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Found 161 results

  1. How do you think the characters will grow in Season 5? For Twilight, I think she'll start to take a much more authorative role in the future, and give her more accessories because toy ploys. After the complaints people had with Pinkie Pie during Season 4, I think the writers are probably going to scale back her zaniness, and have her be more mature and serious when she needs to, while still being the eccentric and optimistic Party Pony we all know and love. I would like Rainbow Dash to be less loud and "EXTREME" this season and have her be brave and brash, but calm and cool at the same time (kinda like Zoro from One Piece), and have her either join or abandon the Wonderbolts. I expect the writers to develop Fluttershy and Discord's relationship more, but what I really want to see from Fluttershy is more development on her implied alter ego and the repressed feelings of anger, criticism, strength, and possibly rebelliousness she seems to hide from everypony. It could give her the most depth and backstory of the entire mane 6. Spike seems to be getting more decent episodes recently, so I would like to see more of those. Rarity I think will largely remain the same with a few minor changes. And Applejack I think will play more of a Voice-of-Reason Role this season. I expect the CMC to further grow and mature, as well as possibly getting their Cutie Marks, as that's probably where I think the writers are heading. So what do you think?
  2. Well this got me thinking. I know a lot of people, myself included, can often be critical of the characters in the show, especially the Mane 6, but not just them. There always seems to be a push to try and make a character better and remove the bad parts we don't like from characters. Examples include but are not limited to: Rainbow Dash being too cocky, shallow and a bully Fluttershy being a pushover and unreasonable at times Pinkie Pie being insensitive and lacking the respect of others Spike being selfish and a jerk Rarity being shallow, greedy and neglecting her sister Applejack being overprotective and stubborn in general Twilight obsessed with being "the hero," not knowing her priorities, and overthinking things The list goes on. Now notice I'm not pointing out plot flaws that affect characters, like Mary Sue, or poor representation of a character. Regardless of poor writing, these traits are all often deliberately built into the Mane 6 and others, regardless of disagreeable we may find them. There's been the issue of "lesson" episodes notably found in Season 4, where characters learn their lessons and return to their true selves, but this is different. The elements we know already exist within each character. Think Fili Vanilli, Applebuck Season or Lesson Zero and numerous others. All aim at fixing these flaws within each character. But is this what we really want? Sure it'd be nice to see a more modest Rainbow and a more understanding Pinkie, and villains and other plot devices could fill the gap left behind. But without some inherent flaws, where would our characters find their struggles and interact with others? Frodo didn't learn to trust his friends when he needed them overnight, and Walter White didn't conquer his inner demons overnight and become a successful drug lord. After all, isn't it the flaws that make these characters more than just namby pamby ponies?
  3. There are 2 things we bronies love above all else (from what I have seen); 1. Shipping. 2. Background Characters. Something about that latter one has always interested me though... I have never seen any fandom love Background Characters (from this point on referred to as BGP) nearly as much as this community has. So why do we love the BGP so much? I am not trying to bash BGPs, for the record, I love what the community has done with Vinyl Scratch, Derpy, and I love seeing some nods to other shows & games & what-not, like the Bioshock Infinite twins getting a cameo in an episode. However it has always interested me as to the why & where on the BGP love. In fact, we love BGP's so much we have rumors of a; Spoilered for Season 5 information I mean, Derpy (yes I am using her as an example a lot, but she is the best example of how much influence our love of a BGP has done) started out as a simple animation error. Now she is like a mascot of the fandom, got a voice, interacts with the Mane 6, sparked a controversy, has a huge fanbase & merchandise section dedicated to her... It is insane how much people have fallen in love with her from such a humble beginning, & she is only one of many, many ponies who are like this. So, I am curious as to why you guys like a particular BGP(s). Some ideas I have include; 1. Designs 2. Voices (Derpy, for example, did get some speaking moments in the beginning of an episode) 3. Since cutie marks are like visual characterizations, sometimes people tend to characterize the BGPs from those, & those characterizations are interesting to that person(s) Once again, this isn't a "Why do people like Derpy so much? She doesn't do anything, she is useless, blah blah blah!" thread, this is just a way to explain why you personally love a particular BGP. So have at it people, let's hear why you love whatever BGP you love!
