside you name and call sign.” He asks. “Longwei the dragon, now get off the radio Major goat.” Malik said with a smile. “Yes sir, Lieutenant Colonel Pigeon sir! The bet is still on from the Round Table were we made ace in a day. You many have 16 medals and Air Force Cross but, I just got my Distinguished Flying Cross for the Round Table and I have 13 medals now. Anyways, be careful out there.” He signs off. Malik happy with the news that they will have to deal with so many bats now, tells Longwei he is going to take a nap and wake him when they get to the release point. When they get to the release point instated of wakening him, Longwei jumps off the back of the drop ship and falls 300 feet before leveling out and laughing when he wakes up and almost falls off his back. They arrive over the target and start locking targets in. Malik checks to see were the grounds forces are and he see one group is behind. He sends a text to Sergeant Major Gedeon “why are you not in place?” He get back some of the rookie can’t keep up and are too scary to go on and he text back “just tell them to stay where they are at and get in your place”. Malik goes back to picking targets and he sees why they had to hike in. The base has lines of machine guns pits with mk 47 grenade launchers, anti-aircraft mines, ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA guns, Phalanx CIWS and m167 Vulcan air defense guns. There is even an Aegis Combat System and men with Stinger and other Man-portable air-defense systems walking the base. He receives a text that all units are ready and in place and they all wait for 1300 hours to come. He watches in his HUD as one of the snipers takes aim at a solider with a stinger and he hears the song start. Some of the enemy soldiers hear it over in their radios and start nodding along with it. The laser from the south team comes on and the enemy runs into their fighting positions and start firing on the laser team. The sniper team and north team let loose with their heavy weapons and explosions start happening all over the base as High explosive incendiary sniper rounds and 40 mm grenades take out defenses. The unicorns and Malik from the air do command and control of the battle field. “More LAW, RPG 7, and M136 AT4 on those Phalanx CIWS and m167 Vulcan air defense guns, were not carrying them back you know. Used those M1060 sparingly, the bats are not here yet. Just use the M433 HEDP and M397. Save the Milkor MGL-140 for the bats” he said over the radio to different ground forces. One of the unicorns tells him they have SEAD of AA guns and she calls in an air strike. “The rain is coming, take cover.” He sees from the scope of one of the snipers that two earth equestrians have gone full pony and are ripping enemy soldiers apart. “Someone get there butts in cover and make them change back before they get shot” Malike said over the radio. The unicorns and Malik fly to a higher altitude as air-to-surface missiles and rockets hit their targets. He guides in AGM-88 super HARM’s on the Aegis Combat System and watches it burn with a smile on his face. “We now have SEAD on all targets and it looks like all human ground forces are dead. Ok, good job everyone! This is easier then I --” he stops as he see a cloud of bat coming out from the center of the base. “BATS! BATS! BATS! Firing line on me air team! Gunships come in hot and fast now and used the Multi-Purpose Ballistc Missile at the back edge of the cloud. Everyone take cover and use 40mm M1060 and any heavy weapons you have first after the burst and then free to fire and all teams move to the laser!” He pulls his GPMG scar off the saddle horn and loads a M1060 into the Ergonomic Grenade Launching Module under it. The unicorns stand up on their brooms like a surfer on a board and come into a line formation with him. “Everyone get ready and no one look into the burst or you will go blind. “ Malik said over the radio. The cloud of bat is four miles away when the Ballistc Missile flies under them and into the cloud of bats. He watches as the missile splits into multiple warheads and closes his eyes as it detonates in massive explosion in mid-air. He feels the heat of it even from three and a half miles away and waits tell it over before opening his eyes. He hears the rookies, some crying, asking what just happen over the radio. “That was the Multi-Purpose Burst Missile Mk.I. Once it hits its target it creates a powerful burst with a diameter of 5,000ft. Most times we don’t use it around TIC because it’s a very powerful thermobaric weapon and it has an Inflammation effect. Now, 2nd and 3nd wave of bats are coming and we have to hold for 3 minutes and the ships we be here in 4 minutes so, fight like the devil coming for you because it is.” Malik said and get ready for what coming. The bat come at them like a dark rain and when they get in range they open up with everything they have. 40mm grenade, RPG, general purpose machine gun and heavy sniper rounds fly into the cloud of bats exploding with hundreds of burning bat bodies falling from the sky but, still they come. When the bat get within 200 yards the witches break from Malik side diving into a dogfight and everyone goes free. He cuts loose an empty 400 round ammo can from the saddle and Longwei fly over the cloud of bats to pick his targets. They dive into the cloud