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Found 406 results

  1. So ask me all do you want to... Weird things too xD P.S i'm from italy
  2. Hay! So, i've seen many threads like this, so i decided to make one too Soooo, ask Blue Rain about anything
  3. Here, go ahead and ask me literally anything. I can guarantee that will give you advice.
  4. I have decided to do a Ask a Pony thing! Ask me questions you have and I will answer when I do!
  5. Well, i just saw a couple of these on the forums and figured that this is a better alternative to a Tumblr. At least it's all Q & A with no need of making special holiday posts. So, without further ado, ASK AWAY, EVERYONE. No question is too ridiculous, and I will answer each one to the best of my ability. Ask about my OC, Kronos, or about me in general.
  6. Hello! My online name is DJShy3! Please feel free to ask me anything! I won't bite. Much. 030
  7. hey there ! i'm derpy hooves, a cute pegasus , i'm here to take questions, maybe somepony may have some already feel free to ask anything! and when i say anything i really mean anything .
  8. I'm still kinda new too the forums and all that so feel free too ask me anything.
  9. Hi! I'm Tinker Tech, and I will answer as many questions as I can. I'm currently between laboratories and traveling with my cousin Jade. I currently have... um... I'm sure I have a few... uh... a couple successful inventions, I swear.
  10. Hello everypony. This is my first Ask a Pony, so ask away!
  11. Ask any questions but no offensive questions
  12. Hello everypony ! :grin2: my name is Riding Hood ! simply put im some random unicorn who wears only a red hood on her head and a cutie mark on her flank . always looking for questions and friends so feel free to ask away ! whether it be weird normal , out there or personal im all ears ! [] Also [] : Here is my bio Age:16 Gender:Female Species:Unicorn Appearance:Average Height, Light Grey Coat with light Red eyes and a white and black mane , always sports a short red cloak with the hood up Cutie Mark:the cardinal directions , symbolizing her love to travel and that shes a travelling merchant of sorts , More deeply . Her ability to adapt to situations and the allowance of her to find whatever path she wants in any direction. Personality: Bipolar , can be quiet or very energetic she very energetic Backstory:Not much is known about this hooded mare , besides that she is alone , traveling through Equestria day and night to find something . She occasionally tells a bit of her past , that she has always lived as a travelling pony with her family. Until being separated from them.
  13. Hey everypony I'm Moonlight Shield, feel free to ask me any questions you have.
  14. Sporemane

    Ask Spore

    Hi Spore here I got into MLP when season five started so I'm kind of new. A few things about me. I like music, sci-fi, literature, and gaming(who doesn't). So ask any thing you might want to know about me.
  15. Seraph

    Ask Seraph

    Even though I just joined I decided to start one of these threads so I wouldn't forget to do one later. Ask me anything about my interests, my jobs (I have a feeling I may get a few game journalism questions), my studies and just about life in general. I'm willing to answer most if not all questions.
  16. How Good am I? Part of My Ask Blog BTW:
  17. Pez

    Ask Pez and Hope

    I'm Pez And I'm Hope! If you got a Question, then ask us here! We'll answer all your questions!
  18. Hello Everypony, My name is Hacktune. I'm a musician from manehattan, and currently living at ponyville. for more information you can check my Biography here : This is how i look like Ask me about Anything
  19. Have any questions for Aura Dusk the Dragon, Galaxy Starfall the Changeling, or me? Put them in here! Feel free to ask anything! Galaxy: Aura:
  20. Ask me questions on it. Octavia being British: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  21. I just realized that we don't have an ask pony thread for best background pony. Feel free to ask questions to your favorite pony nurse.
  22. Okay, thought that this seems kind of fun, so i also opened one. Ask me anything. Don't be shy, i don't bite.
  23. Dusty

    Ask Cleotari

    Cleotari. "Welcome, everypony. I'll be your host, Cleotari. Today, I will be answering different variety of questions from otherponies that seem to take Interest in me. Feel free to ask anything you like."
  24. (sorry for the crappy picture, it's the only one I have available at the moment of her.) Catnip: Ask me anything! Just don't harm my cat, Ahem. If you do, I'll beat you to a pulp with a vacuum cleaner or something. Either that or I'll wuss out. I'm not entirely sure.
  25. So, this is the Ask a Pony topic for my OC, Wilhelm de Winter. He's had quite a few adventures in his time, and heck- you might find something to talk with him about. He enjoys scientific topics, debate, and books.