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Found 17 results

  1. The Dark Souls franchise is quite legendary at this point. Its gameplay and world pulls people in and keeps them playing. Then the difficulty smacks them in the eyebrows and a world of hurt begins. Not sure why it targets the eyebrows specifically but I digress. To me, the difficulty doesn't exactly come from the standard enemies. I mean, some are definite threats, especially in numbers, but I feel the real difficulty comes from the bosses themselves. Some aren't that difficult if you learn them, others are masochism simulators. While many of the bosses are quite good, there are some that I feel fall quite short of the others, whether be due to design, cheap tactics or just not being fun to fight in the slightest. So that is where this thread comes in. For you, what are the best and worst bosses of the Dark Souls series? I recently beat Dark Souls 1 and I am now continuing DS2, which I actually started before playing DS1. Then I played DS1 and I just continued that instead until I finished it. So I have not finished 2 and haven't played 3, so there is that. I'd say for the best, I have to go with a few different ones: Crossbreed Priscilla: An optional boss located in the Painted World of Ariamis, at first I thought I would absolutely hate this one. Why? Simply because she is invisible! I was like, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? How the hell can I even fight this? Then I noticed that she was hitting snow around as she moved at times. I was thinking, okay, that lets me see her a bit but it still doesn't......wait...snow...SNOW! Then I noticed her footprints in the snow itself. This actually made for an awesome fight to me. It required environmental awareness instead of the traditional focus on the boss itself and I enjoyed that. There also wasn't snow everywhere on the ground so it required strategy in movement too. Really cool. No, that isn't a pun. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder: AKA the final boss in the game. Gwyn is another I thought I would look back on in hatred, as he did kill me quite a few times and I was very frustrated, but it wasn't him killing me that made me angry, it was having to run all the way back to him to try again. So it wasn't the fight itself that bothered me, it was the damned running. The fight itself though, looking back, is actually quite good. For the record, I fought him without a phantom and without parrying. I fought him old fashioned style, which was probably the most difficult way to go about it. That is why I liked it though. The fight was so intense, but it had the piano medley in the background that made everything somber, peaceful. Once I defeated him, I immediately thought about what I just fought through and I appreciated it a lot. Great Grey Wolf Syf: Oh wow what a fight. This boss isn't here just because of how good the fight itself is, but the environment and atmosphere in which you fight in is superb. Syf so has an incredibly majestic yet intimidating appearance and has a giant sword to boot. Basically a perfect example of Dark Souls intimidation. Now for what I consider to be bad. Thinking about this for a while, I think there are only a couple I would consider bad for different reasons. The Four Kings: The Four Kings does get a bit of credit in that it wasn't entirely what I thought it would be. You start out by fighting one of the 'kings' and in time, more will spawn in, and if you take too long, you will have ot fight 4 of them at once. Interestingly enough, you are not fighting '4 kings' but rather a constant spawning of 4 entities that all contribute to the same health bar. While that is cool, what I hate about the fight is that it is entirely dependent on DPS. If you take just a little too long and allow the others to spawn, you will quickly be outnumbered and swarmed and most likely destroyed. The only way to prevent this is to kill the first and then recurring kings as quick as possible which will keep it as a 1 on 1 fight. This extreme focus on simply doing tons of damage and nothing else made it an unfun fight as it required no thinking. Even blocking and dodge rolling is not preferable as you need all of your stamina to do hits. Truly an example of 'only damage matters', probably the only boss that is like that in the game. Also, the Abyss environment was bland and boring. It was just darkness and that's it. Wowee. The Bed of Chaos: Nope, this isn't some boss that is a pillow fight to the death, but that would have been better. The Bed of Chaos is, in my opinion, the worst boss in the entire game. His design is kinda cool, but everything else sucks. You don't fight him really, you just run from one point to another, dealing a single hit to a certain weakpoint, run again, hope you don't die instantly by cheap pitfalls, avoiding his generic arm swipes that do way too much damage and then run to the center, again hoping not to fall to your death and reach a certain thing, hit it and he dies. This boss wasn't fun and wasn't really challenging either. Just some big tree guy that relies mostly on instant death nonsense and no real strategy. Absolutely dreadful. Oh yeah, and you had to run back to him to fight him again if you died cheaply due to the instant kill. Fun.
