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Found 15 results

  1. No, this has nothing to do with who Smolder's brother is (but what I'm posting does spoil the end of the episode, so be forewarned). Instead it answers the question as to whether Spike was born different or not: But what's this?
  2. I am currently on duty watching pregnant mares. Babies will be due soon. Once we they are here I will post some good pictures. Below is a sample of one that was born in 2013.
  3. So a line in the 1st / 2nd episode of season 6, when luna and celestia see the alicorn baby "this has never happened before, this is the first time an alicorn has been born in equestria" IN EQUESTRIA So this can go 1 of 2 ways: 1) ALL ponies up until this point have had to EARN their wings, except for this baby OR 2) Princess luna and princess celestia were alicorns born before equestria was established as a "place" #2 seems more plausible for this reference, as we still aren't quite sure where celestia and luna even CAME from - if the realm was named something else before this, and if there was a race of alicorns they were born from,... but that line does leave things open for interpretation.. it would make more SENSE that sin ce there are so few alicorns, that all alicorns have to EARN their wings. I am also noticing they are staying with their "all alicorns have to be female because men just aren't good enough" routine for little girls.. so what do YOU think? Is this baby an exception because her mother is an alicorn? Or is she simply the first "alicorn" born into equestria? Also I guess twilight and even starlight glimmer aren't the head honchos for magic anymore - twilight gets double shamed in the magic dept hahaha..
  4. It's usually been pretty a pretty obscure fact how foals are actually conceived in the MLP universe. However, digging up on the older cartoons, I actually found this piece of world-building, in Newborn Cuties nonetheless (which is the immediate predecessor of Friendship is Magic). Foals aren't just delivered by a stork. In fact, they appear when 2 magic rainbows miraculously overlap after a storm. Then a new foal comes down gently to the world. (Skip to 3:48 if you can't tolerate the whole thing) (WARNING: Contains Rainbow Dash always dressing in style (though she does begin to exhibit some G4 personality!)) Now, it may be reasonable to think the process may differ slightly in G4 universe (and totally so in Equestria Girls), but unless clearly overridden by canon (and by that I mean the show showing a different method of conception), it's safe to assume it works pretty much like this. I decided to post this, because the subject of where foals come from has been invoked in other threads, and now we have a base to use in those arguments. Plus it's fun piece of canon to know.
  5. Ask the adorable Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake, Foals of Mrs. And Mr. Cake! (How many cakes was that?) Have fun with your fellow pegasisters and bronys and get a good laugh out of these two little ponies! Watch Pound Cake fly around and dont miss his easter flying show! And ya'll should head on over to Pumpkin Cake, who tells your fortune! =^.^= {Rules} - No bullying - No making fun of blankflanks - No spamming And most importantly, Have fun!
  6. Okay, so a thought occurred to me during one of my facebook chats with a pally of mine... Remember how insanely OP'd Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake were in Baby Cakes? Well... what about newer foals? For example... Oh, I don't know... LIKE Shinning and Cadence's. Think about it, Cadence is an alicorn. Shinning Armor has those broken magic power levels that his sister posses. So after Shinning Armor and Cadence get it on... just how OP'd will there kids be?
  7. Hey everypony so as you can tell from the title this picture was requested from Chigens and Kay. I hope you like it! *Note the cutie mark, black diamonds in the eyes are not added because when your OC is a baby they don't have there cutie marks yet and as for the diamonds in the eyes I thought maybe when Chigen's OC was older then those diamonds would be there* Enjoy~!
  8. Show off the baby version of your OC pony here I guess. I don't really have one so I was wondering if someone could draw it. If you do please make the wings bone colored.
  9. A friend recently showed me this article and It piqued my interest. This article is claiming that the world currently does not have enough babies to sustain our population. I would be interested to hear what you think Article: (This is an article written by a Christian and has a Bible verse in it. That is not what I want to be discussed. Lets keep it about the babies and the population please.)
