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Found 78 results

  1. Hello their Future Ingredi..... i mean Friends *Twitch* Do you want to ask me a Question? DO YOU! I know you do *Twitch*. HEHEHEHEHHEHE! cupcake?
  2. This is the story of Apple Bloom and why she joined Pinkie Pie in Cupcakes. Watch how changes in a young filly's life can change her from a sweet girl into a "monster." Was she justified to help Pinkie or not? Chapter One: New school. New bow. New friends? Note: Also can someone please tell me how the Apple family talks? I can't get their accents right, so I had to void it in this fanfic, but I really need the accents.
  3. Since I didn't have room on the last Poll for all the background ponies I wanted to include, I decided to make a sequel post. I am curious to see what you all think about this, If ponyville were to have a city-wide argument over Cupcakes and Muffins, which ponies would be on which side? Derpy and Pinkie Pie are already very well established, odviously, but what about the others? (PS. your vote will be very helpful in the development of a FanFic I am working on.) (PPS. Please, Please PLEASE don't just Pick YOUR favorite every time, That's not what this thread is about, it's about what you think THE CHARACTERS would choose.) (PPPS.After you vote here, pleas head over to the original thread and vote there as well!)
  4. I am curious to see what you all think about this, If ponyville were to have a city-wide argument over Cupcakes and Muffins, which ponies would be on which side? Derpy and Pinkie Pie are already very well established, odviously, but what about the others? (PS. your vote will be very helpful in the development of a FanFic I am working on.) (PPS. Please, Please PLEASE don't just Pick YOUR favorite every time, That's not what this thread is about, it's about what you think THE CHARACTERS would choose.) (PPPS.After you vote here, pleas head over to the sequel thread and vote there as well!)
  5. i've just recently listioned to a reading of silent ponyville (not a gore-fest but an actual fanfic) and it makes cupcakes make more sense it says in it and i do not quote it was a nightmare and she even says herself (pinkie) that she would never do that to rainbow dash in chapter one of the fanfic here is the reading of silent ponyville nothing graphical warning may have creepy turns
  6. It's a drawing I made with my new tablet. I sorta rushed on it... It's of one my friends' OCs and mine. Hers is on the right. I hope you guys like it... I know I will get bad reviews on this, haha QwQ That's all bye, now..........................................................................
  7. Hello everypony! ^-^ Today, I decided to be generous. It's around the time of halloween, we all want to eat sweet things. So who doesn't want a nice batch of cupcakes? Lucky for you guys, I decided to make some cupcakes for you guys. Isn't that great? Unfortunately ingredients are…limited…So get these cupcakes while you can! So what kind of cupcakes do I have in store for you guys? Well: Ashcakes - Now, I'll be honest. These cupcakes taste sort of bad to me. Maybe I put to much ash in it or something. Maybe it's not for me. Maybe you will like them. :3 Acecakes - These cupcakes will make you want to yell OBJECTION! Like an Attorney, you will want to defend your cupcake client. JUSTICE FOR ALL CUPCAKES!!! Tichish Cupcakes - Whats a Tichish cupcake you may ask? Well, its a very small cupcake made for portability, and when you don't want to have a big dose of cupcake. But why would you not want a big dose? Cupcakes are AWESOME! Winged Cakes - Now these cupcakes don't have any actual wings in them, hopefully I didn't drop any in there at least, but these cupcakes make you feel like you have your own set. Then, it will make you spin around like a ratchet. To the 64th power - Kind of a long name yes, but trust me, these Superb Big Bakes are a tasty treat anyone would agree. I'm sure any pony would (\ /) in agreement. Apocalyptic flavored - Ever wonder what an Apocalyptic future would taste like? Wonder no more! This scrumptious treat taste like pure Chaos. Snakepony surprise - You know, this cupcake wouldn't be here without a certain snakepony and guy's help. So in honor of their help, I have named this Snakepony surprise. (Out of character: Sorry I couldn't come up for anything more clever for this one). EvilCake - Now, I know your first thought is to stay away from anything evil, but you really shouldn't be so shy. I know if you just try these cupcakes, you will have your EYE on them. Snow Cones - Yes, yes. Its not a cupcake, and its nearing winter. Why would you want something even more cold? But trust me, this particular snow cone is just too good to pass up. Its like an Ice Storm in your mouth. Rocky Road - This is actually a cupcake flavor as well as an ice cream flavor. Tom The Rock was ok with it. AppleBlossom - Apple blooms are such pretty flowers aren't they? Well,we decided to add the beautifulness, and turned it into a cupcake. Auroracakes - Auroras are also beautiful aren't they? That's why we made another cupcake thats based on the beauty of the world. Not to mention it really flares up your taste bud with a nice cupcakes. (OOC: cheated by using your OC but oh well). The Dream Cupcake - Now these cupcakes will give you some nice dreams. in fact, you could could like your dreams so much that you may become a Dreamwalker and start to sleep walk. The Vex(x) Killing Cupcake - Doesn't it just Vex(x) you when you eat a bad tasting food? Well, this cupcake makes it so that it gets rid of that bad taste and replaces it with a wonderful taste. (OOC: Had to cheat for a third time). Chaotic and Discorded Flavored - Another chaos flavor? Don't we have enough you may ask. You can never have too much chaos. This flavor is unique as well. It's not only Chaotic but it also bring Discord to your very tongue. Do you dare try the strangeness of this flavor? TheNewCalamityCake - This is a messed up looking cake. Its a calamity all over it with different flavors that might not belong and it doesn't look like the prettiest of cupcakes. However, if you do dare try this New cupcake then go right ahead. No spoon Cupcakes - Can't you already eat cupcakes without spoons? Yes, but this isn't what the cupcake is about. You see, it allows you to believe that There is no spoon. Why would you would want to do that?