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Found 465 results

  1. Morning everyone. Sorry I didn't get a thread posted about this yesterday, but the third chapter update I promised this weekend has been up since yesterday. Hope you all enjoy, and if you haven't checked out Batmare Begins yet, I'm always happy to have new readers! Have a nice day everyone! Batmare Begins
  2. Afternoon, all, as promised the second of this weekend's chapter updates has just been uploaded in celebration of the new season of MLP! :scootangel: Hope ya'll enjoy the Double Batmare goodness and are having a nice Saturday in general. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off in a little bit to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! In spite of the many negative professional reviews, here's hoping I myself like it very much. Have a nice rest of your Saturday everyone, and hope you like the new chapter. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Batmare Begins Double Batman all the way across the sky! So intense!
  3. Hello, all! A blessed Good Friday to each and every one of you. Well, the first of three new chapters of Batmare Begins is up for you all to see, so I hope you enjoy. Took far too long to get these out, but it feels great now that they're done and all edited. Enjoy, and have a nice Friday everyone. Batmare Begins
  4. Hey everyone, guess what? That's right! After a Batmare Begins drought that's lasted since I last update (to my shame) in August, Batmare Begins is finally getting an update! And it's not just any update. It's... a Triple-Bat-Decker-Sized Update!!! Next week, in celebration of both Holy Week, Season 6 of MLP, and the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I will be releasing on Fimfiction on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday three new chapters for Batmare Begins totaling over 20,000 words!!! I'm just wrapping up some last minute edits to them right now, but I promise you all, they are coming on those dates, and you won't be disappointed. I want to thank any long time readers of mine for your patience and support as I struggled to get these chapters out, and I hope you enjoy them very much when they finally release. Thank you again, everypony, and have a wonderful day!
  5. an epic stoy aobut my oc:killing luna becuase she is evil and if the deadline comes you can be in my second one...oh you failed on that one how about the third oo fialed there too i might have a 4th
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anypony had some ideas for a fanfic about my OC? He's an Alicorn as you can tell and is just dying to have an adventure. If you have any ideas, just reply.
  7. Hey guys! Guess what, I wrote a fanfiction! "Woah I'm extremely shocked, as I didn't expect that in a section called 'Written Fan Works'. You've really surprised us Tech Reel.." So yeah XD It's over on FIMFiction if you'd like to give it a read. Below is the link, as well as the story's descriptiony blurb synopsis thingy ----- One day, Tech Reel stumbles upon a journal that details the life of a man named the Doctor, an alien from another universe. He shares it with his friends, Lyra and Octavia, and the three take immediate interest in the stories within. Though things change when they find that the Doctor may be in their world. The search is on, with many questions to be asked. Is the Doctor actually real or just a story? How did this book get lost in the first place? Is the Doctor in danger? And who can save him? ​----- ​
  8. ““To you know zis man?” a pony with a German accent asks a bouncer at the door of the bar holding up her iPhone. He looks at the photo on her iPhone of a 20-something light skinned African American male and points to a man at the bar wearing a safari shirt, cargo pants and a duty belt. As she gets closer she sees he is with a group of sheep talking and having a beer with them. “Supervisory Special Egent Hafael?” she asks him. “I am off duty and have fun with my friends.” he says without turning around. “The chief esk me to come get yoa, zere is a problem.” She said over the perverted cat calls she is getting from some of the other patrons. He turns around and he sees a young pony dressed as a school girl. He puts his beer down and tell the bar tender to make sure his friends get home safe and leaves with the mare. At the station he goes into the waiting chief’s office and closes the door. “Angel of darkness, I see you met your new partner. We got word from the United States Secret Service that the President-elect’s 17 year old daughter has lost her detail and is in old town. You need to find her before the feeding and you two have 24 hours to find her before it begins”, the chief tells them. “You’re joking right? One, my new partner is just a weak little filly. Two, Can’t Hostage Rescue Team or the United States Secret Service take care of it? I mean it’s there problem for letting her get away from them. And three, don’t call me angel of darkness and you put me on suspension herbivore protection detail”, Rafael said to the chief crossing his arms. The chief looks at the filly and the air thickens with an invisible charged of supernatural energy and the filly transforms. The filly turns from a horse to a 6 foot tall twenty year old human woman with long black butt length hair, penetrating icy blue eyes, and an increase in her breast size. “I don’t see this being a problem unless you’re not as good as I think? Probationary Agent Afina is king sombra daughter and master at magic so she is a good partner for you.” He said watching Rafael surprised reaction to the changes. “All unicorns have a pony form in this world and a human form to hide their true power from enemies. This is what Afina really looks like with her true power out in this world. Man you should see the look on your face!” the chief said laughing and pointing at Rafael. “Anyways, I am going to stay here and run interference to keep this from turning into an international Incident.” he said and gets up to stand in front of both of them. “You two are the only federal agents I trust to do this. If you love the kingdom and humans, then find the girl before she is eaten or worst! Any more Info I find will be sent to your PDAs” He sits back down and they both leave to find the girl. As they walk to old town his new partner ask him to stop. “Zere is something’s yoa need to get me up to speed on. What happen to your first Zree partners? What is Emerican human like yoa doing here and what is old town?” Afina ask him. “You’re full of a lot questions! I guess your dad did not tell you about this place. Well 20 earth years ago equestrian was dying and they needed a new home to live in and they came to the Somali government with a deal. They would get the country under control, develop industry, rebuild the nation and turn it into a world power. In exchange they would get part ownership in the country and allow anyone they wanted to come from equestria and live here. Well they did all of that and using a lawyers and a very smart contract, they took over the government. Also because they ended the famine and got people back to work the Somali people sided with the ponies. When they reviled that the multiverse were real to world, people started calling Somalia “The kingdom of talking horse” and it stuck. 5 years ago they put ads on TV, internet, and everywhere that they needed cops to come work in an African nation with no job experience need. Starting pay was 80K for inexperience and 120K for experience. So I did some research and then got myself a used glock 23, a duty belt rig with a SERPA holster and all the ammo I could find and joined up. They did not tell us till after we got over the ocean and we had sign the contracts were we going and what we were doing. They told us in Mogadishu there is a place called old town were the worst monsters lived that could not live around humans or ponies. When we landed in Mogadishu everyone was scary but, when they said that anyone that got off and worked in Mogadishu would get 50k in US cash right now and would make 125K a year, some others and I got off. After we got our training from the White Water private military company, we were all made sworn federal law enforcement agents. Our jobs were law enforcement, protecting the human staff and ponies, maintaining public order, counter-terrorism/ Anti-piracy and etc... My first partner I fell in love with, the second was an earth pony and we did not get along, and the last one got killed. “, he said looking off into space. “Anything else, cause we have work to do.”, he asks pointing to his watch. “No, I see why you don’t have a partner”, she said and walks away. When they get to the entrance to Old town he stops to talk to the agent on duty. “Man, you get all the hot partners! What is she like a super model? Can I get date later with her man or are you hitting that?” the other agent asks looking her up and down. “I am heally 13 years old, so no... elso I don’t like weak little men.” Afina said with an evil smile. The other agent turns red in the face and is about to say something when the sounds of terrified whimpering, screams and shrieks make them all turn around. A Minotaur walks up to the check point pulling a long line of prisons convicts in chains. “What is zat ebout?” Afina said asking Rafael. “They’re the menu. Ever since the worlds found out unicorns were real and unicorns can just read your mind to see if you’re guilty or not, the death penalty has a new meaning. The menu is cons from all over the world that were on the death row. They are taken to the center of Old Town and given guns. If they make it out, they’re free to go. The feeding is a monster/changeling holiday was they can in old town let their real self’s out. We really have to find that girl fast, now that the Cons are here.” Rafael said pulling out his ruggedized PDA. “Agent white have you seen this girl?” Rafael asks showing him a photo on his PDA. The agent shakes his head no. “Afina, you go talk to the pony border guards and I will ask the Somali soldiers. White, I want you to lock down the exits to old town and call in all daisho teams and federal agents you can find. If they ask under who orders? Tell them daisho team leader Rafael and the chief put me in charge.” He said and runs over to the Somali soldiers. After talking to them he pulls his radio off his duty belt and runs over to Afina. “Afina, they told me they saw her by the docks with a group of changeling and a dragon. He said she looked to be leading them on and had a case of beer with her. I just called Hostage Rescue Team and the United States Secret Service and told them to follow my radio signal. What can you smell or scents?” Rafael asks her. “I smell fresh human blood and the heek of zerror to the north. Stay on my six” Afina said taking off. They stop outside a warehouse near the docks. “What the plan hafael, do yoa want to wait for HRT or go in?” Afina asks. “We can’t wait if you smell blood and terror! Here the plan, you go to the roof and wait by the sky light. I will get the girl and when I have a hold of her you will jump down through and attack them and I will protect the girl. No matter what happens, don’t jump unless I have the girl ok.” Rafael said as he checks his magazine and sits his radio on the ground. “One zing what does daisho mean?” Afina ask giving him a knowing smile. “Why young lady it means a matched pair of swords in Japanese.” Rafeal said giving that same knowing smile back. She runs up the wall to the roof and he slowly goes inside listening for movement. As he goes down the hallway clearing as he goes, he hears a girl calling out for help and runs to the sound. He rounds a corner and aims his gun at a dragon holding the girl down on the ground with changeling watching. “Federal agent let go of the girl dirt bag!” Rafael yells keeping his gun trained on the dragon. “Drop the gun pig or I will rip her pretty little head off! You can’t shoot me before I do it and you know it! The dragon said griping the hostage around the head like a basketball. He puts the glock 23 on the ground kicking to them and raises his hands. “Take the shirt off and that belt. I know you have more weapons on.” One of the changelings said with a gleeful smile. He takes off his duty belt and removes his shirt showing a neck knife pendant rig suspended from around his neck. He gives a sheepish smile and three of the changelings run across the room and start beating him down. The dragon comes over picking him up around the neck and tossing him with the other hostage. “This is a very good day! We get to kill a pig and get 2 meals out of it. You’re not so bad without you gun are? I going to do bad thing to both of you and make each other watch.” The dragon said in a mocking matter licking his teeth. “Before you do that, can we pray? I don’t want to die in sin” Rafael said pointing to the st.anthony medal, cross and crucifix necklaces hanging his neck. Laughing very hard the dragon tells him yes and he crawls over the girl and hugs her whispering to her “don’t worry, everything going to be all right.” His partner comes crashing down though the skylight a second later and black swan wings come out of Rafael back covering and protecting the girl from the falling glass. As his wings cover the girl an electrified and pyro kinetic Juggernaut aura of power comes off of him cause a storm cloud of pure raw energy to form over the warehouse. His partner landing like a cat near him stares. He looks around and both the changelings and dragon are staring at him with the same look of fear and wonderment as the fires around him die down. Rafael jumps up and roundhouse kicks a channeling near him taking it head off. “Don’t just stand there take them down! Try to arrests them if you can!” he yells at Afina ending the spell. His partner moves in a dizzying display of violence taking down any changing she can get and one aims Uzi submachine gun at Rafael and the hostage. It fires full auto into them but, Rafael freezes the bullets in mid-air and drops them to the ground with an impish smile and throws the shooter across the room with his mind. His partner drops the last of the changelings but the dragon get pass her and runs at Rafael with it massive craws out. It comes right at him with a supernatural speed but, he grabs the nine hundred pound beast by the neck and said “know your place animal! I am a Federal agent not a cop” and throws it through a wall as HRT runs in securing the scene. As they clear the room one of them said “Sir, we have a problem” and points behind him. Rafael turns around and sees that the girl has picked up his glock 23 and is aiming it at him. “Nobody move I got this” Rafael said using his powers to calm her. “Look at me; do I look like I will hurt you? I am wearing a st.anthony medal and cross do you think something evil could do that? Why don’t you come closer and feel and pull one of my feather form my wings.” He said in a comforting voice and suppressing his aura of power. The girl moves closer to him like a scared animal and looks him over keeping her gun pointed at him. She looks at his ripped physique, long dark Egyptian dreadlocks, sinfully gorgeous profile and his mainly black in color wings but, with a line of white flight feathers on the edges of the wings. With her free hand she feels the soft feathers and pulls one out and they all smell her scent change from terror to a perfumed fragrance scent of love. “You’re the most beautiful thing I have seen. Are you an angel or demon?” She asks in an almost hypnotized state. “No, child I am just man. Now please give me the gun and go with the United States Secret Service agents.” Rafael said with a kind and sympathy voice. She hands him the gun and the United States Secret Service agents take her away with a look of pure joy on her face. When he comes outside pulling his wings back in and putting his shirt back on, he see a large crowd of humans , ponies, changelings, and others are around the building outside of the police line. He looks up and sees that his power being released has cause auroras in the night sky and he looks to his left seeing Afina and the chief talking to king sombra and he starts walking to them to face what is coming. As he passes the crowd some makes the sign of the cross or go prostration as he walk by. Afina runs to up to him and stops in front of him staring him down with her penetrating icy blue eyes trying to seem intimidating. “My father scary and came down here because zat power surge was like something out of Book of Hevelation! What are yoa?”Afina said rising her power level to the max so he can feel it. “My first partner was Queen Chrysalis and one of the rules Celestia and luna laid out for letting her and her people come here was she could never to fall in love with a human. Well with everything that happen here at the time and all the danger we were in we did fall deeply in love. They were going to kill her for breaking their rules and I came to them and asked what I could do to save her life. They said if she turned me then there would not have been any rules broken but, I had to really love her in her true form and she had to really love Me.”, he stops talking when 4 desert lioness jump over a police blockade and run to him. The lioness rubs against his hands and growl for his attention. “She showed me her true from and she told me she was Queen Chrysalis and a changeling was. Seeing the most prefect and sexy Egyptian woman a human has seen change into a changeling took me back some because her body was like a goddess before and after a few minutes I told them I wanted to be turned and I will not look back or regret it. She turned back to human and she told me to kneel down and she placed her hands on my shoulders. She sent her powers into me and I was set on fire from it but, man did it feel so good. It was like being really alive for the first time and when it was over I was a changeling like her.” Rafael said with an intense look of pleasure on his face. “Anyways, she had to go back to equestria to get the rest of her people and help out the unicorns and I have to stay here and help control the changeling and show everyone that were not the monsters of the past that we were. These desert lioness were a gift from here home land. We are sorry for lying to you and everyone about this.” he said and kneels down before her and his lioness does the same. “I am not a threat to you or your father. I just want to keep my job as a daisho federal agent because I love this place, I have lots friends here and I love being a federal agent.” he said “we can zalk to my father and I am sure zere should be no problems. But zere zwo zings I want from you. One, I want zo stay your partner and zwo hoyalty don’t kneel to other hoyalty.” she said with a friendly smile and puts her hand out to help him up. “I think this is going to be a good partnership”, Rafael said as they both walk to her father with his lioness following.
  9. Chapter 1 Gallop Crush has a Plan My name is Gallop Crush and I live in Cloudsdale. I live with my mum and my older brother Bill. I would say that I also live with my dad but unfortunately he died in a flying accident. It was a very sad time for all of us. He flew into a dark rainbow created by a mean Pegasus named “Dark Dash”. This is my story of how I got my Cutie Mark. It was a cold mild winter morning. I laid on my bed thinking about school that will be starting in 4 months time. I never liked school. The other ponies would always make fun of me and call me names. Getting out of bed is hard for me. After some deep thinking, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to freshen myself up. Here's some information about me: I am a Pegasus and a good one I can tell you! My Cutie Mark is ... Well ... I don't have one yet and I doubt that I'll EVER get one. I tried and I tried; But it just never seemed to come. I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING !! All of a sudden I thought about The Cutie Mark Crusaders (or the CMCs for short) and how they all got their Cutie Marks at the same time. Then it clicked; “That is it !” “THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS !” I shouted with excitement. I then told myself in a calmer voice; Maybe they can help me get my own Cutie Mark”. I then did some more thinking. “But how can I get the CMCs to help me?” I don't know if they can as I don't live in Ponyville. I then began to panic. “Do the CMCs have a helpline?” or do they even have a Business card ?!” I was still in bed panicking like crazy! I thought, how in Equestria was I going to ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders for help?! This is what I said to myself after an idea popped into my head. “Well I can't stay in my bed all day, I need something to do! But what?” I need to hurry and get to Ponyville. I then got out of bed, headed to the door and went to my mum's bedroom. She was on the computer surfing the internet and she logged into her cloud server. Which I still find odd because I didn't know we had the internet in Equestria. Is it a new thing? Anyway back to my story. I knocked on her door to which she said “Come in” a few minutes later. "Oh hi Gallop it's you, do you need something?" My mum asks. My nerves then got the best of me when confronting her. My legs began to feel weak, I began to sweat and I then suddenly thought that I was going to faint! But eventually, I was brave enough to give my response. "Um yes. I would like to go to Ponyville". "Ponyville?" My mum said. "Why?" Oh if only you readers were around at the time. I could have used the support from you all. "Um ... Um I would like to meet The CMCs. You know, The Cutie Mark Crusaders." “Hmmm” … My mum thought. Then a few seconds later, she looked into my eyes. "Gallop you know that Ponyville is about 1 hour away from here don't you?" She asked me. "Yes". I replied."But I really want to go ! My life depends on it !” My mum thought it though; and then she said "Well we can go in 2 days and we'll have a holiday as well for 2 weeks ! We've got family in Ponyville, it would be very nice to see them again." I was so happy to here the news and said with glee."Oh thanks mum ! Thank you so much !” and I then gave her big hug. But what about Bill?" I asked after the hug. Mum looked happy as she said: "Ah don't worry, Bill's started Flight Camp remember?" "Oh yeah". I said little embarrassed. "Well as we are going to Ponyville, We need to start packing !” She said afterwards. She then looked at me and said: “You'll get your Cutie Mark, I know you will and I know The Cutie Mark Crusaders can help you". It was very comforting for me to hear her say that. In fact, it was so comforting it made me cry a little. "Thanks mum." I said trying to pull myself together.
