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Found 83 results

  1. I just watched this documentary for class today, about a guy who goes a month depending on Craigslist for all his needs—food, shelter, company, everything. His purpose was to find out whether or not we've really lost a sense of community with the rise of technology and social media and such. I found it really inspiring. What do y'all think of the idea? Any of you seen the movie? It's available to stream on Netflix, if anyone's interested.
  2. I make remixes and I would gladly take requests. My YouTube channel: 312 R3MIX
  3. I want to create an independent community for who want to write but feels limited here due to reestriction of just writing about ponies here. I feel limited. Who wanna join me, please answer. FAQ: Why do you want to create a Roleplay community if we already have everything here on MLPForums? Because MLPForums is centered in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon. I want to create a RP community about humans. You create a human character, a complex backstory, hobbies, habilities, you can put even yourselves in it, no matter if you choose this planet in XIX century, a pos-apocaliptic world or... wow, there are so many things you can write! Because of that. Why are you feeling so "limited"? Ponies do not have hands. Cannot walk like humans. Don't have our technology, social conflicts... There are much to say. Why do you are asking me? Because I am your friend, remember? We share the same commmunity, and are friends, no matter if I know your name or not. And people near me in real life hate writing, reading, creating stories....
  4. How did all of you get in to My Little Pony? What's your favorite thing about the brony community? Are there any stereotypes about bronies you agree or disagree with?
  5. Mafia Games! This is an awesome forum game, where the town tries to eliminate the small mafia, and the Mafia attempts to kill off the blind townies through trickery and their own skill. Oh, and their kill powers . Rules are, during the day, people send a PM to me as their vote for who should be lynched. The one with most votes, is executed! During the night, you can kill or protect others, if you are able to! Those without night powers, just hope you survive! There will be narrations, where in the day the damned person will be killed and role revealed, and the night narrations will have kills and such, yes, but your night actions will leave clues as to who you are! The other players will attempt to decode these clues, to find out who killed whatshisname. Roles are randomized, and will be sent to the players who have them only. Except the mafia, they gets to know who is in their team. With a small amount of players, the number of starting roles will be: Roles: Lawful Citizens: 1 Paramedic 1 Paranoid 3 Townie Criminals: Mafia: 1-2 Mobster(s) ELECTED/GRANTED POSITIONS These are additional roles and powers that can be granted to some of the players, via election or random selection. Use them wisely. Mayor The Mayor is elected at the start of the game and has satisfying roles. His special abilities are: Seal of the Mayor: Increased vote count of two during lynching. Did you ever know that you're my hero...: The Mayor cannot be killed in the night while the bodyguard still lives. The Mayor will be informed who the bodyguard is. Bodyguard A random townie will receive the role of bodyguard once the Mayor has been elected. The bodyguard and the Mayor will be informed of his/her identity. As long as the bodyguard is alive, the Mayor cannot be killed via night hits. PRO TOWN! Lynch a bad guy during the day. Survive the night. Rinse and repeat. Players who are Pro Town are in business to save Townston from corruption. Paramedic Don't worry, I'm a doctor!: You have the ability to watch over another resident during the night cycle, which you must inform me about before the night ends. When a player is watched, they cannot die from night attacks. The narrative will state that someone was attacked, but saved, and the narration will include a clue pointing out the identity of the attacker. It does not matter if the paramedic chooses to watch someone before or after they are attacked; he will protect that person regardless. Paranoid The paranoid is a wee bit unhinged by his experiences in some horrible and bloody war. During days, he's perfectly normal but during the night he keeps to himself and relives the horrors of his past. The Paranoid will kill whoever was the first person to target him in any way during the night, whether it be Mafia or Townie (such as the paramedic opting to protect him). The Paranoid is unable to NOT kill, but will only kill one person per nightly disturbance. Should two persons interact with him during the night, the first person will die but the second will not. Also, the paranoid is not aware that he's insane and thus believes himself to be a normal townie. That means you get sent a townie role. Townie As a townie, you stand to loose big, should the Mafia ever manage to take control of the town. Be critical! Be suspicious! Most importantly, be on time to vote for a lynch or you won't have any fun at all. MAFIA! The mafia's win condition is to kill all the townies and rival opposition. Unlike townies, all Mafia members know who each other are. All Mafia members can kill once per night cycle. A Mafia member cannot kill fellow mafia. Mobster You are a hit man for the Mafia. Every night you get to either A.) Shoot someone in the face, or B.) Stab someone in the face. Oh, and don't forget to have fun kiddies! ...SO! Here is the part where you join, and make yourself part of the story! Become either a defender of fair Townston, or a stone-heartened criminal who wishes to tear the community apart for their personal gains. LIST OF VICTIMS: 1.) "Neikos Jubilee" 2.) Not Yet Joined! 3.) Not Yet Joined! 4.) Not Yet Joined! 5.) Not Yet Joined! 6.) Not Yet Joined!
