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Found 160 results

  1. The Shortest Chapter I've Written (For lack of better name) Hello, do not ask me for a name, because I no longer know my own. I wake up in a meadow filled with tall dry grass and some wheat. When I wake up I notice my back is leaning on a tree. I turn my neck around to see a tree with a white trunk and yellow leaves. I can remember a few things, such as the fact that I am a boy, and that I'm somewhere in my mid-teens. I look down to see instead of my own body I'm in the body of a mutant cartoon-type pony. My new body is strange, with small wings and red coat and feathers, my mane seems to be red and black, but I can't tell for sure because it's barely hanging in front of my eyes. I take a look around before getting up and see a small town not too far away to my right hand (or is it hoof?) side and decide to walk toward it. When I a stand I feel more balanced. But when I begin to walk I fall on my wing wrong and break it, causing me to jump and scream in pain; then when I land, I fall forward and hit my head on a rock, knocking me into unconsciousness. _____________________________________________________________________ When I awaken my vision is blurry and I hear a constant beeping I look around and see that in in a hospital of some kind. That is when I remember what events occurred before my... incident. I start panicking when I look down to see two red stumps that now replaced my hands, I look over my back to see two small wings, the right one is wrapped in a bandage and fiberglass cast. I look over to the handheld mirror that someone must've left on the table next to my hospital bed. I pick it up and look into it, my eyes are a light shade of purple. I start panicking at my realisation of this dream still being a dream, but as soon as I panic, my eyes change to a light green color. I panic more and scream again as I throw the mirror at the floor causing it to shatter. Whoever was outside must've heard the noise, because as soon as the mirror breaks the door swings open and another pony rushes through the door, "Are you alright!?" She exclaims I assume it's a woman because of the voice, "I heard you scream and what sounding like gla-" she stopped when she saw the broken mirror on the floor, "What happened?" She asks me while still looking at the broken glass. I didn't know how to respond, she didn't seem mad or anything like that, I was just nervous as how to respond. When I got an actual look at her she had a white coat and pink mane and tail, she had a tattoo on her butt of a medical red cross, and lastly she had a born on the top of her head. I just sat there like an idiot for what seemed like hours. Then I decided to answer, "I saw myself in the mirror, and I guess that I looked to good for it to handle." I reply in my care free voice, though something seemed off about my voice, it seemed squeaky, almost like I was younger, but I just put it off because I could fix my voice later. But now I was a pegasus, she was a unicorn, and we were talking to each other. "Hehehe, real funny." She says sarcastically. "I will just go get the janitor." She says with a concerned voice as she takes off through the door to get a janitor. She returns later with a checklist and the janitor, when I saw the checklist I knew it could only mean one thing... a test, with questions and I want prepared. "Okay, can you please tell me your name?" She asks in a strangely playful voice. "Umm..." I didn't know how to respond to this. "What's your name?" I ask her, surely names had to be different here, and as long as I try to not be supisous, then it could work. (Yay, my very first fanfic! You guys also get to choose the "random" name he chooses)
  2. okay now this isn't that important, and big things are going down in season 4, but like when these two showed up they were side by side to stick up for apple bloom. I'm kinda curious how these two met. Again some people don't like the cmc, but like it wouldn't be focusing on the cutie mark stuff, I have no idea what it would look like.
  3. made a separate thread for this, because it really is it's own discussion. That is why they hang out together. it's how they started. What will keep them together after they get their cutie marks? I'm not saying they won't be on the show. Like give me an example of those three post cutie marks doing something as a group.
  4. Okay remember the episode where the cmc try to fix up big mac and their teacher? now imagine it still goes horribly bad. and right when their about to learn their lesson Bam 3 heart cutie marks. Apple bloom "Gosh i guess we didn't learn anything!" Sweetie bell "Buck learning, I got cutie mark!" Scootiloe "So uh.. what do we do now?" All 3 blankely stare at each other. Apple bloom "Oh Celestail I'm freaking out!"
  5. During the Perfect Stallion song from Hearts and Hooves Day, when Sweetie Belle says her 'This one's too old' line, she clearly jumps onto the preachers back and rubs his head, singing a cheery song line for a very sad occasion on their version of Valentines Day. Damn, Sweetie Belle. That's just cold! How did the writers even get away with this???