  10. I wrote this story to go in the space themed UK- Ponycon2015 convention book. The Audio Book is narrated by the King of Creepy Pasta himself, the great and powerful Wutten It had been a few days since her launch into the history books. It had gone well, with the huge catapult throwing her high into the air as the rocket motors lit. An immense roar from beneath her seat slammed all skyward with a force so strong her ears flattened against her head. The initial shock and noise had soon abated once the clouds had finished speeding past the port holes. From there on in it had become more like a silent dream, laced with an eerie dull black. She was literally 'along for the ride' at this stage of the mission, sat atop a huge firework of metal and hope. After that excitement her life was filled with daily routine of space flight. She checked air levels, fiddled with taps and took notes. As she floated around the cabin from task to task she took the time to peer through the port holes in wonder. Behind her Equestria shrank smaller and smaller while in front the moon began to grow. It was soon very large indeed. The next part was hers and hers alone. The small silver unicorn couldn't help but ponder how her attempts at landing would turn out? There was no second chance here and the moon looked awfully big in the pilot's window. The hands on the clock showed it was time to take another sighting of her distance from the surface. She held the device firmly while bracing herself against the walls of the small cabin, so as not to float off halfway through. From the numbers, she could see that it was time to start slowing down for landing. Pulling the check list from her pocket she glanced at its contents while adjusting various knobs and valves, readying the machine for orbit. Another distance measurement showed it was time to suit up, strap in and fire the retro boosters. The pressing of the boost button was followed by a huge jolt as the great rocket began to shake and slow to a suitable velocity. She held on tight, feeling the straps yanking her back into her seat. The moons gravitational force began to take hold, pulling them down to its barren surface. This was her time to shine! A dream come true. A dream from long before the rocket shaped cutie mark had appeared on her flank. The cardboard tubes and singed mane of her youth had all led to this point. As her first model rocket had streaked into the sky she knew where she needed to be. Reaching out a gloved hoof she cut the boosters, bringing silence to the craft. The next bit was going to be really hard. She activated the control thrusters and gingerly began to steer her way down to the dull grey land below. From a side window she could see the shadow of the craft, the dark outline making an ideal reference point to stop her crashing into the surface. But it was moving very quickly indeed. Instantly she was in flight mode, her mind racing as the moon came rapidly up towards her. "Not like this," she hissed through clenched teeth, steering this way and that. Blasting the retro-boost periodically, she was a blur of hooves as she fought to prevent herself slamming into the ground below. "Oh no, oh no, one last burn......." and touchdown. Within seconds it was all over, the metallic beast stood firmly and four legged on the moon. Inside, sitting bolt upright, with sweat pouring from her brow, was the most relieved pony ever! Regaining her composure she raised the radio arial to report to base. "Phoenix to base, we have touch down. Am making preparations to walk on the surface, over," she called out across the ether. It was now time to unbuckle herself, go through the shutdown procedure and open that door! A crackled voice sang form the speaker, "Well done, we are so excited, go get em' tiger, over!" A few minutes later the diminutive form climbed carefully down the steps with a glass helmet and a life support pack tied to her back. The moon felt weird, and none of the descriptions of low gravity prepared her for how light she felt. She half expected to feel like she did when she was a small filly, riding high into the sky on the back of a pegasus. She actually felt like she was supported by elastic! Bouncing along the surface she could travel huge distances in a single leap, landing gracefully on all four hooves with a giggle. Or at least, she could after a few attempts, her first steps causing her to trip and fall. After jumping around a bit more she collected small rocks and dust in a little bag before sitting down for a rest. There was a very good reason for having a unicorn as mission commander. Eating in the vacuum of space would be very difficult indeed, unless of course, you could levitate a carrot or two from an inner pocket. And no pony wanted to wander round a strange land without some sort of snack! It was at this point the magnitude of the sight above hit her. The distant blue and green circle in the black sky looked alien and not at all like the place where she lived. It was difficult to imagine her friends so far away living their every day lives? "Phoenix to base, are you still there, over." "Base to Phoenix, are you okay? Over," came a crackled and concerned reply. "I'm fine, it's just that you all seem a very long way away right now. I suddenly felt very small, but I'm okay now, over." She shook off the unexpected feeling of loneliness and returned to the task at hoof. "Oh well, time for a bit more exploring," she said to herself, before bouncing off to look in different craters. They all appeared the same apart from their size. But none had space flowers in them or anything exciting. Just more grey dust as far as the eye could see. There was the odd rock that was interesting, so into the bag they went with the others. Too soon it was time to go. Oh how she longed to stay on the moon. A day or even a few more hours maybe? But she couldn't. Stepping back into the space craft she closed the door behind her, checking its seal carefully to make sure it would be air tight. It would be a miserable trip back home if she had to spend it stuck in a space suit, her food and water tantalisingly close but beyond reach in the supplies locker. "Phoenix to base, am preparing to leave the moons surface. Initial rocket fire in ten minutes." Turning on the cabin lights she caught her reflection in the window, sad blue eyes looking back at her. No! She wouldn't let herself get like this. She was on the moon for goodness sake. This was the best day of her life. Strapping herself back into her seat she again reached for the main rocket switch. Slowly at first and then with greater speed, the moon shrank away into the distance. No denying it now, she was a space pony! The End Idris
  11. Would love to go there in the winter and hike along the snowy ridge. Scotland is beautiful, isn't it? Its beauty's too often overlooked. But if you just take a closer look you can't help but be awed by its fairy tale esque landscape
  12. The Dolomites in Italy. Each photo of the mountain range just takes my breath away. Can't imagine what emotions and what awe I would experience being there in the flesh
  13. (Please don't judge the early chapters too harshly, they are YEARS old, don't believe me? Check out the date it was first uploaded. But I can assure you that as you read on the quality of the chapters will improve. Please leave a review as to how you think of the story so far. As for the story itself, it is still in progress so stay tuned for more chapters fellow Equestrians ^^)
  14. --- "Psst... hey! Symphony, wake up!" Said Kandy. "Go back to sleep, Kandy. Whatever it is, it can wait..." "NO! It can't wait! Sunset is not in her bed!" Symphony woke up quickly, asking: "what do you mean by 'not in bed'?" "Mom and dad wouldn't believe me, but as I pass by her room at night, I usually hear her snoring. Today everything was quiet, and as I checked... NOTHING!" That night, my search after my little sister has begin. -Years later- "Good morning, Symphony. You woke up to a nice day of summer." Kandy said. Symphony smiled at her as she went into the kitchen. "Your mane looks amazing today, have you done something to it?" Kandy asked. "Why are you so kind? You're usually pretty grumpy when it's morning." Symphony replied. "Well, I was wondering if you know what your best friend thinks about me." "Kandy, enough, I'm not telling you if Note has a crush on you." Symphony replied. "Well, I guess you can make breakfast on your own. By the way, the eggs are gone." Kandy simply replied. Symphony rolled her eyes and said: "I'll just go get some eggs, then." She took her stuff and left the house, and Kandy was disappointed; she was hoping that Symphony will tell her. "That Kandy... I wish she never met Note, she keeps asking about him." Symphony said to herself. She was so annoyed at Kandy that she bumped into another pony. "I'm really sorry, miss, we just heard that the sirens were defeated long ago by our hero, princess Twilight." He said. Symphony asked: "who are the sirens?" "I've got no time to lose, I must run. The heroes we should thank them are Twilight Sparkle and... that Sunset!" He said as he ran. 'Sunset? Could it be my little sister?' 'Wa-wait! Sunset what?!" Symphony yelled, but she got no response. She ran across the town, looking for someone who knows more about the event. No one really knew who is that Sunset, and some were surprised to hear that the sirens still exist. She ran for 15 minutes without getting any answers, until she bumped into somepony again- but this time, it looks like luck was on her side. "Princess Twilight... I'm so sorry." She said. "You don't look good, why won't you rest for a minute?" "I'm sorry, Twilight, but I can't. You are the one who has answers, you are the one who might know where my sister is. Her name is Sunset Shimmer, and if you really care, I really need to know where she is. I want to see her." "I do know where she is." Twilight replied. A spark of happiness was lit in Symphony's eyes, but then Twilight said: "but I can't let you access her, it's a secret that is better to be hidden." "But Twilight, I'm getting married in two weeks. I really want my youngest sister to be there, especially after all of these years." "I'm really sorry. It's better for me to leave, so I won't cause any sadness. Altough Twilight said no, Symphony had a plan. "I thank you for your time. Please, I want you to have something." Symphony said. She took out an invitation from her bag, and topped it with a little bit of tracking dust when Twilight couldn't notice. "If you ever see her, I want you to give her this." Symphony gave Twilight an invitation for her wedding, and Twilight left. Symphony ran back home. The door was opened, and Symphony stormed inside. "Have you brought any eggs?" "Forget the eggs, Kandy! I'm going to return Sunset back home." Symphony said proudly.
  15. The Doctor takes Derpy on another adventure through time and space. They go back to the past, before the Discordian Era. At first they spend a lovely time sight seeing the untouched nature but soon discover there is more to this place and time. Trouble is always guaranteed when traveling with the doctor. Only this time it seems that there is trouble in every corner. Derpy is at the edge of her life while the doctor has no clue what's going on. Will they be able to get out of this one? Prologue (Status story: Incomplete, working on the first chapter)
  16. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony Chapter 1 Getting out pt 1 Once upon a time there was a big city, there was a lot of ponies and they all had a cup of coffee every 12:00 pm in that hour. So nothing changes and they keep doing it every day until 2315 years later. Discord became bored, went to evil and made chaos again. Then Twilight Sparkle stop him and use the elements of harmony. One week later in 2315 on August 4th in the land of nowhere. There is a factory with lots of darkness and black with lots of shadows. There is a house to the north of the factory about 30 miles. The house is made 30 years ago. The house stairs are all rusted and gloomy. The house is also old and the wall keeps making noises. The pool was 12 x 12 and 7 feet deep with water in it. The pool had green water in it and a lot of flowers of the poison joke known as the curse flower. Deep down in the basement some-pony down there to live to tell the tale. In a weird most scary looking container that is 4 ft wide and 7 ft tall (science test subjects container) it also has water in it with a pony with an oxygen mask in the container. Then the pony began to breathe, it began to move, it began to scream in fear. Then the container broke and things get interesting. Five changelings came in the house at the 1st floor and they are about to attack the place. I pick up a weapon, it had a laser that I can shoot with. It also had a clock. It also had a temperature thermometer on it. It was leather and had some components of carbon steel. I equipped it on my right hoof. Then an A.I spoke said. "Ok here are the controls. Square button is to reload. Circle is to melee. Triangle is to change weapons. X button is to jump. The right trigger is to shoot. The left trigger is your grenades." Snow Crystal goes into battle with 200 HP and 200 MP. The changelings made lots of noise and rattle above the floor. The changelings came down the stairs and attack. In slow mode I rolled on the ground and attack the first changeling. Then I sweep kick the 2nd and shot it. Then I kick the 3rd in the face and shot it. Then the 4th changeling ran away like a chicken while doing the chicken dance back to Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra. Who, who am I…? screams. "Is this a dream but i am not sure if this is true is it? Who, who is this person." Said the pony. Some mysterious soul said. "Hello your name is Snow Crystal. You must find him before it is too late and hurry." in a scary voice. "So my name is Snow Crystal. So who was that guy or girl? Was it all a dream? I'm not sure but it feels like I know him or her." Snow Crystal goes to the upper floor 56 BF. Snow Crystal saw something that is so small and too hard to see and hard to aim. "Ok this is it I am taking you down with the laser." As Snow Crystal looks around for more. I change to a three burst shot and took down 60 small monsters. Then I went closer to see what the monster looks like. "Parasprites." As Snow Crystal screamed. Goes up to floor 55 BF. "More of them jeez." As Snow Crystal gets bored. Snow Crystal looks at a shiny small thing. "What is this something that looks like a golden color. I see that some of them are dropping stuff I can't remember what it is called." A.I spoke. "Gold and shiny but they are now called bits you use them to buy stuff. Bits can buy you clothes, armor, dresses, households, and train tickets. It is most likely you need them in the future where you are going." "Will they drop weapons?" As Snow Crystal gets hyped. A.I as a boring tone. "Yes most monster drop items maybe you should try go back to floor 57 BF." Snow Crystal went back to 56 BF. Full of dead parasprites that is in the room. Snow Crystal went to 57 BF. Wait is that changeling but how is that possible. As the A.I Identify. "It is using Magic it." "Magic oh no." As Snow Crystal is thinking out a plan. The changeling change into your self as a pony. "What is that?" A.I spoke as if he know. "A changeling has ability to use any sorts of magic. But beware some magic users are very dangerous." Snow Crystal get all scares. "How dangerous can they be exactly." The changeling use punched and sends Snow Crystal back into a wall. "Oh so that's how it is." As Snow Crystal goes into action. Snow Crystal has 150/200 HP left. Snow Crystal use bite. Critical hit. Changeling has left 450/700 HP left. The changeling uses punch. Snow Crystal has left 100/200 HP left. Snow Crystal use bite. Changeling 350/700 HP left. Changeling use kicked. Snow Crystal 40/200 HP. Snow Crystal as she keeps getting injured "This is too hard we have to run." The A.I spoke in a annoying way. "Hold on you got something in your pouch 5 potions I think." Snow Crystal looks at the A.I shackle. "Wait what. You would've told me before and there is 1 potion left in the backpack." The A.I Laughs. "Oops sorry I guess someone forgot to send more potions for this dungeon." Snow Crystal slap herself with the left hoof into her face 20/200 HP left. Then she drinks the potion 170/200 HP left. Snow Crystal use sweep kick at the changeling. The changeling has 150/700 HP left. Changeling is now paralyzed. Changeling can't move. Snow Crystal use the laser. Changeling 0/700 HP left and fainted. Snow Crystal pick up an item that might be useful in future. She picked up a net catcher weapon and now she is equipping it to the left hoof because the laser is on it's right hoof. Snow Crystal went up stairs to 56 BF there was dead parasprites in the room. Went up to 55 BF there was dead parasprites in the room. Went up to 54 BF there were a lot of books in that one small bookshelf. Snow Crystal read 10 books before she went to 53 BF. The First Book was about the created of Ponyville. Second book was about how they built Camelot back in the day. Third Book tells you how Luna gets banish to the moon. Fourth book tells you how Discord went evil. Fifth book tells you how the changelings went evil. Sixth book gives you a description on the elements of harmony. Seventh book tells you the elemental tree of harmony. Eighth book tells how the elements was use for and created. Ninth book tells you the story of Crystal ponies. Tenth book tells you about the mystery of magics. Snow Crystal takes all 10 books in inventory. Snow Crystal found a door. The door's locked. She was thinking of finding the key. Snow Crystal went to 53 BF and it was dark. "It's too dark to see." Said Snow Crystal. She goes straight blindly and trips over something then hit her head on an object 100/200 HP left. She put her hoof on the object and tries to find it with feel. She notice it was an object on top of another object that she bumped into. She clicks on the button. The lamp turned on. Snow Crystal thinks. "Hmm so this is a desk and I should look in the drawers." First drawer has a combine and it has a number on it. The number is 8 also she found a key. She looks in the second drawer and found a flashlight. She tries to turn on the flashlight but it didn't work she also check for the battery but there was none. Snow Crystal went back down a floor to 54 BF and she went to the left to open the door but the door's locked. Then she open her inventory and grabs the key and it fit's. The door is unlock. The room has a radius of 25 ft and 7.5 ft high. In the room there was more bookshelves in a circumference format and the bookshelf was 7 ft high. In the middle there was a cabinet. As Snow Crystal walks to the cabinet there were four drawers. She checked the top left and opened it. Empty. She checked the top right. She found a number 5. She checked the bottom right. She found a battery. She checked bottom left. Snow Crystal gets A letter. Snow Crystal reads the letter. The combination is how many numbers did you received. Snow Crystal forgot what the numbers were. "Ok A.I we have numbers we have 8 and 5 and 2. Hmm that's not a lot of numbers. What do you think they meant for?" A.I spoke as if he knew it all. "Its meant for a combine of a lock or a security clearance." Snow Crystal is confused. "Ok tell me what does security clearance mean." A.I spoke in general. "To unlock something." Snow Crystal spoke as if she was trying to survive. "Hope it leads to food and water. A.I do you know what floor we are?" A.I spoke to next level of the floor. "54 BF." Snow Crystal get depressed. "Really that's a long way up are you sure there isn't an elevator somewhere?" Snow Crystal sleeps 1 hour and dreams. "A.I can you hear me?" As Snow Crystal open her eyes. Waited 1 minute, no answered. "Why is it getting so hot out here