  4. So, do any of you think Discord will appear in the 5th season? Also, now that he is truly reformed, do you think he will still be a cunning trickster or will he be a whole new Discord?
  5. Hello eveypony I'm getting better with my artwork here's my own My Little pony FIM characters artwork enjoy !
  6. Have you even encountered any story in which the author treats his characters with contempt and mockery, that he/she intends that you enjoy watching those poor, "dumb" characters suffer?
  7. I typically think of a lot of stories and topics, but I come on undeveloped and unplanned. Some stories I just WANT to write I just can't get the inspiration for it. So what I need, is a team of writers, who in turn like my ideas, and I like their ideas and basicly we form a little group that publishes (on the internet of course) fan-fictions and original stories. Feel free to PM me about the writers team, or leave a nice post here to help me. Writers team spots (this is just a guideline)Green means We have enough of them, Yellow means we will consider letting you in even if the spot has been taken, Red Means full. Yes you can be in all of them or multiple categories Brain-stormers- In this category, all you have to do is brainstorm topics for upcoming stories. Note: Not all ideas get through, I will choose 4 or 5 people to become 'judges' if your idea gets approved by most of the judges then it moves on. Members- RainMuffin Plot-Character Development- Being apart of this category will get you permissions to come up with plot lines, characters, titles and edit the the same features. Members- RainMuffin Writers- In this category, you come up with the rough draft of the plot line, and/or chapters. You have permission to send the chapter up to the Editors. If you have a problem with a confusing plot line or a undeveloped character, check in with me and I might be able to explain it, If I can't you then have permission to bump it back down to the development stage. Members- RainMuffin Editors- If your GREAT at grammar, this is the category for you. All you have to do here is look through it for spelling errors and such. Members- RainMuffin Have any other categories you want to add in? Check in with me My list of stories in the order of which I want them done-Note: That if you join the group, your idea MIGHT be added to the list! The Heart of a Animal Kidnapped for Romance Lowblood Academy (Fan-fiction) The Royal Ball Untold memories Romance In the wrong world Lost in the wild Titles can and probably will be changed. Any questions on any stories current plot feel free to ask. I have a Skype and a deviant art. KittyStoryWriter is my alternate account for published stories if we choose DA. Skype is Kittywilleatchu, my name should currently be Artistic RainMuffin These stories will be published on a social media site we debate on. The writing and editing will take place on Google drive, after approved in the first 2 categories I will invite writers and editors to the file. I am, also currently, drawing covers for stories, if you want to design a cover for a current story, the story has to be approved in the first 2 categories and in the writing stage. Thank you -RainMuffin
  8. Okay, hey everypony, what's up. I'm making another one of these again because even though season four just ended it was so fun and amazing and spot on, that I can't wait for season five to come on way (and hopefully the other three or four seasons Hasbro promised), so I've been thinking of which characters, new characters and villains you want to see in the show or reoccur from previous generations on to generation four. In the premiere, I would like to see either a new villain like maybe the Slendermane since some people said they seen him in a episode in season four (I don't remember which episode) or a new heroin like... the mother of both Celestia and Luna, Fausticorn. Who do you want to appear in season five? Because I know who I want to see in season five
  9. My ideas of MLP characters and their "TF2 equivalents": Scout: Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo?, Soarin'?, Spitfire?, Lightning Bolt? and Cloud Kicker?, Soldier: Derpy Hooves, Spike?, Pyro: Pinkie Pie, Derpy Hooves?, Heavy: Big Mac, Shining Armor?, Celestia?, Luna?, Cadence?, Demoman: Zecora, Berry Punch/Berryshine?, Engineer: Applejack, Sniper: Twilight Sparkle, Spy: Rarity, Blueblood?, Fluttershy?, Queen Chrysalis?, Medic: Fluttershy, Trixie?, Lyra? (OH NOES), Administrator/Announcer: Celestia and Luna (we're gonna need TWO admins, or they'll become the "Mann Sisters") Pauline: ? Saxton Hale: ? (Snowflake/Roid Rage?) Merasmus: Discord, Trixie, Twilight Sparkle?, Dispenser: ? (Sweetie Belle? Apple Bloom? Babs Seed?) Teleporter: Flim and Flam Brothers, Sentry: Flash Sentry (you better keep yourself away from that BLU Sniper (especially if she is female), or he'll lock on you! ) Anypony else? (Bon-Bon, DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Maud Pie, Sunset Shimmer, Doctor Whooves/Time Turner, Twist, Button Mash, Minuette/Colgate, Carrot Top, Amethyst Star, Golden Harvest, Daring Do, Suri Polomane, The Mane-iac, Rose, Lily Valley, Caramel, and Noi ; boy, that's a lot of ponies joining THIS server!) What are your ideas and recommendations? (e.g. "Lyra should be Demoman") Meanwhile, appropriate video for the occasion:
