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Found 235 results

  1. A cutie mark design for my oc. It's a moon, a spear/compass-shaped chaos symbol, and the moonlight
  2. Now,before you answer "helping other ponies find their cutie mark" or something similar,I need to make sure that I'm talking about her secondary talent,or rather,the talent that separate her from the rest of the CMCs Since season 1,the show had show us the talent of the two other crusaders.Sweetie Belle is good at singing,so she get a music note as her cutie mark representing her singing talent and a star to represent her potential to become a star/idol. For Scootaloo,we know that she has a talent of scooting by flapping her wings and speed herself up.And in her cutie mark,there's a lightning that represent how her talent towards speed,and a wings to tell us how she achieve her talent. But for Apple Bloom,things don't seem do concrete.The show never directly tell us her talent.It's true that she was shown to be able to do constructions,potion making,martial art and dancing.However,none of talents are especially symphazied as the other two did,and none of the talents manifest in her cm.In fact,it seems that many Earth Ponies have cutie marks of abstract meaning and symbolism rather than actual talent.For example,Cheerilee has three smiling flowers as her cm to show her caring nature.Diamond TIara has a tiara as a cm to show her talent in leadership.Applejack has the cm of three apples to show what she value most.Silver Spoon has a silver spoon cm out of...unknown meaning. An apple and a heart.The apple certainly don't mean any direct things like apple farming,making apple products and something like that.We know that Apple Bloom love helping others,but she don't seems to be more helpful than the other CMCs.So,what do the symbols here represent (other than a member of the Apple family)? My theory is that it represent her multipotentialist nature.Maybe the apple here is to symbolize growth. In the "Elements of Harmony" handbook,the description of her goes like,"Like her name suggests,she is full of potential but has a lot of growing to do."With this evidence,and her vague description on talent throughout the series,I think her cm is to show her learning ability,openmindness and curiosity in contrast of the "specialist" nature of many other ponies like the mane 6. So,what do you think the cutie mark truly represent?
  3. Cozy Glow's cutie mark is a chess piece and I think we would agree that it fits her strategic mind perfectly, but... does 'rook' represent Cozy Glow's talent/destiny better than other pieces? If not, which piece had you chosen to be her cutie mark? Let me know your thoughts about this, I will add my own later on. Edit: Personally, I would have chosen the pawn for her cutie mark. The rook is a big and powerful piece, with the ability to walk across the entire board when it has an open way, at the same time it has a narrowed vision which limits its peripheral sight. Now, let's look at the pawn... it is small, weak, with the need (talent?) to pursue it's goal one step at a time, but with the ambition to become a queen!
  4. Normal would I think the answer as something elementary-aged.As the colts and fillies look so young and child-like,with most of them getting a cutie mark on such a young age. However,once I found this on the mlp wiki,I started to doubt myself. "A "cute-ceañera" is celebrated by those who have recently gotten their cutie marks. The name of the celebration is a play on quinceañera, a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America." ( Which could actually make sense.Come to think of it,let's take a look at the fillies and colts.Seriously,what they do seems to exit what a real elementary-aged kids could.Like car-driving,making a car,etc.Also,not many people can learn their destiny within 12 years old,right?So could it be possible that our fillies and colts could be somewhat like,a young adolescence,middle-school aged? Now let's take a look at the mares and stallions.They may look like teens,but it seems that beside of fashion and mane-style tastes,teens and young adults sure don't share any differences.(We can see that in Call Of Cutie,Cheerlie don't much different in her teen years than recent.Tho the show didn't specify which stage of teen year was she in. The mane 6 may look teenish.But in fact,while Twilight being Celestia's student and in research,I could assume she's University-aged,or even on her stage to getting Master or PhD?Also the mane six all seems to have jobs,and it seems perfectly normal(Fluttershy's brother got blamed for not getting a job).It's obvious that the mane 6 aren't teens. It's is said that horses grow rapidly once they reach their puberty.Can we assume that ponies,also,are like so?Can we assume that the CMCs are actually teens,rather than children?And,thus,can we say that ponies usually get their cutie mark on teen ages?What do u think?
