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Found 23 results

  1. So after looking under the hood of my truck I began to think to myself: where are my comrades? I know that there are some Bronies out there who drive a truck or have in their lifetime. So it is my mission to gather information on you guys and start a Brotherhood of 2x4 or 4x4 truck drivers. Share you truck pictures. extra points if its an action shot. I also want your guys' feedback on your experiences on the road and off. I will start off by saying mine. Driving a truck wasn't tricky at all for me. in fact seeing as how my truck is my first vehicle i have more skills then those who drive a cheap little Honda. i can pull of parallel parking with no trouble. parking in tight spots are a breeze for me. I found that small car drivers act like their car is a limo or a Cadillac. As for other trucks on the road the deciding factor is the size of their truck. where i live Full size trucks are complete jerks. they tailgate me and have their brights on. Small trucks are really courteous when on the road. mid-size trucks are a hybrid of nice and jerky. Depending on where you all are i was going to put a group together to drive off-road and on road. so basically make a club that would meet in real life.
  2. So my friend recently got a ticket for going 107 in a 65 (MPH). It got me wondering who here on the forums holds the record for fastest driver. Me personally, I've only topped out around 90 (MPH). I'll go ahead and toss in a poll, because why not? (If your answer is divisible by 5, round up in the poll)
  3. Well just curious, I received mine when I was 15yrs. old, and that was a long time ago. So when did you get yours?
  4. So after getting experience under my belt i have observed the way i drive. I usually stick to the fog line(fog line is the white strip on your right) and leave space between my lane and the other lane. I'm also slow to accelerate since slow acceleration saves gas. I always signal 300 feet before my turn off and i leave at least one car space between me and the driver in front of me. I can also do a three point turn and park perfectly(i have a truck so thats saying something) My question to you is this. How do you drive and how good are you at following the basic rules of the road?
  5. So this is a little thread I decided to start up to talk about cars. Specifically, I'd kinda like to hear about what kind of car you drive. But this can go a few ways ways, really so I'm gonna throw out a couple options. A. Share some thoughts about your car Tell me about the car you drive right now (considering you own a car). I'm just gonna throw out some things you can mention about it. Here are some guidelines. How many miles does it have on it? Have you put all the miles on it? What do you use your car for? Do you like your car? Do you hate it? Why? Are there any stories you can tell about your car? And so forth. B. If you don't have a car, then let's say you've been given $15,000 or €12,000 to spend on a car... This is pretty straightforward. If you were given $15,000 in the U.S. or €12,000 in Europe to spend on a car (you must use it on a car or you owe the money back or it disappears), what kind of car would you look for with this kind of budget? Would you buy something that's going to work when you pick it up or would you buy something for a really, really low asking price and fix it up with the remaining money? You may have to use your imagination, check the classified ads, or do an online search for this. Assume the car is being sold by your neighbor so there's pretty much no cost to have it shipped to you and you don't have to drive halfway across the country or continent to go get your new car. C. If you don't have a car or you feel like the other two ask for information that's too personal to you, then you can share your favorite car. The kind of car someone prefers can tell a lot about that person. Like does that person care about saving money or the environment? Does that person like to look flashy? Does that person prefer safety overall? So share some thoughts about your favorite car and maybe why you like it so much. You can opt for this if you don't drive a car, you don't plan on getting a car, or you just don't want to share anything that relates to the other two. I'll get this started! I'm gonna attach a picture of my car and share my thoughts So here's my baby. The car I drive is a 2000 Honda Prelude. There's nothing particularly special about it. I got this car from my foster parents (who, from here on in, I will refer to as my mom and dad) for my 17th birthday. When they gave it to me, they had this huge sack. There was a sack in that sack. And the whole sack-inception thing went on about five or six times until I got to this tiny sack with a Honda key and a remote on it. I looked at my dad for a second and said, "It's not what I think it is, is it?" And he said, "Yep, we got you a lawn mower." "Yeah, dad...a lawn mower with power locks?" So when I went into the garage, I was pretty surprised by what I saw. At the time I never knew these things ever existed. My first thought was that it's a Civic. Not that I'd be mad if it was a Civic. Really, I was getting a car for my birthday so I would have been happy with anything. Four years later, this car springs oil leaks all the time. It's like every time I get one fixed, a new one pops up. And it's not like I drive it really hard. I did have a scary moment in this car once. I was driving home from hanging out with some of my friends. It was about 11:30 at night and I was taking this road that went around town and avoided all the stoplights. Well this road had flooded a few days before and the shoulder crumbled in places. There was some oncoming traffic so I moved over. Next thing I knew, a dog ran out in front of me so I hit my brakes. When I did that. I also ended up with the right side of my car on the crumbling shoulder. Physics determined that one side was slowing harder than the other side so I lost control and spun out in the ditch. So that explains the missing turn signal and beaten up bumper. Anyway, I'm not sure that I'd trade this car away for the world. Like I said, it isn't anything special, but it's special to me. I love this car because I don't see many of them, especially any in as good shape as I keep this one. I get a lot of people who tell me that for what it is, my car looks great. Probably because I've kept everything as close to stock as I could. And it just won't die. This car has right under 180,000 miles (290,000 km) on it and it's broken down on me. I'd trust this little car to get me from Seattle to Miami to LA to New York if I needed to. And when I'm older in a steady career, I'm probably going to keep driving this thing. One day, I want to restore it from bumper to bumper, keeping as many original parts as I possibly can. So despite its little problems, I freaking love my car. And it's not expensive to own either
  6. I do, especially at night. At least in areas that I know of course. And of course, more rural roads then urban. It is pretty soothing. I happen to have a particular rout I take that goes all around my town.
