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Found 28 results

  1. So.... has anyone noticed something? This.... how very similar it seems with... This? I mean just look at them! -Creepy Aura? CHECK! -Un-natural shadow over the face? CHECK! -Evil-Looking eyes? CHECK! -Markings on the face/things coming out of the eyes? CHECK! This only leave us one conclusion... KING SOMBRA IS AN AGENT OF THE LINK JOKERS!!! THE VOID!!! ((DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN LOL JK)) Consider the following... his method would drown Equestria in eternal darkness and eventually would kill everyone. Like what the Void wants to do... He took the crystal ponies with him and the crystal empire they had. Just like the Void did with the Aqua Force clan and the Soryu people/tribe. Both seek/can influence their oppoenents through magical means mentally changing them into their servants... Reverse-Dark Magic. My question is... what do you think of it? I for one could see someone of you making a fanfic about this... On another note... do you think this would make a good RP idea? Do you have any ideas about it? I would like to know! Maybe if some of you make enough suggestions and appear willing i might make something like Season 3 in Cardfight!! Vanguard happen!
  2. You may have noticed that I changed my profile name, avatar, and signature a few weeks ago. It was because I was writing a Yugioh abridged crossover, and I just finished it today! If you ask me I'd say that it's so amazing that I want to cover it in butter and suck on it a little bit... I mean exceptionally entertaining. If you like ponies and YGOTAS, I think you should check it out!
  3. I am an avid Magic player, but I generally enjoy any card game I can get my hands on. L5R looked nicely intricate and complicatedly deep, so I decided to get into it. And by "get into it" I mean, my friends taught me the basics, and stuff, helped me put together a deck based on my Magic playstyle (Crab Clan Siege), and then we all stopped and played awesome board games with other people in the hobby shop without me finding out anything else. So basically, I don't really know what my deck is supposed to do, nor what Siege, Tactician, and a few other keywords do. The internet is being surprisingly unhelpful. Can any fellow players shed some light?