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Found 28 results

  1. Ok, so, i've given away a few DOTA 2 invites so far, so here is another one. I have 1 spare copy of DOTA 2, if you want it then just post on this thread, i will pick one person at random tomorrow to receive it. Requirements: YOU MUST HAVE STEAM! - Dota 2 is a Valve game, therefore it requires Steam to run. YOU MUST PLAY IT - Don't enter if you are not going to play it, i've given away atleast 7 copies of DOTA 2 so far, only one person played it for more than a few hours. The last person who won on this forum played for 1 hour. How the winner will be decided - I will load up a random number generator, and whoever's post number comes up is the one who wins it.
  2. I was not sure whether or not to describe this as a "game" or a "video" so I chose video... because that is what it is, I hope you guys enjoy it, I have been trying to break into the Casting community. Please feel free to leave criticisms.
  3. So let's talk about Dota 2 in here! The upcoming MOBA. It is meant to be the successor to Dota 1, ( Defense of the Ancients. ) and is a session based RTS/RPG. In it you control a hero on a battlefield and you have to destroy the enemies Ancient. You can read up on it on Wikipedia and other sources as they do a much better job! Currently to play the game you need to either buy an invite or get randomly invited by the Valve bot. I got in trough the latter. Last game I had! At around 20 minutes in, one guy disconnected. We struggled at first, but later on we just steamrolled them 4vs5. ( We had too much damage, and I was tanking like mad. )