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Found 70 results

  1. The only reason I ask this is because I was rewatching A Canterlot Wedding and I noticed in the flashback scene Twilight has of being younger Cadence has the same body type, leg length and shape as Alicorn Twilight (and mane 6) has now. As far as I can tell so far the only real physical change in becoming a princess was the wings, and as most ponies don't have the long legs even though they are considered fully mature (ie mr and mrs Cake) I wondered if this was a feature unique to alicorns that the develop over time, along with other changes. So anybody else think we will see Twilight looking something like this in the future?
  2. Now that Twilight is a princess, she needs a place to rule. What do you think will be twilight's kingdom? Will one be made up for here, will she take over a present area, or will she just not have a kingdom in general?
  3. I was just thinking, an alicorn is a pony with wings and a horn. Changelings have wings and a horn, so does that mean changelings are alicorns, or do they not count because their changelings.
  4. Moving on from the mysterious unnamed Princess who doesn't seem to be around anymore... Twilight is now an alicorn, and we know very little as of yet from this transformation. We know that she reached it by understanding more about the magic of friendship than anyone previously, which spontaneously caused her to be alicoronated. With some kind of power boost from the Elements of Harmony, of course. Celestia felt the need to shepherd the process, but you get the impression that it would have happened anyway without Celestia being there. Maybe Celestia just eased it along, reducing some of the trauma. The Twilight and the Crystal Heart Spell, which was originally billed as being canon (but I’m not convinced the writers of the show itself believe that due to how the book and the show diverged on Trixie), has Cadence being a pegasis who became an alicorn by understanding more about the magic of love than anyone previously. We know that these events occurred before Cadence was Twilight’s foalsitter, and she was adopted by Celestia as a niece to officially name her a Princess. From that time to ‘now’, Cadence has appeared to age normally. Her mane also only does the ethereal thing Celestia’s and Luna’s does when boosted by her husband. Interestingly, she doesn't appear to have needed the kind of power boost the Elements of Harmony provided for Twilight for her 'ascension.' These two have an odd thing connecting them, both 'ascended' to alicorn status by the magic of friendship, or the magic of love. Are there other 'magics' that could do this as well? Can they only happen once per 'item', or is it repeatable? No idea, but if we see any other alicorns showing up, I think we'll find out that they ascended due to some other emotion-based magic. Celestia has lived for over a thousand years, and given the glimpse of her from the Crystal Empire episodes where she and Luna took down Sombra, has not changed much during that time. She gives the impression of being effectively immortal, if not fully immortal. However, there was a time where she didn’t exist as such, as in the Hearth’s Warming Eve story her task of controlling the Sun (and the Moon when Luna was unavailable) was run by the Unicorn tribe itself. Now, in one of the adverts for MLP, Celestia was referred to as a winged unicorn rather than as an alicorn, so it is possible that when the Hearth’s Warming Eve story said that the Sun and Moon were controlled by unicorns, they may still have been referring to Celestia and Luna, but that they weren’t considered ‘rulers’ at that point. Lauren Faust specifically mentioned in a Q&A that Celestia and Luna were born alicorns, and if that fact is still true (since Lauren no longer runs the show, and it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in show), then that makes them very different from the ascended alicorns like Twilight and Cadence. It is also implied that Celestia is more powerful magically than any unicorn. However, other than the raising of the Sun and Moon, she doesn’t actually demonstrate any immense magical power. Her defeat by Chrysalis, and Chrysalis’ expression of surprise at that, gives the impression that Celestia’s vaunted magical power is more marketing than real. Luna I’ve left for last, because she’s the real odd one of the bunch. Like Celestia, Lauren said she was born an alicorn, but her physical age wavers. When taking down Sombra, she has an ‘adult’ or at least young adult appearance, similar to her appearance in Season 2+. However, when she was ‘cleansed’ of the Nightmare in Season 1, she took on the appearance of being much younger, and without the ethereal mane. It's entirely possible that she's actually the same age as Celestia, but whatever is causing these appearance changes is preventing her from matching Celestia. Thematically, having Luna and Celestia actually being twins who's apparent ages are divergent isn't that farfetched. All the twins I know make jokes constantly about who's the 'younger' sibling, and as we will see there are lots of things that may have arrested Luna's development. There are two different explanations for her appearance changes. The first, and the most popular, is that being stripped of the Nightmare carved off a lot of her natural power as well, and this simply took time to regenerate. The other, which I find interesting, is that her appearance is actually tied to the phases of the moon, the younger appearance being a ‘new moon’, and the older appearance being a ‘full moon’. Although this one very unlikely as her appearance seems to be stable throughout Season 2 and 3, I like it personally. She has demonstrated some unusual powers, including dreamwalking, as well as controlling the Moon and night sky. It is implied that she controls the stars in the night sky, but it's not explicitly said in the show itself. Unlike Celestia, we don’t know if Luna is particularly long-lived, because her time as Nightmare Moon throws off all calculations. For all we know, she didn’t age during her time of imprisonment because either she was kept alive by the Nightmare powers, or by the imprisonment itself. I think we can assume that whatever abilities or immortality Celestia has, Luna has as well, but that’s not a guarantee.
