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Found 16 results

  1. Note for this list I'm only putting in characters that are not characters that I absolutely do not want to be in the game, like Minecraft Steve, the TF2 Heavy, and Master Chief (sorry but neither of them belong in Smash, particularly the Chief and the Heavy) and also characters I don't really particularly know of or know of any interest of being in the game. This list also includes a couple of characters I would want in the game that have had zero discussion about them (Cecil Harvey and Rabbid Mario (though Rabbid Peach has been discussed, and frankly Rabbid Mario would be a better idea)). Also NO FREDDY. Please NO FREDDY. S [What I really want to and think should get in]: Geno, Cecil Harvey (Please Sakurai), Marx, Lloyd, Shantae A [What I would be also happy with getting in]: Rabbid Mario (One can only dream), Crash Bandicoot, Bandana Dee, Phoenix Wright, Eggman, Shovel Knight B [What I would be a bit meh for getting in]: Hat Kid, Paper Mario, Rayman, Doom Slayer, Tails, King Boo C [What I wouldn't care to or sort of don't want in]: Shadow, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, Waluigi, Dante, Sora (Think of who else this would allow in for a second) Please don't come to my house with torches and pitchforks
  2. DLC or 'downloadable content' is something that can either be done incredibly well and add to a video game in many ways or it can be a corporate tool to get more money from gamers. With this in mind, do you all have a particular favorite DLC's for a game? Or how about your least favorite? There are plenty to find for both categories I am sure. You can also just say what type of DLC is your favorite/least favorite. One of my favorite pieces of DLC has to be The Stone Prisoner from Dragon Age Origins. It gave you many new quests if I remember, a whole new awesome character to have in your party and other additional content, that is how it should be done. The DLC for the Elder Scrolls games are way up there for me as well. Huh, two western RPG's doing DLC right, weird. Both of these games have DLC that actually enhance the experience and lengthen it too. A least favorite of mine has to be the map packs for Call of Duty. Take the newest entry Advanced Warfare as an example. In it's map packs, you get: One zombies map, 4 multiplayer maps, and one new gun. All for $15. Given that the multiplayer maps split the community and that one gun is just that, one gun, these packs are not worth it. This highlights two types of DLC that I cannot stand; Content that is obviously ripped from the base game and sold to us later and DLC that costs a chunk of what the original game costs and does not have the content to justify the price point. That is happening a lot lately. Also, season passes are a pet peeve of mine.
  3. On the 7th of this month, Bohemia Interactive released the sixth premium DLC package for ArmA 3, titled "Laws of War". Renowned as being the most committed military operation simulator, the reaction from the fanbase was mostly positive at the addition of a humanitarian faction whose goal is to clean up the detritus of war and bring some semblance of a normal life back to war-torn regions. On top of that, with an MSRP of $11.99 USD, Bohemia is donating half of all sales to the International Committee of the Red Cross. With everything said, I had to buy it the moment it came out! Although there was a free update that added all the new content to your harddrive, the DLC vehicles, attire, weapons, and campaign were locked behind a paywall. However, Bohemia did at least provide us with two free showcases, one of which was an exposition of all the new content and a background on the new faction, IDAP (the International Development & Aid Project), and the other was a much more action-oriented seminar where players are run through various simulations to impress the laws of war upon you. Some examples of lessons taught in the seminar included not firing on civilians who haven't engaged you in combat or unarmed enemy medical personnel. There was also a demonstration on how mines and cluster bombs can be more trouble than they're worth, staying hidden in the ground for days, months, or even years at a time until someone, anyone, accidentally disturbs it. Of the new content that was added in the DLC, the campaign will be explained later. Several new civilian, press, and IDAP-themed outfits and clothing articles were added, such as a paramedic jumpsuit, hard hat, dust mask, and safety goggles. Decorative items were also added, such as IDAP tents, water bottles, body bags, etc. The new vehicles include an IDAP van, ambulance, new IDAP skins for the formerly AAF-only Mohawk heavy transport helicopter and CSAT-only Zamak transport truck, and a special utility drone capable of dropping leaflets (which can have custom designs overlayed on them) as well as timed charges for safer disposal of mines and UXOs (UneXploded Ordinance). Speaking of mine-clearing, the mine sweeper that was already in the game was reworked, giving you a new display that shows you the direction of mines and UXOs, allowing you to mark them