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Found 393 results

  1. I had one only last night about some little friendly mouse (no clue why ) that liked to climb around on my body. I don't remember too much about it, but at one point, he fell and landed on his back with the cutest shocked look on his face... but he got so happy when I started tickling him then~ ...this is kinda embarrassing to talk about... Have you had any cute moments in your dreams?
  2. I will start off with a really adorable image. Object of the game is to try to post a cuter image than the poster above!
  3. Hoi hoiii my little chicken nuggets! I hope you are doing well today C: I am here to show you a few of the adopts I have done so far this year! I am really happy with what I have done so far. So lemme show em! They all belong to a Semi-Open Species called Northlings. If interested in the Species, let me know ^^ I am really happy how they have turned out and I am proud! Also the base used is made by me and is only for personal use,sorry! Enjoy!
  4. When I was little, I thought that if I swung high enough, I'd fall into the sky. I also thought the sky was a giant painting. I believed that lava lamps were magic. What did you think or do when you were little? :3
  5. Foxy Socks

    Favorite animals

    I am surprised this isn't already a topic. What are your favorite animals and why? Mine are foxes and snakes! I find them both fascinating and intelligent animals, and are so pretty and cute too!
  6. From Your Brother, with Love - Slice of Life 5.5k words - Complete Summary: Thorax never gave up on him, even when everyone else had. With Pharynx now transformed, his cold demeanor has begun to thaw, presenting Thorax with something he's never had, before - an interactive, albeit slightly irritating older brother. Facts & Why You Should Read: There is a lack of Thorax & Pharynx sibling relationship stories in the fandom, so enjoy this one! Fluff, changelings, humor - what else are you possibly looking for in this life?
  7. I understand that a lot of bronies (like myself) have crushes on certain ponies, but I want to know, in your guys' opinion what makes a pony attractive (and by that I mean cute/sexy)?
  8. ~C. Discord~

    Surrogate Scootalove Day

    'Scootalove' was a popular fanon concept involving Rainbow Dash taking in Scootaloo as a sister figure during S1 and S2. On this day this beloved concept became canon, when Rainbow Dash not only took Scootaloo in as her surrogate sister, but as her protege, as well.
  9. Sky Knight

    General How Cute are you?

    On a cuteness scale from 1 to 10 how cute would you rate yourself?
  10. Who ever gets the most adorable picture or who ever posts their's last will be the winner!
  11. Continuing with the trend of posting topics about ponies and cute pictures, why not have a go with Starlight? I'll make sure to tell Starlight to stop by and give some hugs!
  12. DivineLight1000

    Post your cutest Rainbow Dash pic.

    Just don't call her adorable or cute, she may or may not try to bear hug you!
  13. To Love as His Own - Slice of Life, Drama 5,000 words - Completed A prequel to The King of Love Bugs, this modest oneshot follows on the coattails of the S6 Finale, giving a story after the story. Summary: Standing on the ruins of Chrysalis's fallen empire, newly-crowned King Thorax has a long overdue meeting with his former peers. Amidst their discussions, the reborn changelings are met by one of Chrysalis's leftover offspring. Scared and confused, the young drone shuts down towards all but Thorax, who consoles the nymph, and demonstrates the power of sharing love between changelings. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Continues off the S6 Finale, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Insights on the changelings, their powers, relationships and their way of life. If you were on the fence about trying the much longer-winded King of Love Bugs, this story is a good appetizer.
  14. Creamy Arty

