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Found 304 results

  1. Hello Warlock hear and i have a rely interesting idea for a Halloween YouTube project but i need other youtubers. The project is a scavenger hunt of kind where I am hopeing at least five youtubers will all make different Halloween based videos. they can be scary funny sad what ever as long as there nightmare night or Halloween ish. but instead of posting on our own channel we will each post one of the other peoples so my video would be posted on one persons and theirs on some one else tell every one of us has posted some one else video and the viewers to find the youtuber they started with would have to look at the other youtubers. this way we could gain some viewers and fans that may not have thought to look at us and we gain a small community together to maybe work with in the future. I hope I explained this well. If your interested let me know at least by August 15th. send me your YouTube name and what you want to do. Have the actual video sent to me by October 1st. contact me at
  2. "There have been a lot of fan fics and speculation on Nightmare Moon being sent to the moon as a punishemnet by Celestia, using the Elements Of Harmony. But what if that isn't what happened?" I fancied a cannon story and to achieve it I watched the first two episodes several times. It has turned out more like an "Events from Celestias perspective" with a twist. Celestia and Twilight sat on ornately embroidered silk cushions in the Princess's private rooms. They were discussing an upcoming Royal event due in the next few days. Twilight looked at her mentor and then placed her tea cup back down carefully on the crystal glass tray. "Are you alright?" asked the young purple mare. "I'm fine," replied the white Alicorn with a smile. In reality the pain was growing inside her by the hour as the thousandth summer sun celebration approached. "The preparations can be tiring for an old pony, even though I should be used to them after all this time." Twilight didn't look convinced. It had been many years since the young filly had hatched a dragon's egg and aged it near instantly. Magical talent like that didn't always come with intelligence, but this time it had returned with a vengeance. Celestia doubted that her student had bought into the throw away statement and as the event approached it would become even harder to hide her secret. Somehow she needed to get Twilight out of harms way. "I promise I'm fine and you have a party to get to. Go and have some fun with ponies your own age." As her protege skipped out of the ornately carved doors Celestia sat back and winced. It wasn't like this day was a surprise, in fact, it was the most certain prophecy ever. Twilight headed back to her lodgings happily enough, but then began to think about the obvious discomfort of her teacher. She knew her to be very old, but as far as she had read, Alicorns didn't physically age beyond adult hood. She decided to take a history book on the summer sun celebration to read under a shady tree in the Royal gardens. It was there that she started to realise that all wasn't well. Celestia was already wondering how to divert Twilight just as a parchment arrived. Opening it she sighed as she realised hiding anything from her especially diligent student was near impossible. Maybe if she could keep her close by, she might be able to protect her and put Nightmare Moon somewhere secure for another thousand years! At least if the purple unicorn went on ahead there would be more time to prepare. Quickly she began to assemble a reply; "Dear Twilight, Travel to Ponyville immediately to make sure everything is ready. This is a particularly important event being the 1000th. My little ponies will likely overdo things until it resembles a farce! If things go wrong I need you to be prepared" She decided to simplify it somewhat, deny everything and include a proviso for her to make some new friends. Twilight was spending more and more time engrossed in dusty old books and it was becoming unhealthy. Also, the researcher would soon have a working knowledge of this ancient magic, so it made sense that she start her off with the vital pieces. The elements of harmony had always been handled by a team. Celestia sat back and pondered on how all the unfortunate events had unraveled so long ago. It had been a thousand years since that horrific day. Her sweet baby sister had been so easily changed into a heartless monster. The little ball of dark fluff that had bounced around the palace had later shredded the landscape. Twisted by a desire to destroy, she had eventually tried to make every day a time of darkness. Initially Celestia had tried to avoid a fight, but with starvation imminent among the populace she had finally turned on her own family. As if that wasn't bad enough the Princess of the Sun had also been horrified at her own actions. All too easily she had slipped into the form of Alicorn warrior. She knew from the ancient books that having a horn and wings could so easily turn a pony mad with power, eventually leading to the Alicorns' near extinction. As she had caressed the elements of harmony she had wondered if she was next. Unfortunately Luna's thoughts lived inside Nightmare Moon and she was very nearly one step ahead in claiming the elemental stones for herself. Circling the Goddess of the Sun she had glared at the enchanted gems. "And what manner of plan have you for those?" She snarled. "They are so pretty," replied Celestia. "I thought they might honour me with the very brightest of roses in the palace garden this summer." Luna scoffed. "If thou hast nothing important to do with them, then I am sure I can put them to better use!" She lunged at them with ears back and fangs showing, her wings cutting the air to thrust her forward. It was too late for Nightmare Moon to change her mind as she caught the hard glint of the sun in Celestia's eye. It was too late to take anything back, too late to retreat, and far too late to forgive. The Sun Princess rose with a firm "NO!". The elements spat light and spark as they twisted and spun through the air. This wasn't a controlled use of their powers as in previous engagements, but instead a magical attack of hate and anger. Through the explosion of light Nightmare Moon could be seen to scream in agony, and yet, no sound could be heard. In a split second she was gone and the brightly coloured stones floated to the floor like autumn leaves. Celestia sank to the floor in tears as she heard her sisters voice. "Sister, where am I?" the small voice questioned. "What has happened to me?" Rolling onto her side she looked across the stone floor at the method of destruction. How could she have been so stupid. There was only one rule to go with the elements of harmony. They needed no complex scripture or teaching. If activated they did exactly what you wished and if all you wished for was for something not to happen then magic would fill in the gaps. It was a day or maybe two before ponies had dared to enter the inner castle chambers to search for answers. At first they thought Nightmare Moon had killed their Princess as she lay there catatonic. They made to move her body and were startled to hear her draw breath. "I must raise the sun," she announced in booming voice. "Nightmare Moon is no more!" Staggering to the nearest balcony accompanied by pleas to rest she looked upon the moon. It was then that the idea came to hide the terrible event that had taken place there. Before lowering the moon she carved an image of her once loved sister on its surface. And then, as she had so often done, she raised the sun. The white alicorn had continued on alone for a thousand years like that, ever mindful of this coming day. In that time all she really learned was that using the elements on your own was very risky. Typically they were handled by five ponies, where the magical skill of each individual dictated their power. If she could get Twilight to help with some of them, maybe they had a chance while Nightmare Moon was still weak from release. Celestia knew her student would be studying hard on their use, so she decided to do the same and refresh her memory in the Royal library. Unfortunately Nightmare moon was studying her every move in readiness for release. As the Sun Princess settled down amongst the ancient scrolls the silence was periodically broken by confused pleas from her sister. Despite her best overnight efforts Celestia had failed to come up with a new exit plan. She had no choice but to travel to Ponyville and do her best when the moment arrived. Luna was now much more vocal as her essence writhed expectantly for escape from within her. The summer sun celebration was upon them and any second now they would be separated. With all of Ponyville assembled Mayor Mare began the official welcome. Celestia winced as she felt Nightmare moon stir inside her. There was a distinct mental after taste from the thoughts of the Princes of Darkness. "And now, it is my great honour to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria... Princess Celestia!" Celestia cringed at the thought of being described as good and wise. She had made a terrible mistake in letting Luna become Nightmare Moon and then compounded it by failing to deal with her effectively. Now she felt like Celestia the incompetent. She gave one last gasp in readiness to lower the moon and raise the sun, but instead only felt blackness as she fell to the floor. The transfigured form of Luna now stood over the sun princess, an evil grin worn across her face. "How unfortunate we cannot spend anymore time together," she spat. Then, turning to look at the moon, she recanted the spell that had placed her image on it's surface. "That's better, one so hates to see the things one loves defaced. Now it is time to make the dramatic entrance you had so carefully planned for yourself." Nightmare Moon left the preparations room and made for the stairs to the balcony. With a purple glow of her horn she pushed her sister into a corner and covered her in an invisibility spell. Now that she was freed from her sisters body, it was not really needed. The shock of absorbing Nightmare Moon had set Celestia back quite a bit. The shock of her release was way more painful. She tried to get up and make chase, but was now totally incapacitated. In the main hall she could hear the commotion and knew that Twilight was there. It had all gone horribly wrong and her student would likely be a target for the evil Princesses amusement. She had hoped that being trapped within her would have made her sister more compassionate, but by the sound of it she was now worse than ever. All too soon the sounds outside faded and she was left with her thoughts in the dim lamp light. It was merely a pin prick of light compared to the sun she was now powerless to access. All she could do was re-run the images of the last few seconds, the last few hours and that initial failure so very long ago. Maybe Twilight could pull off some sort of miracle. The purple ball of energy was highly accomplished and capable, but Nightmare Moon had already beaten the entire Empire. Even if Twilight could get to the elements, it was unlikely she could use them without help. Five highly trained ponies in tune with each other could only achieve so much and none had ever come close to bringing down an Alicorn. Celestia could only hope that her student had made friends and that they were good ones. Luckily for everypony Twilight had made up lost ground quickly. Those ponies who had been no more than strangers a short time ago had formed a strong bond of trust against adversity. Nightmare Moons game of despair and deception had actually strengthened their resolve to complete their quest! As Twilight stood before the Dark Princess resplendent in her battle armour she realised that six was the magic number after all. She could now see that harmony wasn't just a name for something nice, but was in fact the result of good magic and of good friendship. Half by accident she had raised the sixth element and unleashed the full power of the other five. A magic so strong was released that it knocked them all to the ground and their foe unconscious. With Nightmare Moon gone Celestia felt the dark spells fade from her form. Blinking with surprise and jumping to her feet she sped out of the room and out onto the balcony. Maybe everything was fine, but there was no time to waste in fear of finding her sister only stunned, but still quite dangerous. It was imperative she intervene quickly while she had a narrow window of opportunity. Shaking off a sizeable headache and spreading her wings she made for the old castle as fast as she could. She knew the layout well and entered the room that held the elements of harmony to find it empty. Her horn glowing with white fire ready for battle she teleported through the window of the throne room. Eyes ablaze with the full energy of the sun she was shocked to find a scene of quiet reflection. "Princess Celestia," gleamed the little purple pony unicorn. "Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student, I knew you could do it," she lied with a huge smile. Keeping an empire going was half planning and half luck and her teaching had clearly paid off today. Looking to her left she could see her sister still unconscious on the floor, but visually unharmed from the reversal spell. "But you told me it was all an old pony tale?" asked a confused looking Twilight. "I told you to make some friends and nothing more." It had been a viable slight of hand with the truth. Telling everypony how her flesh and blood had annihilated Equestria wouldn't have helped anything. The fact that Nightmare Moon was trapped inside her would have doubled the panic. The initial failure with the elements of harmony had undoubtedly been reversed by the six ponies ranged before her. She continued; "I saw the signs of Nightmare Moons return and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her. But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart." It seemed so obvious to her now. Of course harmony was the essence of friendship. In all the years of the elements use the ponies assigned to them had been chosen by the court. Her ancestors had never given anypony a proper chance to wield them as the universe had intended. Turning to her side she couldn't be happier that the new elemental bearers had brought back her sweet little sister to her. "Now if only another one will as well?" She said quietly walking toward Princess Luna. "It has been a thousand years since I have seen you like this. It's time to put our differences behind us. We were meant to rule together little sister. Will you accept my friendship?" The End