  10. This is something I brought up in a different topic, but I want to make it a main focus. So how intelligent is a baby pony from a real baby? I mostly ask because, it seems that everyone thinks that just because Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are babies that they are the same as real human babies and when they grow up, the 2 are just going to forget that they can use magic or can fly. But it seems in the episode that Pound and Pumpkin are much more intelligent and are developing much faster than a real baby does. I have some examples that show that Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are nothing like real babies and well not develop in the same way. First, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are already walking with in a mouth. True, to what have read a real pony will start walking with in a few hours after birth. So this works. But this does show that they develop much faster than a real baby. They can even stand up on their back legs with no problem. So if this movement can stay with them, who says they will forget about flying and magic? Next, when Pinkie Pie is singing her songs to the twins they are lessening to her and are focused on her. A real baby does not even have any lessening skills. You can sing to a baby, but they aren't going to applauded or show signs of liking it at or disliking it at first. It would take time before they know this is a thing they like. Pound and Pumpkin lesson to Pinkie and enjoy her singing. They even showed signs of not liking something and giving her a negative look. So this shows they have a pretty good understanding of what is going around them. Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake can eat both liquid and solid foods. I don't know much about this, but to what I know it takes about 2 mouths before a baby can eat real food. Pound and Pumpkin are able to say Pinkie Pie's name at the end of the episode. Most babes will take many years before talking and much longer to say words right with out any problems. Now here is something I find very important that the twins do that show signs of their intelligence and that the emotions they show. Pound and Pumpkin have many different emotions in the episode. They show happiness, sadness, even anger. At the end of the episode both Cake twins show the sign of guilt. They feel really guilty for what they did to Pinkie Pie. Feeling guilt is a pretty big emotion for a baby to have, when it would take many years before a child would understand what guilt is. Happy, Sad, Angry Gilt This last one I have is not a big one, but I do feel like bring it up. When Mr. and Mrs. Cake leave for the party, Pound and Pumpkin start crying because their mommy and daddy left. So this shows that the twins know who their parents are. True, I am not a parent and I am not sure when a baby learns about parents and stuff like that. But I do feel it would take sometime before a baby knows who their parents are. It also seems like this is the first time the twins have been apart from Mr. and Mrs. Cake. Where did they go? Now to what I have show Pound and Pumpkin are nothing like human babies and develop in a whole other way. I will admit that they may need training to maintain their powers or to get better at it, but overall I still think that Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake will be able to remember that they can use it. UPDATE Well after todays episode, we can say baby ponies are very smart. In the episode Apple Family Reunion, during a flash back we got to see baby Applejack. She was so cute. Now in the episode AppleJack talked in this episode and she looks so young. Now of course we don't know how old she is in this part. She could be 5 mouths old or maybe even a year old. Still this part shows us that baby ponies do grow much faster and have a great understanding of the world around them. She even ate an apple fritter which should be very hard for a baby pony to eat.
  11. Just finished a baby Fluttershy plush and a baby Vinyl Scratch. Fluttershy is a commission and Vinyl Scratch is on ebay. They turned out great I think! Fluttershy is made of minky with hand embroidered eyes and a removable diaper. Vinyl Scratch is made from 100% anti-pill fleece and her oversized glasses are include with her. I will be taking commission for ponies in the next 3 weeks. I hope. Been really busy playing catch up with my current commissions. Tell me what you think
  12. Warning, strong language. I have relatives named Jordan, Kyle, Dylan and Brent, and I still think this is hilarious. This piece was from 11 years ago, and how foolish I was to think that it couldn't get even more weird. Because along with Todd, Kyle and Tucker, we've got Aidan, not to mention its several dozen mutant spawnings like Braden, Cayden, Hayden and Jayden. What is the obsession with these goofy names ending in -aden? And on the girls' side we've got Haaayleeee. And Mileyyyyyy. And Kyyyyliiiie. Katelyn and Emily were okay until like 50% of parents started using them. Then we have the names the parents seem to have picked out of the phone book at random like Parker, Bailey, Madison and MacKenzie. Girls deserve real girls' names! I went to school with Mary, Sarah, Amy and Christy, dammit. And Joe and Josh and Steve and Matt. Feel free to throw in your own ideas. As usual, this is all in good fun with no offense intended to anyone who may have these names.
  13. This is something I was thinking about when Pound and Pumpkin were put into the show. How are they going to be used in the show? Would they be in the background at the Sugarcube Corner, would Mr. and Mrs. Cake or Pinkie Pie be walking around town with them, what were they going to do with them. In the end Pound and Pumpkin would only show up 2 more times. So could they have shown up in any other episode? Now I'm not saying they needed to be in every episode or have any big roles, but it just feels like they could have been in some episodes to show that they still existed. Like in the episode the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Mr. and Mrs. Cake are almost at the front of the line. We also know that a lot of Ponies camped out there that night. So does that mean they camped out there that night to with Pinkie Pie? So who's watching them that night and the next day? I think it would be hard to find a baby-sitter to watch them that night and then watch them that day and miss out on one of the biggest town events that year seeing as everypony in town is there. I mean they could have put them back further in the line and have Mrs. Cake with the saddle bag they have for them. Also after this episode the mane 6 and other charter would be at the Sugarcube Corner a lot more. We would be there during Hearts and Hooves day, Putting your hoof down, Mrs. Cake would show up in It's about time, They were in the episode Ponyville Confidential briefly and then the 6 were at Sugarcube and so were Mr. and Mrs. Cake when another story came up about them. They could have at least been holding them. The last one the Cakes would have been seen in is MMMystery on the Friendship Express. In that episode they did not even give a reason why they could no go to the contest. I mean yes they have to watch the babies, but why did they leave them at home? Who is watching them? Plus they could have done something to cause problems for the cake. Now maybe when some of the episodes were made they did not know about them so they just could not put them in, or it was a random chance they used Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I just feel they could have done more. What do you all think about this?
  14. Hey guys, I managed to recruit an *awesome* vector artists to help me out with the virtual pony project I am working on. The virtual pony project will be a virtual pet adoption web service where people can register and adopt a virtual pony where they will then be able to help grow from a baby all the way to an adult. It will consist of the classic put-in-signature-to-get-people-to-click as well as additional interactivity that is still in planning but may consist of elements normally seen in games like Oregon Trail and Neopets. A website is under construction right now and it will contain more information when finished. All credit to Lendaclue for these outstanding vectors. I am very happy to have her on my team. From left to right: Zeta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha and Delta These ponies will only be available for beta testing and players will be allowed to keep these ponies when we officially release as a symbol of their help during testing. The virtual pony projectBeta will be exclusive :3
  15. Scootaloo Apple Bloom Working on Sweetie Belle!