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Found 136 results

  1. The materials from my last entry have been made into stuff! Yay! Anyway... First, I made my hooves. You can't tell, but the color is very nice. On the right are my back hooves and on the left are my front hooves. I showed them from the back and front. The back does have the paper fasteners but I think it looks neat xD I'm not sure if I'll use these because they are a bit silly. Then, I made my tail. The tail is absolutely ridiculous. I'll have to attach it to a belt as well, to get it on. And its so...flat. And like the hooves, not sure if I'll use it. Finally, the cutie mark. On the right, its shown on the foam of my tail, so you get the idea. On the left, its shown on the skirt I'm planning to wear. I mean, come on, the skirt just screams Twilight Sparkle. I'll say more about that in my next entry. I thought of showing you how the hooves look on me, but I'd rather not...
  2. Yep. I've got some foam and fabric and paper fasteners to start making my cosplay costume! Yay. As you can see, I have two sheets of dark blue foam, to make my tail. I have one sheet of pink foam for the stripe in my tail. I have five sheets of purple foam, one for the stripe in my tail, and the other four to make...well to make hooves! Not sure if I'll actually use the hooves and tail in the end of it all...but whatever. And then I can put them together with those paper fasteners. The fabric is to make my cutie mark, two in fact. I've got dark pink and white, although you can't really tell with my silly picture there. This'll be fun.
  3. Just found this: And thought to myself, with a little bit of color modding, black collar, and black where it's currently reddish, this would be an excellent dressish-like-thing for cosplaying old cheeselegs. Here's the website, but it's hard to *find* this thing there. It's under porfolios, 2008-2009, and a few pictures in.
  4. My school is having a unicorn-themed prom next month, and I decided to go to it dressed as Lyra. I picked out a wig, ears, and a horn, but I'm not sure what kind of clothes I should wear. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am sort of a new cosplayer who is looking for some help or information. I've been cosplaying for a few months now, and I've done Hatsune Miku as my first cosplay with great success. I have been looking into a new character to cosplay as, and I am not sure exactly where to start. The new character I want to cosplay as is Clare or Teresa from the anime/manga Claymore. They look similar minus the facial differences/hair. they wear armor and weild a claymore as their weapon of choice. So my question is what kind of materials do cosplayers use to make armor/props? clothing isn't a problem, but when it comes to their shoulder plates, various other pieces of armor, and their weapons I am not sure what materials to use. any help would be appreciated.
  6. Oooookie dokie lokie, so, I'm going to EQLA this year(finally i can go to a pony convention! ) And I plan on cosplaying my OC: I have a wig, wings, ears and colored contacts already, but I was wondering what I should wear as far as clothing is concerned. He has a large knowledge of herbs in both their cooking aspects and there medicinal ones, and I was wondering if I should go something along those lines or if I should do something more casual and fitted to his non-professional personality(probably matching his color palette). Anyway, just looking for some advice and opinions. Thanks a ton!
  7. Ok I need a bit of help designing a cosplay costume for Brony-Fest! (i just said the obvyese) but i want to do a decent grimdark big macintosh (from the tumbler page) for the event and i want to look half decent when i go! I know how he looks but i am 5 ft 10 and rather chunky . I would love to get as much help as i can so i can make it look really good. If needed i'll say my measure ments more and show a few pictures of myself for it! Please and thank you!
  8. ok so im making a cosplay for the captian of the night guards (or lunar guards if you prefer) and i already got the armor and such down idea wise, but i cant decied on his weapon (yes he needs one...for reasons >.>) should it be a single edge katana, or a double edge sword a european knight would carry? keep in mind i may have a cape
  9. I'm gonna be attending the upcoming brony convention, Equestria LA, which is in less than three weeks from now. I'm intending on cosplaying as Daring-Do for the con, and I really need to know where I can find a good quality pith helmet. Are pith helmets easily available at regular costume stores? Or should I act quickly and just order one on
  10. Here it is! The finished version of my Scootaloo costume! Everything matches! My hair is the same color as my tail. My entire outfit is in oranges and fushias, even my necklace and shoes! I feel really proud with how it turned out! I'm going to be wearing it at MomoCon this weekend and Brony-Fest at the end of the month. I will also wear it to BronyCon and many many more!
  11. I'm going to a Bronycon in June. The day event and the Evening Gala. The Gala requires formal attire and my friends and I are stumped on what to wear. Formal and representing My Little Pony, we ask for your help and suggestions on what we can wear to the Gala. Thank youu c:
  12. I was wondering if there were any Pony cosplayers out there. I cosplay Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Lyra, and Lemon Hearts. Here are some pics of a few of the ponies I cosplay
  13. I've been thinking about making a costume for a little while now and after looking at all the pictures in the "attractive pony pictures thread" I really really want to look like spitfire. So yeah, good or bad idea? Opinions please! Also, I can't find a spandex suit that's the exact color. Which one of these is closer? I will sew on the yellow parts later. I would get one without the head/foot/hand covers. It would drive me nuts to have something on my face. I could do removable hand covers though...
