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Found 114 results

  1. Ever Since I Got Team Fortress 2, I Been Really Busy, By Playing... And The Cause Of That Made My Hobby Into A Rare Activity, Well To Be Honest I Haven't Thought Of Anything Good To Draw, The Last Thing I've Drawn Is A Crossover With MLP And TF2 Like This... (Honestly I Just Want To Post Something)
  2. Hello! I am in need of someone who can make My Little Pony Comics and can sketch out characters because my team is still in need of a reliable artist. Here's the story: Padlock is a workaholic, he often forgets about his comrade’s safety as long as he gets the job done. Padlock had a partner in his internship years, though that turned into a disaster as he took the case way too seriously and his partner was killed. He was transferred to the lower-class parts of Mareami and has lived there. Now middle aged, Padlock gets a call from the chief of the higher class areas asking him to come in and help out with a though case... That's the basic/general idea. Anyhow, if anyone is interested, we need an artist!
  3. Hannah77

    Pony Art

    Grrr... I hate this pic... Legs, face, eyes and ass are horrible, I was just trying to do something, but I'm not happy with result... Also, I was wanted to ask you guys, what do you think about that?
  4. So I though I'd just post the drawings I've made so far for the EQD (Newbie) Artist Training Grounds here, so you can comment and tell me what I can do to improve (if that's necessary at all, which it will).Additional info for each drawing can be found at my dA~ Day 1 - Draw an idle ponyI actually had to look up 'idle' before I could start working on this one... Day 2 - Draw a pony in motion/on the goDerpy~For the first time ever:1. I drew a canon pony.2. I drew wings.3. I made a background.4. I used this pose.5. I used these brushes and preset-things. Loads of new stuff! (And I kind of gusta~) Day 4 - Draw a pony at a hilltop/at the summit (or something along these lines...) Once again: I drew a canon pony! My favourite BG-pony Lyra! And it might look a bit weird... Still going on with the pencil-on-paper-setting-thing... Day 9 - Dress a pony as a character from your favourite novel/video-game Final Fantasy XII is one of my favourite games of all time, and the assignment was to dress up a pony as a character from there so... I ponyfied Vaan from the game, and dressed him up as himself~ Also kind of going back to the old style... Whatever that is, seeing as I tend to use slightly different styles every time... I've decided that I won't draw any more for the EQD's NATG unless the assignment is really interesting... Why? I have other things to do at the moment, and school will start soon! So what do you think so far?
  5. Hello everypony! My name is PL (short for PeaceLight). You may know that I'm been trying to do a Doctor Whooves animation series from my last post. We got pretty much everyone we need but still we are missing storyboard writer. We are in need of a storyboard writer. If you can help us, we would appreciated it. For more information about the project the link is here:
  6. Hey every brony, I wanted to ask who out there is taking commissions in a podcast that I will be doing soon... BUT I need a list of artists(Normally that are pony artists mainly) that are taking commissions, Requests and so on. If you can please make a post here with the following info: Artist Name: Artist URL: (Deviantart or any art site will be preferred.) Any Notes or info: IMPORTANT TO NOTE: THIS ISN'T LIMITED TO IMAGE ARTISTS, MUSIC AND WRITERS CAN BE ACCEPTED IF THEY DO COMMISSIONS. Also we prefer that the artist themselves comment in this page. Because we will need permission to use their art to show during the podcast on you tube channel we have. We want to make a compiled list that will fill a mini-episode at least. so about 15 to 20 artists. We want to help any artists out there.
  7. Well, I'm relitively new to being a brony but I've been 'arting' for quite a while. I've got a side account on dA that's ponies only and it shares my username here. (to anyone interested, I take point commissions. Three slots are open, though I need to make a proper price list.) Sometimes I plush too. Those aren't for sale though. Le bump with moar art? < "Tea Pony" runs his own tea shop here in ponyville and Rarity is a frequenter of the little place. Of course "Ghost Pony" goes there too! Once in a while even Octavia and some other more famous ponies stop by for a nice quiet drink. However, when that happens, "Tea Pony" gets a tad nervous. GAAAAAAAAAH Rarity's hair was a nightmare D: It's still not right! How do you all do it?! As for the way "Ghost Pony" is sitting.. Ionno. Maybe she saw Lyra and got curious? Artwork, Ghost Pony© me, ~Pamuya-Blucat, ~MetalGearP0n3 Tea Pony© ~ZanTheHawk MLP FiM© Hasbro