manually rather than the original mechanic, where the mine sweeper did all of that automatically. However, just because this DLC focused on the civilian and humanitarian aspects of war doesn't mean that the military factions didn't get anything. All organized military factions (so everyone but the FIA) get the APERS Mine Dispenser and the cluster bomb air strike utility. The former item is a portable device that deploys dozens of small Anti-PERSonnel mines in a forward-facing cone after either a 40-second timer or a manual touch-off, allowing players to set up minefields in a fraction of the time that it would have taken them to do so manually. The latter allows for Zeus operators (think Game Masters for organized ArmA 3 custom operations) to call in highly-destructive air strikes, with the very-obvious downside that not all of the cluster munitions will explode. As for the campaign, I'll do my best to explain the nuances of it without spoiling it. For those who don't mind the spoilers, I'll be putting them down at the bottom of the page, but keep in mind that there will be some spoilers for the main ArmA 3 campaign, as well. "Laws of War" takes place in the small town of Oreokastro in the mountainous northwest of Altis before, during, and after the events of the vanilla campaign. For most of the mini-campaign, you take on the role of Nathan MacDade, a former US Army engineer now working as an IDAP mine clearer. As you progress through the town, clearing out mines and UXOs, you encounter "memories", which take on the form of visual anomalies that you can interact with. Interacting with them either transports you into a flashback of what you remember the town was like one year ago, or into the shoes of a member of one of the four warring factions (NATO, FIA, CSAT, or AAF), all of whom were present during the battle in one way or another. The take-away message from this mini-campaign is that there is no such thing as black and white in war. From the opening scene, when you watch, helpless, as a civilian who survived the war and returns to his hometown in search of his brother steps on a mine and dies instantly, to the end, when you're put on the spot and asked to tell a reporter who you think is to blame, you're led to the understanding that war is complex and that when you send young men and women off to kill each other, they don't always make the right choice. No matter how good your intentions are, just because you aren't butchering civilians and laughing while doing it doesn't mean that your actions aren't having adverse effects on the non-combatants whose peace of mind is now shattered. If you're looking for honor and glory, you'll find none of it in war. For those of you who are on the fence about buying "Laws of War", I cannot recommend it enough. While about 60% of it can be classified as a walking simulator, it provides a whole new perspective on war that's rarely seen outside of games such as "This War of Mine". To quote one of Nathan MacDade's most profound lines (as well as the slogan for the game, overall): "This is war."
  4. Download it now at NexusMods! The Watcher is the prologue for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, and the first in a series of episodes in a DLC-length mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It introduces players to Gardens of Equestria, an episodic adventure that shuffles the reality of New Vegas like a pack of cards. GoE introduces new enemies, allies, and unique equipment from beyond the Mojave. As you investigate the cause of these echoes, you will choose a side and decide the fate of two worlds. However, it’s not just the start of a world-spanning adventure. Changes have swept through the New Pegasus area, altering everything from billboards to ancient Pre-War posters, stimpaks to road signs, teddy bears to the Las Pegasus sign itself. There’s also a new PipBuck radio station featuring 32 of the greatest hits from the MLP:FiM fandom. The reality distortions have even affected your PipBuck’s user interface, complete with new loading screens, a new progress wheel and altered game Perks. Custom cinematics, a fully-voiced cast, unique new ambient music and much, much more await you within. Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC. Prices and participation may vary. See store for details. If your download lasts for more than six hours, contact the Ministry of Peace immediately. This simulation has been approved by the Ministry of Morale, and verified by the Ministry of Arcane Sciences to run on most StableTecTM terminals.
  5. Not exactly the MLP debut on consoles we were expecting, but hey its a start. It costs 2.99 (or maybe 3.99, bottom line, its cheap) on the Xbox live Marketplace as DLC for Monopoly Plus. They actually released it before in April, but took it down for some reason. So if you want it, better by it now (I already have).
  6. 3 new fighters, 4 new stages, and 8 new Mii costumes. All of this new Smash Bros. DLC is out..... Today! Yes, Nintendo has confirmed that starting today, you can download all of this new DLC for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. So get those Hadukens ready.
