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Found 471 results

  1. Shadow Chaser's second tale follows him and Rainbow Dash on a voyage to the lost city of Marelantis, an ancient underwater city, thought lost for ages. But before they can even begin Applejack notices the Cutie Mark Crusaders have gone missing. As Shadow, Rainbow, and the insisting Applejack, chase after them, they quickly find themselves caught in a deadly chase to Marelantis and must use theirs wits, speed and strength to overcome all odds and rescue the Cutie Mark Crusaders. --------------------------------------------------------------- Often times, sea fairing ponies will boast and brag of amazing things they’ve seen while at sea. Mermares, whales, sharks, and everything in between. You have to take nearly everything they say with a grain of salt. So, when a lifelong friend of mine came back to Ponyville, rambling of having actually seen mermares and found the fabled land of Marelantis, other ponies thought him insane. “It’s real, Shadow. It’s very real. Mermares as pretty as any you’ll find here on the land. And the city is beautiful! Magnificently carved pillars and buildings with more craftsmanship than you ever thought possible. You don’t even have to worry about breathing! They’ve found a way to bless every pony that enters with a spell of breathing that allows you to breathe underwater!” “Calm down, Captain.” He had been in my office for nearly four hours now rambling incessantly about Marelantis. While he was my friend and I’ve never been one to think him untruthful or crazy his story was becoming, quite simply, annoying. “But Shadow, you’ve got to believe me. I need to share this discovery with somepony.” His face looked distraught. Rainbow Dash walked in the room and over to me, whispering to me what I’d been waiting on. “Captain, I believe you. I really do. I would like you to talk to a friend of mine, though. She’s not a doctor or anything like that but she has an unnatural affinity for the truth. If you really saw all of these things and aren’t crazy then she will be the one to know for sure.” He looked like I’d just punched him in the gut but he nodded. “I understand, Shadow. I guess I do have to sound pretty crazy.” “Nothing too out of the ordinary there, Captain.” We chuckled and I waved in my associate. “Captain, this is Applejack. She’s called me on more lies than I can count. If you really did see all these things, Applejack here will be the first to know the honest truth and if she says you’re not crazy then we’ll start this expedition.” The Captain nodded at me and then looked at Applejack. “Hello, miss.” “Aw shucks, nopony’s called me miss in a long time. Applejack is fine.” Her tone was comforting even as she corrected him. “Alright, Applejack, I suppose you’re going to want to hear my story.” “Ah reckon ah do. Rainbow wasn’t too clear on the details but she said you’d been to Marelantis and were wantin’ to set off to find it again but with more ponies this time?” “That’s right. Marelantis is a beautiful place…” I zoned out as he began to tell his story for the third time. As he launched into how he’d happened across it Rainbow Dash tapped me on the shoulder and motioned to the back room. As I entered and gently shut the door she looked at me with a bit of concern, “Are we really going to take this guy’s word and go chasing after some old mares’ tale?” “No.” Rainbow started to speak again but I cut her off, “We’re going to take Applejack’s word and if she believes him then we’re definitely going hunting.” Rainbow didn’t look satisfied with my answer. “Ok, but let’s not do this one for free alright? I’m tired of eating daisy sandwiches.” I chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry. The Captain may be a good friend but he wouldn’t let me work for free. Not that I’d even offer. I hate boats.” Rainbow laughed and nuzzled my neck. “Me too.” I reveled in her embrace for a moment then heard the Captain finishing his story. “Let’s get back out there before they get the wrong idea.” I winked at her and lead the way back into the office. The Captain was just finishing up his story and the look on Applejack’s face told me she believed him. “So what’s the word, AJ?” Applejack turned her head slowly to me, her eyes wide with excitement. “He’s not lyin’, sugarcube. That there colt knows where Marelantis is.” “Well, then, I guess we’ve got a deal, Captain. You head to Bridle Shores Bay and gather what we’ll need. Rainbow and I have some jobs to get done before we can join you but we should be down in about a week’s time.” The