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Found 50 results

  1. This is the first of hopefully many releases that are written, composed, arranged and performed by 'Draconequus', A Metal Band in Tribute to the spectacular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This video is the first two tracks from the album that PlunderSteed and I are writing. It's an epic adventure that sees Twilight Sparkle and her friends embark on a quest to the "Lands Beyond Equestria." They must stop Queen Chrysalis before her Changeling army invades all of Equestria. Production for the rest of the album is in full swing, and we plan to complete it later this year. In addition, expect to see monthly covers, parodies, and other original pieces, all released on this channel. Credits: DYLZAL (Lead Guitarist) - PlunderSteed and Gaz (Bassist and Vocals) - Sxp (Rhythm Guitar) - Supporting Members: James Owen (Drummer) - POTC (Keyboardist) - If you would like to see more from us, please subscribe to be notified when there are new releases.
  2. You there! Yes, you! If you are a fan of any anthropomorphic universe (e.g. Sonic, Klonoa, MLP (obviously), here's something for you! This is a project I began roughly a year ago, based on a unique idea of mixing universes together to clash, even featuring OCs. Original post Facebook Unfortunately the comic hasn't progressed quite at all, so I'm desperate to get all the support possible. So, if you have even the slightiest glimmer of interest towards the comic, please spread the word and maybe ask if you want to take part. Any help is appreciated!
  3. So me and sharksfood though it would be fun to do a collab where I draw Twilight's body and they draw her head. Welp. This is how it turned out. It's kind of scaring us both. Our styles do not work well together.
  4. A collaboration Project i worked on with another youtuber Unr3al Gamer -
  5. Hey everyone, just wanna put this out there. I'm about to write a great fanfiction and wanted to see if there was anyone out there to collaborate with me. Here's the story The Seven Starts Of Harmony. It will involve my OC Thunder Dash as one of the Elements of Harmony: Courage. I have a basic idea, which also involves historic background. The basic idea is that outer space is actually alicorn heaven, where alicorns who've triumph in the past and die, go up to be with the stars in space. A new evil foe arises and it is up to the mane 7 (includes Thunder Dash) to stop them. But they will need more than just the magic of friendship to do so. So...who's up for it? I will choose the person who is the most dedicated and offers the best ideas.
  6. Hi Everypony! Yesterday night I wrote some Luna themed Lyrics, and a bass tune for it, but as I'm not confident with my voice and singing I would like to make this into a collaboration with somepony brave enough to step forth! If more than one wild applicants appear out of (the so often mentioned) tall grass, then maybe there will be more different versions~ The Lyrics: So, that's it. I'm welcoming every and any kind of comments and critiques you have. As you can see the lyrics depict Luna, when she was trapped in/on the Moon. At some points it may seem like a crazy poem with no (or few) rhymes by some disturbed, sick pony, but let's just think how schizophrenik our beloved princess could have been when she was combined with her Nightmare Moon persona... I also attached a quickly made version of the tune I planned to use with this. But as it's just an idea yet, it's not a must use. luna.mp3
  7. As the title suggests, there is an ongoing project called 'Shards of Disharmony', which i thought I would mention here, since it seems relevant and some might be interested in making some music for/buying the album(s). Basically, it's music set into albums by genre, genres chosen by a specific antagonist of the show. For more information, go here;
  8. Hey Bros, I've been out of producing for a while, and I've had a little difficulty getting back on the horse. I'm looking for a dubstep/electronic artist like myself that would be interested in a collab. Putting a track out with someone would really boost my confidence and get me back in the swing of things. I use FL studio 11, have an extensive knowledge of NI Massive, and a load of drum loops, drum samples, synth one shots, and melodies. I'm thinking since it's so close to halloween we could do a nightmare night themed piece. If you're interested, tap this as soon as you can. If you've got a skype that'd be sick. Thanks so much, Vinyl