  5. This is my character... you can find me on DeviantArt!! BTW... I need more friends... and I just became a member! ^^ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! Umm... WHY DO WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 100 CHARACTERS?!
  6. As always with these things we have to leave the land of 'what we know', and move into 'is there any way to make sense of it?' @@TheGr3ml1n, and @@Noble have mentioned things in their own speculations that I have incorporated into this as I see no reason not to. Thanks for the ideas! Can we assemble a consistent time-line of Celestia and Luna out of what we know? Yes, but it does get a bit strained in places. It's definitely a house of cards, which any further information from the show could topple down. As an added bonus, let's see if we can get a popular meme around Discord into the mess and have it fit. We have to start with the Hearth’s Warming Eve panto as being the earliest known point in Equestrian history, predating everything else we’ve seen. Supposedly predating Celestia and Luna themselves. At least, this is the earliest known point within this specific show. If we allow for the previous generations to actually *be* previous generations.... things get weirder, and not necessarily in good ways. Clover the Clever is billed as Starswirl’s apprentice, yet Luna gives the impression of personally knowing how Starswirl looked and dressed during the Luna Eclipsed episode, and Celestia gives the impression of personally knowing how Starswirl behaved during the Magical Mystery Cure episode, as well as having his personal journal stashed away. This means that even if Celestia and Luna weren’t around for the Windigo attack, because their roles were being filled by the Unicorn tribe as a whole, they arrived on-scene ‘shortly’ afterwards in order to have met Starswirl in person. Shortly meaning at least within a pony’s normal lifespan, whatever that actually is. This assumes that Starswirl was still alive during the Hearth's Warming Eve period, probably advising the Unicorn King that was mentioned as Princess Platinum's father and therefore the pair of them being off-screen in order to give Clover and Platinum the spotlight. Starswirl’s spells that we know about officially all seem to revolve around attempts to change destiny. Either going back into the past, or switching cutie-marks. I have stuff to say about that last spell, and why it was incomplete, but BronyCurious has already said most of the same things in this video: . My emphasis is a bit different, and I have some alternate speculation to add, but the end result is much the same, so I'll leave it for now until I develop more divergent analysis. Discord was taken down by Celestia and Luna, which means Discord’s reign took place after the events of Hearth’s Warming Eve, as they were not yet in evidence then. There is the possiblity that the Windigoes were part of Discord’s reign, but for some reason I think Discord would have been mentioned in the play if that had been so. We know that Celestia and Luna were not ascended, but were born as alicorns according to 'the word of God' (read Lauren Faust), at least until the current showrunner overrides it officially. It is implied that this is an extremely rare occurance. If we pull in the toy line as evidience, the Princess Skyla toy means that the child of an alicorn (ascended or not) will be born an alicorn. Therefore it is likely that Celestia and Luna’s mother was an alicorn. We know that extreme demonstrations of the magic of friendship and love cause alicorinations. A demonstration that Clover pulled off during the Hearth’s Warming Eve story. We also know of one alicorn that predates Discord, the mysterious Princess of the love poison. An interesting thing to add to this is Sombra. My previous speculations had Celestia and Luna taking down Sombra after Discord, but there is a chance that they tackled Sombra as a lead-in on Discord, learning how the Elements worked before going after the far more powerful and dangerous Discord. This isn't really relevant to this specific discussion, but I thought I'd mention it. A side-bar on this particular bit is if they did take on Sombra *before* Discord, then it's technically possible that 'King' Sombra is in fact Princess Platinum's father, the former Unicorn King who has succumbed to dark magic (and/or Discorded?) Let’s weave this all together. Remember that all of this occurs over twenty, possibly even thirty years, so this compressed version includes twists and turns that would be more natural seeming over the longer period of time: Clover the Clever, shortly after the events of Hearth’s Warming Eve due to her demonstration of extreme magic of friendship, undergoes the alicoronation process, while her mentor Starswirl the Bearded watches in confusion. Clover naturally takes the position of ruling Equestria