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Found 168 results

  1. So. I drew some things. The only reason I am making this topic is because Sugar suggested it and was kinda sad when I refused. Anyway. Yea. Ponies. Idunno, it's not very good because I draw in microsoft paint with a mouse and it's kind of dodgy and terrible and stuff but hey, Sugar liked the stuff I drew for her. I dunnae use bases. Yes I do requests (but heaven forbid why would you ever want one from me?), but do not expect magical beauty or anything too quick, since I do have a life off this site as odd as it may seem. Possible OC? Sugar Cuddle's Sylveon Alicorn Ponysona Jazzy all Traditional Art style (which I still personally prefer over Digital, but Digital is easier to transfer and higher quality) That's all the stuff I really have for now. Any critique or advice or anything is super appreciated! Even a word of "O em gee it sux so badddd" is nice too
  2. I was checking my DA messages late last night, when one of my friends had made a journal entry regarding this issue. One of her friends is being cyber bullied and I thought of a good idea to help him. There's no doubt this person isn't the best artist but you don't just go around, attacking people for how they draw. If you're really concerned, give them a critique and help them improve. That is what DeviantArt is for, after all. It's not to go around, attacking things you don't like. Yeah, yeah, freedom of speech and what not but there is a limit to what you and cannot do, you know? Bullies often toss their morals out the window, so people have to fight back. I'm sure plenty of things like this have happened before but let's just focus on this here. I'm not going to tell you to go ahead and attack the trolls because that'll only stir up more anger, no - what I am suggesting is that we send him positive messages. I think that if we outweigh the negative with positive, we can at least help him with this issue. Let's just give him a reason to smile, shall we?
  3. Hello everyone who accidentally clicked on this. My name is Evil Nightmares (no shit), and this is my very poor attempt at making a drawing blog. I intend to post drawings here, not just my shit drawings but other peoples awesome drawings. And i intend to talk about them. Real exiting isn't it? I will try and post something atleast once a week. I will either post random pages from my very large and very old sketch book or pictures of other peoples art that i feel is very well done and badass. Yup, it's one of THOSE kind of blogs. So since this is my first blog and i have not the slightest fucking clue as to what i'm doing yet, Here is the first picture i will post: It's a page from my sketch book. I also feel i should note that the pages from my sketch book are very often jumbled pictures or old discarded ideas that i scribbled down so i wouldn't forget them. Then i forgot them. So yeah, WELCOME TO MY SHIT BLOG! Cue the hate mail.
  4. CavyShy


    Hello, everypony! Zis is Daisy. She will answer questions, and talk. So, ask away!
  5. This stuff is just random drawings I had in my iPad. Sorry there so grainy. Camera sucks bad.
  6. i hope you like my artwork
  7. Hi there, I'm Kurtis Hahn and I'm a 14 Year old Male. This being my first sketch I though I would make it of Derpy Hooves I would love some critique. I'm trying to find my place in the Brony community whether it be music, art, or stories "When All Else Fails Ctrl+Alt+Delete" - King Kurtis
  8. So, now that I am officially "back", I figured I'd start a new art thread, because that's all I do these days. Art. So that's what this thread is going to be - a mixture of both, pony, and non-pony art. Sketches, illustrations, paintings... whatever I happen to fart out. Here's some now:
  9. What a certain brony does when he is in an empty classroom with his friends, with a blank whiteboard in front of him and some markers. Ignore what she said, it's added by one of my friends 0_o I only had a black marker and a red marker, but I'd try to convince the teachers to get some more colorful markers. XD
  10. Nothing new here. I'm going to call this thread dead. I have lost the last of my drive, and I don't see myself making use of it. If I do end up doing anything, drawings can have their own threads, but it seems pointless to bother with this one. Hey everyone. I decided that instead of starting a new thread whenever I want to show off a drawing, I will just put everything here. I am not an artist, and have virtually no experience drawing, which begs the question: why on earth am I starting a thread to show this stuff? I am new to this sort of thing, so I am looking for feedback. Please try to be specific, although general opinions are also good. Before we begin, I do not have a scanner, so all I can show is pictures, not nice scanned copies. And yes, only using pencil is just how I roll.