  7. Hello everyone, just curious as to if there are any other truckers out there, been driving for 3 years, last 2.5 years been local, but now I'm going Western Regional, was OTR before my Local.
  8. So what is the longest time you have driven somewhere by yourself on a trip? Mine currently is 10 hours.
  9. Just as the title says, "Do you like driving?" I absolutely love driving! I'll drive every chance I get now that I got my permit. Are you comfortable driving? I am very comfortable when I drive, it's like a second nature to me.
  10. Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? I have done this once and I ended up driving over a curb, resulting in a flat tire. I take sedatives at night to put me to sleep and if I don't sleep them off totally, I am still super drowsy in the morning.
  11. Im just curios as to how crappy my car is compared to other people on the forum. I own 2 cars The first is my daily driver and its an 12 year old ford focus (yes it actually dose have a moustache) Its done 147,000 miles and is falling apart I cant complain though I got it for £400 (about $650) The second car is was a 1994 Subaru liberty rs wagon It was a restoration project I started 2 years ago and never finished it is currently in about 4 million pieces in my back garden. so if you drive what do you drive? ps after searching through my computer I cant find any photos of the focus and I deleted all the Subaru pics ages ago Its pouring with rain outside and its also night so Ill try and get pics up tomorrow
  12. like the title says, what two ponies would you most want to go on a roadtrip with? This shouldn't be about your favorite ponies, but rather the ponies that you feel would make the best companions for the trip. Also, two worst? Again, based not on personal preference, but on how well they would cope with the journey. Best: Twilight and Applejack. Whilst not my favorite ponies, these two would do incredibly well on a roadtrip for a few reasons. The fact that they are the most level-headed two out of the mane six would mean that important information, like directions, would be able to be relayed for me in precise, no-nonsense ways. At the same time, because they are two of the most stressed ponies on the show, I can imagine that they would appreciate the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip, regardless of what was planned along the way. Finally, I could imagine that both of them have a little experience tinkering with machinery, so if something went wrong with the car, I'm sure they wouldn't mind lending a hoof, and might even be able to get you back on the road. Worst: Rainbow Dash and Rarity. This depends a lot on where you are headed, however, because if you were headed to, say, an air show and a succession of high-end boutiques, and doing it in a fairly modern and quick car, I'm sure all would end well. But, me being a car guy, I'm trying to think of a more Hot Rod Powertour-type scenario of taking an old car halfway across the country. An old car that probably doesn't have Air Conditioning, and that would probably break if you pushed it too hard. I think you can probably see where this is going. Rainbow would most likely spend the trip commenting on how slow we're traveling and sleeping. Also, not sure how well she would do having to wait on the planned lunch and dinner stops after seeing her impatience to get lunch in The One Where Pinkie Knows. Rarity, while probably a decent navigator, would get very uncomfortable riding in a hot car witht the windows down staying in low-cost motels, and eating processed red meat and deep fried potato products the whole way. So, whilst they would still probably make it to their destination in good shape, they probably wouldn't enjoy the trip as much. Although, I'd jump at the chance to take any pony on a roadtrip, even these two. So, how about you guys? Who would you think would do the best, who would do the worst?