as the Principle member of the pony council, previously composed of three: an Earth Pony (Puddinghead), a Pegasis (Hurricane), and a Unicorn (Platinum). Now adding an Alicorn that combines the features of Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasis. Starswirl, because he doesn’t understand the magics of friendship or love as per Celestia’s comments, tries several methods to duplicate this alicoronation, each ending with failure. Eventually he tries to ‘simulate’ love via a love potion to trigger a similar transformation. Making him the 'Prince' mentioned in the story, but with different motivations than the author assumed. (See my prior blog entry on the definition of 'Prince' and 'Princess', and why this actually works if you use classical definitions rather than modern ones.) It all goes wrong; the potion turns out to be a poison distorting Clover’s and Starswirl’s minds. Clover and Starswirl consummate their artificial love, all while Equestria’s tenuous new-found stability falls apart, leading to monstrous invasions from manticores, chimera, basilisks, and dragons. Clover gives birth to two little filly alicorns. If we go dark with this, perhaps she doesn’t survive the last birth a la Padme Amidala. Starswirl is still affected by the poison, and goes nuts. He tries to look for ways to either undo these events, or still to duplicate the transformation for himself, leading to the limited time travel spell of It’s About Time, and the failed destiny re-write spell of the Magical Mystery Cure. When the filly Princesses have reached something around the CMC’s ages, in a final attempt to raise his magical potential to what he believes is alicorn-like status, Starswirl uses transformation magic to blend himself with other highly magical creatures, taking on their power into himself. And becomes Discord, which fulfills one of the popular fandom memes. The Princesses grow up to late teen/early adulthood in a world ruled by Discord. When the eldest, Celestia, reaches Twilight’s age they go on a quest to find the various Elements of Harmony, and eventually get enough together to take on Discord. And turn what’s left of their father to stone. This is really a pretty standard Fantasy Novel plot. Not necessarily a *good* plot as such, but pretty average in complexity. Next time, I'm going to address a problem with the MLP universe as a whole. We can pretty much cover anything the writers come up culturally and historically with a Real Life model when worldbuilding, because truth really can be stranger than fiction. But there's something that can't be worked around so easily and is a genuine problem with trying to flesh out the MLP:FiM setting. It's all a matter of scale.
  7. We know only a limited amount about alicorns, despite how important they seem to be in show. I honestly thought this would be a single entry, because of how little I thought there was. But when I wrote it all out, I was amazed at how much there actually is. Just for completeness, what do we know from non-show sources about alicorns: First off; Alicorn and Unicorn are technically the same name, but have moved into English through different paths. Unicorn comes to English from old French (unicorne), which got it from Latin (unicornus), which is from the old Indo-European roots of oi-no-kernu. Alicorn is the same root, but filtered through the Moors instead of the Franks, shifting the oi-no pronunciation in a different direction. Ali instead of Uni, which isn’t that big of a shift linguistically. English itself has undergone similar pronunciation shifts, even after the invention of the printing press which slowed down such changes. For example, the reason why knife is spelt with a silent k is because when the spelling was set the k wasn’t silent, it was actually pronounced. Alchemists used a lot of stuff from the Moors and other more eastern cultures for their own philosophy, and developed their own creole-style 'secret' language based on it. They took the Alicorn word, and applied it to the mystical substance of the horn itself, rather than the entire creature; because that was the bit they were interested in. As for Winged Unicorns themselves, they have been in mythology since at least the Assyrians (really, really, long ago). But then the Assyrians stuck wings on pretty much anything they came across. It was a 'thing' with them. Winged unicorns, winged bulls, winged cats, winged dogs; I’m sure there’s an Assyrian winged ferret out there somewhere, just because. The Assyrian winged beasts were all symbols of protection from evil forces, used on seals, as guards, etc. The first known instance of Alicorn = Winged Unicorn showed up with Piers Anthony. Before that authors just spelled it out as winged unicorn, or less often a horned pegasis. If they bothered to call it anything more than 'unicorn' or 'pegasis' depending on whether the horn or wings were more important to the story at hand. After Piers, Alicorn became synonymous with Winged Unicorn. Not sure any of that helps, but it’s information. Let’s talk about in-show: There are five known alicorns, one of which may have been fictional even within the show itself. Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, and the unnamed princess who was affected by the love poison in the storybook within Hearts and Hooves day. I’ll start with the unnamed one, because she’s the one with the least information in show, but also points out some odd cultural idiosyncrasies. The problem with Princess (I’ll call her that for lack of a better name), is that she’s not really in the episode. The book was likely written long after that individual was gone, so what we have is what the author and illustrator thought was true. The author says that she was a Princess, and the illustrator drew her as an Alicorn. If the illustrator was going off of the authors description, then possibly he drew her as an Alicorn simply because the author said she was a Princess. We've already seen that Princess Celestia the Alicorn was around for so long, most of it as the only Alicorn, the idea of Princess = Alicorn may simply be ingrained in all the ponies of Equestria, even by the time that book was written. It could go the other way around as well; if the illustrations came first it’s possible the author saw those and assumed because she was an Alicorn that she was also a Princess. So it’s possible that she was an Alicorn *or* a Princess, or both, or even neither, depending on whether the author and the illustrator were going off of personal knowledge or just copying down a story they had been told. Interestingly, when under the influence of the love poison, it is stated that ‘A dragon came, a kingdom fell, and chaos reigned’. Which I have stated before sounds an awful lot like the rise of Discord. If so, this gives us a loose time frame for these events, in that it predates Celestia and Luna’s defeat of Discord. The kingdom mentioned may or may not be Equestria. If it is, then this Princess must have been the ruler of Equestria before Celestia and Luna. If not, then there are/were pony kingdoms *other* than Equestria out there. Possibly evidence that the Crystal Empire was much larger in the past, including more than one city? The Hearth’s Warming Eve panto doesn’t mention alicorns beyond the image of what appears to be Celestia and Luna in the ‘new’ Equestrian banner. (For those confused by the word ‘panto’, it is a English concept. It’s a type of play specifically for younger audiences where audience interaction is encouraged; booing the villain, cheering the hero, that kind of thing. Where I grew up they were usually put on during the holiday season.) However, because that was a play it’s also possible that they just used the current Equestrian banner, rather than going through the effort of trying to dig up the historical one from over a thousand years ago. Not entirely sure I buy that, because I can't see Twilight letting that slide unless the banners were sprung on her at the last minute, or she was convinced by somepony else that the audience would react better to a familiar image rather than a mysterious one they've never seen before. However, if we assume the banner was anachronistic, it’s likely there were no alicorns at the time of the founding of Equestria. So Celestia and Luna occurred *afterwards* and likely the mysterious Princess was as well.
  8. Oc plz Concept: Twilight sparkle (alicorn) Gender: Stallion Colors: black, white Race: Alicorn Cutie mark: A blue pen Warning: Mane is black and coat is white (WORK WITH REGULAR ALICORN TWILIGHT SPARKLE NOT CRAZY ALICORN TWILIGHT SPARKLE >:1
  9. from season 2 ending to the entire lenght of season 3, we could see that alicorns are not always omniscient legendary gods that never grows old and that are perfect in every way and sense. We thought that of Celestia and Luna. Then we get Cadence, a princess (Crystal Princess) with normal mane and tail, and apparently she can age (so she's not inmortal) and is married to Shinning Armor, a common unicorn (with a bigger horn). And we have Twilight, whom converted herself into an alicorn princess by decoding the magic of friendship (?) Now, we know that alicorns in the show are not 100% perfects and it's possible for them to born as alicorn (I think, in Cadence's case) or become one (Twilight's case), or just exist forever (Celestia and Luna). My question is, would you hate the idea of discovering more alicorns characters in the show, and how many of them would you tolerate? Like, what if alicorns are not so rare as we think they are, and they live pretty damn chill in a unexplored area of Equestria, should they really be tied up to royalty? what if each major sector in Equestria has their own princess but we just don't know yet.