  7. So, yesterday was the day download codes were sent via email to get the free Mewtwo DLC on Smash Brothers. I did all the registration stuff and guess what, it didn't send me the code. I can't see that I did anything wrong but the download code was never sent to me. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Why is DLC even a thing? All it does is allow game companies to milk more money from people. If you want to add stuff to your game, either release it with the game or add it in a system update. Don't just wave something popular in our faces and then go like, "Oh 5 bucks." Yes I get it, they need money but your games already cost around 60 bucks and already sell decently. Not to mention you guys sell out of Amiibos and Gamecube controller adapters quickly and never restock. The excuse is, "Oh, they're in high demand." That should just be an indicator to make more. Yeah, as you can tell, I'm not happy at Nintendo right now. I could talk about how broken their Creator Program on YouTube is, but that could get a rant on its own. Just know that it is more broken than YouTube's copyright system already is. I don't hate Nintnedo. Their games can still be good. However, some of their business practices I kind of question.
  8. doitdoitdoitdoitdoit Love, EA.
  9. We are two days away from what could possibly be the best DLC to ever be released. The Last of Us got an average of 9/10, to 10/10, and Im looking forward to what this DLC will be like. From what I've seen, it takes place before Ellie meets Joel, and it is using new fighting mechanics. So, anyone up for discussion about this?
  10. Since this is a mixed topic around most gamers, I would like to talk about it. What do you guys think of DLC. I know that most gamers don't like it, but I don't mind it. Although it can be because of greed sometimes *COUGHEACOUGH*, but I honestly think that it is a way of improving a game after it has been released. Although In-Game purchases can be considered DLC, I think it is just a dev's way of making money of a free game. So, what do you think of it?
  11. Activision © announced that on Wednesday, that they released a pack with new camo for all of the guns and calling cards with flags. It is now out for Xbox, it will be out for PS3/PC in April. So , just wanted to update everyone about the pack.
  12. Here is well an update on the downloadable content for Black Ops II. Treyarch © announced on Twitter, that PS3 and PC players will get the latest downloadable content on Black Ops II: Revolution on the 28th of this month. So all players mark that date on your calenders, February 28th! If you didn't buy the Season Pass, you can still buy it today! You can either buy it separately, or buy the Season Pass which is $49.99 on PS3. So, get your guns ready and game on!
  13. Well everypony, since the next Black Ops II DLC will be coming out soon. I decided to do a review on it. I really think this DLC will be pretty decent, I just hope Treyarch fixes the lag compensation though. So without further ado, here is my review. Call of Duty Black Ops II: Revolution DLC will be released January 29th for Xbox. Later on for PS3 and PC players. This DLC will feature the following: New maps in the Black Ops II game, when you purchase the DLC. Hydro Grind Downhill Mirage It will also include the exclusive Peacekeeper SMG And finally, it will have the new Zombies DLC map, Die Rise. Hope everypony enjoyed this review. News: Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC pack releases for PS3 on February 28th. Get all 4 map packs free with the Season Pass. Season Pass is $49.99.
  14. description: I love the smell of weaponry in the morning, smells like brutality. So this issue, I have a look at the Community Weapon Pack you know the drill; comment on how you like it, point out my flaws, yadda yadda yadda.
  15. So Bioware released today the Extended Cut ending for Mess Effect 3. In effect, to give closure to all those that were complaining that the choices you made in all three games came down to variations of three color coordinated endings. I'm currently in the middle of downloading the DLC and it's 1.85 GB. And a part of me can't help but be discouraged by this. I fully enjoyed the ending I got. (For those wondering I was Paragon with the Green ending.) I thought the way it ended wasn't the best by any means and there were holes in plot and continuity but it was an ending overall that I was satisfied with. But since we all know Bioware saw endless hell for the ending, they've done something I had hoped they never would. They've released more content to sate the masses. And I can't help but feel like this DLC is going to be 1.85 gigs of fan service. Which just doesn't sit well with me. So, thoughts on the Mass Effect 3 ending? On the new DLC? Side note: Try to be mindful of spoilers on the DLC. North America gets it today, the rest of the world has to wait until July 4th. Respect our faraway friends!
  16. Nintendo has announced that later this year the 3DS will be able to support paid DLC for games, and it isn't hard to believe that 3rd Party companies will eat that up and spit back out content of varying quality. Certain companies *cough* CAPCOM *cough* will probably rip us off, and others might give us great deals. What if Nintendo were to create DLC for their games? Do you think they could put anything good on the market that you'd be willing to buy? Basically, what kinds of DLC do you think will become available for the games we currently know are coming up on the market? Will this content be a marketing nightmare as most DLC is? Or can Nintendo weed out the best of the best for everyone?