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Found 33 results

  1. I figured I may as well make my introduction to this site by putting out my easily most popular song. Yeah jazz! Hope you Enjoy it.
  2. Ok, I recently saw a video of these people covering a Green Day song, and I was thinking why not do that with brony music, thus the idea appeared. So below is the video that this was based off. So basically it's a band that covers brony music. This can be rock versions of songs like "Love Cheerlee" or a normal cover of "Long way from Equestria". Below is the positions to be filled. So, if you like the idea, and you want to be involved with something why not this? Vocalist: Rhythm/lead guitar: Dusty Soul Rhythm/lead guitar: Bassist: Drums: Keyboard: The 2 guitars play both rhythm and lead. Like for every song one of them gets the solo, if applicable. Also all the songs we will do don't have to be covers, more then likely we'd do some original songs as well.
  3. Ready for some drumstep? Highly influenced by Knife Party. I just love them so much. Visuals done by Chang31ing Cool cat, definately check him out for some nice mixes! Here ya'll go:
  4. Hello I hope you enjoy this lots of drum and lots bass I would like to know what u guy think about it and if u can rate it an a scale of 1 to 10 10 being best
  5. I hope I'm not spamming so here goes: my new hardstyle track (: You can check out my other hardstyle track and my dance track. I dunno If I should post more cause I'd REALLY be spamming then, so...
  6. A song I made while thinking about Vinyl Scratch. It features several quotes from My Little Pony and has three distinct parts; one extremely bass heavy, one leaning toward electro swing, and one melodic and slow. The image in the video was done by Cloud Chaser, on this forum. Go check out Cloud Chaser, by the way; cool stuff Lastly, the song is free to download; follow the link in the YouTube description. I hope you like it!
  7. Well hey forums... I am a bassist, and wanted to share my music with someone. Here is some improvisation by me on a fret-less bass, recorded on a pooop,built-in pc mic. Feel welcome to leave opinions, I ALWAYS want to improve. Listen: Enjoy.