  2. I have the 360 version but I just seem to prefer PC now a days. Is the game even remotely enjoyable on PC? Because it seems I need to mod it to be a PC game to begin with. Is it worth the trouble for mouse and keyboard controls? I can play "The Surge" just fine on my computer.
  3. Sharing a couple of my bigger pony paintings #1 A painting of my favorite pony, Celestia <3 #2 Commission work I did as a fanfic cover for someone writing about Twilight Sparkle meeting Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls, super fun! Oh and if anyone is curious I post all my pony-related arts on
  4. So which do people prefer, Skyrim or Dark Souls? I'm already pretty sure about how this poll is going to go and I think it'll disappoint me but let's find out. Who knows, perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised and regain some faith in humanity.
  5. After the defeat of the everlasting dragons, the Lords founded the kingdom of Lordran with Gwyn as its ruler, however, he did not become a global leader as Lordran is flanked by Catarina, Astora, Carim, the Fivefinger Delta, Thorolund, Zena, Balder, Berenike and the Great Swamp as well as an unnamed kingdom to the far East. Gwyn built the great city of Anor Londo, Nito retired to the catacombs and the Witch founded the underground city of Izalith at the base of an ancient archtree. Seath the Scaleless was rewarded for his treachery in the war with the dragons when Gwyn made him a Duke, gifted him a portion of his Lord Soul and gave him full reign of the great archives. The town of Oolacile was founded in the valley beneath the volcanic plug atop which stood the city of Anor Londo. This small town was known for it's ancient sorceries but was swallowed by the Dark when the inhabitants were tricked by a primordial serpent. The few survivors, led by four men, fled to the caves near the Valley of Drakes. Here, over many years, the survivors of Oolacile built a city in the caverns and named it New Londo. The men who led the evacuation and founded New Londo became its kings, sharing their rule. Gwyn was so impressed with these kings' bravery and initiative he granted each one a shard of his Lord soul, just as he did with Seath. But fate is not always kind and the Dark found the people of New Londo once more. The kings were corrupted and turned against Gwyn and so, to halt the spread of the Dark, Gwyn made the difficult decision to flood New Londo and doom the entire population. One would think that this would be the end of Lordran's troubles but this was not the case. The First Flame was beginning to dwindle and with it the humanity of the populace was slowly going out. People began to hollow, losing their sanity and becoming nothing but murderous husks. Gwyn ordered these undead to be corralled and led to the North, to the Undead Asylum in an attempt to stop the spread of what was presumed to be a disease. Nito and the Witch of Izalith were the first to realise that the undead were the result of the dwindling First Flame. These two collaborated in an attempt to create a second Flame but their attempt failed and the Witch of Izalith was transformed into the Bed of Chaos, unleashing chaos fire throughout Izalith. This chaos magic turned her sisters sisters into vile monsters and demons. Gwyn sent his silver knights to fight these demons but the few which survived returned in blackened armour. They developed anti-demon weapons and these black knight veterans became Gwyn's elite. The curse of the undead had begun to spread to other lands and the knights of Balder and Berenike had started to besiege Anor Londo, blaming Gwyn for their misfortune and demanding that he take action. Gwyn needed to do something and so he decided to do the only thing he could: he took his black knights to the Kiln of the First Flame and sacrificed himself, returning what was left of his Lord Soul to the Flame in order to grant the living a few more centuries of life with which to gather the Lord Souls and return them to the Flame. Gwyn knew this was nothing more than a stall but the Witch's Lord Soul was trapped in the Bed of Chaos at the heart of Izalith. Nito's Lord Soul was deep in the Tomb if Giants, trapped there by Pinwheel, and Gwyn's black knights never made it to the Gravelord and obtain his Soul. The shards of Gwyn's Lord Soul were laying at the bottom of the flooded New Londo ruins or in the possession of Seath the Scaleless who was now far too powerful for Gwyn to defeat as the Lord of Sunlight had allowed the treacherous dragon to act unopposed for too long. However, there was hope in an Astoran prophesy which claimed that the bearer of the Dark Soul, the direct descendant of the Pygmy, would be trapped within the Undead Asylum and that, if released, would become the Chosen Undead, gather the Lord Souls and rekindle the First Flame. Oscar of Astora bravely gave his life to free the Chosen Undead... ...and this is where the player's story begins. Hope you liked this entry, would you guys prefer me to explain the events which happen in the game itself or to focus each new entry on a character and give all of the lore surrounding them?
  6. In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, archtrees and everlasting dragons. This world of the past was a barren, grey landscape devoid of all life...but also devoid of death. The stone-scaled dragons appeared to have no beginning and seemingly no end... And then there was Fire. And with Fire came Disparity. Heat and cold, life and death and, of course, light and dark. The light and dark are the First Flame and the Abyss respectively. Humans are born of the Dark, born of the Abyss and the Dark Soul which governs it but they are given full life through the First Flame. Their dark souls (which were born from the Dark Soul itself) must be enriched by the First Flame in order for them to gain humanity. Humanity, however, is a double edged sword as, while it does allow one to rationalise and to be alive in the truest sense of the word, it does allow one to die, something this world had never experienced before. So, from the Dark they came, and found the souls of Lords in the flame. There are three additional Lord Souls aside from the Dark Soul and these were the fuel for the fire. Humans are greedy and ambitious creatures and three humans removed these souls from the Flame in order to gain the power of gods. Nito, the first of the dead, the Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, and his faithful knights. The Furtive Pygmy, however, was the most ambitious of all, seizing the Dark Soul for himself but remaining in the shadows. With the Strength of Lords, they challenged the dragons. Gwyn's mighty bolts peeled apart their stone scales, opening up the dragons to Nito's miasma of death and disease while the witches weaved great firestorms to burn the drangons' roosts in the archtrees. Seath the Scaleless betrayed his own, and the dragons were no more. Thus began the Age of Fire...
  7. Very soon I will be posting Dark Souls lore but right now it is 5am and I still have to go to bed. It's something I'm passionate about and so it seems like the perfect subject for my blog. If there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover, just post it here or PM me. Watch this space!
  8. Welcome! Here we have the Dark Souls master thread where we can talk about all things Dark Souls. Whether it's plot, characters, gameplay, difficulty or anything else, feel free to discuss it here. Even if you haven't played the game, you're welcome here. I should probably start off with something but if you don't want to reply to it specifically then just ignore it. So, to get things started: who do you believe, Frampt or Kaathe? I should also note I'm really good at planning characters so if you need inspiration or help with a character, feel free to PM me.
  9. Hey guys! Sooooo while I was at school I got bored and drew this, it's a boss from the game Dark Souls 2. One of my friends on the forums said that I should put it up because it looks awesome so, yeah! Hope you guys like it! ignore the fact that it's on lined paper and is on top of my back pack, we're artists we aren't here to judge how the picture was taken!
  10. Come on guys, I'm interested in seeing what weapons, armour, spells and stats work best for you.
  11. Greetings everyone, how are you all? Why am I doing this?: This was originally a reading I had promised but now that it has been revised and redone, I decided that instead of just me doing both narration and voices I would prefer having other people join. Cause in reflection about a project I am part of, I was thinking it was better to help other people who wanted to try VA but could never get into projects because of finding other voices and possibly get experience for it... This story is currently not complete but three chapters have been completed as of this moment and will be updated along with it. Story can be found here: by Crack Javelin Blurb: Thrust headlong into a strange new world, Solaire of Astora must make amends before he can continue with his mission. Unbeknownst to them all, a shadow from his past approaches. The story involves Solaire landing in Equestria after casting the miracle Homeward, returning to a bonfire in Twilight's Library. There is action involved and might have swearing involved in the future. -------------------------- Name: Solaire of Astora, Knight of Sunlight Age: Unknown (Undead). Bio: He is a cheerful and powerful knight who does not let the crumbling world affect his mood. He speaks of willingly becoming an Undead so that he could search for his own sun. Jolly Cooperation, what else? [T]/? Praise the Sun! Voice Type: Light and cheerful, yet grim in a dark and dying world. Audition Line 1: *Chuckle and laughs* Audition Line 2: *chuckle* You were talking about fish of all things, and how they don't realize they need water until they're sucking air... until its too late. It's magnificent, the things we remember. A century's worth of memories, and this is what I recall. Audition Line 3: After asking you those questions, I suppose it's only fair that I give you something in return. Very well. The truth, Adria... is that I chose this. I chose to become cursed. *smiling* I chose to become undead. Audition Line 4: Serious - I won't let it happen, Adria. Not to me. Not to you. I promise you this, I will not let you hollow. Other Notes: He wears a helmet both in-game and in the fanfiction so he does sound a bit muffled. If you can, feel free to add an effect to that or send in just your voice and I'll try to make the voice effect. Name: Undead Lady Adria Age: Adult (Undead) Bio: (Main Character that appears in Chapter 1 and 3 at the moment) Voice Type: Broken and questioning of her companion Solaire's motives, yet behind the veil can hide a deceitful and sinister nature. Audition Line 1: Smirking - And you sound too happy... considering the circumstances.... Does the thought of slaying a god fill your heart with excitement? Audition Line 2: It was our light, our strength, we relied on it for everything... and now it's gone. Fish can't survive without water, Solaire, and we can't survive in a world without magic. So here we are... floundering in a shallow, dirty pool in the middle of a never-ending desert. The land is dry and cracked. Where there was once an ocean is now just dust and scattered puddles. Audition Line 3: Close to crying, desperate and scared - When the school found out I was cursed, afflicted, everything I had accomplished there suddenly meant nothing. Yes, I was one of the most talented students in my section, but that didn't stop them from slapping me in chains and sending me here. Dragged from my home, from my parents. Forced to cling to my last bits of sanity in a land without reason. Wh-What kind of life is that? Audition Line 4: Whispered, concealed shock and cautious - You're a darkwraith. Name: Twilight Sparkle (Major Character) Age: Teenager. Bio: Unicorn who becomes an alicorn. Highly logical and intelligent, loves knowledge. Voice Type: Audition Line 1: This is a speech - What is a soul?...Is it the well that we all draw magic from? Is it what defines us as ponies? Or is the soul something greater? The very source of life in us all? Audition Line 2: This is a speech - Why do our cutie marks disappear when we die? *pause* 'Cutie Mark Dispersion Phenomena.' Another riddle that we are no closer to solving than our ancestors were. You know, I'm not exactly a right-brain thinker but I find it strangely poetic. We enter this world blank, and we leave it in much the same way. Audition Line 3: Scared, afraid to offend - I-I'm not saying that's what you were feeling!...But, but if that were me in your situation, I think I'd be more disappointed in myself than anything, a-and that's why I said that stuff... Audition Line 4: Reflective and sad yet determined - I had to become stronger. I had to become better. If I could prove that the soul existed and somehow