  3. I am a youtuber who doses videos that are a bit of dark comedy and creepy pasta reviews. I would love to do a video with some one else but am not shore how to ask and what type of video to suggest i have some ideas but would like to talk about them first. One of my videos link
  4. "Applejack?" "Yes Twi?" "I found this book outside the Everfree Forest... It seems to be Apple Bloom's diary." "Mah sis kept a Diary? Does it say what happened to her?" "...Yes..." And with that bit of dark foretelling we dive head long into one of the scarcest MLP creepypastas I have ever had the pleaser of finding. The Trees Are Screaming. So the story starts with apple bloom writing in her diary to see if she can get a diary writing cutie mark. Oh and this takes place pre cmc getting there marks. At first the entrys are fairly normal with apple bloom talking about what they have tried to do to get there marks but soon thinks start to stand out such as there dog acting odd and barking at the forest then it goes missing. Soon after apple bloom swears she sees movement out of the corner of her eyes. She convinces the other cmc members to go with her into the everfree forest to find her dog. That is where things go bad and fast. The next entry goes as followes and this is an exerpt from the story. Oh, Celestia, help me, I got away, I’m the only one left, the others are dead, I’m hiding in a cave I found. Sweet Celestia, the trees, the trees are alive, they’re alive! We were just walking down the path, and I saw something move, so we went off the path to try and find it. It led us further and further away from the trail, and we came to a clearing in the woods, and then there was this screech, and a branch swooped down, and, and, and it impaled itself into Sweetie, and she was bleeding, and we tried to run but there were vines covered in thorns, and they wrapped around our legs, and the thorns dug into us, and the trees, I don’t know how to describe it, they didn’t walk, it was like they were sliding, and the clearing just kept getting smaller and smaller…I managed to pull my legs out from the vines, but the vines were around Scoots’ neck, and they were choking her, and, and I heard her bones being crushed, so I ran away, through a gap in the trees. They tried to get me, but they only managed to get my leg, it’s bleeding really bad, there’s a huge chunk of it missing… No, no I can hear them, I can hear them coming! They’re coming! Celestia, Luna, anyone, please, please, HELP ME! The trees are screaming! So ummm ya this part is terifing to me it involves kids in a life or death situaction you know they don't survive so it's worse its just terafing. So why are the trees screaming why are they killing whats going on. Well I have a theroy but first lets talk to my mare in the field straight jaket. Warlock I am not going in there. Theres dragons and mantacores sea serpents cockatrices timber wolfs and a freaky zebra who trayed to curse me before so no I am not doing this got that. And if you try I will shove your hat so far up your ass it will come out your eye socket. Ok so we will not be investigating the ever free forest today. So how could this story happen well because of dicored what if this is what happened if his evil vine things grew earlyer and waited to attack insead of attacking right off the bat like in the show. It has possibilitys and makes this a bit scaryer that maybe the episode could have gone difrent in other circumstances. But thats just my thoughts on it whats yourse did this storie freek you out or am I a wuss tell me in the coments and this is warlock boo saying be scaring you later.(boo laugh)
  5. A world of light and friendship happy balloons and singing pony's. But what happens when shadows cover the land the dark and twisted minds of fans take over and the bright colors fall to the shadows of madness. Hear you will see you will see the nightmare of equestria the twisted world fans have made and I now explore. And who am I you ask well your humble and amazing host Warlock Boo. Now sit your not going any where soon and watch the fun that is Nightmares of equestria. (BOO Laugh)
  6. Narrated on my channel by Obabscribbler The clip-o-hoof range of cooking utensils really made any ponies life easier, but Jenny still managed to drop the knife. It now stood a third embedded in the delicate kitchen floor. "Pony Nuts" she said under her breath as made to retrieve it. "Shall I get that for you?" asked the handsome sales pony standing by the door. "It's fine," she said, easily removing the serrated blade from the cork like surface. "I love this floor, it's warm and soft under hoof, but so resilient. It always comes up clean no matter what I spill on it". This wasn't going to be an easy sell at all. There were all sorts of enchanted floors in Equestria, but he hadn't felt one like this before. He pawed it slightly for a better idea of how it felt. "Have you been living here long miss?" Jenny smiled and stopped cutting up bread for the garden birds. "Only a few months and I'm absolutely loving having my own place. It's a brand new build and I can still smell fresh paint in the cupboards. The little bungalow was the very essence of modern living with a shallow pitched roof and big windows for maximum natural light. The outside was a delicate pink and the front garden still had the odd pile of rubble, giving it a 'nearly there' ambiance. It really was the perfect place to escape from the parental home. It's location on the south side of town was ideal with a railway station near by and only a short canter to the really good shops. It suited her ecological ideals as well, being built on the remains of the old research labs. The 'Equestrian Research Institute Laboratories' had been known as Eril locally and had been a common land mark for many a year. Recently odd things had happened there, with frequent sirens and mass evacuations. The town council had demanded explanations! But instead of getting answers a small army of large unicorn stallions arrived one day and simply levelled the place. A row of neat reasonably priced housing now stood in its place. Jenny finished cutting up her bread and slid it off the cutting board into a small basket. "Back in a minute," she said before picking up the basket in her teeth and opening the back door with a hoof. He could see her through the window with her back turned toward him. He didn't consider himself a thief by any measure, but her purse was bound to have a few bits in it. At the rate he was going the mop sales weren't going to cover lunch and breakfast had been nothing more than a hope. At least with magic he could be subtle about the deed. He kept an eye thought the window and felt for loose change as his horn glowed softly. Carefully he levitated the contents from the bright blue purse and looked to see if there were any 20 bit pieces. As he checked the embossed figures of Celestia and 'Star Swirl The Bearded' stamped into their surface he felt the strangest sensation in his hooves. Dropping the cash he looked down to puzzle at his now longer fetlocks, which now touched the floor. All too soon he realised it wasn't his hair that had grown longer, but his hooves that had grown considerably shorter. They were also stuck! He tried to free one and then the other. Leaning and weaving they stayed rooted to the spot. Not even an attempt at bucking did any good. "A Little help here please," he called out. "I seem to be in a spot of bother". Making up some story about why he had angered a floor that was also a security system was going to be tough. But if he could play it straight he ought to be fine. This kind of fast thinking was a normal day in the life of this unicorn. It did seem odd that a sweet little mare needed a burglar proof floor? "I'll be there in a minute," called Jenny, oblivious to her kitchens antics. "I'll just grab these berries before the birds do. Have you time to stay for Lunch?" He was now fairly sure the ground was going to give way under him until he disappeared. It was now up to his knees and the kitchen cupboards looked ever imposing around him. A cold seeping sensation was now creeping into his legs as a strange sort of cramp set in. This was truly ridiculous situation and surely the spell was only there to trap somepony until the police arrived? It was all happening way to fast. He struggled violently as electric shocks started to penetrate his skin. He tried to tense his body muscles to keep his belly out of harms way but it wasn't doing any good. Taking a deep breath he made a last ditch attempt at freedom by using his head to push down. He regretted his last move as soon as it failed to achieve anything. With his muzzle firmly locked to the surface he tried to shout out. But you can't shout for help if your mouth is half morphed into a solid surface. His eyes darted left to right as his brain screamed for assistance and for air. The cold was now entering into his body as gravity relentlessly pulled his hooves down and down into the solid earth. It had only been a couple of minutes since he first realised he was stuck, yet his eyes now looked out horizontally across the cursed floor. The smart white cupboards now looked like tower blocks looking over a city street. The look of horror they displayed was in complete contrast to the gentle shafts of sunlight dancing on particles of dust as they floated lazily past his ears. His lungs were now screaming for nourishment. His back twitched as his body made its last efforts to hang onto the living world before it blinked from existence. The last of his mane and tail were now being sucked in as Jenny returned with the basket full of ripe berries. "Are you still here?" she asked, placing the basket on the table. She was sure she had seen a few strands of black tail hair on the floor when she came in, but both her visiter and the hair now seemed to have vanished. "That really is a swizz," she announced with frustrated tone and a sigh. "I guess it's lunch on my own again." Team Idris
  7. Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering. But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right? Greetings, everybrony! We are happy (and just a little bit terrified) to introduce the English translation project for The Broken Toy! What is The Broken Toy? The Broken Toy (orig. "Сломанная Игрушка"- rus.) is an epic dark novel by DarkKnight, who is well known and appreciated throughout the Russian-speaking brony community. The story takes place in the future of the Earth, where advanced genetic engineering allows humans to mass produce sapient technicolor ponies synthetic living beings with programmable minds and memories. If you want to get the basic understanding of what this novel is, just imagine the crazy mix of Do Hippoids Dream of Electric Parasprites by Filly K. Buck and Who Framed Roger Pegasus film. The novel contains 150K words, has been published as a book with an art-book, there is an audio version and also a spread of fan-made artworks and fics. Warning! Novel contains scenes of violence, coarse language, adult themes, and random combinations of the foregoing! Rated “M”: appropriate for mature teens and older. What’s our plan? Basically, our goal is to adapt and translate the original novel for the English-speaking community, chapter by chapter. We are also working on an English audio book and a set of illustrations for every chapter. Check the links below! In the longer term, we plan to publish the novel as an illustrated book. The Broken Toy team There are currently four of us, in alphabetical order: 1. Cerulean Starlight, editor of the English version. 2. Icy Shake, editor of the English version. 3. Slaaneshi, translator and charismatic PR-managing guy. 4. V_Korneev, one no fun jerk. Does: • Editing and adaptation of Russian version in coordination with DarkKnight; • Rough English translation; • Voice-acting and sound-editing for novel's audio version; • Artworks; • Whine. Links to the story • Project web-page • Illustrations on DeviantArt • Audiobook on YouTube • The Broken Toy on FIMFiction
  8. Warning: Before continuing, this fanfic contains content that may be disturbing to some audiences. If you plan to audition, plz be aware that there are disturbing scenes in this, so if you can't handle content such as removing cutie marks using a knife and some elements of torture, go to a much happier place. The video explains everything. PLOT: After countless months of doing the unthinkable to other ponies, Apple Bloom starts to feel an uneasy impact from what she started, and the feeling only gets worse as time moves on, leading her to having thoughts of doing horrid acts to herself, now that she has become a victim of her own creation.