  9. Hello all! So I'm working on an animation called "Caring for your new pony" and I would like to find some talented individuals to help make it a reality. Want to read the script? View it here; Whether you're a graphic artist, vector artist, background artist, animator, composer, voice actor or all of the above, I want to meet you! In a nutshell, "Caring for your new pony" is a parody instructional video teaching viewers how to properly take care of their new pony. It's a comedy piece mainly focused on a typical American guy and Apple Bloom, his mail order pony. I have rounded up a selection of artists to record the voices for the piece and I have drawn out character designs and a storyboard to help give an approximation of the final piece. You can see the storyboard here; D'aww So what do I need? Well the sad truth is that I've never actually animated anything. I'm a writer, concept artist and storyboard artist so I'm perfectly happy providing oodles of sketches and giving aid and direction to anyone who needs it but when it comes down to producing the animation I fear my lack of experience may well cause the animation to suffer a lack of quality. Her new owner might be a little too affectionate If there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking the role of animator you would be welcomed with open arms. I could also use someone to help design a logo for the piece and the title screen for the animation, as well as a credits screen with links to contributor's websites. I would love for some vector artists to design illustrations to be used in the video (how to bathe your pony, how to feed your pony etc.) or even to digitize my sketches to be used for promotional art on my website and on any other available sites. I also need a male voice actor to play the part of the "Guy" in the script, you can view the audition post here; There is a view to turn this into a series, based on the ponies' experiences with their new human owners but baby steps for now, if we create a quality product then we can see about possible sequels. Concepts for the various owners So, no matter what you do we might just have a place for you on the team, I only ask that you're passionate about taking part. This project will need dedicated individuals that can take the time to see it through to its conclusion. All work will be unpaid as this is a not-for-profit animation since we're working with Hasbro's characters but everyone involved will receive credit for their work. If you're interested in joining, post below or email me at dilarus(at) with the subject title "Animation". Please include an example of your work eg. images, demo reels, links to finished projects. I hope to hear from you soon, it's been great fun working on this project thus far and I hope to make it fun for all of you to contribute to.
  10. Hello all! Since I am a lonely person on deviantART, and I don't have enough digital artist friends to do this with, I was wondering if some of you artists would do a collab with me just for fun and stuff. C'mon! It'll be fun! (This BTW, this is not a way for me to take free art from you commision people. It's just a collab, relax) Here's the meme. I'm sure you've seen it before: Slots: 1. IncognitoKiwoy 2. ________________ 3. ________________ Okay, basically the first panel is where the chosen contestants each do a sketch of their chosen drawing. The second is the lines, and the third is the coloring, shading and the finished piece of each of our original sketches. The drawings can be anything you want! NO NUDITY, PLEASE! Each panel and artist is going to have a different role for each box. It's a switch-around meme.
  11. So yeah, I am bored and feeling unmotivated to make music as of lately, and feel I need to work with someone else right now to try and get some willpower and motivation back. I am a composer and vocalist who likes to mix genres. My "main" genres would be Prog, Metal, Orchestral and Electronic Rock, but I can do whatever (even Polka!) but I absolutely adore mixing genres into something completely new. My vocal style is that of Death Metal and Black Metal though as I don't like my normal voice but I am pretty happy with my growl/scream voice, and I am still willing to use that style of vocals on anything (Nu-Metal, Metalcore, comedy songs, you name it). I am currently working in a number of projects, though it seems to be a bit of a time gap between new songs in them so I have a lot of time most of the time. I can also do mixing pretty well. Here are some songs I have worked on as an example: (I did: mixing, ukulele, drums, violins) (I did: everything) (I did: production, pre-mixing, guitar, alt-bass, alt-strings) For vocals, there is this that I have publicly so far that I am happy with (warning: disturbing lyrics): So yeah, just post here or send me a PM or whatever if you wanna try out some collaboration. And as I said, I am all into mixing genres and styles and trying out new things, so don't worry if your main genre isn't Metal or Prog.