  6. WARNING! This Story is not for the weak hearted or weak stomached. You have been warned. Prologue The Cutie Mark Crusaders were In there clubhouse deciding on what to do to next to get there cutie marks. "What are we gonna do next to get our cutie marks?" Scootaloo said. "I don't know Scootaloo, but we should figure it out quickly, its almost sundown. Applejack said I need to be home by then." Applebloom said. "Yeah and Rarity will want me home to." Sweetie Belle said. "Umm Applebloom, can I sleepover at your house again?" Scootaloo said. "You've slept over at my house for the past 3 days Scootaloo. Don't you think your parents miss you?" Applebloom said. That was a giant stab in the heart for Scootaloo. Being reminded of her parents. She would never tell them that she had no parents, if she did that they might not want to be her Friends anymore. She held in her tears and said, "Nah, they don't care." "Alright then. I'll ask Applejack if you can stay over again." "Should we get going?" Sweetie Belle said. So they decided to head to the farm first. Since it was the closest. "Hold up girls. You here that to?" Applebloom said. The girls heard a small beeping sound coming from the barn. Scootaloo was the first to react. "RUN!" Beep......beep.....beep.....BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The CMC were thrown thru the air and landed in a tree several meters from the barn. They would of been thrown out of PonyVille had that tree not stopped them. The Bomb impacted all of Pony Ville. "Everypony ok?" Applebloom said. "Im ok." Scootaloo said. "Just a bit bruised, but nothing serious," Sweetie Belle responded. When They climbed down from the tree they looked around. All that they loved, Was gone. Chapter 1 Ponyville "Wha- where is everypony?" Applebloom said. "There all gone!" Scootaloo replied. "No they're not there's, Lyra's over there. And so is Bon-Bon." Sweetie Belle said. The three girls started galloping towards the two mares but suddenly stopped in their tracks as two bloody ponies came up behind Lyra and Bon-Bon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" They said as they saw the ponies behind them. The ponies licked their lips and chowed down. The two ponies started with the head and brains, Then the organs. That's all the Crusaders saw because they were sprayed with blood and they ran away as fast as they could. They ran to the ruins of the Apple Family Farm. When they got there, Applebloom remembered her family. "APPKEJACK?! BIG MACINTOSH?! GRANNY SMITH?!" She shouted as loud as she could. "Don't worry Applebloom we'll fid them." Scootaloo said trying to calm her down. "Oh-no! Rarity! I forgot all about Rarity!" Sweetie Belle said. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!" Applebloom screeched. "What is it Appleblo-" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle said in unison. They turned there head to see Applebloom Puking next to Granny Smiths torn apart body. . Will update soon
  7. Bit of spooky fun made with a few blindbags and a huge amount of sculpey clay! Think I've been reading too many creepypastas...
  8. This Story is borderline creepypasta, but I don't necessarily wish to MAKE a Creepypasta. However, I will state that it is quite dark. Summary: Silver Spoon always had been in love with Sweetie Belle, ever since they met at the party. Never the type to ask, being too shy, she never would have ever been able to ask the white unicorn. It was foalish to think she could harvest feelings for her in return, but that doesn't stop Silver from getting jealous over that pesky orange pegasus, Scootaloo, when Sweetie always blushes around her. In fury, she does something that she can't fix and finds herself in a pit of lies and regrets. With Apple Bloom obsessed with finding Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle a prime suspect, the Elements find it hard to not divide. How will anypony adapt to the truth when it comes out? Most importantly: How will Sweetie like her if she knew the truth? 00000000000 Light from the beautiful moon flickered into the plain, seemingly empty room. It was with a radiance that only it bears as it danced too and fro without a trace or marking on the walls. It illuminated the silver decor, which, mostly, was on the walls. The inhabitant of the room groaned, the radiant light tickling her as if forcing her to wake up from her pleasant dreams. The light shimmered again and again relentlessly as the filly on the bed tried her hardest to cover herself. Nope, the light was persistent. Silver groaned again as her pink sheets tumbled effortlessly off without care.She fumbled off the bed, falling on the ground harshly. Silver pushed the annoyances aside as she turned towards her window. She frowned at the time. "Night, figures." Silver muttered. "Of course, my luck." Her ears flickered as she turned her head towards an unknown sound. She trudged away from the wall and of any security that she received from her room. The bathroom was the closest one near her, her glasses typically hung from a professional rack with care, but something felt off. Silver tried peering over to the mirror, but it was difficult as it was made for a mare, not a filly as tiny as she. Resting her hind legs up onto the structure that was in front-which was quite dangerous and hazardous- to reach up onto the counter. CRACK! Mirror pieces scattered around the base as Silver stared at herself in the mirror's glass, or rather, a what was supposed to be herself. The mare was a hot pink, or at least that's what Silver assumed. It was really hard to tell whether her coat used to be hot pink or was always such a dull shade. Her face couldn't be seen behind a large gas mask. Grey in color, something marred the sides with a dull brown hue. Surrounding the brown was a picture that was scratched out, covered by another. Maybe a cutie mark? Whether it was, she never cared to learn. After all, a checker board mark easily covered what was crossed out originally. Her mane probably could