  6. Having been a brony for 3 years now and having been to a few brony communities including MLP Forums, I got the chance to see things. I've met different kinds of people in this fandom and the focal point for this conversation being the ideals that certain bronies work towards. I'm sure you can recall at least someone who has been transformed because of the show by its message of friendship and harmony. That message is the vision which the more passionate bronies tend work to carry out but when thinking about this at a community scale, I haven't seen a single person bring up -- let alone address -- the myopia of this vision. Focusing on the show itself, we see the conflicts and endeavors of a group of mutual friends who solve problems not only of their own but that of each other's. The lessons they learn make them understand each other better, makes their friendships more robust and makes them more adept at solving conflicts which either affect one or more of them. As beautiful as that is, therein lies the caveat; we only see these friendship problems in how they affect individual relationships instead of how they affect the social environment of a community such as the one they live in; Ponyville. Problems that face Ponyville as a whole community simply don't show up or are solved off-screen. At the end of the day, friendship is about individual relationships. Concerns that face whole communities fall outside of the scope of the show's message. This is the myopia of the magic of friendship. So why am I bringing all this up? It's because of how I've been seeing the more passionate bronies attempting to utilize the show's message to create a harmonious community environment but doing so through friendship requires that all individuals be good friends with all the rest which can only really work if the community is but a handful. Creating and maintaining harmony at a community scale is a whole different ball game with different rules that require different principles; something that the show just doesn't touch upon
  7. Hello, I just started to play the MLP app game on ios and android. However, I don't really know anyone else that plays it and was hoping some of you might help me. My account is : Thegrimreaper0011 Anyone who still plays the game, feel free to add me! Please, help a fellow pony out
  8. Hello, everyone. I'm Vida. A well-known figure amoungst the analysts of the analysis community. I was told you, for the most part, don't particularly like the analysis community here. And I respect that. It has it's faults. However, there are quite a few people here who enjoy it. So this thread is targeted more towards them. Feel free to comment if you're not really big into the whole analysis/review thing, though. If you're new to the topic, I recommend starting off by answering these three questions (Although it's not required). 1) How did you get into MLP analysis/review videos? 2) Who is your favorite analyst/reviewer? 3) Who is your least favorite analyst/reviewer? From there, feel free to talk about anything you want related to the analysis community. Happy discussing! ----------------------------------------------------- I got into analysis in it's very beginning. When Digibrony was a newborn hatchling and there lacked a real community around analysis as a whole. There existed one around individual analysts, but not one main one. I helped to some degree to kind've foster the growth of it in any way I could. I helped with funds, moral support, and business advice, since Business & Administration is sort've my thing. I've got plenty of knowledge when it comes to running businesses and keeping people on track toward a specific goal. My favorite analyst is Gibbontake. He's funny, witty, and a pal o'mine. To an extent. We talk every two or three days. Sometimes we have really indepth, intellectual conversations. It's fun. As for my least favorite, I'd have to say Byter. He comes across as a bit of a jerk some/most times. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. What about you guys?
  9. So what do you think about us the community of MLP Forums? Are there things we should improve as a community? I personally think this community is amazing it's so kind compared to some other forums that I have been in. I usually never posted to forums before because I was afraid that they would start with those hate comments. Here I don't have to be afraid anymore. I think that is one main reason why I like this community so much.