it's like a desert. With lots of hot sand and vultures that are flying above me." As she was thinking the A.I was broken Snow Crystal. "Have I died or something? Is this what happens when you don't believe in god? Is this the afterlife?" As Snow Crystal get's hot out in the sun. Snow Crystal goes under the tree for shade. She is thinking in mind. "Well maybe I shouldn't kill parasprites and changelings they are living beings after all. I don't know why but I feel like a story writer is typing on what do or like a legend, that has to-be my destiny to fight them. Who knows? The alarm goes off. She wake up. She gains 10 HP. "A.I what time is it." As if Snow Crystal really want to know what time it is. "It's about 7:00 AM. You had a bad dream so I woke you up." Spoke as a true A.I normally would say. "Can you remind where are we?" Snow Crystal as snow gets confused. A.I spoke as if he knows where we going. "We are in the unlocked door in 54 BF." "Ok time to move out." As Snow Crystal lead the way. Snow Crystal goes back to the unlock door and went to the other room then she walk up stairs to 53 BF. Then she walks up stairs to 52 BF. Just outside the door of 52 BF there is a security access. Snow Crystal ask the A.I for the code. A.I remembers the numbers. "8,5,2." Snow crystal type in the exact numbers. "The code didn't work." As Snow Crystal panic. Snow Crystal finally calms down as she knew something. "Ok so it's a 3 number password." Snow Crystal typed in 2,5,8. Access denied. Snow Crystal typed in 5,8,2. Access denied. Snow Crystal typed in 2,8,5. Access granted. Snow Crystal gets happy from depression. "Finally." A.I said. "Ok where in but there something I must make you do." Snow Crystal said. "Make it quick I'm a hungry pony." A.I spoke as he plans out. "Ok step on this square you need a light test." Snow Crystal get's bored. "Do I have to do that. That's so stupid as 3.14. To look at the flashing lights that are on. You gotta be kidding me right?" A.I laughs. "Just do it." "Fine I'll do it." As Snow Crystal leads back to depression. Snow Crystal walks to the right to the square and she saw no lights on. A.I comes out of the shackle. "Give me a moment to fix some of the test." The middle door opens and you can smell hay and hear water drops. "I'm getting tortured by an A.I when the food and water is in the next room." As Snow Crystal thinking in his mind. A.I spoke as he want the pony to go through with it. "Look at the top light." Snow Crystal looks at the top light. A.I spoke as thinks the pony would do it. "Look at the bottom light." Snow Crystal looks at the bottom light. Snow Crystal complains. "Are we done yet?" A.I laughs. "No. But do you prefer inverted." Snow Crystal looks at the A.I. "Really... I prefer the default. Are we done?" A.I laughs. "No. Now look at the left." Snow Crystal gets tired but looks to the left anyway. A.I as the it can't stop giggling. "Now look to the right." Snow Crystal look at the right. A.I spoke as if he was being a jerk about it. "Do you want the horizontal be inverted." Snow Crystal gets tired. "NO. Are we almost done yet." A.I spoke as if, it wanted to make her head speed the peace. "Nope. Now follow the lights start from top to bottom and left to right." Snow Crystal looked at the top once more than the bottom then left to right." A.I laughs. "Wait you forgot to say amen. Try again." Snow Crystal put her left hoof and smacked her face. 30/200 HP. Snow Crystal look at the top than bottom then left then right. "Amen." A.I knows that the door is finally unlocked. "The door where you smell food and water is now permanently open." Snow Crystal runs over to the food and eat hay and drink water. As Snow Crystal sings a rock style music. Oh how I love this food this yummy and tasty food. It is so good and the time I thought I was going to starve too. Oh how I love this food yummy and tasty food makes me feel so good. The flavor is so dry and sweet but it is never too sour or spicy just the way I like it. I wish that I can buy it. I can't wait to even try it. Oh how I love this food it gives you a lot of energy I don't even have to worry. Oh I wish I could get some apples that goes with my pineapples. Oh I wish I have some baits to get some really good-looking crates that are berries where can I get some crystal berries it shouldn't affect me so please don't worry. Oh how I love this food yummy and taste food. Where I can see it and smell it and even taste it. Oh how I love food yummy and tasty food. I just hope I don't get the food sickness flu. I hope I don't get the food sickness too. Snow Crystal stretches her legs then she looked around the place for any useful bottles to carry for water. Snow Crystal went back to the test room. She went to the door on the left of her. She in the room about 23 x 23 what's in the room just a chest and a wardrobe. Snow Crystal opens the wardrobe first she found cloths and she puts them on. Snow Crystal Goes to the chest and tries to open it. Needs a key to open chest. Snow Crystal walks out of the room and head straight and open the door. Snow Crystal goes into the 3rd room and there were 3 bottles on the ground. Snow Crystal picked them up. There was a desk on the far left corner she open the first drawer and found a battery. Then she open the second drawer she found the key. She goes out of the room and went to her left she goes in that room to wash the bottles and pour water on each 3 of the empty water bottles. Then she grab some hay to go with her. She left the room and went to her left to another room. She look in her inventory and use the key on the chest. She found a coin purse that had 500 bits in there. Now she has 5005 bits. Although she founds a lever in there. She pulled it. On the right side of the floor went up to a staircase. Snow Crystal went to inventory and took two batteries and put them in the flash light. She turn it on to see if it works. The flashlight works and Snow Crystal smiled. Snow Crystal went up the stairs to 51 BF. She goes in the room but there was an open chest in the middle of the room. Snow Crystal look to see what's in side. Snow Crystal found some rope... Snow Crystal looks up and saw there was a big hole... Snow Crystal went up stairs to 50 BF. Snow Crystal looks down and see the big hole. She also see a plank across the room. She use the rope to grab the plank to make a cross the room. Puts the rope back in inventory. Snow Crystal looks at the rope as she put it in the inventory. "This might come in handy." Snow Crystal balance on the plank and made it across without losing focus. Snow Crystal walks up stairs to 49 BF. She sees a hallway and 1 door on both sides. Snow Crystal goes to the left door and opens nothing here but dust. Snow Crystal saw something shine she goes to it. She found a Key. Snow Crystal goes back to the hallway and opens the other door she notice that the door's locked. Snow Crystal use that key to open the door. The door is unlock. She then went in that room and found more stairs. Snow Crystal went up a floor to 48 BF. She went in the room but this time she see 5 floors at once. A.I plans out a route. "How good are you at running?" Snow Crystal is scared. "Not that great." A.I tells whats going to happen. "That these platforms and staircase is unstable once you get on that staircase it will collapse all the way to the 5th floor. Once you're there you have to open the door and get inside as fast as you can." Snow Crystal staircase. "This is too crazy who ever made this place has been insane design staircase." Snow Crystal rest before she went to the first staircase. Snow Crystal gets scared. "Here goes nothing." Snow Crystal looks at the route to get to 43 BF. Snow Crystal runs to the first staircase then she went right then straight then slide and went to the right again she ran to the 2nd stair case. Then once at the top she slides to turn around and then she went straight then turn left and jumped on the platform and it broke by force the platform went forward and then she jump on another platform then she turn left and went to the 3rd staircase but she had to turn around and jump to the other diagonal platform as running she turns right to the 4th platform then she got to the top of the 4th staircase the bridge broke. She still ran then she went to the right and then she run on the wall to the other platform and lands to that platform to get to the 5th staircase. Once she went straight to the 5th staircase she hears a lot of noise breaking. Once she reaches at the top of the 5th staircase she slides and turns around then she runs straight to the door as the floor collapsing behind her she runs to the door and open it quickly and made it inside. "A.I remember not to come here again." As Snow Crystal is out of breath. Snow Crystal takes a breather and then she falls asleep and then dreams. Snow Crystal walks straight into the dark and spooky shadows of the Everfree Forest. "Where am I? Is this where I'm post to be? Snow Crystal saw Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra together. They were happy once and it looks like they have a daughter but it's all a blur. Snow Crystal wakes up. "A.I how long was I sleeping." As Snow Crystal open her eyes and things were blurry. A.I tells how many hours. "About 6 hours or most." Snow Crystal had a question. "What time is it?" A.I tells the time. "6:00 PM." "We better get moving A.I the nightmares are getting weird by the second." As Snow Crystal feared. A.I gets ready. "Ok ready when you're." Snow Crystal hears noise on next floor. Snow Crystal drinks half of a water bottle and she ate some hay. Snow Crystal goes to the next floor 42 BF. Snow Crystal open the door. She sees a dark hall way with 2 doors on the left and 2 doors on the right. Snow Crystal opens the door. As she sees a dark hall way with 2 doors on the left and 2 doors on the right. She tries to open the first left door and it is locked. She tries to open the door behind her and it opens you see a rat stuck on a mouse trap. She went right and help the rat out on the counter top. The mouse went straight and then left and then the mouse slides on the broom stick to the left of the room into a hole. Snow Crystal was searching the cabinets for food and supplies. Snow Crystal receives 10 cheese sticks. The mouse returned and gave Snow Crystal a key. The mouse looks happy and wants to join Snow Crystal on her quest out of the dungeon. Snow Crystal receives a pet. Snow Crystal goes out of the room. She goes to the other side of the hallway to try to open the left door but it's locked. Snow Crystal goes into inventory and use the key. The key doesn't work. She turns right as she walks forward to go to the 2nd left door. The door opens. She sees a hole that a mouse can get to on the left side of the room. She use a cheese stick for the mouse to grab something from the hole. The mouse goes into the hole and searches. While Snow Crystal looks at a bed and investigate it. She thinks that the bed is so old. She goes on the bed but the bed breaks and there is no mattress. The mouse has returned and gave Snow Crystal a key. Snow goes out of the room and across the hall to the other door. It opens you see a picnic basket. Snow Crystal opens the picnic basket and receives a key. She goes out of the room and turns left then walks forward then takes a right to the other door that was locked. She uses the 2nd key it didn't work. She uses the 3rd key from the basket it works. The door opens. In the room she sees a picture on the left side of the room. It's Princess Celestia picture. She took it down and saw a lever. Snow Crystal pulls the lever. The back wall moved and has a code combination. 34,67,32,43,65,38. Then she goes out of their room and went left then straight till she comes upon a door with 6 key slots and combination of 30-70. She use the first key in the first key slot it fits. She turn the key till it matches 34. She use the first key on the second key hole didn't work. She use the first key in the third hole it doesn't work. She use the first key to the fourth key hole it doesn't work. She use the first key in the fifth hole it works she matches it up to 65. She use the second key to the second key hole it didn't work. She use the second key to the third key hole and it worked. She matches the combination to 32. She use the second key to the fourth key hole didn't work. She now realized that the last key hole for the second key fits and she matches it with 38. Then she knew that the second key hole and the fourth key hole was with the third key. She puts the third key in the second key hole to matched with 67 and the fourth key hole match to 43. The door is now unlocked. Snow Crystal went to 41 BF. She opens the door and she sees a lot of floors. Snow Crystal shivers like she wont be able to make it. "That is a long way up." A.I calculated. "It seems that it's about 16 floors high." As Snow Crystal sings in a rock music. Oh I wish I could fly it seems like it's easy as pie oh I hope I don't have to die. All this time I fell asleep in a container I didn't have any retainers. When I see myself in a mirror I feel like a boring new creator. Oh, Oh why. Oh I wish I could fly it seems like it's easy as pie oh I hope I don't have to die. I wish I had wings it would be simple with those things. It could it could. I wish I could fly and it's better than to die. Oh I have to hope maybe it's time to get some rope then you lost it and you go oh nope. Oh I wish I could fly it seems like it's easy as pie I hope I don't have to die. When you are further apart. It feels like you're in a deep depth chart and that is the worst part. When you Go out side it is time to get a new ride when you go down that slide. Oh I wish I could fly it seems like it's easy as pie oh I hope I don't have to die. It is time to worry that I know it is time to be so crazy. It is time to say this song isn't a crime it only because this is the longest rhyme. Oh I wish i could fly it seems like it's easy as pie oh I hope I don't have to die. When you get to have those wings I really want to have those things. Oh I wish I could fly it seems like it's easy as pie oh I hope I don't have to die. Oh I wish I could fly. Snow Crystal sees a metal claw on the ground. She picked it up. A.I tells an important description. "You can re-change your left weapon to a grapple hook." Snow Crystal went to the left side of the room and use the sturdy bench table. It took a few hours to change it. Snow Crystal is asking a question. "What time is it now?" A.I tells the time. "It's about 12:00 AM." Snow Crystal gets intense. "Lets make it to 25 BF." The ground shakes. Snow Crystal use the grapple to 35 BF cut the string found another grapple hook. Then she use the grapple to aim at 29 BF cut the string and then found another grapple hook. Then she uses the grapple at 26 BF platform cut the string and found another grapple hook. Then she opens the door and went upstairs to 25 BF. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony Chapter 2 Getting Out pt 2 As Snow Crystal opens the door she sees a hallway with 6 changelings. The changelings looked at Snow Crystal down the hallway. Then they charged at her. Snow Crystal stood there for four seconds and then the first that was closest to her she shot the changeling with the laser in 14 feet of range. Then the second came in 12 feet range and the laser hits the second changeling. Then two came down running together. Snow Crystal got close to them and jump on their two heads and roll half way to get two clean shots of the back of the two changelings. The other two changelings got scared so they stopped and ran the other direction. Snow Crystal checks all the bodies. She found a key from the body that was farthest from the door. Snow Crystal continues the hallway she sees 1 door on the right. She opens the door and sees a bed room. She search the end table and she found a note. It said. "This key will open the locker #137." She goes out of the room. Turns right and continue the hallway. Then Snow Crystal sees the stairs and went up the floor to 24 BF. She went down another hall way with no doors but she sees pictures of ponies, pegasus, unicorns, griffins, and alicorns. As Snow Crystal walks down further she see more stairs. Snow Crystal walks up stairs 23 BF. After she gets up stairs she then sees pictures of weird monsters. As she continue the hallway she sees a door at the end of the hall way. Snow Crystal opens the door to the next room. Then she sees 4 glass mirrors. On the left she sees a lizard with a head of a goat and body of a snake. On the far right she sees a female that is black with hole in her legs. But in the middle she sees a Dark unicorn. When she walks in front of the picture it shows that this person got defeated by the crystal heart. On the right it shows a bull picture that got defeated by an unknown of spirit energy elements. The door shut behind her. She ran over there and try to unlock it but no use not even the keys she had would open the door. Then she sees an end table coming from the ground in the center of the room it has a green button. She went to the end table in the middle and then when she was close to the end table she then close her eyes and press the green button. Then she back up in a quick ready place as she ready for a trap to happen. Then the Ground shakes as 4 Greek pedestal came up from the ground by the 4 mirrors. Each pedestal had a book. Snow Crystal grab the far left as it once said. "Once upon a time when discord is-created he had a mother and a father. But the rest of the pages were missing." She grabbed the next book to the right it said. "Once upon a time when King Sombra was a little filly. But although there were some missing pages." She grab the next book to the right it said. "Triek the leader of the darkness commander. But the rest of the pages were missing." She grab the last book on the right. The four pedestal went back down and the ground shakes massively in the room. On the other side of the room the wall has pop out a stair case. She runs to the stair case with the 4 books in her inventory as the ground shakes hard. As she slowly walks to the 8th step of the staircase behind her the stair steps disappears as more stairs pop out in front of her. She knows that she has to run as the front steps are getting there faster and behind her the steps disappears faster. When she made it to 13 floor she then sees a door that was 65 steps away it said 10 BF. Her mind said. "Please don't be locked." As she was running she was thinking of bashing the door in one go. She bash the door as the stairs behind her disappeared. Snow Crystal drinks half of the water bottle and eat some hay. Snow Crystal was so tired from running up stairs. She also gave some cheese for her pet. Snow Crystal looks at the A.I. "What time is it? A.I tells the time. " About 1:00 PM." Snow Crystal sleeps and then she had a dream. She was in a place with a sunset next to an unknown pony that she didn't know. She saw 3 filly's and 2 colts. When she looked at the stallion that was sitting next to her. He was smiling and happy. Then she look beside him as saw food as if she had a picnic together. While the fillies and colts play together and laughed together. The sunset was so beautiful the colors were yellow, orange, red, pink,purple and then dark blue. After we had the pick nick the stallion next to me wanted to show me something at night later that day it was dark outside and the 3 filly's and 2 colts were a sleep. The stallion showed me the stars at night. The stallion laugh and smile then Snow Crystal slanted as if she's tired. The stallion said something but it was too hard to hear as the voice was blurry. A.I screams. Snow Crystal wakes up immediately. "Changelings are coming." As A.I heard foot steps. "Alright let's go." As Snow Crystal gets ready for action. You hear a sound. She grab a stick and prepare for what's at the corner. She found a piece of