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Found 115 results

  1. Here are some drawings of the 12th Doctor. I'm making a Doctor Whooves comic this summer, and these are some of the practice images. Also, at the end, is a quick drawing of my OC and Troubleshoes. (Please don't use these designs. Thank you, but reviews and comments are nice.) Doctor Whooves and Clara. I've never shipped my OC, but I feel like her she'd probably have a crush on Troubleshoes, and I really wanted to draw him. Thus this creation came about.
  2. Possibly the funniest line from the Doctor Who season eight Christmas special.
  3. My current OCs. Drawing Sign (left) and Drawn Signal (right) are mainly the best to meet for their personalities and what they are that's what makes them unique and different, there is a lot to know about them in future.
  4. I decided to make this...thing. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, that I don't know about?
  5. OK, so in the Season 5 preview video I Heard Brian Lenard say ''You need to learn more about s-'' ''You ever wonder about d-'' ''well guess what, we've been building and waiting a really long time, but we're finally gonna have-'' And then it turns to a picture of creepy twilight from Lesson Zero, after that he giggles. What is he talking about? Can you make it out? Guess? Also, is the season being split into two? Because I heard about a Hearth's warming episode, if that is not so? Then why if it's not Christmas yet? And one more philosophical question, why did Discord not take the smooze with him to defeat Tirek? He could have easily beat him!!!
  6. Both have no qualms to assimilate you into their respective kind, or to kill you if you dare resist. Which one would you rather join?
  7. I've made my OC's companion Drawn Signal the mare version of my first OC Drawing Sign. Drawn is a timelord but Drawing is half timelord. Can you compare them. They're actually have the same DNA Drawn Doesn't own a Tardis, Drawing owns The Tardis in the background.
  8. Just a silly question that came to my mind. In the revived series of Doctor Who, there have been total 5 main female companions of the Doctor. They were(are): Rose Tyler Martha Jones Donna Noble Amelia Pond Clara Oswald If Doctor was to be Twilight Sparkle, that leaves five remaining, the same number as companions. So, whom of the each Mane Five do you think matches well with which companion?
  9. With rumors that Moffat will be leaving next season, I felt its right to ring up the question: Who the bestter show runner, RTD or Moffat? Both have very major flaws, but have some great strenghth as well. Before I get my opinion, I ask you, please no harassment or bullying, thanks. With that out the way here is my opinion RTD Pros +Rebooted Doctor Who +The time war +Great companion storylines +Made the Daleks scary in season 1/27 +Made Werewolves cannon +10th Doctor + Reintroduced The Master Cons -Horrible original monsters -Overused the Daleks -Never saw a/the Doctor other incarnation(s) until Season 3/29 or Season 4/30 -His fans are one of the worst parts of the Whovian fandom, no offense to actally fans out there. Ive seen most bullies in that particular of the whovian fandom form what I’ve seen. Moffat Pro +Great original monsters(Weeping angels and Vashta Nerada) +Great at overall plot season storylines +Coined the term "time whimey" +50th Anniversary trilogy or in general +Made The Master female; opening the possibility of a female Doctor +Using the classics as a big reference point +The following characters: Madame Vastra, her human wife Jenny Flint, and Strax, Amy, Rory, Jack Harness, and River Song Cons -Plot holes -The following characters: Clara, not really interesting companion, Danny Pink (what a prick), and River Song; the reason I put her in my pro and con sections is because that I like her character, but somewhat hate her as well. She is either a character you love or hate Overall If I were to say anything I would say I like both Moffatt and RTD equally. No showrunner is perfect ( talking to you RTD elitists). If I were to choose, I would pick Moffat mainly because of his monsters and storylines; One that was planned out since season 4/30. I also like that Moffat, compared to RTD, because he used Daleks way less and somewhat made the Daleks an actual threating force. On top of that, you can tell he’s done his research with classic Doctor who more than his predecessor and went all out with it during the 50th anniversary trilogy. __________________________________________________________________________ I want to hear your thoughts, Moffat or RTD. Where do you stand on the debate and why do you think so?