  12. Alright! So, I am new to these forums, so forgive me if a thread of this type has already been composed. But here's the idea; Everyone draws a pony, your OC, whatever, in a canvas that gets passed down post to post. So it goes like this: Someone posts a pony, the first person to quote that individual will state "In Progress" or something along those lines. Then save the image by the initial artist, draw their character in it, upload to imgur, edit their post and input the new drawing for the next individual, who will then quote as well, and draw! Or in simple terms, The same canvas gets passed on from user to user with a new character in it each time, the thread will eventually turn into a sort of timeline, representing the growth of the crowd as it goes. Thoughts/Questions? I know that sounds complicated due to my inability to explain things. If you guys are in, I'll start it up! c:
  13. Hey there everypony! My name is Trickster, and I'm an older brony girl who has several pony projects in the works. I am rather nervouscited (sorry, just saw EQG today) about a big big open-source game project I'm working on at present! I'm not quite ready to announce details, apart from the following stuff. First, it's a mod of an existing system, and I'm simplifying it significantly to make it easier for new players. There's a great deal of combat but the storyline makes it virtual (no actual killing real ponies). Also, I'm not the first pony to attempt this--I've seen at least two other groups try the same thing and give up, but I have the know-how and commitment to see it through. So here's where you come in. I need many small, digital art images. I could probably put them together by myself, but this would take me too long since I will need as much time as possible for coding. I'm looking for anyone interested in producing the art I'll need to make this product shine. The game will be playable without any art, but I think it will be worlds better with it. What I need are canonical images of a large range of characters and critters from the show, popular OC's, and a few ponies/gryphons/donkeys etc. that fit a general set of descriptions I will provide. Only a single image is needed per pony, but in some cases (such as the Mane 6) there may be multiple versions of a pony, like: Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie clone, sad Pinkie (straight hair), filly Pinkie, etc. Probably top-down 3/4 view is best. The images will need to be 64x64 png's with transparent background. Large characters can be 64x128. (They have to be in that dimension, so Crackle may need to stand sorta upright...) The characters should be relatively sized appropriately, within reason--some trompe-l'œil may be a useful approach. 3d models may be a better choice than resized flash, but I don't really know--whatever looks most realistic will be used. There are plenty of graphics already, just none which are pony-specific. Would anyone be interested in helping out? Let me know! I don't really know how to reach ponies in the community apart from locals, so feel free to spread the word or let me know if there's a better way to get the word out. My gmail is wolf.trickster, and I will be following this thread as well. Thanks so much everypony! Oh! Attached (shown below if it works) is a sample image that illustrates the quality of some of the art that the pony images will be folded into. (I just cropped this in Paint so I don't know if it kept the alpha channel but you will need that for blending if you have any shadows or soft edges.) But really--any art will do for this, ultimately. I think once it gets off the ground there will be a swell of people interested in contributing.
  14. Hey, all. My friend Sectus is looking to turn his fanfic project Assertion into a graphic novel. He's a very gifted writer, but sadly neither I nor him could draw our way out of a wet paper bag. If you would like to lend him a hand, you could drop him a line either on Steam, or if you prefer, his page on Newgrounds. Thanks to all in advance, and have a wonderful day!
  15. Welp, I've decided to start taking collab requests. If you have a drawing, I'll shade it. If you have a different style, that's lovely. Simply send me a download link of a PSD file (Most programs support this type, send me a PM with a mediafire link) that has been colored already. I may or may not add some details. Depends on the image. Rules No OCs, unless of famous bronies. Must be sent to me as a PSD file. No recolors, believe me, I can tell. Finished product will be uploaded to my DeviantArt, you may use as whatever. If it has lines, make sure lines aren't in the same layer as the color. Other Stuff As said, I'll do any and all shading. This includes background shading. Background follows the same rules as ponies. ----Adding to this if any questions brought up...---- Examples Since this was most likely explained horridly, any questions go where questions go...
  16. The other day I was staring out the window at the North Atlantic, and a silly thought came to me... Wouldn't it be fun to do a ponified parody of Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around", except it would be "The Mare Comes Around" and it would be about Tyrant Celestia. Making the guitar, piano and vocal recordings would be easy. The hard part would be reconstructing the lyrics. Anyways, I could spend weeks going over and ponifying every line of the song, but I think it would be a lot more witty/hilarious if a bunch of us worked together on it. The idea is to end up with a series of lyrics and images (as a video) that tell a ridiculous tale of Celestia's rule. Here are the original lyrics: EDIT: and a video, for those who are not familiar with the song (graphic content) And here's about 5 minutes worth of parody that I have so far, with proposed screenshots/storyboard notes in parentheses... Feel free to kick around anything from lyric snippets to images to videos. Once we've collected and refined an adequately goofy assortment of lyrics and imagery, I'll be able to finish the project for everyone's amusement.
  17. Plain and simply, looking for someone to vector As you might see in the attachments, my camera isn't exactly, "up to speed," with modern ones, and I was thinking about having someone who could collaborate with me and do vectors of work. Iz for fun some of my work (down) anyone able?
