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Found 11 results

  1. Lately I have started feeling happy and hopeful again, if only in spurts, and one night I got inspiration again! Here is an instrumental version of Digital Muffin; I am still in the process of writing vocals for it, so it's still kinda reserved for changes Oh, I also haven't made a picture for it yet either o-o
  2. I've never cried like this before. I've never felt like there was someone squeezing my heart so much it hurt and pushing on my lungs so much i couldn't breathe right. I've never cried with audible sobs and gasps for air. My nose has never clogged up and not run. I've never cried like this before; where it feels like the end of the world. I've never cried of a broken heart before this... 11/3/18 But I don't cry like this anymore. I looked at the bright side. I made things better. At the time, it seemed impossible. IT might seem like that for you too, but I encourage you to find the silver lining.
  3. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  4. When I click on my username and go threw my options I get to "My Content", a feature that I often used on the forum and it made things so much easier for me. But yesterday or two days ago[Don't remember exactly] it won't show me my "forums" content type, it comes up with "There is no information to show." . It works with other things like members and pages and such, just not with "forums". I don't know if this is fixable, but it is annoying me and I guess there is no harm in getting it out. I look forward to the answers[As long as they are not stupid].
  5. Where the "Mane 5" show this face, and you're still a normal-coloured Human, wearing the exact same clothes you wore on the very moment you landed in Pony Equestria. "This Face" :
  6. So i have been asking myself this question "If a pegasus ruined his or her wing beyond repair, would it be amputated or would it still be connected? I can immagine going around with a dead wing must be a hazzle but it might also be a pride thing to have it. so they might find other ways just to keep it in place on the side of the body. I have no real good answer for either of the arguments really as i can se good reasons why it would be both. Whats your thoughts about it?
  7. Okay, so Jedi gave me a Doctor Whooves vinyl figurine as a Valentine/anniversary gift yesterday, but its tail broke! I tried fixing it back on with this "all-purpose" adhesive my stepdad gave me, but it wouldn't stay... Now I'm sad because I'm afraid my little sister is going to lose the tail (she is only two years old and doesn't understand the concept of "this is a look-at thing, not a toy," but I have to share a room with her, and she always gets my stuff and plays with it) if I don't find a good way to permanently fix it. D: Does anyone know of a way to permanently stick vinyl together that will dry relatively quickly and not make a mess? Where can I buy such an adhesive, and how much does it generally cost?
  8. I've been seeing a fair amount of status updates where people have had some things broken (pianos, chairs, ect) and I'm just curious to see what some of you have broken. I, myself accidently broke my glasses. I was cleaning the lens when all of a sudden the frame broke. I have now been going "blind" for about a week now.
  9. This is a random poem that came to me today while I was taking a shower. I can't really choose when and how poems come to me, they just happen. With my limited vocabulary I'd say this poem came out somewhat well. Forgive my spelling if you spot any mistakes. I may be good with words but my spelling is horrible. If anyone cares to know, I'll be putting this up on my DeviantART account too. ------- As darkness fills my very soul you turn to me and ask where I’ll go. You plead and plead for me to stay but I cannot, not this day. You grab my arm with persistence and force; I knock you down with no remorse. --- You stand back up and grab me again, you beg me not to go for I am your friend. Once more I break your grip and push you away, I’ve told you already, I cannot stay. I make my way to the front door; I turn to see you’re still on the floor. --- You’ve wondered why I acted this way, you’ve wondered why till this day. I’ve been gone for so many years, but not once did you shed any tears. Every other night without a peep, I enter your room and watch you sleep. I miss the days we had together but they are gone, gone forever.
  10. so we are recently re-decorating our home for december, I don't know, my mom just went nuts this year, that's why our home is a mess right now, I've been sleeping on the floor for 2 days XD. Anyways, part of the changes, are replacing the old fiber glass *cringes* ceiling in my room with new gypsum ceiling, not for me, it's because she will move to my room soon because it has more space <_< ok, she called a guy that can do that work for us. He worked on it today and when he finished he just left. When I got into my room, despite the mess, the new ceiling looked pretty damned good, but when I walk around a little bit, I just see a shattered artifact laying on the floor, I mean, there were pieces everywhere around it. My first reaction was like, oh damn! he dropped something! but when I get close it was my NES ...THAT IDIOT DROPPED MY NES! now I admit that I had no idea where it was nor I was looking for it, but if I would find it, I wouldn't throw it away, at least I want to keep it as a valuable item, but now I can't Here are some pics (DISCLAIMER: see pictures under your own risk they are VERY graphic, you have been warned)
  11. Well I sat down earlier not feeling in the best of moods (been in bad moods pretty often recently) and it occurred to me that I haven't actually attempted to draw anything in at least a month if not two. So I began to draw for as long as I could keep think of stuff to draw involving my OC They are all pretty "meh" in my eyes but everything I do is lol Hope some of you enjoy them and criticizing is welcome! (as you can tell LOTS of erasing took place ) Oh and this last one is an OC I am drawing for a friend of mine