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Found 409 results

  1. Cinnamon Eggroll: Hello, every pony! My name is Cinnamon Eggroll! And I am... uh... (what am I doing again?)...OH! That's right! I'm doing a new thing called "Ask Cinnamon Eggroll". See, ever since I came out of that cryogenic chamber in Twilight's Attic, I've had nothing but free time. So I thought talking to you guys might jog up my memory a bit. So get to your computers and ask away! Gamer Pizza: Also, his bio is here.
  2. Go ahead and ask questions! Please, go ahead! Do it!
  3. I'm here to answer your questions. You don't have to ask me anything if you don't want to but if you did, that would be very nice of you. I'll do my best to answer them in the best way I can. Thank you! Have a nice day... εїз εїз εїз
  4. The Equestria Hunters Cyborg Pulse (Brains Inventor) Firestarter (Fire Warrior) Viral Virus (Plague Alchemist) Heh heh, well gentlemen we do have time on our hands to do an ask thread. Now do we. ​Absolutely, we hunters of Equestria will be more than willing to do a thread to take any question from either good or bad doesn't matter. Don't you agree Firestarter. I couldn't agree anymore and Viral what are you doing? I am testing to see if my special plague bombs are up to taking out those pesky Equestrian girls!! Heh heh, they really annoy me!! Just shut up Viral! We all know you complain a lot, yet you are pretty intellectual with your work. Hee hee, I couldn't say more Cyborg. Unless you get the dang formula wrong. What was that you said, you blazing fool!! Now guys! We have questions needed to be answered! There is no need for such nonsense like this! ....Fine! Just as long if he doesn't question my intelligence. So, I won't throw a potion at him to put his birthday candle out! Birthday candle!! Look at you wearing that mask, looking like a pelican! Why you I'll-- ENOUGH!!!!! ...... ......He started it. *face palms* *sighs* Yet I have to treat them like a spoiled child. Just quit it already! We are wasting time arguing like this! If you don't do as I say. Then I will have you heads is that CLEAR!! ..Yes Whatever.. *clears throat* So, everyone just ask us your questions and we will certainly answer them. {Waiting for questions}
  5. Well hello there everyone. I am one of the guardians that keeps watch of our fearsome ruler Lord Necrodeus and his people. He may seem a scary person at first, but he has a soft side towards people like us and the good people in Equestria. ^ _^ Any who, I am here today to answer questions if its regarding what I do around here, our ruler, the people, Equestria, etc. Well you get the picture. So please do ask away in any way you desire and I shall RESPOND!! Necrodeus: QUIET DOWN THERE !! :=: AHH!! I'M S-SORRY S-SIR!! :awuh: Ahem, anyways just ask away, thanks.
  6. Hello there, fellow bronies/pegasisters! So, I finally set up an ask forum. You can ask either me, or my OCs, Galaxia Starfall the changeling, or Aura Dusk the dragon! So.... Ask away!
  7. This is Eternal Nature, ruler of the elusive Everfree Kingdom, not known to Equestria. I am free to answer any questions, and do your self to some coffee or some tea. Thank you!
  8. Hey there my name is star note this is my oc she is very funny and nice even though she is half changeling there is nothing to be scared she loves meeting freinds and is very crazy and is on braodway and some times sings with ra ra so you can ask me anything love to talk made by :@Pripyat Pony
  9. Hi there. The name's Kimi Vulpine. So... just for fun, I decided to make this little page. I'll answer questions and... stuff. Ask whatever you want. Come on, don't be shy. I love talking about myself! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normal: In character (IC) Bold: Out of character (OOC) Kimi's character page
  10. I'm not sure if it's too early for me to start an Ask a Pony thread. However, I did want to make one as soon as I passed the 200 posts mark. So without any further ado, ask right ahead.