  10. In this thread, I am talking about character pairings that we have not yet seen on the show that would be interesting to explore in the new season. In the past, we have had both episodes starring all of the main characters as well as episodes focussing on just one character, but we have also had episodes that prominently feature the combination of two characters that interact frequently throughout the episode. Thus far, common pairings seem to be that of Applejack and Rarity in episodes like "Look before you sleep" and "Simple ways", and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash in episodes like "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "May the best pet win", but we have also had quite a number of other combinations over the past 4 seasons including Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy, Applejack and Twilight, and Spike and the CMC. Yet, there still seem to be some possible combinations that have yet to happen on the show, or at least pairings that have not been capitalised much upon as of yet. I think it's interesting to discuss these because I believe there to be characters that haven't really interacted together much, and would be great to see their relationships develop. For one, I don't think we've really ever had a proper episode focusing purely on just Rarity and Pinkie Pie together, nor have we seen Spike really interact much with anyone outside of Twilight and Rarity for a whole episode (Applejack as well I suppose, but I still think that could be developed more). All of the main cast have had at least one episode where they get to interact with the CMC, but I think Pinkie Pie has yet to have an episode with them. What about characters outside of the main cast, like Discord and Luna, or Cadence and Shining Armour? It's here where I actually have to applaud the comic series for showcasing a few of these pairings such as Spike and Celestia and Discord and the CMC, all of which have been thoroughly entertaining. But in terms of the actual show and it's future in season 5, what pairings and combinations would you like to see? Which ones have already happened but you would like to see more of? Which ones would work? Do some have more potential than others? Feel free to express you ideas to your hearts content!
  11. Hello everypony! I just found this picture somewhere on the internet, I'm pretty sure it's the cutie mark of someone's OC pony but I don't know the name of the character. Does anybody know whose cutie mark is this? I've tried Google pic search and found nothing.... Thank you very much!
  12. Hey, ya'll, since my freshman year, I've started plans on making my own comic series. It started out as a zombie apocalypse taking place in near future, unfortunately it was stopped due to problems with panneling. It was later in 11th grade, I started up again and refresh. It was going good until. It was completely stopped early senior year, due to school work so I later changed it into a novel, but would one day go back to finish it. Later senior year to this year I started a new comic. Production is very good. Script for first part is done, along with character design. In these following 3 images are the progress and updates on the characters. 1st image shows the girls. I did how it would be if they were actresses for my story, and their reaction after telling the main girl about her and her friends being in another future planned stories, they were inspired by certain characters. 2nd image is an update image of the characters in different outfits after seeing some errors in the first one. 3rd image, is in a photo like art work. After fixing on some errors after the last two, this came out as the last final design in my view. I cant wait to hear ya'lls opinons and comments from ya'll. In this comic series, the main girl is Serena (purple haired girl) who begins her 10th grade year in high school. Being shy after her failed attempt to make friends in her freshman year, she hopes to make some friends. Lucky for her she meets a girl Mia (Blue haired girl) who is in the same position as well, after short small talk they both became friends. Serena would soon meet other girls and they become friends. Can't tell more, wouldn't want to spoil it.