  5. When the Mane 6 got turned into sea ponies why is Rarity the only one with her cutie mark not only on her dorsal fin but also on her tail fin?
  6. If you guys want me to write something with this I will. I love writing and would love to flesh out backstory but not if its going to be a waste. Anyway the day I got my cutie mark! It uh...wasn't a benevolent occasion to say the least and now I have to deal with this Hellspawn of a demon the rest of my life. Elusive Shadows now in her first real appearance near my being. I may have tried dark shadow magic and the result was a mosh pit of, "Yay!" and "Oh no what have I done?!"
  7. I finally decided to make this post. If any of ponies need name or cutie mark suggestions for your OCs, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help you out.
  8. Arguably the most important part of a Cutie Mark is the Glyph, here meant to refer to the image depicted. It is from this that we gain the most significant indication of a pony's talent. That said, there is a fair amount of interpretation involved in reading Cutie marks. For example, Cheerilee's Cutie Mark, a Triune of Smiling Daisies is meant to represent her skill and passion for teaching. She described the mark in the episode "Call of the Cutie" What this tells us is that apart from the pure symbolism inherent in the Cutie Mark, a pony's personal understanding of it can play a significant role as well. This presents us with a bit of a Dilema. Using the system that I have devised would not give us the best understanding of a mark like Cheerilee's. The question then is this; How do we handle the subjective meanings of Cutie Marks? One possibility would be to simply disregard this aspect of Cutie Mark Interpretation as it makes the entire exercise a foregone conclusion if you already have an idea of what a Cutie Mark means. In it's capacity as a tool for character creation, this would be a perfectly tenable solution, but in it's secondary purpose of reading meaning from existing marks, this falls short. I recognize that it would be impossible to systematically derive the subjective meaning from a mark so I'm still left with the question of how to do it. As always, your input is welcome and encouraged.
  9. At what rank do you get a personalised Title underneath your username? ^__^;; that is the one thing I have wondered.
  10. Hello every-pony! My name is Stella Star and I joined MLP forums in 2016 and thrived on these forums for a solid 1-2 months until I stopped and abandoned this website. I am now back and better than ever, however... Since my return i've noticed an update on the profile design and i'm struggling to remember basic navigation around the forums. So here is what I can't exactly wrap my head around: How does the Rank system work? I am currently sitting on the peewee rank of the Muffin and I want to know how I can advance further but I can't for the life of me figure out how to view my progress and all other basic information on this system. If anyone could give me the rundown about how the Ranks work that would be extremely helpful! Thanks ponies!
  11. Cutie Marks are an important aspect of the show. They serve as a shorthand to help us immediately understand core aspects of a pony's personality or role, even if they are not given a speaking part in the story. They are often the most recognizable part of a character, to such an extent that when we see a familiar mark on an unfamiliar pony, we tend to take notice. Obviously this is a failing of the medium and not meant to be taken as significant but as a nerd and a Brony, I take it upon myself to be overly analytical of my perky pastel ponies and their society. While it's clear that very little thought was put into the overarching principals of Cutie Mark design by Lauren when she was Show Runner, I expect that some system can be established that can give a general overview of a pony simply by interpreting their cutie mark. I've been met with limited success in this venture so far in my post here but I feel like I'm missing some key aspects. So far, I have accounted for some basic elements of the Cutie Mark, namely the symbols and their position relative to one another but there is more I could use here. ultimately, I want to distribute this system to the four corners of the internet so that content creators can use it to create deep and complex characters with consistency, and to help stem the tides of the dreaded Mary Sues that plague our fan fiction. I intended to begin establishing meanings for Layouts, Color choice and contrast, Imagery and the circumstance in which the mark was earned. All of these things will help creators to home in on their Pony's personality. That said, I can't just make these things up willy nilly and expect them to work. I'll need to set up a database of cutie marks, both cannon an original to create datapoints which I can account for. Obviously some things will simply defy my attempts but I'm still game to try. I hope to conclude this project with an intuitive system that anyone can use. For your perusal, I offer an example of the kinds of things that this system could reveal about a character. I give you Shining Armor! His Cutie Mark is a Dark Blue Heraldic shield with a pink Six-Pointed Star nested inside. This star is Echoed from his sister, Twilight Sparkle. Above the Shield is a Triune of powder blue Five-Pointed Stars which are inherited from his mother, Twilight Velvet. A Shield is a clear indicator of protection and with the Six Pointed star Nested inside, this meaning is reinforced. The six-pointed star has a double meaning in this case as it is simultaneously a strong indicator of Magical talent and Mirrored by his younger sister which indicates her as very important to his talent in some way. The Triune of Five-Pointed stars would normally indicate some interest in astronomy, in this case, since they are Inherited from his mother, their Triune arrangement reinforces a strong affection for her. Taken as a whole, Shining armor appears to be a pony with a strong talent in magical protection who is very protective of his sister and loves his mother dearly. This system is still a work in progress and I hope to have more information to add to it soon! I'll keep you posted!