harness it then maybe I could prevent anypony else from getting hurt in the future. Audition Line 5: Angry, Annoyed and determined - Yeah..Tenacious, hard-working and stubborn. If you won't budge then I'll just teleport past you. Audition Line 6: Firm but grim, proclaiming a new discovery. - I've successfully crystallized a piece of my soul. Name: Celestia (Left) Age: Ageless, she is a goddess. Bio: Alicorn pony and the co-ruler of Equestria alongside her younger sister, Princess Luna. Raises the sun, also the mentor of Twilight Sparkle. Voice Type: Motherly and calm, but can be wrathful if needed. Audition Line 1: Silent fury - Twilight, anger does not even begin to describe it... Your research. Crystallizing a piece of yourself. What in the world was running through your mind when you thought that was an idea worth exploring?... You're a mare grown, Twilight Sparkle, and I realize this, but that does not mean you are entitled to destroying yourself. If even one thing went wrong... Audtion Line 2: Sad and reflective - A cut is instantaneous, Twilight Sparkle. The coat is severed, the skin breaks and eventually, the blood flows. Only when you look down do you realize that you have been cut. As you're struggling to find a bandage, the pain sets in. The tears come, and no matter your age, no matter the severity... everypony wishes that someone could come and kiss away the hurt. Audtion Line 3: Sombre - I believe that Sombra's banishment was what drove my sister to twist her soul, what drove her to become Nightmare Moon. Just as Luna changed herself to change the world, I had to change myself to save it. I had to become stronger. I had to become better. Audition Line 4: If you had known, then we would not be having conversation." Celestia peered down at her, an almost pleading look in her eyes. Do you regret your research now that it has led you here? Led you here atop this tower? Name: Rarity (Chapter 2) Age: Teenager (just like the show) Bio: Fashion designer and as a seamstress at her own shop in Ponyville, the Carousel Boutique. Voice Type: Prim and proper. Audition Line 1: Self loathing - Soul magic...I knew something was wrong, but... maybe I should have seen this coming. Audition Line 2: Worried about Twilight, tired,but thankful for Applejack's presence. - So thank you, Applejack...For being just as scared as I. Audition Line 3: Suprised - Princess Luna! My word, how long have you been there? Audition Line 4: Hesitant - That's blood. udition Line 5: Trying to be self-assuring - And I know for a fact that this is more important...I think I should be grateful, really. I wanted to speak with Twilight right after her lecture, but I...I lacked the courage. Name: Applejack (Chapter 2-3) Age: Teenager Bio: Earth pony farmer Voice Type: Southern Audition Line 1: Uneasy and worried, whispered - Where's Twilight?... Where's Twilight Sparkle? Audition Line 2: Informative and offhanded - Earth pony. Audition Line 3: Grim and whispered - Ain't no need... Ain't no need for a party. Audition Line 4: Not really, no. She's takin' this real hard, Twi. Known her all my life and this is the worst I've seen her shaken up. *sigh* I know you never intended for this to happen, but... I think you two need to have a talk when she wakes up, and don't get me wrong, not just about what's happened here tonight, but the past two months. A real serious talk. Auditon Line 5: No, listen to me, Twi. Me, Fluttershy, we...we ain't unicorns, yeah? That whole lecture of yours flew over heads, but Rarity? I-I think she understood. Well enough anyway that you really put a fear into her....She told me she couldn't sleep, you know. That she was scared for ya. Only reason I asked her to come along with me to the tower was because I saw the lights under her door. Audition Line 6: Controlled anger and concerned - You see this, Twi? Maybe I'm stubborn, but this is you being too goshdarn impatient to realize that we want what's best, too! And do you honestly think Celestia hasn't thought of this either? I don't.." Applejack gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. "If you're leavin, go ahead and do it. I might not look it but I'm at the very edge, so please do not push me anymore. Name: Luna (Chapter 2) (On the right of Celestia Picture) Age: Ageless, another goddess. Bio: Formerly Nightmare Moon. Alicorn pony, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, rules Equestria alongside her and raises the moon, dreamwalks and monster-hunter by night (according to the comics). Voice Type: Archaic having recovered from corruption after 1000 years, Audition Line 1: Feigning innocenence - Eavesdropping is such an ugly word isn't it? I dislike ugly words, especially this one. It implies that I was spying on you: gathering classified