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Found 20 results

  1. No, not as a special guest, fat chance. Just going to buy autographs and various collectable doodads. I'll also be seeing what ever other kinds of nonsense I'll be getting up to. I usually go with my friends as Ed Edd n Eddy (I'm Eddy). For more information about the con, to to their website. Zach Callison (Steven Universe) Is going to try to be there again, so that ought to be interesting.
  2. Does anyone have this poster? I recently bought one on eBay but unfortunately, I'm 99% sure it's a fake, a reproduction. For starters, the URL below the QR code near the bottom is completely illegible. It's basically just a gray smudge. I can't imagine Hasbro would accept such poor print quality, even for an item that was given away free at Comic Con. In addition to that, the colors don't seem as vibrant as they should and there are some grainy pixels around the borders of the images, making me think the poster was reproduced from a scan of the genuine article, like from a jpeg file or something. A friend of mine has the same poster and says the URL on his is readable and he doesn't see any stray pixels, but I wanted to see if anyone else has a copy of the poster they know is authentic and can confirm that mine is a fake based on my description. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I can get my money back. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. So, with the new york comic con coming up here in october... do you think there might be any information that hasbro might show off there about upcoming seasons or toys like they've done before at other comic cons? We haven't gotten any real info or images of what the "big toys" for the finale will be like yet like how we had the rainbow power toy lines last year, it'd be interesting if we got some sneak peak images of whats to come next month
  4. Don't know how many people here got to go, but Phoenix comicon was pretty fun, at least as a first time at a convention.
  5. redfox4112


    i was at Sunday dressed up as rainbow dash and got so many hugs from people i did not know i was pleasantly shocked to feel all the love
  6. All right, the reason I was off the forums was because I was at Chicago Comic Con all day and let me tell you, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! I don't have that many pictures since my phone died halfway through, so I'll post what I had First, I got this show accurate Pinkie plush. It's so adorable! My only problem with it is that it doesn't have a mouth, making it awkward from the front. Still adorable regardless. I also got this awesome Pinkie shirt (funny seeing as what it says). It's actually my first shirt that only has Pinkie on it. Matt Smith was at this con but we didn't even try to go see him. The line was WAY too long. You can see him in this picture if you look hard enough though. Here's just a taste of what the con looked like. You can see an Ash and Misty cosplay in there. Now, I'm gonna talk about who I met. I did manage to meet Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman. I even gave him a fist bump. I also got to meet Jason David Frank, AKA, Tommy from the original Power Rangers. He pretty cool in real life. He's great in conversations and at one point, he even went over from his booth and got his picture taken with some Halo cosplayers. He made me want to watch the original Power Rangers, and I was never even into it growing up. I met and shook hands with Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in Batman: the animated series. Nothing too interesting there. The best conversation I did have was with Evan Peters, AKA, Quick Silver. He looked at my Pinkie plush and said, "Hey, it's one of those ponies." and tried to remember what her name was until I eventually told him. That's right, Evan Peters mentioned ponies! Finally, I met Jennifer Blake, an artist on the Mlp comics. We just talked about ponies, couldn't really talk about the comics since I don't read the comics. Other various stuff there was the amount of amazing cosplayers. There is the aforementioned Halo cosplaers, I saw a good Storm Trooper one. I saw a lot of Doctor cosplays and Tardis ones. There were also several Ash cosplays and much more. The only thing I put on was a 10th Doctor trench coat so needless to say, I felt naked compared to everyone else. There was also all the amazing art for sale there. I didn't buy them, so I just looked at them and saw how impressive they were. There were even people selling their own comics, which all had really creative ideas. I could go on about it, but I think I'll stop here. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I had fun. Hope I can go to another con soon.
  7. Hello everyone! Or everypony I should say. This is my updates, what I buy, and other randomness from Comic Con San Diego 2014! I am posting this on Friday night at the moment, so there are still two more days to go! If you wanted to go, let me know something you wanna see some pics of and maybe I can get them! But for now, the Comic Con logo. :3
  8. So, the season 5 animatic was finally posted. Here it is: Anyways, it's time to look at this thing, I'd recommend watching first before reading this next part. I like how it's like, we finished an arc and defeated Tirek, so what now? That's what I do if I just did all that. Unfortunately, not background music yet, so the music is up to your imagination. I found it funny when Spike stepped on everything like Pinkie's home and her reaction is just priceless. Further reasoning to why I love Pinkie so much. Yes, this helps with my Twimac shipping with Spike playing hoof ball with big mac. He's clearly babysitting him for Twilight.. OK ignore my shipper mode. Also, who wants tickets for a Hoofball game? Seriously Pinkie, you can't stop cracking me up here with all your shenanigans Also, they all have the same cutie marks hmm, this should be interesting. Remember this is all speculation, I don't really know how good or bad this will be, but so far, I'm really liking this, it's got some great preview type humor in it. So yeah, that's my reaction.
  9. Anypony going to Chicago Comic Con because I am? I'm just curious.
  10. So it seems the San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner and we are eagerly awaiting news about the next Comic-Con exclusive. Unfortuantely, Pinkie Pie has become too anxious about the upcoming event and has gone mad over it. Poor Pinkie.
  11. Comic Con 2014 is less than a month away and I can't wait! I'm super excited about the TWD actors going, William Shatner and Robert Englund going! This link has all the info you need on how awesome it will be!
  12. Just curious if anyone is going. It's 4th of July weekend. I will be attending with my brother. We will be in artist alley, well, he will mostly. I will probly walk around a bit and check things out cause it will be my first anime convention. I will have some of my carved boxes there for sale. There will be a variety of types.