Captain was almost overcome with joy. “Thank you, Shadow. I’ll have everything ready to go when you arrive. And thank you, Miss Applejack.” The Captain walked out the door, nearly sprinting for the train station. Applejack chuckled at being called miss again and hollered after him, “It’s nothin’ any good pony wouldn’t do. Good luck on yer adventure.” I sighed heavily as I closed the door. “What’s the matter, detective? Ah woulda thought you’d be a right bit excited to find Marelantis. Ah know ah would be.” I flopped in my chair and looked over everything on my desk. “Oh, I’m excited to see it, AJ, but I was almost wishing he was just telling stories. I’ve never been much of a sea fairing pony. And this adventure we’ve just set out on is going to have me wet for weeks.” “Well, that doesn’t seem like something ah’d enjoy either. But sometimes ya have to get yer mane wet if ya want to do great things.” I smiled at the ceiling. She was right. “’Nothing worth having in this life comes easy.’ That’s what my dad used to tell me before he died. That’s what kept me pushing forward all these years. Working my tail off has been all I do. And who knows? Maybe this will be like one long vacation.” “That’s the spirit! Ah wish ah could come with ya but ah’ve got the farm. Besides, ah’m sure you two will have more than enough people interested in going along.” I thought about that and doubted it. Not that the prospect of finding Marelantis wasn’t enticing but no pony really believed it existed anymore. I looked at Applejack and smiled. “Yea, I bet they’ll be lined up at the docks.” “Well, anyway, ah’ll leave you two to yer work. Stop by the farm if ya need anything.” Applejack closed the door behind her and I glanced at Rainbow. “We’ve got a week to finish four cases. Think we can do it?” “Of course we can. We’re only the best mystery solving duo Ponyville’s ever seen.” We both laughed. She was right, ever since she’d joined me my cases had gone much faster. Her wings and general ability to fly under the radar were keeping her ahead of me in a few cases. But I had a couple tricks she didn’t and that kept us on equal ground. Our relationship had suffered a bit with all the recent work but we had powered through and were feeling closer now than ever before. I looked back down at all the papers on my desk. I had one of these cases already wrapped up, I just had to tell the pony that hired me. The other, I hadn’t even started but it seemed like it would be easy enough. I sighed and sat back again. “Hey, Rainbow.” “What’s up?” She looked up from her own work. “Take the day off. Go home and pack a little. These cases can wait until tomorrow and I just don’t feel like working today.” I stared at the ceiling as I spoke and could tell she was wondering my intentions. “Fine with me. These two cases are just about done, anyway.” She walked over and brought my face down to her and kissed me. “I’m hoping you’re right about this trip, ya know. We could use a vacation.” “Yes, we could.” I smiled at her and got up from my chair. “Let’s get out of here.” We walked out the door bumping each other playfully and I turned to lock up the office. Rainbow asked the same question she always did at the end of each day, “Same time tomorrow, boss?” “Yea, same time tomorrow. And how many times have I told you to stop calling me boss?” I asked, turning to her. “Just about every day I’ve worked here.” She smiled and gave me a wink and then was gone in a flash. I chuckled as I turned down the road and headed for home but after a few minutes I got that old familiar feeling that I was being followed. Normally I would think nothing of it, Rainbow Dash tried to tail me every once in a while just to work on her skill at it. She was getting rather good at not being detected. But this feeling was different. This person didn’t know what they were doing. I slowed my pace trying to pick up any hint about who was following me but I kept hearing noises from three separate places. As I rounded a corner I stepped into a nearby alley and flattened myself against the wall. I hear the footsteps of three ponies moving up and rounding the corner but they stopped just short of the alley. “Aw shucks, we lost ‘im.” I didn’t recognize the voice but it had a strong Southern accent. “How did he get away from us so fast?” I didn’t recognize that voice either, it was higher pitched and slightly whiny. “I told you guys, he’s a professional.” That one I did recognize. Rainbow Dash had told me all about her loyal filly follower, Scootaloo. Realizing I was facing the Cutie Mark Crusaders I let myself