    Meet Dickey

    Last June my girlfriend and I were pulling out of the parking lot of our condo, headed to the hardware store for some furniture building supplies (I was building a desk but that's not the point). As we were turning, we saw a raggedy cocker spaniel walking down the other side of the road in the opposite direction. Seeing a dog walking himself down the road would have been concerning enough, but this guy was obviously old, dirty, and could have been assumed lost for at least a week. We made a u-turn and picked him up. Without a collar, our only option was to take him inside and give him some water before taking him to a vet to check for an ID chip. I also made a post in a local lost dogs Facebook group for good measure. Well, we let him stay the night, and the following morning I get a phone call from his owners. Turns out this dog lives right across the street and we picked him up the moment he wandered out of his yard. This wasn't very comforting. He looked terrible so obviously his owners weren't taking care of him properly. He wouldn't stop shaking his head either, leading us to believe he had ear mites. We would later learn that he had an extreme yeast infection in his ears, a common problem with floppy-eared dogs like cocker spaniels if you don't regularly clean their ears out. His longstanding infection also rendered him entirely deaf. Poor pupper can't hear a thing. We even tried beating a pan with a wooden spoon over his head while he slept... he didn't notice. Despite rapidly growing attached to this dog and him making himself at home instantly, this inadequate level of care was our biggest reservation in giving him back. Unfortunately, we had already started down that path. His owners came by near the end of the day to get him. They hung out with us for a little while to chat. We learned that his name is Dickens and that he's 15 years-old, although we took to calling him "Dickey" because it rolls off the tongue easier and what difference does it make to a deaf dog? After maybe 30 minutes and seeing how much happier he was with us, we were asked if we wanted to keep him. How could we say no to that? He's a sweetheart! We agreed, but they still took him home for two weeks so we could finish unpacking and getting our new place in order. Old boy's been with us ever since Have some pics of Dickey sleeping and being happy: And a short clip of him being a lovable dork: lick.mp4
  15. The King of Love Bugs - Slice of Life, Comedy 70,000+ words - On-Going This story is my magnum opus for this fandom, and has a lot of history to it. Spoiler for exposition. Summary: Following the dethroning of Queen Chrysalis, the princesses of Equestria seek to build a relationship with newly-crowned King Thorax, and forge a never before seen alliance between ponies and changelings. While the changelings continue to discover new things about their bold metamorphosis, Thorax works to embrace his role as the changeling's new patriarch - demonstrating to the swarm a benevolent means of ruling far different from his predecessor. With the help of Equestria's princesses, his brooding older brother, and even a few unexpected friends, Thorax must now introduce the idea of peaceful changelings in Equestria, one escapade at a time. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Follows along the events of the show as closely as possible, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Intriguing lore regarding the changelings, their powers, relationships and way of life. 'Flower of the Wastelands' by Huusii. An unintentional but surprisingly similar representation of the first chapter.
  16. NomadSpellbrush

    Chibi Twilight Sparkle This is a remake of Chibi Twily, a piece that I did last year.
  17. catnet

    Lyra & Bon Bon Fan Club

    ~WELCOME TO THE LYRA & BON BON FAN CLUB!~ Feel free to share anything to do with these two cute little ponies, whether you ship them (if you dislike shippings and art/love for them, feel free to turn back now ^^) or see them as closest friends! Forum rules and commonsense apply, and please try not to just post about only one of them; there's a fanclub for both Lyra and Bon Bon individually if that's what you're looking for~ ~FANWORKS~ ~Have fun!~
  18. Niniibear

    Some of Ninii's art

    Hoii sweet buns! So I am doing this post to show off some art! Most examples are just Character Designs of adopts I make, so that's why some of them have the same pose since I sell the design and not the rest. I draw mainly anything Many of them belong to a semi closed species known as Northlings, if interested let me know ! Art is my full time job so please do understand that I do not do requests I hope you enjoy Do let me know what you think!
  19. This thread is a mix of a personal channel list collection for me to stop by as well as some recommendations for the community. I was actually quite hard looking for some until I found some non-music and non-sick-brutal channels, as youtube didn't show me the ones I was interested in for quite some while. Meanwhile, this is way better, also because of likes etc. I did there, so I am mostly getting videos recommended I do like to watch. But the start was pretty clunky. Feel free to post some other channels. Requirements for these in general: Friendly videos, non-brutal/splatter/sadistic, somewhat similar to the show I guess. AgrolChannel: ForgaLorga: I personally feel ForgaLorga and AggrolChannel might be very similar with each other, doing mostly MLP animations (not sure if ForgaLorga does so himself or only collects some) without much dialogues. Flufflepuff: - A popularity by himself about a very flurry, cute albeit not smart earth pony. I haven't really watched the following ones much, but they look promising: StormXF3: ^ Doing some videos with ponies put in RL videos to tell a story. AlStiff: MintyRoot: Single videos: - Basically a show-level (or above) episode. Have to see other Flaming Rich videos yet.
  20. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Giant Resin Paw Piece!

    Took 5 days to make. I hope you all like it! Oh yeah, LunaLusterdust is my username on another site.
  21. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft Resin Donut Thingys!

    So I got a silicone donut mold thing from the craft store a few days ago and was successful with the results with my resin! Here is my very first batch of these! FINALLY THE PICTURES ARE WORKING
  22. Loyal Defender

