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Found 160 results

  1. So? how is it?
  2. Zippy - Fluttershy's little brother - the daredevil (Scoots), younger sibling (SB/AB) Merlin - Twilight Sparkle's admirer - the docile one (SB), unrelated admirer (Scoots) Jinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie's little nephew - the leader (AB), energetic and outgoing like his Aunt Pinkie Here's Zippy with his big sister Fluttershy. Zippy is more courageous than his big sister but he always helps her out whenever she's visiting home in Cloudsdale or he's visiting her at her cottage. Here's Twilight Sparkle reading aloud for her little admirer Merlin. Merlin's family just moved from Canterlot to Ponyville and Merlin had heard about Twilight's reputation for excelling at magic. Merlin is a cute, innocent colt who adores Twilight and would love to learn more about magic from her. Then finally Jinkie Pie diving for a cupcake against his Aunt Pinkie. Jinkie is the son of Inkie Pie and is as bubbly and outgoing as his Aunt Pinkie. The leader of the Colt-y Mark Crusaders, he wears a green fez as given to him by his aunt.
  3. I think Scootaloo is a bit under-appreciated by the crew. Think about it: she has yet to have her own episode signifcant role that doesn't involve the other two CMCs. She also hasn't had much interaction yet with Rainbow Dash, who is her idol. It almost kinda saddens me, the other two CMCs have their "role models", in the case of both of their respective older sisters, while we've seen Scoot's interest/interaction with Dash only a few times. As of now, we don't know anything of Scoot's family, so that can keep interesting script ideas shelved for the time being. If anything, I'd like to see some Scoot/Dash interaction, so that can keep that trait of her's alive. I really hope she can become more of an important character in Season 3. Having her own episode would probsbly help, maybe involving her family, or something like that, because at this point, she's probsbly the least plot-interactive member of the CMC. I really hope we see more of her in this upcoming season. (D'awwwww she's so cute! )
  4. Unlike most cartoons, the vast majority of episodes of Friendship is Magic are focused on character development, oftentimes only starring one or two ponies in the main roles of the episode. I'd like to know: Which episodes do you think do this the best? Since I can't ask more than three questions at a time, I'm going to hold a series of three polls, for each of which I'd like you to choose your favorite episodes focused on three characters. And on a completely unrelated note, "three" doesn't even sound like a word anymore. Note: Some episodes are focused on the development of two characters, so the episode will appear in both of their questions. I'd like to hear your reasoning for your choices below! Results from Round 1
  5. Has Spike ever had direct contact with the CMC in any of the episodes? I know he's been around Sweetie Belle in an episode or two but I don't think I've ever seen the four of them together in one shot with interaction.
  6. Humanized CMC as super heroes and the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well! ...what does everypony think?
  7. Crappy photoshop I did using a combination of @Nico's Berry Punch vector and my very own Lie Bloom. I liked it so much I made myself an avatar too. The background was made from a couple of images I found here and here.
  8. This was fun to make! Also, if you want just the table and CMC, it's on my DeviantArt. Support me on DA:
  9. Scootaloo Apple Bloom Working on Sweetie Belle!
  10. Hey everypony. I'm still pretty new to this, and this is one of my first posts. So anyways... When do you think the CMC will get their cutie marks, if ever? I'm getting kind of sick of waiting.