…I don't know, maybe to bend spoons or something? Zoops - Lots of sweets have little cutesy names. I don't know why, but I'm going with it. This is one of my more better creations. It has an amazing flavor and it a cool name. What's not to love about Zoops. (Warning: May cause baldness). Scootacakes - This one is a strange one. I hear reports of it tasting like chicken, and it tasting like alien. Though, we are ponies so I don't know how you would know the taste of a chicken or an alien. One thing is for sure, all the cool ponies are eating the scootacakes. Now, I saved the best for last: Feldian Cupcakes - Truly, these are cupcakes made for kings! I was able to get the finest ingredients as well. It was an incredible struggle. Not only was it hard to get a hold of, but to also cut them up and get them right ready for eating also proved difficult. But finally, I was able to make cupcakes that anyone can enjoy. I would like to give a big shout out to all the staff of the forums for all their help with making these cupcakes. You know what they said? They said these cupcakes were so worth it that they were simply to DIE for. Feel free to enjoy and ask to pick which one you want.
  8. The stupid kids won't let the Rabbit have some cereal WHY? SILLY KIDS, TRIX ARE FOR RABBITS The commercials in a nutshell: Kids: PROBLEM, RABBIT? Trix Rabbit:
  9. so i this is my first blog and i really don't now what to do so ill just talk about random stuff each day cause well i have nothing else to do but make music, read, listen to music, then read some more cause well im not proud about saying this but i have no life the only life i really have is in books and on the internet is ill many be talking about stuff just random stuff and i may ask a random question every now and then
  10. This is one of my newer songs i made this over the past few days when i wasn't able to sleep 4 the past few days but i wasn't alone i had the moon to brighten up the night while i made it on my labtop so i hope u enjoy this (please comment)
  11. This is my OC named Ivory Moth. He grew up in Fillydelphia, and was an outcast there because of his wings that were caused by a spell gone wrong. Then, he moved to Ponyville with his sister Bright Skies to stay with his distant cousin Fluttershy. He is a bookworm like Twilight, but has abilities that Fluttershy has, such as being good with animals, being timid and shy. He is practicing The Stare. His best abilities are that he understands aniamls like birds and insects well. He also helps train the Songbird Choir.
  12. Hello random person who is reading this im drawing a pony but im trying to draw him from the front view bu am failing miserably i could use some tips or help or something that can help me draw him heres him from the side but i keep trying to draw him from the front and his body looks like crushed water bottle i can really use the help
  13. Hello when i get my new computer parts in im looking 4 people to be in my group people i can trust that will be honest to the group
  14. As I was searching though the strange, yet indescribably beautiful wold of YouTube, I have come across-my favorite Cupcakes PARODY OF ALL TIME! What's is your favorite Cupcakes Parody? and why?
  15. Hi, I just want to know if it's safe for me to read "Cupcakes". I want feedback from people who actually did read this fanfic. I've read from many people, that I should NOT READ IT, not because it's lame or bad written, but because it's wicked and sick and disturbing, and that I will never see that characters the way I used to see them, and I also saw a topic about somepony having nightmares with Pinkie Pie, and i'm really concerned. It's that true?? is that well written, that I would believe whatever it shows me? I have to admit that I've read some of the beginning (that Rainbow has a crush on Pinkie Pie) and I'm not disturbed yet. I stopped because of the warnings from other people, but i'm really curious, should I read the fanfic?
  16. So, I've been modifing and making special effects on the programm the past few days to help me learn better techniques and ways to edit/enhance something. I have something new to try, so I might try it on my next picture. If any Pony is willing, please give constructive criticism and tips onto whther I should improve on . If you want, just check out my art so far at me dev. acc.: Here's my most recent art piece: Any pointed out flaws, thing I could improve on, etc. woud help drastically . (If any of you are ever interested in using what I use, i'll gladly help you out, or I can always make Tutorials on youtube)
  17. FAIR WARNING: "Cupcakes" related material. I feel like this has been done somewhere before, but I couldn't resist writing it anyway. In the spoiler box is a parody of the Pinkie Pie smile song rewritten to fit Pinkamena. I hesitated to post this, and I feel like no amount of "WARNING: CUPCAKES" signs are enough but I also put too much work into it to not share it. So... LOOK OUT IT'S CUPCAKES! BETTER WATCH YOUR SIX, 'CAUSE THE CUPCAKES ARE ON THE LOOSE! MY EYES! THE CUPCAKES! OHHHHHH NOOOOOO, IT'S CUPCAKES TIME! I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR CUP... SCREAM... CUP... CAKES! Hey, I just joined steam and my user name is so cool, wanna know it? It's bongobananza1213! ... WITH CUPCAKES! also, um... I need to tell you, if you don't mind... there's, uh... there's cupcakes material... MEEP! It's really not that bad; I just want to keep this away from people who might have their perception of Pinkie Pie ruined... again. Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it! Well, not in the sense that... just... DISTRACTION! (Disappears in cloud of smoke).