  10. My OC pony Night Shades big brother Silver Sheild is a knight and about to be made command by Shining Armor. Their family is."peasant" ponies from Canterlot. I'm kindof toying with her maybe having royal bloodlines that she has no idea about possibly making her a normal ordinary alicorn by coincidence. Her father is a pegasus and her mom a unicorn, so it makes sense that her parents blame themselves but it could be a great grandfather or something and she finds out way later on about alicorns and that the princess only thing is only a stereotype reinforced by specific breeding for aesthetic reasons or something. Idk. Also for my OC Stallion. Maybe. He looks like Shining Armor but his fur is maroon and he has a blonde and red mane and tail. His name is Crimson Flame and his cutie mark is three falling fireballs. What I cant decide is what type of pony he should be. I've startes a fanfic with him in it and I know that his father is a pegasus named Red Wing who is the leader of Princess Celestias pegasus knights(which I made up. XP.) I want my own oc pony to help him in some way, but I'm not sure how . Like should he be a uni with no magic or a pega that can't fly or just a regular earth pony born to a uni mom and a pega dad. my pony is a pega but I'm becoming fond of the unihorn. Well anyways I'm kindof thinking he's a unicorn who can't do magic. Like because of who his father is he's a dissapointment. I'm thinking maybe he always wanted to train with his unicorn mother to learn magic but she passed when he was just a foal so he got pushed into becoming a "pegasus" knight despite his lack of wings, and is looked down upon for his lack of ability because of who his father is. I'm thinking my oc mare can be an alicorn just not a princess alicorn just a normal pony who happens to have both.wings and a horn. What do you think? Any advice/opinions? :3
  11. A lot of people are posting about the concept that Twilight has ascended to demi-godhood, or that her rank change to Princess has irreperably damaged her character. I believe that if Lauren Faust's version of Alicorns was still the version the current writers are using, then this would be true. However, I believe that the writers have deliberately de-valued both alicorns and princesses through the last two seasons to the point that Twilight's transformation is not as impressive in-show from the character's perspective as it would have been otherwise. Depowering of Alicorns: The defeat of Celestia by Chrysalis. Chrysalis herself seemed surprised by this, which leads me to believe that the characters had in-show bought into the Celestia is powerful PR, while the 'reality' is that while she has a special talent with the Sun and is exceptionally long-lived, her actual power-level isn't as impressive as billed. Depowering of Alicorns: Cadance. Again, while Cadance has a special talent with love spells, she is definately not in the top tier of power level. She can barely hold Sombra at bay, with him being 'just' a unicorn. She could not resist Chrysalis before Chryssie got the powerboost that brought down Celestia. Also Cadance does not appear to be effectively immortal in the same manner as Celestia and/or Luna, as she aged normally between the flashbacks and 'now'. Depowering of Alicorns: Hearth's Warming Eve. Prior to Celestia and Luna, normal unicorns controlled the Sun and Moon. While those two have special talents around that, making that control easier, their roles were filled by non-alicorns for a significant span of time. Commonization of Princes: Blueblood. Blueblood is a prince, but not an alicorn. He also appears to have no direct authority beyond simply being a 'noble'. Commonization of Princesses: Cadance, again. Cadance, while being a princess, was employed as a foal-sitter. This was actually pointed out in the episode itself with filly Twilight mentioning that Cadance was a princess, and Cadance brushing it off as not being that big of a deal. I believe that in-show, the characters honestly believe that to be true. Commonization of Alicorns: The Alicorn that originally consumed (but not created) the love poison used in the Hearts and Hooves day. This was not been disputed as an animation error like the alicorns I list later. It's technically possible that this Alicorn was Celestia or Luna, but this is unlikely given the story involved. Commonization of Alicorns: Animation errors that the writers can, if they want, claim to be evidence for even more alicorns. In a Lesson Zero flashback, a filly in Twilight's class is an alicorn. In another flashback in Canterlot Wedding, several guards are alicorns. Interestingly, all of these are Twilight's flashbacks, so this may be her mind playing tricks, inserting alicorns where there actually weren't any. Commonization of Princesses/Alicorns: Not in show, but the toy of Princess Skyla in the G4 line of toys. Put last because it's not in show, so only counts as 'pattern and practice evidence', not as direct evidence. Adding this up, I believe that Alicorns (and Princesses) are no-where near as important in-show now as they were when Lauren first put pen to paper, and that it is likely that the writers are going to continue that devaluation process through the first episodes of Season 4 in order to accomodate the transformation and rank change without significantly impacting the ability to write further slice-of-life episodes. I expect to see 'flashbacks' or Celestia/Luna driven history lessons that show more alicorns and princes/princesses in various positions and level of authority in Season 4, all specifically to address the fans' confusion over Twilight's transformation. (And all the fans, not just Bronies.) [Note: This essay does not mean that I believe the Alicornification of Twilight was the correct decision. If I was the writer-in-charge this should have been left as the series closer, not a season closer. Or at least done this during a full season, rather than a half-season, and put more references in during the season to build up to it.]
