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Found 62 results

  1. So I got the idea for a sub-race/ Subspecies of ponies known as the Prism Ponies, a off shoot from the Crystal Ponies after playing around with making OC's and I kinda like the idea! I have a loose grasp on the basics for the race and history and feedback would be a love or idea of if you want to make you'er own than go for it! I would love to see what you post or have any feed back! Prism Ponies Sub Race/Subspecies Guide Lines Loosely... Coat must be of three different colors that seem to blend to the other and nearly have a soft like glow to it. No black is aloud at all or pure white. Manes and Tails must be of two to three colors but go from a dark to light colors, sometimes they will glitter when a light hits it. The mane and tail shift colors to show the mood of a Prism Ponies: darker is sad and etc while bright is happy and etc moods. The coats of the Prism Ponies will at times cast off light in hues if hit in the right way much like a prism will when a sun ray or light hits it Cutie Marks can not be anything in dark of color but stand out against the fur color of the pony. When a Prism Pony uses any kind of magic, their cute mark will take on a soft glow around it. There are basic range pony races: Earth/Unicorn/Pegasuses. Other Races: Many other races also live in the Valley such as: Small dragons/Bat Ponies/Deer/Griffins/Sprites. There is a ratio of 3 females to two males in the towns. Prism Ponies live in one valley nearly 1500 miles away the Crystal Empire in the Blue mountain : Paradise Valley in Dream-way City n the lower part while Summer-vale town is in the upper. Knowing that King Sombra planned a spell to hide and take away the Crystal Empire, the Prism ponies ancestors cast a spell to hide them away in a Mist and protect them from his magic once he cast the spell, the only way the Mist would be broken is if a pure heart ruler came back to claim the throne of the Empire. Prism Ponies Vs the Crystal Ponies: Over the 1000 years, the Prism ponies over the generations lost the gem like texture to their coats being cut off from the Magic of the Empire but kept a touch of the magic to become like a prism in their coloring and when a ray of light would hit them. With the return of the Empire, the mist was cleared and Paradise Valley once more joined the world but given the Prism Ponies have ruled themselves by used a elected council of ponies/different races that changed every 6 years are now seeking to be recognize as their own small kingdom given they have their ways and culture.
  2. Ok not my best, not my worse in given I have no glasses right now! (blind as a bat with out em...) but thought it was time to make a pony/race given some ideas I have had in playing around with a few things..Some feedback would be loved or pointers! (Also is paint tool sai worth the money after the free time?) Name: Gem Sprite Age: 19 Race: Prism Pony/Earth Home Kingdom: Crystal Empire Note On the Prism Ponies: A off shoot of the the Crystal Empire ponies, when the Kingdom left the face of the earth, a few villages remind but in a hidden fog and mostly cut off from the rest of the world in a hidden valley. Slowly the ponies lost their Crystal like shimmer but their fur colors would change given how the light might hit them like a prism might! Often in a soft glow in the light, they might also shoot off trails of colors like a broken prism, it is said their mane and tail will deepen or bright up given their mood.
  3. Earth ponies have strength, Pegasi have flight and Unicorns have magic, so what talent do crystal ponies have? I've noticed that all the crystal ponies I've seen are basic ponies ( earth pony model). So is there talent strength? or something completely different?
  4. Hi everypony! ^^ This song is special to me. It's my favorite song #1 of all series of My Little Pony. I like to play this song when someone asks me to play a song on clarinet. Because this song is special, I decided to put my logo white background. On the other recordings I used the black background. I hope you enjoy it. I gave my best to you in this song YouTube:
  5. So because the Crystal Empire was gone for 1,000 years, does that mean it's 1,000 years behind in advancements and technology? If it is then it would look more primitive compared to the other towns.