  10. Now for those of you who know me, you'll recall I have a great love and passion for this fandom. That has not changed. However, I have noticed a few bronies here and there that don't seem to extend common courtesies to one another and appear no different than your average internet, opinionated GIFT user. I'm not saying this marks some horrible trend that will bring about our downfall, but it is a little disheartening to see comments like: "You don't have a contrasting opinion, you have a misguided, idiotic opinion." or "Honestly fuck the analysis community!" I mean, should we really dismiss an entire portion of our fanbase just because they indulge in something we individually don't care for? I'm not a fan of dubstep, but all bronies who make it are not my enemies.
  11. Bit of backstory, then onto the point. I recently watched a YouTuber's videos explaining that he had talked to and discussed things about the ongoing conflict between bronies and Anti-bronies. He used the words "Anti-brony community", and people seemed to agree with him. Now to the point. There are two different types of Anti-bronies... 1)An ignorant person, that uses racial/homophobic slurs to entice a reaction from a brony. 2)A person who is opposed to the show, and goes out of their way to ruin the days and lives of bronies. No.1 is the type of person you would find online hiding under a username. Commenting for the sheer effect to sh*t-stir. No. 2 is just a bully, who has found a particular group of people that they know are usually emotionally or mentally scarred. I have never seen a "Anti-brony community" in my life. These are communities that consist of people getting together, discussing the elimination and degradation of the fandom. --SARCASM ALERT!-- What would they do? Tell each-other how proud they are for making another person feel like sh*t for being who he/she really is? Trade slurs that they can use to further hurt someone, who preaches no harm? Maybe even use the term "Horsef**ker" continuously, untill it loses all meaning. (That one comes from a personal experience.) --SARCASM DEACTIVATED!-- These "Anti-brony communities" don't exist. In a attempt to characterise our opposition, we forgot that they are just random people trying to justify their own existence, by taking it out on us. I have an example of such an event. While playing a popular video game, "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2", My customised logo was a picture of Rainbow Dash. I was defeating another player, 6-1, He didn't notice my logo. The game continued, I kept winning. As soon as it went to the "lobby", where everyone's logo and "Calling Card" was displayed. He saw my logo. He plugged in his Microphone, and then swiftly called me a "f*g", "8 Year old girl", "Creep" and finally "Dumbass pony-lover." All he tried to do was elicit an emotional reaction, So I didn't give him one. Cool and calmly I told him: "Sir, either calm down, or I will kick you from my lobby." Eventually I had to kick him. He even changed his logo to "WunderWaffen f**ks ponies!" I wish I was joking. Remember, he was just trying to troll me. He sure as hell didn't gather his friends around later and tell them about how he "so messed with that, wierd guy." Apologies for the long post. Tell me what you think, I would love to hear about it down below. -WunderWaffen
  12. Ok, so I found something today that PERFECTLY describes bronies and our reactions to each other and stuff... I'm not sure if this is sad or... Awesome. (Buh dum cha!)
  13. So, I'm sure you all are aware of Digibro and his army of Youtube annalists. They are all trying to pull one big joke on us, don't fall for it, or they win.
  14. Hi I am an English and Media student at university and am writing a research report on online fandoms and participatory culture with a focus on Bronies. What I would like to know is; what role does social media and other online platforms take in your fandom? And also, are there negative associations with being a Brony, specifically through online mediums? It would be a massive help if you could answer please and thank you
  15. Anime bloggers what do you think of them, the community and the medium?
  16. Here, you can suggest to me what you want me to theorize about the science of magic. I recommend you read this before you post an idea. The Ponyverse has a lot of unexplained magic, most of which is at the moment undiscovered even by the unicorns. My goal is to create a collection of files that find out the properties of the ponyverse, and even beyond. Post any idea below, and if you wish, here is a suggestive guideline to copy and paste for presenting the idea: Identification - [name here] Observation - [summary here] Goal - [goal here] Identification is basically the name of the magic. Observation is what the magic does. Be general, or you may be specific. Try and give examples and what you notice about the magic. Goal is basically what I will try and explain about the magic. (the word "theorize" comes to mind....) It's best to keep it in a question form. You don't need to follow the guideline, but it is appreciated and may be more convenient for all of us. Here is an example: Identification - Tangible clouds Observation - A pegasus can touch clouds as if they where a solid. Although, it seems that it can dissipate into a gaseous form as well... To add, earth and unicorn ponies experience the tangibility of clouds to be not as solid as a pegasus would experience. Goal - Why can clouds be tangible in certain cases? I hope to see everyone's ideas, and will not disregard anyone's suggestion even how ridiculous it may be. One way or another, I will find a way to explain any magic a person may reference to.