information using subterfuge and back-hoofed tactics. When I sat here tonight, I had no prior knowledge that you and Applejack would show up as well. Besides, is it really my fault that you didn't check who else was in your presence before you so freely started speaking? Audition Line 2: Nonchalantly - Almost nothing, but I appreciate his candidness. He rarely speaks and he's often blunt about things, but I value his opinion just as much as you value Twilight Sparkle's. Besides, I know he won't faint at a grisly sight. Audition Line 3: I hope it's not a common occurrence that you go around showing corpses to your student, dear sister. Audition Line 4: Nothing that stands out, Rarity was on the verge of tears. Emotions were running high. If our Solaire had a message to impart, it was drowned out by his need to comfort the unicorn. Strange, considering he was the one doomed to die. Audition Line 5: No, that wasn't a conversation. That was a cold recital of fact, a painful reopening of your past. I’ve remained behind so that you might feel, ah...human... Audition Line 6: Symphathetic - Because you are alone. Alone in this room, alone in your mind. Alone in undeath. I know well enough what you must be going through. Audition Line 7: Do not assume that just because I am princess, I have never once experienced suffering. I have seen that vacant stare you wear, it's a look I'm very much acquainted with. Just as you do, just as that woman from your dream, I understand a thing or two about nightmares... Name: Fluttershy (Appears in Chapter 3) Age: Teenager. Bio: Animal caretaker> Voice Type: Soft. Audition Line 1: Concerned - Hurt? A-and this is the same fire that that put you in here? Maybe he fell because the poor dear was so blinded by the pain, I-I can't even imagine it. It's so awful. Audition Line 2 - Reassuring - It's fine, I'm just glad you're okay, Twilight. Audition Line 3: Trying to be calm - Um, the body, I'd, if it's okay, I'd like to see it. H-he passed away lonely and confused and I don't think that's fair. He shouldn't be buried the same way. Audition Line 4: Resolute and focused - If you let me, Princess, just a small ceremony. A few words to ease his soul. Name: Pinkie Pie (Appears in Chapter 3) Age: Teenager. Bio: energetic and sociable, baker/caterer/party organizer. Voice Type: Hyperactive and high-pitched. Audition Line 1: Feel free to interpret this one, it's after Twilight explains finding Solaire's body.- You didn't get a name, did ya Twilight? Audition Line 2: Excited then disappointed in a cheerful way - Our mystery guest! A name, you didn't get one... Audition Line 3: It's like this, Miss Sparkle! Your crystal was like a bad batch of muffins! You poured your metaphorical heart and your literal soul into that pretty crystal but then you told us you didn't want it anymore, right? So you threw it away! Audition Line 4: Obvious - You betch'er blue flank I'm in!Name: Rainbow Dash Age: Teenager. Bio: Ponyville Weather patrol, Wonderbolts trainee Voice Type: Scratchy and low. Audition Line 1: Disbelief - Care to run that by us again?... I know things can get pretty weird around you, but this is like 'whoa', you know? A whole 'nother level if you catch my drift. Audition Line 2: Annoyed and frowning - We could practically see the gears turning in that head of yours, Twi. Care to fill us in? Audition Line 3: So let me get this straight. This Solaire guy, he's a zombie, right? But he kills other zombies. I know that's like a small part of it, Twi, but if I'm gonna be super-honest, that-that's all I really got from your thing.Audition Line 4: Angry then suprised - Twilight! What the hay are you-Princess? How long have you been here? Name: Captain Rook (Chapter 3) Age: Not young, aged but not old. Bio: Nothing much is known about him at this moment though inference pertains to a person who has seen many injuries and combat. Voice Type: Deep baritone (according to story), so feel free to play around with it, he is a soldier so he is serious sounding Audition Line 1: And you are Twilight Sparkle. I hear you are a mare of unmatched wit and intellect. I look forward to working with you, Miss Twilight. Audition Line 2: Nonchalantly but reflective - I've seen this before... Creatures that live and die by claw and teeth are more often than not covered with scars. The price you pay for fighting your whole life. Audition Line 3: Informative - Word travels fast in this city. Miss Twilight proved the existence of the soul. Audition Line 4: Confused as being left out of conversation but respectful - Your Majesties. Please forgive me, but I do not understand. Name: Kirk, Knight of Thorns (Darkwraith) (Chapter 3) Age: Ageless but mature (Undead) Bio: A black phantom who appears in the actual game three times to try and kill the player. Kirk, also known as the Knight of Thorns, is an infamous knight belonging to the Darkwraith faction (Although in reality he is actually a Chaos Servant; which is why after his 3 defeats the body can be found in the same room as the Fair Lady). He has only one goal in life, apart from stealing Humanity, which is to make his prey bleed from nasty cuts inflicted by his gnarly weapons and armor. In the story he finds Adria. Voice Type: Definitely not high-register. He has no dialogue in-game. Preferably something sinister like Knight Lautrec of Carim.