  10. Just something stupid I made while bored. XD I apologize if it comes off as offensive, I'm not trying to be, I just want to have a laugh, ya know?
  11. I was asked to draw this pic for a song that someone's making for their Dr Whooves audio series. If you're interested in checking the series out, here's a link to the channel: Hope you like it,if you check it out, and hope you like the pic.
  12. Hello everybody! I'm Tech Reel, I'm making a live action Christmas special, and I need someone for a few special effects. One thing to note is that this is more of a doctor who related thing, so I hope there's as many whovians around here as I think there are. What I need is someone who can do a good doctor who regeneration effect, including glowing hands, breathing regeneration energy, and of course the full regeneration. This is unpaid work, but you will be credited in the final video. If you'd like to help out, then leave a comment or pm me with an example of the effect I need this special done by Christmas, so I hope to hear from you soon
  13. This is a pic that I was asked to draw on my deviantArt page. Hope you guys like:)
  14. So, there's one more episode of Doctor Who Season 8 left, 2 if you count the Christmas special. What is your favourite episode in this season, and why? I think 'Listen' was my favourite episode this season, possibly my favourite New Who episode that isn't a special. I also laughed my heart out at Robot of Sherwood and The Caretaker. Honestly, I wouldn't rate a single episode below 7.5/10 this season!
  15. So I drew this a while back. Hope you like this:) Fans of the 5th Doctor should, hopefully. And if anyone would like to tell me that this is actually the Master as a pony (believe me, I've been hassled about that before), then, please, don't. It won't make me change the drawing in any way, and it'll just get on everyone's nerves.
  16. Hello, everybody. Ludicrous.Speed here giving you his newest creation, the fanfic The Twilight Paradox. Here's the intro: Charlie sat down next to his grandfather, who had been on their beige couch. Unlike most ponies his age, he found the elderly to be the most exciting people, with their large span of knowledge and all. It was a tradition for the two of them to discuss a different memory of Charlie's grandfather. Charlie had been told to never tell anybody the recollections, as they wouldn't believe him. The brown-haired pony had responded with "Well, I do. Isn't that what matters, Grandpa?" Chuckles and blissful tears followed, creating yet another great night at Charlie's house. Yes, the stories that Charlie's grandfather told were very strange, but they were also interesting. It did help that his grandfather had shown proof, though. But Charlie respected his grandfather's wishes and kept quiet. His grandfather looked down at him. A grin appeared on his face, and he sighed. Straightening his glasses, he told his grandson, "Now, Charlie, you must heed my warning. This may be the wildest memory yet!" His furry arms shot into the air for emphasis, causing Charlie to laugh. "Anyways, so do you remember that story about how I worked at that office for that kind lady? Well, it delves deeper than that." Charlie leaned closer to his grandfather in disbelief. "How deep?" he asked with excitement breaking through his voice. "Ah, very." His grandfather glanced at the clock for a moment and then looked back at Charlie. "You know, Charlie, it's getting late. Maybe we should call it a night." He began to take off his glasses. Charlie waved his hooves quickly. He had a surprised look on his face. "No, no, no, Grandpa! Please! Tell me the story!" His words came out in a swift jumble. "Oh, okay," his grandfather replied. "Where should I begin? Oh, I know. November 22nd, 1963. Kennedy's assassination." His eyes got a bit heavy as he reminisced about times past. "I was in the crowd that day. And wouldn't you believe it? There was a woman there, too. But it wasn't my boss, Charlie. It was her mother. My boss was just a baby, back then!" He chortled with glee. "Back then, they just called me The Doctor, and not Whooves. Then again, I was a human!" Here's the first chapter, Oswald the Gun-Wielding Rabbit: Jamie Patterson smiled. It was a factor of life for her to do this, one that her daughter Christine loved. At least, that was what Jamie thought. Christine could only speak in unintelligible babbles, as she was an infant. But whenever her mother smiled, Christine smiled back, so Jamie thought that smiling around her daughter was a good idea. But that wasn't the reason that she smiled that day. In fact, it had more to do with the fact that the handsome U.S. president John F. Kennedy was visiting the Patterson family's hometown of Dallas. Jamie admired the president very much for many reasons. He was calm, he was young, and he was smart. But what really made Kennedy great was how kind he was. He