  8. TL:DR Want to draw some stuff for a pony project? Send an application to the email address below. No clop or gore allowed. Good luck! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hi There. I'm the lead concept/character concept artist on a pony animation project. Sadly, I'm not allowed to say more than that at the moment, HOWEVER we are currently looking for artists to help us along! We are happy to look at all applications. We are mostly looking for vector artists, background artists, and concept artists, but like I said, we are more than happy to look over ALL applications. In an email to me, please send a portfolio or links to YOUR art for us to see. As well as any informaion you may wish to share with us regarding your abilities or anything about yourself. Our team we have so far is international with members from North and South America, Europe, and Australia! As much as we would love to have everyone who applies on board, we have to set down some requirements for the application process: 1. You need to be at least 18 years old. 2. DO NOT send in clop or gore in your portfolio. These pictures are completely inappropriate to the nature of our project and we reserve the right to reject applications. 3. You must be willing to work on a team, be willing to do work if it is assigned to you (no one will ask you to do something you are not well versed in), and be able to provide results by required deadlines. 4. While not required, having Skype would be EXTREMELY handy for use in communication If you are interested in applying, please send you applications to: I will do my best to review all applications in a timely manner and get back to you soon as possible. If you are accepted, I will send you an email with instructions on where to go from there. Not an artist? No problem, one of my associates may soon be posting up a similar ad for musicians, animators, and writers. Thank You all for your time! if you have any questions feel free to PM me or leave a comment in this thread. Also, myself and other members of the group will be around the Everfree Northwest convention. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach us and ask. We will answer what we can and provide you with details if you wish to apply. We will be wearing shirts with one of these 3 logos on the front Update: Alternatively, you can also send emails to: He is the director of the project, I am just head of art stuffs
  9. Hello Everypony, I've been working with many signatures and avatars I thought I'd head over into making some wallpapers for the community. These are the wallpapers I've created, I'll try to keep this page updated with new and fresh wallpapers every week! Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Twilight Sparkle Rarity Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Crusaders Princess Celestia Princess Luna Princess Candace Vinyl Scratch Octavia Bon Bon Lyra Discord Nightmare Moon Queen Chrysalis Shining Armor Spitfire Trixie Feel free to use the wallpapers as long as you give me credit but don't claim them as yours. If I get enough replies, views and brohoofs on this thread I will create a tutorial on how to do it and it'll encourage me into making more. Anypony got any questions?
  10. So I decided to finally post something here... Pretty much to see what people thinks of what little I've done done so far~ A recolour of Rainbow Dash, apparently called Holly Dash... She apparently doesn't have wings, but oh well... Forgot that part. Made using outlines and stuff~ A crazy idea/request a friend of mine wanted to see... A hybrid between Rainbow Dash and Spyro. Done pretty much in the same way as Holly Dash, but was more complicated as I needed multiple references. So what do ya think? My dA if anyone's interested... EDIT: So much support... Just while I ate dinner? Wow... Inspires me to try harder on whatever I'm drawing at the moment~ Thanks!
  11. So recently I got thinking on the topic of artist regret. What is artist regret? It's where you create something, and at no point ever feel satisfied with the end result, no matter what other seem to say or think of it. be it a picture you drew, a piece of music you composed, or even a house you built in Minecraft. I myself suffer majorly from it, especially with my Minecraft builds.I never feel like I built anything pretty looking, or it is not detailed enough. And I sometimes hear people say the same thing. And I feel the problem starts from the fact that if you look at the same thing for long enough, you stop seeing what you actually made, you feel you see all the cracks and the bumps. Of course there is the complete opposite of that. Major artist pride, which more often then not, can be much worse. Where an artist feels they created a masterpiece, yet drew some stick figures anyone could do, hell stick figures which could have been made better by someone else. If anything, do you suffer from similar things, or do you have no issues at all?
  12. The Disco Queen Donna Summer has pass away today after battling with cancer. She was 63 when she pass away I made this thread to show my respect to her. Also if you grew up listing to her you can leave you're respect to her in here.
  13. Okay, so I'm starting up a game design team, and I need someone to do concept art for it, along with some people who can make high quality sprites. Concept Artists: ======== Just post a sample of your pony-related art, and I'll get back to you. Spriters: ======== Rules: Okay, two things. 1. You have to use Flash, Photoshop, or Paint.NET (I only say Paint.NET cause I have it, and it's like the best free art software ever.) And 2. Remember, the game's art style is going to be the same as the show, just smaller. Probably 256x256 max sprite size. Challenge: You have to make a sprite sheet like this out of my OC. NOTE: Ignore the different colors and the chopped up bits, just do one color, and just do the standing pose.. Sprite flips are permitted. So, you know, just make the sprites in the same 2.5 D isometric view. M'kay? It's really not that hard. It's just 4 sprites, (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.) and a mugshot. and 2 of the sprites are just flipped around. My OC is my avatar. Here's a link to the game's thread. (NOTE: It's still in the planning stages.) Happy spriting, and may the odds be EVER in your favor. (U see wut I did ther?)
  14. I recently joined Tumblr to start an ask blog, and I need somepony who will be willing to do some vectors for me! Will anypony wanna help me?