  18. Best, Gift EVER! ^-^! I just thought I would share, she is not a brony (Yet ;D) But she said she loved drawing Pinkie!
  19. CUPCAKES FANART ALERT. Probably one of my most show-accurate drawings! I'm pretty proud of this one, although her hind leg's bothering me a bit. What do you think?
  20. I made a new alternate ending to Cupcakes, it's quite short it only took me about 15 minutes to write. I didn't really put that much thought into it, hope you like it though. It's on Bane_Of_Cupcakes It's too short for
  21. I'm not a writer (unless you count programming =P) but I've always wanted to release some of my dark ideas and wild fantasies into fan-fictions. I wrote this little part out, and I'm wondering if I should write the rest. No, this is not a clop-fic, but It is very graphic (Cupcakes-like). I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a response below! Scootaloo's Hunger -PART 1- -------------------- Scootaloo quickly came to her senses, looking about into the dusty fog that covered Equestria. The twitch in her eye signaled the forth coming of a hellish day ahead. She could feel it inside of her, the temptation. She walked over to Sugar cube corner, knife in her mouth. sneaking through the back, though Gummy's Mini-door. Scootaloo throw herself into the dim-lit room, and walked quietly around the corners of the house. Scootaloo could smell her new feast upstairs, her mouth was drooling and bubbling... Scootaloo waltzed up the stairs, ready to confront her victim. She dashed over to Pinkie's room, and opening the door silently. Her scenes were going insane, she couldn't hold back her hunger. She jumped onto Pinkie's bed, knife ready and threw it into her stomach, sliding her organs one by one. Before Pinkie could scream, Scootaloo covered her mouth telling her, "It will all be over soon." ------------------- -PART 2- ---------------------- Hoping away from the bloody scene, she walked out through the door down the dark hallway and out Sugar cube corner, Dragging her half-devoured victim's corpse. This wasn't Scootaloo's first experience, it was actually her 13th. Scootaloo was good at keeping her secrets, as she was an angel on the outside, but infested with Satan himself on the inside. Scootaloo walked towards Sweet Apple acres, throwing her tool back into her saddlebag. She arrived at the clubhouse, right under the glowing moon. She opened the secret hatch under the bushes on the left of the tree, and galloped down the stairs to re-visit her victims. "What a shame.." she told the corpses on the walls. "If only you where here to see this Apple Bloom" Scootaloo through her saddlebag onto the blood stained floor. "It was a shame you couldn't have protected yourself from your own fate." She then walked outside her chamber, leaving her teacher to rot. ------------------------ -PART 3- ------------------------ It was not a but a few months back she had wielded her first weapon. As part of a wilderness adventure with the rest of the Crusaders, she was introduced to the rule of 'Kill or be killed'. She was trained as well as the others in many ways of combat by her friends and mentors. However, in these expeditions with the Crusaders she always came up short of her goals to beat the others in practices, and she developed a sense of jealousy and paranoid-ism. She vowed to herself that she would strike revenge. Her first victim was none other than Sweetie Belle, who at the time knew nothing of Scootaloo's feelings and temptations inside her. Her body was executed by Scootaloo's hoofs inside their tree-house at midnight. Scootaloo told herself it was her god-given duty to exterminate her friends. She in-graved these sick ideas into her brain, and vowed to kill to survive. She told herself she couldn't live without murderous deeds. She warped herself into a living Devil. -------------------------
  22. Just a generic Cupcakes drawing. I finally managed to make Pinkie look somewhat realistic to the show. Rate 1-10, plox.
  23. Hello Everypony! This night I made CUPCAKES! not ordinary but MLP FIM STYLE! I made a Derpy Hooves cupcake first then a Rainbow Dash one! Heres a picture below Yellow one is Derpy Hooves and the Blue one has a heart saying RD inside. Hope you like it!
  24. So I might write this fanfic or if you want to I give you permission(just PM me to let me know). Anyway I have this idea of a guy that just read Cupcakes and then goes to sleep when he wakes up he sees pinkie pie, but he thinks it's a dream (but it's not) and anyway pinkie tries to make cupcakes out of him. so there it is if I write this i'll put a link to it here.
  25. Earlier Drawing of Lyra, in case you missed it: Today's drawing is in a spoiler because of possible content. Meh. I had a lot of fun with this one. I decided to do it when I found out that Diamond Tiara was going to be in the new episode which pissed me off... Still wishing I had a scanner.... Anyway hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. Comment, critique, brohoof, whatever. Requests for tomorrow? Anypony? These were the old drawings