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  1. All I'll say here is that I don't exactly understand these patch notes. Most of the changes were executed very poorly and some were not even necessary. I will also note I have only recently picked up the game again. There are also a couple of changes of opinion here on certain characters, so a few placements may seem a little odd with the changelog. Also, recently made a huge adjustment to the list, sort of to keep on track with certain trends in competitive play. That is not to say I have no disagreements on the ideas of where the meta really should be right now with pro players. Torvald is a prime example, but I discuss the issues facing him in a notation to this list. SS: Lian, Makoa S+: Terminus, Cassie, Bomb King, Mal’Damba S_: Ash, Drogoz, Khan, Jenos, Grover, Atlas S-: Pip, Inara, Skye, Tyra, Seris, Barik, Sha'Lin, Evie A+: Zhin, Viktor, Strix, Kinessa, Ruckus, Fernando, Imani, Furia A_: Talus, Androxus, Maeve, Ying, Buck, Dredge, Grohk A-: Koga, Torvald, Willo, Moji, Vivian ~B: Lex Notations (Italicized) Lian- Tier SS #1- I have literally NO f***ing idea WHY they'd buff Lian. She already performed consistently well across all ELOs with Eminence builds, but now we're going to see a VARIETY of Lian builds be powerful in the meta ALL AT ONCE. She used to be just a solid pick-up that required less skill than other damage champions to really play well. But now, she's basically become the best champion in the entire game. She is now even EASIER to pick up for anyone to play, she has WAY too much flexibility in her playstyle, and she's basically a walking turret that can dish out Cauterize with more reliability than any other champion in the entire game. Lian is broken, just saying. Makoa- Tier SS #2- At one time I thought Makoa’s recent nerf to Leviathan would be a very impactful nerf that would lead him down from being top tier to just being fairly good. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Makoa is still an extremely powerful champion in the right hands that can be a dominating force in any match, as well as a pivotal tank for competitive play. Even if he isn’t, he will contribute pretty solidly to his team if he can at least land a couple of hooks and use his ultimate semi-properly (and not like a total moron, of course). Frankly, he’s still good enough for me to consider banning in most situations. If I'd ever get to be first pick, I will ban his turtle @$$ around half of the time. Atlas- Tier S_ #6- Upon playing Atlas myself, I realize how much skill it actually takes to play this champion decently, let alone well. He’s an extremely hard champion to play, probably among the hardest in the entire game. But from all indications, mastery is rewarded. He can potentially pump out high damage output, especially for a tank. He can sustain himself quite well with proper usage of Second Chance. He can prevent heals with the proper use of Setback. He can even set up kills with proper usage of his ultimate, Exile. But, the fact I have to say properly here prevents him from being top tier, or even the tier below that because of the difficulty. Tyra- Tier S- #4- I really did not expect this to happen, but Tyra has become a meta pick. She’s actually had a lot of presence in competitive play as a sort of glass cannon, due to the lack of flanks that would normally prevent her from doing so well, and from the rise of Jenos. She’s also got 3 solid talents that all have their own uses. But Tyra is still low on the totem pole due to her lack of mobility. Nonetheless, still a good late pick in a competitive solo queue draft against a low mobility team composition with two tanks. She has particular success against Inara and Barik, who are generally both more objective based frontline picks. Barik- Tier S- #6- Barik seems a little weaker than I had anticipated, but not much (mainly had to play him with bad teams). He can still zone off areas pretty well as long as there isn’t an Inara or a Tyra (I’ll get to her later) on the other team. He still has a small hitbox for a frontline champion, and good damage, but what he lacks right now is a niche where he really shines over other champions. Atlas is better for long range poke, Inara is better for holding objectives, and heck a Terminus has better mobility later on in a match, and has more oppressive damage. Barik has now become a jack of several trades, though a master of none in particular. The best way to use him is to supplement a composition with a character with multiple options, or as a substitution. Zhin- Tier A+ #1- Yes, Zhin was EXTREMELY annoying to deal with last patch, and yes, he’s also one of the strongest picks in a competitive environment. But that changed this last patch. He’s lost a few of his greatest assets, including his 2.5 seconds of invincibility, as well as a little of the speed. That I think is important because 2.5 seconds is a lot of time. In that time, a Zhin using Billow can get a quarter of the way across most Siege maps. That’s insane, and not acceptable from an ability designed to be used for sustain. Now he can’t do that, and that’s only part of why he should decline from his meta status to becoming more situational. Fernando- Tier A+ #6- Fernando is not in a very great position right now. Fernando lacks good talents as well as good damage. His DPS may seem pretty good but let me tell you that it’s pathetic. I will just say this: when you play Fernando, you’ll notice how lacking his damage output really is at the moment. As for his talent pool, Fernando lacks any good talents. Aegis hardly reduces its cooldown and its effect is rarely useful. Scorch’s damage bonus comes once in a blue moon and doesn’t have much impact. Sure, Formidable isn’t too awful, but that is saying something because that card was once considered a joke and hasn't been buffed since. He's still an option, when Makoa and Ash are banned by either team or picked by the other team. Imani- Tier A+ #7- Imani sort of lacks tools. For having so many abilities, so few of them have noticeable impact. The only two abilities that I’ll highlight that have actual heft are her left click in Ice Form and her ultimate. The former just allowing her to do a decent amount of damage that can be easily matched by other damage dealers and her ultimate that, using the proper strategy of “run from the dragon and shoot it” is surprisingly easy to deal with (certainly not extremely difficult). If you feel the need to pick Imani for her ultimate, just pick something like Bomb King. BK’s ultimate provides solid CC and much more reliable damage than Imani's. Nonetheless, she’s still very oppressive against unskilled players, so she can work. Koga- Tier A- #1- Koga before 2.05 wasn’t even really too much of a threat. He lacked the reliable ranged damage output that he had before his first nerf. He was a good situational pick, and even probably meta in lower ELOs. But I really don’t see Koga being even remotely viable in 2.05 after his next batch of nerfs. I honestly think he’ll be bottom tier now after this. He could be a situational pick in lower ELOs, but aside from that, I see no potential for Koga. But even then, Skye will likely get picked in his place. Even Preparation Skye is better than Koga will be, and Debilitate is obviously broken (I mean how else would a character like SKYE become meta?). So bye bye Koga, I guess. Torvald- Tier A- #2- All I’ll say is BUY F***ING WRECKER AND USE IT. Seriously, a Lian with Wrecker 2 can 2 shot a Torvald’s Protection shield with her left click (that’s even without headshots). Not even to mention, the damage boost from Field Study lasts 1 second. Literally 1 second, no joke. If you want damage amp, pick Luminary Jenos instead. Never pick Torvald. Also try to ban him so nobody stupid enough decides picking him is actually a good idea. I actually have no idea how this is top tier according to pro players. It makes zero sense. His only decent ability is his shield, but as I said it’s easily countered by getting sufficient amounts of Wrecker. Just don’t pick this trash. Vivian- Tier A- #5- Vivian sucks. That, to me, is a no-brainer. But how much does she suck? Well, she's even easier prey for a flank than Tyra, countering her takes no more than taking f***ing cover when she's spraying you with bullets (most of which won't hit), and just getting a little tiny bit of Wrecker investment. She’s really that easy to counter. Who would I recommend in Vivian's place? Tyra, Viktor, Lian, Cassie... Heck, you could replace her with any damage champion with a fairly fast attack speed. That isn’t to mention that you can take Ruckus over Vivian... After all, she basically is Ruckus but a F***LOAD worse... Honestly, there's not much reason to pick her outside of low skill matches where people have no clue what they're doing.