  11. Ask me anything! My name's Brilliant Venture, I'm a DJ/Producer who lives in the middle of nowhere, I also go by artist names such as, "Wrillez Basics" "Questry" "Retheemal Desini" "The Trancha" and probably a few others If you have any questions for me, please ask them here! I'll be sure to leave a response! Lazers! -BV-
  12. Hello! Welcome to my topic thingy! I guess since you are here, you may as well ask me something. I don't mind. Don't worry, I'm open minded, so go ahead and ask anything you want! Cool heh? I'm a nice pony. I'm not Discord, so don't worry, I won't turn you into a cupcake. (I really want, though). Oh, by the way, do you want a cupcake? I have plenty! P.S.: I try to answer in drawings, like in a lot of ask-me tumble pages. So, me replying can take a while. (cause I'm a bit lazy.) If I'm too lazy, or I have too many questions, I will either delay it or answer by boring text. Sorry xD Current answer to-do list: * ZarosianPony (in progress) * Dawn Auroua Important info: I'm currently in vacation in Italy till 3rd September, so I won't be able to reply fast. Sorry
  13. Greeting everypony. Shining Armor here, and I'm going to answer any questions you might have for me. My wife, Cadance gave it a shot, so I'm going to as well. The the questioning begin
  14. Howdy there, Big Mac here, and I'ma answer any of yer questions you might have fer me. Eeyup
  15. This seems like a good way to get to know people, so go ahead and ask me anything!
  16. Doesn't everyone have one of these? So I thought, whatever, I'll try it out. Hopefully this will be fun. So go ahead, ask me, PGNatsu/PacificGreen, away! Ask about me, my OC, my artwork, whatever. If you ask anything too personal or controversial, I'll probably respond with a cute pony picture or a picture of an axolotl. I look forward to your questions. I may even draw a quick sketch in response to some of your questions.
  17. Hello Everybody, I'm Captain Whirlwind. Feel free to ask any questions, an I will answer them
  18. Well hello their my Pony Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to my Ask blog. Now for you all who are just joining, I ask that you please read this before posting a question. #1- Please nothing sinful or rude - This goes for Blasphemy, Insults, and Most Swearing. #2- You can ask me anything you want #3- I will be very blunt in most of my answers, so if you get offended easily (Not like I'm intending to do that) then maybe this post isn't for you. #4- Just like I said above in #3, I AM NOT a politically correct individual. - I am a nice guy and I do not say these things to offend, however, I am bound by the Law of Christ my God to answer all things truthfully and without hesitation. #5- I may not be a Priest yet, but you are free to ask anything about the Bible, the Faith, and anything else that you want. (Provided that it is not insulting, or demeaning) I hope everypony enjoys this blog, and I hope to hear from you all soon. Until then, have fun.
  19. Hey there! It's me, Derpy! Ask me anything!
  20. As you see in the title, your future Queen Brianna, also known as I, will be answering your questions. DOWN WITH CELESTIA AND UP WITH NIGHTMARE MOON TO AID ME! MWAAHAHAHAAAAA! *ahem*
  21. hellos all and welcome to my ask me As a rper and attempted fan fic writer (most not finished yet) I decided to post on here half for the heck of it the other half for well trying to be better at writing in general so in my link are my OCs Cresent a vampony and String shot a unicorn colt upsessed with his yoyo for you all to ask and what not. or if all else fails im free to answer any questions you have for me whether writing, rp, or pony related. so enjoy the stay and have some pasta cresent just made
  22. (OOC: Okay, I've run out of options and I'm REALLY hoping I can at least have these guys answer a few questions so can all you guys lend me a hoof hear?) Eternal: Now I have the whole gang here. Tidal Wave, Shadow Force, Ground Dasher, Spark Wave, Hurricane Blitz, and myself. Feel free to ask us any questions
  23. This forum is so unrealistic!Ask me something!
  24. Unknown Entity: Hello. It's me. Are you ready for Fre......... Kronos: *Punches Freddy F***boy* Get outta here. Sorry about that. *Ahem*, Hello, it's me, Kronos. You can ask me anything you wanna know about me. Really, ask me anything and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. So, without further ado, ask away!!
  25. Please ask me something...