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Found 160 results

  1. I don't understand why some people consider Babs Seed an evil character. Yes, she was bullying, but not because she wanted to. She did it because she didn't want to BE bullied. These people just point up the bad more often than the good.
  2. More wise words from Sprocket. Really resonated with me, and I'm sure it will with many others here.
  3. Why does Apple Bloom act so surprised when she found out (in Call of the Cutie) that she wasn't the only one without a Cutie Mark (Blank Flank)? Apple Bloom-*GASP* You don't have your Cutie Marks either?!?, I thought I was the only one? Scootaloo-We thought WE were the only TWO. In the first episode Friendship Is Magic, Part 1 They are clearly shown right next to each other huddling under what seems like a curtain/drapes... right? Did they randomly get amnesia right after Nightmare Moon's introduction? Were they all traumatized that they erased it from their minds? Are not all episodes canon with each other or when they want to be? How is it possible that they wouldn't notice something that "important" before Nightmare Moon showed up?
  4. Hi everyone again Some more wallpapers, I didn't want to overload one topic I made the basic backgrounds, no ponies on them but feel free to take a look and use them for whatever.
  5. As some might know, Scootaloo is one of my favorite ponies. Why? Because she is the pony that I relate to the most, for a couple of reasons: Like her and the other CMC, I'm a late bloomer myself. I pretty much blew off self-discovery all through middle and high school, and now that I'm a little older and more grown up, I'm beginning to finally be proactive about discoverying myself, my talents, and my dreams. And in a lot of ways, my efforts mirror those of the CMC. I'm learning about musical instruments, I'm drawing traditionally and digitally, and I'm getting into the shape where I can start playing sports, etc. I'm trying all sorts of new things I've never done before in my life in the pursuit of discovering who I am. But what really makes me relate to Scoots above the other CMC is that her and I have the same destinies it seems - the pursuit of adrenaline. Scootaloo is a little daredevil, and the more I think about it, so am I. I watch videos of people skydiving, BASE jumping, flying aerobatics, etc., and while most people will say "ooh" and "aah" with their feet firmly planted on the ground, I am overcome with a feeling that I NEED to try that. Like Scootaloo, I'm overcome with the need for speed. (Image by BlackGryph0n) In fact, this summer I will use some money I saved up to try skydiving for the first time, and in another year when I transfer to WMU I will take their aerobatics course. And if Scootaloo really existed in our reality I'm sure she would probably do similar. Also, we both have a probably near-unhealthy infatuation with Rainbow Dash. Anyway, yeah, those are the reasons why I love that brave little Pegasus adrenaline junkie named Scootaloo.
  6. John Cena in a brutal Gauntlet match against the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo! Don't forget to like/fave/share, and give suggestions for future exhibition matches.
  7. What do you consider to be the best Cutie Mark Crusader episode? I was just rewatching some episodes and found that I really enjoyed the CMC episodes I watched, but I can't decide which is my favorite. What is your favorite CMC episode?
  8. Here's a sweet piano cover of Babs Seed. If anyone wants the sheets, send me a PM with your email, and I'll have it to ya. Note: There are some technical runs in this piece.
  9. Hello, I stopped by to share the three Ponified Trailers / PMV's I made. I hope you enjoy! 1. Asylum Fan Fiction Trailer - Set to "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Trailer. Twilight is admitted to a mental institution, takes the patients on a boat, and stands up to Nurse Ratched. Also, Chief. 2. My Little Duke Nukem. Dash (voiced by Duke) saves Equestria from all the villains, in clips from all 3 seasons. Over the top action. *** Adult language. *** 3. Cutie Mark Crusader Communists - Pony Music Video for "Soviet Partisans" - Sung By Red Army choir. The CMC makes plans in their clubhouse (show stoppers) to get Soviet cutie marks by destroying key landmarks throughout Ponyville. (I can't get the last one to embed, oh well.) Thanks for checking them out, let me know what you think! If you do like them, I also write fan fics. -Kaidan
  10. Okay, so I thought I'd share this one with you guys. Once again I caught myself drawing, and to be completely honest, I think this is my best one yet. I did a little blunder on Scootaloo's hair at first, and due to a lack of a good eraser, the fixes left the right eye - hairline area a bit smudgy. But I'm still happy with it I will most likely put some colors on this just as soon as I can afford to get any sort of coloring pencils... I have absolutely nothing to color with at the moment Can you tell me your thoughts, opinions, hints on how to improve, etc. etc. Anything at all and I'll be glad EDIT: Oh, and yes, the centers of the eyes are supposed to be black, I just didn't want to do it with a pencil... You can check out my other drawings on these topics:
  11. Yeah, so like, I'm Diamond Tiara. I'm Silver Spoon! We're here to answer your questions. Even if you're a blank flank. Or a traitor like Babs. Yeah, but try not to be total jerks, okay? Cause our dads are rich. And don't ask us about gross stuff or ask us to look at your Tumblrs. *Tch* As if we would touch a computer with our own hooves anyway. Our servants are doing all this for us. I really like my maid though. She's super nice and she always brings me hot chocolate when I'm-- Gimme a break, Silver, nopony wants to hear about that! =_=' So go ahead already and ask about me. I mean, us.