  13. Being a female myself, i'm used to seeing media with a male dominated cast with very few developed female characters. I know there are tons of female shows with females who dominate the cast, but I was never into female oriented shows because they always focused on stereotypical female problems like romance and stupid drama surrounding romance or love and not much else. So all the shows i've been drawn too have just been male oreinted shows. Even the best shows I watched sometimes had the same problem with female characters, not giving them a prominent role in the show or going back to the stereotypical female traits such as romance or fashion. Mlp is one of the only female targeted shows that has done female characters well. Which is kinda ironic because its a kids show and the writing for the female characters is often more complex than that of adult shows! The characters are not one dimensional and plots don't revolve around romance (besides rarity) or fashion (again, mostly rarity) but even then it isn't done in a stereotypical manner. This is what I love about this show. They don't have to fall into stereotypical gender norms in order to get viewers. What do you guys think about mlp's representation of female characters compared to other shows? And why aren't more shows trying to make well roumded female characters like mlp?
  14. This is from before I knew about MLP. I have a friend I used to work with about 2-3 years ago. He's also a couple years younger than me. When I first saw the show around Jan '14, Pinkie Pie out of all the characters reminded me of him. He always seems to have a "too positive" mentality and a lot of energy. I think a "very lively person" is a good description. He's definitely a very nice and very humble. He's definitely not spoiled or rich and does a lot of volunteer work. I've never heard him speak badly of anyone either. He's not stupid / just a goof-off either. When I first met him I was like "What's this guy's issue?"- kind of like like Twilight when she first "encountered" Pinkie. I didn't think anything bad of him, I just wondered why the heck he seemed so over-the-top. He was also a good worker. He's not someone who just stands around/just goofs off all day. The sad thing is his personality was misinterpreted as someone who just goofs off all day by some of the owners and he suffered because of this. The funny thing is that one of these owners (with whom I unfortunately directly work with) more than occasionally will drink a WHOLE 2 liter of Coca-Cola and eat Snickers bars SIMULTANEOUSLY and turn into a disruptive tornado of hyped-up uslenessness- But that's a separate issue. Let's just say if I wasn't as calm and patient a person AND he wasn't an OWNER, I would no longer be employed there for one reason or another. Over the course of about two years of not so good treatment- which I was unaware of for the most part since I didn't work with him all that much, he was seriously getting his spirit beat down and crushed. One time he told me that he absolutely hated it there and that he would cry when he got home sometimes. I didn't know it was that bad for him and it's more sad because he wasn't doing anything wrong besides being "too happy" of a person- which is just so horrible of a thing. :okiedokielokie: I train people there and am pretty good at figuring out who the problem people will be and he definitely wasn't one of them. Also from just talking with other co-workers, no one ever complained about him like they do about other lazy/rude ones. Anyways- not long after that he quit and ended up working for the city and at a restaurant and was happier for it. I still hang out with him occasionally but just find the whole situation sad, unnecessary, and unfortunate. So do any of you guys know anyone who really reminds you of one of the characters from the show?
  15. So, we all like characters from MLP FIM, in fact, we got multiple of favorites, from main, background, villains, side, the list goes endless, oh, and my favorite is Rarity by the way. However, here's an interesting mix, I apologize if this has been done before, but besides MLP, what other characters do you enjoy or love just as much besides the ponies? If you guys have noticed or seen me, my main favorite character along Rarity is Wander from wander over yonder! I could go endless as to why I like this guy so much to be one of my all time favorites in cartoons, but for the full story, head on down to my blog about him, and I recommend giving it a go, it's the best!
  16. from books to tv shows, there's always a character that you can relate to. which one is yours? mine is konata izumi (lucky star)
  17. I see a lot of members who think one of the mane 6 got worse/better during the current season. What's your opinion? Personally, I think Pinkie Pie was a bit funnier, and less mean during the first seasons. However, I find Rarity is getting better and better.