with Longwei chasing down bats, barbequing some with his fire and eating any he could get with Malik shooting away. He turns seeing a unicorn with 6 bats on her tail. “Vanessa, you got bats on your tail. Break right when I say and we will get them”, Maliks said reloading his gun again and dropping an empty can. He gets behind her and tells her to break and he let loose with his GPMG scar. As they fly by Longwei catches a bat trying to pull up and he rips it apart like it paper with some of the blood flying on Malik. The killing over takes all the non-human soldiers and it over takes him to with his eyes going pure gold. He hears Estasi Dell Anima playing over the radio with a mix of battle cries, crying, growls, and all kinds of inhuman sounds and the entire world is a killing field. All he thinks and does is kill more bats not thinking or worrying about the rounds and RPGs flying past him. A bat jump on his back trying to pull him off and he draws his sig P226 Combat and shoot past his head killing it. They all lose track of time and fight in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury killing anything and helping their friends when they need it. He throws a hand grenade and takes out 7 bats when a sound of someone screaming in pain breaks the trance. Malik see one of the rookies has got picked up by a bat and is firing away trying to get it off of him. “Dam it!! Longwei you take the bat and I will grab the man”, Malik said putting his GPM back on his saddle horn. Longwei flies from behind the bat and bites into it head like a ripe melon and Malik grabs the soldier locking a carabineer onto the man down tab on his vest. They fly to the ground and he see the soldier has a neck wound and he takes off his shemagh and makes a tourniquet with it. “Medic! Medic! We have a neck wound here and I trying to stop the bleeding!” he calls out over the radio. The combat medic fleur de lis comes running over under cover fire. She starts working on him and tells Malik she needs an evac right now. “All right the Albatross is still a minute out so, put him on Longwei and go meet it. Take this in case he turns” he said handing her his 226. “I will not let it come to that but I know what to do”, she says taking the gun and putting the wound man on Longwei .He takes his FNP-45 Tactical, a last ammo can and GPM off of Longwei and runs to join the rest of his men. In the pit with his men he lets loose with the rest of them and he see if the gun ship don’t get here soon there going to be over run or the laser will fire and kill them soon. He drops more bats and he runs out of ammo and goes to his side arm. The song Frontlines by Nonpoint playing over the radio and he see Lilija get attack by 3 bats and fall off her broom into a snowdrift. He jumps out of the pit shoot off the bats on her and carries her back to the pit. “Gunships were you at? The lasers is going to fire in 7 minutes, were low on ammo, there too many bats to count and Lilija and her unicorns are running into trouble. Also whoever is playing that music over the radios, Cut that out! We do not need a soundtrack.” He said over the radio. Engine sound and then the sound of heavy weapons give him an answer. “This is the Overlord sorry we took so long, we had to pick of the rookies and we had some engine trouble. The C-21 is picking up the snipers and will be joining use soon and the Albatross is landing now.” The pilot said. “Alright rookies pull out to the albatross then the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier land and pick up the human half of bad and the overlord you land last. When the C-21 gets here unicorns you pull out on it. Cover as you pull out.” Malik said picking up Lilija GPM and covering the rookies. The rail guns and 30mm cannons of the drop ships lay waste to the bats and he yells at the rookie to move faster. “Everyone is onboard and do you want us to stay to lay down fire?” the albatross pilot asks. “When you’re loaded leave the area as fast as you can. Do not wait around!” He yells over the radio. A bat lands in front of him and Lilija cuts it in half with a sword. The albatross leaves and the C-21 fly overhead to lay down more fire as the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier lands. The human half of bad company and Lilija runs to the dropship and it takes off firing anti-personnel rockets. “Fire some smoke rounds into the bat cloud and the rest of bad pull out. The unicorns and I will cover you.”, Malik said firing some smoke rounds. Soon a thick cloud of smoke covers the battle field and Longwei lands next to Malik and the Overlord lands. “Colonel, the overlord had an overload in the reactor and the computer is telling us we can’t carry both you and Longwei. If we did the reactor would have shut down because we would be too heavy. Maybe the C-21 can do it?” the overlord pilot said. “No, the C-21 is small VTOL and is not powerful enough. I want you to guys you to leave and get away and I will give you 2 minutes of cover fire before I take off on Longwei. Now get the hell out of here before the laser hits, that’s an order!” he yells and picks up a drop M1060 round. The ship takes off and he give them 2 minutes of cover with an enemy M240 and then fires his last M1060 round and get on Longwei to fly out of there. He sees the bats are after them but he tell