made sure to be fair to every citizen, black or white, religious or Atheist, American or Asian. Most speculated that it was because of how Kennedy had been treated, which had been like an extra-terrestrial. But Jamie disagreed. She thought it was because of his views of the world, which were all true in her book. But no matter what anybody said, no one could really say that he was a bad president. Okay, there were, of course, those who loathed the president, but none were very drastic. At least, that was what Jamie thought. And it had to be true, right? Kennedy's motorcade had just come into view, and the president himself could be seen in the right rear end of the second car, which was a 1961 Lincoln Continental. He was waving to the citizens of Dallas, a grin on his face. His wife, Jacqueline, told Kennedy something, which he responded to quickly before going back to waving. Christine began to give a bubbly laugh, which Jamie paid attention to. She looked down at the infant nestled in her arms and said, "Isn't it exciting, Christine?" She knew that the girl couldn't fully understand the sentence, but she secretly hoped that Christine could. She glanced at her watch. It was 12:29 PM. Very nice weather for that day, it seemed. She went back to looking at the motorcade passing by. "It very much is, Ms. Patterson," a British voice replied to the rhetorical question. Jamie turned her head to the left and noticed a brown-haired gentlemen in a white suit and tie. It looked as if he was dressed for a funeral! He stuck out his hand, which she shook. "The name is John Smith. I'm here on some... important business." He looked a bit familiar to her, but she shrugged it off. "What kind of business?" Jamie asked without hesitation. John scratched his head. "Well... how do I put this? You see, something tragic is going to happen in a moment. And-" He checked his watch, and his eyes widened. "Oh, no. I have to go..." He started running the opposite direction, pushing through the waves of bystanders. That was strange. What was the tragic event that was about to happen? Surely, it didn't have to do with the president. But could it have? Jamie pondered this for a moment. She'd have to check the news programming that night. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. It was gunshots! She turned back to the motorcade quickly and saw that the president had been shot in the back of the head! Who could have done such a thing? Jamie now knew that her theory that no one loathed the president enough to take drastic measures was false. Someone seriously hated the man, and they were out to kill him! She set down Christine in her stroller and began pushing it towards the direction that John Smith had gone. She saw some kind of blue cube towering the crowd by a few inches. This must have been where he had gone! She pushed the stroller faster and finally arrived in the patch of grass that the box had been. Had. That was the keyword. For now, the blue box was gone. Everything was starting to hit Jamie very hard, very fast. This included one frightening piece of information. John had known her name. O Old Dallas Central Library was not expecting so much service that day, a librarian there could tell you. In fact, since president Kennedy was in town, they had expected no one at all. So it came as much of a surprise that there were almost fifty civilians looking for information. One librarian, Ms. Samson, pulled a blond-haired woman cradling a baby to the side and asked them, "Do you happen to know what's with all of these people coming here on a day like this?" It was not the thing you'd say to someone visiting, but they would have to know, anyway. The woman gulped in fear and nodded. "The president..." she tried to explain, tears forming in her eyes. "The president... He's... He's dead!" She began sobbing loudly, only to be shushed by the other librarians. Ms. Samson excused the woman, who went back to her business. So this was why it was slightly crowded. People were looking for information on why this might have happened. It was a good reason, yes, but it meant that costumers were blind to the truth. It was a lost cause. O Jamie, holding Christine in her arms, went over to a librarian, one that wasn't frightening, to ask a question. The question was "Could you help me?" She wiped some tears from her eyes as she asked this. The librarian nodded and replied, "What do you need help with?" She straightened her glasses, a slight smile on her face. "Well, you see..." She was having trouble speaking, just like that John Smith guy. Oh, wait! "I need help researching newspapers to find something on a man named John Smith. Also, something on a blue box." The last of the tears fell from her eyes, and she smiled back at the librarian. The librarian raised her right index finger. "Actually, you're not the first person to ask for that. Two others asked that same question