  6. Rarity is Rarity, no more to talk xD That mane was the most complicated of all... Based in My New Style of Drawn
  7. The Crystal Empire was the most bizarre episode for any show I've ever seen. I found it so bizarre that it was extremely confusing to me especially when I first watched it. I didn't get what was going on until I watched it again and it made a little more sense. One thing I don't get is why the Mane 6, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Spike become temporary Crystal Ponies after they returned the Crystal Heart because I have no idea why. Also what makes the Crystal Ponies different from other ponies besides their shiny coat, are they immortal or more powerful? And why is it that the Crystal Ponies aren't transparent until the Crystal Heart is returned? I'm just wondering because the Crystal Empire confuses me so much that I'd love to know.
  8. So, if anyone doesn't know, this is Butt Stallion: She is apparently a "Pandoracorn" which means she has two horns. This would make her an Alicorn, since feeding her "gems"(not getting too in detail with the game's universe as well, but it's called Eridium) will produce either money or money. So, she's a Queen, but My Little Pony only has Princesses. She is also made out of diamonds. First mentioned in the first Borderlands, Handsome Jack the villain of the game says "I just bought a horse made out of diamonds". This makes me wonder, IS SHE from the Crystal Empire? They are all made from crystal, not diamonds. Is she just an urban legend to the ponies of Equestria, or can we say she's just made from Crystal for sake of confusion. Either way you see it, your opinion won't be discarded My opinion is she is a mutated alicorn who was born in the Crystal Empire and made of diamonds instead of crystals, so they took it as a sign of good forture Oh, and Butt Stallion says hello P.S: Borderlands players, ignore the fact this is from Tiny Tina's head and just humor me please .
  9. Guys look, I made another awful cover of me singing. You should listen, it might not cause internal ear damage. Let's go cheap advertising woot!
  10. My congrats go out to the citizens of the Crystal Empire. By showing your love and gratitude to the dragon that once did a small thing to save your kingdom, you have earned a protector and powerful ally for the next several millennia. One that will fight any foe that threatens you to his last breath. One that has a deep understanding of friendship and honor. One that, thanks to the friends he has now, will be a wise and learned teacher to you, your foals, their foals, and several future generations to come. Well done, fillies and gentlecolts. Well done! (Perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek with my being so overly dramatic, but when it hit me yesterday that they got an awesome deal for the small price of showing some appreciation, it blew my mind.)
  11. Before he was first banished to the tundra, Sombra caused the Crystal Empire to disappear for one thousand years. A question arises: how? The most important clue is the memory of the Crystal Ponies; they felt as though not a day had passed since Sombra's reign (which they don't want to remember). Maybe they were right, in a sense... just like when Alduin was banished to the future by an Elder Scroll. If this is true, Sombra achieved the same feat as an Elder Scroll, by himself.
  12. Word of God is that Cadence and Shining Armor rule the Crystal Empire together. But is Cadence the proper heir to the throne? Or is she acting as a Viceroy under Celestia (the Viceroys are cowards)? Evidence that she is the true Crystal Princess: Her cutie mark is the Crystal Heart and glows when she comes in contact with it. Her magic has the same color as Crystal Pony magic. The background pony with the placeholder name "Castle" said she was. Who'd question his professional opinion? Celestia chose specifically to send her to rule the Crystal Empire. We all know that Celestia understands more than she lets on. Issues with her being the true Crystal Princess: There is no way she should be alive. King Sombra surely killed all the royal family when he took over. The Empire was also sealed away for a thousand years. There is no way Castle should have been able to recognize Cadence. Even if she's a distant descendant of the last Crystal Princess, she shouldn't look anything like her. She isn't a Crystal Pony. So what is it? How can she be the true heir of the empire?
  13. So, why is the Crystal Empire considered an empire? As it appears to have only one city, and its ruler isn't an emperor or empress, how can it honestly call itself an empire? Insight, friends?