have been pretty, it had that sort of vibe. Although her mane was a pretty shade of pink, much darker than her coat, brown gunk that she didn't yearn to figure out coated the roots.It could have been rather pretty; prettier then even Miss Rarity's if it was washed and styled. On her head was cracked horn peaked through it, though, strangely placed. Silver couldn't put her hoof on it; the placement was off. She was sure. Her eyes fell last on the jacket that covered her coat. She was sure it was synthetic pony fur, but didn't understand what it could possibly be used for. Synthetic fur was something looked frowned upon, even if its synthetic. If you had one, pony or not, it wouldn't put you in the best of lights. Highly smuggled, it was sought for by other nations however. On her jacket, there were many marks this time, many she couldn't see clearly, but knew were there. Even with the oddities the mare possessed, she still was beautiful in an off sense. The situation hadn't dawned on Silver as she simply stared at the mare in the mirror, even when the glass blocked her path down. It was the combination of her off putting saturation and the dullness of the mare that spoke words to Silver Spoon. "Malen'kaya poni, you woke." Silver turned her head, looking for the source after leaving the reflection. Nope, no other logical source for the voice. She turned towards the mirror again, but the mare disappeared. In fact, her room and her bathroom disappeared from beneath her hooves. Her head grew dizzy as she felt something crunch beneath her. 'Grass?' She lifted her hoof to inspect. 'Its grass!' "Of course, Scootaloo!" Silver Spoon's breath hitched. Sweetie Belle was around! "Here, over here, malen'kaya poni." The voice was velvety, soft and cold.The owner of the voice pulled her closer with, she swore, was a smile. It was hard to tell, but she could just sense it from behind the mask. The owner was the mare from the mirror with the strange jacket. Her words were stuck inside her. They were too awed at the sight. "Y-Yo-your from the mirror..!" The mare merely laughed, waving her off with a black hoof. Silver's eyes followed the form intensely as she walked circles around her. She was black, in a sense despite all the pink she had. Her hooves were black; something that she only hoped was something more sanitary like paint. The tail had even more gunk on it, but limper than anything else the pony had. The marks were more noticeable, but the meaning never dawned on her. Still, she recognized the checkerboard again. "Malen'kaya poni." She grinned from behind the mask, she could feel that. "Revnost' plagues you, no?" Silver had little experience with Russian, her vocab even smaller than her experiences, but she knew what those words meant. Somehow, she didn't know why. "Of course not!" She bit back. A follower wasn't as able to speak back as the leader. She was always the follower, the shadows a much more comfortable place to be in than the sun. 'I wish you were here...' Diamond was a leader, if only Silver understood how she did it. Her ears perked again hearing Sweetie Belle's voice go off. "No, not like that!" Sweetie Belle's voice echoed. Silver smiled at it. She sounded of bells, beautiful bells that rang harmonically. "Try harder than that!" "You love 'er do you not?" The mare rubbed her mane. Silver winced at the force and the gunk. "Revnost was placed upon you because of her, is it not?" "No!" She shouted defiantly. "I'm not jealous of that chicken!" The mare chuckled at the sight and pointed a hoof towards the scene once more. "Its not working, Bells!" Scootaloo's voice was an annoyance. Silver didn't see much of her. Sweetie and Scootaloo were in a field, Luna's very stars looking over them in protection. Silver Spoon pined for it-why stay in the bushes while Sweetie Belle was out there, happier than ever? Their backs were turned to Silver Spoon. They wouldn't see her. She saw them, however. Scootaloo stood up on her hind legs as she scratched behind her ear sheepishly. Acting politely but failing, she bowed slightly. "Will you go with me to the dance?" Sweetie Belle smiled. Silver Spoon's eyes couldn't take the scene. They created water works before it was over. "Of course, I would love to." Those words were to be expected. Silver didn't need to hear them before she ran. Did she know she was running? The ache was evidence enough. She heaved and she breathed in heavily. "Revnost was placed upon you hard, malen'kaya poni." Sliver whipped around at the source. She couldn't see where she was anymore, where anything was anymore. Darkness was surrounding her until a light appeared in front with a warm welcome. "Why are you here?" She demanded, screaming. "Why are you here?!" The mare didn't answer, simply took out her arm. "Malen'kaya pony," She began, her words becoming cold as before. "Let me help you end the Revnost." Silver pushed her hoof away. She looked at Silver quizzically as she tried moving away. "I don't need your help." "That's what all of them say." She ran a hoof through her silver mane again. Silver groaned. She hated that. "I'll help you, the Revnost will plague you no longer." "Just shut up already!" She yelled. "Just shut up! I'm tired of seeing you! Can't you see that already?" The mare didn't respond much as she stood up and pulled her close to her. The horn not giving any sort of indication of being used.S "Let go!" "Shush, child." She cooed. "I'll fix everything. Just you watch. Revnost won't be around much longer. Just let it out. Don't worry at all." Silver couldn't help but shiver any longer. Her eyes welled in tears, but she didn't trust the mare. Still, she felt as secured oddly. She buried her head into the mare. She smelled rusty, it was a strange, intoxicating aroma. Her mother smelled the same way before she disappeared. The tears came to a stop and her breathing slowed until she fell asleep again with a genuine smile formed on her face. The mare just sat there, moving her hoof over Silver's mane as she smiled.