relax, knowing there wasn’t a threat but decided to teach the girls a lesson. I moved further down the alley and hid behind a dumpster, purposefully knocking over a can and making it clatter as I ducked down. “Did you guys hear that!? He must’ve gone this way!” Scootaloo lead the charge down the alley and the other two followed her closely. As I heard them approach the dumpster I jumped onto my hind legs and made myself as tall as I could, growling with all the ferocity of a manticore. The Cutie Mark Crusaders all slid to a halt and screamed their little girl squeals. I made a mental note to where earplugs the next time I did this. When they finally stopped screaming I landed on all fours and proceeded to laugh myself silly at them. They joined in half-heartedly. “That wasn’t very nice, Mr. Chaser.” Sweetie Belle said, as I recovered from my laughing fit. In the sternest voice I could muster I said, “Neither was following me, girls.” They looked at each other and down at the ground. They knew I was right. I got the usual “We’re sorry” and lead them back to the street. “Now would you girls like to tell me why you were following me? I know you weren’t trying to get your cutie marks. Rainbow Dash told me about you three making her day a royal pain in the flank a few weeks ago.” I turned and headed to my house with three tagalongs. “Well, ya see, Mr. Chaser..” “Shadow, girls.” “.. Shadow, we were trying to find out why Rainbow Dash had come to get my sister earlier. They wouldn’t tell us anything because they said they were in too much of a hurry,” Apple Bloom explained. “Oh, is that all? Well, you could’ve just stopped me and asked.” Sweetie Belle poked Scootaloo as we walked. “Told you.” “I sent Rainbow down to Sweet Apple Acres to grab Applejack because she’s the best lie detector in town and I needed to make sure somepony wasn’t lying to me.” “Whoa, cool! Were you interrogating him? With a big hot lamp in his face while he was tied to a chair?” Scootaloo’s excitement was unmistakable. “No, no. Nothing like that. I had an old friend come into town and he was telling me a fantastic story about some place he’d been and he wanted me to come along to help him convince other ponies it was real.” “Why wouldn’t other ponies believe him?” Sweetie asked. “Well, because the place he found is thought to have been lost for hundreds of years. Back when Equestria was still a young country.” “Wow. That place must be super hard to find then.” Scootaloo said. “You bet it is. Lots of brave ponies have spent their lives searching for it and never found it.” “So did my sister tell you he was telling the truth?” “She sure did. Turns out the Captain isn’t as crazy as I was thinking and I get to help him make ponies believe that Marelantis is real.” The girls stopped and gasped speaking as one, “Marelantis!?” “That’s right, girls, the fabled lost city of Marelantis is hopefully going to make its return to the maps and to the world.” The girls jumped back into place beside me. “So when are you going?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Probably in about a week. Rainbow Dash and I have some cases to finish up and then we’re headed to Bridle Shores Bay to meet my friend and begin our expedition.” “Cool! Can we come with you?” Scootaloo asked in the sweetest voice she could muster. “I’m sorry, girls, but this isn’t going to be a fun time sailing. This is going to be a serious mission to find Marelantis and document how to get there. And the open waters are filled with all sorts of crazy sea creatures, not to mention pirates.” “Pirates!?” “You girls have got to stop shouting together like that.” As we neared my home I invited the girls in for something to eat before they had to leave. They said they weren’t hungry and thanked me for talking to them. As they dashed back toward Ponyville proper I heard Scootaloo say, “We’ve got to find a way…” I put my head in my hooves realizing I'd said too much. "Oh, what did I just do?”
  2. This is a game where basically, you are one of the characters from the show and you are going on an adventure with your pony friends to find the human world. It's kinda like a roleplay, except for that you can't use OC's and you're going to be saying it from the view of narrating a book. The example of that is this: Member:We turned left. or Member:I looked for my friends OR Member:(show pony name here) suggested we set up camp. Everypony ready? Great! And remember to talk in the color of the pony you're going to be... I'm going to be (adult) Pinkie Pie! Let's get started! I don't fell like going first... have a go at it...