  14. So this is my latest creation. I literally just finished it this morning. This is a life-size version of Scootaloo's scooter. I made it for the Scootaloo costume I've been working on and will be bring this with me to every brony con I attend this year (as well as a few other conventions). I This originally started as a long plank of wood, some pvc pipes, and eva foam. After putting countless amount of hours into it and roughly about 16 days, it now looks like Scootaloo's scooter! I used skateboard trucks for the wheels so this can be riden around. I did take a video of me testing it out, it can be viewed on my YouTube. I have more photos of this build on my Facebook page and a few on my DeviantART.
  15. So here is my attempt at a rainbow dash mascot outfit... some alterations are still needed, was thinking about making more... but I'm a pretty shy person and would like peoples opinion first. NOTE: This was my first attempt at making a costume ever! took about a week to make... kind of rushed.
  16. Do you do any pony cosplaying, do you have pictures of pony cosplay... if yes too any of these questions, then post a picture of it. I took this pic at the AWA meet-up... found them by luck.
  17. I need a friend to cosplay with me for the 2013 Bronycon... Mister Tao/BrightMight said he might have someone, but doesn't know if she's coming or not... The whole reason for this cosplay is that I want the love between Fluttershy to reach many, many other bronies, and kind of sort want them to know the name Jay... If you want to see what Jay looks like, here's a link to a picture of him and Fluttershy: http://fluttershysst...llery/#/d5fvs1w Things that apply to the cosplay: 1. Whoever would like to cosplay with me needs to be a girl(of course...)... and dress up as Fluttershy... If that's okay with you, of course... 2. You might want to be fine with getting a little close, and hugging or holding hands(for the pictures, that is...) or doing other things that show gestures of love(kisses, cuddles... nothing too much, but just the stuff that looks cute...)... 3. You're sure you can make it, and you're sure you have a costume, or are surely in the process of making one... I... I'd rather not be... left to cosplay alone... because everypony would be looking at me, just me... 4. I'd like to get to know you, a little... Like, over Skype, or something... and that's it... I hope I'll find somepony who will cosplay with me... EDIT: I... found someone real I'm in love with... and I'm going to try to get her to go to the Bronycon with me... So... um... yeah...
  18. I made a Halloween costume! (I mean... it was pointless that i spent all that time on it all my friends canceled on my Halloween party. Feeling a bit pinkie pie-ish right now V_V) But yeah! First i had to paint clap trap white to get rid of all the boxy details! Then i painted him yellow and added the black and gray of him! Then this is the the picture! Also note i made this in two days and all the colours i had were: Red, black,white,yellow and blue!
  19. Last weekend before I teturned I was at a local convention named "Hal-Con" and it was primarily a Sci-fi/Fantasy convention. However there were soooooooo many great cosplays, that I decided that I had to cosplay too. So this is me cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, there was only one other Miku at the convention, but my costume beat her's in the contest, and I had a total of 119 people take my photo in the course of 1 hour and 30 minutes. As it was my first cosplay, I was so nervous, but with my success at it; I felt that I'll post them here for you guys & gals to see! I sadly have only been able to find a few images, but enjoy and tell me what you think! The more I find from fb and from the friend I made, the more I'll post!
  20. So if you follow Tara Strong on Twitter you've probably already seen it, but for those unlucky ones who missed it or don't follow her. This is Tara Strong, trolling the heck out of Canterlot Gardens, in her first cosplay outfit as Twilight Sparkle. http://twitter.yfrog...ffnsdakyudurnaz Simple for sure but elegant. And the collective gasp from the audience and their stunned silence at first just goes to show how truly extraordinary our pony mistress is. I think this proves it. Tara Strong is best pony. What do you guys think?
  21. Hello Every Pony! My names panda-chan and im a professional cosplayer from Australia! i have recently started cosplaying MLP and making Cosplay related items for little ponies all over equestria! i'll be throwing up progress and items that i make here all the time! I would love to see what other ponies have been making and what ideas they have come up with for MLP cosplays!! here's my first Rainbow Dash that i made in 2 days for a quick fun shoot! landed me a invite to a Hasbro party that day XD these are also my Rainbow dash shoes!! i hope every pony shares thier cosplays and i cant wait to see what ppl have created!!