  9. Well than, how would you feel about the cmc redeeming a bad guy? And not just diamond tiara and silver spoons? Imagine in a plan to get back on rainbow dash Gilda tries become Scootalio's best friend, maybe at the same time rainbow dash gets busy with the wonder bolts and doesn't have as much time with scoots. Gilda moves in to drag Scootaloo down to her level. Now i admit this kind of a under pants gnome theory Step one gilda and scoots become friends step two step three redemption. Now i'm not exactly sure what step 2 is gonna be ^^ but i'm sure the writing staff could think of something. I think their would be something horribly endearing about the cmc tugging at the heart strings of someone truely wicked. Maybe even Chyselias.
  10. this could mean alot things. If you wanna be positive which do you feel would be most likely to bridge the gap between these age old rivalries? Or who would be most likely to pull a twist. I mean that would truely be some depressing stuff. Just imagine if both sweet bell and scootaloe left apple bloom at the same time start of the episode getting their cutie marks, I mean clearly it would have to be a nightmare. I could see her waking up and running over to their houses respectively, Apple bloom "you guys would never stop hanging out with me right?" Sweetie bell "If you keep waking me up at 3 in the morning, it's a possibility" I'd think sweetie bell would be the cmc who'd fit in best with silver spoons and diamond tiara. Their up crust ponies from upper crust families, and well Sweetie bell is rarity's sister. Oh just a side note about the pic, couldn't you see one of the cmc getting their cutie mark than hiding it from the others for fear of being thrown out? I mean if it was twilight totally.
  11. After countless fail attempts in getting their Cutie Mark, one of the Crusaders gets the unorthodox idea that maybe they should try evil and bad things to get their Cutie Marks. They have tried everything else. They spend the rest of the episode being 'evil'. Unfortunately, they turn out to be pretty bad at being evil and have terrible and silly ideas of what being evil means. Every attempt backfires hilariously. Or maybe one of them does get a Cutie Mark in being evil?
  12. So I was throwing around some ideas for the Cutie Mark Crusaders and how they might finally get their cutie marks. I pulled up Word and started writing. I really meant to keep it to a couple pages for a short topic, but this ended up turning into an 8 page mini-fanfic. In short, this is really a whole lot longer than I initially intended so that's why I posted it in Fan Fiction. I seriously wish I could write my research paper as quickly as I wrote this...I seriously wrote this in only 3 hours so if it's unrefined, that should explain it. So anyway, these are my ideas for possible ideas on how the CMC could earn their cutie marks. Earning Their Marks Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo grow older, and they decide that it’s time to get serious about what they’re really good at. They give up on grandiose talents like skydiving, zip lining, and rock bands, and try something a little smaller. They decide to start with something a little closer to home for each one. Apple Bloom After trying for a while to sell apples, she decides that she’s not a good sales pony and gives up on that dream. However, having grown up on the farm, she knows quite a bit about apples. But she can’t figure out exactly what it is about apples that she can apply to her special talent. After some time, she gives up on apples entirely. She’s distraught and confused beyond her wits, and she breaks down. Fluttershy happens to pass by, and she notices Apple Bloom’s distress and approaches her. Being so soft spoken and gentle, it’s easy for anyone to trust Flutters with virtually any and everything. So Apple Bloom spills her guts. She explains that after trying for so many years to get her cutie mark, she just doesn’t know who she is anymore. Flutters encourages her and gets her to dry the tears. So she offers a job to Apple Bloom: help her grow and maintain her gardens. Flutters believes that even though Apple Bloom’s most extensive knowledge is dealing with apples, she may be able to handle many kinds of plants. Flutters does have a kind of catch, though. I personally believe that Flutters doesn’t have a job or run a business so I can infer that Fluttershy doesn’t obtain resources often by paying for them (but that’s for a different topic). So even though Apple Bloom will be working for her, she can’t really pay Apple Bloom. Desperate to figure herself out, Apple Bloom accepts the offer anyway. At first, Apple Bloom isn’t too good at anything. But Flutters encourages her to be gentler in the way she handles the gardens. After all, they aren’t as hard as the trunks of those apple trees she’s helped buck for so long. And after some time, Apple Bloom gains some confidence. She’s careful and meticulous. She borrows books from Twilight to learn about the plants she’s handling. She talks to Rarity about colors—which ones complement each other and which ones should never go together. After a few months of working with Fluttershy, it hits her. The plants that have done best under her care are the flowers. She knows how to arrange the colors to form beautiful bouquets. She’s read enough to know how to distinguish each flower down to the species. She handles them with the utmost care. Apple Bloom wants to be a florist. Excited about this new direction in her life, she’s full of drive. She talks to Applejack and Big Macintosh about building a stand. She’d even pay them for the work, but being family, they said they’d do the work absolutely free if it meant finding her special talent. After a week of work, Apple Bloom has a small tent that she can use as a shop. While the other Apples were building, she’s put together 30 bouquets for display. Within five