earlier this month after that riot against that political man. They mentioned something about him being a doctor, but there wasn't enough information. I couldn't find anything," she added, shaking her head. "What's your name, might I ask?" "It's Jamie Patterson. I live about a mile away." Jamie noticed that the librarian had glanced at her daughter. "Oh, and this is Christine. She's a month old." Her grin widened. The librarian's smile grew as a response. "Well, she's a cutie. You and your husband must be so proud." She was definitely a kind person, Jamie noted. "Actually, he's my boyfriend," Jamie corrected quickly. "But, yeah, we are." She sighed. "But thanks, anyway." She waved at the librarian, who was waving herself, and left. It was great to have people like the librarian in the world, she couldn't help but think. O The Doctor opened his eyes and instantly regretted his decision. The lights above him played with his pupils, making him shout in pain. He got up, eyes closed again, and stretched. This had been a rough trip. Why was the TARDIS acting like this? Ah, yes, the TARDIS. The acronym stood for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, which only worked when you realized the purpose of the machine. It was a vehicle that could travel through time and space. The TARDIS had been used on past occasions by The Doctor to save the universe. Many times. It was disguised as a blue British police box. When most people first discovered the inside, they had noted how it was bigger on the inside than on the outside. Although, one time, a woman by the name of Rose had said the exact opposite, about how it was smaller on the outside than on the inside. Regardless, it was a good disguise for such a device. The trip that The Doctor was taking this time was more leisurely than anything. It was a trip to Dallas, Texas. The date was November 22nd, 1963, or the day that Kennedy was assassinated. While it was a somber occasion, thanks to the multiple times that The Doctor had experienced it, it was less tearful than usual. He had expected the trip to be its usual calm self, but it had become more bumpy than usual. This was strange, he noted. As he stepped outside, he noticed that his watch was reading 1:30 PM. He must have overshot it a bit. He decided that he would look into it later and headed towards a library. He had might as well got some reading done. Maybe he could read Moby Dick. He had always heard how good that story was. O About three hundred million light-years away from The Doctor's location, a brown furry quadruped opened the door to his blue box. He was about to visit the assassination of Prince Kennedy in 1963. This wasn't in his native country of Equestria, however. Instead, this took place in the United Pony States, which sounded a bit cheesy when this quadruped said it out loud. He began pacing out of his machine, called the TARDIS, and smiled. This would have been strange for the quadruped, if he hadn't already viewed the assassination multiple times before. Now, he was here to write an essay for a certain librarian that he knew. It was always fun for him to visit points in time, hence the glee. He checked the watch on his left foreleg. Damn. It was 1:30 PM, a full hour ahead of schedule. He must have overshot the TARDIS a bit. His smile faded as he groaned. He began using Celestia's name in vain. Well, it was time to live up to the name Doctor Whooves. O The Doctor entered Old Dallas Central Library, a grin planted on his face. It was a pretty nice size library, although he had seen much bigger. There was even a bigger library in the TARDIS. But he was getting off-subject, so he went over to the section labeled ADVENTURE and began searching for Moby Dick. But then he heard a noise. It was coming from the other side of the bookshelf that he was looking at, so he moved some books over and peered through the shelf to see a blond-haired lady holding a baby and an elderly librarian discussing something. The librarian said to the lady, "What's your name, might I ask?" She said it with such glee, which The Doctor found strange, as Kennedy was dying and all. The lady was also strangely cheerful. "It's Jamie Patterson," she replied. Ah, so that was the lady's name. Patterson. He'd have to look into that, too. Jamie glanced at the librarian, who was noticing the infant. "Oh, and this is Christine. She's a month old." She chuckled a bit before the librarian began talking again. The Doctor moved the books back to their place on the shelf and began walking away. He wasn't going to read Moby Dick yet, it seemed. But there was one thing that The Doctor would do. He was going to solve a question that was crowding his mind. He didn't know it yet, but this was an important question. One that would change everything. Where was Ms. Patterson during the assassination? So tell me what you think, and I'll update this story as soon as possible.