a broken mirror glass she picked it up then she use it around the corner to see if there are changelings. She sees a colt and the colt is crying. She walks up to it. "What ya doing here alone." The Colt cries. "I had a fight and went here but now I am lost and I want to go home." Snow Crystal walks to her slowly and gives her a hug. "Stay strong colt. Life is hard at some points. Let's get you back home ok." Colt cried. "Ok." The colt stomach growled. Snow Crystal give the last hay and gave the colt water. Snow Crystal goes up stairs 9 BF. They both pull the levers at the same time to open the door to go into the room. They enter the room they both see that there is not stairs but a lot of boxes that looks like a staircase the colt goes first and climbs the boxes to get to the upper door as Snow Crystal goes behind the colt to make sure that the pony doesn't fall. They go up to 8 BF Then they both see a skinny bridge about 2.5 x 90. Snow Crystal let the colt go first and she went behind the pony for when if the colt falls. They both across the bridge with a little hesitation. They both go up stairs 7 BF. Snow Crystal opens the door. See an empty room. They both enter the room. The colt looks down. "I remember this place. But the stairs went down as well as flat as the floor. There is a key hole in the center that said #137." Snow Crystal looks in that inventory. "I happened to have that key." Snow Crystal use the key. The floor made 2 staircases and a platform that leads to the 1 BF Snow Crystal now sees that there is a hidden door wall in the middle of the 2 staircases. Snow Crystal looks at a key hold. "Colt I'll meet you upstairs there something I must do down here first." The colt looks at Snow. "Can I come with you?" Snow Crystal looks at the colt. "It's something I have to do alone. After I'm done I'll be right behind you don't worry." The Colt goes up the stairs. "Ok just don't take too long." Snow Crystal looks at him. "You have my word." The colt starts going up stairs. As Snow Crystal saw a hidden door she sees another keyhole. She looks at the colt and she is long gone out of reach. Snow Crystal use the #137 Key it fits as well and she turned it. She opens the door she sees a chest saying Snow Crystal on it. She use the #137 key on it the chest opens. She took 137,000 bits. Now she has 142,005 bits. She goes out of the room and the room shakes. Snow enter the room and once she got to the middle the floor went up as like an elevator. The floor went up a bit then stopped and Snow Crystal sees a green button and a red button. Snow Crystal speaks in her mind. "I guess I have to override the manual." Snow Crystal hits the green button. The platform moves up. When she sees the colt. "Hey colt over here. This is better than doing the stairs." Snow Crystal hits the red button. The colt jumps on to the platform. Then Snow Crystal hits the green button as the platform reaches further up. Then the platform stops and then the short bridge to the other side to both platforms evenly. They arrived at first floor. Then the filly opens the door it leads to a cavern. As they see two ways to go. They head left but as they go further it was a dead-end. They turn around and went back and then they did a u-turn to the left. Then they go in open space and took a break. "Well colt can you sing?" As Snow Crystal looked at the colt. "Well I never sing before." The colt looks down in shame. "Give it a shot." As Snow Crystal looks like he can do it. Colt sings in a Hip-Hop music. Oh I'm so hungry. There is something wrong with my tummy. I wish I had more food and fuel. It's this place that is so dang cruel. But when I found you, you look so awesome and cool. I hope we see each other in the future. Be best friends just like that architecture. We see something in different mates. We might lose our self's in our current states. We need to get out of this cave. We need to find puzzles and be brave. Oh I am so hungry I could eat a fish. Oh please put it in my dish. Oh we need more food as were so tired in the dark. Maybe somepony might hear us bark. "Well that's all I have." The colt looks depressed. Snow Crystal gets happy and shocked. "Wow that's something. That was really good." The colt looks at Snow. "Do you sing?" Snow Crystal looks back at the colt. "Kinda." The colt convince Snow Crystal to sing. "I want to hear you sing." Snow Crystal sings in a rap music. Oh I wish to see daylight when the sun is very shine bright but it's almost like a flashlight which is very bright. Where the river is all clear and the sky doesn't have dark and fear but it's so weird. I tie my shoe but it doesn't stick like glue but the crowd goes aw boo. I chew taffy it just wants to make you so laugh. Oh I wish I was outside to the beautiful view I hope I don't get the flu which almost like glue and the crowed goes boo. Oh I wish to see daylight when the sun is very shine bright but it's almost like a flashlight which is very bright. Oh I grab my shoes and coat but I never had a drink on a boat it just wouldn't float because of the goat. I go inside and sleep in bed which it was really red. Oh I wish to see daylight when the sun is very shine bright but it's almost like a flashlight which is very bright. When I go on that picnic it was cool with the guy named Rick. Oh yea that was cool. Oh I wish to see daylight when the sun is very shine bright but it's almost like a flashlight which is very bright. When I adventure and explore it seems that's not bored but when i go off the to the meadow I snore. Oh I wish to see daylight when the sun is very shine bright but it's almost like a flashlight which is very bright. So the colt looks at Snow Crystal in a happy way. "Wow that was awesome." Snow Crystal looks at the colt. "Really." The colt gets shy. "Well it looks she should get moving it's not that far." Snow Crystal looks at the colt. "Well hmm how far do we have to go through now." The colt gets depress on saying this. "Just have to pass through I think 20 miles and then were out. Unless you want to go to the Crystal Empire. That takes us longer." Snow Crystal ask if the colt has a plan. "Even if we don't have the supplies it's easier if we go to the shortest route as the fastest way out." The colt know where he's going. "Yea it is much simpler." Snow Crystal talks in general. "We should get going." The colt gets all sad a little bit as he feeling better. "Ok." Snow Crystal and the colt keep walking the path till the find a two path way. They choose the left and they keep going. Although the colt knows where she is going. The colt is unsure how further it will take them. "Were getting closer just a few more miles I think." Snow Crystal gets happy for fresh air. "Ok." As we both walk further we see stairs. We went up the stairs. Snow Crystal looks at the place. "This place is a wreck. It's very old." The colt looks at Snow. "Yea." Snow Crystal looks at the colt as if he is getting tired. "We should rest for tonight." The colt looks at Snow Crystal. "Yea. Walking all the way down here has made me tired." Snow Crystal and the colt walks up stairs to the main floor. The colt looks at Snow. "Lets get some water and something to eat before we go to bed." Snow Crystal went to the kitchen and see grains of wheat. Snow Crystal gives the colt wheat to eat and water bottle. Then we both went upstairs to the bedrooms. The colt looks at Snow Crystal with his eyes sparkles. "Before we go to bed. Can you tell a story?" Snow Crystal tucks in the colt. Snow Crystal is thinking of a story. "Yea why not." Snow Crystal tells the story. Once upon a time there was a rainbow outside of clouds dale it was cool. Then a pony happens to get very close to the rainbow but the pony saw a pot of gold. He took the gold and got a lot of magic from the gold but then he knew that something was following him. He ran but there was a small breezy telling him to wait. The pony stopped. "Why are you following me." The breezy looks at the pony. "That gold is a special gold that runs in my family for generations i need it back." The pony looks at the breezy. "Oh I didn't know it was yours." He gave all the gold bits back. But then the breezy gave 1 gold bit. The breezy rolled her eyes. "You can have this bit but remember it is a magical bit that gives you luck." The colt gets excited. "What happens next?" Snow Crystal continue the story. When the pony gets a lucky bit. "What is your name?" The breezy tells her name. "Rain Moi. What's yours?" The pony tells his name. "Chen Merna." Then they left went there ways and Chen Merna was lucky he got a mare name Lone Hill. Then they live happy ever after the end. Snow Crystal looked at the colt. "I think they had a few kids along the way but what happen to Rain Moi he went back to his culture. The colt went to sleep. Snow Crystal walks out of the room. Snow Crystal spoke to the A.I. "A.I are you there?" The A.I speaks. "Yes." Snow Crystal walks down stairs as and ask the A.I "Ok were finally out of that place." Snow Crystal goes outside to breath in air. Snow Crystal ask a question. “what time is it.” A.I tells the time. "It's 8:00 PM." Snow Crystal looks at the stars and constellations. Snow Crystal goes back inside the house. She ask the A.I I wonder what do I look like. The A.I told her. "You need to find a mirror." She walks down to the basement floor and uncover everything till she found a mirror. Snow Crystal finally found a mirror. She looks at herself. The A.I spoke. "You have red skin, your eyes are yellow, you have a yellow mane, and your tail is yellow." Snow Crystal ask the A.I "How old am I." The A.I spoke. "About 330 years old." Snow Crystal looks like she was shocked. "Really." The A.I laughs. "Yes but you were in that science container in a stasis so basically you froze your self in time." Snow Crystal gives the A.I a question. "Ok so how old am I if I was in a stasis and frozen in time to this timeline?" A.I said. "About the age of 10." Snow Crystal was shocked. "Wow that's a long from my original timeline." Snow Crystal goes up stairs. Then she was on the main floor then she went up stairs. She checks on the colt. Snow Crystal see the pony was still there. Snow Crystal goes into another bedroom and then takes off all the equipment off and goes to bed. The A.I spoke. "Are you going to read me a story too?" Snow Crystal looks at the A.I shackle on her right hoof. "But aren't you an A.I should you be telling me a story." The A.I laughs. "Mare goes first." Snow Crystal tells an A.I a short story but when she started a few words. The A.I was fast asleep. Snow Crystal was like really. Snow Crystal goes to sleep then dreams. Snow Crystal goes into a dream mode she was in a war with the changelings in the crystal mountains and then she fall off the cliff into the water then she found a cave then after that she went in the cave for shelter. Then the cave collapsed she turn and try to find a way out. Then she went deep in the cave and then she slip and slide down she saw this container and a weapon of some sorts then she got spooked and trip by a rock the container it opens up and she fell right in. Then she went into stasis with an oxygen mask. Then the water fills up then she thought she died. But then she wakes up and she had a nightmare. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony Chapter 3 The Crystal Golden Horseshoe The sun is rising up. Snow Crystal was trying to sleep but the window had put a shine to Snow Crystal eyes while she was sleeping. She woke up and then she was worrying that the colt maybe left. She went out of the bedroom down the hall and check if the colt is there. The colt is still sleeping. Snow Crystal whisper to the A.I. "What time is it." A.I whisper. "It's about 8:00 AM." Snow Crystal sits on the ground and close her eyes. The colt stretches and yawns then wakes up. Snow Crystal open her eyes. "Good morning." The colt was look at Snow Crystal strangely. "Did you sleep like that?" Snow Crystal giggles. "No there was another bed room." The colt looks at Snow Crystal with a smile. "Oh." Snow Crystal gets shy. "Well then Shall we go to the Crystal Empire together." The colt gets nervous. "Ok." Snow Crystal see that he wasn't excited but she notices that every time I get closer his face turns red. After they just got out of the house colt looks at Snow Crystal. "Well it's getting close to the end. What is your name?" Snow Crystal looks at the colt. "Snow Crystal. What's yours?" The colt gets embarrass. "My name is Stain Lash." Snow Crystal looks at Stain Lash as he blushes. "So do you know the way out of this part of this place." Stain Lash gets happy and smiles. "Yes I think. " Snow Crystal looks at Stain Lash. "Well let's go then your the lead leader." Stain Lash gets proud and the courage to lead to the Crystal Empire. "Ok." Stain Lash leads them out of the house. Snow Crystal gets confused. "Where are we?" Stain Lash gets surprised on how long she been in there. "Crystal Mountains." Snow Crystal looks at Stain Lash. "Where do you live?" Stain Lash smiles. "Crystal Empire but I left only because they were fighting over a golden crystal horse shoe model I still don't know the details on what it does." Snow Crystal get confused. "Really." Stain Lash looks confused. "I don't know any other details though on why they were obsess about it." Snow Crystal laughs. "Well I guess they should get over it by now." Stain Lash gets carious. "If you say so." Snow Crystal gets silly. "Well they got to share it right." Stain Lash gets serious. "It's something else more like high-class." Snow Crystal is confused. "I guess we'll find out." Snow and Stain went south-west for about 20 miles then they took a break and found a couple of berries to eat. The sky was sunny and it was 70 degrees outside. Snow Crystal and Stain Lash sing as pop music. Snow: Oh I love it out here then the cavern back there. Then I found a pony friend. Stain: All I found was trap there and didn't know what to do in there. But then I found a pony friend. Snow: Oh it's so wonderful when it's so good I feel like we finish with our food. Stain: It is so cool and the sheep are shedding their wool. Snow: Laughing and crying oh I wonder when there is adventure. Stain: Maybe there is more architecture or even literature. Snow: Oh I love it out here then the cavern back there. Then I found a pony friend. Stain: All I found was trap there and didn't know what to do in their. But then I found a pony friend. Snow/Stain: But we found each other now we know we are friends together. Were nothing but a big wire so it is time to go to the Crystal Empire. Stain Lash drink the last of the water bottle. We walk 20 miles south-west and saw a big bush with berries. We stop to take a break and we eat some berries and we grab some for the road trip. "Ten more miles till the factory." As Stain Lash see the factory a few more miles. As they walk 10 miles further they finally got to the factory and took a break. Snow Crystal gets confused. "It looks like it's been abandon." Stain Lash giggles and laughs. "It not abandon it's just old." Snow Crystal was very shocked. "Oh I see. Do they still use it?" Stain Lash is thinking. "Yea I think so." Snow Crystal and Stain Lash made it to the factory. But the factory's locked. Stain look down the road and can see the Crystal Empire. "We have 12 more miles to get to the city by then it will be at least 8 PM when we get there." Snow Crystal gets in tense. "Then we better get moving." They finally made it to the Crystal Empire. Snow Crystal looks sad. "Well it's better to go are separate ways now. You need to go to your parents I'm pretty sure they're worried. Stain looks sad. "Come with me please." Snow Crystal looks at stain and boops him. "I am going to see if I can stay at the Inn." Stain Lash gets emotional and looks at Snow Crystal. "But." Snow Crystal smiles and pets on his head. "Ok meet me at 9:00 Am in the Inn tomorrow." Stain Lash looks at Snow Crystal in an excited way. "Do you promise." Snow Crystal looks at Stain Lash with proud way like it was fierce. "You have my word." Stain Lash smiles. "Ok. I'll tell my mom what happened although she might freak out a bit." Snow Crystal laughs. "Well that is something well see you tomorrow then." Snow Crystal & Stain Lash said there goodbyes for now. Snow Crystal goes and find an Inn. Stain Lash goes back home and sees guards there. Stain goes to his house. Guards are asking his father. "What does he look like.? What age is he? What kind of mane does he have and what color?" The other Guard is asking his mother. "What is his name? What is his eye color? What color is his tail?" Stain Lash walks in. Mom & Dad I am right here. Stain's father looks upset. "Son where have you been your mom almost got a heart attack." Stain's mother looks at Stain with a serous look on her eye. "You're grounded Mr." Dad looks at me. "Where have you been?" In the most tempered voice. Stain looks like as if he's shamed. "I heard rumors about this place it was 42 miles northeast of the Crystal Empire." Stain's mother fainted. Stain look at the ground. "I made it to the crystal mountains. Then I trip and I slide down and went into the caverns and explored a few floors. After that I got lost and went down. Then after when thought I was going to die in the place like that a pony showed up. Snow Crystal is actually in the city now looking for a place to stay. Guard said. "Come on men we need to find this pony." Snow Crystal walks in at the Crystal Bane Inn. Bartender looks at this stranger earth pony. "Hello how can I help you stranger." Snow Crystal looks at the bartender. "Do you have any good meals dang I am starving." Bartender talks elegantly. "You should look at our menu." Snow Crystal looks at the menu. First Page. Appetizers. Hay fries 4 bits. Celery 3 bits. Carrot Deluxe 6 bits. Flowers. A Vase of Sun Flowers 5 bits. A Vase of Rose Flowers 7 Bits. A Vase of Tulips 6 Bits. Flower Salad 20 bits. Adds Tomatoes, Onions, Celery, Radishes, Carrots, Turnips 3 bits each topping. Add Sun petals, Rose petals, Tulip petals 4 Bits each topping. Next page. Sea Food. Lobster legs 70 bits. Salmon 80 bits Cod and Fried Shrimp 60 bits. Squid 55 bits. Trout and Tuna Deluxe 100 Bits. Sandwiches. Daffodil Sandwich 100 Bits. Radish Sandwich 110 Bits. Royal Crystal Deluxe Sandwich 150 Bits. Back of the menu Deserts Ice Cream 15 Bits. Adds Chocolate, Caramel, 10 bits Adds Crystal Berries Syrup 14 bits Pies Apple Pie 30 bits Cherry Pie 35 Bits Key Lime Pie 20 Bits Snow Crystal looks at the bartender. "I'll have squid and some hay fries on the side." Bartender spoke in an elegant way. "Ok 1 squid and hay fires on the side will be right out." Bartender give the order to the cook. Snow Crystal speaks to the bartender. "Is there any rumors going around lately." Bartender gets curious. "Yea there is one but it's only rumors." Bartender tells Snow Crystal a rumor. "If you can get the Golden Crystal Horse Shoe you'll might be a queen or a king someday. But that's only rumors." Snow Crystal puzzled in her mind. "Interesting." Snow Crystal is thinking. "Is there any old news that I should know about?" Bartender is grieving. "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have died." Snow Crystal is shocked. "What?" Bartender is sad. "They die of old age like 200 years ago well Princess Celestia anyway and princess Luna died like 100 Years ago." Snow Crystal is curious. "If that is so who runs Canterlot?" Bartender gets suspicious. "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. She now runs two empires." Snow Crystal gets envious. "Wow she's a busy pegasus." Bartender laughs. "Actually she's an alicorn." Snow Crystal looks at the bartender. "Interesting." The bell ring. The cook shouts. "Food's done." The bartender serves the food to Snow Crystal. Bartender looks at Snow Crystal. "That will be 59 bits please." Snow Crystal gives 59 bits and then the tip of 20 bits. She then eats the squid and the hay fries. Snow Crystal ask the bartender. "So this means Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is the only alicorn." Bartender laughs. "Nope there is Princess Twilight Sparkle." Snow Crystal i'm shocked. "What? You mean that filly, she became Celestia student the last time I was there at Canterlot." Bartender was shocked. "Wait the last time you were there? Then that means you should have died a long time ago." Snow Crystal sense danger in her mind. "I have a bad feeling about this." Guards come in. One of the guard gives the most serious look on the bartender. "Snow Crystal we are here for you." Snow Crystal gets up off the chair. "I didn't do anything wrong please don't take me to prison." 