  14. OK everypony! I just rewatched "Princess Twilight Sparkle", and I just thought up my own (pre)history of equestria. looking for a critique of the content, not the writing. Long ago, before the first ponies came into existence, the land was ruled by men. These men were good and benevolent, worshiping their gods of harmony with artwork, music, and stories. Before long, however, a dark shadow crossed the land. From the north came war and destruction to the men of good, brought by the darkest of kings, King Sombra. The men of good prayed to their gods of harmony for an end to the darkness, and the gods obliged. From the heavens came forth Accord, the gods' own champion. Accord led the men of good to victory over King Sombra, banishing him to his own kingdom, far to the north. However, in the final battle against the crystal tyrant, Accord became tainted with evil. This darkness consumed accord, transforming him into Discord. Discord returned to the land of men, ruling over them with an fist. He turned the land to a world of chaos, changing to suit his every whim. His rule tore a rift in the kingdom of man, dividing the men of good into three factions: The men of the heavens, a religious sect devoted to gaining power through their own gods The men of the sky, a warrior tribe motivated by glory and bloodlust The men of the earth, a merchant guild driven by greed and gluttony Discord saw this division and branded it with his own hand, remaking the men in the image of the gods of old as he remembered them: The men of the heavens became unicorns The men of the sky became pegasi The men of the earth became earth ponies The gods, infuriated with Discord's betrayal, used their power to seal him in a heavenly prison, and moved the people to a new land where they could prosper. In this time, the newly made races of pony came to terms with their differences and lived as harmoniously as they could, having lost trust in the gods of harmony. However, hardship eventually returned, and the ponies fell once again to hatred and fear. They fought one another until the evils of old drove them out of the land the gods had given them, and back into the land they had once known. Learning from their mistakes, the three nations joined in one republic under the name Equestria. Harmony reigned in Equestria, until once again, the land fell to darkness. the stars aided in the escape of Discord, and the republic fell once again to tyranny. Two sisters, Celestia and Luna, gave themselves to the gods of harmony, and became their champions. They sought out the tree of harmony on the word of the gods and took the elements of harmony. with the weapons of the gods, they cast down discord, and peace took Equestria once again, under the careful guidance of the two sisters. Later, they cast down King Sombra, and you all know the rest. Thanks for reading my long spiel, now please leave your thoughts below. any holes? any praise? any additions? any subtractions? edit: Equestria girls takes place in a PARALLEL dimension wherein King Sombra never came to power.
  15. So by season 4 we have a pretty good grasp on Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Everfree Forest. Which cities or location do you wish they have a full episode in so we see and learn more about it? Cloudsdale, Manehattan, Appleloosa, and Crystal Empire have seen some time but not to the extent of Ponyville and Canterlot. Fillydelphia and Los Pegasus have been mentioned but not actually visited yet. My vote is for Cloudsdale. I'd like to see more about the weather factories and stuff and more of what pegasi culture is like.
  16. I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow ( ) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums. Here is the URL to the script:
  17. We've seen a fair amount of these glittery ponies since we were first introduced to them back in the Season 3 pilot. They seem to have become a big tourist attraction, and/or have joined Equestria itself. For example, we saw Crystal Ponies in the crowds during Princess Twilight's coronation. So I was wondering. What more are we going to see of these ponies, and how deep will we be digging into their history? After all, most of the Crystal Ponies have memories from 1000 years ago! That could give us all sorts of insight into Equestrian history, especially since most of the major events in Equestria seem to happen around 1000 years ago. They could know about the fall of Discord, or the rise of Nightmare Moon, and they obviously already know about Sombra. These ponies are practically living history! Also, what about the Equestria games? That's a thing. And it's happening in the Crystal Empire. So, I'm guessing we'll probably get an episode on that at some point. That should be cool. We all know RD is excited. So that's just something I wanted to bring up. What do you guys think? What do you hope will happen involving the Crystal Ponies? Give me everything you've got!
  18. Hey guys, Star here! And I'm just gonna leave a little topic. The favorite pony I like is Luna, after she turned evil, Fear and Hatred was in her. But then Celestia was talking about the Crystal Empire to Twilight, and when King Sombra got fear and hatred in the crystal heart, so.. maybe the effect of fear and hatred in the crystal heart could have a effected Luna and made her tranform into Nightmare Moon. Cause.. they were both gone for 1,000 years. And that kept me wondering for a while.