  12. Hm... Alright, in my opinion I think this is a possible ending to her alicorn-ness.. Twilight will be so obsessed with being an alicorn, and start showing off. One by one she will start to ignore her friends, her friends will start to tell her more and more how she's changing. Twilight won't notice until one day, when she actually needs her friends they wont be there for her.. She will go to Celestia and ask her to change her back somehow... She will go back to pony vill and apologize for what she did, They will notice she is no longer alicorn, and she show will go back to "normal" What do you guys think will happen?
  13. Hey every pony! I've been working on this theory/fanfic idea and wanted to hear your guy's opinion on it/voice your own ideas on the topic. I'll post my first draft once I have it done. Here's a brief summery of it. Alicorns originally were the only pony species in what will become equestria. A great war erupted between the alicorns of light and dark magic. The light sought to bring order through the mastery of the elements and nature using their knowledge to help pony kind master the world around them. The dark alicorns sought order by controlling other alicorns, hoping to bring from it eternal peace and combining all alicorn knowledge to achieve greater power for all alicorn kind. In the final battle, a massive event caused the elements of the alicorns to disperse and separate from one another not only creating things like the elements of harmony, the alicorn amulet, and the crystals of the crystal empire; but also the three pony types as well. Only the most powerful of alicorns survived the event intact. Too few were left to sustain the species, but one of the remaining alicorns did figure out, before dying, how to re-elevate ponies into alicorns. Only ponies deemed worthy are granted this gift of being "raised" or "restored". The knowledge has been past down to every succeeding alicorn since and has been given the task of granting this gift to only the most deserving of ponies. Eventually, these "raised" alicorns would became the rulers of equestria and have passed the trait and it's knowledge to each successor. Post away!
  14. OK, as we all know, Twilight is now an Alicorn Princess. I would like to know what other people think about what will happen next to Twilight so others may calm down a bit more. You know, if you want. I heard that Trixie, an Antagonist, will be joining the Herd to replace Twilight. Discord has changed, but I like my Antagonists to be Antagonists. Does anyone else know what will happen? Because I too would like to calm my nerves of what will happen. And Daniel Ingram said that we shouldn't miss out on the up coming series. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds awesome. But will Twilight stay an Alicorn? Or will she be a Unicorn again? Please give me your views!
  15. When Rarity talked about her dreams of marrying into royalty in The Ticket Master (at least that was her dream at the time), she mentioned that Prince Blueblood was Princess Celestia's nephew. And it's well known that Princess Cadence is also Celestia's niece. But who's connecting them? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Luna is neither Cadence nor Blueblood's mother. But then, who is? Another question is whether Blueblood and Cadence are siblings. I'm going to guess no on that one, too. It's possible, but since she's a full-fledged alicorn (which Lauren Faust didn't intend, but nvm) and he's a unicorn, they would have to be half-siblings. Unless you believe alicorns are made and not born, but then why was Cadence granted so much power as a filly, while Blueblood never received any? What do you think?
  16. The following is a history of equestria following major events from the founding of Equestria to the present. After Equestria was founded there was a time of peace, for the first time Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies and Unicorns truly lived in harmony. Shortly after the peace was established the great city of Canterlot began construction, it was to be a city for all three pony races, a symbol of the harmony that had finally been achieved. While the city was under construction a pair of ponies were born who were unlike any others, these ponies possessed unicorn horns and Pegasus wings and held powers beyond those of any other pony, even as fillies they were able to perform magic far beyond the ability of other unicorns. The sisters quickly became famous and well known to all the citizens of Equestria and it wasn't long before they were revealed to have the ability to raise the sun and the moon single handed, a feat that would normally require the power of all the unicorns in Equestria. The sisters were declared as symbols of the new harmony between the three pony races and a castle was built in the new city of Canterlot, the sisters were named Celestia and Luna for their abilities to raise the sun and the moon respectively. When the sisters were still young a creature of great power appeared calling himself Discord, this being, a Draconiquus spread chaos throughout all of Equestria and seemed far too powerful to be stopped. When all seemed lost, the two sisters Celestia and Luna brought all of the ponies in Equestria together, in spite of the chaos that Discord was creating. When the ponies came together, brought by the call of the sisters that symbolized they're harmony, a great burst of magic came from not