    The Sun Goes Down

    (Note – This little story between me and Tia started out as a conversation on Discord but quickly turned into a sweet little roleplay. It’s not an x Reader fic, but it’s still one I like to read, and I HAD to share this.) “It's nice when others portray you in the sweetest way. Makes you sweeter than your well-known pancakes, which is saying something." Loyal told the sun princess. ” "Well I appreciate greatly the honesty, dear pony...." The princess leans a little lower, her voice hushing conspiratorially. "Though to be fair, a little fib for a nice compliment doesn't irk this princess in the slightest~" "Psh, I never lie about compliments. What I say comes from the heart, that's just how I am." Loyal stands up proudly and confidently. The sun princess seems to give a smile that seems somewhat more amused than anything else, raising her brow at the prideful display and eventually giving a wider, more proper smile. "Well, then I'm pleased to know I can trust your opinions when you decide to be admiring, dear pony. But what, pray tell, brings you to chat with me, hm?" "Well, I'm close with Luna (close enough I'm able to let her mane put me to sleep almost without her consent, she doesn't mind), so I figured I'd be close with you. I do appreciate the sun and moon, so I figured, 'Why not befriend their respective rulers?' Surely you don't mind." "Well, I have a tendency to more often than not appreciate the ponies that my dear sis tends to associate with. I suppose I don't mind chatting for a time with a dear pony of mine; after all, what sort of princess would I be if I not make time for my ponies, hm?" “Well, for doing the opposite of not making time, you’d be a rather appreciated Princess. But you already knew that, I’m sure. Believe me, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually grown close to Luna – and how many times I haven’t learned hugging her ends in a tight winghug every time. But still, it’s nice being friends with someone well-respected and known, the one who watches over you might say, *day and night*?’ The solar princess closes her eyes a moment, restraining a quiet giggle, though after a moment peeks out of one eye at the shorter pony next to her. "Oh I suppose. But hopefully you will bear in mind that the two of us are... nm... what's the best phrasing... a bit strapped for time, nm? My dear nocturnal sibling has a great deal more time free to be a socialite, even if she is perhaps not as inherently social. But we can see, now can't we?" “Oh, I understand if you’re busy. After all, watching over everyone is tough...believe me, I know. I devote my *life* to that sort of thing, you know?” *Loyal sits down as he says this, rubbing the back of hishead, recalling how difficult his job can be at times*. The tall mare watches with a half-lidded eye as the colt sheepishly rubs at his head, seating himself in front of her, and she remains quiet for a while. Drawing out that somewhat awkward silence purposefully, before she averts her gaze and murmurs out of the side of her muzzle with a tone of amusement: "Well, dear... if you're aiming to receive a royal hug, you'd best act quickly before I head off once more, hmm?" *Loyal blushes. How had she figured it out so fast? He hadn't even hinted at HER doing it.* “That is….what I was going for….if you don’t mind.” Tia has been doing this sort of thing for a rather long while. She's been approached by many ponies with all sorts of reasons. She knows a thing or two about ponies that want to seek out certain sorts of 'royal attention'. She has a nose for it, one might say. Said princess restrains a quiet chuckle, and for a moment she looks slowly around as though conspiratorially making sure nopony else was watching. After a moment she parts open her wings. "Well come on, little one... " *Loyal didn’t hesitate to approach her, not too fast, not too slow. He steps into her cozy ‘chamber’ of sorts, and hugs close. So this is what it feels like...her fur felt soft, but warm, as if she’d been sunbathing for hours on was like a heated pillow. One that was covered in fur. Princess Celestia, as might be expected for one with her name and title and description, was indeed very warm. Her fur was dense and fluffy, soft to the touch, starting to transition into feathers near her wings. Her chest presses gently, carefully to the smaller pony, not at all seeming to mind as he nestled himself right in against her and allowed her tremendous wings to swing them, curling and drawing him in towards her like arms. She was warm, heat that was like sunshine soaking into the coat, into the skin. Her scent was warm and wonderful vanilla, tinged somewhere with the distant spiciness of cinnamon, and as he pressed to her he could feel her heart beating in her chest. “So this is what it’s like….one of the smallest….yet most wonderful moments of my life...” He mutters, sounding pleased with the moment.He nestles slightly deeper, seeming comfortable with the situation. The sun princess doesn't seem at all to mind the proximity, her wings encircling the other pony to draw him in close to herself in an embrace that could best be described as almost motherly. Her head leans downwards, nosing beneath her own tremendous wing, and she brushes her royal snout gently to the top of the pony's mane, a quiet coo escaping her muzzle. "Mmh. There's my dear little pony. You seem comfortable~" “I am…’s like my bed at home….but ten times better...” The Princess couldn't help but to give a gentle little smile. She might not be her sibling, the princess of the night and as such an expert at lulling ponies to gentle rest.... but she was a regal alicorn