hours, she’s sold out. As soon as she closes, her flank dons a cutie mark: a bouquet of roses. Apple Bloom’s shop becomes very successful. She designs corsages and boutonnieres that she sells to Rarity for the outfits she designs for Ponyville’s and Canterlot’s formal meetings and the Grand Galloping Gala. After Granny Smith passes away, Apple Bloom makes a design so beautiful for the headstone that it stuns Princess Celestia, who puts a preservation spell on it so the flowers never wither or fade as the years pass. Sweetie Belle Like the other CMC, Sweetie Belle decides it’s time to get a lot more serious about finding her special talent. She’s the same hyperactive Sweetie Belle we all know and love, but she’s tired of having her blank flank. She starts closer to home, like Apple Bloom. She’s worked under the supervision of Rarity for a while now. She’s learned how to stitch and design dresses, but she just can’t get excited about it. She can do it, yes, but it’s not exactly her favorite activity. She grows tired of the drones of a life of stitching and sewing and working out her sister’s ideas. In fact, she believes that her life has become as repetitive as the sewing machines themselves. She gets restless one night in bed. She can’t get as excited about life as she used to be. She wants to be entirely alone. She’s upset. And she makes a dumb decision. She knows no one will go to the Everfree Forest. They say it’s dangerous. Unnatural. Whatever. She goes in anyway. The Everfree Forest makes all sorts of noises at night so to drown out the noises that cause her fear, she begins singing a song. It’s squeaky as a rusty hinge. She is so tense as she walks along the path. Finally, she stumbles upon the old castle of Celestia and Luna. She lies down in front of it, bathed by the light of the full moon. It’s the only thing that provides her with any kind of comfort at this most uncomfortable time in her life. Right now, she doesn’t know what will happen to her. Although she’s more scared than she’s ever been, she stays. Actually, deep inside, her heart is callous and she doesn’t really care anymore. Lying there in solitude, she fixes her gaze upon the moon and wonders why Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon. Was she alone? Unappreciated? That’s exactly what Sweetie Belle felt. In fact, she had never felt so alone and unappreciated in her life. By now, Apple Bloom had found her special talent and Scootaloo had Rainbow Dash to help her find her talent. She became envious and enraged. Oh, how her anger burned against them…Why was she left out? Her heart pounding, she begins to wail. She wants to do something, but she’s frozen by total exhaustion, and she cries herself to sleep. She dreams of her talent. It’s vague. Suddenly, Apple Bloom approaches her. “What’s your talen—oh I forget, you’re still a blank flank!” Apple Bloom walks toward Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and the trio torment her for a while and walk away. Then Scootaloo approaches her and says, “I know what it’s like. But at least I’ve got an awesome sister who’s helping me find my talent!” And then she flies away with Rainbow Dash. Later, she finds the two hanging out. Infuriated, she begins to fire spells at the two. She wants them to hurt. She wants them to BLEED. SHE WANTS THEM TO SCREAM! “SWEETIE BELLE! STOP THIS AT ONCE!!” It’s the Royal Canterlot Voice. Shaken from her rage, Sweetie Belle looks up. “Princess Luna..?” Luna changes the scene to a still meadow. “What is this? Why do you hurt those who love you? Those two are your friends! They’ve only helped you, and you want to hurt them? This is unlike you, Sweetie Belle! “ “I hate them,” declared Sweetie Belle, her tiny voice breaking and her eyes flowing with tears. “Do you really hate them?” A silence passed. Sweetie Belle asked, “Princess, why did you become Nightmare Moon?” “That is a time long since passed, young filly,” she began. As she told Sweetie Belle the story, she said, “By the time I turned, it was too late. You see, when fillies like you have nightmares, here I am to comfort you. But when I have nightmares, who is there to comfort me?” “You must be tough, Princess…I wish I could be like that.” “You can, Sweetie Belle. I made my decision. By the time I was sent to the moon, I couldn’t go back. My pain consumed me. Nightmare Moon was only the manifestation of the pain. But you have a choice. Think about it, Sweetie Belle...What is the one thing you like to do most? That is the key to happiness. Find something you like and that you’re good at. If you’re not good at it, practice makes perfect. When you find what you like, simply do it.” Sweetie Belle thought for a moment. “I guess the thing I like to do most is-“ “No more, young filly,” interrupted the princess, “That is for you to know. And others will know in time. Now, I think it’s time to-” And Sweetie Belle woke up. She found herself right where she was in the Everfree Forest, but the sun was high in the sky. It must have been well after noon. Then she heard a growl. Sweetie Belle spun around only to discover she was surrounded by a pack of timberwolves. Afraid for her life, she bolted, screaming as loud as her little lungs would allow her. She was putting some distance between the timberwolves and herself when she fell over and rolled down a hill. She got up, breathing very hard. She coughed up some blood and collapsed. Still conscious, she heard Rarity scream, “Don’t you DARE touch MY SISTER!!” Blue and purple spells screamed by her as Rarity and Twilight cast spells to keep the timberwolves at bay. Fluttershy had a small coalition of bears fighting some of the others while Applejack and Apple Bloom launched apples at some of the others. Pinkie Pie had cakes and dirty diapers (she didn't question it). And as all of this was happening, she could hear another screaming up in the sky. Scootaloo was riding on Dashie’s