only the unicorns but from all of the ponies and the Elements of Harmony were created. Taking the chance to defeat Discord the sisters wielded the Elements, using their power to vanquish Discord, turning him to stone. In gratitude for saving all of Equestria, the sisters were declared princesses and would come to rule the land when they came of adult age. Many years later when the sisters had grown to adult age and were ruling all of Equestria a black fog began to spread across the land, corrupting it with hatred and evil. Investigating this strange occurrence a Kingdom of Crystal ponies were discovered, however the kingdom was corrupted and held by a dark and evil unicorn called King Sombra. King Sombra had enslaved the Crystal Ponies and his evil was spreading across all of Equestria, combining their magic, Luna and Celestia were able of overcome Sombra whose power was greatly bolstered by the kingdom he ruled, Sombra was destroyed, however he survived as a shadow of hatred and greed and used what magic he had left to make the Crystal Kingdom vanish. The shadow of Sombra was banished to the ice and sealed away by Celestia and Luna, and Equestria returned to peace once more, but as time went on the younger sister grew restless and unhappy, after the hatred of King Sombra had darkened their land, many ponies now feared the dark and therefore no longer enjoyed but rather feared the night that Luna created. One night Luna, driven by her jealousy and sorrow, refused to lower the moon and declared the the night would stay until all pony learned to love and appreciate it as they once had. Celestia pleaded with her sister, asking her to lower the moon and return home, but Luna had closed her heart and so Celestia was forced to use the Elements of Harmony once more to banish her sister to the moon. With her sister in the moon, Celestia could use Luna's power to lower and raise the moon and her own to lower and raise the sun, however Celestia longed only for her sister to return to her. However the harmony between the sisters was broken and they she could no longer control the Elements and so she cast a spell that would allow her sister to escape her captivity in 1000 years so that she could search for another with the magical ability and kindness to control the Elements and hopefully return her sister to her. Over 900 years later a new Winged Unicorn was born and named Cadence, upon hearing of this pony's ability to spread love and happiness to those around her, Celestia believed that it could be possible that this was the pony who could control the Elements and protect Equestria. Celestia took Cadence under her wing, teaching her how to control her magic, when the day came that Cadence earned her Cutie Mark, a Crystal Heart. Upon seeing the Crystal Heart, Celestia was reminded of the Crystal Kingdom and the Crystal Heart that was meant to protect their Kingdom, in that moment Celestia realized that Cadence was not destined to control the Elements and return her sister to her but rather that she was destined to rule the Crystal Kingdom, she declared Cadence a princess and continued her search. A few years later, Celestia discovered a young filly by the name of Twilight Sparkle who, while not a Winged Unicorn displayed raw power far beyond that of any ordinary unicorn she had encountered in her long life. Celestia hoped that this unicorn would be the one who could control the Elements and so she took the young filly under her wing and taught her how to control her magic in the hopes that she would be able to return her sister to her and protect Equestria. The rest of the story we already know. The End (This is merely my own idea of Equestria's history) Bonus Theory: Alicorns (Winged Unicorns) My theory about Alicorns is simple, Alicorns are born when they are needed for something important such as Luna and Celestia to raise the Sun and Moon and Cadence to rule and protect the Crystal Kingdom. However, Alicorns can only be born when there is harmony between all three pony races (which is why Luna and Celestia were the first Alicorns to be born), Alicorns can be born at any time and to any pony of any of the three races but only when they are needed.
  17. What is your general gathering about the crystal ponies? Rember your answers will be obviusly fanon. And don't be like "don't over-analyse and blah blah" what's the fun then. I'd like to here what you think 1. How old is the crystal empire? (bear in mind it existed before sombra came to power, in which it is not 1000 years old). I think the empire is somewhere between 2000 and 5000 years old 2. How did Crystal Ponies originate? I think that the Crystal Ponies were regular ponies (not sure if they were pegasi or unicorns yet) struggling and their first queen came to power to take care and rule over them, giving them the Crystal Heart,a physical manifestation of her magic, to power up to keep themselves save in case something happened to her. Thet used the love within in them to power the crystal heart thus becoming crystal ponie passing this exclusive ability down to their children. Thus the Crystal Ponies became the only 'race' to power the Crystal heart 3. Who was their Queen? Was she an alicorn, unicorn or a crystal pony? I think she was an alicorn. 4. Could their be Unicorn and pegasi crystal ponies? I think they were made """earth ponies""" Crystal ponies to keep it simple. 5. Is their Queen related to Princess Celestia and Luna? I think Crystal Ponies Queen was maybe an older sister to Celestia and Luna. I think she is most likely Candace's ancestor. 6. What exactly is Princess Cadence Special Talent? Cadance special talent is to spread love, containing an immense amount that she can be only one to retrieve the heart and make it accessible to the crystal ponies. 7. Did their Queen die as result of King Sombra? Yes she did
