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Found 1 result

  1. We've all had these moments, right? On DeviantART, YouTube, blogs, forums... Sometimes it's a new skin or theme that causes glitches, sometimes there's another cause you can point at, and at times there's nothing you can put your finger on. In any case, the result is something that completely contradicts the facts. Clearly visible replies aren't counted, the date-time stamps are all wrong, thread/post/whatever's title in the list doesn't match the one you see after clicking it... If you happen to notice such a thing, you have three options, which of course aren't mutually exclusive: go "lol glitch" or "ZOMFG SHIT GLITCH OHNOEZ" and flip out, take a screencap to show everyone, warn the admins of the website. Well If you have any memories, and preferably screenshots, of such events happening to you, post them here! Remember my gift poem that I posted right before leaving for Christmas? Yeah, I was sad to see it with 0 views... then thought it was unusual after a long time, looked at the thread, and saw the brohoofs. DA also omits things and decides to put 0 instead of another number sometimes. And now for time paradoxes, YouTube apparently just had one. My mobile homepage did, at least. I also recall seeing a DA journal, where one of the comments was apparently sent BEFORE the journal itself. I took a screencap of it, but I dont remember where I put it now. Your turn. :3