  18. You know I've been working on my comic since I was 10. By now I should have already a good idea about my characters and story. So far I'm doing well revamping everything. I'm just a little worried my main protagonist may be uninteresting or too cliche. So how do I fix that? I need advice! DX -a~N
  19. I mean, like super real, looking life actually ponies, and custom made. Not like a Breyer model painted to look like the Mane 6. Would there be a market for anything like that? Is anyone doing it already? How much would you be willing to pay for one, or all six?
  20. Right. So Anpanman has the world record for most characters in an animated series at 1,768. Do you think MLP Can beat that record? And has it already?
  21. Unlike just about every review I wrote, these are micro reviews, and they're going to be listed from most favorite to least favorite in a subjective perspective. This isn't a long, journalistic sandwich where I'm critiquing it from an objective perspective. ——— 1. Cutie Mark Crusaders (tie) Pluses: The manga-style artwork fits in the franchise with a great contrast of light and dark. Plus, with the comic centering fillies, it has a very juvenile, upbeat feeling that would've looked disastrous if it weren't for the style. The CMCs are in character and individual. There are some very funny moments. Nicely done display of comic-centric continuity, yet not hammered over the head to make it so obvious. The best one was the CMC being frightened of the thought of IMP being a changeling (a reference to the first four-chaptered FIM comic). Its moral is extremely mature and shown throughout. It isn't told like in Bridle Gossip, Spike at Your Service, or Mysterious Mare-Do-Well. The character in the story, Imp, is incredible. Even with no dialogue, you can tell how Imp feels just by her eyes, shapeshifting, and actions. A great method of "show, don't tell." The jokes don't constantly repeat, keeping each panel and page nice and fresh. Very clever pop culture references that don't hammer the audience (the MST3K reference was extremely clever!). Rarity and Spike had small moments, but were hilarious as ever and played off each other well. XD (Thank God Spike wasn't forgotten.) Minuses: During the scene where the CMCs search for the runaway Imp, the pace was too quick and too wonky. Extra four pages would've done the trick. The dialogue between the CMC was a little too samey and had to rely on accent for separation. Twilight was there simply for exposition. In other words, a shoehorn. Some of the character humor fell through like a bounced check. As far as new readers are concerned, they're going to need to research the characters before diving into here. The continuity references and characters will get them lost. ——— 1. Pinkie Pie (tie) Pluses: Pinkie's random and slapsticky with a purpose. She isn't some random idiot without a brain, but rather a really complex, multi-layered character. DHX, if you want to write a great Pinkie Pie, watch Party of One, Pinkie Apple Pie, EQG, and read this comic. The song is to Ponyacci and is very well-done. Exposition is kept to a minimum. Much more showing instead of telling. A huge array of faces keeps the panels fresh. The humor is very in character of Pinkie and Ponyacci. Ponyacci is someone I just rave over. A brilliant character with intelligence, competence, and relatability. Cranky Doodle Donkey's antithesis. Great backstory of Ponyacci…and Pinkie, by association. Twilight wasn't shoehorned. She was a great foil to Pinkie and contributed to the plot. Twilight, Pinkie, Ponyacci, and Spike are intelligent and competent. An excellent balance of humor, sentimentality, and drama. The genre changes flowed swimmingly and weren't out of place once. Very beautiful art style. It's bright without distracting the eye with a sense of movement and depth. It's its own art style and doesn't copy the animation. The ending is fantastic, and the plot twist makes so much sense. The retirement, Pinkie's desire to keep him in the business, and Ponyacci's concrit built up to Pinkie's suggestion to build a clown school. It retains Ponyacci's legacy while treating the characters with intelligence. By association, this comic gave the Fluttershy micro comic a well-deserving kick in the plot! Minuses: The anatomy and coloring need some cleaning up hear and there. Some of the panels lack organization and proper visual hierarchy. It feels just a little bit too quick, but not so distractingly quick that it hurts it. Some panels lack shadowing, making the characters appear like they're floating. "Trollo Lollo"? No! ——— 3. Twilight Sparkle Pluses: About halfway through, the story really picks up and becomes rather heartwarming. One big reason why I