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Found 456 results

  1. IT ONLY TOOK TWO MONTHS BUT IT WAS WORTH IT Four chapters for the initial release, which establish the main conflict and villain as well as the means of rescuing kidnapped Applejack and Twilight. I plan on releasing more chapters to the story on a weekly basis and yes this was fun to make.
  2. Welcome to the labyrinth. It is a standard role playng game. I got the idea from the Play the Game thread, but I guess it either ended or is about to end. I'm not sure. Anyway, lets get down to business. First, you create your character. It can be your avatar, an original character, or a character from Friendship is Magic. Please give a description, personality, abilities, cutie mark, etc. Please, no unstoppable gods (except me ). Next, you wake up, confused, in the center of the maze. I will act as both narrator for challenges, and as the Slendermane. I will explain my character latter. You must describe your journey through the maze. I will give you challenges, give you choices, throw traps and monsters, etc. (No, I have never played D&D.) Characters can team up and interact (it is encuraged), but they may be separated by me latter. Now, on to Slendermane. Take a look at my avatar. This is the physical manefistation of a powerful extradimentional being. It is based on the Slenderman, a monster from various internet horror stories. http://knowyourmeme....mes/slender-man It watches. It waits. It gives secret codes and clues (I'm not sure if I will or not). It drives you crazy. Do not try to attack Slendermane, or you will just wake up hours latter with a splitting headache, nausea, and possible rearranged internal organs. It will try to lead you. Where to, no one knows. No one knows what Slendermane's motives are (or if an extradimentional being can even have motives). It enjoys games, and playing with (manipulating) others. I will try to come by and update when I can, but no guarantees. I do have school. Please, enjoy yourselves. Enter the labrynth, if you dare.
  3. Okay as soon as I get some people I'll start this. This is based off dungeons and dragons. To play you need a pencil paper and dice. I'll be bringing the plots. Each session will be usually on the weekends. Note: you'll have to fight monsters by rolling dice and using attacks. (don't cheat) Mostly friday and Saturday nights. ---- Making your character: Choose a race: Human Elf Minotaur Golem Dragonborn Choose a class: Warior Hunter Mage Your stats: Later you'll roll a dice to ditermine your stats, here are the stats: health, strength, speed, mana, wisdom and stealth. (hunger might be added) Rolling stats: For everyone roll a dice then add your racial and class bonuses. Warior: health +1, strength +4, speed +0, mana +0, wisdom +1 and stealth +0. Hunter: health +0, strength +1, speed +2, mana +0, wisdom +1, stealth +2. Mage: health +1, strength +0, speed +1, mana +5, stealth +0, wisdom +3. Health is how much damage you can take. Mans is your magic power, every spell takes away a certain amount. Strength is your physical power, every melee attack takes away strength. Hunters have ranged weapons, which use ammo and some use mana. The others are useful in other situations. Please stop the adventure when I leave, you can make your own adventure, but keep In mind only 1 adventure can go on at once. You can join at anytime. Last: character sheet (please fill this out if you want to join) Name: Race: Class: Health: Strength: Wisdom: Speed: Stealth: Weapons:(you will be equiped after) Spells:(you will be equipped after) Inventory: (inventory max is 5) Gold: you start with 10. Now this should be started by next weekend
  4. A terrible outbreak has happened in Equestria. A deadly force has risen from the depths of the mountains in the Everfree Forest. The unknown beast was a Lava Dragon known as Bahamut. As he rose from the from the Erupting mountains he set out a catastrophic rain of terror seeking out power. The mane 6 six & elestia tried at many attempts but all failed. Soon they put up a last stand but they just wound up being captured by Bahamut. As this dark force terrorized Equestria he took residence on the mountain side of Canterlot & planned to take over the world for 10,000 years. Though what most seemed lost there were other civilizations on the outskirts of Equestria. The many lands heard of Bahamut`s rain of terror and his plan for world conquest. MOst ponies and others alike were sared to pose but there were many who stand to fight. Rule: You can have any type of pony, griffion, diamond dog, pet, etc ( i will allow alicorns but be very specific with the details & powers.) Name: Gender: Species: Description: Personaility: Speciallty:
  5. A story by, well me. I have plans for this story, oh so many plans indeed. The Prologue and 1st chapter seem to have been pretty popular thus far, so I'm hoping I can keep up with everypony's expectations. Here's the description: Chase is an everyday guy simply living out his days. Until one night he receives a visit from a creature calling himself Discord in a dream. Told he will aid him in spreading chaos throughout the world, Chase passes it off as just another strange dream. That same day, Chase is brought into the world of Equestria by the strange creature. What adventures await the young man as he looks for a way back home? Simple? Yes. Cliche? Double yes. Fun? That's for you to decide! Here's the Link:
  6. Linguz here with my fanfiction. When I Wandered Description: Dragmire is an island country which accepts all Equestrian, Lion Hybrids, and Draconic Tribe to settle in it. Meteor Blaze, a recent arriver to this country and a nomad for life, travels across the country searching for two old friends. Chapter 1: Hoofsdale Chapter 2: Lion's Port Image: Map Please give me any comments about it possible. Note that Chapter 2 will be rewritten soon to transfer the writing style from Telling to Showing. Feel free to read it and comment about the plot.