  18. Hello. It's me, Wolfie, doing nothing productive except talking to my metaphorical brickwall here. :3 This morning, I'll be rambling like I normally do. Today's topics are; ~Pokemon ~Pony merch So... here we go~ Recently, I received the new Pokemon games; Black 2 and White 2. Couple days ago, I beat White 2, and I am now dicking around exploring and.... whatnot. I also got two Genesects thanks to having two games. (One to keep, the other to probably use as a trade token.) I haven't captured the legendary(s) in White 2 yet. Well, I did catch those three warrior Pokemon--you know, the ones that have to do with Keldo (which I'm gonna cry about in a second.) But that is all, currently. Right now, I'm just trying to get my team to level 70. Speaking of which, my team includes: Arcanine Azumarill Serperior Zoroark Woobat Zekrom (which I traded from my Black version because I feared I wouldn't be able to beat the dragon-type gym. ;P ) Now, speaking of Keldo..... I don't have it. ; n; More specifically, I don't have it because Keldo was released in one of those dumb "in real life" events. And I was too shy--or timid--to go. x_X /epicfail So now I'm stuck hoping that somehow, there will be another event (hopefully a fucking WI-FI event!) where I can get one, cause otherwise I'm screeeeewed. "But Wolfie, you can always trade with someone!" Oh, sure, yeah I could. IF... 1. I had the pokedex data for Keldo so I could search/ask for one on the wifi network. 2. I knew someone who had one and was willing to trade without them asking me for something outlandish in return. For example: asking me for a level 5 Zekrom/any other level 5 legendary. Or asking me for certain shiny pokemon (do I look like I have an action replay thingy?!) And unfortunately, that's usually what people only want nowadays. So I'm boned. /shot Soooo, time to switch topics before this turns into a rant~ Um... Oh, yeah. A bit of an update on my pony merch. I don't remember if I talked about them in a previous entry, but; Last month (or the month before that, I can't remember) my mom found me the Twilight's light-up hot air balloon toy (which makes for a real dandy lantern), Pinkie Pie's train set thingy (which I also found very amusing), and just last night, my mom gave me the MLP TCG 30-packs giftbox. :3 I now have a double of the gold-framed Cadance card. And I even got a gold-framed Nightmare Moon card (which I squee'd about. XD) But, I pretty much got every card I already had. Well... Every card except the Wedding Edition of Twilight Sparkle. I've gotten two of these giftboxes before; meaning I've gone through 90 packs of these cards. And I have yet to get her. She must be a super-ultra-mega-epic-chicken-rare card or something. So that's all. I'm being lazy and tired right now, so I'm not gonna sign off this entry like I usually do. Byyyye. *poof*
  19. All Alicorn's can talk here disscuss stuff about royalty and more stuff and royal guards can talk about battle stuff and protecting royalty.
  20. It's the year 2035, and the earth was close to starting world war 3. To prepare themselves for possible global war, north America started a program to bring man's creatures of legend into reality. They would use these creatures to help them defeat any threat that stood in their way... The creatures are: earth pony Ponies gifted with the ability to make plants grow at a faster rate than usual, especially flowers and crops. Pegasus Winged ponies that can fly extreme speeds. Some are capable of exceeding Mach 6 and shattering the color spectrum. (not sure if I worded that right) unicorns Ponies that have horns capable of performing "magic". Alicorns (non playable) Only two were created, one being the embodiment of death and the other life. (they're children would later be Celestia and Luna) dragons Chromatic reptilians with the ability to fly and breathe a certain offensive attack. (fire, ice, lightning or acid, with varying effects) griffins Aggressive fliers with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle. zebras Augmented zebras with a special connection to herbs and healing. Others: Manticore Hydra(non playable) Cockatrice (any others not mentioned would be created by the alicorns later or would evolve from the other species) However two years passed and there was still no sign of a war. So, north america's leaders decided they would put the creatures they created onto a secret island reserve, away from humanity... This was the biggest mistake they could have made... 20 years later, a group of pegasi flew over the most populated cities holding a banner declaring war. (it should also be noted that two Alicorns showed exceptional intelligence in their training) ----------- So there you have it. The war will start in new York, then expand. You will be on the side of the ponies/mythical creatures. (the ponies, griffins and zebras have learned to talk, and the dragons can speak some basic words) Choose your race and make your character page using this: Name: Race: Description: Personality: Bio: powers: Other things you would like to add: