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Found 235 results

  1. I've never really been good with names and, well, any creative writing for that matter. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me come up with a name and a cutie mark! Now if anyone could vector her, that would be AWESOME!
  2. Okay so I have a new OC, she's a Pegasus and I haven't worked out her colour scheme yet that will come later, but i cant think of a special talent for her I've wanted to call her firefly but if it conflicts too much with the talent then it can be changed. Also I don't want her to be a wonderbolt because i think that's a bit generic I'm sure there's plenty of wonder bolt OC's out there i would like to be a little more original. Every piece of feedback is appreciated thank you. i was thinking of a fire fighter because she's quite punk/rocker
  3. MLP:FiM has shown us that ponies get a cutie mark that is based on what they love, which eventually leds to their destiny, like what happened with Twilight Sparkle. But what if somepony was tired of that destiny and decided to change it? Would it also change their cutie mark? People in real life change their jobs/interests all the time, so it would be neat to see a pony who isn't part of the mane six go through this.
  4. So the CMC got their marks. My guess is that they're going to ultimately be like counselors or something? ****EDIT: Apple Bloom's last cutie markless words: "So whadda ya say crusaders? Wanna just focus on helping others find their cutie marks?"**** As for the cutie marks themselves: Overall they seem to be reminiscent of the CMC badge. Sweetie Belle: We know she likes singing, hence the music note, but I'm not quite sure what the star could mean. Apple Bloom: The apple is no surprise, as we know there is no escaping the Apple Mafia. The heart is just kind of general. Scootaloo: The wing and lightning bolt is kinda promising. Maybe she will fly and follow in Rainbow's footsteps or something like that. Crusaders of the Lost Mark was the last CMC episode of the series (as of March '16). What do you think is to become of the CMC since they won't be doing their usual farting around trying to get their marks? Will there still be CMC centered episodes, or will they just be side characters in the future? Also what do you think their individual marks represent for their respective characters?
  5. So, now that Diamond Tiara was reformed and she doesn't manipulate people anymore (which was also apparently what her Cutie Mark was representing), will she gain a new Cutie Mark to replace the old one, or she will have forever the talent of manipulating? I really hope that she somehow gains a new Cutie Mark representing her new talent.
  6. Well, I must be slow or something. It only took an uncounted number of rewatches of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" and "Secret of my Excess" for me to connect the dots and realize that when the girls are celebrating Spike's birthday in "SomE" they should also be celebrating the day they all got their cutie marks! Unless the ponies celebrate his birthday on the day his egg was birthed, but I seriously doubt any of them actually know what day that is, and that includes Celestia. So my point is Pinkie Pie should have thrown an even more epic party than she did in "Secret of my Excess", because they're not only celebrating the day Spike hatched, but also when they all found out their destinies. Plus Rainbow Dash did the first Sonic Rainboom ever. Totally epic day! Here you go - epic Spike for an epic day!
  7. Do you think they should've earned their Cutie-Marks later or earlier in the show? Or is it good that they earned them this season?
  8. I was inspired by a song to create an MLP OC. I decided she would be fully developed and ready to use for RP, Fanfiction, etc. The song (Izayoi Seeing by JubyPhonic) made me want to make a star-based character. Although her design is fleshed out and her relation to my other OCs is planned, I still have a crucial roadblock... What is her talent? I know this sounds odd.. I should think of the talent first. And obviously it could be something like Astronomy. The truth is, I had considered the Astronomy talent at first but I don't think I like that idea anymore. I'm not sure. I want a non-scientific talent that centers on the stars. She is a Pegasus. ALSO, I was thinking of naming her Stardust but seeing as many other OCs have this name, I wanted something else. So can anyone help me?
  9. Topic kinda says it. What about ponies like Big Daddy McColt or Svengallop? Any ideas as to what their marks are? Sassy Saddles's cutie mark is never shown on screen, I believe, but AKR said on Twitter it was pins. So fans have been making vectors of her with a pin cutie mark. Any other ponies with hidden marks?
  10. Which is your favorite cutie mark among the ones that are shown in the actual show? I don't really know what I think myself, but I like Rainbow Dash's, Dr. Hooves' and Luna's cutie marks. How about you? (I searched for this topic but was too lazy to see if it excisted 9001 pages away.)
  11. Let me get straight to the point. For the past few months the pony that I use to represent myself on places like deviantart has had a cutie mark that’s vague and not really relevant to who I am or what I’m good at. The one I currently have is a pencil breaking on a shield. But my primary talent isn’t debate or defending and I don’t even think its writing. So I did a bit of “soul searching” for a cutie mark that I’d be permanently satisfied with. I don’t want to change my mind on it down the road and I don’t want it to be inappropriate to what kind of person I am. I had a few ideas on what exactly my talent was. I want to say that it’s thinking, not just thinking to myself but insight and critique. Some people say that I’m good at talking or having ideas but I really don’t think those are actually “talents”. Anyone can talk up a storm and anyone can have ideas (even people that don’t consider themselves creative will have a few good ones here and there), they aren’t skills that play an important part in the working world. Insight seems to be a bit more useful. Now, I know that I could just set my cutie mark to something simple like art or game design (the career path I’m interested in) or even creativity. However, I feel as if there are just way too many art cutie marks out there. I’d just be another art cutie make in a wave of ponies with cutie marks that are brushes or painting supplies. Besides I’m not sure it’s not my primary talent, it’s something that I like to do and even if I’m passionate about it I’m more passionate about making something. That’s why I like doing art related things I like to take something and turn it into something great that I made and I set the rules for. So I have a few ideas but I can’t decide on one or even know if there are better ideas out there. 1. A thought bubble 2. An interrobang 3. A light bulb (might be too generic though) 4. (something that indicates making stories or creativity but I can’t think of one) So what do you good people think? Should I use one of the ideas I listed or are they not very fitting. Or do you argue that I have a totally different talent. I’m open to anything, so please share your thoughts and criticisms.
  12. Part of my OC, Parakeet Song, has been bugging me for quite a while. Her cutie mark, which is pictured above, doesn't appeal to me as much as it did when I first created her. I would like to change it to something more simple, but keep the general idea of a quill with ink behind it. I was thinking of changing it to a normal quill with just black ink behind it and make the tip of the quill white. I like this idea, although I'm not sure how much others would like the look of it. What do you guys think? (And the picture may come out sideways. So sorry if it does.)
  13. My OC that I have created is called Ferric Bromide (FeBr3). He is a chemist and enjoys longs days of work in the lab performing crazy experiments. When he is not working, he can either be found at the bowling alley or spending time with his lovely wife, Starlet Harmony(My girlfriend's OC). His best friends are Big McIntosh and Applejack. Favorites: Color- Yellow Food- Pizza Music- Jazz Sport- Hoofball Movie- Star Wars IV: A New Hoof Lately I have been having second thoughts about his name and his cutie mark. I original choose the name Ferric Bromide by randomly naming chemical molecules until I found a name that I liked. His cutie mark was chosen because I was wanting it to be something that people who know chemistry would think it was funny, while knowing that most people wouldn't understand. By the way, the cutie mark is the chemical symbol for alcohol. I would love any suggestions and recommendations on how I should edit my OC. Thank you for reading! Ferric Bromide Starlet Harmony
  14. So I am thinking that the cutie mark crusaders cutie marks are not really that original. They basically just took their "sisters" marks and added a shield under it. Well, with the exception of sweetie belle, she got a singing one on a star - but the others got a heart on an apple, for the apple family, and a lightning on a feather for our little chicken scootaloo.. Kinda makes you wonder how much ones "family" influences their cutie mark - everyone in the apple family has apple related ones..
  15. Hi everypony, I have seen threads going around about the CmC's not having related cutie marks to their talents, etc. I have made this thread to show everyone that this, infact might not be true. First of all, they got those marks because they want to help ponies aspiring to have cutie marks. I have video proof of this. This video I have used for my reference of my fact. At the beginning they say "Want to just help others with their cutie marks". "Yeah". Then they get their cutie marks. Secondly, people are complaining about the things that are on the mark. Scootaloo has a lightning bolt, mainly because we believe from this evidence Scootaloo might become a racer, intended for ironic reasons, (possibly). Apple Bloom has an apple, because of the Apple Family heritage, every member of it by default gets something apple related. Sweetie Belle has a musical note because in some scenes we find her to be quite good at singing, meaning she is become a singer. Some people are saying the marks need to be rethought and are uncreative. Well read above. The CmC's, are a club. Meaning they would all get a shield. People have complained that it is very plain and boring to have marks that all have the same background. I don't believe that is a case. It means you can know it is always the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  16. Hi guys, I need to make a cutie mark about technology for an OC, but I'm reaaally bad making cutie marks... so.. could you give me some ideas? I'd really appreciate it
  17. I was watching a (fake) conspiracy theory video by LittleshyFiM about hidden symbolism in MLP. He trots out the usual stuff like Illuminati symbolism, but he also pointed out that Twilight's cutie mark has 42 points (see below,) her race number in the Running of the Leaves was 42, and her voice actress, Tara Strong is 42 years old this year. (In case you don't know, 42 is the meaning of life is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.) The video concluded that the number 42 is associated with Twilight, she is the princess of friendship, and the show is called Friendship is Magic. Therefore, friendship is the meaning of life. I found this interestingly uncanny. It made me wonder if the 42-pointed cutie mark and her race number was an intentional reference to Hitchhiker's Guide. At the least, it could be a bored animator giving Twilight a number matching the points on her cutie mark. Do you think this was intentional?
  18. Cutie marks for Catnip, (My Oc), And Zero Gravity, (my girlfriend's OC).
  19. OK everypony so I have an OC named Sugarplum and I have her design worked out in my head (being drawn now) I have her personality and backstory everything except a cutie mark and that is where I need your help Here is some basic info about her: Gender: Female Race: Earth Pony Likes: Anything to do with cooking and baking, animals (she has two cats) she loves jokes and pranks and caring for other ponies. She has two sisters Honey Bun and Peppermint Cream and they all run a coffee shop (somewhere in equestria) anyway she loves being able to cook for ponies and she is also very giving and not always the bravest pony. I was originally going to make her cutie mark a chefs hat but I don't really like that idea anymore it just seemed a bit boring but I also don't want anything over the top like for example 3 cupcakes shaped as cats with streamers and a soda just something simple will do but not to simple. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  20. So I've been working on a female warrior OC but I need help with her cutie mark. I haven't made a HD picture of her yet so I'll have explain all the details about her but if you could help me with the cutie mark bit I'll really appreciate it! So her name is Mirabelle (like the word miracle which means wonderful & marvellous works or events but with belle at the end which means a woman who's the most charming) & she is a unicorn. She has a yellow coat with a purple mane with a strait fringe that has a white streak in the middle & she wears her hair in a long plat. Her eyes are blue & she wears tall golden shoes with a golden horn piece. She's skilled at combat & she's kind when you get to know her. I guess that's everything so it's just her cutie mark I really need help with, thanks!
  21. Ok, so in RWBY each character has some emblem they are associated with, Example: Ruby Rose has a flaming rose. And as we all know ponies have cutie marks (emblems) they are associated with. So I ask you, is this coincidence? I think not.
  22. does any pony have any ideas for a cutie mark for me what do you all think of this as my CM well ive changed my cutie mark to something a bit more closer to my OC's talent which is knowing about most of the known animals in equestira as for my OC i am making a draft of him and will upload it soon and hear is my new CM
  23. Ever since the "big moment", I've been thinking a bit more about what a cutie mark really is. Luna told AB that it's just a representation of who you are, nothing more. I think the way in which the CMC recieved their marks reinforces this. Their marks didn't appear when they first showed a talent for helping others, but at the precise moment when they said, "This is what we want to do, this is who we are." It's my belief that a cutie mark has nothing whatsover to do with one's talents. It has only to do with one's own perception of who one is. Let's say I'm a pony in Equestria. If I discover that I have an incredible talent, the best in the world, at hoofball, but I hate hoofball, then I'm not going to get a mark for it. But if I really suck at singing, on the other hoof, but I love it and decide that I want to dedicate my life to the pursuit of it, then I firmly believe I would get a mark for it. The mark is just the body's outward representation of who you feel you are inside. It's your identity. It doesn't have to be what you're good at, though in the vast majority of cases, it will be. Typically, what a person wants to dedicate their lives to is something they're good at. But can a pony's mark change? I say yes. Just because it's never happened before doesn't mean it can't. If a pony's perception of who they are changes, than I believe their mark will change to reflect it. Just as it's impossible to get stuck with the wrong mark, as explained by Luna, it would be impossible to get stuck with a mark that no longer defines you in the future. Here's an example: at one time in my life, I was 100% convinced that I would have a career in the world of figure skating. I believed it, and I would have had an ice skate blade for a cutie mark. Now, 10 years later, that's not who I am anymore. It didn't work out. I still skate recreationally, but it's not my life. I'm pursuing something else now, and at the moment, I would say I'm 100% convinced that this new path is what I was meant to do, and who I am. It's already paid off, so it's definitely worked out better than skating. Would I be stuck with the blade mark? I don't believe so. I believe at the moment my goals changed, and I decided this is who I am now, the mark would change. Look at Troubeshoes for another example. His mark appeared the instant he realized that the rodeo is where he was meant to be. He showed no talent whatsoever. His mark appeared as an outward representation of what he felt inside. It also had absolutely nothing to do with his klumsiness. I don't believe his mark specifically signified that he was meant to be a rodeo clown, either. It just meant that he was meant to be in the rodeo in some way, which is what he felt inside. He couldn't make it as a competitor, but the mark remained because he never doubted for a second that he belonged in the rodeo. Despite his klumsiness, he found a way, with the CMC's help, to be where he felt he belonged. The mark had nothing to do with talent. The CMC's calling is for helping others to find their path. Here's something I'd love to see in a fanfic: Ten to twenty years have passed since the show. The CMC have grown up. We meet a new pony, a natural born alicorn (not a princess, just an alicorn) who served King Sombra. She saw an easy path to power and sold her soul to take it. She committed many attrocities in Sombra's name. This was who she was, and she earned an evil cutie mark to reflect that. Now, thousands of years later, she feels horrible for what she has done. She's a different pony now, and desperately wishes she could erase her past. She has spent the last thousand years trying to atone for her transgressions. Nopony would doubt that her debt to society has been repaid, but she believes that she will always be that evil pony. Like Princess Luna prior to Magic Sheep, she is wracked with guilt and punishes herself. She is desperate to rid herself of her evil cutie mark. She has resorted to drastic measures. She has burned the fur, even cut layers of her skin off, but the mark remains, right over top of the scars. During her travels, she meets the CMC. They do what they do best. At the climax of the story, the CMC help her to see who she really is now, and more importantly, to truly believe it. They ask her if she wants to be that evil pony. She hesitantly says "no". They ask if she is that evil pony. She says, "no", more fiercely, and with desperation growing in her voice. They ask who she wants to be. She answers, tears welling up. They ask her who she is. She answers, eyes squeezed shut, tears streaming down. The CMC exchange the slightest of satisfied grins, and one of them gently touches the alicorn's shoulder. Startled, she opens her eyes. The Crusader whispers, "Look," and gives the tiniest nod towards the pony's flank. She looks down at herself, and is absolutely stunned to see a brand new mark reflecting who she is now. She collapses and openly sobs with joy, feeling the weight of her thousand-year burden finally lifted. Now, wouldn't that be a great fanfic? If I had time, I'd write it myself, but I have too many other things I need and want to do, and I'll never get around to that. If someone wants to nab that idea and turn it into a proper fanfic, go right ahead. It would be awesome. Anyway, that's it. Those are my thoughts on cutie marks.
  24. I have just a few questions: Why did they have a whole toy line with different cutie marks and that cooking poster hasbro made, once again with different cutie marks? Do you think they will change and do you want the cutie marks to change? 2) Why does sweetie belles have a note in the middle of her cutie mark when she didn't realise that was her talent? 3) Why did they fly up with the aura and all that, it must mean they are special but more special than the mane six? As we know that never happened to them. Sorry for boring post, what do you guys think about the cmc's new cutie marks?! I loved this episode XD
  25. Thinking about the finale and the mane six... So starlight glimmer is going to alter the timeline to prevent the sonic rainboom, yeah? But at the same time, it seems strange to assume they'll never *get* a cutie mark even without the rainboom: Just a different one instead of being blank flanks, yeah? So, in the finale, do you think the mane six will end up with different cutie marks from what they currently have due to the timeline? And what do you think they'll look like if so?