  17. Made this cos of the new Dr Who episode. Hope you like
  18. Does Capaldi seem like a promising 13th Doctor to you or no?
  19. After eight months of waiting The first episode of Doctor Who Series 8 called "Deep Breath" which is also the Twelfth Doctor's (Peter Capaldi's first episode). BBC and Stephen Moffat have hyping the new Doctor and this series up for months and it really hasn't paid off in this episode. In fact I am astounded by the lack of care was put into this story. It was an outright mess. The Episode The Doctor, who's dealing with post regeneration trauma, and Clara land in 19th century London and bring a T-Rex with them. When they land they meet Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax and they help get the Doctor to rest. While the Doctor's resting, Clara spends her time complaining about the Doctor's new change, Vastra calls her out on being shallow all while flirting with her, Jenny's not pleased with her wife's behavior and Strax is up to his usual funny antics. The T-Rex is just doing...nothing. It's just roaming around confused all while the people are either gawking at it or moving along with their day. You'd think the T-Rex would be on a feeding frenzy but nope, it's just wandering around London. A man is off to the pub, writes the Dinosaur off as fake and then our villain appears and plucks his eyes out off screen. The Doctor wakes up, promises the T-Rex he'll get it home and then the T-Rex spontaneously combusts and the Doctor escapes and goes to investigate. Clara continues to complain, Vastra is then discovers that people have been combusting and is on the case while she has Jenny pose for no reason (much to Jenny's displeasure as she thought Vastra was painting her, poor girl) then tells Clara to take her clothes off when she enters the room (again Jenny takes offense) and Strax does his usual thing and knocks Clara out with a newspaper. Meanwhile with the Doctor, he's scaring a hobo with his post-regeneration trauma and finds a paper on the combusting people and then goes on the case, which he already was on. Nothing really important happened in that scene. Clara who's only ever been complaining throughout the episode, not listening to the criticism heading her way and not caring at all about the spontaneous combustion case, goes to look for the Doctor and sees an ad in the newspaper about "The impossible girl" and an ad about a restaurant and sees it as message. She arrives at the restaurant, sees the Doctor and begins to argue with him while he’s more focused on this case. During the argument they discover that neither of them sent the ad and find out that everyone at the restaurant is an android and they won’t let our heroes leave. They get sent to the basement of the restaurant to find out that it’s an alien spaceship full of androids and that these androids have been repairing themselves with human parts. No explanation was given on how this even works given that androids are machines they are just somehow compatible with human remains. After the lead android wakes up the Doctor goes through a door which closes leaving Clara with the android, she then holds her breath and does blink which tricks the androids into thinking into one of them. (You’d think these machines would be able to tell human for android) So she tries to escape but ends up going into a room with more androids and then passes out from being unable to hold her breath. When she wakes up the leader of the androids interrogates her and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t tell him where the Doctor is. She then tells the androids to go ahead and kill her but they won’t get the information they need. Clara gives the androids an interrogation of her own and finds out they crash landed here a long time ago (how long is not specified) and they’ve been repairing themselves and the ship by harvesting organs, The androids then go to torture her for not giving her information and the Doctor appears and rescues her. The lead android then goes to the top floor and the Doctor follows it and then Vastra, Jenny and Strax appear to help Clara to fend off against a hoard of androids. The Doctor then talks to the lead android and finds out that the android’s plan is to go to a “promised land” (no elaboration on how) and then the ship takes off in a balloon made of human skin. Yes that is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The Doctor then tries to reason with it, saying that there is no promised land and that android’s mind has been affected by the human remains it’s been repairing itself with which makes no sense considering that it’s a MACHINE’S MIND!! Clara, Vastra, Strax