  11. Thought would post some my skates here, and maby get some feedback. I try keep this pag up date with stuff make. But just in case heres my DeviantArt pag. Pavisa Trying out making a OC request pony. This one was made for, one called Butterfly. Rainbow Dash Dad Felt like drawing him. Is fairly new MLP character and people aren't even sure if is cannon if his rainbow dash dad our not. But most people assuming that he is. I i go with that thought asswell. Think turn out quit nicely. Maby do painted version when get time, and feel to do it. Red Hearts OC for one Kodyap1293. Think got good feeling from it. Like how he smiles. Rainbow Dash's Dream You all remember the time, last cider season? When dash didn't get any cider, well okay she got some in end. But beat some where in her subcontinents. Want pinkie pie pay. Well at where lest give me excuses to make this silly picture. Silver Herald An other OC skate's, For one name with same name as OC probably cause it's his personnel one. I think turn out nicely. Skatch Pad An other one of this OC's, will then on the other hand, there's no sorts of people wanting to get there OC's drawn. And I love doing them. I do like cuteness of adding pencil in his mouth. ThatPinkFloydGuy OC I don't know what this guy suppose to be. But he looks cool. Melody Breeze during Nightmare Night An other OC request pony, however this one head allot fun with.
  12. Howdy, everypony! I'm a bit new to making ponies, but I think that my art is good (for a beginner) and that they're is always room to improve! The important part is I have a lot of fun drawing ponies and I think I'd like to start doing it more often. My drawing style is mostly show-depicted, but I haven't done any vectors as of now, and I'm trying to stick to hand-drawn ponies. I color using Photoshop Elements 8, since it's the only Photoshop I have. If I had more money, I'd buy something like CS6, but for now I have to use E8. I don't take requests! Sorry, I just draw when I'm bored and I feel under pressure when I'm given something to draw for someone else. Here's a few of my drawings: "Dinosaur" (My niece, age 3, named her, not me! ) I went and worked on a vector for Vinyl: "Derpy Whooves" CURRENTLY WORKING ON: I have no clue. I thinkI like drawing canon characters more than OCs, so I'll probably do either a background pony or a Mane 6 pony. Lyra, maybe?
  13. I didn't really have anything to do tonight, so I decided to draw some ponies. Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Flutterbat
  14. Welcome to the very unimportant ask thread in which you can say / question anything in the world and direct it towards the character I created known as the Towel Ninja. Answers/ responses will sometimes be given in a hand made traditional drawing.... SOMETIMES... or maybe.... all the time.... Well.... GET ASKING
  15. I will be updating once in a while, but here is Flutterhy, messed up while inking She looks like she has a mustache now xD EDIT: Its so small o-o
  16. HI! I was just asking if someone can draw my oc and make it into a profile picture format? oh and also a signature? Im not a donor btw THANKS
  17. Yeah, I drew a bit of drawings, tell me what to improve apon.
  18. Since I am a huge fan of CASTLE and Nathan Fillion because his first name is the same with mine. There was a school assignment on drawing your favorite actor, realistic... I love realistic. Well, I think my realistic skill got rusty.
  19. Character Designs, my art teacher told me that I should go for that job, maybe I will, still not sure about it though.
  20. I love designing weapons. Anyone here like weapons? Uber sketch, my very own word for sketches like this.
  21. Proportional assignment. Decided to make a tank and damn did I used up a lot of A4 papers (12 papers to be exact).
  22. Photo-manipulation actually, could be Nathan [Fillion] or mine.
  23. May have some resemblance to my old Halo-ish arts. But these are pure ideas from a dream
  24. My technical art works on motions in combat. Kinda crappy though. Focusing on the muscles.