  12. So, I just put Abedias into the Character page and after a lengthy writing session to get it all out I post it only to find the formatting is completely borked! Any idea what's up with that? Am I just missing something Here? Anyway, on to another subject! I'm currently working on a bit of a project. If you've had any interactions with me it is more than likely that you already know about it but for those that don't, I'm trying to set up a systematic method for interpreting cutie marks that will produce interesting and deep characters based on a cutie mark image. Basically, put cutie mark in, get Awesome OC out! To that end, I would like any help you guys are willing to offer! Ideas, critiques or suggestions are welcome and I always enjoy trying my system out on new Cutie Marks to see how they match the OC you've already got So, anyone willing to help out or give it a try, I've got a post set up in Sugarcube Corner, or you can just PM me! That's all I have for now~
  13. (A note to the Reader: This system is a work in progress and will be updated as new information is established.) Within the Cannon of MLP, we see many myriad Cutie Marks on display and I've often wondered, 'how do they work?' What is to follow is my attempt to make sense of these enigmatic emblems emblazoned on the ends of our equine friends. Using this tool, you will be able to interpret any cutie mark and derive a deep and complex meaning and it is my hope that these meanings may be at least close to the cannon explanations for the marks. To this end, I ask you to assist me with new ideas or suggestions to help me flesh out this system and achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy. Definitions: In order to accurately describe the Cutie Marks and how to Interpret them, I will begin by defining my terms. Type: Cutie Marks can be divided into two broad categories that will determine how you go about interpreting the data you collect Glyphs: The Glyphs are the foundation for any cutie mark. Glyphs each have various meanings that can be attributed to them so the Circumstance and the Pony's personality should be considered when determining the meaning of a Glyph and consequently a Cutie Mark. What follows is an incomplete list of glyphs and their associated meanings. Abstract Glyphs: These Glyphs relate to concepts and ideas, not actions items or occupations. Many of these will also have Material meanings. Material Glyphs: Glyphs with clear meanings based on their form and relation to real world objects. Ornamentation/Embellishment: Some Cutie Marks will have additional patterning or special charactaristics that will help to modify the meaning of the Glyphs. Color Color plays an important role in establishing meaning in cutie marks. The coloration of glyphs, their relation to each other and the coat, mane and eye colors of the pony in question can have some significance. Color is only significant if it departs from the usual color of the Glyphs. for example, a Red apple has little additional significance, but a blue carrot might. Arrangement: To determine the meaning of the Literal type, you will consider it's Arrangement. The possible Arrangements are as follows Circumstance: The particular situation in which a Cutie Mark was earned can have significant info critical to determining the meaning of the Mark.
  14. Hi! Any ideas for a cutie mark and/or name? Here's a basic overview of my pony: She has an interior designer job, her hobby is singing, and is kind, but gets easily angered when some thing doesn't go her way.
  15. Is that black butt patch apart of Luna's cutie mark or not? First, just the moon disappears. Then, in A Royal Problem, the butt patch goes along with the moon.