( According to the story; he sounded as if his throat were crammed with razorblades. But feel free to be creative on that interpretation. Audition Line 1: You're lucky that I'm the one that found you. Audition Line 2: *harsh grating of a laugh, Dark Souls style* Audition Line 3: Indeed. When I saw you slain in that tomb, I knew that he had betrayed you as well. That man prattles on and on about being a righteous beam of light in this black hellscape of a land, but he's no different than the rest of us. He's a hunter, a killer, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing and he will stop at nothing until he gets his way. *Pause* He's even killed you. Audition Line 4: Just who do you think I am, lady? Knight Solaire fights for abstract concepts and philosophical stupidities. But me? I fight for something real, something tangible, something that I place above all else - *Pause* I fight for myself, and whether you know this already or not, we're all monsters on the inside. The only difference between you and me is that I've willingly embraced the beast. If you are free, feel free to read the fanfiction to better understand the context. It's a dark world for even the brightest of lights shines the dimmest. Chapter 1 is obviously the most important. So take your time in doing and trying (and reading) the lines. Other characters and chapters will be updated when I have time. Send auditions here: in .mp3 or .wav format with the email naming 'MLPForums_'DisplayName'; so I can identify where you guys are reading this from or just put here in this thread. The choice is yours. I'm pretty darn sure you know what the MLP characters sound like. [Redited to complete all character auditions and fixing the weird programming text display.] Deadline: 31st March. ------------------------------- Recieved Auditions Jalokim 'pinkiepiescupcakeparty'(?) MeeBeeAndrew Ruben Calvo (Unknown origin) Sonic Lightning DarkeCervantes Rukale penguinofdeath NLR Information Minister? Senwyn
  12. Celestia`s EQD design is actually on of the few ones I really like. Also, Dark Souls.
  13. Right since DKS builds can be a good topic, I decided to ask all DKS players new and old what their build is. Mine is Class: Knight Head: MoM Chest: Havel Hand: Havel Legs: Havel LR: Ring of the Evil Eye RR: Ring of Favor and Protection RH1: Dragon Tooth +2 RH2: Pyromancy Flame +5 LH1: Grass Crest Shield LH2: DragonSlayer Greatbow Estus: +1 Vit: 32 Att: 10 End: 24 Str:40 Dex: 21 Res: 13 Int: 9 Faith: 11 So guys what is yours?
  14. I just got inkscape the other day and I decided to try my hand at making a pony vector. I think it's okay, I could have done the helmet better. I would have done a regular pony better, I think. It's a pony version of Solaire from Dark Souls, my favorite game. I was playing the game earlier and when he said he was searching for his own sun, I thought about how perfect it would be if he met Celestia. if you don't know what Dark Souls is, it's an action RPG. I'll probably move on to make my OC a vector, but I thought this was much more urgent. Feedback welcome. EDIT: I changed a few things, mostly I added a horn. I might change it again in the future.
  15. well i have once again dragged myself away from drawing ponies and ended up drawing a dog, well a wolf to be more precise. well i've still got a long ass wait until the Dark Souls DLC comes to consoles because well im never gona be one of those smug PC gamer c.... ill stop there before this becomes a thread about why i hate PC gamers well here is the picture just a giant wolf with a sword but to Dark Souls fan like myself this was one of the coolest bosses in the game now iv'e never drawn a dog before and i dint use a reference to there will definatly be flaws like how i didn't draw Sif as his usual fluffy self pictured here well you know the drill
  16. well out of shear randomness heres the Gaping Dragon a boss from Dark Souls i rely enjoyed drawing like and i rely like FromSofts ideas about dragon being immortal because there apart of the earth however they can become corrupted by emotions and there bodys change to it e.g the Gaping Dragon was corrupted by hunger to become well ^^ that sssooo critique away