  3. Hey, guys! I'm relatively new to the fanfiction community, and I really feel like I need to share this out loud with y'all, if you don't mind... http://www.fimfictio...y-Walk-Among-Us It's my very first fanfic. Ever. Actually, it's more like my very first story that's more than 2000 words... So... I really need as much feedback as I can get. I know it's long (really long), but please read the first two chapters so I know how I can improve myself. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Chapter 1- Rainstorm Meets Rainbow Dash Rainstorm woke up one sunny morning. He ran down the stairs a bit to fast, and "Whoa!" almost fell. He quickly flapped his wings to regain his balance. "That was close!" remarked Rainstorm, still slightly trembling from the sudden fall. He went down the rest of the stairs to find his family already having breakfast. His brother Yellow, his sister Flower, and his parents. The three kids(that's including Rainstorm) were triplets. Not identical triplets, just born on the same day. They all are 12. Rainstorm is a pegasus, Flower is an earth pony, and Yellow is a unicorn. Back to the story now. Rainstorm quickly made himself some toaster waffles and had a quick and easy breakfast. He went out to his garden and put a cloud over it and made it rain to water all the plants. Flower was the gardener, as you might have guessed, by her name, and the fact that she's an earth pony. "Thanks Rainstorm!" shouted Flower. "No prob." replied Rainstorm. Rainstorm liked the rain. He even takes clouds inside to make it rain in his room sometimes. His hobby was flying fast. He decided to go out for a little fly. As he was flying, he looked over to the left. All of a sudden he heard a voice. "Watch out!" He had bumped into another pegasus. "Uhhh..." Rainstorm opened his eyes and saw a cyan pegasus with magenta eyes and a pretty rainbow mane and tail. "Are you okay? My name's Rainbow Dash." said the pegasus. "I'm fine. My name is Rainstorm." he replied. "Hey, you were going pretty fast!" realized Rainbow Dash. "I know." said Rainstorm. "Well, I need to get going. I need to continue with my flying." remembered Rainstorm. "Bye! See you again!" they both said simultaneously. Rainstorm headed towards the Everfree Forest... To be continued! Chapter 2- Rainstorm Meets Rarity "Wait! You shouldn't go in there!" shouted a voice. Rainstorm looked around and saw a beautiful white unicorn with a shiny purple mane. "Oh, right." replied Rainstorm. "What's your name?" asked Rainstorm. "Rarity. And you?" replied Rarity. "Rainstorm! Hey! Aren't you the pony who makes all those fabulous stylish outfits?" realized Rainstorm. "Oh, how kind of you to notice!" answered Rarity. "My sisters buys your dresses, Rarity." remembered Rainstorm. "Well, I must be off. I have a deadline to finish. Hoity-Toity needs a dozen of a few of my designs by next Tuesday so he can display them in his boutique in Canterlot." said Rarity. "Oh, uh, okay! See you soon Rarity!" replied Rainstorm. Rainstorm felt hungry all of a sudden. He was in the mood for some apples. He headed towards Sweet Apple Achres... Note: This same story is being written on my account on, so if you end up seeing this THERE, just letting you know I'm not plagiarizing it or anything. And I also think this'll be discontinued HERE, so go to and see more of the story THERE.
  5. I'm busy writing a fic witch puts the ponies from the series in a situation echoing that of the Dissidia games. I have a few of the chapters up for test reading and I would love to have some feedback on them. I still intend to make at least one illustration per chapter and add background music, but I'm neither Tetsuya Nomura nor Deadmau5 and it shows, if anyone would be willing to help me with either I would be so grateful for that. Here's a link to the story Again, please tell me your opinion, even if you think it completely sucks, just tell me what I can do to improve it.