  16. Nye

    Cutie Mark Game

    What would be your Cutie Mark? Give a small description of yourself, or make one up. And then the person after you gives a Cutie Mark that fits your “style.” I made a big explosion in chemistry and got my cutie mark. But what does it look like?
  17. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but search came up with nothing for Starlight Cutie Mark when searching. So I'd like to start a discussion with you all. What is the meaning of Starlight's Cutie Mark? What's her talent? A Cutie Mark is earned when a pony discovers their special talent, the thing they're good at and do the best. It's not necessarily the only thing they will ever do with their life, nor are they going to be the best in the world at that thing, but it's the thing they're supposed to be the best at doing when such things come up. Starlight originally had issues with Cutie Marks, trying to hide hers and remove those of others to create a utopia. She tried to destroy the lives of the Manes and their Cutie Marks. She has switched the Alicorn sisters Cutie Marks to teach them a good lesson. It seems she's all up in everyone's behinds while also being Op at magic and then later not being able to lift a simple suitcase. But with the latter I digress. So what is our favorite reformed villain pony and basically Mane 8's special talent? What is she good at? What does the lavender and blueish swirling thing actually mean? IIRC this has never been brought up or mentioned in the show, so I thought I would make this thread to discuss. I feel she might just be good at magic in general like Twilight, but is that really possible? What do you guys think?
  18. I've always wondered - Do ponies have a cutie mark on both sides of their flank? If not, which side holds the cutie mark? I noticed that in The Cutie Map part 2 when Starlight's fake cutie mark is washed off, we can see a shot where she has a cutie mark on both sides. This still doesn't provide solid evidence for me because she drew it on. We always see that when a new pony gets their cutie mark, it appears on the side of their flank, but it isn't really clear if it is on both sides. Anybody have some insight or have any evidence pertaining to this topic? Or am I just missing something?
  19. This was hard, but I made a lot of improvements to my OC, Neon Tetherlight, and I'm pretty proud of 'em, BUT, I have no idea for a cutie mark. I mean, I do have some ideas but... I'll need help. I'm just not that good at getting that 'perfect design' I was thinking of... I would be grateful if you could gather up some ideas for a cutie mark. Anything would be fine. I'll also give a small description about him- He is an ambiverted unicorn that works for a prestigious software and hardware company called ManeFrame. (Pun intended, and you could also help me with that. :P) His dream is to spread the knowledge of technology to each and every corner of Equestria. He mainly works in the secret wing of his company that is developing a machine that uses magic to power an A.I called . And, there has been some amount of progress, the only problem is that the magic that they are currently using isn't strong enough to keep the A.I conscious for long. Enough about his job. Let's get into his head. Neo is a Stallion of few words, and only speaks when beneficiary, but when he is around his friends, he is like a high school Filly, talking about other pony's secrets that he has no business knowing. He likes being around his friends, but doesn't make it obvious. His relationship with his sister though, is a whole other story. He and she used to get along well, but their different views on the world separated them and made them go their own ways, But that doesn't mean he doesn't like spending some sibling time together. He also has a tendency to get into fighs even if they could be easily avoided. No one knows how he does that though.. Now fears... He is scared of the ocean. Like the deep blue part of it, and he's afraid that the waves will drag him into it. (Even though it's not exactly possible with him.) He is vulnerable to jump scares and anything that looks a bit too scary. He has stage freight but if he's performing something in front of his friends, he's fine with it. And now for talents! Uhh... He is exceptionally good at programming and can work with any kind of basic motor. He is pretty good at gaming and had won in a lot of competitions as a colt. He is kinda like a 'Jack of all spades' with sports. Not excellent in anything, or too bad at something. And cooking is out of his league keep that in mind. (*cough*) I will add a bit more of his bio after I've gotten an idea of his cutie mark. Remember, whatever I've written here is rough and I will make improvements. And thanks in advance! Image014.tif
  20. Well... this has been going on for a while now... I'm a fan of K-pop and my favorite group is SHINee. SHINee will be ponies and their personalities will be the same as in real life. But... I don't have a good base to use! Minho oppa is a unicorn Taemin oppa is a Pegasus Onew oppa is an Earth pony Jonghyun oppa is also an Earth pony Key oppa is also a unicorn Their cutie marks will be based on their talents in real life. And that's about it!