  9. Went through depression then to argument, from that point, everything went down. After finished this PMV, I felt a lot better and really inspired me to keep continue on, no matter what. Don't give up because you never know what's up ahead! Strive for another victory! Dedicated to special somepony and my best friend :'3
  10. -Disclaimer- This entry is nightmare fuel, nothing against site regulations though of course. This is a short story I did, essentially recalling a nightmare, but written in first person narrative. I just wanted to give you fair warning though, in case you're not a fan of horror stuff. For those of you who are, enjoy.
  11. Hey just want some thoughts and feedback on this creepypasta I wrote up. ------------------------------------------ I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I saw one episode I wish I could forget though. It wasn't like a normal episode, it was different. I saw this while I was an intern at Hasbro but it was cancelled before airing because the CEO of Hasbro said it was too “scary”. I said how bad could it be and took it from his office. I put it in and BAM! it started. It started normally enough. Pinkie Pie was baking cupcakes for AppleJacks birthday. This was because it was AppleJacks “birthday”. Then the “theme song” played but it was different somehow. I couldn't figure out how but it seemed off. I then saw the title was “An Apple Death” writer of the episode was “David Firth” who's that I wondered? I didn't remember any episodes by him. Then AppleJack “went to her party” and saw Pinkie Pie or at least she THOUGHT it was pinkie pie. This was how it started. Pinkie Pie turned around and applejack realized that Pinkie Pie was green. “But..” she thought “Pinkie pie was pink how could this be?” Then the green pinkie pie turned around and said “Hi” Who r u said applejack and where is pinkie pie? Did you kill her? “Yes said the green pinkie pie who said my name is Greenie Die” Picture of greenie Die I am hear to “be your new friend but” I had to kill Pinkie Pie Thats horrible said applejack Then Greenie die said if you don't like it then I will kill you And then she killed applejack who “tried to run away” but she “tripped” and fell and greenie tackled her with a knife. Greenie said hahahaha and stabbed applejack But twilight said ah this is not the real pinkie pie. She is green. Unlike pinkie pie who is pink. Then twilight started bleeding hyper realistic blood. Oh no said minuette this wouldn't have happened if you never left Canterlot because Greenie Die was really a changeling. That killed the real Pinkie Pie now Greenie die was going to kill applejack. Crash said rainbow dash as she flew into greenie die before she killed applejack. Yay! Said fluttershy as she was glad that AppleJack didn't die. Then the fight began. Applejack hit greenie die but greenie die ran out of the screen to escape. Hahaha she said you shouldn't have watched that. True Ending Greenie die appeared behind me and killed me. Now you must go kill greenie die! The world needs you! WAIT LOOK BEHIND YOU! ITS GREENIE DIE! Greenie Die then killed you, and you died too. The end! Now if you dont post this in 10 places Slenderpony will come and scare you. Alternate Ending “What the heck?” I thought David Firth must be a psychopath or something. I decided to google him and realized that he was infact an animator who made disturbing animations. I walked back into my boss's office and asked him why David Firth would write an episode for My Little Pony: FIM. My boss said “Oh you took that, I was about to send it back to him, He sent it to us as a joke” “Huh that's odd.” “Get back to work, and that episode is disturbing” “Yep I said” The end! -------------------------------------------------------- Thoughts? Would love feedback.
  12. Some people label MLP G1 as darker and scarier than MLP:FIM because of things like Grogar and the Smooze and that FIM's villains are less well-written and cruel and more incompetent. That makes me feel uncomfortable because I think the more well-developed and written series should be allowed to be darker than its 80's counterpart. But was G1 even really that scary? Did everypony really cling on to the feelings they first had when they saw MLP:G1? Would anyone like to offer proof against that? And plus, would you be more sacred by the Cutie Map than anything from MLP: G1?
  13. (I'm not sure if this is the right place but) I'm seeking a new script writer, if you're ur interested in being my script writer please pm me when ever. The story is called The rise of King Sombra. It's about how King Sombra takes over the crystal empire once again, but before that there's this colt who brings him back by using a spell
  14. When a young colt buys a used copy of Pokemon Green Version, things get really scary, really fast. Coming soon.
  15. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  16. ((This is an exercise in writing, as I am not a writer by any means, but I wanted to start trying to produce something today, so I am taking the next 30 minutes to just start writing and see what I come up, looking for critique. This was inspired by the song "Servant Of The Queen - Crysalis Another Story" and I will be listening to this song for tone. Feedback is valued.)) =========================================================== For The Queen So Dear ------------------------------- Beaten, Routed, and Scattered a long ways away, the only thought going through Razorback's mind was the same as he could only assume was the same going through the minds of his brothers and sisters. How did this happen? Those ponies of Canterlot, that majestic city of spires and high walls was in their grasp. Changelings, those who's form were malleable, who had held it for but a few moments, were now being thrown through the air after some kind of magical barrier ejected them from their rightful place. It was then he saw Her. His Queen, even after being cast aside like the rest of them, still filled him with pride that would never falter. His eyes only caught her for a moment before the branches of hardwood trees greeted his shell, and a sudden kiss of harder earth stopped his decent with a heavy crashing. Vision going dark, the world still seemed to spin around him as he tried to move. Stabbing pain greeted him as turned to his side, the membrane of his wing torn, and a yell that Razorback couldn't believe was his own soared through the trees to be greeted by silence. Still he had to stand, had to get moving. Lying on his back was painful enough, but even more so was his pride in her was far more grievously wounded. Stumbling to his feet, and pulling the branches out of the holes that adorned his legs with his fanged teeth, his eyes tried to look about for some familiar face. The taste of tree sap clung to the roof of his mouth, and it was enough to make him gag. Weakly, he pushed on. His wing hurt so much, torn and useless. Now he had to walk along the ground like some pony. They were probably celebrating a grand victory right now, while Razorback and his brood were left to wallow in the mud. He couldn't give them the satisfaction of a defeated self, even as he stumbled over himself trying to push forward. Forward to where? Where could he go? That loneliness started to creep in. Part of being a brood means you are never alone, but even among his heart there was that confusion he shared with the rest of them all. Then he thought of his beloved Queen. Mother. He imagined her fall could not have been much softer, Where did she land? Was she safe? Inside, he could feel it like every changeling could. Concern, Panic, but above all else; Duty. He pushed through the woods, among tall trees and cast long shadows and day came to night. Searching, it was quite some time before he could even tell he wasn't alone in the forest. Shadows moved all around him, ducking behind trees and brush, hiding among the darker parts of his vision. Pain shot in his side with every step, reminding him there is no escape. He couldn't leave even if he wanted to, but there was no part of him that wanted that either. Find Queen Chrysalis, make sure Mother was safe. That figure who had been there since he hatched and as he grew, caring for the whole of her brood, so much so that She would attack the seat of power in all of Equestria just to be sure that they could all feed. Self pity was cut off by the growls as the sun set, leaving the sky a darkening blue, and the stars came one by one out of hiding, a reminder of the power that those greedy ponies would keep all for themselves. Wooden claws started to emerge from the darkness, creatures constructed of twigs and sticks and anger pulled themselves from the blackened shadows of wilderness. Razorback started to gallop as fast as his legs would carry, daring not to look back. There was no reason, and he felt his breath burning his lungs, his legs began to ach, the wounds from the fall taking their tole as the beasts, Timber Wolves, kept chasing for their meal. For the briefest of moments, he considered changing his form into one of them, it may be safer. Unfortunately, that would probably only get him delivered as a free dinner for the broken-stick maws behind him, able to sniff him out. Being wounded, it was clear why they thought about attacking him. Feeling the breath of his pursuers upon his neck, he pushed hard to keep just that one second ahead. The forest became lit with a sickly green, and the way ahead of him was blindingly light, giving Razorback only the smallest window to throw himself back into the dirt, back to tasting the earth in his maw as he hit the forest floor, turning only in time to see one of the beasts behind him. The light crashed into the timber wolf, throwing it back into the treeline. It's pack had stopped their chase, and started to spread out, starting to encircle him. "Where are the others, Razorback?" That voice! Mother was here! Bringing himself to his feet, he looked upon her. Queen Chrysalis, Mother of Changelings, stood with that cold conviction he had admired her so much for. Bringing himself to his hoofs, he turned to the predators who lurked in shadow. Razor's voice was shaking and clearly winded from his run. "I have not seen anyone else, My Queen." Queen Chrysalis looked down upon Razorback, seeing the torn wing that hung just outside of it's protective shell. "Do you expect me to carry you?" Razorback smiled at the taunting. If She had shown concern, then he would be worried. It was unbecoming of a Queen to show such concern in the face of danger. Never let them take your face. "No, My Queen!" he said with as much false bravado as he could muster. Mother served as such a good example. There were three more of the wooden monsters, charging out from around them. From the horn upon his head, he gathered what little energy he could, throwing it forward into a green bolt of energy at the first creature that would threaten his Queen. Splinters came off the creature's side as it fell back, and Razorback felt his knees give out, collapsing. He was so weak, so hungry, wounded. His Queen however did not seemed near as worse off as he had feared, and it was clear she still carried much of the power from their attempted conquest of Canterlot. The first was dispatched with haste, being blown to kindling as she shown Razorback what real changeling magic was. It was the third Timber Wolf though that found it's way close to Mother. As Queen Chrysalis defended herself against one attacker, the other took upon the opportunity. Lunging faster than he could believe, She could only turn to see it upon her. A loud crash followed, and the beast was thrown away, but She only stood with her jaw agape. The sound was comforting. The buzzing of wings and the feeling of their beating brushing cool wind upon his shell. Razorback looked up high, and he saw a handful of Her brood. Sisters and Brothers together, revealed to have found their Majesty. The remaining Timber Wolves ran off, scurrying into the underbrush, rustling leaves and making their exit. Razorback started to close his eyes, when Her voice came to his ear again. "You're not going to lie their all night are you?" A soft smirk came across his face, looking up at Her and the rest of the brood. Slowly, he tried to raise himself back up once again. He was spent, muscles not willing to move, pain sharply reminding him that he was still there. There was something else though. A fading of hunger, a filling of his heart and a strength of a mother's love. Rickety legs started to push him upward as he stood. She looked at him, almost amused that he had literally and figuratively risen to her challenge. Never let them take your face.