princess all the same, and as the princess of the sun her touch was the touch of reassuring warmth. Her wings close more tightly, pulling the smaller pony to herself in a gentle tug, a firmer embrace, and her muzzle nestles against his mane to nuzzle with affection. "Let it never be said that I have no time to take good care of my dear subjects," she murmurs. "Nmmm... rest easy, my little one. Your Princess doesn't mind." The small pony doesn’t respond. Rather, he seems to murmur, his eyes closed but with a gentle smile spread across his muzzle, a gentle sign of breathing visible from his chest. That fast? Most likely. It’s possible he was overwhelmed by the warmth and comfort of the royal hug, and fell asleep. Not surprisingly, if he was used to Luna’s mane doing the same thing, being in a warm hug would have the same effect. The royal mare only smiles, quiet, when she feels the stallion in her embrace relax and drift into sleep, surrounded by her warmth and by her delicate wings. Leaving them be for a moment longer, eventually the princess' horn flickers to light, pale golden yellow that was itself warm and gentle as her physical touch sliding under and around the colt to scoop him up in her wings and magic alike. It wouldn't do, after all, to have him simply sleeping on his hooves even while pressed against her. This was, after all, one of the reasons she had comissioned so many guest beds.… His only response is another murmur, possibly dreaming….though it’s unclear what about, though presumably, it’s a good dream. The Princess certainly didn't want to place the colt into a mere cot. She was, after all, a princess. And this was her home. She'd be a poor host were she to leave one of her own subjects to possible discomfort. Instead her magic and her embracing, warmly-feathered wings cradle the stallion to her chest as she carries them to instead a guest chamber. One of several, but this one more homely. Dense green carpet, wooden furnishings done in a style that made them look more rough and natural, and a bed fit to hold three ponies if so many were to lay across it. Or at least an alicorn. It was a room meant to show the green of spring and summer, kept warm by an oil radiator near to the bed. "Mmmh.... sleep well, my little one," the princess murmurs, her magic drawing back the sheets and the heavy quilt on the top, reluctantly leaving the pony to be deposited into the caress of the plush matress instead of her wings, and drawing the sheets over him one more. The thin wisps of her magic trailed across him, briefly and lightly sliding like digits through his mane. And with that done, she leaves him to his rest.
  23. It was cold. To you, it felt like it was Frozen North levels of cold. Maybe it was the cool crystals the place was made of, but for a castle, you’d expected a little more...heat. But you wanted that to change. You wanted heat. Warmth, maybe...and a good book. You were out in the hall now, looking for someone to snuggle with. You felt a little embarrassed having to ask anyone...usually you could keep yourself warm, but tonight it was oddly difficult to.You knew of one pony who was the best at keeping you warm (not that it’s been done just assumed), and that was none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now, you stood before her bedroom door, feeling nervous. I’s not the fact she was royalty you were embarrassed to ask this. It was merely the fact it was seemingly a test of friendship. Giving a heavy sigh, you knocked on the door, awaiting your response. “Come in!” Came a friendly voice. Uneasily, you opened the door, warm bedroom light flooding through the crack, widening as you opened it more. “Oh, hey! Didn’t expect to see you up so late. I was just busy catching up on some old dusty books,” She answers before you say anything. “But if you needed somepony to talk to, I’m all ears.” Princess Twilight Sparkle was laying in her bed, underneath a thick fleece blanket, with comfy pillows surrounding the head of it, with a warm lamp illuminating her and her pile of books. You entered and closed the door behind you, approaching the bed. As you approach, she adds, “It was, uhh...also kind of lonely. If you really want to, you can lay next to me. And I assume you’re in here mostly because of how cold it is?”“Y-Yeah..” You answer, wondering how she guessed it. “I’m not surprised, the report did call for freezing temperatures tonight.” She lifts up a corner of the bed with her magic and pats the newly revealed spot, implying to get in bed with her. You feel yourself blushing slightly. This was….rather generous of her. You didn’t even have to speak a word.“Trust me, I know you’re shocked. But when you know a friend well, you know what they want at times. That and I’ve been out in the hall myself, so I can imagine you’d be cold, considering you have no fur.”You got into the bed with Twilight as she lay the blanket onto you. Almost instantly, she scoots you closer to her, sort of bumping her. You two had indeed been bonding quite a bit since Starlight was taking care of Royal business in Canterlot. You and her were close, but...when she was away, you preferred her mentor as company, too. But now it was close to a point when Twilight really liked you. As a friend, of course. You felt immensely warm, but in a good kind of way. “This book I’m reading is about ocean life. I’m almost surprised hippogriffs aren’t in it. Maybe it’s because they were originally land creatures. Do you want to read it?”“Well….I was hoping maybe you could….read it to me?”