like this comic a lot. Summer Mane (the real-life identity being Jade Singer) is grumpy, yet not stereotypical. She's full of dimension. Twilight, Summer, Celestia, and Spike are treated competently. Summer/Jade can be a lot like Twilight as she gets older, just without the Fredrickson-esque attitude and secrecy. The chemistry between them is great. If it weren't a test and instead voluntary, it would've looked not so contrived. Minuses: Very unrefined art style. Thom Zahler tries to replicate the style from the animated series, only to make the characters look ugly and anatomically incorrect too often. The speech bubbles rely way too much on emphasis. Less is more. The pop culture references and ponifications are way too in your face. It's basically Double Rainboom in professionally published form. The "humor" is masked by pop culture gags and jabs. If you want to laugh from intelligent humor, this isn't your comic. It's a story that's basically told one too many times in the canon, including "A Friend in Deed" and "The Crystal Empire" (without the adventure and peril). Despite a different setting, Jade's story is extremely repetitive. The moral is samey and retreads the main theme of this generation. ——— 4. Princess Celestia Pluses: Inkwell Gazette is a marvelous character with a marvelous backstory. The graphics are very clean and sharp. Celestia is shown with wisdom, confidence, and competence. The Gordon Ramsay ponification was hilarious. Fits his TV character tremendously. The High Tea ceremony is great worldbuilding, fits the Victorian/medieval setting, and tributes the well-known British tradition. (Personally, I'd rather have it called "Afternoon Tea" instead of "High Tea," but that's being nitpicky. Giddilee is very cute, open, and warm. A nice little break from the typical snooty characterization of Canterlot citizens. I really enjoy Inkwell's background, from her eye injury (well-shown, I might add) to her close relationship with Celestia. Minuses: The Honey Boo Boo reference, not for it being there, but the fact that she was mocked and passively exploited via the walleyes and derogatory "special snowflake" phrase. Very disrespectful of Derpy and HBB! Many of Canterlot's citizens fall victim to the "rich, snobby, and full of sheep" stereotype that sucks part of the quality out of Sweet & Elite. There's more to Canterlot beyond making the adults look stuck-up and stupid. I would've liked it far more if the conflict of Inkwll's potential resignation didn't have most of Canterlot crusading against him. (Giddilee, though, is nicely done.) ——— 5. Rarity Pluses: Well-done gesturing and faces. They never repeat. Wheat Grass is a really interesting character and is a great foil for both Rarity and Flax Seed. Nicely done coloring and compositioning. With such an abundance of info, it was very well-paced. When the humor was well-done, it was well-done. The '60s references are abundant, but they aren't intrusive and likely won't age so quickly…I hope. Derpy as a mailmare is now canon! ^__^ Of the Mane Six micro comics, this one is the most unique and doesn't follow a very strict, typical template of conflicts that the other M6 editions relegate them to. Minuses: Flax Seed's "high" personality got funny at first, but then it got repetitive, turning him into a flat butt of jokes. Reminds me of a little kid dragon in the TV series… *glares at the factually bad Spike at Your Service, Just for Sidekicks, and Owl's Well that Ends Well; glares harder at the tiring Spikabuse in the TV series* The art style has two tones: really bright and really dark, sometimes black shadows. This sharp contrast makes the colors pop out too much and sometimes clash. The ending (with Spike being a gigantic asshole to Hayseed) made me headdesk. He may not be so mature, but he's much more mature than that. Filthy Rich was made out to be a minor antagonist by agreeing to take away the hippies' salon. He's a better businesspony than that and is shown to be compassionate, proud, and fair. Filthy Rich respectful, so show him that respect. Dash and Pinkie peaking into the stallions' dressing room. It's not funny for males to do it to females, and it's just as unfunny for females to do the same. Not to mention it's out of character of them both to do it. ——— 6. Spike Pluses: Nicely done coloring. Spike's naivety is aimed at again. This time, when he screws up, he's aware of it and tries whatever he can to rectify it…something Spike at Your Service conveniently ignored. Great reference of continuity with Pee Wee being returned to his parents. Still wished he was explored more. Despite his naivety, he showed to be actually intelligent and dedicated. He wanted to do his best and has limits to his patience. As