  17. disclaimer! i warn you that there might be some language and blood in this book if you can not read books with blood and swears then turn back now! you have been warned if you read this it is on your own terms. chapter one How was my day you ask, well lets see the camp caught on fire and the Shadow clan attacked right after so yea my day was great. I went over to Yellowfang to see if she needed help because Firestar ordered everyone to evacuate the camp as best we could. But as I went toward Yellowfang Blackfoot jumped in my way and hissed. I hunched down and prepared to attack. "I don't have time for this, however if you make me fight I'll send you home with your tail between your legs" I said but blackfoot chuckled. "You think you are so great well let's put facts to that." he very stupidly replied as he lounged forward at me I move to the side and he slammed into a tree. He laid there unconscious and the tree was on fire so being the nice lady I am I ran and grabbed his scruff and went to the river. I put him right next to the river and went back to the fire. Firestar had almost gotten everyone out of the fire but one and it was Bramblekit! I ran but he ran after me! A tree fell and in a flash my terror came true. You see Firestar was on his last life! "No Firestar!" I was too late the tree crushed him right in front of me. I knew he would have told me to take the kit and go so I did. I got out in time to watch the rest of the camp burn. I heard my dad from the other side of the river. "Ice Blaze what is the situation over there?" he yelled. I reluctantly looked up crying. "Firestar is dead!" as soon as I said that every cat in the clan yowl in outrage. "There is a Shadow clan here that needs help and a kit." a warrior I think it was Sandstorm came over to get the prisoner and the kit. Then we got to safety and every cat in the clan looked at me. You see they already hate me for being half clan born now they hate me even more because of Firestar's death. We found a nice spot by Snake Rocks and I went to bed but not before everyone made me cry.
  18. Okay I am going to assume you guys have read the cough? For those who haven't: Spoiler Alert:: In an apocalyptic world, where a horrible sickness is spread via cough and the only way to stop it is to kill the pony who coughed, The Mane 6 [i have NO idea where Spike is] lock themselves in a room with no windows and enough food and water to last them months.They are in pure darkness. It is the only safe place in Equestria. That is, until someone coughs. The Mane 6 goes around asking each other who coughed. Fluttershy admits it's her and asks Rainbow Dash to deliver her a swift death. Rainbow ills her, and then they discover the truth, Fluttershy WASN'T the one who coughed Spolier Ended So, by reasoning, I can narrow this down to two ponies, I will leave the discussion up to you guys. I did process of elimination, so,yeah. First off, Apple Jack is off the suspect list, being the element of honesty that she is, it would be impossible for her to say that she didn't do it. Obviously Fluttershy is off as well, because, although she could of been the pony to cough first and then somepony else caught it, I don't think it spreads that quickly. Third, Rainbow Dash. The meaning of loyalty is willingness to lay down your life for someone else's, so,no. Then, Rarity. Genorosity means "showing a readiness to give more of something [i.e your life] than is expected." If Rarity DID cough, she would give herself up so her friends could live. And that leaves two, Pinkie Pie and Twilight. These two are hard, because though both of them have one or two things that cold help, there is nothing that proves 100% that they are innocent. First Twilight: The Princess Of Friendship, well yeah but that doesn't mean she wouldn't lie to save herself. Her element is magic, that does not help her with this, it couldn't be Rainbow Dash, Rarity,Fluttershy or Apple Jack, because their elements are the only evidence they need. If Apple Jack was accused she could say "I am the element of honesty, how could I lie?", but TWILIGHT can't say that. Second Pinkie Pie She wants to keep others happy, well, she may think that without her, nopony will be happy. Also with Twilight, Pinkie Pie's element REALLY does not help her here. So who do you think it is?
  19. warning this has murder but not as descriptive however it does mention blood and is rated 18+ because of site standers if you read this story it is not my fault you have been warned chapter one Sunset Shimmer was finally getting people to like her, especially after she saved them from Twilight. the rest of the year was slow but Summer finally came. The Summer was great! She had lots of fun. That is until she saw someone move in right next door from her house. "Hey Applejack who do you think they are?" She asked on the day before school. "Well I reckon they are your new neighbors" Applejack replied. Sunset sighed heavily. "I know they are my new neighbors but what do you think they are like I saw a girl about our age get out of the car but she hasn't been out since." Sunset says as Applejack bites a apple. "igh thik ghes knife." Applejack replies when she realized that sunset was waiting for her reply. "What?" Said Sunset. Applejack swallowed her food and said "I said I think she is nice, if you weren't rushing me to answer I would not had to talk with food in my mouth." Sunset nods in agreement. "I hope your right." She said thinking about what her new classmate would be like. Just then Rainbow Dash came running down the sidewalk. "Hey! Hey guys!" She yelled as she ran. The two turned around to face rainbow dash as she approached them huffing and puffing. "What is it?" Asked Sunset Shimmer. Rainbow looked up and held one finger as to say, "one minute" then she straightens up and starts flying off the mouth about how the next book in the daring do series was going to hit stores tomorrow. "Wait what? Slow down sugar cube and try to talk slower so we can understand you" Applejack said as Sunset looks back at the house and shivers. Before Rainbow Dash went on about the book she saw someone in the curtin in the house that sunset was looking at. "Are those your new neighbors?" Rainbow Dash asked. Sunset noded as she motions them to walk away. "Let's go to that bookstore ok?" She said as she thought about the house. Something dont seem right about that house, or the family for that matter. She thought. chapter two The next morning Sunset woke up and got ready for school. She grabbed an apple off the counter then headed out the door. On her way to school she saw the new girl and decided to say hi. "Hey what's your name?" She asks as the girl kept walking to the school. Sunset matched her pace. The girl moved faster, so did sunset. Then the girl turned around with a annoyed look on her face. "my name is cathring." she said as she studied sunset shimmer. "Well my name is Sunset Shimmer and if you need help locating your classes you can come to me, if you want." Sunset Replied. Just then Applejack came up to them. "Come on sugar cube, class is starting soon." She said when She notices the tension from the two. Sunset tosses the apple to Applejack and heads to her class. What type of name is cathring? She thought. The rest of the day went as normal as canterlot high could be. First three classes were boring. Lunch was fun, and the last four classes were ok. At lunch Sunset did not see the new girl at all. Maybe she went home. She thought. Her friends noticed her distress and looked at each other. "Maybe she went to a party!" Said pinkie pie. "No that's not it" Replied Sunset. "Maybe she is in a classroom." Replied Twilight, who just sat down and wanted to join the conversation. "Yea that must be it." Sunset replied. As she went to go home she bumped into Cathring and spilled her bag. "Oh I am sorry." Said Sunset as she helps cathring pick up her things. "No it's fine really, and sorry about the morning, my mom made me mad and I really am not a morning person." Cathring replied. Sunset looked up and noticed cathring's eyes. There were cat like! sunset fell back. "Whoh! Your...your eyes!" She stuttered. Cathring looked in a puddle and quickly put on her glasses and ran home. Sunset sat there for a bit thinking. What was with her eyes? She thought as she stood up and headed home. chapter 3 Cathring woke up the next day feeling like she wanted to skip school. She knew however that school was a necessity to her goal. She got up and got dressed and went down stairs. There was a note on the refrigerator from her dad. She read it, "Dear kitty, I will be out of town for a few days so please keep in mind that you will need to call your mom this weekend and you need to go to school (you know why) Love, Daddy" Cathring folded the note and put it in her bag. Then she headed out the door. As she walked down the street there was Sunset and her friend. She was tempted to join them but she remembered why she was really here. I need to find that piece of ugh! I have no time for friends! she thought to herself as she ran past the two girls. Sunset said something but Cathring did not hear her. She got into school and immediately bumped into some boy! "Oof" they both said as they hit the ground. The boy stared at her with intimidating eyes. "Watch where you're going new meat" he said as he saw the note from cathring's house. he picked it up quickly and read it. Then he laughed. "Wow this is way better than new meat, kitty" he said. Cathring tried to get the note back but the boy ran off with it shouting kitty. Sunset came in the door as the boy was running off. "Whats with him?" she asked. Cathring just sat there. "He stole my note from my dad and now won't stop calling me kitty, which is a name my dad called me" she replied with a sigh. Sunset nodded and helped cathring up. "That's Put-down for you, he bullies everyone." she said as Cathring pats the dust off her dress. "Well if I had my way he would be laying on the ground crying." said Cathring as they head to class. But somewhere in cathring's mind she kept seeing those intimidating eyes. chapter 4 The next morning someone was found dead. There was a boy's body ripped to shreds and blood all over the hallway. On the wall there was a message written in blood "Who wants to play with me?" The police could not even identify the body because the hands were cut off and so was the face. But the students knew who it was. "Oh my word that's Flash Sentry!" said one student. ", what could have done that?!" said another. Cathring pushed through the crowd to see what happened. When she saw the body she sighed. She went closer and sniffed the body (which reeked of blood). There is a small trace of him here. she thought. Principal Celestia came over and motioned for everyone to be quiet. "Since a murder has occurred we are going to have to close the school for a few days until we know it is safe for you kids to come back." she said. Everyone left the school after that chatting with each other about the murder. Sunset caught up with Cathring and stepped right in front of her. "You know something don't you? What a coincidence that someone gets murdered after you show up." Cathring just stood there as Sunset continued. "And not to mention but you go up to the body without flinching! Are you the murderer?! Or a cop?! Or both?!? And what was with your eyes!" Sunset stopped so Cathring could speak. Cathring took a sigh. "All you need to know is i am a cop (sort of) and you need to stay out of my way." "Oh really then tell me what's going on me and my friends can help" Sunset replied Cathring got angry. "You can't help and the magic of friendship won't help not against this guy! No way! All you'll do is get killed!" Cathring stormed off as Sunset stood there stunned. How did she know about the magic of friendship? There is more to her than she is telling! she thought Then she decided to walk home. On her way she passed an alley. There was a voice in the dark. "Hey you come and play...I want to play come here!" then a shadow stretched all the way to Sunset and tried to pull her into the alley! chapter 5 Sunset screamed and then the shadow disappeared and in its place was a glowing white sword. The light revealed a person but Sunset could not make out who it was. Then from the other side a voice rang out. " Leave her alone Blade!" it was a dudes voice! The shadow figure left the alley and a guy with snow white hair and a turtleneck sweater came over to Sunset. "Are you ok?" he said as he put his sword away. Sunset looked at him. "Yea but who are you?" she asked. The man looked up. "My name is Snow Storm and I am looking for a friend." Sunset nodded then pointed to his sword. "How was that glowing? Are you from equestria?" Snow shook his head. "No I am not from equestria, I don't even know what that is. However i am from a different world" he said. He helped Sunset up then headed to the street. "I have to go. Latter." and then the wind blew, and took him with it as he disappeared. Sunset stood there stunned but she walked home thinking about Snow the entire time. chapter 6 The next day Sunset was standing outside her house with Pinkie Pie and Rainbowdash. Rainbow was reading her book, and Pinkie was playing a chess with Sunset. "You know I think adventure love us!" said Pinkie. "How do you figure?" asked Sunset. "Every time something big happens we are there to see it! Remember when a muffin ate our school?" Rainbow tilted her book down. "Huh? What?!?" Sunset laughed. "I think that one was a dream!" Pinkie looked at them. "Darn! Wait maybe that's why I don't remember the rest!" Sunset could not get Snow out of her mind. "Hey do you guys think there are other worlds other than equestria?" she asked Pinkie moved her piece on the board. "Check!" Then she looked up and took a breath. "You met another person from another planet and has came here to stop a great evil that has started killing people and he needs the help of our neighbor in order to do this because the villain is soooo strong but in order for him to be stopped he needs to be killed with his own weapon and in order for the other two to get home they need to charge the crystals they have" she lets out a breath. "Right?" sunset stared at her for a moment. "how do you do that?" Pinkie shrugged. "I don't know things just pop up in my head!" "Is it true though?" asked Rainbow Dash as she was reading her book. "Yes it is true" said Cathring as she shuts her door and walks over to them. "There is no point lying to you now." Sunset nodded. "So now will you tell me why your eyes went dragon like?" "They weren't dragon, they were cat and that is because I am fifty percent cat, twenty-five percent pony and twenty-five percent deamon, I am a good person and did not murder that person though." "I believe you, I ran into a shadow figure yesterday and would of died if Snow Storm did not save me." "Wait Snow is here!" "Yea he might be looking for you." "The magic of friendship might not help but that doesn't mean you guys can't. Are you up some sword and gun training?" Rainbow had already put her book down when cathring started talking and now stood up in excitement. "Hell yea!" Sunset nodded standing up too. "Me too I am in!" Pinkie jumped up. "Me too! See this is what I was saying adventure loves us!" Then gets serious. "Save the muffin for me!" The other three laugh. "I was serious!" screamed Pinkie. chapter 7 Cathring lead the three into her basement. She flipped a switch and the walls rotated so the walls were filled with weapons. "Whoh!" they all said in unison. "Pick what you'd like, you can keep 'em too." said Cathring Rainbow Dash looked around and saw two Katanas. "Oh yea thats me!" Cathring walked up to Rainbow Dash and handed the armor that went with them. "Sweet this is too cool!" she said. Sunset saw a Sniper Rifle and a Desert Eagle and picked them up. "This will work." Again Cathring walked up to Sunset with the armor that went with the guns and gave them to Sunset. "Thank you" she said. Last but not least, Pinkie chose a Shotgun and a Compact Bow. "Yay I will have a blast with these!" Cathring gave Pinkie her armor and motioned for them to follow her. She flipped her wrist and a portal opened. "This will lead to a safe part of this world for us to train. Follow me." They went through the portal and ended up in a grass field. There was no trees and no buildings. Cathring summoned targets for Pinkie and Sunset, then walked up to Rainbow. "I will train you personally since you chose melee weapons." "OK" Rainbow Dash replied The rest of the day they trained.At the end of the day Rainbow Dash was sore, and Pinkie and Sunset were exhausted. "Alright you all have done great!" said Cathring. "Come on let's go home and I'll buy you all ice cream!" All of a sudden Pinkie raced to Cathring. "You said the magic word!" They went back through the portal and the moment they walked into the basement a TV came on with the news. "This afternoon a girl was murdered, the police have reported it to be the same killer as the the one that killed the student at canterlot high. Police don't know who the killer is yet so we advise for people to stay inside. Now for the weather..." Cathring turned off the TV. "Do you guys know who that was?" she asked. "Based off the picture I'd say Trixie" said Sunset. "That is the second murder in four days we need to get better fast" said Rainbow. "But can we still get some ice cream?" asked Pinkie. "Of course." said Cathring as they head out the door to the ice cream shop. chapter 8 The next day during Chem-Phys the teacher talked about melting metals with extreme heat. That gave Cathring a great idea. That afternoon Cathring was in the basement with Pinkie, Rainbow, and Sunset. They we talking about the two murders. "If someone can kill like that then how are we supposed to defeat him?" asked Sunset. "Well science class today gave me a great idea I need to practice getting my fire up in temperature for we can melt his metal and then he won't have a defence. I also have enough of his metal to make a bullet for each of your guns Sunset and one sword of yours Rainbow." Cathring said as she goes to one of her drawers. She casted a spell on the metals and they turned into a sword and two bullets. "Here" she said as she gave the sword to Rainbow and the bullets to Sunset. "These need to be stabbed or shot in the head for it to work." "OK" said Sunset Rainbow just swung the sword. She put it away and they headed up stairs to find that the upstairs was on fire! chapter 9 The four ran out of the house as fast as they could just to see it explode. Cathring started to cry as she fell down to her knees. At that moment she saw a shadow run into the night as a fire truck came to put out the fire. Cathring stood up and started toward where the shadow was. She went into an alley and there was two people standing there. "Well well well. If it isn't Kitty" said someone familiar. "I should've know you were Twisted Blade, Put-down" said Cathring. "Well now you're trapped so you're going to die and then I will kill everyone and bring my people her to replace them!" he said laughing. "I beg to differ you see you just burned my house..." "Yea and?" "My teddy bear was in that house!" she shrieked. Her hair rose to reveal her cat ears. Her arms caught on fire as well as the rest of her. She grew wings then she landed on the ground. Blade and his shadow was taken by surprise. Cathring blasted fire at the shadow and it disappeared. Then she blasted fire at Blade and he blocked it with a warped piece of metal from his body. Cathring charged and started to try to do a series of kicks toward Blade, but Blade blocked them all! The others showed up with their weapons and waited for their order to shoot. "Fire on sight" said Cathring as she jumps out of the way. They all fired and Rainbow tried slicing but Rainbows swords broke and the bullets bounced off! Just then Snow showed up! "Am I late" he asked. "Just in time" said Cathring. she let out her hand and Snow grabbed it as he nods, then he turned into a giant red sword. "Oh yea now we are ready!" she said Cathring charged again but this time she cut Blades arm completely off! Blade staggered back as he put his other arm up to try to block the last attack. But he had no luck she drove the sword through his hand and into his heart. "Die for once and for all!" she screamed as he let out his last breath. Cathring took the sword out of Blades chest as it turned back it to Snow. "thank you Snow" she said as she walked over to Sunset, Pinkie, and Rainbow. "Who can I bunk with for the night." Rainbow raised her hand. "Um you can stay with me but your house won't be done in a day." she said as Cathring returned to normal state the only thing that did not disappeared was her tail and her ears. "We will be returning home tomorrow" Cathring replied. "Why do you have to go" asked Rainbow Dash. "Because we don't belong here" said Cathring as they all went home to get some sleep. chapter end The next morning Sunset woke up and got ready from school. She had just got everyone to like her, especially after saving them from Twilight. She went down stairs and went to pick up a apple to find there was a big piece of chocolate on the table. On the chocolate was a note. "Thank you for your help." Sunset was confused. She thought it must refer to Twilight but she grabbed a apple anyway and headed out the door. she ran up to Applejack and Rainbow as they headed to school. "Did any of you get a piece of chocolate on your table?" she asked "Yea I did and there was a note saying thank you but I don't know what for." said Rainbow "I did not get anything so you two must have a secret admirer" said Applejack. "I wonder who it was from." said Sunset. "I don't care I got free chocolate!" said Rainbow as the enter the school. As soon as they walk through the door Sunset bumped into someone. "Oh sorry Sunset." said Flash Sentry "It is ok flash you did not mean to." she said as she looked up into his eyes. She could have sworn that she saw a flash of red but she dismissed it and went to class.
  20.!4422&authkey=!ALljx9l6cxeApf8&ithint=file%2cdocx For some reason I turned it into a little bit of a dark story by the end. No idea why, but I felt like it. May get notched down a few points because of a sudden tonal shift, IDK. Let me know what you think.
  21. this is an orange pony it has an evil cloud mane or something and there is a light idk i thought it would look cool
  22. Please feel free to give me critical feedback only story The Blaze That Started The Fire Chapter 1 Death. I awoke in this rusty cage that Discord called home. I had been stuck here for so long I'd almost forgot the days of the week, but luckily I could see through the bars of my iron imprisonment to view the calendar on Discord's cluttered wall. It always told me the date, but also depressed me at the same time. I wondered how much longer I had to suffer in this rotten hell hole. Though I did learn to deal with not being fed more than once a day with small bits on snacks in between the day, that didn't stop me from acknowledging that I wasn't being treated fairly. Then again, what could I expect from a Discord? Discord, the master of chaos, he could watch Equestria crumble and wither away while sipping on chocolate milk. He didn't care what had to be done as long as it made him happy, the whole world could burn and he wouldn't give a damn. I hate Discord, with all my heart, he's a heartless monster that doesn't care how his actions effect others. "Hello there's your day been going so far?" Discord questioned as his head came from somewhere around the walls. "I just woke up" I replied with sarcasm "Oh but there's so much to see when you first wake up" "Name one thing that would be worthwhile seeing when you're trapped in an isolated cage" "The public execution of royal guards don't you know?" Discord proclaimed with a grin I looked back into Discord's dark eyes with a bitter taste on my tongue "I'm not going to watch you torture innocent pony's for your own amusement" I said while he backed up to the end of his cage "Oh but it will be such fun to watch them squirm and dance!" Discord said while conjuring some type of boom box and placing it down beneath the cage "What do you mean dance? What are you planning Discord?" "Oh just a little fun competition" Discord replied with a snicker "Now Blaze...hear me out...they're going to dance for the chance to receive a quick and painless death instead of a long and vigorous one" "Your sick Discord...I can't believe you....Actually it's not even hard to believe someone like you would have ponies dance for their lives" "You may be correct....I feel a slight fever.....But that's beside the point! I could be a terrible person and make them both eat out there own stomachs! But no!....I'd much rather watch them dance for their skin...Wouldn't you?" I prepared myself to cover my ears and close my eyes shut. I hated having to listen to pony's being tortured for no reason other then to please a tyrant. I covered my ears but could still hear the screams of a whimpering stallion begging for his life. "Please! Please! I'll do whatever you want! I have a family!" "This is whatever I want....A family you say?! I'll send a postcard regarding your plead of mercy" Discord said to the whimpering soldier as he set up the boom box on the ground. There were two royal guards on the dance floor, one which looked like he had a few metals and ribbons, he had to have some experience under his belt.....or a lot. "You're despicable soldier! It's common knowledge to die with honor! Not like some half-assed whining idiot complaining about his death!..I do a killer robot and plan to die with a swift death" Discord laughed and put his arm the stallion who was heavily decorated and also seemed like he knew the fundamentals of dying with honor, "I like you...You just wanna get the game over with so that you can die! Your gonna do great!" The stallion turned his head in revolt from Discord. "Okay...Now that your all buttered up and ready to go!...let's begin!" Discord turned on the boom box with a snap of his fingers, music snapped to life from the boom box beats echoed through the walls loud enough to filter into my cage and hear the music too. The stallions stepped up to the dance floor and began to dance. The first stallion told there unsure of what to do, obviously he hadn't been prepared for the cruelty that Discord prepared for them. The second stallion has already on the Dance floor doing what looked like a damn good robot. Discord looked pleased all except for the one who wasn't dancing. In the first minute of the dancing the first stallion fell to the floor, "I CANT DO THIS! KILL ME! KILL ME NOW" Discord stopped enjoying the music and turned to face the pony who was balling his eyes out on his glorious dance floor. Discord looked at him with cold eyes, "Fine...but don't say I didn't warn you" With a snap of Discord's fingers an oven appeared and the stallion was shoved into it, the oven was turned to a crisp 230 so the stallion would cook slowly. The stallion started knocking furiously on the window blood appearing where he would put his hooves and yelling for mercy. 'How much more disgusting could Discord get?' I pondered in my mind then realized I really didn't want to know. Discord realized Blaze cowering in his cage and decided to put the oven right up to the cage so he could watch all the excruciating pain that was going through the stallion right now. I didn't move at all I kept himself curled up in the corner of my cage with my hooves covering my ears all the while tears steaming down my face. -------------6 months later------------- Chapter 2 Deceit. I zoned back into reality once more from his day-dreaming. I always took it up myself to look around my cage to see if anything ever changed, but nothing ever did. Everything always stayed exactly the same and nothing was ever different. Rust cluttered the floor, scratches and buck prints covered the walls of the cage when I first arrived here to try and escape. I wondered if Discord would ever get a new cage, but then a thought came to mind, 'Discord is an ass-hole' he would never do something nice for anyone if he wasn't going to get something out of it. Everyday I got to listen to the diplomatic skills Discord possessed, talking to each types of pony species, earth-pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus. Discord filled their heads with deceit, but they weren't full lies which confused me. Discord would tell the truth, but fill in gaps with lies. I wondered what kind of tactics Discord was playing. Maybe Discord thought if he shrouded the truth in lies, then when all the species found out they would have no one to blame considering Discord always told them the truth, but an altered truth. He always made false observations that he saw the unicorns poisoning the crops or the Pegasi were setting up more mortars on top of the clouds. Discord never left his castle in fear of Celestia and Luna coming and rescuing me. I would shout to all the species that Discord was lying to them and didn't have a clue what was going outside, but Discord cast a spell on my cage every time that he had some pony over at the castle to stop anyone from asking questions of my captivity. The spell cloaked my cage and filtered any sounds coming from it. Apparently I had been daydreaming again, I thought I could hear sounds of growling griffons and their wings flying off away from the castle, Discord came up to my cage, "And dear how you start conflict" Discord left the cage and went back to his thrown casting a cloud of chocolate milk over himself. I sat there in disbelief thinking about what he could have said to upset the griffons so much? -------------8 months later------------- Chapter 3 Hope. It doesn't feel like anything is going to change. I'm going to be stuck here forever. Celestia and Luna can't fight back because of me, maybe I should just........... No. I can't think like that. I've got to stay strong and play the waiting game until the very end. It's just so hard everyday I've got to keep myself entertained and alive. It feels like I've got no hope left to hold on to. I can't let Discord get the satisfaction of seeing me lose all hope, but then again he needs me or Celestia and Luna will storm this castle and put Discord in his damn place where he belongs, Hell. I fear I'll never see that day. I've been trapped since I was born which today would be seven years. It's been a struggle to wait here and watch the world pass by as I sit in this rusting cage losing my entire childhood to some jerk who wants to bring the world to shambles. Even if I get out of here where do I have left to go to? Family? Friends? I don't know my family at all if I even have one, I haven't made anything near a friend except the bugs that wander into my cage. I doubt that Celestia and Luna would do much with my after rescuing me, they have much better things to do then just take care of some stupid Alicorn. I've never met Celestia or Luna, I've heard stories from the ponies that waltz into this castle to converse with Discord. Stories of how they raise the moon and sun everyday, but why they would give so much power to two ponies I'll never understand. They're said to have waving manes and tails, with beautiful eyes and a personality so kind it would make you puke rainbows. I didn't know much about kindness only the fact that Discord didn't ever try to present it. Actually, truth is I didn't really know much about anything, I learned how to speak through listening to Discord talk amongst others and Discord occasionally allowed me to read some books, although if I didn't finish them in half of an hour he would burn them. Just burn history books that contained pieces of important information, that was just proof that Discord didn't care about anyone but himself. I learned a lot from the books, first book Discord gave me was a book on reading basics. I learned pretty fast which surprised me and moved on to harder reading levels. Though I was given books whenever Discord felt like it there was still the boredom I could never escape in here. When or if I get out of this stupid cage I'm going to be the master of waiting and maybe even boredom. ----------------2 years later------------ Chapter 4 Visitors. Discord has been telling me of a surprise diplomatic visit from Princess Luna. You know what I did when he told me that? Spat right on his face and called him a fat liar. Of course I received the punishment for that after which was a slap across my face. I didn't want to get my hope up anymore than I already had. I read in one of my books that it was better not to hop, skip, and jump to conclusions when it came to pony's who you thought were lying. Lethe thing is, one Discord is not a pony and two I didn't think he was lying....I knew he was lying. He told me she would be here soon, I assumed the last time she saw me I was just a foal, but now I was 9 years of age and I'd grown a lot since then in size and knowledge. Apparently she would be here any minute alone by herself and not able to perform any type of real powerful magic. What I mean is she would not be able to defeat Discord by herself which really made me angry. Then I heard a door open from what I had finally found out was the end of the hallway. Discord cast his spell on my cage, but thankfully I could still see out of the one way mirror. There she was, the Princess of The Night, Luna. She was more beautiful then I had ever imagined. She approached Discord with out showing the littlest glimmer of fear. "Luna!...It's sooooo good to see you again!....How's me favorite sister?" "We're not related in any way, shape, or form Discord!" "Oh but we've been through soo much together...It practically feels like we're related" Luna shook her head in disapproval but continued to speak. "I'm here to talk about the Alicorn foal Discord, where is he?" Discord flew above Luna's head and then back in front of her, "Oh he's fine....I've kept him in very good condition.." "What are you serious!?!?" I yelled furiously, realizing after that no pony could hear me. If I've ever seen the king of lies that would be it! I'd been treated with nothing but cruelty! He didn't feed me more than once a day! He beat me when I didn't do what he told me! Even sometimes when I did exactly what he said, he still hit me anyway! I wanted to scream and blast myself out of this cage! Then horn started to glow, streaks of red came off and disappeared after they hit the ground. "Magic..." I repeated over and over again. "I know magic!" I yelled inside my cage, I looked around and let out a sigh of relief that this cage was sound proof. I tried to muster out another bit of magic, but my horn wouldn't do it anymore. Now I just felt depressed, I had summoned magic once but why couldn't I do it again when I commanded it to!? I calmed down and walked to the bars of my cage to listen once more. "I won't make any negotiations without seeing the welfare of the foal" Discord frowned and snapped his fingers, "Yes? Discord do you need me?" A voice appeared from behind Discord's throne. 