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Found 213 results

  2. Since most people don't seem to like the direction Spike's character, I submit this video as the way to fix EVERYTHING. Let me know what you think about the topic in the comments below
  3. Let's face it guys... The show itself hasn't declined in quality, but we as a fandom have. There is a reason why Tommy, Jesse, Digi and the like are leaving. Look at us. We have grown to no longer accept criticism! So called analysts like Henmo are skipping episodes that are bad to aboud showing any negative opinions. JHaller's top ten pony videos look more and more dire each month. People in this fandom are growing to be way too defensive. In the beginning, there was a group of people that loved the show for what it was and accepted its criticism, as it they all knew it was flawed. They were a tight knit community, but now talented creators are leaving on a mothly basis. Once hardcore fans are getting sick of us. The people who are leaving are not being replaced by new, innovative creators. Hostile confrontations are occuring more and more often. It may not be too noticeable now, but when backlash against the 100th episode ramps up. Once bronycon attendance is down. When more and more people simply leave, by then it will be too late. We need to get our act together as a community NOW. We need to be accepting of negative opinion and flaws. We need to recapture the magic of what made the fandom special originally. When you see an analyst skip over negative stuff, call them out. Be supportive and constructive to other's opinions and make it known you appreciate them. Try to build bridges between this fandom and others. Only then do we have a chance of returning this fandom to its former glory. I have been a brony since mid 2012, and I hate to see something I love slowly erode away. If we don't act soon, we may be gone forever and we will slowly but surely fade away as a fandom. We need to act, and act now people!
  4. Probably the wackiest episode of MLP ever. Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome
  5. This is something that I first noticed just recently and it annoys me to no end. With the recent release of Inside Out, I have turned many corners on the Internet and found mountains of mainstream media articles praising the film's inspiration and profound themes, one even favorably comparing it to other mind-related films including The Matrix and Inception. Before that, there were piles of articles in both mainstream publications and animation enthusiast communities questioning the direction feature animation was headed. Even the uninformed who call feature animation a "genre" were concerned with the quality of animated films. Then there's the state of TV animation. To call it a tale of two cities would be a gross understatement. While demanding quality and praising attention to detail is promoted in the feature film side of the industry, similar voices are less heard or even silenced using the age-old "it's just for kids" excuse, or "it's only a comedy/it's only a cartoon". TV animation is held to a much lower standard than feature animation. You do not see people writing about and flocking to Gravity Falls the same way you would for any equivalent feature film, and you don't see professionals illustrating how Teen Titans Go! reflects any trends in the industry with the same conviction as that discussion about Turbo and Planes promoting the "cult of self-esteem" that went around back in 2013. The downfall of Nickelodeon is just background noise compared the waves being made about DreamWorks Animation's downfall. My short answer to this is the simple fact that there's more money in feature films, with all kinds of financial risk and reward involved, from the multi-year-long production process to the lucrative and widespread marketing campaigns surrounding their releases. However, there must be a deeper reason as to why TV animation is treated so much lesser than feature animation these days, almost as if it's irrelevant, by most of the mainstream. I'd like to see if any of you have anything to add to this.
  6. It's ok if you dislike Princess Spike, but there are a few things being said that I vehemently disagree with. I hope this clears some things up and of course, comments are always welcome
  7. Greetings subjects! For you today, I have not one, but two full-length video reviews of the new episode. The first one is my regular scheduled programming and is awesome so watch it or miss out on a legendary video! The second is a parody of Tommy Oliver's and Digibro's Equestria Games reivew and is the best thing ever more or less. This video was posted on my new group channel where I plan to make more like it and do other crazy stuff! Check it out here: Anyways, enjoy my dear people and remember to all hail King WZRD!