usual, Angel Bunny was hilarious devilish. The Sea Beasts were cute and funny. In a way, they reminded me of the aliens from the Toy Story trilogy. Minuses: The moral was told near the end. Like Bridal Gossip and Mare-Do-Well, he didn't see the problems and learn from him on his own. By doing this, it showed that the script of the comic was cut back and there was more to cover. Some of the anatomy (particularly Twilight) looked awkward. Instead of playing to his strengths, this comic focused on his weaknesses, again. I would love to see one official Spike-centered piece of material concentrating on his qualities rather than exploiting his flaws (and fanderizing them for comedy). The Rule of Thirds/Three Strikes was very evident in this story and made the outcome pretty predictable. ——— 7. Applejack Pluses: Hilarious reference to Lesson Zero. *points at Big Mac sleeping with Smarty Pants* The Sass Squash squashing AJ's plans of trapping him was hilarious. The fact that the Apples had a good reason for harvesting the apples: It was winter, which meant no bucking and no flora-growing. I like how the family trapped the Sass Squash. Minuses: The "Sass Squash" is an extremely cheesy pun and will get old in a couple of years. It's a complete retelling of every single Apple-centric episode condensed into one. She didn't need to be taught a lesson on stubbornness again. If you don't want a comic version of Applebuck Season and The Last Roundup, skip it over. Big Mac continued to show low ranges of emotions in what he says. There's more to him than just his one-liners. The song was completely pointless and merely filled in the pages of the comic. When Granny Smith was missing in trapping Sass Squash, the resolution became obvious in a hurry. (The ending panel with the Sass Squash taking the pie and leaving behind a squash was heartwarming, though.) ——— 8. Rainbow Dash Pluses: The coloring and bubble-free compositions were okay. Unlike the Twilight comic, this one is much cleaner. Minuses: Although it's cleaner than Zahler's comic, the art is still very unrefined. The plot sticks Rainbow Dash into such an obvious setting and has Dash pull a Sonic Rainboom, a key point in three episodes in the past. The plotline is clunky and poorly paced. The plot device (the moody cloud and cloud gremlins) is extremely contrived and one-dimensional. Speaking of which, the ponification of CNN is corny and makes no sense given the primitive nature of Equestria's technology. Every single brony and pop culture reference is extremely in-your face and sometimes repeated. This is what brony pandering is, and it makes the comic look extremely stupid by nature. Every character was flanderized or out of character. (Rainbow Dash's character in EQG was shallow; THIS comic was worse in that department.) Continuity is completely broken. The moral is hammered in way too bluntly. Collectively, this has easily the dumbest writing in the Micro Series, but I wouldn't say the dumbest writing at all. The dialogue is corny and out of character. All of the pop culture references are more blunt than Twilight's. But the plot comes across as extremely shallow, much more so than Twilight's because it never had the Jade/Twilight friendship. This comic is factually terrible. You can rank this as possibly the worst of the Micro Series and one of the worst episode of the series (if it was animated). But I don't hate it as much as the next two, starting with the surprise. ——— 9. Luna Yes, I loathe this comic. Pluses: Great facial expressions and compositions. Nicely done and sweet backstory of Luna's pet, Tiberius. (The Star Trek reference is cleverly woven in.) Celestia's bed mane and "I hate Mondays" mug are priceless. XD The relationship and dialogue between them is very organic. Luna acted competent towards the end. Kibutz is in character of his name and hilarious. He and Luna really played off each other well. Most of the pop culture references aren't that intrusive. Tiberius is cute and funny. Minuses: Luna behaved way too juvenilely and was relegated to the "annoying younger sister" role. Until the end, Luna was extremely incompetent. If you know my complaints in the past, I'm not a fan of character incompetence that much. Like the Rarity comic, the contrast of light and dark is way too severe. The story is extremely shallow and is basically reduced to character gags that got old very quickly. As it closed, it paced a tad too quickly. Luna is flanderized and unrecognizable beyond her character design: Her poor characterization and incompetence is relegated to random humor. I like Luna's canon character partly because she's three-dimensional, yet has grown into a strong character. The Day Shift retcons that into an