  19. Near the end of the Crystal Empire, Part 2, Spike is fretting over whether Twilight will pass her test or not. He is then crushed by the door when she comes out of the castle. Why did Pinkie Pie's Pinkie sense not sense to "Look out for opening doors", right before Spike was crushed? Does it only work some of the time?
  20. I was watching 'The Crystal Empire' again and I had an idea. Drawing the crystal kingdom was a total pain and I think I'll put it on my 'things I don't want to draw again' list, that I just made up. Let me know what you think.
  21. I just recently found (and desktopped) a bunch of King Sombra artwork. Enjoy! Also, if you want more pony check out my DeviantArt favorites. Not everything I favorite makes it into a blog post. cmaggot - King Sombra This is probably my favorite picture of Sombra ever. slifertheskydragon - Sombra A wallpaper of epicness. WillisNinety-Six - Death is the Only Escape Oh my... I just love this scene. Valkyrie-Girl - King Sombra This is totally Sombra's facebook picture. BritishStarr - KEENG SOMBRUUH Another mug shot of everyone's favorite Crystal King. blu-red - forgive me Uh-oh! FANFIC ALERT! I have toyed around with making a fanfic explaining NM, KS, and Discord all appearing at the same time. FoxInShadow - Crystal Heart will be mine! Lol SombraShark.
  22. Right, we now have the Crystal Empire shattered into little bits, the Princesses running a small version of the Kingdom of Equestria, and King Sombra in control of the former capitol of the Empire. Over time, Celestia and Luna learned how to extend their influence, stabilizing some of the other former fiefdoms of the old Crystal Empire piece by piece. However, King Sombra was doing the exact same thing but from the other direction. Eventually the two groups would come into conflict, with Celestia and Luna moving against the Imperial Seat itself in an effort to remove the tyrant, and maybe even to get ahold of this magical artifact, the Crystal Heart, and add it to their growing collection (Elements of Harmony + a few other knickknacks). King Sombra, unable to compete with the pair of alicorns and the EoH, took his ball and went home rather than capitulate. Vanishing the capitol and its environs into some kind of limbo state to keep the Crystal Heart out of their hooves. As a note, this has happened before in the MLP franchise. Tambelon was a city in G1’s My Little Pony series that shifted in and out of the Shadow World, and many fans have linked that Shadow World to Tartaurus mentioned by Twilight in Lesson Zero. The idea of a city or town that only appears on a semi-regular basis due to a curse or magic is a fairly common trope in mythology and fable, with the most well-known examples being seen in the musical Brigadoon, and the much older story of Germelshausen, which in turn is based on even older myths. With the capitol gone and Sombra defeated, all the pony-controlled regions were swept up in the Equestria Reforms, possibly re-instating the Council of Princes with Celestia and Luna presiding over the assembly, all officially part of the new Kingdom of Equestria. The old Kingdom of Equestria possibly becoming the Duchy of Everfree, in reference to the Princesses defeating both Discord and Sombra and freeing all ponies from tyranny. As the Imperial Capitol was gone, the capital of the old Kingdom of Equestria transitioned into the capital of the new larger Kingdom. Likely centred on the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. The Empire no longer existed, so there was no need for an Emperor as such. Celestia and Luna, as Presiding Princesses of the Council would be considered de-facto Empresses-Elect if anyone bothered to care. Back to Blueblood; as an alternative to my earlier blog post it could be membership of this Council that gave Blueblood and Cadence their official titles of Prince and Princess. Again using the Holy Roman Empire as a model, there were two different types of 'Princes', ones with voting power on the Council as they actually controlled valuable land, and those with no voting power but were still considered members of the council with the right to debate as they were titled but did not hold anything of political value. In which case, Blueblood is a voting Prince as he is likely the actual Duke of Canterlot, while Cadance, prior to the return of the Crystal Empire, may have been a Princess in name only without a region of her own due to her adopted relationship to Celestia. Everything being idylic for possibly even a hundred years or more, eventually the Nightmare Moon incident occurred. This caused a resurgence of long-dormant Discord magic, rendering the entire original Kingdom of Equestria region uninhabitable and covered by the Everfree