  17. So part of the reason that I became a brony was because I had just moved out my mum's house coz of abuse and I was going through a really rough time with school as well. I started joking about mlp and its what started my love of the show. I then just kept watching and my pain just left. I know where my life is going now because of the show and I feel like I have to give something back as thanks for all it has done for me. Therein lies the problem I guess, I'm not creative in the slightest so art is basically off the table. Do you guys know anyway that I can show thanks by helping my fellow bronies and pegasisters?
  18. Hey guys, so recently ive been wondering how I could go about into joining a group advocated towards teens such as myself, that enjoy reading, writing, arts, history, politics, etc. I'm really interested in debates and things of that nature, so I really want to be part of a debate team or something along those lines. I also like reading and writing, and learning about different religions and branches of politics. Anyways, my dream is to become a future lawyer/entrepreneur/ historian. So want to know how I could discuss current events with fellow friends and stuff like that. In my school there are a couple of well educated kids on subjects like these, but for most part the majority in my school could care less about these things. Can anyone give me tips on how I could start a club or a group that's targeted toward enlightened people? Or maybe anyone knows a certain group that I could join online? I would appreciate it. If anyone else is in my position, please let me know! Anyone is welcome to send me a message and add me!
  19. I have to do this I have to address the elephant in the room. We bronies who say love and tolerate to ask those who attack and infant is from the outside have little of those qualities when addressing groups within the herd. Instead of hearing "If that is your interest I will not judge." We hear "rule 34 is disgusting, clopfics are horrible, creepy-pastas (I hope I got that right) are ruining the show for me, I hate silicone Twilight." For a fandom that swears to live by love and tolerance where is it down to reach other?
  20. Fandoms tend to be a thing when we're talking about franchises which tend to be what we find mostly in entertainment. Doesn't really matter the media be they books, music, comics, TV shows, movies, video games and even toys (that includes board games and trading card games). Regardless of what the target audience is, it's almost inconceivable not to imagine there being a community or some sort of collective of people who are loyal or have a stronger attachment to the franchise than the rest of the consumer or target demographic. Fandoms clearly are a boon to franchises since fans don't really need to be advertised to in order grab hold of the franchise's next iteration. Though some put more attention into their fanbases than others and some do better at reaping the benefits of having a fanbase than others. Here's where it can get interesting. You see, in theory, if a franchise were to somehow influence its fanbase to grow not only large but also robust -- and by robust I mean stable enough not to easily collapse in on itself when something goes wrong -- that should mean a greater number of clients at just the baseline. That's very much why I used the word "cultivate" in the title. You see, if there's a solid fanbase, there wouldn't be as much need to constantly advertise even if your focus is trying to get your consumer base to grow which can save a significant amount of money, can't it? However, larger communities tend to be more unstable and I think the MLP Forums staff can attest to this so I do wonder how franchises have been getting involved with their fanbases to make sure they stay large instead of collapsing but also make it easier for new fans to settle in to ensure further growth? I think this is something that already happens to some extent but I just don't hear much of this getting talked about.
