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Found 48 results

  1. Which secondary ponies do you prefer? Start voting know! You might not know who will win! 1. Lyra or Bon Bon 2. Trixie or Sunset Shimmer The three unicorns and earth pony are waiting to see what everpony is gonna say.
  2. I have seen a lot of good stuff about the background mane six and what their own specific elements would be. However, which of the canon elements of harmony do you think they would have? My thoughts. I'll probably elaborate on explanations later today but am a little busy right now. Just wanted to get this out there. Magic: Doctor Whooves (time travel magic) Generosity: Octavia Honesty: Bon-Bon Laughter: Vinyl Scratch Kindness: Lyra Heartstrings Loyalty: Derpy Hooves The ones I'm least certain about are Derpy and Doctor Whooves.. can switch these two. Especially, if I want to do something like magic is friendship and in the heart etc... Thoughts? I might make a fanfic about this in the future. I might assign them their own special elements but think it would be interesting to have "copies" of the current Mane Six as well and see how the Mane Six react to that .. especially if Trollestia initiates it. Even though Lyra and Vinyl are the unicorns of the group, I think Kindness and Laughter work better for each one respectively than Magic.
  3. So my question to you female bronies or pegasisters is do you girls find it just as harder to be a fan of MLP FIM just as much as guys? Low and behold, since I've been in these forums, I have met a couple of friends who say they have it tougher than guys do, and the ones who mostly state this are female bronies. Now don't worry, I won't mention who were these friends are, for the sake of it, I'll respect their privacy. Some say they get teased or some say even their parents taunt them or friends at school, and that baffles me because I find it unique how even girls get teased for this stuff, because, when you think about it, it dosen't make sense for a girl to be made fun of or teased for watching something for little girls! So overall, is there anyone else with the same problem? Or also have a friend who suffers the same problem? Just concerned.
  4. Okay I have some questions. Can someone please kindly answer these. 1. Who decided that Octavia and Vinyl are best friends/lovers? 2. Who decided that Lyra and Bon Bon are best friends/lovers? 3. Who named the blue background unicorn "Colgate"? I thought her official name is Minuette..? 4. Who named the background pony "Bon Bon"? I thought her official name is Sweetie Drop..? 5. Who named Dr. Hooves? I thought his name is Time Turner..? 6. Why is princess celestia depicted as having a plane pink-colored mane in pictures as a filly? 7. Why is princess Luna depicted as being a light blue-colored pony as a filly?
  5. Hi everypony. My name is Bon Bon, ask my anything.
  6. Lyra and Bon Bon go head to head against King Sombra and Discord! This feud keeps growing with each match! Please remember to like/fave/share/subscribe/comment below!!!!
  7. Continuing my terrible series of Fan-Fiction reviews. My aim's with these are to bring attention to the less well known Fan-Fictions out there... well, Past sins was an exception but that's to good to be ignored. Any and all feedback will be read and appreciated. these video's are very slowly improving in quality the more i do them.
  8. I made a few captions using some of the blindbags I own. I added some other stuff like the huge brain stressball I got from school with Twilight Sparkle and that misprint on Soarin's toy stating he is Spitfire by mistake. And she loves to brag about it too. I can't help how Applefritter is just so cute here. Lyra can't help getting enough of Bon Bon one way or, yeah. And guess who is among the SSBB roster?
  9. What it says on the tin. I'm actually really happy with how Lyra turned out. Not so much Bon Bon. Stupid legs. Starting to get more consistent with the sketches.
  10. Hello everypony! I'm Lyra! I'm posting this since everypony is doing this, so i posted this, Feel free to ask
  11. This is a request I did for a buddy of mine named Legendary Emerald for the cover of his fanfic, The Subordinate Six. I don't really read fanfiction, but I sure did enjoy making a cover for a story despite the fact that I typically only draw OCs. It's something I'll likely be doing in the future once more:
  12. Card subject to change without notice! Tag Team: CCW Tag Team Champions Discord & King Sombra vs. former champions Lyra & Bon Bon Triple Threat: Broken Dreams vs. Briar Rose vs. Vinyl Scratch NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Laura the Zony Dream Baker vs. Jinjo Bytes Main Event: Zecora vs. Rangbi Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  13. Card subject to change without notice! Broken Dreams vs. Anapony U Tag Team: Lyra & Bonbon vs. Rainbow Dash & Rarity Steel Cage Match: Non-Title NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Presto the Changeling Featured Match: Jinjo Bytes vs. Dream Baker Main Event: Zecora vs. Rangbi Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  14. I love the Mane 6 but some of the background characters are so interesting i think they should get at least part of an episode. I'm almost tempted to say in some episodes the background characters are more interesting than the Mane 6. There are some background ponies i would love to see have interaction with the mane 6. I can't get Octavia and Rarity enjoying the spa together out of my head. Maybe Rainbow Dash goes out on her own and gets lost, and the only person who can help her is none other than Daring Do! Who do you want to have more screentime? Or if they have screentime, who do you want at least to get a "Derpyesque" speaking role?
  15. Cover art by Arylett-Dawnsborough It's finally done! The first episode of my fanfiction, "The Subordinate Six", is completed and free to view on FIMFiction Dot Net! It's already managed to make its way onto the Featured Stories list (if you don't have your profile set to include +18 stories, at least ), and is getting some favorable reviews. Please give it a read; I didn't work on this for 6 months only to have a handful of people see it! The Subordinate Six Summary: Las Pegasus, the entertainment capital of Equestria. Lyra and Bon Bon arrive in the city prepared to start a new life, but run into some familiar faces. For instance, there's a wall-eyed mailmare living next door, and some traveling magician won't stop proclaiming her own greatness. And Lyra could swear she's seen this pony named 'Vinyl Scratch' before, but Octavia is remaining tight-lipped. Can they make it in this town of glitz, glamor, and crazy ponies? (First episode/storyline is completed!) Characters: Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Trixie, Vinyl, Octavia Genre: Comedy/Normal with eventual shipping Rated: E10+
  16. I started sketching a bit of christmasy drawing with Lyra and Bon Bon and got a bit carried away... These two are just too adorable! Please tell me your opinions! Constructive criticism is welcome. There's also a version with a really crappy background and a silly little animation. (All under the spoiler tag.) Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. Hey well I thought I'd share something I finally got finished recently. My best friend's a big MLP fan (bigger than me, I admit) and her favourite pony's of the show are Lyra and Bon Bon. There was a pair of crochet Lyra and Bonbon's with magnetic noses for about $60+ on an auction but that was waaay to much for me. So instead, I followed this fantastic crochet pony tutorial and here's the end result: I contemplated selling custom ponies (with my own pattern) but the crochet toys don't seem to sell as well as the loveable minky plush - a warning to fellow crochers >O< Thanks for coming by!
  18. 'Nother day, 'nother art work. Please enjoy this image of Lyra, Bon Bon, and Carrot top in a Halo warthog (Note: Warthog was drawn using external references and a light board. Im not that godly )
  19. Hopefully I can be diligent enough to do one of these a day. took < 30 minutes to do so they are all speed paintings. Used: PaintTool SAI, Intuos 4 Large Tablet. Day2 - Yes i know she doesn't have her cutie mark, ran out of time :] I need to spend more time on the hair >.< Day1
  20. Yeah, not much to say. It was fun at least. Then again, vectoring is always fun for me
  21. It's for Lamii Hope he likes it. You can request a desktop here:
  22. Here's a picture I drew for the holidays. I didn't get around to doing the lineart so it's still very sketchy, but I wanted it done for christmas so here it is:
  23. I'm back into GIMP 2.6 once again to make this! Enjoy!