  6. Yo, I got this fancy little chiptune here, if yall are intrested. Tell me what you think, ya?
  7. Ever seen any awesome adventure movie you want to share with us? Post it! Maybe you have your favorites? Post them! Or maybe there is a movie you remember but you doesn't know the name? Post it! Anyways, Adventure movies are my favorite type of movies. I can watch them over and over again but still like them just as much the next time I watch it. Here is my personal top 5 list of adventure movies:
  8. Hey everyone! I've just stumbled upon this cool little corner of the pony-net, and wanted to drop in and say hello! I suppose I'm most prominently known as a reviewer on ponychan's /fic/, which I've been active with since June or so. I've lurked anon on /co/, /b/, and /new/ for much longer, should that prove relevant to anyone's interest. In any case, I'd like to share my piece of work with you all. If it should happen to provoke any thoughts or reactions in you, I'd love to hear them. ... Huh. I'm not certain if this platform can import Gdocs, so I suppose I'll just drop a link to the EQD page, which hosts the compilation of chapters quite nicely. http://www.equestria...divergence.html I hope you enjoy, though be aware that, as one of my readers noted- "This is My Little Pony written for adults." Not a clop fic fyi, it just deals with some significant themes of perceived betrayal, conflicts of loyalty, and Rainbow Dash is a black belt. Cheers all, I hope you enjoy! -Seattle
  9. I have recently been working on a story insired by several hours of playing Dragon Age: Origins and then going back to my computer to watch ponies. I have up until this point been uploading it to but I thought it might be a good idea to share it here as well. Here is the premise. The Unicorn and The Blight "The world of Thedas is on the brink of the fifth Blight and the Grey Wardens are once again needed. Their warnings have been ignored for too long and the world may truly face disaster. One Unicorn Stallion, alone in the world, finds himself pulled into the turmoil and learns that the Wardens may be few in number, but even a single Warden can hold the fate of Thedas in his hooves. " I would be happy if you read it and if you do I would be gratefull to any comments or critique. This is my first time atempting to write something like this so any feedback would be welcome.
  10. Well everyone here it is. The first page. Currently i am lacking a scanner here in california but when i get home i will scan it and upload a high quality picture. Until then i will be posting pictures taken with my phones camera. I drew my pages at a side angel because it feels more natural and is easier for me. Truth be told i have 10 pages so far drawn, but i'm going to post them a little more slowly then all at once. Probably 2 today and so on for the next five days. Just to see if it catches on. NOTE: The adventure is supposed to start you off confused. And explanation for everything comes in the later pages. Dialogue: Reine: Tensue, stop! Tensue: Stay back Reine this is not your problem! Truen: If you wish to live i would recommend listening to him. This is a long quarel that has finally come to be settled. Tensue: I have had enough of your lies and games! I am ending this now! Once and for all! Truen: Yes... you certainly are ending this. But perhaps in a very different way. Truen: The result may not please you. --(*)End of Page 1(*)-- (Authors Comment) The first time i drew this page i used a very bad dull pencil, so i had to re-do the whole thing with a sharper one before i uploaded it. I included a dialouge in case you can't read the page. Critisism, praise or any other feedback are greatly appreciated! Edit: oh yes and i suck at drawing hands, so be gentle about that. X3
  11. Hey there everypony! I've started to write my very first story. It's not just my first take on the Conversion Bureau, not just my first attempt at fanfiction, but truly my first stab at serious creative writing. Like many, the premise of Blaze's Conversion Bureau absolutely enthralled me. That said, I was a bit shocked at how heavily misanthropic the tale was. It broke both the Mane Six's otherwise caring dispositions and focused so thoroughly on how evil we are capable of being while not mentioning any of the genuine good humanity has done. Like a bucket of ice water to the face, it occurred to me that some bronies may love Equestria so much because they are ashamed of their own world! While I respect their view I believe it's a decidedly unhealthy attitude and frankly not true. Isn't the brony movement itself proof that we are capable of just as much genuine care for our neighbor as the equine characters we love? THAT'S where my story comes from! Taking the Conversion Bureau and using it as a geo-political metaphor for the brony movement. That is, the ultimate victory of rational idealism over moral nihilism! My tale will have themes such as trans-humanism, the meaning of individuality and freedom, the value of history (even the ugly parts), religious doubt; all told through a personal journey of romance, war, magic, and betrayal. High concept to rival an Epic Poem? Hell yeah! Can I pull it off? Not a Windigo's chance on the surface of the sun! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give it the college try. This story HAS to come out! As such . . . http-~~-// While it IS a self-insert, I did that as more a "write what you know" step then wish-fulfillment. I couldn't keep a fresh character truly consistent and stuff happens to me in my story I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! (Well . . . not entirely true but still, I wouldn't want to be there!) I'm placing myself under "Cauldron Lake rules" as I've dubbed them. 1) I'm just as much subject to the laws of narrative casualty as anypony else. 2) If something happens. Somepony or something did it! e.g. There are NO accidents. 3) Don't break the conventions of the genre unless the genre itself has changed. Still, as much as I am the protagonist, the story is meant to be my love letter to the Brony community that I've fallen in love with! My story is one where the brony movement is very real and very powerful! Indeed, it's what's changing the World! Which means, somewhere, in my story YOU are there. Share to me your stories of being a brony, your ponysona's and their accomplishments, your creations here, deviantart, and elsewhere! Share to me your stories to enrich this creation with the life I want to give it! I'm sorry for the length, Steelquill
  12. If you've been on chat, you may or may not have heard about my fanfic I'm making. I'm not finished with the first chapter yet, but I'm terribly close and so I'm posting this thread in preparation. The link can be found here, but as of this moment it is locked. However to satiate your appetites, I will provide the basic overview here as a teaser: In the meantime, I am looking for prereaders to check on the quality of my work when it is finished. If anyone is interested, then do feel free to pm me with your offer (and a description of past experience would be helpful too but not necessary ).