  21. Beach Volleyball everypony likes it its fun easy to play and boost the competitive spirit as well as the trust and bonds between the members of the duos that play it. Overall its a sport that IMHO could be transferred to the pony world with almost all of its RL elements and who knows maybe some interesting new ones. In the hype of this sport and as one of my OC's favorites hobbies I have been working to bring the idea of a full fan art project based on this, and it will be called: The idea is to have a full circuit across Equestria where OC ponies and Cannon ones can find themselves in the court and enjoy a hyped game of Beach Volleyball. And this is where you my dear fellow became part of it I have think and developed much of this idea but would like to add some creativity from this amazing community and so I ask for you to post your idea's from team names (related to some Equestria City or town), logos for those teams, players in those teams (cannon or OC's) etc etc etc. For Example I have developed some: Ponyville Elemets -- Logo (The Crest of the elements of Harmony) -- Players (AJ + RD) Cloudsdale Wonderbolts -- Logo(The Insigna of the Wonderbolts) -- Players (Spitfire + Soarin) Appleloosa Bisons -- Logo(TBD) -- Players (Bareburn + Little Strong Heart) Canterlot Regals -- Logo (The silhouette of an alicorn) -- Players (TBD) The Chrystal Empire's Diamonds -- Logo (GEMS!) -- Players (TBD) And maybe you are getting and idea... So whats in for you?, well dear friend Im glad you ask. The ideas that I like will enter into a series of commissions Im planing during all 2014 to follow the league and its player team vs team with an outcome that could also be determined by votes. Each team will get its own vectored Logo, Its hard to believe??? Hey I dont blame you for having your doubts but well lets say that my own team The Hybrids are going to help me here to prove a point and show with an image the worth of a 1000 words. This was drawn and brought out of my head by the very talented and amazing Wicklesmack and its an example of what i have in mind for this idea. Ill be including other artist for this project trying to get the best in the business, so this is also a calling to any artist willing to get a commission for this. This is not just talk Im dead serious to get at least 6 of this pieces hope some of you guys can join me In this, reply contact me and lets talk to make this good for everypony
  22. I've joined the MLP:FiM two or three years ago after seeing some clips and parts of different episodes on AMV videos. I kept seeing them on some others, too, so I thought I try and look up the show, BOOM! Look where I am today, but recently, there have been many bad comments and hate going around on Twilight and the episode that follows along with Equestria Girls. I also know we have lost many of fans because of some of these and I this scares me as I know it must scare a few or more other fans because I know MLP:FiM is important to all of us and we don't want to see it go. That is why I'm here to ask how many of you have been hearing good news and info about up coming episodes in season 4. As well as how many news fans we are getting and how many Pro-Twilicorns there are.
  23. I don't expect many people to agree with me on this, but hear me out. FIMfiction. Everwhere I look, I see it held up as the go-to place for fan fiction in the MLP fandom. I see it chosen as the default option for brony writers all over the world. I read about how it is the only website that offers us a complete experience as both readers and fans of MLP: FIM. And I agree. FIMfiction is indeed all of those things. It's a unique resource for all things writing + ponies. It is also the most frustrating fan fiction site I've ever dealt with in 9 years of writing online. Yes, I am going to criticize FIMfiction. If we can call out Equestria Daily and Sethisto, we can do the same with FIMfiction and knighty. In my opinion, these guys need to be woken up right here and now. I'll skip over all the small annoyances the place has caused me--that's unimportant and there wouldn't be room enough in one blog anyway. I have three main issues: I think they're hard to use, they try too hard with quality control, and they are highly overrated. 1. The user experience. The first thing I noticed when I first saw the site over a year ago is that it looks great. You couldn't ask for a more attractive main page. Wonderful. But this excellent first impression was spoiled when, caught up in my own foolish excitement, I attempted to publish a story. What was a simple experience on most fanfiction sites became a litany of "what the hell?," "where is it?," "why do I have to write two summaries?" and countless other questions. You should have been there. Suffice it to say, the submission process took hours to figure out. Even navigating the site is more difficult than it should be. If you're interested in reading more than the most recent fics, you'd better Google the title or save your links, because it's a struggle to find anything via the site itself. It's a little easier now that there's actually a working filter, but you have to open a story just to use it, and each search result takes up way too much space on the page. When I reviewed fanfiction on a brony radio show, I had to bring on another member who (along with his brother) knew the inner workings of the site so we could find good--not just popular--stories, and even he agreed that it was like trying to browse a public library by peeking through the windows. 