back. “Scoots, this is how you do a Rainboom!” The blast blew away the rest of the timberwolves. Fading out of consciousness, the last words Sweetie Belle heard was Rarity’s voice breaking, “Stay with us, Sweetie!” The next place she found herself was in a hospital bed. She could hear the doctor in the other room say, “She’ll be okay. However, she must have done a lot of screaming. Her vocal cords are extremely strained and irritated. In fact, I don’t know that her voice will ever sound the same again.” And she heard Rarity break down in tears. The nurse stepped in and turned around. “She’s awake, Doctor.” The doctor stepped into the room and told her, “Now Sweetie Belle, I don’t know why you would go into the forest, but you’ve really hurt your voice. I seriously advise you to not speak right now. You don’t want to do any more damage. It’s a miracle you didn’t have to go into surgery. In fact, it’s a miracle that you’re even alive right now. Had your sister and your friends not noticed that you were gone, you wouldn’t be. But if you do need to say something, you can use this marker board. Write it. But whatever you do, do not speak.” After two weeks, the doctor could see a fair bit of healing in her vocal cords. He told her it might be okay to speak again. So she did. It was as he thought. Her voice was very different. He called Rarity, who came at once. Indeed, her voice was very different. It sounded more mature and controlled. To Rarity, it was stunning. The doctor believed she had fully recovered so the hospital released her. On the way home, Sweetie Belle was so excited to speak again, she started to sing. No squeaks. In fact, her voice sounded good. Too good. Others heard it. Was this really Sweetie Belle singing? Sweetie Belle thought, “Princess Luna? I guess the thing I like to do most is to sing!” And how she sang her heart out. She looked out in the distance and saw Luna at the edge of town. She turned around. There was her cutie mark. A musical staff and notes appeared on her once blank flank. She began working with Octavia. Together, the two perform at the Grand Galloping Gala every year. During the rest of the year, they create chart-topping music. A couple years after, at Granny Smith’s funeral, the Apple family asked her to sing. It took a near death experience, but Squeaky Belle finally found her special talent. Scootaloo Scootaloo had been practicing with Rainbow Dash for a while. It’s been months and she still can’t fly. She’d grown impatient. How was it that she couldn’t learn to fly? She’d failed every flying course she’d taken. Miserably. What was keeping her grounded? One day at practice, Scootaloo jumped from a platform. She spread her wings, but she fell to the ground. This time, it hurt. Actually, it hurt really badly. She didn’t want to look weak in front of Rainbow Dash, but the instant she stood up, the tears flowed. She was in real pain. Dashie put Scoots on her back and flew her to the hospital. She’d broken a couple ribs, and the doctor said she’d make a full recovery soon. However, he wanted to point out an abnormality about Scootaloo. Pegasi don’t fly just because they have wings. It’s something they evolved into, much like birds. Pegasi have hollow bones that make them lighter than their size suggests. However, the doctor noticed that Scootaloo was awfully heavy for a pegasus of her size. And after her x-ray, his suspicion was confirmed. Scootaloo’s bones were extremely dense. She was simply too heavy for flight. It’s a rare disorder. The odds of having the disorder are 1 in 31 trillion, and there are only 2 other documented cases in history. She was crushed. This meant that Rainbow Dash couldn’t really teach her tricks to Scoots. And it meant that Rainbow Dash couldn’t really be her teacher anymore since all of Dashie’s tricks involve being in the air. And Dashie had to break the news to Scoots. It wasn’t easy, but she felt like it was right. She didn’t cry…at least, not on the outside. 1 in 31 trillion…It wasn’t even likely. But it was just possible enough that it happened to her. How could one be so unlucky? But Scootaloo is tough. She wouldn’t give up easily. She continued to train. She worked her wings harder than she ever could. And after months of training, she had an extremely strong set of wings. But it still wasn’t enough to lift her. As her muscles grew, so did she. No matter how much strength she gained, it wasn’t enough to counteract her weight. She gave in and accepted that she’d be grounded for life. She got on her scooter and went away to think. She jumped from platforms and tried to fly. She could only glide a short distance before gravity pulled her back down. Watching from a cloud in the distance, Rainbow Dash came down to talk to her. “Look, kid, I don’t think it’s going to happen for you. I know you look up to me. I wish you could fly. But sometimes, you get the short end of the stick and you just have to work with what you have. Why not get on your scooter and go ride around some? Try to take your mind off this flying thing, okay?” She did as Rainbow told her and went off on her scooter. She was frustrated. Finding a straight road, she started flapping her wings as hard as she could. She really took off, being so strong. She made it home very quickly. Some of the other ponies were complaining that she was going dangerously fast. That she could be killed if she had been in an accident. Scootaloo had an idea. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to fly for a reason. Maybe her permanent grounding had something to do with her destiny. She worked on a sort of skate park. She got the supplies and the tools and worked around the clock. It was a nice piece of work, now. There were ramps and half-pipes everywhere. She was quite talented on that scooter. She figured out that she didn’t need Rainbow Dash to show her how to do tricks. While it would be cool to do them, it just was unoriginal. As she kept going on that scooter, she became even more talented. But to her disappointment, she still had no cutie mark. How is it that after so much work that she didn’t have her cutie mark? Again, she was frustrated with it. She rode her scooter home again as fast as she could. This time, Rainbow Dash saw it. She was fast. Dashie followed her home. She looked at Scoots and said, “You’re quick on that thing, kid. How about a race? I’ll fly and you just ride that scooter.” “Yeah, I guess I’ll race you. I don’t think I’ll ever be as fast as you are, but I’ll give it a shot.” They mapped out a course. Rainbow Dash would fly right over the road while Scootaloo rode her scooter along it. It would be a lap back to the start, taking place the next day. Scoots rose bright and early to warm up. She rode her scooter around the track a few times for practice. Those corners sure would be hard. Rainbow Dash didn’t have to worry about hitting a tree if she lost control for a moment. Scootaloo could be seriously hurt if the scooter slid a little too much. But there was one part of that track that she was totally confident about: the 5½ mile long straightaway. But if Rainbow Dash kept her word to fly straight over the road instead of just going straight over the corners or swinging out to keep momentum, Scoots thought the race should be convincingly close. There were some ponies who gathered to watch the racers take off. The other Crusaders were there to watch her go. It helped her morale a little bit. They lined up on the ground. Scootaloo put on her helmet. And just like that, the horn sounded. Rainbow immediately shot into the sky. Scoots darted forward as quickly as she could. The first corner was light, and she could keep speed thorugh it. She looked up and saw Rainbow not far ahead. She was comforted that she kept her promise to follow the road. The road straightened out and she could pick up speed. But so could Rainbow. She came into the second corner a little slower. This one was trickier so she had to be careful. Then she came into the third and fourth corners. She had figured out she could use her wings to control her drifts. Coming sideways out of the fourth corner she stopped one of her wings as a brake on one side and straightened the scooter. It helped her keep her speed. And it looked pretty damn cool to boot! What’s better is she passed Rainbow Dash! In the lead, she went faster. Confident as ever, she raced along. But she got overconfident. The fifth and final corner was the trickiest. She slid into it too hard and lost control of her scooter. She fell to the ground and hit her head hard as Rainbow Dash soared by overhead. She was hurt. But she wasn’t giving up. “If I go down, I’m not going down without a fight! I will win!” She picked herself up, got back on that scooter and went, flapping her wings as hard as she could. Adrenaline pumping, she entered that straightaway. Dead ahead was Rainbow Dash. All of a sudden, what she had feared all along had happened right in front of her eyes. A Sonic Rainboom. Scootaloo was disheartened, but she wasn’t giving up. Harder and harder she flapped those wings. And the next thing she knew… Another Sonic Rainboom? Was it possible that Dash did a Double Rainboom? All of her questions were answered when that little scooter sped right under Rainbow Dash right as they both crossed the finish line. Did she win? Nobody knows the answer to that. It was far too close and they were going far too fast to tell. Exhausted and aching from her fall, Scootaloo collapsed. She woke up in the hospital. She was a little bruised up, but overall she was just fine. That helmet sure took a beating, and it probably saved her life. Right next to her was Rainbow Dash. “Kid, I can’t say who won that race. But I have to give it to you. You gave that race your heart and soul. Even more, you’re the only pegasus pony to do a Sonic Rainboom on the ground in history. It’s hard to do it in the air. We all thought it could never be done on a scooter, but you sure proved us wrong! Because of that, I’m going to give the race to you. I don’t like to lose, but that was AWESOME!” Scootaloo’s smile was about a mile wide. “There’s also something I want to show you.” Rainbow Dash pulled the blanked off of Scootaloo. There it was. Her cutie mark. Her scooter with a rainbow behind it. She was the only living pegasus who couldn’t fly. She was also the only pegasus in the world who could do a Sonic Rainboom on the ground. That was her special talent. A couple weeks later, she received a plaque in the mail. She had been recognized in the Book of Equestrian Records. Today, she hangs that plaque on her wall with pride.
  13. Now, I have no problems with the CMC themselves. They're adorable, have lots of great episodes, but the message from the episode "The Show Stoppers" doesn't really seem to mesh with it's real life audience. In the show the message makes sense, as every pony has one special talent, and gets a cutie mark for it, so to focus on what you're good at makes sense. However, in real life, Rainbow Dash's advice seems the more prudent choice, which was to try as many different things as possible. Heck, even in the show that would be the better choice, if the pony involved had no clue what their talent was. To shoehorn yourself into one thing, and one thing only, just doesn't work in the real world. The more talents and skills you develop, the more appealing you are to a possible employer, as you show you can do many different things. Of course, for the CMC to work, they have to just blatantly ignore their skills and keep doing a bunch of random things everytime they appear in an episode. Of course following that episode the writers seem to have abandoned that message, just letting the CMC do what they want without having any of the mane cast chastise them or push them towards focusing on what they can do already.