and Jenny have been having a difficult time fighting these androids and decide to trick them by holding their breath. Meanwhile the Doctor finds that there’s no reasoning with the android and will have to kill him as it will shut down the other androids. We then go back to Clara and the others who eventually have to stop holding their breath and the and the androids shut down as the lead android was killed off-screen. The Doctor and Clara leave 19th Century London and go back to modern day London. Clara decides that she can’t travel with the Doctor as she doesn’t know him anymore but then gets stopped by a phone call from the Eleventh Doctor from the past. Eleven talks her into staying with Twelve and they go on their merry way to get some chips. Meanwhile, we see another scene with the android, who wakes up in “the promised land” and he meets this mysterious woman who knows the Doctor and has plans for him. That’s where our episode ends. So what are my thoughts on it? NEGATIVES - That T-Rex running around in 19th Century London. You know if a T-Rex is running around in London you'd expect it to be like the Lost World Jurassic Park or Invasion of the Dinosaurs (another Doctor Who episode) where there's chaos, people are running for their lives, looting and trying to avoid getting eaten, the T-Rex is on a rampage eating people and the army is out to destroy it and let's face it, that would happen as people tend to panic whenever there's a bear or cougar running around in the area. However the people of 18th Century London don't even seem to be phased by the fact that there's giant flipping dinosaur running around! They just stare at it for a bit and are all "Oh look it's a dinosaur. That's nice, I'm off to the pub." and move along with their day. Someone even called it a fake? HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO SCARE PEOPLE BY MAKING A GIANT DINOSAUR!?!? Then to top it off it was just killed off by spontaneous combustion and latter hand waved by the antagonists saying it had parts that were useful despite giving no evidence that they made use of it. The inclusion of the T-Rex was entirely pointless. -There was little to no back-story behind these androids at all, no indication of where they come or anything. All we know about them is that they're really old, they've been repairing themselves using human parts and that they are stupid enough to be tricked by someone holding their breath. We didn't know what their plan was, all we got out of them was that they wanted to reach "the promised land". They elaborate on how they just wanted to reach it. This android plot was a complete afterthought. Who even put that ad on the newspaper anyway? The Doctor didn't. Clara didn't and the android didn't so who did then? - CLARA OSWALD SUCKS AS A COMPANION AND A FRIEND!! I never liked Clara to begin with, throughout the entirety of Series 7 she hasn't even a character, just a puzzle for the Doctor to solve. All they did with her was play her up as the "speshulest snowflaek that ever flaeked" by erasing records of the Doctor from history, separating into a thousand different Claras and getting involved with the Doctor's history to the point where she told the First Doctor which TARDIS to take. I really didn't like that at all. But hey this is a new season, we're past all the "Who's that impossible girl?" crap so surely they'll give her an actual character, right? Well this episode did and it has solidified my dislike for her. We found out that she's only been with the Doctor because he is a pretty face despite her insistence on the contrary. Throughout the entire episode she didn't even give a damn about the situation at hand, all she did was bitch and moan about how the Doctor is different and how he looks old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am glad that Madam Vastra called her out on being shallow, because really that's what she is, a shallow...well I'm trying to avoid using vulgar language but I will say that there's a four letter word that starts with a 'c' that perfectly describes her! She's seen the Doctor's past incarnations she should know by now that he can regenerate into an old man. The Third Doctor is a prime example! He saved her life and she was willing to ditch him simply because he looked different and that she "doesn't know him anymore?" What does she mean exactly? Yeah, he may act different and look different but he's still the Doctor, other companions knew this and she should know this considering that she went through his bloody time stream! She didn’t even adjust to him, she’s only sticking around with him because Eleven told her to. If