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Found 135 results

  1. This is all of my characters I had cosplayed so far. I decided to make a video upon most of my pictures I took. I ve been cosplaying from 2004 to 2012 at Anime Expo or other conventions. If you see yourself in these pics well thank you for taking pictures with me and fantastic cosplays upon whom you dress up as. I Dont remember some of the pics upon which year I cosplayed as like I did kingdom hearts three times in different conventions so yeah. Any questions feel free to ask and leave a comment back upon your opinion. Enjoy the show.
  2. I'm headed to Midwestria in september and cosplaying two of my favorite ponies, Surprise and Gusty. Humanized. I've got Surprise all together but and struggling with the other one. I'm looking for tips on how to make a wearable unicorn horn, and possibly a creative way for the purple leaf mark Gusty has. Any suggestions on green and red wigs would be wonderful as well. And if it's not too much more to ask, I was also wondering if wearing pony ears would help both costumes come together. It's my first time cosplaying from MLP, so I'm really REALLY green. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. ^^
  3. The Robotic Steampunk group Steam Powered Giraffe are holding a little competition to see who can do what they do! Being the fan of fancy clothing and good old music that I am, I decided to join in. Today, finally, all of the pieces have started falling into place. Meet Llewellyn 5494 The character i'll be playing in my video, Llewellyn 5494, AKA Lulu bot. is a clockwork, life size Victorian era doll. Purchased by a wealthy business man with far too much money, for a daughter with equally as much free time. Despite being capable of many different functions, including playing a selection of hundreds of songs on the cello, telling jokes, improvisational acting, housekeeping, baking, and trench warfare, Llewellyn 5494 was lost for years in a dusty attic, until finally recovered and restored to a wealthy collector. The lighting isn't great, but I'm satisfied I'm not 100% happy with my makeup work, but I think for my 20 dollar budget, I did pretty good. The ascot/cravat is hand stitched. Our sewing machine broke so it took an agrevatingly long time, but finally with help from my good friend, it came to fruition and I couldn't be happier with it. The rest of the outfit is just clothing I had laying around cause....I keep fancy old vests and stuff, in case of emergencies.
  4. Hey every pony, i'm not just a MLP fan, i'm also a HUGE fan of one of Broadway's longest running musicals, CATS and i make costumes. here are some pictures. Mistletoe my cat OC Thats all i have for now, i'll have to update this more later. and this is Etcetera
  5. Ok then a thing as a seamstress I know is costumes and what brony does not love dressing up as their favorite mlp characters at the con? If you want to dress to impress then look no further, The mareinthemoon has got you covered from wig styling and tinting to achieve the show quality look all the way to wings,horns,ears and the outfits of course. Within the next few months Ill be posting various tutorials on how to make costuming in varying degrees of difficulty complete with budget breakdowns. everything from the begginer level to the wtf level. wtf covers pony mascot suits, a very very difficult task. ---------------- TUTORIAL 1 LEVEL- BEGINNER TO EASY PONY WINGS. MATERIALS: CAN BE DONE IN FABRIC,FELT,CARDBOARD,POSTERBOARD,CRAFT FOAM. Now mlp pony wings are fairy easy to make depending on what you are making them with, for the beginner level tutorial on wings we can easily set the budget at around 20$ with change to spare after. STEP 1. This is pretty simple for basic wings, first you are going to decide which pony type wings you are going to make. for this tutorial we are going to use Rainbow Dash. Her wings are fairly simple and consist of 2 layers. First you draw out the shape of the wings, the base outline only and not the inner feathers, this layer comes next. this Is your wing pattern block and can be used for any number of pony craft items. Second, draw only the block of inner feathers so that when you lay the two patterns ontop of eachother they look like Rainbows wing. now If you are making these out of poster board,card board, fabric or felt you simply trace the pattern onto the sheets of material and cut them out giving about 1 inch of extra around the edges. Remember if you have too much fabric you can always trim it later, too little and you have to redo it all. for felt,paper board,foam and cardboard