  14. Hello everypony. It's been a while since I've been active on here but I have decided to create a video analysing Babs Seed as a character. I want to involve both positive and negative opinions, so any pony who so wishes can express themselves honestly (and critically) about how they feel about Apple Bloom's cousin. Any and all opinions welcome. (I'm not sure this is in the right thread. If it's not, I apologise).
  15. I hope this topic hasn't been made yet, but I was wondering if anyone knows about a remake of the CMC Theme that doesn't suck? If not, someone should make it. Great song idea right there. I trawled around youtube for a while and found nothing but a single redub which, while very good melodically, has a weird sound to it and doesn't fit the characters:
  16. Despite Cheerilee's claim of of loving to teach and her cutie mark representing the smiling faces of her learning students, it bugs me that she has not shown the greatest sensibilities for the job. Take Call of the Cutie. Diamond Tiara passes her a note. The instant it touches Appleblooms mouth Cheerilee snaps at her, despite the other half still being in DT's mouth. Then, DT comments on how the blank note reminds her of AB, and all the kids start laughing at her. Not a comment from Cheerilee. Though for that matter this was an episode failure for adults later on too, as when DT mocks applebloom at her party around a bunch of other adults, not a one calls her out on it and you can even see one smiling away and laughing. Return of Harmony. The CMC are arguing, then get into a physcial fight.over something dumb. Cheerilee doesn't bat an eye. She doesn't try to break up the fight, she just gives them some extra homework. Ponyville confidential has to be the worst example of it. Making DT the editor in chief was bad enough, but apparently she never once glanced at or read the school paper, despite it becoming popular enough to make it to cloudsdale. And even if she did, she didn't try to talk down the CMC from their scandalous work. Family appreciation day: DT IN FULL DEFIANCE calls Granny Smith a cookie old lady. Besides a shocked expression, Cheerilee doesn't react or punish her. I was about to lose my last bit of respect for her in the cutie pox when it looked like she was about to yell at applebloom while she was feeling so proud of 'earning her cutie mark' She gets a pass for hearts and hooves day for underreacting to the CMC forcing a love potion on her and big mac and only making them do some chores. She does have her good moments of course, like giving Spike a hat simply because she found it was his birthday, and I don't hate Cheerilee, but she just seems awfully neglectful and doesn't act appropriately.
  17. Just curious, does Apple Bloom direct the CMC? I mean, she fixed up the clubhouse all by herself, and the first CMC episode (Call of the Cutie) was centered on her. Also, she's always there for the others. In "Ponyville Confidential", she has the idea to be editors. In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", she's there with a bucket of water for the fillies to wash off their sappy hooves. Also, the clubhouse is on her property. What do you think?
  18. Wow sorry for uploading so many in one go but heres another of my fav CMC hope you guys like this please give feed back I love Scoots shes so cute Scootaloo .pdf
  19. This is my first attempt at the CMC I apper to be better at drawing fillies as a posed to drawing regular ponys no idea why hope you guys like it please give feedback
  20. Just finished my second sculpture. By far, my favorite. Hope she's not too saucy. I know, I know, I forgot the horn. I'm stupid... Source:
  21. I noticed this a few times. Why were they all in the school when in reality, they were too young? THEY MUST BE SMARTS. Diamond and Silver Spoon don't appear to be least there.
  22. While I was making this, I think I almost killed myself by cuteness overload. This is a little simple wallpaper I made of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to download this wallpaper, go to my deviantArt! -> Thank you for reading! ~TPSB.
  23. There has been many speculations and artist renditions of how the CMC probably would look like when they grow up, complete with their Marks in tangem. So far, the most that gets Applebloom is that she could become a Carpenter, as odd of achoice as it seems, and Sweetie Belle a singer, with musical notes prominent in any kind of mark created. Scootaloo is stil la wild card, but some choose that her mark would probably be similar to Rainbow Dash's in one way or another: Seems Bloom may also get a hat of her own in some renditions: And a rare instance that point to their on stage performance when they were younger: Will Scootaloo be able to fly? Since Babs Seed was added to the CMC later on, it makes sens to also show what she may be able to be like when she gets mark and as an grown up. Here is another rendition with Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon as a bonus: So what is anyone else's expectations when they do indeed reach adulthood?
  24. So I decided to a quick sketch of the CMC, and by quick sketch, I mean this took over a friggin hour, mostly because I made the foolish decision to be more "dynamic" with the posing and to attempt the difficult task of making all the body proportions equal between all of them. Personally, they're a bit meh. I think the Apple Bloom one turned the best. Scootaloo's face is weird and Sweetie is just overall disturbing me. What do you guys think?