  21. Oh, Sunset. Even if you're not technically canon on the main series, you're a part of my heart. The image is not Sunset focused, nor Twilight. It's about the feeling and the spectrum of emotions that means to have someone to care about. The decisions we make are all we are, and the way we express our love and care is what defines the relations we make on this terrifying world. Don't let your love fade. Feed it. Make it grow. Maybe you'll save someone else's life. Twitter! deviantArt!
  22. How did your oc gain their cutie mark? Or do they not have one yet? Why so? My character, Dawn Horizon, got his cutie mark after passing his exam to be a wonderbolt academy student! Becoming the first bat pomy in pony history to become a part of the wonderbolts!
  23. A couple months ago, I made 3D models of the mane 6's cutie marks. ( A couple days ago I realized that there are loads of other ponies who I could do! And these are the results. All images are 1920x1080p. First Up: Celestia and Luna. When I saw Celestia's cutie mark, my first thought was that this was a perfect opportunity to use the fire simulator. And after 15 minutes of modeling, 30 minutes of fiddling with render settings, and an afternoon of simulation/rendering, it came out like this. To keep the balance, I tried to make Luna's equally realistic. Luna's was pretty interesting too, actually, because the moon never actually does that in nature so that was fun to figure out. After that, I did Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. I learned something sorta interesting here, that the crystal heart in the empire is not the same shape as the crystal heart on Cadance's cutie mark. Unlike the actual crystal, which is constructed of quadrilaterals, Cadance's cutie mark is made of triangles, which turns out to be a super noticeable difference. Unfortunately, Shining Armor's cutie mark is pretty flat (It seems to run in the family). And it was difficult to make it pop in 3D. I tried to use a more cartoonish style for these renders. Finally, the Cutie Mark Crusaders! These were pretty easy. I just made a base since they were all so similar then carved out the symbols and colored them. These ones were all pretty flat and I didn't render them at an angle, so they came out in a very 2D way. Not really what I wanted, but still came out really nice so I'm happy. Overall, really fun to do, and good practice! Made with Blender 2.76b.
  24. Before ya say anything, when I say "cutie mark", it's just a metaphor. This is like a Gabby thing. Spike can't get a cutie mark, but that doesn't mean he can't have a destiny, right? So that's what this post is about! What do we think Spike's destiny is going to be? I know he's happy being Twilight's assistant, and I know he's never going to leave her! However, there is much to his talents that leaves much to be desired! He has proven to be very smart, and tends to be the voice of reason when it comes to Twilight and Starlight; even though he's not always listened to. Not to mention he started the pathway to an alliance between Equestria and the dragons, and Equestria and the changelings! Are we detecting some sort of pattern here? Do we detect ourselves a future ambassador for Equestria? If Spike befriends yet another misunderstood species next season, it might as well come to that! Maybe even if Spike befriends Scorpan it could start an alliance between Equestria and his people! Who knows? Who... *flicks nose* ...knows? But I could be wrong, and Spike's destiny could be something else! I know the writers in Hasbro are thinking of something for him! It's just by the looks of things so far, he could be an ambassador for creatures that don't trust ponies, or if ponies don't trust them! But what do you think?
  25. Not sure if anybody will be interesting in seeing this, but figured why not show an error in generation 3 so while I was watching We're the Ladybugs I noticed that near the end Pinkie Pie's cutie mark changed I did snap some photos which I did crop so only the pictures are seen the first picture is showing Pinkie Pie with her normal cutie mark, the second picture is Pinkie Pie with a different cutie mark and the last one is a close up I'm sure anybody who has seen the song has seen the magical changing cutie mark its like she was breaking the fourth wall in generation 3 as well lol.