'What trickery was this!?' I screamed in agony, but this time in my head. Discord had made a replica of me and was trying to pass me off to show that I wasn't being treated like a slave. Luna smiled and looked at the copy of me with hopeful eyes. Discord encouraged the copy to come over and meet the guest with a wave of his hand. The copy came up to the princess and turned his head, "Who are you?" "I am Princess Luna and I'm here to negotiate for your freedom" Luna answered with a smile The fake looked up to Discord and Discord nodded his head in approval for him to go back around the throne and wait for Luna to leave. "Obviously you can see he's in great condition" Luna frowned when she looked back at Discord, "Fine, I will negotiate on peaceful terms" Discord smirked, probably because he was able to fool the Princess in such an easy manner. Discord began the negotiation first, "Great..Now let me begin...*Ahem*" Discord brung out a giant list that went down the entire hallway. He then pulled out some glasses and started to read...."I would like the entire Kingdom"...... Luna opened her eyes wide and then released a sharp glare. She pulled the list from Discord's claw and pulled it closer to her eye, "This is preposterous!" She looked down the entire list, "All this has on it is "'I would like the entire Kingdom'" on it down the hallway!" Discord took his list back, "It was such as big demand that I had to write it on a big piece of paper" She shook her head in disbelief, "There is no way that Celestia or I would trade the entire Kingdom for...." She cut herself off before she finished, "We can't afford the entire Kingdom no matter how important the occasion" I may have felt sad, but Luna was right, I really didn't have any importance other than getting in the way. Discord looked angry now, "Well that's where the offer stands...That or I kill the young Alicorn" "You obviously don't understand the importance of an Alicorn Discord! The chances of an Alicorn being born Discord....You know how rare that is! If you give me the foal now you are guaranteed a quarter of the Kingdom" "Obviously,I don't care" Discord flew up closer to the Princesses face, "....Oh dear Luna...You can't possibly expect to believe that you'll come through with that promise." She smiled, "Discord you can trust me...You are my favorite brother after all" Discord smirked and flew back to his thrown, when he sat down he had a cup of tea in his hand. "I want at least 3/4 of the Kingdom and I'll let you keep Canterlot for free" Luna stomped her hoof down with ferocity which in return made me jump a little bit. "Do not act as if you are doing us a favor Discord!" She yelled from the bottom of the throne. She took a deep breathe and resumed speaking, "Half of the Kingdom and that is my final offer...." Discord took a sip of tea and began to speak after he swallowed, "I'll think about the half of the Kingdom...You in the mean time should report back to your ruler" "She's not my ruler Discord! We both take part in the welfare of the kingdom!" "Are you sure about that?" Discord said with a grin, Discord could sense he was starting to aggravate her, "It seems as if she mostly takes the run of the place." She shook her head and started trotting out of the castle. Before she left my line of sight she turned her head and looked what seemed to be in my direction? Could she see me through the enchantment that Discord used on my cage? She only looked for a second and left the castle without saying another word. I felt like crying....I felt like crying until my eyes burned out. Little did I know I was already crying. I got up from my knees and brushed myself off as much as I could in this dirty cage. After getting the majority of dust and dirt off me I wiped me eyes, which probably wasn't such a good idea but who cares? Definitely not Discord and as far as I saw neither did Luna, but I couldn't sincerely blame her for not selling out the entire kingdom for one colt. I sat there expecting Discord to come up to the bars of my cage and tell me how worthless I am and how nobody would care or realize if I died right now. I got use to those petty insults everyday, but I didn't let it get to me. It didn't look like he was going to come up here anytime soon so I guess it was alright for me to get some shut eye. -------------3 years later--------------- Age. Discord said it was my birthday today. Still don't believe him as far as I can levitate him, but he's the only word I can go on. Apparently it's also the anniversary of my imprisonment. So I guess I'm celebrating two occasions today? Is the anniversary something I should really celebrate? Discord sure did, he gave me a book on Equestria Inhabitants and one on The Pony Body. I was confused on why he would give me the second one and when I asked him he told me that it would help me understand things in a few years. Discord said I could keep The Pony Body one for as long as I wanted. I still didn't understand, but I guess I would figure it out later when I aged another year or so. It has been three years since the visit of Luna. I haven't seen her back in this castle since. I can't tell what that means yet for sure, but I have a hunch that Luna and Celestia are planning something. I couldn't be positive, but there really wasn't anything else to have faith in. I've been holding onto faith for as long as I could remember. I've only seen glimpses and small glances of the outside through the bars of my cage. I wonder what else is waiting for me out there in the world outside of my cage. I've read history books, but those were all from years ago. Equestria couldn't possibly still look like what I've read could it? I don't know why I even think about stuff like that, it doesn't matter because I'm never getting out of here. I want to have hope, I really do, but it's getting ridiculous. I spend everyday hoping that today will be different, maybe he won't hit me today, maybe he won't torture innocent pony's in front of me, maybe he won't insult me and tell me I'm nothing. I think I might be going insane, everyday I expect things to change, but they never do and it burns me up. Speaking of burn, I should probably finish this book on Equestria Inhabitants before Discord gets his hands on it and tarnishes it. I have to say it's an interesting book there's a lot more species that I haven't seen like: Timber wolves, dragons, and...Alicorns.... There was a section of the book that was for Alicorns. The fact that whoever made this book created an entire side of the book intrigued me so I turned to the page. The book told of a species of pony that had both wings and a horn. When I read this I took a quick look at myself just to make sure I met the criteria of an Alicorn, unsurprisingly I definitely was. I always wondered what an Alicorn was, Discord never told me. When I saw Luna walk in I just assumed she acquired the wings and horn because she was royalty. I couldn't by royalty.....Could I? I continued to read on in the book, apparently Alicorns were very rare and practically extinct from what I read of the accounted numbers. Alicorns could harness the ability of the Pegasi and Unicorn. Though Alicorns were a hybrid of the two species, and maybe the earth-pony as well, but I wasn't very sure. Alicorns could use the skills of both species to the fullest extent and maybe even a bit more. Some Alicorns had special abilities in using magic, such as learning to use magic at an earlier age and being able to do alternating genres of magic. "Times up" a voice from behind the bars on my cage said. I could only assume it was Discord and I didn't bother to argue at all because I knew it wouldn't do anything for me. I slid the book on its back to the end of the cage. I saw Discord's shady paw pick up the book and I could guess what was going to happen next to it. ——————2 years later————— Growing Up. Well...I finally realized what the purpose of that book Discord gave me was really for. I understand things a lot better now. Things regarding my body, personal feelings, and other ideas and thoughts I'm not so keen on sharing. Since Discord let me keep the book on the pony body I use it as a reference in case I need to remind myself on why I feel the way that I do. Which is quite useful at most times because the pony body really is something fascinating. It even gave me information on how to deal with the thoughts and feelings that come to my mind.....Which...I admit was a strange chapter to be reading, but nonetheless it gave me insight which was what it was meant for. Growing up. I'm practically a stallion now and I've lost my entire childhood. My knowledge is probably corrupted, social skills fragmented, but functional, and relationships non existent. I've been unable to make any friends or get to know any pony enough to make some type of relationship...... Basically love will probably be out of the question when or if I get out. "If I get out." Believe it or not that query is still as questionable as my magic skills. Which actually seem to be getting better as I age. At the moment it's my only hope of getting out of this hell-hole without the help of the Princesses. I was able to muster a bit of magic, but I really didn't know any spells that could aid in my escape. My magic skills were developing, but I was more focused on my wings. In a book on Equestrian Inhabitants I learned that Alicorns could harness the full abilities of the Pegasi and Unicorn. This was definitely something to consider in my condition because I needed everything I could to evade Discord. Knowing Discord he'd probably make my wings tie up in a knot when I tried to fly off. I don't want to imagine how much that would hurt. Forgetting the fact that Discord would probably do worse things to me after he brought me back to his castle and my stupid cage. If only Princess Luna had seen the condition I was really in then she would've never indulged in negotiations. I can't help pondering about that day she came. I wasn't really sure how to feel about it, but I did feel excitement. Excited because after fourteen years I had someone here with more of an interest than torturing and beating me. That day was more of a punch to the stomach than something to be excited about. Only thing that happened out of that was seeing a copy of me convince Princess Luna that I wasn't in any bad condition at all and that if she wanted me back then a third of the kingdom was about to become Discord's including its ponies. I didn't want to imagine the horrific chance of Discord in charge of other lives. He would probably treat them like me, but with a lot more ponies to try different things on. I sighed heavily and laid my head down on the cold floor of my cage. Felt like today was taking extra long to pass by. I started to close my eyes a bit, but then I could feel the wind picking up and breezing my body. It felt good, but I was shivering a bit. I wondered where it could have been coming from and if Discord felt it as well. I looked out my cage bars and towards Discord who was sitting on his throne with his eyes closed not seeming to notice the frigid air. It almost looked as if the air was just coming towards me. Then something landed in front of my hooves. I lifted up my left hoof and placed it down next the the paper and as I did......the wind stopped. I looked around and then at Discord again to make sure he hadn't seen anything. Thankfully he hadn't seen the paper float into my cage. I picked up the piece of paper carefully with my magic. The paper looked like it hard been torn from somewhere forcefully and had seen some bad conditions on the way here. I looked at what it had on the paper, in a weird different language that I wasn't too sure I fully understood, it read, "Sunflare" with directions and tips on performing........"Wait" I mumbles to myself quietly, "This is a spell" I concluded. I went to the back of my cage and sat down with the paper in front of my face. I didn't know where it came from, what it did, or how to perform it. I could learn it, but it would take a long time without someone to teach me professionally. I didn't think I was going to be able to practice it or Discord would without a doubt know that my magic skills were developed and needed to take extra precaution in watching me. I'd just have to hope that this was something useful and didn't take much practicing to fully master. I had hope to hang onto now. Actual real hope in something that could go right. I just had to believe in no pony, but myself. --------------8 Months later------------ War. I'd woken up in my cage almost six times tonight. It just wouldn't stop, the bombarding of spells and other explosions filtered out every and any other sounds. It was so damn loud and didn't seem to have any end to it. Discord seemed to be enjoying it quite well, he had pulled out a lawn chair and was sitting right in front of the window, a front row seat to the hellish massacre. Just what in the hell was going on out there? I had tried moving closer to my cage bars to see what was happening, but it was just too smokey outside. I don't even know how Discord could be watching everything out there. I could ask, but I'm not sure I could handle the answer. Knowing myself and my curiosity I did anyway, "Discord" I yelled from my cage, "What's going on out there?" Discord turned his head to my cage for a response, "What you're hearing right now my dear friend.....are the cries of War....." 