  13. Princess Celestia has spent her whole life within Canterlot, being taught how to be a "proper" mare so she can rule the nation with both power and grace. Fed up with being a princess, she yearns to see the outside world. Leaving her royal lineage behind her with hopes held high and a saddlebag full of goodies, join Celestia as she travels Equestria and beyond to find her place in the world. A/N: Prepare thy insulin, this could get adorable.
  14. So for a while I've had this idea for a game, but so far it has not become anything but a few drawings and a whole bunch of music, so I thought I'd share it here to see what you guys think and maybe get some help. Here's a couple of videos, the first one showing actual concept art and the second one just a crappy speedpaint. Oh, and before I forget, the story, copied straight from the description of that video, 'cause I'm too lazy to rewrite it: "I've had this idea for a slightly comedic yet still serious video game (like the World of Goo!) about a boy named Maine Karakter going on an adventure to find his sister (nicknamed Sis) who disappeared one day. Maine would eventually find out that the leader of a major manufacturing company, Mr. Blade (his company being Blade Industries), is planning on turning Nowhere City, the capital of Nowhere, into his own private... city... thing. While snooping around in the Blade Industries building, he accidentally finds a meeting room where Mr. Blade is showing off a new form of battery for robots (Blade Industries is a robot manufacturing company, btw), HUMAN BATTERIES. Mr. Blade then takes out one of these human batteries and it's actually Maine's sister (DUN DUN DUN)! Maine, startled, accidentally falls into the meeting room (he was in air ducts, forgot to mention that), Mr. Blade sees him and immediately sends his robot minions after Maine, and that's where the whole second half of the game would begin. I haven't quite figured out that second part of the game's story, but I'm sure there willl be plenty of excitingness." I would also like to note that the art in the first video is old and crappy.
  15. Welcome one and all to a new story. You probably have no idea who i am, so i will introduce myself. My name is SilverArrow, and i am a creative writer. I was recently introduced to MLP: FiM and instantly loved. Even inspired me to write a story about it. I will now introduce the aformentioned story. 'When Equestria was new, and young, several different races of ponies roamed the land peacefully. The earth ponies, the likes of which dashed across the fields and plains, strong and faithful. The unicorns, the likes of which read books and studied ancient spells and magic to weild for assistance in times of difficulty, were smart and trustworthy. And finally, the pegasus, the likes of which shot through the air at high speeds, and could control the weather with their mighty wings. The pegasus were agile and quick, and could always be counted on to be there for others in need. These were the three races of ponies, who lived in peace and harmony in Equestria's early years. They still preside over the lands today, however... There was one moment in time, where it seemed they could never live together again. A fourth race, of dark-coloured ponies rose from the shadows. They had batlike wings, and long curved unicorn horns. They were a deadly combination of both unicorn and pegasus! Smart and quick, but they used their powers for very different reasons. While the peaceful folk of Equestria used their abilities to simplify daily life, this fourth race took pleasure in ponies missury and pain. They weilded a completely different kind of magic. Magic that allowed them to alter and transform nature. They marched through Equestria, wreaking havoc as they went. Lush fields of flowers and grass turned into wastelands of torment and suffering. Forrests of green full of happy wildlife were changed into horrid nightmares. They were completely unstobable. They used their surroundings to fend off anypony who came near to stop them. Vines would wrap and trap those who dared attack them, people trembled with fear at their name! They were called, The Xenrodan's. No one dared to stand up to them, not even the most powerful of any of the other three races could come close to defeating them. Until one day, an outsider arrived in Equestria. Everyone believed him to be of the pegasus, but his wings were far too large and strong for a pegasus. He seemed to posses the abilities of all three other races together, like the Xenrodan's. Flight, magic and strength. Along with these came swiftness, wisdom and motivation. This outsider had the one ability the Xenrodan's didnt have. Emotion. While they brought destruction with them with no care, this outsider used his imense power to drive back the forces with light. In the end, he confronted the very person who started it all, a black pony name Wind. They fought for days, weeks even. Wind refused to listen to the outsiders wisdom and reasoning and was