  8. Hello commoners, here is my new review and analysis of the 100th episode. Be sure to salute the king on the way out
  9. I'm going to be very blunt about this, I don't like number scores. I feel like they take try to quantify a qualitative value, and inadvertently are opening their review to unnecessary criticism by doing so. "What makes you like one six better than the other? If one is better than the other how are they ranked the same?" They shout from the comment section. Here's the real question, though. Do these numbers actually hold any meaning, or is there more to it than that? I don't think I can determine this for you, but let me try to explain where I'm going with this. You see in psychology there is a phenomenon called implicit association. As its name suggests it's when we base our interpretation of parts of the world around us based on what we have learned in life. In the case of review scores this can be problematic, as the reader will often interpret a number based on his or her own scale. For example, AngryJoe rates video games based on 5 being considered the average with 1-4 being considered subpar, and 6-10 being considered above average. However, most people interpret review scores in association with what quantifies as passing and failing within their education system. Say AngryJoe gives a video game a 5, then. A viewer comes along and either takes issue with the score being so low, or associates that with being worse than it actually is. You see, us humans have brains that work in bizarre ways. No matter what is said in that review, the connotation will more than likely be decided by that little number. Our minds want everything to be broken down to its simplest state for easy absorption. It's a fact that is likely responsible for our species having the drive to create, though it comes with a trade-off like many good things. Let's tackle the real question then: Do numerical scores actually mean anything? I'd say yes, actually. I don't like them personally, and I likely will never use them, but reviews are generally meant to reach the broadest audience possible, and discuss one's outlook on a specific title. In the writer's mind that score signifies what their own connotation of the game is. It's the simplest breakdown of an opinion possible, generally acting as a sorting system rather than a sunstitute. At the end of the day reviews are just opinions, anyway. If you don't agree with number score, that's fine. Everyone is different, and as such not everyone cares about the nuances of the written review. It shouldn't be discredited, however. The written review is the writer's attempt to explain that score. Your interpretation and theirs both house their own meanings. Personal meanings. All text is open to interpretation, after all. Even in texts largely about other texts, or even the text criticizing their texts, the true meaning lies in the eye of the beholder. Thank you for reading through my ramblings all the way through, and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any feedback you have for this blog, or just general comments you want to share below! I'm open for anyone to chime in. See you in the next blog!
  10. Hey guys, here's my analysis of MLP's Talent Trilogy. Confused? Watch the following video and enlighten yourselves! Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome
  11. Now this is something about MLP that has been on my mind for like the past few weeks. I feel like the show is been over-analyzed. In a nutshell I feel like many of the episode plots are being taken way too seriously and the morals get overlooked. And sometimes the plots are questionable (sometimes with plotholes) but I feel they are done on purpose to tell the message similar to an Arthur episode. I already made a full paragraph about it in Life Advice: So yes even though an episode like Rainbow Falls gets hate or Canterlot Wedding gets debated I feel these episodes should just be appreciated for the messages they are trying to tell. But do you feel like this show gets over analyzed too?
  12. Feeling Pinkie Keen's moral was one of MLP's biggest controveries. However, was the backlash against it warranted? Is the episode really promoting blind faith like so many have concluded? Here, I take another look at the moral and share my own conclusions about it. Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome!
  13. Another week, another awesome episode of MLP. I'm so excited about this show at the moment. It really is at the top of its game right now. If you're interested in my full thoughts on the new episode, go ahead and check out the video below! Comments are always welcome!
  14. When I first started MLP, I thought the idea of a Cutie Mark was rather stupid. Just some random mark that means nothing. But then we got Call of the Cutie. While it wasn't my favorite episode as a story itself, it did give some valuable information. Suddenly, Cutie Marks made sense. Suddenly, they were interesting. And since I really like understanding how things work, I've been coming up with theories about how they work. So, I'm looking to put my thoughts here, and see what people think on the subject. This is a detailed analysis thread about how Cutie Marks work, since I enjoy figuring things out. Keep in mind also, this isn't about whether you like the idea of Cutie Marks or not, but rather, how they work. (Also, just to get this out of the way, Filthy Rich's Cutie Mark didn't change. His dad, Stinkin' Rich, had the cent, not him.) We've seen that Cutie Marks represent special talent, mixed in a sense with personality as well as destiny. We've also seen that "a Cutie Mark won't change you, no matter what you get." Getting your Cutie Mark involves personal discovery. You won't get something that you hate just because you're