Longwei to fly higher and push it. “Fly faster we have 3 minutes to get to safety.” Malik tells Longwei. They are still 6 miles from safety when the countdown hits zero and the attack alarm goes off in his helmet. Longwei land and tell him to lay face down on the ground and he will cover him with his body. In the dark under the dragon he feels the ground jump under him as the laser hits and he watches as a volcanic ash cloud comes at them in his HUD. The ground under starts to heat up and he can’t hear anything over the freight train sounds all around him and he passes out from the heat. He feels something licking his face and opens his eyes and Longwei is looking down at him. “About time you got up. You passed out from heatstroke from all that gear you have on.” Longwei said as Malik gets up looking around. The sky is a hazy pale yellow color with a mix of snow and ash falling so dense that it’s almost pitched black. A gaseous sulfur smell is in the air. “How are we alive and why were you licking me?” Malik ask Longwei looking him right in the eye. “I am a dragon . My kind is heat poof and has a very thick armor skin. I never told you this but most human weapons can’t harm me. I covered you with me body and protected you from the fall out. I licked you to try to wake you up and you are covered in bat parts and I love the taste. You’re not human my friend, just check your HUD and see how hot it got under me. No human would have survived that.” Longwei said in a matter of fact way. He checks his HUD and the temp. Had got up to 220 and in shock he nod to Longwei and thank him. He checks his gear and cuts loose the melt saddle from Longwei back and picks up his scar and look at the melted polymer. “You know this is the nineteenth time I almost died and not since the battle of the round table was I scary like today. You know Longwei you’re the only real friend I really have and I am really happy we met”, he said taking apart the weapon.” I feel the same way to buddy. I am glad at the round table when I was on your tail of your F-4E that I did not take you down.” Longwei said give him weird dragon smile. “That was you? How you know you know it was me?” Malik ask surprised. “I fled pass your cockpit and come on! You were flying an all-black jet with white Tiger Stripes, it stands out.” Longwei said. Malik laughs at that and then plays with his HUD computer and gets a date link from the space control-monitoring ship Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin off shore. “This is Lieutenant colonel Malik of the 1st joint Special operations brigade. Target is destroy and is just a large Crater. Did anyone of the attack group make and where are you now?” he said over the radio. The EMP is making communication hard and he hears nothing beside the wind. “Allâhu Akbar your alive Lieutenant colonel, everyone was worry about you. I am the pilot of the C-21 and we all made it out before the laser hit. We have some wounded but everyone is going to be ok. We’re about 10 miles from base and will be landing soon, do you need pick up?” The pilot asks. “No, Longwei and I will fly back but my IFF is down. You all did a good job and I did not want to tell you all this before. There will be a party back the base and all forces have 2 weeks of down time coming before we make the big push north. I will see you back at base.” Malik said and signs off. He jumps on Longwei covered in ash, wet from dragon Saliva and sticky with bat blood and remains and they head home. On the way back he hears the US President giving a speech over the radio. “The joined human and other forces from around the world have launched the largest attack in the history of mankind. Mankind, which word should have new meaning for all of us today. I met a young captain a few years ago that was the first person to have a changeling organ transplant. He had made friends of a dragon, his most hated enemy, even though there kind killed many of his friends. We can't be consumed by our petty differences any more. We are united in our common interest. We are fighting for not for freedom from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist; and I am getting reports even now that our attacks were successful on different fronts. We were force into a war we did not start or wanted but we have been fighting it for long then we have known. We've been fighting this war for a long time. We are outnumbered by Millennium and they are working around the clock, without quit to kill us all. There is a storm on the horizon in the north, a time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the war against the Millennium races on. There global network in the north remains strong, but we will not quit, until all of it is destroyed. Humans have a strength that cannot be measured and we will win. Today we declared in one voice, 'We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive!"
  19. My oc's only Chapter 1 It was the end of Summer ponies were playing in the night (Not finished yet)
  20. DrawingSign

    Mlp modded adventure map

    This adventure map is going to be huge, massive world filled with characters, bosses and more. The first thing I built was the Elemental room, with all six elements of harmony and a mysterious white element at the end of the room. The 7th is revealed when 6 come together with 1 other...