blinded by his ambitions and power. In the end, these atributes were his downfall, and he was banish beneath the very mountain he and the rest of his shadowy race came from. The outsider sealed the entrance to the mount with an arrow. The arrow was crafted from the finest silver. The arrow was so sharp, they say it could slice clean through six trees without slowing down. The outsider fired ther arrow deep into the mountain's base, and the entrance was sealed up, never to be opened again. The outsider then guided everyone to a time of prosperity. The outsider became known as Silver, becuase of the arrow he drove into the mountain. He was the first ruler of Equestria, and was remember for thousands of years for his wisdom and bravery. He established three nations, as a reminder to all those who preside over Equestria. The land nation of Flaira, the water nation of Quentia, and the sky nation of Leyrina. All ponies everywhere were greatly pleased by this and each pony made their choice over where they wanted to live. On the ground, in the sea, or above the clouds. However, there was one place that was not transformed into a nation, and that was the mountains. The same mountains that the Xenodan's were sealed beneath. To this day no one has ever dared to cross those mountains. After a long rule, Silver, ruler of Equestria and honored hero of the realms, vanished from his palace in Leyrina. No one ever knew his original name, or anything about his past, but he did leave behind one thing. A son. A successor, though far to young, was born shortly after his vanishing. Although everyone mourned the loss of their ruler, they preserved his story and remembered him for hundreds of thousands of years later. But, the course of time took its toll. Slowly, but ever surely, history turned into tale, tale turned into myth, and myth turned into legend. The story of the outsider called Silver was almost completely forgoten, except by those who descended from him directly. No one knew who these ponies were, or how many of them existed, but those who believed in the legend of Silver, awaited for one to reveal themselves. For there was one thing they feared. Some day, they knew, the Xenadon's would return, and they would need a hero. Some one with the same talents and abilities passed down through the ancient bloodline, to awaken.' (Authors comment) Well then here we go. There are no illustrations to accompony this introduction. If some one would like to illustrate it that would be amazing, but i doubt that would happen. THIS IS NOT CANNON. Although containing references to the original this is a different Equestria! Do not scream at me for creating the realms and any other new feature to the MLP universe. This is simply a fantasy twist to it. OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION. I CAN'T DRAW PONIES. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH GENERALZOI'S PONY CREATOR. WITHOUT WHICH THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. LIVESTREAM: http://www.ustream.t...ilverlivestream
  16. IT ONLY TOOK TWO MONTHS BUT IT WAS WORTH IT Four chapters for the initial release, which establish the main conflict and villain as well as the means of rescuing kidnapped Applejack and Twilight. I plan on releasing more chapters to the story on a weekly basis and yes this was fun to make.
  17. Welcome to the labyrinth. It is a standard role playng game. I got the idea from the Play the Game thread, but I guess it either ended or is about to end. I'm not sure. Anyway, lets get down to business. First, you create your character. It can be your avatar, an original character, or a character from Friendship is Magic. Please give a description, personality, abilities, cutie mark, etc. Please, no unstoppable gods (except me ). Next, you wake up, confused, in the center of the maze. I will act as both narrator for challenges, and as the Slendermane. I will explain my character latter. You must describe your journey through the maze. I will give you challenges, give you choices, throw traps and monsters, etc. (No, I have never played D&D.) Characters can team up and interact (it is encuraged), but they may be separated by me latter. Now, on to Slendermane. Take a look at my avatar. This is the physical manefistation of a powerful extradimentional being. It is based on the Slenderman, a monster from various internet horror stories. http://knowyourmeme....mes/slender-man It watches. It waits. It gives secret codes and clues (I'm not sure if I will or not). It drives you crazy. Do not try to attack Slendermane, or you will just wake up hours latter with a splitting headache, nausea, and possible rearranged internal organs. It will try to lead you. Where to, no one knows. No one knows what Slendermane's motives are (or if an extradimentional being can even have motives). It enjoys games, and playing with (manipulating) others. I will try to come by and update when I can, but no guarantees. I do have school. Please, enjoy yourselves. Enter the labrynth, if you dare.