  18. Hello there fellow writers and enthusiasts of the FO:E universe! I'm here to ask for the partnership of somepony who would be willing to collaborate with myself to produce a fiction based in the FO:E universe. The idea will be totally from scratch and will be discussed via the WWW and produced in the same place. I've always wanted to create a fiction for this genre for the primary reason of it being so enjoyable, but having a partner in crime seems to be the best option as of yet. I'm a good writer (blow my own trumpet there XD) who has been recognised for talent by many (guys on this site, in school, family, friends) so I would prefer a fairly seasoned writer so that I may improve my own skills whilst still creating magic and without being hauled along or hauling along a writing partner. Time zones may be an issue seeing as GMT is not a common factor amongst people here, but I'm willing to cope and compromise to an extent This is not meant as a 'claim to fame by a wannabe' so please don't leave with that idea XD Whilst I would love to get the story out there, I would much prefer for the process to be social, semi-relaxed yet still as productive as needed As for the roles to be filled, I may consider a joint-author setup or author and co-pilot/checker/no.2 team. I am totally open to any suggestions As a footnote: I'm not restricting this to uber-fic writers, but some skill/talent would be necessary Thanks for reading all of this XD
  19. As you may or may not know I am currently working on a project to make a roleplayer's dream come true. It's basic idea is: "Allow anyone to have a quality Roleplay trough the use of rooms, characters and a useful website." Only, this is a lot of work and working with a few selected others can make things more fun for everyone involved. I already have two awesome people who help me test out various features, but another programmer is going to speed up things a lot! Here is how it will work: ( The system used is Git, a source code manager. ) Step 1: There is a to do list. More often than not there are various items that need to be done and anyone is invited to do it. Step 2: You create a new branch from the master branch and start to code! Step 3: Once the feature/bug/enhancement is done you test out the code and make sure that it works. Then you push that code to the remote origin where I ( or the team ) will look at it and do a sort of quality control for any obvious bugs/errors or missing things. If it fails here you go back to step 2. Step 4: It is merged into the master branch and will on the next update go live. This is all true for the alpha version. It get's a bit more complicated on beta and release. Information: - The project is in Ruby, HTML, CSS and Javascript ( eventually coffeescript ) - It uses Rails, which means that you have to be familiar with the Model - View - Controller architecture. Requirements: - Basic knowledge in programming ( If you just started out or don't feel up for it, don't hesitate to contact me anyway. I like to help and chat with fellow programmers. ) - A will to make a great service - To be able to take an initiative - To be able to have fun - To message me.
  20. Hello everypony and I am making a game on Scratch (a game making website), I would love some help. To sign up and know more about it, go here: Also, if you want to help, you'll have to sign up and download Scratch. Sign Up: Download: And because this game is big, I'll need a LOT of help. If you have any suggestions please say! I'm dying to hear it!
  21. That's right, I looked up what I kept shouting as Soldier in TF2, the 101st Airborne! And so, the Screaming Griffin's project is borne unto the forums! That's right, we're taking OC's for your ponies, unicorns, and pegasi to make some sepia-tinted drawings of them in army gear! Or crystal clear photos in more modern military attire. We got a few artists, we got a few OC's. But we need more of both! Come on now, give it over, but remember it's always a group photo, even if it's just two of you! Put a reference picture of your OC, and some details on personality so the artist can draw them behaving in-character during the shot. And if you are an artist, give us a reference of your skill. I will leave you with two things; the olde fashioned attire of the "Screaming Griffins" if you want to be part of a bigger group picture, and this song! Hit it boys! Here is the uniform- on a teddy bear: Except for most of you, you won't have a peaked U.S. Colonel's green dress uniform cap, but you sure as hell can have the glasses! So come now folks, register today!
  22. So as to make it so people don't have to travel over to's group Anti-TCB, I'll just post some of the idea stuff here. Basically, I'm looking for those who may be interested in helping me write a sort of WWZ styled (or I suppose in a sense one can say also TCB: Not Alone style as well) TCB story, that has Celestia and Equestria starting out closer to canon personality wise (though I think them having a decent bit of xenophobia isn't a bad thing) that eventually, after a few diplomatic incidents, lead to Equestria (under a theoretically crazed Celestia/Nightmare Flare) to go on a crusade to try and convert all of humanity to ponydom. Now, for those who wish, the thoughts and such I've had that I've posted on my thread in the Anti-TCB group. You can find the thread here if your interested.