2. Overenthusiastic moderation. It's no secret that FIMfiction's quality control was lacking in the early days. (Just look at when on a radio show in May of '13.) That's typical. I won't hold it over their heads. They've advanced by leaps and bounds since then. In fact, no story gets published there now before being screened and approved by a moderator...which is actually part of the problem. Every fandom has to deal with bad fanfics and learn which authors to steer clear of. Bronies, of all people, are smart enough to do this. But FF decides for us which stories we will be allowed to read, and occasionally they reject them on questionable grounds. Remember that first story I talked about trying to publish? This is it. After pulling my hair out trying to submit the thing, I finally succeeded...and they sent it back with a pink slip. Why? Because it was a human/pony satire and they didn't like that it mentioned the name of their site. That's being a tad oversensitive, don't you think? (I know, I know, meta fic rules; but as long as you're not criticizing the site itself or any particular writers, who really gives a damn?) :okiedokielokie: 3. OVERRATED. I don't pull out the "overrated/underrated" card much, because ultimately it's all subjective--but if I've ever seen an overrated site, FIMfiction is it. They assume they are great and present themselves as the ultimate authority on pony fiction. The problem is, they're not that great. Yes, there are thousands of great stories there. But remember who we have to thank for that: the authors. I know that FIMfiction has many attractive features--groups, blogs, customization and all the rest. But despite all the bells, whistles, and pretty pictures, its spot as the number-one site has been won by default. What real competition does it have as an experience crafted by bronies, for bronies? (<--The only reason I don't count The closest is Pony Fiction Archive ("everypony equal, everypony loved") and they have less than 1500 stories. So far there hasn't been much competition, and I think there needs to be. Let them be like us. There are many boards besides MLP Forums that want you and I as members--MLP Arena,, Reddit, Everypony and the list goes on. And this one stands out as the best because we are a unique community that plays nice and has the best ideas, moderation, and leadership. Let's see if FIMfiction is still top dog after some other alphas have come along. Conclusion I won't deny that there are personal feelings involved here. My decision to finally write this was made after they banned me for "plagiarizing" my own story--every word of it was mine, but apparently the idea of a guy having two usernames and posting the same fic on websites other than theirs was so unthinkable that they threw out a ban without a warning or even asking any questions. (EDIT: I busted the imposter and cleared up the situation, but it was a hurtful ending to what has been a maddening experience from start to finish.) Make no mistake, what you see here is everything I've wanted to say about the site for 14 months. And it's finally out. Personally, even though the situation is resolved and my membership reinstated, I will not be writing anything else for FIMfiction. But what's important for us, collectively, is that the site is not all it's cracked up to be. We can do better, and we deserve better. Competition is good for everybody. If you like FIMfiction, that's great. Competition will encourage the site to improve itself and ultimately become a better place. If you don't like FIMfiction, if you're neutral or undecided, there is plenty of room for a viable alternative. Should MLP Forums ever decide to take up this cause, along with the many other things our admin and visionary Feld0 has on the table, it will have my wholehearted support.
  24. in this topic i want to talk about the community of fps type games and how it affects gaming. for the most part i will be using call of duty finest hour, call of duty modern warfare 2 The community of first person shooters has changed in the past few years due to the release of the ps3 and xbox 360 this introduced online play on consoles something "children" had. call of duty was mostly known for being on pc but now children started getting their hands on these call of duty games. here is an image representation on what the community used to be and what it is now call of duty finest hour call of duty modern warfare 2 and onwards i will admit to being one of those kids back in the days of cod 4 but i atleast had the mental maturity to play the game and not threaten people for playing well. call of duty is still an amazing game franchise and always will be and i cant wait till i can afford ghosts but the community has turned into mature adults but 8-12 year olds and that ruins the game and it really ruins how people see the game because people don't judge games by the game now they judge a game by its community. it also runs into other games the other day i went to play Gotham city impostors and there was a kid yelling down the microphone at how i was hacking for playing too well and its just ruining the fps community all together. i wanna see you guys giving your opinion on this
  25. So long question short, i've been watching MLP with my little sister for a while now, and this question came to mind...what "defines" a Brony? Do we have to be a certain age? Do we have to NOT be a certain age? Do we have to fill certain requirements? Would my 6 year old sister be considered a Brony, or just a kid who likes MLP? What age would she be considered a true Brony? Of course im not asking seriously, im just wondering what does define us? The general internet term for Brony is - male fans of the show My Little Pony. So by that respect would my 5 year old brother be considered a Brony if he where to watch the show, or would he simply be another child fan of the show? You know what im asking, for whatever reason i'm not quite sure, let me know what you think.