good at it, and you won't get something you're bad at just because you like it. So getting a Cutie Mark doesn't change who you are, but losing it does. We've seen that ponies that lose their Cutie Marks also lose their special talents. In addition, even though your cutie mark won't change you, we saw something very different in The Cutie Pox, where the Cutie Marks not only gave Apple Bloom abilities, but forced her to use them. The forcing and the multiple marks were results of the pox, but I do think this makes it rather clear that cutie marks carry talents with them. But if you need the talent in order to discover your cutie mark, which carries the talent with it, what then? My theory is that when somepony discovers his or her special talent, destiny, "certain something that makes her special," etc., the Cutie Mark appears and fuzes with the talent, amplifying it. This means that if your Cutie Mark is taken from you, you lose the talent, since the talent has melded with the ability. Keep in mind that the abilities are rather broad. Remember that Twilight said most unicorns only have magic that relates to their special talent, like Rarity having her gem-finding spell. Fluttershy's Cutie Mark represents her ability, but also her personality and what she's like. Rather than being good at one specific thing, I think the Cutie Marks mark a style. For example, I enjoy reading, writing, logic, classical music, English country dancing, theater, competetive forensics, and so on. I have a variety of things that I enjoy and things that I'm good at. But my Cutie Mark would sum up my essense. Like in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, when Twilight tells Rarity that she has a descerning eye, and has her work accordingly. The gems represent her discerning eyes, even though it isn't direct. The gems don't show a simple ability, but an essense. Of course, my theory does have an issue, with a few possible solutions. In Magical Mystery Cure, we see the Cutie Marks mixed up. It doesn't seem to grant new abilities, and when they go back to their old jobs, they still have their original talents. Possibility one is that their Cutie Marks didn't actually change. Maybe the picture is just something that represents the Cutie Mark, and their pictures changed, but not the marks themselves. Or rather... I'm not sure how to explain this bit, since the mark is obviously the picture itself. Maybe there's the essense of the mark that fuzed with the talent and the image of the mark that changed. The image would be a physical representation of the mark, that is to say. Kind of like body, soul, and spirit, which are all tied together, but are still different. Ponies would have their talents (soul, or essense), and when they got their Cutie Marks (body, or physical representation) it would fuse and amplify the talent (making spirit, or the will to continue in that area and do better). So it's possible that when their Cutie Marks swapped, the only thing that swapped was the physical representation, or the "body" of the Cutie Mark. Another possibility is that the Cutie Marks are removable, but not transferable. Meaning that if the Cutie Mark is removed, it takes the talent with it, but if it's given to somepony else, the talent returns to the original owner without the amplification. What do you think? Does my theory make sense, or is it missing something? Or have I missed a key fact that would tear it to shreds? Do you have any thoughts on how Cutie Marks work?
  15. I loved this episode. It was really something. Easily the funniest episode of the season, if not the show! What more can be said about it? Find out in the video below! Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome!
  16. I've been thinking, if Celestia died or became unfit to lead, which of the remaining alicorn princesses would replace her? I investigate this question in the following analysis video. Enjoy! Comments are always welcome
  17. I surprisingly have more time than I thought I'd have for these. I used that time to make a new video on Appleoosa's Most Wanted. Leave your own Points down below if you have any to share!
  18. So was Appleoosa's Most Wanted a great episode? Or was it a terrible one? Find out my opinion down below! Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome
  19. Apparently this video took 4 hours to process :/ For the record I submitted it on Sunday so it's not my fault it's "late" So here it is guys, my amazing analytical take on Tanks for the Memories: Thanks for watching
  20. Chugging right along in Season 5, we're already at the first CMC Centered episode, and while I didn't have much to take away from, there's one big point that makes me enjoy it. Tell me your PoI's below, and leave a like on the video page. It helps out a lot
  21. As promised, here is my review and analysis of Bloom and Gloom. I'm not sure if this is my best work yet or the worst thing I've ever done. Let me know what you liked about this review and the episode! Thanks for watching
  22. So when I saw this I thought is was worthy of my desktop. Later a realized that this pic confused me so... I look at her face and I see a pretty girl , then I move down and WT?! hooves and wings . Did anyone else feel this way? Btw I don't clop...
  23. It's that time of the week again. Two weeks into the new season and I feel MLP's off to it's best start since season 2! Be sure to like and subscribe for next week's video. Comments are always welcome
  24. Oh my god LZRD WZRD how did you do it??? That's right, here's my video review of The Cutie Map. Like and subscribe for next week's review Comments are always welcome.
  25. Well, Hasbro has finally graced us with new pony again! Please join me below as I take an analytical look at the Season 5 Premiere episode, The Cutie Map.