Forest. The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters was abandoned, and the capitol moved yet again, this time to Canterlot which very likely at one point had been part of the Kingdom of Unicornia from whence Princess Platinum originated from before the founding of old Equestria as per the Hearth's Warming Eve episode, but as part of the Equestrian Reforms had been 'downgraded' into a Duchy, much like the Duchy of Everfree. The caverns beneath that castle are curious. It's possible that the Crystal Heart may have originated there, given up to the Crystal Emperor to use as part of his Imperial Regalia when the Duchy joined the Crystal Empire back in the day. Perhaps the other gem-based magic items seen in the show all come from those mines as well, each torn from the earth by greedy unicorns, shaped into artifacts of power, and scattered over the world by various adventurers, questers, and whatnot. Making the ancient unicorns the Equestrian equivalent of dwarves, svarts, and kobolds. (Not the D&D versions; the *mythological* ones.) With Celestia being the only known alicorn at that time, and likely due to several hundred years of habit, she retained her position of presiding over the council despite the loss of her own Principality. Now when the region vanished by Sombra re-appeared, it and the lands surrounding retained the name 'Crystal Empire' simply out of expedience as it was the last remnants of that old institution. When Sombra was defeated for a second time, Cadance took over the region as the 'Crystal Princess', and finally gained voting membership in the Council of Princes in her own right. This making the so-called Crystal Empire a vassal state of Equestria; a complete reversal of the original setup. Also making it perfectly valid for hosting the Equestria Games. If Cadance was the type to climb the greasy pole, she might be able to make the case of transitioning her 'Crystal Princess' title into 'the Empress' and claim the entirety of Equestria as the former Crystal Empire. But for some reason I can't see her really wanting to do that. Next week.... I honestly don't know. Maybe I'll do the Alicorn stuff, as I think I've only got enough for one post on that, rather than my current pattern of stretching each topic out to three posts. I know people *are* reading these, so any suggestions?
  23. As a note, I've had it mentioned to me in the past that I tend to over-emphasize European cultural and historical models, and not address ideas from other cultures. I agree this is a failing on my part, and my only excuse is that given the volume and depth of human history I had to specialize in some way. So delving into the culture and history of my own ancestors is where I've started. When someone refers me to good sources of info from other cultures, I do go through it, but European history is my comfort zone and my first fallback when doing this kind of speculation. Okay, now we have pretty much destroyed anything resembling a hierarchy of titles, let's go deeper into how this relates to the Crystal Empire and break what little remains. For this, let's use the odd situation that occurred once in history where Princes officially outranked an Emperor. Once upon a time, there was the Holy Roman Empire. Not the original Roman Empire (27 BC - 476 AD), or the Eastern Roman Empire (285 AD - 1453 AD, also called the Byzantine Empire), but a later version (926 AD - 1806 AD) that contained the areas now covered by modern-day German, Italy, the Czech Republic, and parts of France. The Holy Roman Empire was ruled by an Emperor, but to be Emperor you had to first be elected King of the Romans by a council of dukes, kings, margraves, archbishops, etc. who were collectively known as the Council of Princes. Once elected as King of the Romans (not just 'King', because there were several Kings in the Holy Roman Empire, but very specifically 'King of the Romans'), to get the final title of Emperor the Pope had to confirm the new title. Later that last detail was abandoned, and the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire were just Emperor-Elects, and eventually even the term 'Emperor' was lost with the rulers simply titled 'King'. However, despite being Emperor whoever managed to jump through all those hoops did not have complete control like you would expect with that title. The Emperor could be overruled at any time by the Council of Princes, simply by threatening to replace him as King of the Romans with another from their number. This is very similar to many modern governmental systems where the Prime Minister (or President) can be removed from power via a vote of non-confidence. The precise mechanism varies, but the idea is the same. Getting back to the Crystal Empire, the reaction of the crystal ponies to Cadence was interesting. Nobody paid much attention until she got ahold of the symbol of sovereignty, the Crystal Heart, and then suddenly they're all 'Crystal Princess' for her. Being an alicorn, supporting a barrier against Sombra, and even having the Crystal Heart as her cutie-mark, meant nothing. But once she got that artifact, it felt a lot like the King of the Romans getting the Pope's permission to be the Emperor. So here’s how it could have gone, using what I've discussed so far and pulling in what little we know about Equstrian history: Once, long, long ago, the Crystal Empire was composed of many subject kingdoms, dukedoms, etc. Including a much smaller Kingdom of Equestria than what exists at the moment. This small Kingdom occupying the area now covered by the Everfree Forest. Other sections of the Empire were the original countries that the various tribes came from before founding Equestria, plus several others, and the most northern region which contained the capital of the Crystal Empire itself. Then there was a minor incident with an alicorn princess and a supposed love potion. A dragon came, a kingdom fell, and Chaos reigned. ( I’m not saying I believe this specific event is connected to Queen Chrysalis, but I like the imagery in this tumbr post, so I'm borrowing it for illustrative purposes. All credit for the image goes to Cupidite, of course.) Meaning that Discord took the opportunity presented, and turned everything upside down... perhaps literally... In time Celestia and Luna, likely being somewhere around the age Twilight is now, went on a quest to assemble the Elements of Harmony (as detailed in my previous blog topic), and stoned Discord as soon as they could. The pair took over the Kingdom of Equestria, probably as the region they themselves originated, leaving the rest of the Crystal Empire in disarray. They were still relatively young and were yet to develop the political acumen necessary to stabilize the entire empire. It is entirely possible that they were briefly titled Queens of Equestria, but in an effort to recall the 'golden age' prior to Discord, those titles were superseded by the 'Princess' title from the Council of Princes that would normally have determined the next ruler of the Crystal Empire. If that council was still working in any way, or even existed in anything other than the Princesses' own hopeful imaginings. While the Crystal Empire did not technically exist anymore, as it was broken up into multiple smaller independent kingdoms, dukedoms, etc. there was still a northern region with the original capitol, and home to the Crystal Pony tribe. After Discord's fall, this was obviously taken over by the Warlord Sombra, who without a functional council of Princes declared himself King of Crystal, and claimed the Imperial Throne. Due to the lack of organization, nobody either supported or disputed this for quite some time.
  24. So it seems that a lot of people are believing this idea that a reviewer named bronycurious came up with on how King Sombra turned evil. The idea is King Sombra was turned evil by the door trap in the Crystal Empire episode. All I have to say is this, This is by fare dumbest idea I have ever heard of a person going evil. It's like saying Joker went evil just because he pot same clown makeup on one day and said, I'm evil now. It just can't be that easy. What I believe is that Sombra practiced a lot of dark magic in secret, to prove that he could handle ruling the Crystal Empire. Because everypony thought he was weak and could not rule the empire. But became corrupted by the evil magic and turned evil that way. King Sombra then stole the crystal heart and made all the traps to make sure no one found it. Including the door trap. It's just a trap. Beside there are ever more questions if he became corrupted by the door. 1. Why was he using dark magic in the first place? 2. If he found a secret area under the castle, why would he go alone and not bring any guard with him to make sure it was safe? 3. If he did bring guards why did they not snap him out of it? Pretty easy for Twilight and Spike to do. 4. Who put the door there in the first place and why? 5. Did they know the pony who found it would go all evil and make life hard for the Crystal ponies? Also did they know he/she would be using dark magic? 6. Why can the door still be used to open up an area to the castle? The idea could be good if only bronycurious more to it. Like did the door open to a room with books on dark magic? Now I'm just trying to understand why people like this idea, when it just seems so weak to us? Do you think he went evil this way or another way? I just want other reasons. Here is the video.