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Found 5 results

  1. What would be your last words? What would you say when you can almost literally see the Death himself knocking at your soul? I know there is a lot of possibilities on how we will meet our demise, but for this thread, let's just limit it to four scenario here *** 1. You are dying of old age. All of your families and your beloved stand around your bed, their attention are yours. You have about ten minutes. 2. You are alone with your soul mate in your house. The ambulance won't arrive in time, five minutes before you meet your creator. 3. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere, no one is around you but a single voice recorder. The gunshot wound on your chest leave you with only one minute. 4. You are surrounded by your enemies in a hospital room. You only have enough time to deliver a single sentence.
  2. If mlp/fandom was completely dead for like 5 years after it stops production I would probably comeback to the fandom and try to get the fandom heartbeat again if that's even possible this is gonna be a sad event when it happens.
  3. Robin Williams has died at the age of 63. He was a great actor. I mainly know him for playing the genie in Aladdin (yeah I'm not good at movies) So mourn away.
  4. This is my first ever blog post but not my first ever blog. I hope you guys will enjoy it and comment. Here's what happend today in my world: One of my puppies died. I drew a new picture of my ponysona Fireball Rush. I read posts on MLPForums That's all that happened today. Going to eat lunch now and take a shower. Then I'm going to church later. I OFFICIALLY DECLARE THAT EVERY POST IN THIS BLOG WILL CONTAIN A PICTURE OF RAINBOW DASH STARTING WITH THIS ONE: ~Fireball Rush
  5. Okay, so I'd like to know what would you do if a doctor, for example, tells you that you're going to die in three weeks. You could die tomorrow, or two weeks from that moment, or exactly three weeks from that day. I'm very curious how you'd prioiritize your dreams. What would you do in this case? The first thing I'd do is have a huge party for me and my friends - to say good byes, for example. Or just have a hell of a time. Maybe I'd make them watch MLP with me, and have a generally good time. After that I'd arrange myself a trip to some awesome themepark as soon as possible - probably to Florida, to the Harry Potter world and Disney world. While I'm on the plane, I'd read Harry Potters and play my favorite DS games. Then I'd visit New York. After that I'd probably go to Japan, because I've always wanted to see how it's like. Then I'd come home ( if I'd still have time, of course ) and play video games and meet up my friends for the last times. I planned the trip so that I wouldnt even mind if I died before it's complete.