  21. Pucksterv

    Adventure Destiny or Darkness

    Original post on fimfiction: On fimfiction the story will be updated more frequently. Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined forces, now one of the biggest wars is roaming over Equestria. Ponies and other creatures are living in poverty and fear. Only a few years into the war and Princess Celestia and Luna have already fallen to their grave. Many of Twilight's friends were long gone by that time. Twilight was nothing without here friends so reached out to Sunset Shimmer since her magical strength was dearly needed. Unfortunately, the two alicorns had to hide themselves in the deepest caves of the Crystal Mountains, not wanting to be taken prisoner by the so called new rulers of Equestria. Now there are rumors that the two princesses are looking for three ponies who are destined to destroy the darkness that is roaming inside Equestria. Join them on their journey back to harmony. Prologue Chapter 1: The wall
  22. Seeking Pixel Artists, Writers and Chiptune Designers for Point and Click Pony Adventure Game Seeking both pixel artists, story writers, dialogue writers and chiptune designers for short pony adventure game, featuring the mane six, discord, and other possible characters. If you have any of these talents, please apply using This Form. Think in the style of Monkey Island, King's Quest, or something similar. Seeking backgrounds, icons, and characters. Pixel characters require walking, talking, and possibly idle animations
  23. Princess fantasiana is defeating nightfall ghost ,and all pony think evil day is ending ,but not ending ,defeating nightfall ghost just peace for a while ,who knows that dark demon has evil plans to jaddellia ,west equestria? Dark demon invite demon pony to make all pony being poisoned ,dark demon is being enemy with jaddellia in many years ago ,jaddelia, ess fantasiana's mother is not give a powerful crystal to dark demon ,dark demon is so angry ,and call her students, nightfall ghost to eat any pony in anywhere ,and dark demon is attacking jaddellia ,and the king of jaddelia being killed because protect all pony ,the dark demon is ambush in night time ,if dark demon appeared the moon is closed by dark cloud ,queen jupittarria is being killed because protect her daughter, princess fantasiana ,princess fantasiana is raised by her male Cousin ,her cousin is kirin is an asian mythology unicorn ,her cousin is so love princess fantasiana ,just like real sister ,after princess fantasiana grow up she is being ruler of jaddellia ,in west equestria, she no want being a queen ,because the queen for him is just for her mother. Princess fantasiana is cousin of princess celestia and luna ,princess fantasiana is like to helping celestia to work ,whenever princess fantasiana not strong as celestia to rule the equestria place, princess celstia is the most powerful ruler in equestria location ,princess fantasiana must defeat dark demon ,dark demon team is ready to poisoning jaddewest equestria, some pony is sleeping cannot awake because the poison ,princess fantasiana is trying to find the poisoner ,and try to think how to protect it from poison, princess fantasiana call her guard to make a trap ,trap from princess fantasiana's magic is named flame cage ,the anypony cannot runaway from the trap, because is being burned by flame ,but pony inside is still alive if touching the cage ,after the sun is set the sky is starting being night, the demon pony is out to make dark demon's mission ,the trap is anywhere and cannot see it ,they are being trapped and cannot runaway, demon pony is scared to die so demon pony is betraying dark demon ,dark demon is angry, and calling the powerful pony to attack jaddellia ,the demon pony is an dark pony ,dark pony can make anypony eyes cannot she anything all anything being dark ,princess fantasiana mission is collect 8 colours of flame to make jaddellia being normal ,dark demon is steal the flame from different colours of crystal ,so princess fantasiana want to get it back, dark pony is starting attacking the city, and village, Princess fantasiana is face with dark pony in battle ,princess fantasiana is use her mothers magic weapon ,is just like a magic wand ,the weapon is princess fantasiana's mother's cutie mark ,the weapon is powerful, can make a crystal light ,the light is make dark pony's eyes being burned and dark pony is turned being dark flame ,princess fantasiana must find 7 more colours of flame ,princess fantasiana is victory in the battle . The dark demon is so mad and meet princess fantasiana in palace and start to battle ,princess fantasiana is use her magic to defeat the dark demon but is too strong ,she is try and try ,and after she is battle for many hours she is remember it her special magic teached by her mother ,and she try to use the magic of white flame to burn the dark demon ,the white flame is burned the dark demon ,dark demon is disappear dark demon is retreating, princess fantasiana's army is victory and earned a prize from resident, is just a magic flower from forest ,because princess fantasiana is very like magic flowers ,the dark demon is injured by light flame and cannot use power for a while and her power is being weak and not really strong ,and she is still had a life ,and had 9 more life ,does the dark demon is annoying jaddellia again ? But she still greed to kill everypony in jaddellia . To be continued in season Ⅲ ✶ Sorry if the story is not good
  24. I am planning to write a big fanfiction soon in the future. Don't know when. Anyways, it's about the future(literally. It's a future fanfic) It's set 1,100 years into future and the new set of elements have arrive. Changelings, Ponies and Griffins live together in harmony. These elements are the descendants of the mane six. Twilight and Sunset Shimmer are the new co-rulers of Equestria now. Cadence, Luna and Celestia are dead. So are the mane six(except Twilight) Discord and Spike are still alive. Anyways, it's about the new elements going on a adventure to stop this upcoming threat that is planning to rule over Equestria. Anything I should add? Would you read it?