  12. What's up everypony. I just barely made the deadline for the latest EqD Artist Trainings Grounds, but I got in at just the last minute. Phew! Anyway, thought I'd share my entry with you guys. It's somewhere between tier 1 and tier 2. Not sure Babs counts as a long lost relative, but they're both "dressed up", so at least it hits tier 1. Wanted to do a more detailed or colors piece but I got sidetracked with some fanfic work earlier this evening. Anyway, without further ado: Took about 30 minutes. Criticisms welcome and encouraged.
  13. Another music-inspired sketch, this time on the opposite side of the genre spectrum as "Big Mac-klemore." Big Rock Candy Mountain is a great American folk song from 1928 by Harry McClintock about a hobo's vision of paradise, a land where the hen's lay soft boiled eggs, there are rivers of lemonade, and the mountains are covered in chocolate sundae. (There's also cigarette trees and gin streams, but I'm basing this piece off another "foal-friendly" version of the song ). I always thought this song in a lot of ways described a place Pinkie Pie might sing about. This piece was different than originally planned. Originally it was going to be somewhat darker-themed, of an alternate universe of an Equestrian Great Depression, with a hobo-Pinkie singing the song to some poor fillies around a fire. However, I figured I'd shoot for something more like what we'd see in canon Equestria, and I figured I'd make the fillies the CMC as a bit of a nod to "Sleepless in Ponyville." So here's the piece - Pinkie Pie weaving the tale of the Big Rock Candy Mountains to the CMC around a smoky campfire, and somehow through Pinkie's unknown magic, she can weave that tale right into the fire's smoke. A tale of a land where the rains are chocolate, the streams are filled with lemonade, the trees are filled with cupcakes and candy canes, and the mountain caps are made of whipped cream. A Pinkie Pie paradise. As always, critiques are wanted. PS: I really need to find an actual scanner instead of just using my phone's camera.
  14. Posting this here for this guy because I think this is REALLY good and seriously needs some more attention. with 4K+ and only 1 dislike within a few months, I think this could be a 10K video in no time with your guys help. Thanks! [[Watch in HD!]]
  15. After watching the most recent episode, I found I loved the new filly to bits. I just loved how she gained her confidence at the end. But when I asked my boyfriend, he was really confused. He couldn't understand why I liked her. So I want to know your opinions. Is Babs really a Bad Seed? Or am I right to love her?
  16. Here's another arrangement I managed to get done in a day It's the CMC song from "One Bad Apple". It can get a bit fuzzy at times, but I worked so hard trying to get it as clear as possible. The sound enhancer tends to add some side fuzz unfortunately.
  17. Simple question. I want your opinions! Who will get her cutie mark first? Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, or Scootaloo? Or will they get it at the same time? Or will they even get their cutie marks at all? Please vote!
  18. Here's a remix of "The Perfect Stallion" from the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" Hope you like it! Since this was a eurobeat, I did not put on the sound enhancer/HD simulator.
  19. That's what happen when I'm in the middle of a management exam. I just want to share it with you guys. And yes it's anthro, and yes Sweety-Belle wears glasses (even Rarity does), and yes the only person more bored than me by this exam was Applebloom. Fell free to comment
  20. Mane 6 for me hasn't changed. Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack CMC after season 1 Scootaloo Applebloom Sweetie Belle After season 2 Sweetie Belle Applebloom Scootaloo
  21. I did a similar topic on this matter before but it was sent away from 'Show Discussion' where I wanted to discuss it. Basically, this idea could do well for a future CMC episode and a good way to use Diamond Tiara again. In a familiar scenario Rich family goes bankrupt and all the wealth, status and fake friends (ie Silver Spoon) that has inflated Diamond Tiara's ego is stripped from her. She even loses her precious tiara. And of course, she's as miserable. The CMC, I imagine, would at first feel a sense of justified schadenfreude, a view that would most likely be shared with a large number of fans, considering this is Diamond Tiara we are talking about. She has been nothing short of horrible to them, so in their view, her situation could not have happened to a filly more deserving. But of course, since the CMC are good kids, they will eventually take pity on her and try to cheer her up and teach her the life of an average pony is great, and maybe even try and teach her friendship. There are several ways this could end; Diamond Tiara could actually learn friendship, becoming a permanently changed filly and truly becomes friends with the CMC, ending it on a high note. In a convenient twist, the Rich family somehow become rich again and her precious tiara is returned to her, and she instantly dismisses everything she's learned and the CMC and turns back into a spoiled brat. Her family regain their wealth and status, but she does NOT dismiss everything she's learned and is still a changed filly for the better. On a side note, we could also get the chance to meet DT's mother, assuming she is still around, though we have no solid reason to assume she isn't. This is my take on what would happen if Diamond Tiara lost her money. Is this how you imagine it or do you have a different take?
  22. Another drawing after I drew Rainbow Dash yesterday. This actually was requested to me. And I was bored so I started drawing, it took me 2 and a half hours and it has a few flaws. Like I couldn't draw the mark on Sweetie Belle's cape because it was too hard, also Scootaloo's head looks a bit weird, but over all I think it turned out good.
  23. I was bored tonight so I decided to try my hand at some pony art. It's not very good, but I think it wasn't bad for my very first. The Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting each other all grown up and with their cutie marks.
  24. Here's the cmc! And I can't believe how adorable Sweetie Belle turned out, she is just SO DAMN CUTE! I don't really like how Scootaloo turned out. Again with the colors - Scootaloo's hair looks pink because the only violet colored pencil I have is pinkish-violet...So yeah.
  25. Made another for lolz. The Race will be ready in 10 seconds. This was meant to be a flying race. :3