  22. Next year (towards the end of summer) I will be going to my first convention Kumoricon. I will be going in a group of Legend of Zelda people as Princess Zelda, I am hoping to do Twilight Princess version of Zelda aswell. Any tips tricks or advice on cosplaying? (If this is in the wrong section I apologize)
  23. Hello fellow Bronies/Pegasisters! We are in need of your help! We are looking for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Cosplayers (and fans!) to help make a Live-Action Pony Music Video at Katsucon 2013! We’re very excited, and hope for a good turnout! Live-Action PMV Details: Song: Pinkie Pie's "Smile Song" Remix by The Living Tombstone Location: Katsucon 19 at National Harbor, Maryland Extremely beautiful setting with great spots to shoot. We will be filming inside and in the gardens immediately outside of the convention, depending on the weather. Date/Time: Saturday, Feb. 16th. Hours TBD, but likely mid-morning/afternoon. Times will vary between the solo shots and the group shots. There is no confirmed time, but it will be determined soon (and will take time preferences from cosplayers into account!) Directors: Anti-Shoujo and Miyaki497 (filming), StarsOfCassiopeia (coordination) Anti-Shoujo and Miyaki are super awesome, and they're actually both studying film/video production, so you know that this is going to be good.. If anyone wants to help out with production or has any filming skills, PLEASE contact us from the contact links below! StarsOfCassiopeia (“Cass”-- that's me!) will also be helping organize cosplayers for the larger group numbers, so please feel free to contact her as well with any interest! Cast List Pinkie Pie: Leftrightchu Rarity: Jujumanji/friend Rainbow Dash: Brokenblackrabbit Twilight Sparkle: StarsCassiopeia Applejack: SonicSilliness Fluttershy: Hyperlittlenobodies NOTE: We WILL need more Mane 6 cosplayers for the big group shots! Any variant is fine. Apple Bloom: Scootaloo: Apple Blossom: Sweete Belle: Big Macintosh: Other Ponies/Cosplayers: DJ Pon-3/ Vinyl Scratch: Anti-Shoujo Neon Lights: Miyaki497 Rules and Requirements: You must be registered for the con/have a con badge. This is VERY IMPORTANT! It’s kind of hard to film you in the con center if, y’know, you’re not at the con. Solo characters (Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Apple Bloom, Apple Blossom, Scootaloo) need to touch base with us in advance! We would really like to see a preview of it before con so we can recognize you! We understand exactly how it feels to be up at 3 AM the night before working on accessories, so if that is you, please send an email to Sinsany’s contact below. Figure out your schedules! We haven't seen any times for the annual photoshoot yet, but we're hoping to do This is not a flash mob! This will be an organized (we say this loosely) video shoot. We’re going to give the con staff a heads-up just in case, but we’d like to keep any chaos controlled as much as possible. (Discord is welcome so long as he behaves.) Follow general con rules / etiquette. Enough said. Website Groups: These website groups are to help you keep track of any updates we make to the plans!Facebook Group: Tumblr: Follow PartyWithPinkamena, and track “Smile! The Musical”. We’ll tag all relevant posts with that. Contacts: Anti-Shoujo’s Contact Information: E-mail: Sinsany101[@] DA + Tumblr + Youtube (This is where the video will also make its debut.) StarsCassiopeia’s Contact Information: E-mail: starsofcassiopeia[@] + DA + Tumblr Miyaki497’s Contact Information: DA + Tumblr + Youtube Hope to see you there! (We would love if you could pass the word along to any friends who might be interested as well!)
  24. Note that it isn't a cosplay meetup(if you want you can) This thread as to stay here please I gave the URL of this page to EQUESTRIA Daily (you can erase this thread the 10 September if you wish), Here's the INFO: There will be a meetup in a small town in Québec called Donnacona and this weekend its the EXPO Donnacona a event that happens once a year in donnacona and this year There will be a meetup FOR BRONIES (for more information on the EXPO Donnacona click here: ) .The meetup will last 1 night and one day: The 8 september(night) and the 9 september(day). There is no hotel really close by,so you might have to go back home after(Donnacona is 35-40 minutes from Québec).Also bring money because the rides are not free. So here is the line of events: DAY 1 8 september: 6:00PM-waiting until 6:20 for bronies(Be there at 7:00PM please) 6:20PM-Rides of expo donnacona and kiosque 7:30PM-Show of the humoriste Peter MacLeod After the show: MAYBE a Little party with music from the Living tombstone,woodentoaster and much more!(NOTE that the artists won't be there And This part isn't official from the expo donaconna but Fanbased ) 11:00PM- Closing of EXPO Donnacona,Hush now quiet now is time to lay your sleepy head DAY 2 9 september: 1:00 PM-Waiting for Bronies 1:30 PM-Show of Sylvie Deesgroseillers After the show: Somepony wants to buy ponies?Theres a shop that sell ponies! After that: Well random things... really we will see... 6:00PM-End of expo Donnacona Bye see you next year/time! If you want to Join the Meetup send an email to: with your internet name or real name so that we can wait for you if your not here yet.
  25. Like normal, I was mucking around Saints Row: The Third with a mate. until THIS hit me, i make a Cosplay of Pinkie wearing party clothes If you think there is anything that can be improved, don't hesitate to say so. I noticed her skin in the night looks more like sunburn rather than pink