2nd Guard looks at Snow Crystal from the door when Snow Crystal is at the table. "No ha ha ha. That's not what we're here for." Snow Crystal is in a bit of a panic. "If that so why do want me?" 1st Guard as a serious look. "It is very urgent you come with us." Snow Crystal is panicking. "I can't deny a guard then I guess I'm off to jail?" 2nd Guard looks at Snow Crystal. "No." The guard whacks Snow Crystal and she pass out. The guards carried her to Stain Lash house. The second guard look at the bartender. "Everything is under control bartender." Snow Crystal gets damage by the hit by 50 damage 150/200 HP left. While Snow Crystal passed out she had the most realism dream. Snow Crystal sees a lot of white all around her. Snow Crystal looks in at a strange place. "Is this another dream or is it about the afterlife?" Then a door suddenly appears. The door seems locked. A key came out of nowhere as it is levitating in front of her she grab it and use it on the door. She sees stairs that is a big spiral. At the end of the platform she looked down and see and endless staircase that leads to a pitch black of darkness. Snow Crystal goes down stairs. Meanwhile the guards finally got Snow Crystal to Stain Lash House. The first guard look at Stains's father. "Here we have Snow Crystal for you." Then Mr. Lash looked at the guards. "Thanks and she's a mare?" Mr. Lash yell at upstairs. " Stain get down here this instant." Stain came down stairs. Stain looked at Snow. "That is Snow Crystal." First guard spoke in a serious look. "It is about only 8 minutes after she got knocked out." Stain look at his father. "Let's wait till tomorrow I mean she could be tired after our travels getting back here." Mrs. Lash look at Stain. "Ok lets put her in the couch until she wakes up." Meanwhile Snow Crystal still goes down the stairs. Snow Crystal was thinking. "I wish my A.I was here to help me how long this staircase were." Meanwhile 8:00 AM in the morning. Stain Lash goes down stairs in a rush to get to Snow Crystal. Snow Crystal was still asleep. Stain Lash looks at her and waits. Few hours have past. Snow Crystal still going down the stairs and she looked up and it gets very hard to see where she started then she continues to walk down. Meanwhile Stain Lash open her eyes and got freaked out by a bright light glowing eyes. Stain screamed mom goes to the living room. Stain Lash looks at mom. "Is this what a pony eye's should look like. Mrs. Lash fainted. Mr. Lash goes to the living room. "What's going on?" Stain Lash open Snow Crystal eyes again to show his father. Mr. Lash looks at Stain. "Ok it looks like were taking her to the hospital." Stain Lash looks at mom. "What about mom?" Mr. Lash look at his son. "She's fine she only fainted." Mr. Lash put her wife on the couch. Mr. Lash and his son rushed over to the Crystal Hospital. The nurse looks at Mr. Lash. "I don't know what's wrong with the earth pony and I don't see any injuries. Maybe I should go with you to get you into the castle to get Shiny Armour he'll know what to do in the time like this." Guards looks at the nurse. "Halt who goes there." "It is the nurse let me in it's an emergency." The nurse looks shocked. The guards rolled there eyes. "You may go ahead." As they go into the castle they ran in there to the outside of the throne room of Shiny Armour. "It seems we might have guests Open the doors. As the ponies arrived. Nurse looked at Prince Shiny Armour with shock. "I think you can help us with this pony illness or somewhat." Shiny Armour takes a look. "I don't know any healing that can outmatched that. The best Healing I know is my wife and she's in Canterlot. I'll give you a free train pass to get you all there and i hope it isn't too late." Meanwhile Snow Crystal keeps going down the stairs. Snow Crystal gets tired. "I might take a few minutes to take a break and sits down." Snow Crystal sings in as lonely sad music. Oh I wish I knew where I was going. It is almost the same in the trap container with the winds aren't blowing. The fresh of air to breathe that fresh of air. Oh why do I get stuck I can't even see a clock. When I do the time has will be pass by. I can't go even to that rhyme it looks like i can't even dance to the side. Oh why did I have to get stuck in the Inn. I don't know if this is real air but might seem so thin. But why do I have to-be in here I wish I was out there. Oh I wish I was out there. Meanwhile the train to Canterlot was here they all got on including Shiny Armour. Shiny Armour was excited to see his wife. "It has been a while since I saw my wife about at least 10 years." Stain looks at the Prince Shiny Armour. "That's really sad not to see some one that is close to you for that long." Shiny Armour gets sad. "Yea I wish we could live back together again although it may not happened." They arrived at Canterlot. They run to the castle. 1st Canterlot Guards looks at the ponies. "Halt who goes there. Wait Shiny Armour. You may go ahead." 2nd Canterlot Guard looks at Prince Shiny Armour. "Sorry Only Shiny Armour may Proceed." Shiny Armour looks at the 2nd Canterlot Guard. "There with me." 2nd Canterlot Guards look at the ponies. "You all may go ahead." Princess Mi Amore Cadenza looks at a strange pony that she never seen for 10 years. "Who are you. Wait your Shiny Armour." Shiny Armour looks at Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. "Yes and you look pale." Princess Mi Amore Cadenza giggles. "Is that how you treat me with respect." Shiny Armour gets nervous. "No but sorry." Stain tells Shiny Armour. "I think you should kiss her." Mr. Lash looks at his son and glare at him. "That is not the right time young one. When we get home you're grounded for life." Shiny Armour looked at Mr. Lash in a anxious way. "I think your son is right." Shiny Armour kisses Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza returns to her natural color. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza looks at the ponies. "I feel a lot better now for some reason. You help me with love now I must return you a favor let me see what ya got. Hmm not any of my healing magics and do it. There is only one thing. We must go to the Princess nerd known as Princess Twilight Sparkle." Meanwhile Snow Crystal keeps going down stairs then after 400 steps she then stops and looked up and couldn't find where she started but then she walked and walked and finally she made it to the end of the stairs. She looks around and there was nothing she checked behind the stairs she found a door and she opens it. There it was the crystal golden horseshoe. Snow Crystal touches it and then something splendid happens a powerful magic goes around her. She gain wings then she gains a horn. The transformation is complete. Snow Crystal feels strange. "Now all I got to do is go back to the surface and get back into my body." As she said it in her mind. Meanwhile it was about dark outside and all the ponies went to Ponyville and stayed at the castle they were looking for twilight but haven't found her. They said it is best to wait and look for in the morning. 9:00 AM in the morning Snow Crystal try to fly but too weak then she gets tired and then sleeps. Meanwhile Stain Lash and Mr. Lash wakes up they went to look around. So they both looked around the castle and suddenly they see 2 weird looking ponies that had a purple hat and a blue mask in a weird-looking outfit. They both looked at the strange 2 ponies with a costume. "We are the Maredowells that protects Princess Twilight sparkle." First Maredowell look at the 2 ponies. "You are trespassing the castle." Second maredowell stared at the 2 ponies. "You'll be press with charges about 8000 bits." Stain check his pockets. "We don't have money." The first Maredowell laughs. "Then I must arrest you both for a tress pass crime." Princess Mi Amore Cadenza comes into action. "Halt in the name of the Crystal Empire and Canterlot I demand you to tell me where Princess Twilight Sparkle." Shiny Armour gets here late but made it and spoke. "You hide behind a mask it seems you look like criminals." The first maredowell looked in shock of both of the Crystal Empires. "Twilight Sparkle has left the castle darling." The second maredowell looks at the first maredowell. "They are looking for the princess this must be argent." The first maredowell takes off the mask. "I think I know where twilight is." Princess Mi Amore cadenza said. "Rarity." The second maredowell takes off the mask. "It's been 4 years since we seen her." Shiny Armour was shocked when the second mask was revealed. "Sweetie bell." Princess Mi Amore Cadenza was shocked. "Wow Sweetie Bell you grown a lot since the past 250 years or so." Shiny Armour look at the mares. "You mares should take a look at this please." Rarity is shocked by the elements of harmony could do something so cruel. "I never seen that before how long did it happen?" Stain looked at Rarity. "About 2 days and 5 hours." Mr. Lash look at the 2 mares. "We believe Princess Twilight Sparkle can figure it out." Rarity is looking at the weird earth pony. "Follow me I think I know where she is." Rarity calls. "Spike." Spike walked into the room as he rub his eyes. "Yes my darling?" "Settle up we are all going to the Everfree Forest." As Rarity gets excited. Sweetie Bell looked at Rarity. "Let me get this straight sister you think Princess Twilight is in the Everfree Forest." Rarity looked at Sweetie Bell. "In fact I do. She is always there reading the ancients books there hopefully she is still there. " Once they all got to the castle. A mysterious voice appeared. "Who enters my domain. I am one you most greatest fears the shadow pony." Shiny Armour looked at the castle. "We are looking for Princess Twilight Sparkle." Shadow pony is hidden in the shadows. "Your names are?" "I'm the Crystal Empire and Canterlot I am Princess Cadance." "I'm her wife known as Shiny Armour." "I'm the most beautiful of all ponies my name is Rarity." "I'm her daughter Sweetie Bell." "I'm Stain Lash." "I'm his father Mr. Lash." Shadow Pony comes out of the shadows. "Did you say Princess Cadance and Shiny Armour. I thought you two were busy to see me." Princess Twilight Sparkle comes out of the shadows. Princess Cadance looks at Twilight. "Here you should take a look at this." "Let me take a look. I never read anything about this happening but I think I know who can help me though the other ponies that I trust in years I found a spell to bring their souls plus what's so hard about the spell when it is use for emergency reasons. We must awaken Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Fluttershy. We must go back to where we began in ponyville. We have to get to ponyville." They get to the graveyard of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie, and Apple Jack tombstones. Twilight Sparkle gets intense. "Ok here goes nothing. This is so exciting." Spike looks at Twilight Sparkle. "Are you always excited?" Twilight looks at Spike. "Yes Spike." "You haven't changed a bit." As Spike smiles. Twilight looks at Spike. "Did you bring my check list." Spike check his pockets. "Nope I think you can wing it." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at the graves. "Spike! Well it's too late we have no choice but to do the unthinkable." Twilight use magic over the tombstones. Rainbow Dash yawns. "Who dares corrupt in my peace sleep." Pinkie Pie gets angry. "Who dare to throw a party without me." Fluttershy screams. "I am a ghost." Fluttershy screams again. Apple Jack gets frustrated. "What all that racket? Granny Smith are you listen to me? Apple Bloom don't eat those pies they're not good for your health." Twilight screams. "Enough. Friends I need your help once more." Rainbow Dash looks at Princess Twilight Sparkle. "Come on egg head your always have it covered." Pinkie Pie gets very angry. "What is going on twilight I am having fun I get unlimited chocolate rain in the afterlife. This better be worth my while." Fluttershy shivers. Apple Jack looks at the ponies. "What do you need sugar cube?" Rarity smiles. "It's been a while my friends it's me Rarity." Rainbow Dash laughs "You haven't died yet?" Pinkie Pie talking to her dead alligator. "You never invited me to your birthday party you owe me." Fluttershy gets very shy. "What's going on why did you bring us back from the dead Princess Twilight Sparkle?" Apple Jack looks serious. "It must be very important." Princess Twilight Sparkle open Snow Crystal eyes. Apple Jack looks at the unknown earth pony. "Were dead for a while now Princess Twilight Sparkle but we have no clue on what's wrong with the elements of harmony done to her." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Snow Crystal. "Elements of Harmony shouldn't be doing that." Princess Twilight Sparkle uses the Elements of harmony along with her friends. It doesn't work. Pinkie Pie was unsure. "That was at least unexpected." Apple Jack is confused. "Maybe there is away but it might have to do with balance." Rainbow Dash speaks in an epic way. "Elements of harmony has wonderful things and many things although it is fate that brought us together. So to bring her back it has to do with loyal and fate." Pinkie Pie giggles. "Elements of harmony is where the unexpected. So it also have to do with the unexpected." Fluttershy gets nervous. "Elements of harmony has a bit of kind things. So it's with great kindness. Apple Jack speaks as a strong heart and courage. "Elements of harmony must have honesty twilight." Rarity speak in an elegant way. "Elements of harmony is quite generosity. So it has generous." Princess Twilight Sparkle is thinking. "Elements of harmony is also magic. So it must have magic." Rarity giggles. "Laughs." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Rarity. "Why are you laughing Rarity." Rarity is thinking. "Is it obvious. Stain has to kiss her because it's her true love." Princess Twilight Sparkle is very confused. "What?" Rarity knows knowledge as she is thinking. "Come to think about it its romance. It has fate, unexpected, kindness, honesty, generosity, then you can say the magic happens." Rainbow Dash looks at Twilight. "Twilight have you tried that?" Pinkie Pie is thinking. "That is really expected in a romance." Fluttershy speaks in a calm voice. "The kiss is true kindness with a sweet soft touch." Apple Jack speaks in a calm voice. "It is how honesty truly feels." Meanwhile Snow Crystal walks out of the room back to the stairs case but the stairs were gone she looks at the ground but she sees 6 alicorns and a weird-looking goat head with a snake body type thing that was in the middle. She went to touch it and the floor went all the way up to the top back to the door she first used to get there. Meanwhile Princess Twilight Sparkle . "I guess it is worth a shot but which pony would help her?" Stain Lash speaks in heroic. "I guess I don't have a choice I'm the only pony who knows her besides she was with me and save me I guess I have to return a favor." Mr. Lash speaks in crazy talk nonsense. "That's outrageous even if it work how can we tell?" Princess Mi Amore Cadenza looks at Mr. Lash. "We don't but it might work." Meanwhile Snow Crystal open the door and went back outside but then the door behind her disappears. But she didn't know how to open the other door to get back to her body. After stain goes up to Snow Crystal body he said. "Snow Crystal I know we didn't know each other but you save me from the that weird place and now I am here to save you." Snow Crystal hears a voice. Stain looks at Snow Crystal. "I think you're nice and you are beautiful." Pinkie Pie gets too excited. "Just kiss her already." Rarity looks at Pinkie Pie. "Hush Pinkie Pie you can't rush romance." Stain gets closer to Snow Crystal. "I hope you love me and you love me back." Stain close his eyes and kiss Snow Crystal. Snow Crystal wraps her hoofs around Stain then she open her eyes. Snow Crystal giggles. "I, I guess it is destiny that binds us together after all." Snow Crystal then went to the glowing eyes thing and spread a rainbow across equestria. The ghost ponies went back to their bodies and came out from the grave. As Spike scream Zombie ponies. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack were old but then another rainbow appear and then everyone turn a lot younger in there 20 years of age. Snow Crystal looks at Twilight. "Twilight you need to bring back someone." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Snow Crystal. "Who? I hope your not saying discord the master of chaos." Snow Crystal looks at Princess Twilight eyes. "He is the key to winning the future wars against the changelings, King Sombra and Tirek." Princess Twilight Sparkle is unsure. "But." Princess Celestia comes down. Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Princess Celestia. "Is that Princess Celestia when she was younger." Princess Luna comes down as well. Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Princess Luna. "Luna too." Princess Celestia looks at Princess Twilight. "It is time Princess Twilight Sparkle that I step down from my kingdom." Princess Luna laughs. "I was thinking the same thing." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Princess Luna. "What why? Princess Luna speaks to the ponies. "There is a new alicorn in equestria." Princess Twilight Sparkle was shocked. "Wait what?" Princess Celestia looks at Snow Crystal. "She is the one that brought us to life. Go look at her now she has wings and a horn it seems she is another princess that's meant to rule." Shiny Armour looks at Princess Celestia. "If that is so then who is going to rule Canterlot." Princess Luna looks at Shiny Armour. "It shall be this pony known as Snow Crystal." Princess Mi Amore Cadenza looks at Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. "So what will you do?" Princess Celestia closed her eyes and spoke. "We will open our kingdom from the Everfree Forest." Princess Luna looks at Princess Twilight and smiles. "After you release Discord." Princess Twilight Sparkle goes to the Everfree Forest castle and release Discord outside the castle. Discord looks at Princess Twilight. "Laughs. Hello Princess Twilight I see you awaken me for the 2nd time now." Princess Celestia walks in saying. "Hello discord." Discord is extreme shocked that Princess Celestia is alive. "I thought you died." Princess Celestia looks at Discord in a cute way. "Yes but I was reborn back to life." Discord looks at Princess Celestia. "I know I give a lot of ponies a hard time but. Will you marry me." Princess Celestia smiles. "Yes." Princess Twilight Sparkle is shocked. "I guess love is very unexpected." Discord looks at Princess Twilight. "Don't you have your Prince waiting for you at your castle?" Princess Twilight Sparkle runs to the Magic castle she sees her stallion Flash Sentry. Princess Twilight sparkle runs to the Magic castle she see her stallion Flash Sentry. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza with excitement. "Me and my stallion are going to head back to the Crystal Empire." Princess Luna looks at the ponies. "I am going to make sure discord doesn't become evil so I guess I am going to company my sister for the new future." Snow Crystal looks at Princess Twilight. "It seems we're meant to go to Canterlot Princess Twilight Sparkle." Mr. Lash looks at the ponies. "I guess I'll have to tell my wife although she would faint when she hears her son is a prince now. It seems I am going back to the Crystal Empire." Princess Snow looks at Stain. "No problem. We'll Stain are you ready." Stain looks at Princess Snow. "Yes." Princess Snow close her eyes. "I am sure there happy. Pinkie Pie get to see Cheese Sandwich. Apple Jack gets Silver Shill. Rarity gets Spike. Rainbow Dash gets Soarin. Fluttershy gets Silverwing, and most of all Princess Twilight Sparkle gets her Flash Sentry." Prince Stain laughs. "Don't forget that Princess Celestia has Discord and Princess Cadance has Shiny Armour, Sweetie Bell has Button Mash, Apple Bloom has Pipsqueak, and Scootaloo has Rumble." Princess Snow giggles. "Well it is time." Prince Stain smiles. "How about another kiss." Princess Snow laughs. "Ok." Princess Snow and Prince Stain took the train to Canterlot. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony Chapter 4 Secrets When Princess Snow Crystal and Prince Stain Lash gets on the train. They see a few passengers on the train. They go to the left to the next cart of the train and it was empty. The prince and the princess sit together while the train takes them to Canterlot. Stain cuddles Princess Snow. "So you're a Princess now." Princess Snow is getting cuddle by Stain the future Prince. "Yes and you're the future prince who isn't an alicorn." Stain had a question. "What was back there?" Princess Snow gets confused. "Back where?" Stain spoke with wonders. "Do you remember the time where we first met." Princess Snow looks at Stain. "Yes. Why are you asking such things?" Stain still wondering. "Well there was a room to the left that i haven't explored yet. I was wondering if there was any treasure?" Princess Snow laughs. "A few that I can think of." Princess Snow gives the rat some cheese. Stain had a question. "Well How many floors did that place have?" Princess Snow was getting gloomy. "About 57 BF." Stain gets excited. "Cool I can't wait to go back there to find out what you were doing there." Princess Snow laughs. "Trust me you don't want to go back there." Stain gives her this look. "Well." Princess Snow looks very serious. "Its way too dangerous with lots of traps. I barely made it out." Stain is unsure. "Traps?" Princess Snow smiles. "It's better to forget that place. We both have a long journey ahead of us." Stain is thinking way to hard. "If you say so." Princess Snow kiss Stain. Stain kissed Princess Snow. The train enters the tunnel. Stain gets a little scared and hugs Princess Snow. Princess Snow smiles. "It's ok Stain many ponies are always scared of something." Stain leans on Snow Crystal. He now notice that the Princess feels so warm like his mom. Then Stain closed his eyes and sleeps. Princess Snow giggles and said in her mind. "No matter how we ended up together you seem so cute when you're asleep." Princess Snow noticed that Stain feels warm. Then a 3 hours later the train stops at Canterlot and it was . They both go out of the train there was like no ponies or pegasus or unicorns around. Stain looks at Princess Snow. "We need to go this way Princess Luna wants you to go to the this well shaft." Princess Snow is confused. "Why?" Stain tries to explain. "Because Princess Celestia and Princess Luna doesn't want the enemy to know there is another alicorn." Princess Snow is confused. "Where are all the ponies and pegasus and unicorns?" Stain knows something and tells her to Princess Snow. "Princess Twilight Sparkle is distracting them." Princess Snow looks at Stain."What about the royal guards?" Stain laughs. "No one goes in the castle it's been abandoned after the Princess Celestia and Princess Luna died." Princess Snow looks at the castle. "But they back to life does anyone know that besides the us and Ponyville." Stain looks worried. "Everypony knows and can see them." Princess Snow figures it out. "Oh ok." Stain grab her hoof. "I'll tell you the rest latter now we got to get there." Stain and Princess Snow goes to the well. Princess Snow looks at the well. "Well so what now?" Stain looks worried. "Go down there." Princess Snow gets a little nervous. "Down there?" Princess Snow gives Stain four thousand bits. "Here goes nothing." As Princess Snow Crystal dives in the well shaft. There was a big stream of water down there and it was hard to tell how deep it was. As Princess Snow still drop out of the well shaft she is still dropping at a fast rate of gravity. She close her eyes and spread her wings then she glides to the platform. Stain goes to the markets to get food supplies and bottles of water. He also spends the rest of the money for a pony cloak and a hat to make Princess Snow to hide her horn and wings. Stain goes back to the well shaft and made sure no pony was looking or following him. He goes down the well in a faster rate. He drops out of the well shaft. Stain looks down at the well shaft. "Hey Snow Crystal catch the supplies." Stain throw the supplies at Princess Snow. Stain use the rope then climbs down. Stain keeps going down, the rope is getting moisture from the water. Stain made it out of the well shaft but then he slipped and fell in the water. The water current was going 70 MPH. Stain tries to paddle but the current is too strong. So he grab and edge but he couldn't hold for very long. Stain panics. "Princess Snow help." Princess Snow looks at Stain. "I'll be right there." Princess Snow equipped the other package of supplies. Then runs to the destination. As Princess Snow runs forward then Stain gets stuck on a rock but not for long after he slipped from moss. Stain flows down the stream and get stuck on a branch. While Princess Snow runs as fast as she could to get there. While she just got there the branch broke. Stain screams. "Hurry Snow." Princess Snow is getting tried of running. "It's these wings that are slowing me down and the weight carry." As Princess Snow slow down she took a breather. While Stain Lash goes down the stream. Then out of nowhere a unicorn showed up and used magic to get him out of there. As the unicorn put stain to safety she ask. " Who are you and what are you doing down here. I don't think we met before." Stain tries to get a glimpse of the unicorn face. " Nope I never saw you before." Princess Snow catches finally catches up. The unicorn looks at the two ponies. " Ah I see you must the be the new alicorn that twilight mentioned in the book. Although your face looks familiar. " Princess Snow is unsure. "Who are you?" The unicorn takes off the hood. "I'm Sunset Shimmer." Stain was shocked. "Wait so the stories are true?" Sunset Shimmer looks at Stain. "Yes the stories are true. I betrayed Princess Celestia and took a dark path. I stole Twilight crown once." Snow looks at Sunset Shimmer. "But how did you know there was a crown in the first place?" Sunset Shimmer tells a story. "I went back to equestria on the full moon after I return I sense 3 alicorn powers Luna, Celestia and then a strange unknown alicorn. I finally knew her name when twilight went to the human world. Then I almost succeed my evil plans to conquer equestria. Then Twilight Sparkle had stopped me and then we became friends. Then I wrote stuff in the book to let her know what I learn about friendship in the human world. Then the sirens appeared known as the dazzlings they were trying to rule over the human world with music spells then the 7th elements of harmony appeared. Then for long the black hole was rising because I saw my human form. So I took the dazzlings and myself to equestria although it wasn't easy I had to make sure it was night time so Princess Twilight didn't know. I had to make sure they stay silence. So we got out of the castle the sirens escaped but no word from them not sure what they're doing but maybe another evil plan or so. Did I tell Twilight and her friends nope." Stain gets intense. "Wow that is wicked." Princess Snow looks at Sunset Shimmer. "Are you going to search for them?" Sunset Shimmer worries. "No I'm not sure where they went. If I did tell twilight well I would be doomed. That is why I need you to keep it a secret." Stain gets excited. "Ok so where are we going next." Sunset Shimmer tells where we heading. "We are going to the Canterlot caves." Princess Snow is thinking. "Are you talking to the banish place where Celestia banish ponies." Sunset Shimmer gets a little nervous. "Yea kinda but it's been awhile since she has band ponies to that place so it's now a short cut to the castle to from the well." So the three ponies walk to the cavern and they have walk for a half an hour. Sunset Shimmer gets a plan ready. "Ok this is it. This is where we get to the garden. But once we get up there we need to disguise our self's in secret." Princess Snow is unsure. "Why disguise our self's in secret?" Sunset Shimmer explains. " It is because this is a secret mission to get you to the castle unnoticed." Stain is asking a question. "But why?" Sunset Shimmer looks at both of them. "You're on the hit list." Stain is shocked. "Hit list?" Sunset Shimmer looks looks worried for both ponies. "It's either live or death. Not only that Snow Crystal has upset the balance on equestria." Stain is confused. "Upset the balance how?" Sunset Shimmer boops Snow Crystal. "Well you brought bounty hunters to life." Snow Crystal feels terrible. "That is a bad thing oh no does Princess Twilight know about this." Sunset Shimmer cheers Princess Snow. "Yes I wrote it in the book she carries that with her now days." Snow Crystal is unsure. "Does Princess Celestia know or Princess Luna know?" Sunset Shimmer looks at the ponies. "Princess Luna already told Princess Celestia by now. Ok where here. I need you to put these new cloaks on. I have a special cloths for you Snow. Wear this Snow it will hide your wings and horn while we go into the castle. But before we are going to wait a few hours till it dies down a bit we will go at midnight where the midnight guards will be expecting us." Stain laughs. "It seems were fugitives." Meanwhile at the villain hideout. Unicorn 1 laughs. "Well now so I heard rumors that there is 5th alicorn in equestria." Earth Pony 1 gets obvious. "Well so it would seem." Earth Pony General 1 is very aggressive. "Well I am sick of waiting we should attack now when the time is right on our side." Pegasus General 2 looks at the ponies. "Let's not be too hasty now that we are never going to get to the elements of surprise when pinkie pie knows our every move." Pegasus General 1 figuring out plans. "We would've look at ahead anyway no matter if we attack now it will always be 50% chance if we succeed." Earth Pony General 2 is thinking of a plan. "Well we could hit the Crystal Empire where it's good far away from the magic kingdom." The main admiral said. "Look I think we should attack the Magic Kingdom so we can destroy the magics. All in good favors do say I." Unicorn 1, Earth Pony General 1, Pegasus General 1, Pegasus General 2, and Earth Pony General 2 said. "I." The main admiral laughs. "Well then it's settled I think I let you handle this Pegasus General 2. While we make plans for Canterlot." Meanwhile in the Everfree castle. Princess Celestia giggles. "That was fun discord we shall do it again if we live long enough." Discord laughs. "Of course my dear." Princess Luna knocks on the door. Luna speaks in the royal canterlot voice. "Are you done with that I can hear you everywhere in the castle." Princess Celestia gets embarrassed. "Oh." Then she giggles. Meanwhile in the Magic Kingdom Castle. Flash Sentry, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich, Rarity, Spike, Apple Jack, Silver Shills, Fluttershy, Silverwing, Rainbow Dash, Sorain. Flash Sentry is the first to speak during the meeting. "So Snow Crystal is now a new alicorn." Princess Twilight looks at the ponies. "True but I am not sure if she is a pony all we know that she could have come from the mirror." Rainbow Dash is unsure. "Well it's clearly that she is one of us right?" Apple Jack is thinking. "I honestly think we should trust her because she's an alicorn." Rarity looks at Apple Jack. "Apple Jack. You have to think does she want power to rule over us? Alicorns are the most powerful creatures that use magic more likely powerful magic. For all we know she could end up like Nightmare Moon the princess of darkness." Silver Shills is thinking. "Well it is that time where we all have to decide to where we are going through this plan or not." Silverwing looks at the ponies. "I hope we have a plan because we need a plan to get things over with the enemy." Sorain looks fierce. "Ok so we have to figure out who's the leader of the evil villains. Princess Twilight looks at the ponies. "Enough we have to think this over and by all means we have to use strategy and figure out who's behind this attack." Rainbow Dash gets serious. "Well were all ears Twilight so make it quick and make it 100% cooler." Princess Twilight gets gloomy. "Look friends, we have been through a lot we should take a break." Apple Jack spoke like a true southern speech. "It is the honest truth that we are in danger evil never rest." Pinkie Pie laughs. "Will we have a party after this when it is finished because my brain hurts just thinking about it that we may not make it." Rainbow Dash looks at the ponies. "We never lose a battle. We save equestria a lot of times in the past. I'm sure we will make it." Pinkie Pie laughs. "It hasn't been seen yet so it's to be unexpected that we encounter in the future." Spike looks at Princess Twilight. "Are you sure were ready?" Princess Twilight spoke as normal Twilight. "Just give me the check list and we should be fine. Right?" Everypony looks at one another. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony Chapter 5 Pick a Bed in the Castle 12:30 AM on August 8th Princess Twilight gets very tired. "It is time to sleep we can't think in this condition." Apple Jack looks at the ponies. "Yes I believe so were all very tired." Rarity looks at Spike. "Well Spike it's time to get our beauty sleep." Fluttershy looks at Princess Twilight. "It's too far to go back home I guess I'll sleep here then." "That is the same for me I'll stay here since it's a long way home." As Apple Jack looks at Princess Twilight. "I need the exercise too much chatting." As Rainbow Dash Fly's home with Sorain. Twilight Sparkle spoke very unclear and she coughs. "We will finish this meeting later. Everyone you are now dismissed." Meanwhile in Canterlot. "Ok that's our cue." As Sunset Shimmer whispers. Stain looks at Sunset Shimmer. "Is it safe?" Princess Snow looks very confused. "Why do we have to keep this a secret again?" Sunset Shimmer is thinking. "I'll tell you when we get in the castle." Princess Snow looks at Sunset Shimmer. "Ok. I just hope you're telling the truth." All 3 ponies goes to the first guard. Sunset Shimmer whisper. "It's me the past pony password 345682." Guard whisper. "If you say so. But who are they." Sunset Shimmer whisper. "It's not of your concern guard. My students want to know about magic in person." Guard whisper. "All right I'll let them through." Princess Snow spoke as if she really wants to know. "Ok we made it. Now I really wants some answers." Sunset Shimmer looks at Princess Snow. "Keep it down you don't want them to hear us. What do want to know?" Princess Snow whispers. "Well I was wondering how you know where we were?" Sunset Shimmer looks frustrated. "One you were moving fast, second you have a lot of magic like Twilight, and third is that when I saw you were an alicorn it means you were heading to the castle without a trace just as Twilight Sparkle had planned. She knew I was at equestria when I returned because of her alicorn magic. It can pick up any ponies magic." Stain laughs quietly . "Sounds cool." Princess Snow looks at a wall. "Ok." Sunset Shimmer looks at a picture. "We should start your magic training tomorrow as well. Every alicorn must learn the basic magics and stuff. Just for when if they need it." Snow Crystal is sure of her self. "If you say so then it's decided. We start tomorrow." Sunset Shimmer asked. "Yes but now I've a question for you." Stain is unsure. "Is it about the ponies coming back to life?" Princess Snow is unsure. "Is it about how manage to transform to an alicorn?" Sunset Shimmer laughs. "No I was just asking what bedroom you want to sleep in for the rest of your life that's all really." Princess Snow giggles. "Oh." Stain is shocked. "Really is that all? Dang that is also a hard question. What room should we take?" Sunset Shimmer laughs. "Look I sleep in the basement in the crystal caves." Stain looks at Sunset Shimmer. "What are you serious?" Sunset Shimmer looks tired. "Yea why not." Princess Snow is giving orders. "I'm an alicorn and I order you to sleep in Princess Celestia's room." Sunset Shimmer laughs. "Wait what." Princess Snow is giving orders. "I order you to sleep in Princess Celestia's room." Sunset Shimmer is unsure. "Your kidding right. I'm not sure if I have the honor to go to sleep in a high royal sleeping spot." Princess Snow looks at Sunset Shimmer. "What ever you did in the past is gone your new life is arriving soon and very soon I can tell just looking at you." Sunset Shimmer looks kinda down. "I betrayed Celestia, I took twilight's crown, I took Flash sentry feelings from the human world to like me and use him." Princess Snow smiles. "But you honor us by saving my boyfriend which counts as one point, You saved both worlds equestria and the human world from the sirens ponies which count as two points because you saved both worlds, and then you saved the human world from ending up in a black hole which is one point. So pretty much your honor is crystal clear." Sunset Shimmer is unsure. "You think so." Stain is confident on the decision. "Yes I'm sure." Princess Snow smiles. "I'm positive that you have gain your honor back in full. Plus you're going to help me with magic anyway so should I go on?" Sunset Shimmer finally agrees. "Alright you made your point. Just let me grab my stuff from the crystal caves and put it in the library." Princess Snow is going to explore. "Good. Stain help her when I go explore the castle." Stain goes with Sunset Shimmer. "Alright let's do this." Snow Crystal explore the castle. Meanwhile "Stain I was thinking." As Sunset Shimmer walking down the stairs. Stain is excited to see the crystal caves. "Yea what is it?" Sunset Shimmer ask a question. "How did you two meet?" "Well. We meet at the abandoned mine shaft north-east of the crystal empire. Then we went to a few castles, then we went on the train and then well you know the rest." As Stain walks down the stairs with Sunset Shimmer. "Wow what a dangerous adventure you have there." As Sunset Shimmer and Stain finish the staircase. Sunset Shimmer tells him. "Ok were here." Sunset Shimmer open the bag. "This is a neat trick for magic." Sunset Shimmer use magic to turn every object smaller and she use levitation spell to put it in the bag. "It seems were finished then." As Sunset Shimmer pick up the package. Stain open his eyes. "Wow are you going to teach Snow Crystal that trick." Sunset Shimmer looked at Stain and smiles. "Eventually. Let's head back up to the castle." Meanwhile Snow Crystal finally explore all the upstairs and then she went down stairs. Few minutes later Sunset Shimmer and stain were ready to go to sleep. Stain Lash went with Snow Crystal to their room while Sunset shimmer went to her room. Meanwhile Luna's room at 3 AM in the morning on August 9th. Stain looks nervous. "There is only one big bed in the room." Princess Snow is excited. "Yea which means we get to sleep together this time." Stain is blushing, shy and nervous because it's his first time sleeping with a mare. They both got up on the bed. Snow had a few issues with the wings but then stain message her back to make it relax instead of tense. Then they both fall asleep. Meanwhile Celestia's room at 3:25 AM in the morning. Sunset Shimmer prays. "Please forgive me for using your royal bed. Please don't blame me blame the new alicorn." Sunset Shimmer gets into the royal bed and sleeps. Meanwhile in Stain's dream. Stain look at is left but it was white. Stain look at his right but it was white. Stain looked up and he saw stars. Stain looked down and saw a waterfall. As Stain looks down. "Uh oh." Stain dropped 35 feet in the air and then hit the water as a speed of 1.101 Miles per hour. Stain hits the water on his back and went 3 meters underwater. He saw Snow Crystal. As Snow Crystal open her eyes it was glowing bright white. Stain quickly wakes up from the nightmare and looks to his right. He thought. "I really wonder what Snow Crystal is dreaming." Princess Snow turns her head and she was still sleeping. "Stain what are you doing? No wait don't make me drink that you're not old enough to make me drink that. No don't do it. I am not ready to have kids yet." Stain open his mouth as Snow Crystal dreams. Stain thinks. "I wonder what Sunset Shimmer is dreaming hopefully it isn't this." Meanwhile in Sunset Shimmer's dream. "Sunset Shimmer why did you betray us." As Princess Celestia cries. "Why are you in the royal bed when you're not even a Princess." As Princess Twilight looks at Sunset Shimmer. "To be honest why didn't you help us during the changelings attack?" As Apple Jack gives Sunset Shimmer the mean looks. "Where is your loyalty when discord tried to destroy us again." As Rainbow Dash looks sadly for his lost with his pet turtle. "I'm your friend how come I didn't get a present from you?" As Rarity cries. "What are you hiding from me? Are you a spy?" As Pinkie Pie looks at Sunset Shimmer with a evil look. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown Pony CH 6 Food in our Bellies Year 2315, August 9th 10:00 AM. Stain wakes up then he stretches and then yawns. Stain Went down stairs to the kitchen and he saw Sunset Shimmer. "Ah. Stain did you get any sleep?" As Sunset Shimmer yawn and stretches. Stain feels very worried. "Please don't ask." Sunset Shimmer looks at Stain and wonder what was bothering him. Stain was given pancakes, sausage, bacon, and waffles. Stain looks at the strange food. "What is this?" It's all American food from the human world it really taste good once you taste it. You might scream for more." As Sunset Shimmer laughs. Stain gets excited. "American food from the human world. Wow it smells good. How do they cook this?" "They steal eggs from chickens, they use flour and water to make the dough and make pancake batter, the bacon and sausage is another story I'll have to tell you later when you're older." As Sunset Shimmer cooks more food. "Oh I see it seems something good or bad right?" As Stain looks at Sunset Shimmer in a weird way. "Well you could say that Fluttershy wouldn't approve." As Sunset Shimmer thinking about it. "Oh I should have been a vegetarian from now on." As Stain looks at the clean plate. Sunset Shimmer laughs. "You need meat to get stronger so you can protect Snow Crystal." "Oh it's so hard to choose." As Stain tries to decide. Snow Crystal wakes up and smells the food from the bedroom. She close her eyes and levitates on auto pilot to the food as she smells it to the kitchen. "Good Morning Princess Snow." As Sunset Shimmer looks at Princess Snow. Princess Snow is still sleeping levitating. Then the sun shines on Snow Crystal's eyes and then she open her eyes. "Hello." Stain laughs. "You know you're levitating right." Snow Crystal is shocked. "What?" Princess Snow fells down on her nuzzle first then a belly flop on the floor. Stain gets worried. "So Snow Crystal did you have a nightmare last night?" Snow Crystal looks at Stain. "Yes how did you know?" "Is it about..." Stain whisper in Snow Crystal ears. Snow Crystal is shocked. "How did you know I was dreaming about that." Stain looks at Princess Snow. "You talk in your sleep." Snow Crystal gets embarrass. "Wow do you think I was being weird last night?" Stain looks worried. "Yea a little." Sunset Shimmer laughs. "Wow Princess Snow had a dream on Stain." Princess Snow whisper to Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer open her mouth. "Oh wow I didn't know it would go that far." Sunset Shimmer looks at Princess Snow in a weird way. "Is there anything you want to eat Princess Snow?" Princess Snow is nervous. "Whats on the menu?" "Pancakes, eggs and waffles are left." As Sunset Shimmer explain the leftovers. "I'll take Pancakes and waffles. I don't think my stomach can handle eggs only because on what happened last night." As Princess Snow almost started to cry. "Ok. Pancakes and waffles for the Princess Snow." As Sunset Shimmer is still was wonder what is going wrong with her head today. Princess Snow receives food on the plate then she chows down on the food like it was no day tomorrow. Meanwhile at the Magic Kingdom. Princess Twilight Sparkle confronts the meeting again. Pinkie Pie looks at Princess Twilight. "Can we get something to eat?" Rainbow Dash laughs. "You're always hungry." Princess Twilight Sparkle looks at Pinkie Pie. "Make it quick Pinkie Pie." Meanwhile at Canterlot. "Well I'm stuffed with food. So what was the crystal caverns were use for anyway." As Stain wonders. "Well it was for evil villains that were so evil." As Sunset Shimmer remembers on the tragedy that was inflicted on her during in the human world. "Really." As Stain gets interested. Sunset Shimmer eats some eggs. "Yea it was for this one pony but we don't even know if he lives or not." Stain gets intense. "So he might be still out there." Sunset Shimmer gets worried. "Actually it could be a she. Well we don't even know what the pony looks like or even gender wise either." Princess Snow looks at the ponies. "It is us to find this pony before it's to late." "What would you know anything about the pony?" As Sunset Shimmer glance at Princess Snow. Princess Snow laughs. "Have you ever heard of the pony of shadows?" Sunset Shimmer is unsure. "Only rumors that it was Princess luna shadow." "Wrong that didn't happened at all." As Snow Crystal knew she was there. "Hades, Zeus brother created the pony of shadows and Hades order it to attack the planet. The pony of shadows started out by taking control of Princess Luna to make a solar eclipse and change Princess Luna to a dark alicorn known as Nightmare Moon. As Princess Celestia took the elements of harmony and send her to the moon to fight him in a 1000 year duel it ended up as a draw as Twilight Sparkle use the elements of harmony after 1,000 years when Princess Luna returns and the pony of shadows escaped when Twilight uses the elements of harmony." As Princess Snow tells a story. Sunset Shimmer looks at Princess Snow. "Wait let me get this straight how would you know." "This little diary tells all. I found this in Princess Celestia restricted library in the star swirl the bearded wing." Sunset Shimmer is shocked. "I don't know what is worse bringing the dazzles here to equestria or that." "We must tell Princess Celestia that Princess Luna was frame. "As Princess Snow is confident." Meanwhile in the magic kingdom. "Ok Pinkie it's time to start the meeting." Looks at Princess Twilight. "Ok." Pinkie Pie brings out 18 tea cups Rainbow Dash is confused. "There is only 10 of us why 8 more tea cups?" Pinkie Pie gets excited. "Were having guests." Meanwhile in the Everfree Forest Castle. Discord opens the door to the magic kingdom while Princess Luna and Princess Celestia follows. All three went through the door. Princess Twilight is shocked. "Discord what are you doing here?" Discord speaks very loud. "I call a Summit." Everyone looked at discord. Discord laughs. "Why is everyone looking at me. Oh right then." Discord made 2 more doors and grabbed Princess Cadance and Shining Armour. The other door leads to Canterlot castle. Meanwhile in Canterlot castle. Sunset Shimmer sees a door in the kitchen. Stain screams of terror. Princess Snow runs to the kitchen. Discord laughs. "Why hello I believe this is our first time we met Princess Snow and future Prince Stain if he decides to marry her."Stain gets amazed. "Wow a door that leads to a shortcut to the magic kingdom." "Come on in were having a summit and you're invited." laughs Discord. All three ponies went through the door. "First thing first. I like to show evidence that Princess Luna was frame by using the solar eclipse and turning herself into Nightmare Moon." As Princess Snow looks at the ponies. Book 1 Reborn of the Unknown pony CH 7 The Summit 11 AM Princess Luna is shocked. "Wait I'm sorry you said the shadow pony?" Snow Crystal looks at Princess Luna very serious. "Yes." Princess Luna gets worried. "But he is my boyfriend he wouldn't betray me." Everyone looked at Princess Luna. Princess Twilight is unsure. "Is the pony of shadows really that scary and real?" Apple Jack screamed and so did Rainbow Dash. Apple Jack is worried. "I thought it was just rumor." Rainbow Dash shivers in fear. "I thought it was only Princess Luna's magic that set it off." Princess Snow looks at Rainbow Dash. "No it was the pony of shadows that set it off." Fluttershy hides under the table and thinks. "Pony of shadows I heard rumors but now it's true pony of shadows is real." Pinkie Pie laughs. "Pony of shadows? I thought everyone was frighten of me when I played the piano back at the spooky castle. Is the pony of shadows rumors are true?" Princess Celestia gets very serious. "Yes pony of shadows is real but I never saw him." Discord gets worried. "I may have seen him once with Princess Luna." Silverwing looks at Discord. "Do you know something Discord." Flash Sentry looks at Silverwing. "I think he knows something that he an't telling us." Discord waves the index finger. "Now now now don't blame me I was evil back then. I changed." Princess Twilight looks at Discord. "Where is the pony of shadows Discord." Discord looks at Princess Luna. "Right here in this room." Everyone glared at Discord. Pinkie Pie looking everywhere. "Where is he I don't see him." Rainbow Dash hugs Apple Jack and they both shivered. Princess Snow looks at Discord. "He's trapped in Princess Luna shadow isn't he Discord." Discord laughs. "Wow how did you guess it so easy Princess Snow." Princess Snow is strategies. "I was thinking the obvious." Princess Twilight is unsure. "Well how come he isn't here now?" Discord laughs. "The last thing you did Princess Celestia is that you send him with Princess Luna to battle 1000 with Nightmare Moon you also set Princess Luna free in control." Princess Cadance is shocked. "So Twilight faces the dark terror of Nightmare Moon as first boss fight interesting. Shining Armor looks at Princess Twilight. "My dear Twilight you have tell how you beat Nightmare Moon." Princess Luna looks at Shining Armour. "You know I'm standing right here." Shining Armor coughs. "Sorry forgot you were here." Princess Twilight looks at ponies. "Should we remove him now and get it over." Princess Celestia is coming up with a plan. "Why not we have 5 alicorns, 2 unicorns, 3 pegasus, 5 earth ponies and the king of chaos." Princess Twilight is unsure. "King of chaos?" Princess Celestia looks at Princess Twilight. "Were having a child." Princess Twilight faints. Stain looks at Princess Celestia. "Congratulations I hope it goes well with you." Princess Snow looks at the main 7. "Ok Twilight it is time that the main 7 do the elements of harmony." Discord shouts. "Wait." Princess Twilight looks at Discord. "What is it now Discord." Discord sense danger. "I can't put Princess Celestia in danger." Discord opens a door to the realm of Chaos and walks Princess Celestia and then Discord said. "Oh I forgot to mention I accidentally forgot to tell you guys something." Princess Twilight looks at Discord. "Is it good news." Discord use another door to the Crystal Empire and pulled Shiny Armour and Princess Cadance to that door and closed it. Princess Twilight rolled her eyes. "What is this all about?" Discord tells about the contracts. "Well when I was evil me and Tirek made well a few contracts with a some bounty hunters." Princess Twilight is shocked. "What." "Well they should get here right about now." As Discord walks further to his chaos throne. Glass Breaks down the hallways. Princess Twilight shouts. "Who's the target Discord." "You, Princess Cadance and Princess Snow Crystal." As Discord is really shocked. Princess Snow looks at Discord with a mean look. "How much is my head worth Discord?" Discord laughs. "More than Princess Cadance." Stain is unsure. "Like how so?" Bounty hunter 1 glares at the ponies. "More than a life time of retirement." Bounty hunter 2 laughs. "Surrender or pay the price with your lives." Princess Twilight use the paralyzed magic on all the bounty hunters. Princess Twilight looks at Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie gather these paralyzed bodies and put them in the dungeon." Pinkie Pie smiles. "Can I bring my other self known as Pinkamena Diane Pie Cupcakes." Princess Twilight gets serious. "Tell her she gets the fair share if she finds the information on who hired them. Also make sure you tell her to clean up and take a shower after she's done. You know some of the children is wondering what the stench was last time we did this when she did the changelings. Also tell her to burn the bodies because I don't know if I can build another cemetery." Pinkie Pie laughs. "Ok I'll tell her." Pinkie Pie gets the wheelbarrow and put 10 Bounty hunters and took them to the magic kingdom dungeon then strapped all 10 bounty hunters. Then she went back to grab the last 10 bounty hunters and use the wheel barrow to take them to the dungeon and strapped the other 10. Princess Twilight look at the ponies. "We better get moving things could get ugly here more like screaming." Stain looks at the magic kingdom windows. "Ok where to." Princess Twilight looks back at the castle. "Ok everyone to the castle of Canterlot." All of the ponies went out side. Princess Twilight calls out Discord. Discord appears. Princess Twilight looks at Discord. "Discord take all of us that is in front of you to Canterlot." Discord laughs. "Canterlot it shall be." Everyone went to the door and open it to Canterlot. All ponies went through the door. "Well now that is over let's talk discord." As Princess Twilight looks at him in a serious way. Discord laughs. "It's about the bounty hunters isn't it." Princess Twilight asked a question. "No it's about the pony of shadows."
  17. Introduction It was a cold November night on the front line and operation Strangle the Slumbering Goose was in action. A hand signal was given and the gun fire lite the night sky. They had no chance of survival or mercy, it was a massacre and it was glorious. I watched as explosive went off from hit munitions and bits of shrapnel flew in all directions. I piece of shrapnel grazed my right cheek but I refused to move, we needed this, this is what will bring us back to the living. Chapter One The year, was 1943 and war was all the talk in Soviet Russia. Thousands on thousands of young boys being transported to their slaughter. Many laughing, drinking and trying to make the best of bad times, with more to come. I was Rivet, that's all you need to know, I'm nothing special encase you get any ideas. I came from a bad and poor background, no surprise there as most Soviet families were living it hard. The so called almighty and invincible Mother Russia was a huge cess pool of poverty, crime and political corruption. To survive in this hell of a country is a damn miracle. I am transported to where the action is had, I listen to many stories coming back from the front line of many a massacre, on our side. I pray everyday and wish to see my children another day. Most the men I've been transported with, bargained their way out of this death. They either had connections or did some special favors for the ones that can change a few papers here and there. Myself, I simply sneaked away while no one was looking. They had that many men to look after they couldn't possible keep everyone in check. So the escape was more than easy. I now found myself alone in the wilderness of a Cold and unforgiving Russia. I had no choice but to return, I had no idea where I was and it was so dark I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. I also think that I heard wolves, I was not going to take the risk and find out. The next morning had come and it was still cold as ever. Every man was low on morale, hungry and losing their mind a little. Some men even said some guys froze to death and some got taken away by wolves. Many lined up for the little food they had to offer. There was not enough food for every man, so they gave some one half a potato and the other a drink of vodka. I got vodka, I would've much preferred the food, but at least I got something rather than nothing. We started moving the convoy and we were coming to a small town, which was abandoned. We were going to set-up a command, some could stay to protect the small command outpost, the rest would continue to the front line. I crossed my fingers I got to be one of the guys that stayed. The next morning had arrived, and every man was lined up for selection. Twenty selections down the line I'd lost all hope in being picked, the last was going to be selected, it was not me. The last man was cheering and acting a complete fool, why him and not me I thought to myself. Then suddenly one of the men who wasn't chosen lunged out at the last man and bite his ear off and started stabbing him multiple times in the stomach. The guards were quick but not quick enough, they shot the attacker and the victim bled out on the ground. They now needed one more man, and that man was me. Thankfully no one attacked me while I walked over to the selection group, I could tell a lot wanted it, and a lot were willing to do anything for it. The relief of getting in the selected group was huge, it meant I could one day meet my wife and children again. Chapter Two
  18. I need help writing the story for my Mlp Comic Midnight's story Can be found here: As you can see I have not posted a new page in a while and that is due to the writing part of the comic I just don't think I can make my dialogue, whether it is a conversation between characters or the thoughts in a character's head, is very convincing or entertaining. Please help me out!!! If you are interested in helping out here are some requirements -Must be able to work through google docs -be good at character dialogue -be able to work well with others Please keep in mind that this is a story based on an original character and I will share all the details about the story and the character with whoever I choose. Also if you could please send me an example of your work that would be amazing Thank you all so much!!
  19. So, I didn't see a thread for this, and I thought Id create one. Discuss anything related to JJBA here, but please be sure to hide spoilers properly. Some of you may be wondering, "What is this 'JoJo' you speak of?" Well my friends, allow me to explain. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga series by Hirohiko Araki, first published in 1987 and still ongoing, currently on its eighth part. It has been adapted into anime many times, most famously the 1993 OVA of the manga's third part and the 2012 adaptation of parts 1 and 2, the latter of which led to Part 3 also being animated (still in progress). The series has influenced many things, including video game characters (e.g., Guile from Street Fighter) and produced a fair amount of memes you may have seen, most notably "WRRRRRYYYYY" (did I kinda ruin this somewhat intelligent explanation by mentioning memes?). If you wish to read the manga, the best place would probably be Batoto. The anime series can be found on Crunchyroll. I recommend watching the anime until you run out of episodes, and then starting to read the manga from there.