'War?' I thought to myself, what could've started conflict in Equestria? I really didn't want to know what had initialized the bombardment of the others outside. The loud Boom noises started to drown out, maybe they had run out of magic or something? I wasn't quite sure on how their war machines worked, mostly because I never read anything on them, but also because I never thought it would come to that. From the books that I had read, it seemed as if the species that lived on Equestria were reasonable and modest ponies. That wasn't to say perhaps the Zebra or Griffons had been an asset to starting the war, but I didn't like to point hooves without evaluating the entire situation. The loud noises stopped and I could finally hear and think clearly. I looked down at Discord, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought about it at the moment, but Discord could've been a huge factor to the start of the so called War as well. I thought back to the day that Discord invited the Griffons over to his castle to discuss certain....problems. He had talked to them for a while and had the Griffons leaving with a scowl and furiously flying out the door. He had left lots of other ponies mad and storming out of the castle, but the Griffons, they were a violent bunch and I wondered how they would deal with whatever Discord had told them. Since I didn't have much information on the outside wall I couldn't tell if anything else could've influenced a spark of war. War....was a different subject for me, I hadn't read much about it because....there simply wasn't a lot on the topic. Apparently Equestria has faced many years of peace and tranquility throughout its founding and beyond. Equestria had been doing pretty good for itself, considering I don't think it would be too hard out there to plant food and find water for themselves, but then it was the issue of other species moving in and needing to provide for themselves as well. That much I've learned, cultural and agricultural differences have a severe chance of sparking war, it could have been as simple as the Pegasi wanting to plant crops on Earth Pony land and the Earth Pony not letting them. I could see how the Pegasi would take offense to this and try to take the land forcefully. I could never understand why everyone refused to share, how couldn't there be enough land for all species to at least plant crops and sustain life for themselves. I guess I'd never truly understand it unless I faced war myself, which I hope I would never have to. What was known and written about war was that it was tragic, families dying, houses crumbling, and many of bystander lives being taken. It was sad, I didn't want to think about what it would be like to live a normal life up until now, then have it all come crashing down in one moment. Now I was just depressing myself, more than I already was that is. Since the hail fire of explosions had stopped, I guess I could probably try and get some sleep without any more interruption. ~~~~~~~~1 month later~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 8 Timing. Time, it seemed it was getting thinner and that I was just wasting it. I had a means of escape, but what if it wasn't what I thought it was I was screwed. I would only have one chance to escape, and I knew not if I could even safely perform the spell. Let's see, SunFlare, the sun was bright, very bright, and a flare was something used to signal people. So maybe the spell was used to summon very bright that signaled other ponies? That was no use to me though, no pony would care that they knew I was present here. Maybe I could work it differently to my advantage, or maybe the spell name was just as it was, a name. I couldn't possibly make an educated guess on what the spell did. I didn't have a choice, but to try it out. When Discord was asleep I might have a better chance to try it out, but a smaller magnitude. I peered outside my cage looking from side to side to find Discord. He was sleeping on his throne with something covering his eyes. "Asleep and eyes covered", I could try the spell now and there would be a fairly good chance he wouldn't see it at all. I retrieved the paper from its resting place in the corner of my cage and proceeded to unfold it. I looked outside of my cage once more to make sure Discord was asleep then examined the paper a bit closer. I went through the steps in my mind and did them in sequence in my cage. "First step, planet hooves firmly, done. Second step, deep breathe." I took in a large amount of air and let it out effortlessly. "Done, third step, begin to focus magic out of horn." I looked closely at the incantations on the paper to perform the spell. I assumed I was doing it correctly and began to run through the physical steps again. Slowly, but surely my horn began to glow and a small beam of light began collecting on the tip of it. "Oh crap." The beam was getting too big! I had to release it before it was bright enough to wake up Discord. I focused the energy from the tip of my horn and out sending a flash of light bright enough to light the entire room outside my cage. I quickly trotted to the bars of my cage and searched for Discord to see if he saw the flash. Thankfully, Discord hadn't even moved positions when I casted the spell. Right....the spell, I knew what it did now, a spell so bright it'll make your eyes melt, something just perfect for Discord. I can't believe I'd even able to cast that spell! At first I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, I'm guessing my Alicorn heritage probably helped in some way to cast that spell. Now I had a game plan, now I just needed the right time to put it in action ~~~~~~~~~5 days later~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 9. Escape. It has been 5 days since I casted SunFlare, I hope I have still retained the skill of casting it and will be able to do it when I truly need to. I'm waiting for the opportune time to cast it, I know for a fact that the spell takes a second to warm up, I'll need some sort of distraction to prepare the spell. Believe me, with chance like this I've been waiting and searching patiently during the past few days for an opportunity to blind Discord and perform an escape. Nothing has been able to give me enough time to prepare the spell and lure Discord near me. A loud knock interrupted my train of thought, it came from the front door of the castle. Two more knocks came before Discord decided to get up from his throne and investigate the knocking. Before he went for the door he played his usual routine and put the enchantment on my cage to cloak me. CRASH! "Storm the castle!" a voice from below my cage ordered, before I knew it Griffons started flooding the castle. "Arrogant idiots", I stated to myself, "Wait....." This is the perfect time! I planted my hooves and tried to breathe easily, but the overwhelming screams and yelling from outside was making it hard. The screaming had come to a stop, "Crap!", I breathed and focused magic out of my horn. The light began to gather on the tip of my horn and began to glow, I could see the enchantment fade away. "Go time", Discord saw the light emanating from my cage, "What are you doing up there!?" He flew up to my cage and proceeded to open it, "Stop that now or you'll suff..." I casted the blinding spell and watched as Discord fell to the ground covering his eyes. "You little brat!", I spread out my wings and without thinking jumped from my cage. I floated in the air a bit before coming down hard and crashing some what softly into a wall. "Dang it..." Discord started to get up, I has to perform another spell, but this time even faster! I breathed and began focusing as much magic as I could, the light was getting insanely bright and if almost couldn't see with it gathering on my horn. Discord came at me and I released the beam directly at his eyes, "UUGGHH!!!", I saw him open his eyes, but he wasn't looking at any general area. His eyes were completely yellow except for his pupil, the spell must have got him good. I backed up a bit and turned to gallop as fast as my legs could carry me out the door that was now laying on the floor. I ran, ran, and ran some more, not even looking back for a second to see if he was following me. I was deep inside a forest and quiet a unsettling one at that. It had oddly shaped trees and fog collecting in the air. I kept galloping as far away from the castle as I could, I had to get back to the Princesses, they would keep me safe. I saw light interjecting between two trees, I went towards the light and when found it showed a small little town inhabited by a group of earth ponies. I tried to walk towards them, but fell to the ground, I fainted from over exhausting my body..... I was now in deep sleep.
  23. Hello everypony! I made a theme song of Midnight Sparkle!!! It is a weird theme song, but i hope you guys like it! The music has different moods because it shows the theme's of the event of the scene of EG Midnight sparkle . ( From start to end) I don't know if this is supposed to be in the non-pony artwork topic list because there are no MLP related vocals in it. On the other hand, it has the scene in audio. I like to get some feedback. Thanks in advance!!!! Greetings from me, Dashner! ( Triple Shock) The link to the song:
  24. (This one was just out of boredom... ) Also, I have watched on youtube a bunch of times about six creepy/unsettling episodes of kid friendly shows, and I thought if they were able to do that with these shows and got little or no complaints (as far as I know) what would be the chances of the writers putting them in the show? Okay, so we already know they have some serious Dark Magic in the show of MLP:FiM and in the movies, but not all the way that dark due to the rating and censoring for some of the audience since at the end of the day, it remains a fun little kid show for kids, parents, adults, and teens for all to enjoy now. I am curious about what you guys think on the subject of the show introducing some "real world" dark magic like Voodoo, Nercomany, Witchcraft since in a few recent episodes things have gotten kind of dark, but still within limits of the show's ratings. Like in, "Do Princesses Dream of Sheep." there were savage dresses mutilating other dresses. (I know it's just a dress, but it reminded of one creepypasta and another where one of the mannequins in Rarity's boutique just takes on a life of it's even gaining gruesome looking sharp fangs with what I think was black spit.) Midnight Sparkle was also a semi dark reference to the show's dark magic and in "Bloom and Gloom" I don't think I need to give reason as how it was getting slightly dark every time Applebloom woke up to a different nightmare. Even in cutie re-mark there were mention of murder from "Tribal Fluttershy" even if she did say destroy instead of kill. So what do you guys think of them potentially putting other types of Dark Magic in the show, and able to make work without a lot of complaints from the audience or soccer moms. And as thanks to the fellow member who reminded me of KIng Sombra, the Alicorn amulet, Inspiration Manifestation and probably Flutterbat in the episode of "Bats" from when Fluttershy undergoes a vampiric transformation and goes hostile only consuming fruits. For King Sombra, he pretty much may go on my top ten censored dark themes in MLP if I ever did a top number video. Sombra showed up as a big, eerie, smoky, dark, scary, ghost like thing that took part in real world slavery to the crystal ponies, and his death being actually pretty violent even if it was censored, cartoon violence taking place. They used the power of the crystal heart and their love together to actually kill Sombra by practically blowing him to bits and pieces with no traces of him left except his horn. Then in "Inspiration Manifestation" things didn't get all too dark, but showed corruptive, mind consuming dark magic instead that only seemed to make Rarity get worse and worse the more she used it and the longer she had the book. My first personal thought while watching this episode was that, "Dear God, if this goes on any longer, this crazy, beautiful bitch might just actually lose her own sanity and self-control completely and turn someone into solid gold, mannequins, pony-shaped crystal/diamond statues and what ever else she could think of. Let's be honest, I think if Spike decided to let it go any further before actually saying something to her, she would have turned some poor bastard into a luscious, solid gold version of themselves I mean, she already trapped ponies inside of a crystal or diamond and damn near blinded a few others with solid gold ground. Even in the season finale of season 5 there more Twilight time traveled, it only gotten worst until Equestria was nothing more than a dead, sandy waste land with no sign of like what so ever that gave the impression the ponies and animals there have left Equestria and now somewhere beyond because it gotten too bad for anyone to live or they all died and Equestria became nothing at all. That actually took me off guard after seeing that. Again, this was just out of boredom...