immature scatterbrain. I was very turned off by Celestia's lackadaisical portrayal, as well as her trick on Luna to have her work on Celly's day shift. Celly knew Luna might have a very tough time, as it's foreign to her, and Celestia takes her duty as Princess of the Day very seriously. I wasn't reading Celestia, but another character instead. ——— 10. Fluttershy My most hated comic because it's so insulting. Pluses: Okay art and coloring. The continuity of Fluttershy being a knowledgeable sewer is referenced and exploited rather than be a one-time gag in Suited for Success. For the most part, the background art and design of the sculpture was quite good. Minuses: Broken continuity via poor word balloon placement. Hell, the fact that Rarity was there for no good reason. Wouldn't she be busy working on her own craft instead? And even more broken continuity, which I'll get to in a bit.) Celestia was written as a DEM. The character anatomy was off at times. WAY too much info-dumping, showing how short and shallow the plot is. It's the same structure for every single Fluttershy episode with only the talent and idiotic moral separating them from the other episodes. Fluttershy is a hypocrite. She dished out criticisms of Rarity's dress in SfS when she suddenly became afraid of criticisms herself. Broken continuity, anyone? The whole art gallery show. a. Rarity being an art judge. b. Praiser Pan itself. Not only is he a gigantic jackass, but also a straw character (or more appropriately, a straw pony) — a character only written to be proven wrong. The fact that his criticisms are hollow and then did a 180 when P. Celly DEM'd shows exactly why. c. Fluttershy learned to not only not accept Pan's pretentious criticisms, but every — single — criticism aimed at her work. Anyone who dares to critique her work is an asshole. This is a terrible moral and an extremely offensive message to deliver to any work of art. And it looks even worse when Ponyacci's concrit of Pinkie's performance was used to help Pinkie create the idea of a clown school! Honestly, it only made the writer look like she has a major ego herself and make me skip whatever FIM issue she publishes next. If this were an actual episode, it would rank as one of the worst in the series because it's not just broken, but godfucking offensive. How the hell this stupid comic with a backwards moral get the green light is beyond me.
  22. If you have not read the books yet, I reccomend reading them! The books may sound stupid, but there still very neat books! Anyways, I have two characters I dislike, and I will just post why. 1. Firestar. Firestar is just... meh. I felt he lived to long, he was like, the longest lasting cats in the whole books! Heck, Bluestar didn't get to live that long! Plus, he just felt like that know it all, goody character that always seemed perfect. I just don't like him. 2.Scourge. His character is just... I don't know, I just dislike him! "Oh, my brother and sister bullied me! I'm just going to go on a killing spree now!" Ya, not that good of a character. Also, apparently, he has dog bones on his collar. How the hell did he put them on the collar?! Sometimes people say he got string and tied them on, but seriously, cats can't tie strings!
  23. There's at least one pointless character in every single video game franchise. That character that serves little to no purpose in the game story-wise or gameplay-wise. But, you tell me; can you think of any pointless characters in any games you've played off the top of your head? If so, who are they?
  24. Sure I watch MLP:Fim and I know it's just awesome to watch for a lot of people. There are other good shows too but what makes a book or TV show watchable/entertaining
  25. Okay, so today I told my friends about my plans for the story plot for my third book (which is not published, nor are the other books before it) and they said that I was being killing off pretty much every character. Well... I basically planned it to be the last book, and I just want to finish it by basically causing a return from a villain in the first book and causing no miracles to happen that will save some character's life in some way. They said that I shouldn't make almost all of them die, and that the third book is pretty depressing due to all the death and drama and all that. Should I kill off like almost all of them except the main char and a few others? Or should I do something else? (Oh, and I openly admit that even I felt depressed after telling them what happened ) And if anyone is wondering what the titles are... (They're pretty cheesy ones in my opinion, and I plan on changing them) 1: Grace's Tale: Call of Destiny 2: Grace's Tale: Whispers 3: Grace's Tale: Echoes for Eternity