  23. I need a piano player. I just composed a piano song, but my MIDI keyboard overheated and started making weird buzzing sounds. (I have no idea why). So I had to manually input the notes in FL Studio. The problem with that is the song needs to be played by hand to capture the emotion of it. And while I can sort of "play" piano, i'm not good enough to finish this song to it's full potential. Especially when I have to manually input the notes due to a broken keyboard. You would get most of the credit for the song of course, and i'm fine with that. When the song is posted to Youtube it would say something like this - "Composed by DashPony, Arranged and performed by ______" I just want to hear this song finished by someone who has more skills than I do. That way it doesn't go to waste The song is very bare and pieced together right now, but there should be enough for you to work with. If you are interested, let me know and i'll send it via message.
  24. Big video editor? I was thinking about making a huge 10 to 30 minute long video involving pony and brony related things such as flash animations, pmv's, slideshows and parodies! Feel free to make a video, then talk to me about your clip and I will put it in the collab! REQUIREMENTS (Meet them plz.): A youtube channel Something brony related It must be at least 10 seconds long and no longer than 10 minutes. (Exceptions can be made!) Thats it! kthanksbai -Ponylicous
  25. Well, while I am still working on my Tatsunoko vs Capcom intro with ponies, it got me thinking about what to do after it's finished. figured why not do another video game intro replacement thingamabobber. Anyway, because of the fact that TvC is obviously made by Capcom, I figured why not do another Capcom thing, and then my mind instantly screamed "GOOD GOD CHRISTIAN THERE IS THAT PWAAMLPFIM YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT HAS VOICES AND STUFF GO DO THE APOLLO JUSTICE TGS TRAILER WITH IT NOW" Yeah, if you haven't checked it out already, there is a channel dedicated to this actually nicely done Phoenix Wright and pony crossover. I personally have a few issues with it, but they are all very minor and overall I'm just shocked at how they somehow managed to make a storyline with Ace Attorney and ponies that actually works and retains a bit of seriousness. Anyhoo, if you haven't checked it already you can see part one right here Now comes the next part of this. If you haven't seen the Apollo Justice TGS trailer you can find it here. To continue, basically what I was going to do was replace the paintings, text, characters and voices with things that relate to the Turnabout Storm videos. However, why not have this be a little more of a collaboration? I can draw stuff and paint fairly well, but video is more of my art than anything else, and there are a lot of things in the trailer that need to be hand drawn/edited. So here's where I think I will need some help. 1. I need an artist who would be willing to make some pictures that relate to G1, G2, G3, and G4 of the my little pony cartoons and it would be awesome if you could do it in the style that the cartoons had. This is going to replace the paintings on the wall in the beginning. It would also be really awesome if you could have reoccurring characters in them, but I've only seen the first bit of the My Little Pony movie and have no clue whether or not any of the characters in the new cartoon are even in the old one (besides Spike, of course) 2. There are tons of little icons and things that flash with the characters during the video. Trucy's magic card deck is an example, the guitar that goes with Klavier is another example. While I guess we could technically just leave the little symbols there, would a guitar really go well with Trixie? On that same subject, I should come out and say which characters are going to replace whom in the video. It's not final yet, mainly because not all the characters have been revealed yet, but the next video is investigation scene 2 and in all of the games all of the characters are revealed so I guess by the time the next video comes out we shall have more to list. Anyway, here's the list so far. Apollo - Phoenix Trucy - Twilight Kristoph - undecided Klavier - Trixie Phoenix - Rainbow Dash Ema- undecided If you've ever played the game and have watched the videos, you probably will know exactly why I put the characters where they are. If you haven't played the game and or watched the Turnabout Storm videos, here's why I put them where they are. It's an extremely minor spoiler, but in case somepony gets mad I'll just spoiler it anyway. I'm sure that more issues will pop up as this gets made, but hey before we all start I think it would be cool if we wait for the next video to come up because I'm sure that the rest of the characters will be revealed and then we can really decide about what characters get to be in the paintings and what characters get to be in the, I don't know how to say it, main video. So, uh, yeah if you want to help out just tell me in this thread. I know I said I was still working on another project but I might just drop for the time being because it just takes a lot of time and this is just cooler in general.