  20. Here's the jist of it: War, generals, soldiers, Chrysalis, Sombra, enemy gryphons and dragons, group of five alicorn colts that are soldiers and a boy band. Good or not. I've already written out the three trilogies of fan fictions related to this overall plot with the finale in two parts (Just like the series, I just realized). I've had this written out on a journal ever since high school and jsut to warn you, there are a few questionable scene that made the guys laugh and shocked girls, jsut a heads up. Should I post it or not? Be as honest as possible. If given the green light, I'll post the first story of the arc that I've already typed up months ago. I;m just looking for a place to publish this. thank you for your feedback. Disclaimer: This fan fiction has nothing to do with my current OC. In fact, this fan fiction is about my previous OC, General Arcane. I'm currrently writing a fan fic about Kronos.
  21. Hello, all! I know I haven't been on here in a long time, but I would like to take the time to post my comic. Long Live the Frontier takes place far in the future, much longer after the show. While I can't tell much without spoiling the next few pages that are in the works, I can say it's going to be good! The main character is Deadwood, somepony I haven't even brought out to dust off in a long time. As this is only the first page, it's a style I have not used in so long, it's alien to me, but not so alien that I cannot use it. So, what do you think?
  22. The Bravest Souls are Those With the Most to Fear (A Them's Fightin' Herds Crossover) The prison on Fœnum is weakening and evil predators are once again on the hunt with more being sure to come as the barrier continues to weaken. The call has gone out to request the peaceful herbivore races of Fœnum to send champions to find the key, and reseal the prison. But Fœnum has a sister world, Equestria. Equestria has chosen to intercede on behalf of their sister planet, and have sent six of their most accomplished champions to help six of the heroes of Fœnum. Due to Formatting issues I am just going to link each FIMFiction chapter as it comes out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: An Awkward Hello
  23. Chapter 1. Grundel Because my mind is out of of step with reality and the thoughts from tomorrow haunt my dreams as sharply as those from yesterday, I shall start this tale part way through it's journey..... _____________ . ______________ Falling forward she landed hard flat on her belly. Winded she stood up, pirouetted on her front hooves and clocked him in the side of the head with a rear. He snorted briefly, rolled his eyes and went down like a sack of potatoes. Then came the icy tones of Colonel Raven. Oh hell, she was in for it now! Even if he had seen everything that led to that kick she would likely be up on a charge. "Tigger, you and Delta move to forward defence. You, what crew are you?" Before anypony could reply, "Pick that up, put him in your ship and follow them," he balled, pointing at Grundel. "We'll talk about consequences 'if' you come back!" Delta, Hatty and Tigger ran for their tank before anything else could happen. Hatty hung up the charge cable on it's post and closed the door before jumping into the engineers seat. "Main Batt is full, aux is full, main gun shows green," she called out. Everything appeared to be working fine, which was of some concern? They had called the old tank 'grundel', because of it's lack of interest in doing anything properly. It was just grumpy and reluctant to trundle and should have been destroyed ten times over! The previous crew of Unicorns had done things to it and no one was quite sure what? If nothing else it could take one hell of a beating. And 'hell' was where it was happy. Tigger watched as Hatty threw the main breakers and smiled as the machine began to hum and tick. Sounding the siren she steered the giant tracked gun out of the parking area and onto the road. Forward defence wasn't a big task, so she decided to burn some power on a fast run. It would be interesting to see if Rotors crew could keep up? All was going well until they came to a fallen tree. Tigger slowed down to climb over the obstacle, which passed with nothing more exciting than the sound of splintering wood. Hatty was just getting up to check something as tigger put her hoof down. There was huge bang and the tank stopped dead. Hatty hit the panel in front of her hard and slumped back in her seat. Delta sprang to her aid and pulled the silver mare to the floor. "Oh hell she's out cold," he said. "We need to get her back". Tigger looked around her for signs of ambush and attempted to reverse up. Checking behind she could see Rotors tank coming up fast behind them. Giving the tank full drive power she felt it dig in. "Tank trap!" she called out. "I thought ours were supposed to be marked on the map?" "Must be a new one?" called out Delta. "How many fingers am i holding up?" he asked Hatty. "Pony's don't have fingers," she half grinned back, "But when did you get eight legs?" Then she passed out again. Tigger looked down at her friend and scowled. "Get Rotors crew to take her back. At least they are moving. I'll call for recovery when she's safe." Delta dragged the incapacitated mare to the rear door, kicked it open and pulled her through. It wasn't safe outside, but the obstacle they were stuck in might be dialled into an enemy firing position. Right now it was a juicy stationary target. Ten minutes later she heard the other machine move off, followed by Delta shutting the door. If it was a trap laid by their ponies then forward was probably the only way out. It would have been dug to slam fast moving machines into the vertical wall of earth she had just driven over. Self recovery was worth a shot before she called for help. This time she was gentle with the controls as they moved forward. At first Grundel wouldn't climb the exit slope, but with a turn this way and that they began to climb out. It was all looking feasible until; "You rust bucket!" she shouted as the track just exiting the ditch began to smoke. It must have been holding them back because a sharp jab on the stirrups had the huge machine leaping from the trap. The exit wasn't quite as graceful as it needed to be and another track motor took the harsh landing badly. Tigger jumped from her station and made for the door carrying something. "You lousy rotten..." Delta couldn't make out the really bad words because she was holding some heavy object in her teeth, but he could hear the ringing blows as Tigger struck the free wheeling links with a hammer. It was more 'tiger' than sweet little mare today! A metallic twang suggested both front drive motors were now disconnected. Delta stepped up to the command panel and set them both to 'Isolate' as Tigger was shutting the door. This was all turning out badly and he was glad they would be going back despite the repercussions. "It'll be an easy run to the front," she said. Then seeing Delta's surprised face; "It's a steady downhill road. We'll take it it turns to nap tonight, then grab a tow in the morning." Chapter 2. Time to Leave Tigger opened the rear door and sprang out into the roar of gun fire. There wasn't time to be messing about removing covers and seeing which power relay was sticking. Instead she span around and bucked the general vicinity of the power cell as hard as she could before diving back into the relative safety of the tank. Jabbing her hooves back into the shifter stirrups she punched the auxiliary power button again and waited for the indicator bar to creep up. It hadn't been the quiet evening she had hoped for. Her arrival seemed to motivate the enemy and they were pretty keen to get rid of them before she could report their positions. They were in luck, because the initial firing of the tank's rail gun showed the main battery was indeed lying about its condition. "One, two, three, come on! I'm not going out like this! Not with a flat battery!" she shouted at the info panel as another projectile clanged off the front armour. If this carried on she would be lucky to back up let alone fire the rail gun again. It might have been the kick or the impact of the incoming fire that shook the whole machine, but either way the indicator shot into the green and the cooling fans started up. Delta looked up from the communication station. "Incoming!" he shouted, adding; "Right now, while we were down, they got on top of us." Setting the auto-target system to 'metallic' Tigger scanned the battle field ahead for Robot Horses and found no shortage of targets. There was even a command tank coming into view far off in the distance. The combination of both types of weaponry was bad news. If she used the main gun on the heavy target she would run the risk of a power outage that would leave her unable to fight the hoof soldiers. But if she didn't fire she risked its main weaponry hitting her. There was no option really but to remove the immediate threat a mere stone's throw in front of her. "Missile, set dead ahead, shrapnel, 300 steps!" she barked. Delta looked up with surprise at the very short fuse delay, but seeing her face he immediately cranked it in and slid the explosive rocket into its launcher. Tigger put the cross hairs onto a mech in the middle of the group ahead, selected 'missile' on the ordinance panel and pressed send. Everypony held their breath as the launch tube showed green and then orange before the whole tank shook to Tigger's touch of the fire button. Almost instantly the second explosion hit them. The leading mech soldiers' disintegration was followed by a rain of debris on the roof. "That should hide us for a second or two," She said out loud to herself. "Ready the rail gun. I want those capacitors charged and ready to go as soon as their heavy shows through the dust." Hopefully the opposing force believed that it was her blowing up? "Yes Sir," shouted back Delta as he threw the auxiliary power switch to the main gun. This wasn't exactly in the training manual, but nor was fighting with half the travel motors out. He held his breath as the power hummed into the rapid release storage batteries. "Come on, come on," he said as the indicator on his panel rose. Tigger looked down and smiled. "This is going to work. We should raise a full shot just before we see them." Turning back to the viewer she added, "Or at least, just before they can see us?" Ideally she would use technology to scan the horizon for the large metal threat coming toward her, but this would have to be done by sight. Hopefully the metal of battle machine parts strewn around them would hide their radar profile. Right now the debris was the only thing hiding her and she needed to keep it that way by not emitting energy waves. Delta's eyes were upon her as she stared into the periscope. The only noise came from the circulation fans and the super-coolant running through the gun coils. He held his breath and waited. There was no doubting she had found her quarry when her ears went back. With a grin she took the distance. "Ten thousand steps, ten steps compensation, full charge rail gun!" "Rail gun at ninety eight percent," replied Delta. As the front of the tank lifted slightly to aim the main weapon Tigger turned the trigger selector to 'automatic' and set it to trip at full charge. "Brace!" she shouted. Their whole world shook as the entire battery load was dumped into the coils surrounding the gem tipped projectile. Even at this range the effect was virtually instantaneous, a red trace lighting the ground ahead. A flash indicated it had found something solid in the distance and as the bright light receded the opposing tank could be seen split in two. Tigger hadn't time to be pleased though. Spinning the commander seat around she kicked both stirrups forward and felt the machine lurch under her. The remaining tracks scrabbled for grip on the dirt road before eventually finding their way. "Time to get out out of here," she called out. "Eye's wide open for ambush! They know where we are and they know we're off home." Chapter 3. Home Time Getting home wasn't going to be an easy feat. It wasn't a large distance to the forward operations centre, but the two dragging tracks weren't helping and nor had that last railgun charge. They were very pleased to see a recovery track ahead and radioed its number. "Heavy to 23, require recovery," called Delta. "Recovery 23 to Heavy, taking fire, set your auto tow, ready for syncro." Tigger tapped the recovery icon on the auto pilot and felt the feedback pressure drop on the stirrups. Her tank approached the other machine slowly with the ominous sound of heavy machine gun fire tinkling on the outer armour. There was a stout metallic clack as the tow hitches locked. "I have you Heavy, returning to Base A3." Supply Base A3 would do nicely as she didn't have to face any flack from the earlier incident at Park 6. Alpha Three would be a bit too close to the action to have a comfy lay about and a rest though. A night in her tank was a safe bet. She hoped they had parts? "Is there a fresh battle plan in yet, are we in for a good haul?" she asked Delta. "Long enough for munchies if we are to make a start on the drive motors on arrival," He rummaged around in a side locker before jumping and dropping the entire contents on the floor. "Nuts, what the hell was that one? I thought it was coming through the hull!" Tigger studied the back end and then spun to view the front. "Meh, front light only ever lit up the top of the gun anyway," she shrugged at the wisp of smoke coming from it's mount. "It should be showing a line-short on the third bus. Yes, nice one, lemon hay-bar! Hoof that over over here before it rattles under the floor board." They were soon in a line up of other battered hardware, a power line running into the back of their tank. A heated debate was soon underway; "Just because I only have one drive motor doesn't mean I'm out for good!" shouted a blue stallion. Tigger laughed. "That main gun is done for. Look at the sedate gentle curve along its length. You couldn't hit us with that and we're right in front you! Give it up, you know you want to. Help a filly out. Its half off anyway?" "What the buck? Get the hell away from my tank ya jack ass!" Delta looked a little ashamed. "Well, it sounded like we almost had a deal?" Tigger re-gained the stallions attention. "Hay bar? It's a lemon one," she suggested, waving the bright wrapper in front of the stallion. He eyed it cautiously. "Yeh, go on then. If it had been strawberry you would have been walking home!" Tigger grinned, kissed him on the nose and ripped the power coupling out of Grundle's side with a bright blue flash. "Baby's getting a new track motor," she sang. Half an hour later they were synchronising the drive speeds as tinkling noises came from above. Tigger looked up at the inside of the hull. "Shrap' rains early tonight, how are we doing on charge? Mine says fifty percent?" "Mine says one battery is in the main stores in Neighville and the other says two hundred percent, so i guess we should have took his comms panel as well," replied Delta as he got up to throw the charge cable out of the back door." Soon they were underway in the darkness which was much easier without the gun-light reflecting back at them. Three motors put the odds in their favour and they were making cruising speed. Nopony needed to be loitering around this close to the front and speed was better than armour. Delta kept an ear out for 'chitt chat' on the radio and the secure scribe-net. He could see that some R&R wasn't going to be in his stars this week. Their forces were taking a hammering in the north, while in the south progress was slow. "We are directed to Air 19. I guess it's an emergency air supply depot? Left at the next turn." Tigger made the next turn a little wider than she wished and took out a fair length of roadside fence. Glancing sideways to the rear-view portion of the periscope she saw a post come up over a rear track and snap like a toothpick as the metal belt took a second bite. Her eye lids felt heavy as they pulled onto the side of the air strip next to some other beaten up Heavies. Delta flipped the breakers as they made for the door. Just outside was a young stallion in flying garb. "We're all leaving. They've got ahead of our forces and we're cut off. That's your way out," he said pointing to a plane. "I'll see you onboard." Tigger walked to the plane chatting to Delta, but then suddenly looked confused. She hadn't been more than a thousand steps away from that machine in six moons? "Come on Captain, Hatty left hours ago, Grundels going to be fine!" But Tigger didn't look so sure? "We can catch a plane back with spare parts in an hour or two," he added. As she put a hoof on the first step she heard the hit and felt the betrayal. She knew in that instant what the noise was. The whole of existence slowed as she thought back to the first time she saw that cursed machine. Ever since she had fallen through the roof of that shed and landed on 'her tank' it was obvious to her that they had a journey to make. Only Hatty and Delta would go near it. That's why it was in a shed on it's own. Until it's true Captain sat at it's command station it just crackled and spat at anypony who dared to look at it. She didn't even know why it liked them? They had tried to paint it, but the paint just slid off onto the floor as though it simply rejected it. Enchanted or cursed, Tigger was the only officer who gained a tank command just by being able to drive one about. "She doesn't need to sit an exam if she can drive that thing. If she can get near it without being burned alive then who are you to deny her anything?" had been one overheard argument. As a sound like imploding glass rang out across the airstrip she looked up to see the utter horror across Delta's face. Standing wide mouthed his eyes were huge as he watched Grundel turn a brilliant purple and then begin to crack all over its surface. "That's not right," he mumbled, "That was only a small shell." The cracks thickened and then for a split second he could see every impact it had ever taken. One large round had gone right through his radio station, a tank on the other side easily visible through the hull. But until that moment it hadn't shown as much as a scratch? And then, as though it had simply just had enough of the fight it imploded. All that remained was one rear track set that had somehow been left behind as a memento. "GO!" screamed Tigger as she ran up the steps hurling Delta into the plane. "GO!" she shouted at the pilot, who was thinking the same thing as more missiles rained down. This was going to be another close one and the ground was traveling past them quite quickly as they slammed the door shut. At least they were gaining distance as they crept into the sky. Then it just sort of hit her. Her home was gone? Where would she go now and what would she do next? As she sat on the floor with the other ponies she was strangely all alone. It was like Tigger had died inside Grundel. Now it was just her. She was back to being Tammy, a young mare with a hint of stripes in her soft brown coat. The End Team Idris .
  24. so this is my first submitted fanfic that was written in a different language than german so i hope you guys can get some entertainment out of this ^^ comments and opinions are welcome (even the unpleasant ones) The story itself is about a green stallion and his bookshop that appeared right outside of Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle is going to investigate this strangers secrets. strange link -->
  25. A lot of fanfictions, ones i've seen at least, are mostly 1) Clop, 2)short stories, or 3)going against all things that made the show enjoyable in the first place (a.k.a canon). I set out to create a story that was not any of those things. I wanted to create a story I, myself would enjoy. After reading Her Frontier (a link is provided inside story description, linkception), I realized how good fanfictions could be. I wanted to imitate (not copy, see) those qualities into my own story. So I spent hours, days even, learning grammer, vocabulary, punctuation, slang, and other junk that you need to make good stories, and this is what I have created: "After a freak accident at Fluttershy's cottage, Rainbow Dash and Twilight become much more hostile towards each other than any friendly disagreement, and Applejack gets caught right in the middle of their feud. All the while, the Cutie Map has activated again, sending the mane six to a strange new town in the San Palomino Desert. This community ends up hiding something bigger than anypony could ever imagine. Will the Mane Six be able to save Equestria, or will they tear themselves apart from the inside?" It is unfinished, but is is currently sitting at a nice 20,000 words. I believe it is about a fifth of the way done. So if your looking for more of a book rather than a short story, you got it. I haven't uploaded in a while, but I will start uploading more soon, especially if it picks up from this post. Here's the link: Like it, dislike it, favorite it, comment, whatever you want. Stories are made for sharing.