all thats required is glue, I would suggest hot melt glue which is actually melted plastic and will adhere to most surfaces, be warned when using hot melt glue it is hot and can burn the daylights out of you, I have battle scars from mine lol. when gluing foam however I suggest to use a standard glue, tacky glue, white glue, crazy glue ect. cold glues are best for foam. Heat melts and warps foam unless the foam is rated for heat proofing. for Fabric wings sewing is required instead of cutting out one set per wing you need 2 layer one feathers and 2 layer 2 feathers per wing. sew the identical pieces together, stuff them with poly fill which is like 5 dollars at your local walmart or Make sure to close all ends after stuffing and then sew the inner layer to the back layer. this will create a soft plush wing which can withstand alot of wear and tear if sewn tight enough. For hand sewing use the back stitch. Just look up the instructions online, you will thank me latter!!! my first hand sewing project was done in loop stitch which takes 2x more thread to be effective and not open. For machiene sewing I suggest If you are using stretch fabrics use the handy strieght stitch and follow over with the zig zag or if you are lucky enough to own one use the serger. ATTACHING Now this is all about what you have on hand. You do not need a fancy harness for theese wings or crazy rigging either. that comes later In the moving wings tutorial. for this one you can use... SAFTEY PINS do not underestimate their powers good for quick and easy attachment. one well placed one per wing and you are good to go. VELCRO: 99 cent store sells the easy peel velcro strips, stick and go. Be warned sometimes they fall apart so coat the underside of the glue backs in more glue for a stronger hold. STRAPS: scrap fabric does wonders get a length to go under the armpits so around your upper chest easily and 2 strips that go snugly around your arms, sew em together and tah dah. on this you can also use an old sports underwires and snugly fits. guys Can use a-b cup sports bras with no issues. You can aslo sew theese to a custom hoodie with the ears sewn onto the hood. My pal does his RD with the mane attatched to the hood, the tail at the base of the hoodies lower hem line and wings on the sholderblades. the sides is where he sewed on the cutie marks. looks epic and a half believe me. So thats pretty much it for easy wings, the moving wings tutorial will be the Celestia wings. They open and close and are rated advanced on difficulty. HAVE AN IDEA THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE NEXT TUTORIAL? PM ME.
  6. ok then sense these are made for the fan base so you do not end up paying hundreds of dollars on costume gear when you can make is for usually around 30 dollars. I wanted to see what everyone wanted me to put the guide up for next ;D Gizmo already got the next one which is horns, Ill probably use twi rarity and celestia for they types so after horns..what next? Thats up to you!!! now there will be specific tutorials released later The biggest ones will be chrysalis related.
  7. Hey everyone, I just started putting my first MLP costume together primarily for EQLA later this year. Taking inspiration from the photo of the cosplaying woman attached. The other attachment is of a sketch my friend made to convey the image to the suit maker. * Currently talking with a custom zentai suit maker for getting the body suit and mask right * Ordering grey Yaya Han wings and ears * Black tanker boots and gauntlet length gloves not fully covering the black portions of the suit. * Debating on http://www.dysfuncti...iker-p-628.html or for goggles depending on how the suitmaker wants to handle the mask. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to go about handling the mane and tail. Trying to get a belt loop sewn on the back where a tail would go but I dont know a good place to buy one and I'm not sure what kind of hair I should go for. I think a mohawk would look best (Red or the classic blue mane) but I dont know the best way to handle that either. The mohawk itself would be great but all the wigs Ive seen have so much hair on the side im just not sure yet. Any recommendations/criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I was thinking, a humanized Pinkie Pie would be chubby, right? All of the sweets that she eats at her parties and at Sugar Cube corner. So, I might do a Pinkie Pie cosplay. I'm a slightly heavier set mare, so a slightly heavier Pinkie Pie would be a good idea. Plus, not everpony can be skinny!
  9. So who is working on what? lets see some progress...