wasn’t for Eleven’s phone call from the past she would have ditched him without a second thought. That is not the actions of a true friend. At least the past companions while they were uncomfortable with the change, adjusted to it eventually by themselves and some even went to help the Doctor through his regeneration crisis! Even Peri tried to help the Doctor out despite the fact that he strangled her! If this were any other Doctor we would have gotten one of two responses. The Doctor would have let them go and say "Go ahead and leave, If this is how you're going to act then I don't need you." (One, Two, Four, Six, Seven and Nine) or "I'll respect your decision but I would like it if you gave me a chance. I'm still the Doctor." (Three, Five, Eight and Ten). Instead Eleven begs for her to stay with him, how does she have this much power over the Doctor!? Twelve must have the patience of a saint, I feel bad for him. Honestly for me, Clara is the worst companion in Doctor Who history! She makes Adric look more likable in comparison, she's that bad! - When you see a regeneration story you expect to see The Doctor trying to deal with the situation at hand while dealing with post-regeneration trauma and his companions adjusting. Instead most of focus of this episode went towards Clara bitching about the Doctor regenerating into an old man. Really, Moffat? This is where most of the focus of this episode went? The act with the T-Rex was pointless and Android plot was a complete afterthought! Before anyone brings up 'The Christmas Invasion' at least that one wasn't entirely focused on Rose complaining about the Doctor, the story was balanced out. While Rose did complain about the new Doctor, Davies built up the invasion of the Sycorax fairly well with an excellent pay off and he even handled Ten's regeneration crisis rather well! When Ten was up and ready for action he made an instant impression, he let you know what kind of Doctor he is and he showed what he can do. In this story I can't even form an opinion on the Twelve, he was reduced to a minor role in his own regeneration story. We got three scenes of him going through post regeneration trauma and the final act. His third scene where he jumps into figuring out what the situation felt very forced and the final act was focused more on Clara than on Twelve handling the situation. We saw him disappear for a bit and him telling the lead android that there is no promised land that was it! The closing scene I think I pretty much covered. It was more about Eleven convincing Clara with Twelve than Twelve convincing Clara to give him a chance. - As for Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax I have to say that Moffat is really starting to reduce the role of these characters to the point that they're being wasted on the show. They were just in this episode for comic relief, they really weren't essential to the plot at all. When they were introduced these I was amazed that the Doctor managed to get the Silurians and even a Sontaran on his side, and the fact that a Silurian, a species that used to hate humans with a passion managed to befriend and even get into a relationship with a human was amazing. I was also amazed to see a Sontaran fight alongside humans and while he was funny due to his Sontaran nature he was also a badass who was loyal to his friends. Since their first appearance however Moffat hasn't given these characters any room to evolve. Strax's funny antics have been starting to get old and predictible though I did find it hilarious when Strax knocked out Clara with a newspaper. As for Vastra and Jenny they seemed to be only used for the sake of lesbian jokes. Why is it that no-one in the west can write a proper LGBT relationship!? I've noticed whenever somebody brings an LGBT character into a television show in the west, their role is reduced to being a gay stereotype, the butt of jokes or just their so that the creators can say "Oh look at us, we put in a gay couple look at how diverse we are." This is one of my problems with the Russel T Davies era of Doctor Who, it was obnoxious about introducing gay characters in almost every single episode that had relationships or a reveal that they were gay that wasn't even essential to the plot or expanded upon. It was just Davies going "Oh look at this, I'm adding gay characters in the show, aren't I diverse" without giving us a reason to care for these characters or their relationship. When Vastra and Jenny were introduced, it was a different story, the relationship was interesting and the show gave you a reason to care about these characters, we got to see how much they cared for eachother, the relationship felt genuine, it was beautiful! Now they're just here for the sake of obnoxious lesbian jokes? It's really saddening to see what Moffat has reduced these characters to. Yeah they were in the Final Battle but they really didn't do much. POSITIVES + The acting was fine. Granted the actors really had nothing to work with, Jenna Coleman put in her all and I honestly sorry for her as so far her time on Doctor Who has been rather wasted the whole way through, I wish I had something positive to say about her character but really there isn't anything good to say about Clara Oswald other than "Her voice actress is good". She's thankfully leaving at the end of this season (Welp, looks like 11's phone call was wasted after all.) so I really hope that whatever moves on to makes better use of her talents. As for Peter Capaldi, while we saw very little of him, gave a good performance. I can't give a proper opinion on his Doctor though as he was shoved to the side for most of the episode but hey next episode hopefully he'll make a good impression. He performed well so far so I have confidence that he'll settle into the role well. That, sadly is the only positive I really have for this episode. The story was over the top and all over the place and was a major let-down. Moffat, when you introduce a new Doctor the show needs focus on who this new Doctor is and to show how the companion adjusts, whilst dealing with the situation at hand. I'm a person who has seen every single episode of Doctor Who, both classic and modern and by far this has been the WORST episode of Doctor Who I've ever seen and that is not a phrase that I toss around casually. When it comes to Doctor Who I've only applied this one other episode! Yeah, I'm going there, this episode is WORSE than 'The Twin Dilemma'! The same episode that's infamous this: At least The Twin Dilemma had a proper story. It wasn't a very good one but at least it was straight forward and wasn't all over the place! Anyway, The next episode is a Dalek episode so hopefully Moffat will give the Twelfth Doctor a proper introduction as well as make the Daleks intimidating again but so far I'm really not liking the way things are going. Also I hope that woman at the end is the Rani. I've been wanting for the Rani to make an appearance in Modern Doctor Who, especially now that the Time Lords are established to still be alive. Grade: F
  20. Hi! I need a male voice actor who can fill in for the actor who plays The Doctor in my Doctor Whooves play whenever he isn't available. I'd like for your voice to be as close to the main actor as possible, and if you could act better than he can that would be great. Here are some videos of his voice for you to study: Thanks!
  21. Fans of Doctor who, how do you feel about the shows moral side, is it important to you? For me Tennant has always been my favourite doctor because of the morals he stands by, it seems no matter how much he suffered he would always do the best thing for those in need.
  22. This is my newest project, The Doctor. In this serial fanfiction, Doctor Who gets trapped in Equestria after the TARDIS goes haywire. With the enlisted help of a strange red pony named Soulful Sun, the Doctor tries to get back to London with some strange results... ---- Chapter 1 coming tomorrow!
  23. After watching this video, Time and time again I truly believe that it's Davros's voice since it sounds so like it don't you think? I can't wait for this episode because of the return of Davros since he was a really cool Villain and i loved him in Stolen Earth but that was when David Tennant was the doctor so... It might not be as great. What are your opinions on this new episode and do you believe that the voice is Davros?
  24. Hi! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Long Winded. I write, act, and compose music. I run a Doctor Whooves audio play on Youtube and write all the scripts. I've decided to post my first serial here to see what you all think. I'm fairly new to this sort of thing, so I'll be open to any criticism that you may have. I'll also be posting the theme song which I am composing for the series. I'd like your thoughts on it as well. The Secret of Everfree: Episode 1 The Secret of Everfree: Episode 2 The Secret of Everfree: Episode 3 DWET Theme (Variant 1. Heavily inspired by the original Doctor Who theme. This version's second melody is off.) DWET Theme (Variant 2. Uses the same melody and bassline as variant 1, but has different instruments as well as a fixed second melody and an added rhythm)
  25. My first pic made using the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. As always enjoy!