  13. Today, I was fortunate enough to go to Comic-Con on the 3rd day and low and behold. I saw the events unfold. 1) I was fortunate enough to get a snapshot of me alongside the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy: Andrea Libman. I also gave her a birthday present 2) This image I have is her birthday gift 3) Later, I was given the honor to meet Lauren Faust(Creator of MLP:FiM) and her husband the wonderful Craig McCracken(Creator of Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends). The image that they're holding up are original characters I drew(Wanda Young and Will Diamond) 4) The actual image with Lauren Faust and Crack McCracken's signature. The girl on the left is Wanda Young while the guy on the right is Will Diamond. They both actually liked my image. 5) Finally, that Pinkie Pie and Rarity Pony I drew during the Let's learn how to draw ponies forums signed by Lauren Faust
  14. Alright then, first of all who is going to come? If we have enough people we should probably meet-up like we did last May. Are you Cosplaying? if so, what as? Also, what day(s) are you going? I've heard it's quieter in the October convention but I'll be going Saturday and Sunday and I hope as many as you guys that can come, will come. \/ Reply below \/
  15. During my time at the Comic-Con, I met up with Luigi at the Nintendo Lounge. And you're going to love this. Luigi...a brony? Who'd thought. Also, he's raring to go up against Mega Man in Smash Bros 4.
  16. Here's my actions to the Season 4 section from EqD. Meghan is excited about the new opportunities Twilight as an alicorn unlocks, but she stays true to her usual Twilight Sparkle adorkable way. Great, but we already knew that was the plan. They are doing something that they have never done on the show before but keeping it the same pony style. This scares me. Nothing more to say here. Tons of music this season, including characters that haven't sung yet. Between 15-20 songs tota. Good! I loved Magical Mystery Cure partly because of all the songs. Daniel is most proud of season 4 in comparison to all other seasons so far. He is just finishing up the final song right now. Dis gon b gud. Most of the names people shouted out have songs according to MK (Luna, Scratch, and a few others, though everyone kept shouting Derpy. It's going to be a tough sell to let her sing) Super excited for a possible DJ-P0N3 song. They think of the episodes as actual movies as opposed to short half hour episodes. Um... Ok. Cool, I guess. Spike has a lot of fun in season 4. Ehh... Not a big Spike fan. Let's hope it's more background fun rather than episode-centered fun. Meghan promises Rarity does get an episode this season. She doesn't want anymore "DON'T BELIEVE HER LIES!" memes! She better get an episode. They think they broke Tabitha with the Rarity lines this season YES. I love Rarity's lines. Andrea says Pinkie Pie's season 4 writing is hilarious, and piles of crazy stuff happens to Fluttershy. Pinkie's humor has definitely gotten better since "Friendship is Magic". The musical style episode in season 4 centers around Pinkie Pie. Crap. My favorite songs are pretty much all non-Pinkie. Pinkie Pie meets someone who gives her a run for her partying money. Suprise, anyone? Spike is put into situations much more uncomfortable than normal. Not sure what to think here. Although my guess is another Spike episode rather like "Dragon Quest". And now for a few from the Q&A section. Q: Is Scootaloo an Orphan? A: Just because Scootaloo's parents haven't been on screen yet, doesn't mean they are dead. I never thought of Scootaloo's parents as dead, so this is good for me. Q: Why haven't Pinkie Pie's parents and sisters visited her? A: Season 4 has a Pinkie Pie sisters visiting episode. I've long been interested in Inkie and Blinkie or whatever their names are, so more good! Q: Will Rarity be famous due to Twilight's alicorn status and clothing line? A: She's already famous The whole fact that no one seems to treat the mane 6 as celebrities/saviors is already confusing. I hope they work on this in S4. Q: Will Vinyl and Octavia get an episode? A: Pony needs a side series for all these ponies! So I'm guessing no. I dunno... I might rather leave the background ponies to fanons. Alright that's it. On the whole I'm super excited, but I have to say that teaser was CRAZY. Got me a little nervous to be honest. Everything is going to be fine.
  17. With the San Diego Comic-Con just days away, I figured that everyone's favorite party pony wants in on the action. But, she couldn't come alone. She had to bring her own special edition Comic-Con Party Cannon. This image was just a measly practice on making bipedal ponies. And I have to say, I actually did enjoy doing human poses for Pinkie Pie. I just hope Lyra doesn't take notice.
  18. Just a heads up for those going to the San Diego Comic-Con. There will be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel. Here's the info: Representatives from Hasbro Studios and The Hub TV Network's My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic share details of the making of the popular animated series and how the "friendship" and "magic" are brought to life. Also includes Q&A time. The room will be the same one as last year: Room 25ABC. Yes, it will be that small(Seriously, does Comic-Con know the power of the Brony?).
  19. So I was browsing ebay for some trading cards, and I saw a Rainbow Dash foil card, apparently being handed out at the San Diego Comic Con, going for $91. I didn't even know that there was an exclusive Comic Con Rainbow Dash card. I don't see it anywhere on the Internet except for that one ebay seller. So does anyone know if this card is legit? Because if it is, I'm screwed, because I'll never have a complete collection of cards if Rainbow Dash is typically going to go for $91.
  20. In this past Comic Con, they clearly discussed a future episode for Season 3 where Fluttershy becomes a dragon. (most likely by accident) What are your opinions on this episode idea? What do you think the moral would be, and how do you think it will play out? Discuss.