“Huh….I’d never read TO anyone before...well, not in a moment like this, of course. But sure! Reading helps me relax, so I wonder what it’ll do reading TO someone. But first..I’m sure the comforting atmosphere of the room is making you sleepy. Trust me, it is for me, too. So, uhh….not sure how to word this, but if you want you could lean on me. Even ponies are aware of how soft they are.”You move a bit closer and lean onto the Princess’ shoulder. Almost instantly, her left wing curls around you, almost like a robe. The fur on her shoulder and sides adds to the comfort of your position. “Comfortable?” She asks, and you simply nod.“Alright then. This one’s a good chapter – it’s about porpoises and dolphins, the majestic creatures of the ocean. I mean, heh, that...second part isn’t really in the book. They just fascinate me.”Her voice sifts to a soothing tone as she begins to read. “Dolphins are commonly known for their adorableness and general friendliness to many. They use echolocation to find objects in the dark, and are commonly used in rescue teams. The fins on their backs are often mistaken for that of a shark. However, they…..and like to…….often eat…...”You’re surprised at how quickly you begin to fall asleep. The warmth of the blanket and the room, the softness and comforting feeling of her fur and wings, and her soothing reading voice all combine into a pleasant feeling you get just from listening to her read. You doze off here and there, but slightly wake up from a gentle nudge. “Are you falling asleep already? Or is my reading that actually boring to you?” She jokes. “I’m kidding, hehehe, I know how reading can be. Shall I keep going?”You give a sleepy nod, focusing on nothing now. She continues to read, and you feel yourself falling back asleep. “Whales have sizes that vary…..large stomachs….mostly consist of krill...prey is mostly squid….”You feel yourself falling back asleep. When you momentarily wake up, Twilight has her books stacked back up, a hoof around your shoulder or arm, and you find yourself laying on….her chest? You’re surprised at how understanding she is at snuggling you. You thought this would turn out...much differently, maybe even a questioning look. But it seems like all those hours you spent with her in total resulted in her really trusting you. Now it seemed like SHE wanted to snuggle you. In any case, you felt safe, warm, and happy this turned out well. You closed your eyes again, falling back asleep to face the day that awaited you tomorrow.
  24. Step by step, I'm slowly finishing the status screen. I've added things here and there and now it starts to look like a legit thing! A thing, where I got stuck for a little moment was: How to write a single line of text with multiple colors, that will be centered like this? And turns out, that it is kinda messy to achieve and there were some maths behind that one as well, because why not! First of all, again, I'm not sure if I approached that in the best way, but well, it works! The thing with coloring text is, that I had to set the font color before drawing the text- so to make it have multiple colors, I had to split it into parts and basically draw each word/part separately, with correct positions to make it all be drawn next to each other in one line. The tool that was helpful there was a function, that calculated the width of the string (text). So as I've mentioned ages ago, I wanted to do this: First thing first, I needed to calculate the width of each part to know how much space it will take. To show how that does look like... let's take the second possible number as for example: That part contains [ +3 ] First, I needed to get the value form the character. var value = actor.eq_bonus_mhp This will store the character's MAX HP bonus from equipment into a variable. Then, since [ + ] isn't drawn by default, but [ - ] is, I had to put an 'if statement' to check if that value is above or below 0 and add [ + ] if above 0 or leave it without symbols when below 0. if value > 0 { sym = "+" } else { sym = "" } If the value is greater than 0, store [ + ] in a [ sym ] variable. Otherwise leave it empty. and now merging things together... that [ +3 ] will be a string: string = sym + value where sym either has [ + ] or nothing; value is a number. Now the last part, just get its width. value_width = string_width(string) This will store the string's width in a [ value_width ] variable. -{ Well that was complex, wasn't it? ) -{ But what if the character wouldn't have any bonus? Is there any need to draw "+0"? ) ( Of course not you silly! }- For that let's use another 'if statement' before merging stuff: if value == 0 { string = ""; value_width = 0 } else { ... Putting that before merging will simply check if the value equals 0. If it does, it will leave the string empty and we manually can tell, that the width will be just 0, thus basically skipping that part. And now we have one part configured... Now do the same for the others... And you probably got your own lame code -{ This looks funnier, doesn't it? ) So as you can see, I specified the center value - 344th pixel (horizontally) then calculated widths of the parts and merged it all in the end. The last line sums everything up ~ divides the result by 2 to make it centered, by moving the 50% of the text to the left. The rest 50% will go to the right. Now the drawing method is simpler, simply put the part in the result we got, then add its width to a variable, then put the second part in the result+width; add its width to that variable; draw 3rd part in the result+width and so on... So now that you've read (or not) that boring wall of text, let's head to the results. Note, that it's still a work in progress.
  25. Bon_Bon

    Bon Bon Fan Club

    Bon Bon deserves a fan page!!!! Please make her popular