  18. Okay as soon as I get some people I'll start this. This is based off dungeons and dragons. To play you need a pencil paper and dice. I'll be bringing the plots. Each session will be usually on the weekends. Note: you'll have to fight monsters by rolling dice and using attacks. (don't cheat) Mostly friday and Saturday nights. ---- Making your character: Choose a race: Human Elf Minotaur Golem Dragonborn Choose a class: Warior Hunter Mage Your stats: Later you'll roll a dice to ditermine your stats, here are the stats: health, strength, speed, mana, wisdom and stealth. (hunger might be added) Rolling stats: For everyone roll a dice then add your racial and class bonuses. Warior: health +1, strength +4, speed +0, mana +0, wisdom +1 and stealth +0. Hunter: health +0, strength +1, speed +2, mana +0, wisdom +1, stealth +2. Mage: health +1, strength +0, speed +1, mana +5, stealth +0, wisdom +3. Health is how much damage you can take. Mans is your magic power, every spell takes away a certain amount. Strength is your physical power, every melee attack takes away strength. Hunters have ranged weapons, which use ammo and some use mana. The others are useful in other situations. Please stop the adventure when I leave, you can make your own adventure, but keep In mind only 1 adventure can go on at once. You can join at anytime. Last: character sheet (please fill this out if you want to join) Name: Race: Class: Health: Strength: Wisdom: Speed: Stealth: Weapons:(you will be equiped after) Spells:(you will be equipped after) Inventory: (inventory max is 5) Gold: you start with 10. Now this should be started by next weekend
  19. A terrible outbreak has happened in Equestria. A deadly force has risen from the depths of the mountains in the Everfree Forest. The unknown beast was a Lava Dragon known as Bahamut. As he rose from the from the Erupting mountains he set out a catastrophic rain of terror seeking out power. The mane 6 six & elestia tried at many attempts but all failed. Soon they put up a last stand but they just wound up being captured by Bahamut. As this dark force terrorized Equestria he took residence on the mountain side of Canterlot & planned to take over the world for 10,000 years. Though what most seemed lost there were other civilizations on the outskirts of Equestria. The many lands heard of Bahamut`s rain of terror and his plan for world conquest. MOst ponies and others alike were sared to pose but there were many who stand to fight. Rule: You can have any type of pony, griffion, diamond dog, pet, etc ( i will allow alicorns but be very specific with the details & powers.) Name: Gender: Species: Description: Personaility: Speciallty:
  20. A story by, well me. I have plans for this story, oh so many plans indeed. The Prologue and 1st chapter seem to have been pretty popular thus far, so I'm hoping I can keep up with everypony's expectations. Here's the description: Chase is an everyday guy simply living out his days. Until one night he receives a visit from a creature calling himself Discord in a dream. Told he will aid him in spreading chaos throughout the world, Chase passes it off as just another strange dream. That same day, Chase is brought into the world of Equestria by the strange creature. What adventures await the young man as he looks for a way back home? Simple? Yes. Cliche? Double yes. Fun? That's for you to decide! Here's the Link:
  21. Linguz here with my fanfiction. When I Wandered Description: Dragmire is an island country which accepts all Equestrian, Lion Hybrids, and Draconic Tribe to settle in it. Meteor Blaze, a recent arriver to this country and a nomad for life, travels across the country searching for two old friends. Chapter 1: Hoofsdale Chapter 2: Lion's Port Image: Map Please give me any comments about it possible. Note that Chapter 2 will be rewritten soon to transfer the writing style from Telling to Showing. Feel free to read it and comment about the plot.