  13. Hello! I'm trying to adopt some adorable baby rats from a Rat rescue in Winner, SD. The problem is that I live in Hillsboro, OR and need help to get my rats (and others) over here. The rescue has started a "Rat train", a sign up to drive the rats over to Oregon, May 2nd and 3rd, but so far only the first and last legs of it is covered. The planed rout is for it to go from Winner to Salt Lake, let the rats stay the night there (we need help with that as well) and then continue the next day to Oregon. I'm asking you for help, or if you know someone who can. Here is the Facebook page that Star's rescue has for the train, feel free to share it wherever you think it might be seen; Star's Rat Rescue home page: Thank you for reading, fuzzdemon
  14. I don't know why I didn't post this a long time ago. I've had this for like 5 months, lol. Before my birthday I had decided to put a custom plate on my new car since it just had a plain random one the dealer got the year before. It actually was pretty hard to come up with something that wasn't already taken. It had the right # of letters and I like Discord on the show, and the definition of discord will fit the car when it's done. I'm adding exhaust cutouts (valves that cause the exhaust to be loud at the push of a button by bypassing the mufflers) and a train horn that can be used instead of the normal horn should the need arise. There's been several times I've wanted to use a louder than normal horn at some moron driver- one who turned out in font of me who I nearly crashed into in particular. What do you guys think? Do any of you have an MLP related plate, or have you seen any on the road? What did you do if you did?
  15. There was a post on carthrottle a letter, that I immediately felt like sharing. It captures what most car lovers experience, so I feel it is a good read. My favorite thing in the world are cars and driving everything related to it. Been that way all my live, being a car enthusiast is the best thing in the world. Read down below, good letter the reason I post it as a link is because the text looks better. Enjoy driving to the fullest.
  16. As the title says what song/songs do you tend to listen to when you drive. For me the number one song that I play while driving would have to be Thrift Shop by Macklemore, or anything by Eminem. How about you?
  17. Hello, I am 15 years old and i am getting my L plates within 2 months (So in February i can get them) And yes, it seems i am thinking about this too early but cars really do interest me! I am thinking about getting a nissian 180sx for my first car (They roughly range in 5-10k in price) because that car seems really cool and somewhat good for me. What do you guys think? ALSO I AM AUSTRALIAN!!! AND I WILL BE LEARNING IN MY MUM'S KIA RIO UNTIL I GET MY P PLATES
  18. Today, I needed to get some groceries from the store. As I was about to leave the house, my dog Bobo (a toy Australian Shepard, the cutest little thing on four legs) started bouncing up and down and wagging his tail, indicating to me that he'd really like to go on this car trip with me. I happily obliged, and we took off for the store. As I'm driving, I glance over and see him curl up in a little ball on the passenger seat and go to sleep. It's at this moment, that I think to myself: Does he know that I'm driving this car? Does it occur to him in his tiny little mind that the human being next to him is actually controlling the vehicle? Or does he think it's just moving by itself? This question has been nagging at the back of my mind for the entire day, and I'd like to get some answers/opinions from you guys. Do you think dogs register in their brains that humans are controlling cars? When they look outside, and see a car hurtling down the street, do they think to themselves, "A human is driving that.", or do they just not even think about it?
  19. Well, I went to comic-con and it was GOOD! Not only that, but I drove on a road for the first time.
  20. Ok before i go off on my little rant i just wanted to say that i am guilty of this too. So I am driving home listening to some hardcore dubstep metal combination music and i was in that crush. kill. destroy. swag. mood. So as i am driving along on an empty road this lady pulls out in front of me. Now keep in mind that the road was empty and there was no one behind me. As she pulled in front of me i had to make a split second decision to either go around her or run into her. So i decided to go around except here comes a truck. I slammed on the brakes which caused me to skid. i lost control of my truck for a second or two and was going right into the oncoming lane. I felt that i had lost enough speed and released the brakes. she shook her head at me like im the reckless driver. I almost followed her just to yell "you cant wait 5 seconds for a car to pass? or are you that greedy?" but i pulled off to the side and calmed down.
  21. Oh god when I saw this on youtube it had me laughing so hard !! Enjoy this clip of Goku & Piccolo being forced to learn how to drive. Dragonball & Dragonball Z were simply one of the best cartoons ever.
  22. I was heading to my nearest Toys R' Us location yesterday to see about buying the Favorites Collection. They didn't have it yet and I'm going to check back on Wednesday when a truck is supposed to come in. About two minutes down the road after leaving my driveway, I observe a young lady (about 17) taking a somewhat sharp left curve quite quickly in the pouring rain. She slides completely off the road and hits a tree sidelong. I stopped immediately and went to her car, helping her climb out as it was leaning sharply to the right due to it being on a hill (and she was hysterical), but the airbag deployed and she was uninjured. This situation brought to mind four people I knew from high school who were killed in separate wrecks for driving carelessly or while exhausted. So chill out. Drive sensibly. Adjust your speed according to the weather and take your time. I'd hate to see a post about somebody here getting themselves killed like that. This has been a PSA from the I'm Late For Work Every Day Because Of A Wreck On I95 Association, LLC.
  23. Hi! do anypony here drive moped? You maybe are to old and have a car or to you and is not abel to drive. But i LOOOOOOOVE To drive moped! i think it is so funny (btw i dont know if its called moped there you live but i translated it from Swedish and it said it was named moped on English)